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Is this really their entire roster?

Also the Amazon listing is trash, look at this shit.
Return to the World of Toulon: Jump back into the world of Toulon and play as some of your favorite characters.
High-flying Combat: Take your bullet hell battles to the sky with the ability to fly.
Climb the Rankings: Compete at home with friends, or online against everyone to climb the rankings and become the ultimate Toulon fighter.
Languages: Enjoy English in-game text.

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Also why did they waste a roster space on Rumia and Cirno? Why are all of these EoSD characters? Why are all the character models so low poly? Who made this piece of shit?

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It was a fan-game made nearly 7 years ago, that now getting a port.

Of course everything should look like shit, but it doesn't excuse the port at all.

The least they could do is add like 3 or 4 more characters and improve the models.

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Why are they porting fangames anyways? Why not port the actual games or something? NISA needs to get their shit together

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>NISA needs to get their shit together

HaHaHa, NISA is a literal piece of shit company they can'y do jack shit. Also, I'm pretty sure that ZUN doesn't want any of the main games ported over to console, but I'm not to sure on that.

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I think they low poly is cute but definitely add more touhou characters..

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It's not NISA's call to make. ZUN gave his seal of approval to Play Doujin, but said from the start mainline Touhou wouldn't be available for a console port.

Doujin developers join with PD to bring select product to consoles, PD helps them with that, and NISA goes through PD to license what they want under PD's banner.

ZUN and PD are basically throwing shit against the wall. They don't care if it fails or brings a bad name to Touhou, because to ZUN his rights to Touhou are still his and his games are still core. Even to the extent that he didn't care that Tasofro wanted to bring ULiL to PS4.

And I wouldn't want NISA to come within 10 feet of the stuff that matters.

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What? you want NISA to port the official games? Are you out of your fucking mind?

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>The world of Toulon
My subterranean getaway lactose privileges have been rustled by the tri9umverate.
Well played ZUN, and by well played I meant passably adequate on a sliding scale.

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>What? you want NISA to port the official games? Are you out of your fucking mind?
Of course!
...I should really read through threads before posting to avoid this sort of thing sometimes.