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random is cheating

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having fun is cheating

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Cute girls don't play IIDX

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Who is this semen demon, why does she have M written on her hair and why have I been seeing her literally everywhere recently?

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>implying fun has been an option included in the games in 10 or 15 years

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Being able to play when you're not having fun is much more fruitful and thus even more cheating.

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nigga how do you not know what kemono friends is ur literally on /jp/

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Filthy crossboarders.

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It's a Serval-based cat girl from flavor of the month anime #82432. The M is just a stylized fur pattern.

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I like Touhou games but I don't partake in the massive autism that is this entire board. I'm only here for this thread.

It's not like I hate otaku culture though. My main board is /m/.

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Kemono Friends? More like Kemono Shitposting.

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Kemono Friends is the new Touhou.

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The only shitposting is the baseless hate towards it.
But I understand since I was bitter too and skipped it at first because of the words "Kadokawa" and "Mobage" in the description. Then ignored it even more once I saw it getting popular thinking it was another kancolle.
Instead at the end I found out it was more on the Touhou side and I'm glad I eventually gave it the 3 eps rule.

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Same, every other thread on this shithole of a board looks degenerate and cringy as fuck.
I mean there's continuous threads for fucking onaholes

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Everything you just mentioned makes it sound like another kancolle.

Please remain in this thread and refrain from posting anywhere else. I hope you behave properly.

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small brain: osu!, Chunithm, Mai-mai, mobile games, vr games
big brain: IIDX, SDVX, DDR
lit brain: Jubeat, crossbeats, reflec, Love Live! School Idol Festival, Senran Kagura: Bon Appetit
brain with arms: Theatrythm Final Fantasy All-Star Carnival

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i've been posting in this thread for years you don't need to tell me shit

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Freeleech is on if anyone cares

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You're quite rude. At least you know your place.

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Guess I'll get popn' omnimix for when I get my ASC

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tfw no pop'n omnimix for CS songs
I just wanna play oosanbashi from 12cs

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There is a proven link between Bemani games and autism. The symptoms start to kick in around Lv.10 in IIDX. By Lv.12, the effects are irreversible.

Don't disappoint your family. Say no to Bemani.

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>citation needed

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>Rhythm, movement, and autism; Michelle W. Hardy and A. Blythe LaGasse

The science is there. Are you a science denier, Anon?

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Did you even read it? Even the abstract says the paper is about treating autism with rhythmic therapy. That suggests that Bemani reduces autism, not increases it.

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>tfw you have an off day where you get a disproportionate amount of fasts/slows

I messed with my GN/WN and offset after like every song for an hour but it doesn't fix it

I just stopped playing, today was the only day i could play iidx in like a week too, rip me

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> ... It is clear that individuals with ASD have the ability to move; however ... they lack coordination...

Yes, the science is there. Now, coordination is needed for you to play rhythm games. Apparently, you don't play rhythm games, as you seem to be against them. Why might that be, anon? Is it because you lack coordination? Is it perhaps because you ARE the autism?

You can tell us, anon. We won't judge.

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Damn.... is that why I can't break the 11 wall? I'm too autistic to beat it?

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>I mean there's continuous threads for fucking onaholes

>doesn't own several onaholes

normalfag pls go

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I have autism and my coordination isn't that good, honestly. It behooves me how people can get nonstop pgreats on dense songs.

I've been playing rhythm games semi-dedicatedly for 10 years. JUST fuckin' kill me.

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You'll get there. There's no walls, just slower progress than before or rather you just need to improve way more than before to really notice it.

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>That suggests that Bemani reduces autism, not increases it.

Then what the fuck is MY problem? Cause I beg to differ.

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*slips on my autism speaks t-shirt*

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Go somewhere else to fuck up other threads
Or, you know, just
the songs
instead of complaining about your lack of skill.

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Why @ instead of double meme arrows? Are you new here?

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He's probably a phoneposter that thinks that repli- erm, "(you)'s" are upvotes or likes

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don't fuckin @ me phoney

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New to IIDX. Does anyone else think that scratching is just annoying? It feels so cumbersome to do while pressing buttons at the same time.

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ride on the light leggendaria is so fuckin FUN hol yhsit

scratching is the most fun aspect of iidx. if you think it sucks and you play p1 side and you're right handed try switching to p2 and see how you feel about it, while you still -can- switch without being too invested

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is this an alternate turntable? or is it just taped?


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It's possibly one of this guys aftermarket turntable surfaces.

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>tfw want to play chunithm but it's only available in japan
at least online maimai exist in my country

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When exactly does this unlock in the US, on 4/20 local time or the night before when it's 10 Japan time?

>> No.16875958

is there a song or something along with this?

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>The two best Max's are Super-Max-Me-Mix and ΔMax

How can 日本人 even compete?

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Museca asc and simulator when ?

>> No.16876212

Has anyone even ripped the data yet?
Is anyone even interested in it?

>> No.16876227

It's apparently ripped but really low priority for the obvious reason that there's no way to play it and we're only on n-1/2.

>> No.16876284

Hmm. I just happen to have these 5 rotating encoders that also have buttons in them. I bet it wouldn't be too hard to nigger-rig a controller out of them.

>> No.16876329

Oh yeah, does museca care about the direction of rotation or only about rotation?

>> No.16876341

I've only played it like twice so I can only speak for the really easy shit, but at least for those the direction doesn't matter. There are some notes you have to spin harder as opposed to just a light turn and I think I read that there might be notes where direction matters on harder levels but I'm not really sure.

>> No.16876384

>There are some notes you have to spin harder as opposed to just a light turn
not true, the tornado notes literally don't mean anything. you just have to turn the button a little bit

and the game does have direction-specific spin notes, they're very common in 13-15 range charts

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i would buy a dao controller for museca. it's fun af and the worst part of playing it in the arcade is that it's always too quiet to hear the music

>> No.16876563

I've only ever played Museca once a year ago, but I'm pretty sure there is a place you can plug headphones into it.

>> No.16876615

>the tornado notes literally don't mean anything
Wait then literally what the hell is the point of them? I always just assumed they had to be different in some way.

You can, but not all headphones will actually work. They have some protection against line out devices that blocks a good deal of normal headphones too, same with SDVX.

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hey vros.
What is the VIP PASS / VIP PASS BLACK stuff on sinobuz? i played iidx yesterday and that option came up and i have no clue what it is.

>> No.16877036

DJ VIP PASS GOLD - 3 stages guaranteed
DJ VIP PASS PLATINUM - 3 stages guaranteed and no difficulty limits
DJ VIP PASS BLACK - 3 stages guaranteed, no difficulty limits, can play the same song more than once on the same credit, can access the Leggendaria folder in Extra Stage (irrelevant if you're in the US since no Extra Stage).

You get a free PLATINUM pass on Sunday and BLACK pass on Monday (both Japan time), otherwise the only way to get them is with PASELI.

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is there any half decent multiplayer rhythm game that you can play on pc that isn't osu?

>> No.16877146

Super-Max-Me is awful dude. ΔMax is great though.
The actual best MAX remix is Energizer.

>> No.16877232

Stepmania? Or does that not count as half-decent? Maybe 6 key to reduce RSI chance

>> No.16877298

Is DOLCE right or left handed?

>> No.16877326


never knew this existed, im totally going to buy one of these, thanks


the big tornados just fill your coloris gauge or whatever it's called faster and they're more important when playing the mode that unlocks the backgrounds/characters than the regular mode. the direction-specific spins can either be small or large, they have a curving arrow underneath when it's mandatory to spin a certain way.

that song "prison" on hardest difficulty is one that comes to mind that has them

>> No.16877384


I might be wrong, but I think left-handedness doesn't even exist among Asians, or at the very least it is far more rare than in the west.
So smart money's on him being right-handed.

>> No.16877408

Nah, they've just been forced to use right hand so the family does not lose face

>> No.16877416

>when you fail a scratching because the disc gets slippery from your sweat

Weird, never had sweaty hands before.

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I still remember that moment when I failed insane techniques SPA because of the end scratches. There was someone waiting behind me too and he saw all of that.

>> No.16877584

hey thank you, much appreciated.

>> No.16877821

>Hell or Hell has a bunch of sickass scratches
>charts don't use even half of them


>> No.16877837

Maybe they're saving them for a Leggendaria.

>> No.16877957

10AM JST, which is like 9PM for east coasters.

>> No.16878341

i got a question

how do you change the mode in gitadora ( guitar freaks) to left handed mode

try to figure it out couldn't find the option

>> No.16878379

Isn't there a left mode in the options menu? Haven't played GF in forever though.

>> No.16878410

headphones help but round 1s are so goddamn loud and museca is turned so far down that i can only make out a few details of each song. when museca is filled with unfamiliar music (to a iidx/ddr player) it'd be cool to actually hear the songs while playing the note chart for the first time

>> No.16878492

It does, but there aren't many very big or good communities. SMO is pretty much dead, basically the only stepmania-specific online server around with a semblance of activity, and is mostly high level players to pros. FFR is active but frankly is a more limited program than SM with a limited song base and less game options.

There's 4k Osu!mania, too, but that's got limited game options as well. And as everyone often complains, the program's just not as good as others often times in a variety of ways.

Maybe I'm just spoiled by SM, though. It's got an absolute assload of game options which are awesome to have. Playing FFR or o!m just doesn't feel as good to me.

>> No.16878850

>buy card
>swipe iidx
>no free game

>> No.16878857

it does.

>> No.16878953


you do know you have to use the eamuse keypad 1-9 to turn the volume up after you put your headphones in, right? otherwise can just ask one of the techs to turn it up for you. that's their job.

>> No.16878992

i know how to adjust the headphone volume you condescending niggerfaggot

and lmao @ the implication that r1 "techs" know or care about any otoge

>> No.16879012


there's a asc project ongoing right now
the problem is that the large circular discs are custom molded plastic so it's hard to replicate. Unlike sdvx or iidx where you can buy the same buttons the arcade uses

>> No.16879072


it's a shame you're too autistic to just ask considering they have no problem adjust volume or fixing buttons if you would just say something rather than avoid social interaction like a baby

>> No.16879098

Would it be possible to put together a full Pop'n controller from the spare parts on gamo2? The only part I'm confused about is wiring everything up to the pcb.

>> No.16879143


It's certainly possible, but incredibly cost ineffective. Just the buttons alone would be 90 dollars. The board another 20, not to mention the wire harnesses and Omron switches, all overpriced. Would be easily 150-180 dollars before the no doubt exorbitant shipping.

You can buy a set of chink buttons now for 50ish bucks, a board and wires to go with it 10 or 20, and you can get the switches elsewhere for less, and that's only if you cared enough not to use the knockoff switches that come with the buttons.

Please don't waste your money like that.

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File: 59 KB, 321x715, DJ Fuckmywalletup.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Actually, out of curiosity, I decided to see exactly what everything you would need would cost after shipping, and lo and behold.

Would literally be cheaper to but one pre-built from the storehouse (if you were American).

>> No.16879171

Do you have a link about that ?

>> No.16879250

Left handed, Asian, here. One parent is left handed.

1P if it matters.

>> No.16879252

3d printing is the future

>> No.16879296

I've asked techs (actually the games counter and then they forwarded me to a tech) to fix stuff a couple times and they did

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it's a sows thread

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File: 2.94 MB, 730x410, 『太鼓の達人』さくらんぼ〈フル〉.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 271 KB, 2048x1152, round 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I should of said the version they have at the round 1 in grapevine tx i went too

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That's unfair

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>He's not on sows

What's your excuse?

>> No.16880412

>What's your excuse?
They followed me on twitter like 10 months ago, and since there's nothing new except that one time when they asked on twitter "what can you do on mspaint?" and I've draw some shit

>> No.16881401


i always thought you needed to hit with both sticks for the big notes, i guess not

>> No.16881412


You don't NEED to, but you are supposed to. It irks me when I see people playing high level songs then just don't do that.

>> No.16881441


So there's no score difference or combo breaking
if you hit it with one?
I've only played taiko like twice so i don't really know the note mechanics

>> No.16881474


You get fewer points but to them that's worth the far lower risk of not breaking the combo.

>> No.16881707

I forget that taiko is combo-based.


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File: 357 KB, 683x1024, 8479334768_64054389c7_b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Those of you who visited Japan and played rythm games in a japanese arcade ...

How do you supress the desire to sell everything you own just to be able to go back to Japan?

>> No.16881987

>tfw no rhythm game girlfriend

I'd settle even with a casual DDR slut.

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File: 514 KB, 1024x735, roots26.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

when i'm on the screen that asks you to scan your eamuse card, how do i actually use the card? i have the cardfile and keypad set up in my config file, and the offline server is operating correctly.

but when i press start and its waiting for me to scan my card, i don't know what key i'm supposed to press to "show" it my card, so all i can ever do is press start again, and proceed without saving my scores etc. i'm pretty sure i have everything set up correctly but i just can't figure out what key to press to show my card and log in.

>> No.16882374

+ or backspace.

>> No.16882407

Did you get your data from /jp/? Why are you asking us?

>> No.16882417

ask on sows forums, not here

if you got the game somewhere else jump off a bridge

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I really love Taiko no Tatsujin, so I recently bought the Wii U one, and the tatacon is so god awfully un-responsive, and I don't know if I just got a shitty borked one or not. Liek I can barley even beat medium difficulty songs cause it barely even registers me hitting it. Anyone else have this problem or know how to fix it?

>> No.16882792


Start saving for an actual Taiko cabinet, because there's no way to get a reasonably arcade like experience with emulators, console versions, and "ASCs".

One of my largest rhythm game gripes. Simple as fuck game, basic controller, but still nothing is out there that would get you even a 90% arcade experience. Sad!

>> No.16882877

I have access to a cab running Stepmania with songs up to early DDR A, what do i play (i can do up to 15s)

>> No.16882886

squeeze by venus is a really fun 15 from one of the recent ddr games

>> No.16882893

how good is DOLCE at GITADORA in comparison to the top players?

>> No.16883098

Is PIU really that hard? Or I just don't have enough stamina?

>> No.16883138

what chart(s)/level are you having trouble with

>> No.16883150

Does anyone have that iidx progress graph?

Where it shows actual improvement and shitty feeling of walls. Or something

>> No.16883201
File: 85 KB, 553x365, fuckIIDX.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All I could find was angry guy's version.

>> No.16883207

you can just nix damage to controller if you don't have anger issues

>> No.16883229

I found the image on reddit but it was edited to say Osu! instead. I was too disgusted even to edit it back.

>> No.16883237

reminder that if you hit your controller, you are the embodiment of autism

>> No.16883343

I play every once in a week. Right now I can do all lv6 songs but I can't any lv7 because they have lots of jumps and I always fail in the middle of them.

>> No.16883362

TIL that anyone's who's played Dirty of Loudness another is autistic

>> No.16883377

huh. that's pretty low level to be having trouble, but pump also has some weird old charts that are way harder than their low ratings (like starian s7)

i would recommend playing charts in the 5-10 range but only from newer games like prime and prime 2, theyre better charts usually. also it sounds like your cabinet has stage break on (you fail when the lifebar drains) this is usually turned off because the lifebar is really volatile and it makes playing hard stuff a gamble. this means you've gotta be careful to not miss, especially freezes (they devastate your lifebar)

>> No.16883395

I don't understand the point of making life bars strict like that. It makes people afraid to try anything too hard out of fear of losing their credit, and thus they don't challenge themselves to the level they probably should.

>> No.16883403

pump is very fun and i like it a lot but its objectively a bad game. it has so many jank design choices and does so many things wrong. if that is what's happening (your lifebar touches the bottom and you fail instantly) see if you can get the arcade employees to change it. tell them its the accepted standard, mention that stage break is off for the official wpf tournaments if you need to.

>> No.16883405

You get some degree of this in pretty much every game regardless of how the life bar works. A lot of people will only challenge themselves on the final song so they don't lose the rest of their credit.

>> No.16883563

>How do you supress the desire to sell everything you own just to be able to go back to Japan?
By never having that impulse in the first place. Japan sucks. I imported a IIDX machine and have no interest in ever going back there. The only thing I miss is doujin culture, but I just pay proxies to attend events for me.

>> No.16883596

>Japan sucks

Get off of this board forever.

>> No.16883636

it does though

this board is otaku culture, not japan culture

>> No.16883640

Come on now. Everyone knows japan makes some of the best stuff entertainment wise, but the country isn't the best place to live or stay a long time, specially being a foreigner

>> No.16884032


i feel bad sometimes for playing a game made by soulless gooks but they're too fun to give up
can't wait for korea to evaporate japan

>> No.16884038

Korea is even more garbage than Japan.

>> No.16884145
File: 22 KB, 1771x737, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

here lemme make one for you

>> No.16884165

Am i the only one who misses the pendual theme?

>> No.16884183


It was definitely better than Copula. Fuck you if you get to play Sinobuz

>> No.16884235


i got sick of trains after like a week

at least pendual had that option where you could use different bgms from like tricoro and shit if you started to get tired of it

>> No.16884318


>Super-Max-Me is awful dude

I honestly can't understand this opinion. At all. DDR and Bemani in general has a lot of awful songs. SMMM is simply not one of them.

>> No.16884328

this is accurate as far as I know

>tfw entering the 9-10 plateau

>> No.16884486

what is it with japs not knowing how to setup streams? from stream quality to layout to equipment they always just suck. kac and other iidx tournaments in general
also dolce's recent streams like i love dolce but how has he managed to stream himself playing iidx cs this many times with that god awful mic and handshot placement
meanwhile your average sows stream or lr2 twitch player looks great and has good layouts

>> No.16884499


>Your first 9 (If applicable)
>Your first 10 (If applicable)
>Your first 11 (If applicable)
>Your first 12 (If applicable)

Mine are:

>One More Lovely SPH
>Love is Eternity SPA
>Special Summer Campaign SPA

>> No.16884546


so in other words I've only cleared 8s

>> No.16884655
File: 2.84 MB, 730x410, 『太鼓の達人』shiny smile〈フル〉.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this one?

>> No.16884659

In terms of visual style I don't think anything will ever top Pendual for me.

>> No.16884990

>Cosmic Cat SPA
>gigadelic SPH

>> No.16885019

checking you out sph
bsb sph
hell scaper remix spa

>> No.16885172

follow tomorrow
red by full metal jacket
miracle meets
special summer campaign

>> No.16885173

Why are cocks so classy?

>> No.16885174

follow tomorrow isn't a 9, is it? the sph is an 8 and i think the [a] is a 10


>> No.16885176


>> No.16885185

my bad, just double checked and had forgotten
in that case it's likely eco g, memory is quite hazy

>> No.16885220

>see if you can get the arcade employees to change it
Fuck, I'm too busy this week. Next monday maybe.

This. But in legs games it's harder since I already spent my stamina on the previous song.

>> No.16885316

>I forget
>Close the World
>Long Train Running
>Innocent Walls [h]

>> No.16885324

>today's the day I'm finally going to try 19s
>better warm up on easier stuff tor a while first
>too tired to do a 19 after all that playing, guess I'll do it next time

I can't even remember how many times I did this. At least there's Premium Start so it doesn't have to be on the last song.

>> No.16885341


Yeah, all easy for their difficulties but I mean whadya expect. Of course someone would probably beat the easier ones in a difficulty first.

>> No.16885344

Our Song
Tsubasa black another
Flag of Peace

Makes me want to boot up empress again

>> No.16885512

>broken sph / scar in the earth dpa
>oboro spa / cookie bouquets dph
>quasar spa / dazzlin darlin dpa
>special summer campaign spa / kailua hcn

>> No.16885721

i like trains

>> No.16885802

either Light Shine or Life Scrolling
Cosmic Cat

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File: 2.86 MB, 7000x3937, 1491253670448.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm pretty sure I first passed my first 9~12 when ratings didn't go beyond flashing 7, so I have no idea.

I'm pretty sure my first DP 10 was 灼熱Beach Side Bunny DPH. Don't think I've passed any 11s yet.

>> No.16886019
File: 2.86 MB, 7000x3937, 1491253670448.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm pretty sure I passed my first 9~12 when ratings didn't go beyond flashing 7 or flashing 8, so I have no idea.

My first DP ``10'' was 灼熱Beach Side Bunny DPH. Don't remember if I've passed any 11s yet.

>> No.16886027

>deleting your post just to mention flashing 8s as well as flashing 7s


>> No.16886061

>N/A for the rest

>> No.16886094

you could be a big dick 10 passer right now if you played elisha sph

>> No.16886135



>> No.16886180

i dont remember

10: beanball sph
11: either miracle meets or sakura reflection
12: sakura storm

>> No.16886302

Elisha hyper does NOT count as a 10
sincerely the iidx superplayer community

>> No.16886317

if you're talking about my recommendation a few posts up, it is a humor joke

as soon as you can mentally grasp three to four button chords though you can clear sweet clapper (a)

>> No.16886340

ill miss happy clappy after sinobuz

after that ill only have mosaic hyper for timing

>> No.16886812

We all know Elisha H is not a 10.

The question is: is Elisha A an 11?

>> No.16886834

It remembers it's supposed to be an 11 near the end. If you switch the first and second halves of the song it would be a 9, max.

>> No.16886851

>new sensation [h]
>new sensation [a]
>one or eight [a]

>> No.16887093
File: 170 KB, 841x923, ss+(2017-04-19+at+09.16.26).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know I'll get flak for this, but I have a lr2 related question. I very very rarely manage to get better than about 80% acc on songs, and I want to know why. I'll be using this picture as an example.
I got 81% even though I only have 1 bad and 5 good notes. Do the missing 20% acc consist of me not getting enough max 300's?
Or (and this is the flak part), is it because I play with auto scratch and those scratch notes are subtracted from my total score?

>> No.16887121

The scratch notes you don't actually scratch detract from your score.

I know because I turned autoscratch on once to beat RED fmj A as a joke.

>> No.16887147

How are you supposed to do pinky scratch jacks?
My hands aren't super dexterous as it is, adding on a pinky makes it almost impossible to tap with the ringfinger. The other option would be right thumb, but that feels even stranger to play.

>> No.16887177

You transition. Shift your thumb on 2 and share left or right thumb on 3.

>> No.16887179

it sucks that breaking dawn was removed from iidx just because ayano's a massive bitch
it's a nice song.

>> No.16887353

>first 9

wtf how do people even read that song

>> No.16887362

how does the new event work? I played sinobuz today and the version shows to be the right one but I couldn't trigger the event

>> No.16887376

I should mention that I play on a keyboard, moving to lr2 after playing o2jam on and off for a couple of years.
I consider getting a controller after I've saved up a little, it's a bit costy.

>> No.16887378

The date hasn't rolled over yet, try again after maintenance. There should be a new folder you can pick songs from for the event once per credit.

>> No.16887383

Oh. This issue is common with ASC players, so I assumed you had one.
f you really have those kinds of problems, consider using a layout that uses both thumbs and switch from using rings to pinkies. Both of these will most likely help out on a controller as well.

>> No.16887586

just look at the dark fragments all over the city

>> No.16888293
File: 140 KB, 960x960, 17951518_10208729282418273_3014807134699587769_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's another grinding event

Better grades hit the boss harder

>> No.16888304
File: 92 KB, 720x960, 17951656_10212557896080193_3750375710283026036_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also Sigmund sequel

>> No.16888412
File: 483 KB, 2048x1536, 17917812_10208741956335113_5696422739754929539_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.16888434
File: 506 KB, 2048x1536, 17917686_10208741964375314_5353715125380942667_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.16888452
File: 146 KB, 1024x768, 18056294_10208741972655521_9157816225995294090_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One of my favorite Nekomata master songs. Now in IIDX

>> No.16888463
File: 163 KB, 1024x768, 17990417_10208741974575569_8986590050080690068_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

EDP Ravemania Speed transplant

>> No.16888508

>murmur twins [h]
>kakumei [h]
>one or eight [a]

>> No.16888632


i played honey trap and happy rush myself, decent songs. it doesn't seem like scoring a better grade results in more damage though. or if it does, its not much more.

>> No.16888720


What the fuck

>> No.16889257

how do i get good at DDR

>> No.16889304

Same as any other rhythm game

>> No.16889333

what is the max300 of iidx

>> No.16889411
File: 467 KB, 292x408, info.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.16889490

PGREATs are worth 2 EX points, GREATs are worth 1, and everything else is 0.

>>It's another grinding event
If it's a grinding event, it must not be that bad since everyone is unlocking everything on the first day.

>> No.16889574

>new p*light

>> No.16889618

how do you unlock iidx songs?
im playing sinobuz at round1

>> No.16889720


Old unlock event just closed. New unlock event seems to just be open event song folder -> play event songs -> repeat until you get stuff. You can also unlock old Copula songs by registering an eAmuse account, linking your card, and spending piles of buzz on them.

>> No.16890259
File: 114 KB, 720x960, 18033911_10208742088738423_2652705250214013699_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16890284
File: 105 KB, 720x960, 18010425_10212558246888963_8093768996216254062_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.16890295

People are saying it's similar to Copula's Mystery line where a couple of plays is required to unlock the new n/h/a chart.

>> No.16890298


If you get all AAAs does it unlock her tiddies?

>> No.16890314

The 6 other buttons other than the gold one are like your friends in tokotoko line. It's up to them.

>> No.16891847
File: 176 KB, 2048x1152, 18056077_1322935937741886_1695452549410555990_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This kills the combo (on sightread at least)

>> No.16891991

It's pretty lame but it is also literally the last note so it could be worse I guess.

>> No.16892019

>I feel like my arms are breaking, but it was worth it

t. a Kaiden who played Gungnir [a] 3 times in a row

>> No.16892031
File: 248 KB, 1440x810, 17991743_1323233494378797_6888473444069865773_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16892042

How would you rate it? Are those moments with the scratches and the scales easy or ss tricky as it looks?

>> No.16892062

The Kaiden wasn't me. But judging from those scores I would put it at a high-top tier 12.

>> No.16892501



>> No.16892542


After 5 months my left arm is fucking junk. streams that largely populate keys 1-3 are a complete fucking mess. I have no technique anymore. Right arm picked right up where I left off though.

>> No.16892633

I asked him just now. He said it was harder than the scratch section of Sigmund.

>> No.16892699

5 month break?

>> No.16892706


Yeah. Whoops, should have made that clear.

>> No.16892949

I know what you mean. The first few days of derusting definitely makes you want to kill yourself. It'll get better.

t. someone who's been doing it a lot

>> No.16893044

i hate scary bgms
like when that creepy girl pops up in four-leaf, and i have a serious fear of outer space stuff so i can't play hybrid landscape at all

there's other examples too but i can't think of them right now, feels bad

>> No.16893157
File: 339 KB, 960x540, ドンカマ2000.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You need to mod your controller. See http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=89954309&postcount=117 for instructions.

Basically, the Wii controllers are designed so that kids with retard strength won't break them no matter how hard they strike them. You need to replace the soft foam interior padding with cork or something equally firm as well as add a layer of rubber to the face and side sensors to make them pick up even light taps. The steps suggested by the NeoGAF guy are relatively safe, won't permanently damage anything and can be removed if you fuck up.

If you do it right successfully, you can definitely land at an end result that is as close to an arcade experience as it gets, despite what fags like >>16882792 say. My modded one has lasted one year and counting and don't think I've ever had any combos ruined because of dropped inputs with a handful of FC'd 10 star Oni charts to back that up.

>> No.16893394

You gonna love this one

>> No.16894767

Rate the new songs.

I think they're cool. Sinobuz truly is better than Copula.

>> No.16894818


That's been true since day 1

>> No.16894841


Just listened to Gungnir. I think it sounds like shit. Sigmund has so much more character.

>> No.16894939

the default songs are better than any of the unlocks, except for dj battle and breakin chain and steel edge those 3 are cool

>> No.16894947


>> No.16894958

the only cinonutts song I like so far is beat juggling mix

>> No.16895008
File: 121 KB, 354x423, angery witch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

tfw sightread a 16 last night and 9,5m and today I can't even pass it

>> No.16895177
File: 86 KB, 695x487, spoiler.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Accidentally leak the existence of a challenge chart
>Still take over a day to remove it because you don't actually give a shit about the game
Bravo Konmai

>> No.16895425

What about Nostalgia? Did it already die?

>> No.16895432

Nostalgia is lost

>> No.16895444


>> No.16897247

What about it?

It's not lighting up the game centres over here but it's still a bit early to call it dead.

It's launch was basically limited to places that still had Beatstream running so it never got much of a push on release.

>> No.16897330

How do you play with two players in IIDX? I'm using a Copula HDD rip.

>> No.16897435

Press the start button on both sides of the cabinet, and be sure you have enough credits or Paseli for both people to play!

>> No.16897947
File: 607 KB, 1159x386, title_chara01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to buy a Sound Voltex machine.

How many pachinko games do I have to win to bribe Konami into selling one overseas?

>> No.16898179

I never really looked into it, but can you play a copy of SDVX on your PC?

>> No.16898216


>> No.16898241
File: 96 KB, 720x433, 17690526_10212216684041822_1679714622_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16898249

I'm getting mixed messages here

>> No.16898262

not yet

>> No.16898688
File: 297 KB, 806x605, 4BsMe4N.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But when?

>> No.16898691


>> No.16898694

please don't play with my heart

>> No.16898720

theres a official sdvx pc announced but people assume its gonna be shitty like infinitas

>> No.16898721

Soon™ (when/if Konami decides to release III on PC as they said they would)

>> No.16898792

Why do people think it's shitty?
I thought it was enjoyable.

B-Buy more pachinko machines

>> No.16898833

>Be portuguese
>Get more mocked than a BR

Goddamn I feel bad for that highly irrelevant country

>> No.16898944

is there a pack of popular DDR songs for stepmania anywhere?

>> No.16898973

personally I think it's shitty because it's extremely Jewish and non Japs have to jump thru hoops just to play like always

>> No.16898988

How does dolce get so many GREATs

>> No.16899009

How exactly is it jewish?

And what do you mean with non japs?
I think we're talking about different games...

Sorry, I'm fairly new to the rythm game buisness

>> No.16899054

By being rich and neutral.
He's never GOOD, BAD or POOR.

>> No.16899080

zenius-i-vanisher has ddr packs

>> No.16899117


>> No.16899298
File: 112 KB, 255x231, 1461894150828.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>think about trying some level 8 songs while playing 7 like usual
>manage to find some incredible bullshit charts
>almost lose all motivation to get good
its like almost every time i try some song i havent played it goes to shit either at 60% in or is bullshit at all times. Then i feel like i can never get good at 2dicks no matter how much i play it

>> No.16899330

Did you played Bad Boy Bass by any chance?

That's a borderline 9.

>> No.16899388

Welp, my technique is still not quit what it used to be, and it'll take some weeks, but after only a day I'm HC AAing 10s and shit.

Super impressed I was able to get to this point after that 5 month break.

>> No.16899414

some 8s are total bullshit (insomnia sph for example) try s!ck thats a fun 8

>> No.16899684

Told you it gets better.

>> No.16900034

Grindkig actually works, damn.

Cleared several songs off my failed folder AND increased my score just by playing them twice in a row. Still feels lame though.

>> No.16900060

My country is more irrelevant.

>> No.16900086

Why it's so hard to make a 1k combo in any game? In the first hundrends you go good but aproaching to 900-1000 it's like some force acts on you and you fail in that range.

>> No.16900115

for me its around 6-700 where i start to spaghetti and choke

>> No.16900442

I hit a wall hard at 15s in SDVX. Do I just keep attempting songs or do I need to start memorizing song layouts now?

>> No.16900509

Kinda goes hand in hand, so yes to both.

>> No.16900926


lets say you buy a "month" of infinitas. but you bought it on the 15th of march. well, now you get to buy another month on the first april, because sorry, that month you bought only covered the half of the month remaining and now its a new month, so pay again. also the whole fact we can't just buy paseli is absolute b.s when you think about it, but they get away with it because people's mentality is "at least we can get it somehow!" or "at least they're still making the game!".

>> No.16901162

literally just kill yourself please you entitled millenial shitkid

were you not around for the decade plus where your only options were sacrificing virgins in the hopes that timebase iidx ac rips would work properly on your pc or spending huge amounts to import a new cs style?

now you have to buy a giftcard and think about what day of the month it is before you pay $15 for an arcade accurate iidx experience. boo hoo

>> No.16901173

>proprietary software is okay because it's less shit than before!

>> No.16901290


He's right though. Konami doesn't give two shits of a fuck about their inexplicably loyal customers. And they don't even acknowledge that non-Japanese customers even exist.

They legitimately do not deserve to be in business.

>> No.16901351
File: 291 KB, 768x1024, 1482653744183.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


hmm well i was around then considering almost a decade ago i was playing ac rips on my computer. i guess the difference between being jewed to import the game from lik-sang and being jewed for a monthly subscription is that i didn't have to pay monthly for my import, duh?

>> No.16901376


>> No.16901486


poor bait or an actual konami fanboy

either way why don't you just sacrifice urself you pathetic faggot

>> No.16901505

do you simpletons realize that you're also "paying monthly :(" when you go play at the arcade? you literally think an arcade game that costs money to play should be entirely free because that's what you're used to. if nobody went out to R1/etc. or if all the japanese stopped going to game centers because they just played copula omnimix on their computers, iidx would die. konami is a company, a business. they make products to sell them and can afford to make new products because of the sales from the previous ones.

>> No.16901698

isn't 5 (You)s enough for you
please stop

>> No.16902712

I don't even play at my local round1 because they're shit and Konami is a shit company and clearly doesn't care about their American fanbase =)

>> No.16903299

You know that people would buy (and even import) home version of these games if they were a thing?
Like, I don't know, every iidx before 17?

>> No.16903310

From what I've seen, people prefer to play Chunithm rather than Deemo with a keyboard

>> No.16904147

I don't even play rhythm games at all because I hate konami so much :^)

>> No.16904165

how do i get better accuracy

>> No.16904235

cum on mayumi

>> No.16904330


How much?

>> No.16904363

Oh boy, its the quarterly new ddr song

Can't wait for the next one in the summer

>> No.16904430

So what's the latest IIDX, and is it all still locked behind the SOWS autism wall if you want basic features like score saving?

>> No.16904449

Copula's the latest HDD release if that's what you meant
There's two eAmuse replacements right now, Arcana and Ainsun, but they're locked behind the Sows and 8gag autism walls respectively.

>> No.16904481


>> No.16904643

Sinobuz, and no it's not locked behind anything except that you have to actually find a R1 or move to JP

>> No.16904661


I lost my AAA virginity to the town whore.

Give it back! I didn't want it like this. NOT LIKE THIS!

>> No.16905246

happy clappy?

>> No.16905284

okay cracker next time we release in event that only works with games that are jp exclusive

>> No.16905410

what the hell is sows?

>> No.16905449

Female pigs.

>> No.16906365

¿Anyone knows if sanwadenshi accepts payment with paypal?
For some reason my credit card doesn't work with rakuten

>> No.16906459

Are we talking about the same thing?
I only know Sound Voltex as an arcade machine in game stations.

I always paid my 100 yen. I even bought a paselli card but was too ilitterate to figure out what the fuck they wanted from me.

>> No.16906464

There's a CS version of SDVX III coming out for PC

>> No.16906544


They don't, and you might have to call your bank and let them know you're going to be placing an international order and about how much it will cost. It might have gotten rejected because of anti-fraud measures.

>> No.16906594


>> No.16906622

From the way I read it there was already a PC version of SDVX before ?

>> No.16906628

Infinitas is PC IIDX, the assumption is PC SDVX will work the same way.

>> No.16906634

K-Shoot MANIA.

>> No.16906637

Now I get it.
I'm sorry, I'm dumb.

>> No.16906645

what makes anyone think that konami learned from infinitas? cs sdvx is going to be the same shit

>> No.16906649

No one is denying that.

>> No.16906881


They don't.
I didn't have any problems just ordering with a credit card, and i got my shit on my doorstep exactly a week after i placed the order.
But calling your bank to let them know you're ordering shit from japan is a good idea as a precaution so it doesn't get declined

>> No.16906993

>yfw you realize that Random isn't random and is programmed to procedurally produce patterns that the game knows you're weak at because it keeps track like that percentage per button tracker on Pop'n

Makes a lot more sense now.

>> No.16910226

What if IIDX 25 was made to look like SDVX?

>> No.16911465

im on light/hyper 7s trying to break thru to light 8s and songs with heavy 7,6,7 patterns are killing me. Im trying to use pinky,ring for 7,6 but i cant move my hand fast enough and ring,middle makes my arm get fatigued fast lol

>> No.16911470

all i want from iidx 25 is a sequal to dynamite

>> No.16911544

I like DJ Max

>> No.16911904

Try to lift your hand more for those. Stick to ring/middle or pinky/middle, but just sort of drop your hand on them rather than dedicating the full effort.

>> No.16912024


Generally people use either ring or pinky, not both. It would be good to train your other hand to cover more buttons, if you're currently using your right hand to cover 3-7 all the time.

>> No.16912398

I had to go to the arcade desk and give my ID as collateral to borrow drummania drumsticks. Is it like this at every R1?

>> No.16912427

no. are you in atlanta or some other crime ridden shithole?

>> No.16912430

is there maimai in america yet?

>> No.16912435

Santa Ana, which is in SoCal

>> No.16912478

its at the round 1 in puente hills mall

>> No.16912480

shiii, you to go MPM too?

>> No.16912626

Yeah, I "go" there every few weeks since I live an hour and a half south.

>> No.16912918


sometimes you need to change your hand position for certain patterns, especially if it's one of your weak points


he basically gets the same pattern but the second time it's pretty much impossible to do it with one hand so he uses two

But at your level you just need to continue practicing, and maybe consider using middle finger instead of ring

>> No.16912931

>want a pop'n controller to replace ps1 minicon
>would probably replace buttons in djdao with $100+ of better buttons
>would probably replace pcb with arcin too eventually
>might as well build from scratch at that point
>not at all crafty
unless I can find someone who wants to sell a dao shell or that other chinese controller's shell, I guess I am going to wait until I curry favor with people who are way craftier than I and can help make a nice box. should I try to contact dao and see if they'll sell their box for cheaper without any of the internals?

>> No.16913053


There are no "better buttons". Everything is the same Chinese buttons which are perfectly fine.

If you have a mental illness you can spend over 300 dollars for a set a Sanwas which would probably make no difference.

And the Dao PCB is perfectly fine. No one, NO ONE, on earth is good enough at Pop'n for there to be a difference between that and and arcin.

t. Mentally ill person who bought an arcin and Sanwas for his custom built Pop'n controller

>> No.16913064

I was planning to buy samducks xd

>> No.16913086


But seriously, a Dao will hold you over for years. Easily till 48s if not the whole gamut.

If you must spend money get 200g springs and switches for an arcade accurate feel.

>> No.16913100

Do you mean 1.96N? grams are a unit of mass, not force.

>> No.16913112


Fuck off. I mean grams.

>> No.16913125

Thanks, went to a lot of arcades while travelling recently and the minicon just isn't holding me over after I finally got to play a decent amount on real machines. I'll pull the trigger on the Dao then. I'm low 30s right now so it'll be a while before I can blame the controller for any mistakes.

>> No.16913302

>If you must spend money get 200g springs and switches for an arcade accurate feel.
This is miserable and I almost never encountered a heavy setups like this when I was last in Japan. 100g+100g seems to be popular these days.

>> No.16913542

>low 30s
>tryna buy sanwas

nigga you can play 40s on a stock dao with sticky buttons i've done it

>> No.16914871

>200g springs and switches
enjoy your carpal tunnel

>> No.16915081

Like I said: samducks, not sanwas

>> No.16916305


Enjoy your illegitimate scores.

>> No.16916495

Anyone have experience troubleshooting sdvx controller knobs? Specifically a virgoo turbocharger, I don't know if there's anything I should know before tearing into the case. Right knob kinda "pops up" and input gets a little shoddy, feels like something needs to be tightened.

>> No.16916633


Do Virgoos use Copals?

>> No.16916705

Autism. I'll take staying in good health while still having fun with the game instead of "muh points"

>> No.16916718

IIDX crossover when


>> No.16916719

According to the site, Copal RES20D are the make.

>> No.16916755


They're fucked. You'll have to get new ones or replace them with something else entirely. Copals are super fragile.

>> No.16916806

Well thanks for the help anyways. Do you have any replacement recommendations?

>> No.16916888

I have an original konami iidx ps2 controller and a usb adapter but I can't get any buttons to register, and it always shows up as a PS3 controller in my device list. I've tried uninstalling the device and installing drivers for ps/usb adapters but nothing worked. Any ideas?

>> No.16916893

Don't bother. Heard input lag is unbearable

>> No.16917222


You can compensate for the lag in the either LR2 or data. It might just not be a compatible USB adapter. Have you tried a regular PS2 controller?

I think Super Joybox was the recommended adapter around here.

>> No.16917243

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B001AATQ0Y/ is the one I got for pop'n minicon and it seems to work pretty well. the other one I tried didn't pick up half the buttons.

>> No.16917383


thanks for the tips. I gotta put more practice in but its kinda weird to be at home and 'think' about how i play.

>> No.16917401

how is using 100g/100g illegitimate in any way

>> No.16917410

Playing at home is cheating.

>> No.16917586


Konami has decided to manufacture Pop'n cabs with 200g switches and springs therefore that makes it the official configuration. Any other configuration would be unofficial and therefore the scores achieved with them could be considered tenuous at best.

No different than using unauthorized engines in a Formula 1 racecar.

Also, 100/100 just feels like mushy shit. Might feel better on a cab, but I don't know. Never played on a cab.

>> No.16917627

Arcade cabs are 200g because it's expected that all the people playing it will wear them down to about half that.
So yeah I guess it'd still be 200g because no one plays Pop'n.

>> No.16917696

>Konami has decided to manufacture Pop'n cabs with 200g switches and springs
Somehow I doubt this is still the case for HD cabinets. Similarly, IIDX used to have heavier bits compared to now. There are even different official I/O boards in IIDX cabinets that have different latency and turntable dead space.

In any case, a vast majority of arcades I've been to have setups much lighter than 200/200.

>100/100 just feels like mushy shit
I'm breaking into 49s on an SD cabinet and I like it.

>> No.16917777

By the way, what's the switch/spring configuration for IIDX and SDVX buttons?

>> No.16917812

who here pocket voltex?

>> No.16917821

sweet quads dude

>> No.16917848

iidx 100g springs/50g switches IIRC, old cabs 100g/100g
Sound voltex is 25g switches for the square buttons, 50g switches for the iidx buttons, 100 g springs, according to this guy:

>> No.16917901

Are the SDVX square buttons actually softer than the IIDX ones?
Never had the chance to play those games in an arcade.

>> No.16917914

I don't know, I'm europoor.
All I can tell you that 25g switches feel pretty good with my diy controller.

>> No.16917920

meant for

>> No.16917952

What m3 releases is rgg looking forward to

>> No.16917964


they definitely feel much softer. even comparing them to the factory-new 2dx machines I've played on that have the light setup the sdvx keys are softer

in regards to popn - I have noticed some machines have buttons that feel crisp and clicky, and others who feel almost soft, and the click is gentle and barely audible. oddly though, I like the soft feel better. I assume this is due to the 100/200 weight switches difference. I've never played on an HD machine, just lots of SD

>> No.16918014

Man, who cares about the buttons at SDVX?

The bigger problem is the turning knobs
Like every second machine I played at had highly unresponsive turning knobs, not registering the turn for like a quarter spin
It ruined so many perfect combos

>> No.16918089

is there a song that is in iidx, sdvx, ddr, museca, and gitadora

>> No.16918095

more taiko/bemani crossovers when?

>> No.16918111
File: 125 KB, 1599x654, 1462122555554.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


here's an oldish picture but still pretty accurate
people vary slightly in what they consider to be the standard

>> No.16918280


>> No.16918287

Holy shit, this is extremely useful info.

Right now I'm using chink buttons with the springs removed because they are so heavy the game becomes literally unplayable. And even after modifying the switches that came with the buttons to make them softer, they don't get stuck without the springs.

I guess I'll go 0.49N for switches and either 20g or 60g for springs.

>> No.16918355

music rhythm games are serious business, much like motorsports

>> No.16918621


i got my dao with .5 switches and 60g springs and it feels great. switching to arcade isnt that different feeling as well so less time getting used to it

>> No.16918784

https://docs.google.com/document/d/18F_6w-Do5FVOv86XY6FQNhVqa6s1wN-IVS78_t4qg24/ there's also this on iidx keysetups, which is a pretty good guide.

>> No.16918878


Don't Dao buttons come with 100g springs?

That makes the standard setup of 100/50 "heavy" by this chart.

>> No.16918901

Well 50/100 is heavy, playing hard 12s is really uncomfortable on such heavy keys. Most players opt for either 50/20, 25/60 or 50/60.

>> No.16918930

50/60 a best

I feel like I'm killing the keys slowly with 50/20.

>> No.16918945
File: 137 KB, 698x658, 1453237075958.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The decision to axe 90% of the pre-10th style library more than doubled the average quality of the Beatmania song choice.
This widely accepted opinion is only opposed by alledged "oldfags" of the rhythm scenes, who will contest it with incomprehensible cries, the likes of "Muh random gabba noise" and "Muh Nagureo"

>> No.16919040


What is this?

>> No.16919074
File: 180 KB, 813x407, ae9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I break the 43s plateau in Pop'n?
Even using hellworks I'm still fucked over by stuff like dealing with white/blues and recognizing chords at a glance.

My monitor also has a pretty nifty -60ms delay, which coupled with the USB controller's delay pretty much halves the window I have to get Cools.
Would ANY 240hz monitor be better for these purposes, or is there certain brands/types which are known for their faster response times? I swear the game is nigh unplayable when the "Cool" window happens when the note is halfway across the screen.

>> No.16919110

Nigga, what are you doing?
Just get a regular non-shit 60hz monitor or 120hz if you play other games. The higher the refresh rate, the higher the chances are of the 60hz setting being laggy, blur-ridden garbage.

>> No.16919113


Doesn't the blur only happen with bad GPUs that can't keep up though?
I assumed it wouldn't be a problem with a GTX1080.
I just want to make Pop'n playable again, but I'm not sure about just what I'm supposed to look for in the new monitor.

>> No.16919122

can't you just lock the refresh rate to 60hz and set the popn judgement to be late?
You can if the lag is consistent and with LR2 at least

>> No.16919126

>set the popn judgement to be late?

That'd require Pop'n features not to be 15 years behind every other fucking music game

>> No.16919147

Motion blur is entirely on the monitor side of things. You could use a toaster of a GPU and still have a minimal amount of motion blur if you have a good monitor.
If you just want less delay, look for 'input lag' . Kinda tricky to measure it, but some sites do include it in their monitor reviews.
You could also try a CRT if you have one lying around or find one for cheap, since they have barely have any input lag.

>> No.16919153


White Blue chords are the hardest part of Pop'n and every song with them should automatically be a 50.

>> No.16919525

hang yourself

>> No.16919528

bemani literally only works with 60hz

>> No.16920676

Dao IIDX buttons come with 40g springs.

>> No.16921106


If you need more practice with white-blue chords, just turn on beat-pop! ;)

>> No.16921537

chara pop is a strictly betterbeat pop

>> No.16922113


It's just the hardest chord. There's no practice for it.

It's the only chord that requires you to dedicate your entire body to a single side of the controller momentarily.

You immediately follow that up with anything involving the opposite White button, or heaven forbid, the opposite Blue White chord, it gets hard as fuck to move your arms/body like that when you're doing very fast BPM 46s and shit.

>> No.16922364

Pop'n never had a need for it since they used CRTs for the longest time and there's only one type of Pop'n HD cabinet.

IIDX has had multiple factory HD display types and people have been swapping out old the CRT and projection monitors for various LCDs.

>> No.16922611


Well, maybe Konami should start being more considerate of people whole crack and pirate their games who are playing at home on a whole assortment of monitor/computer setups.

>> No.16923010

You can hit white-blue with your hand and elbow if you're bold enough. It's what I do for stuff like Gekiatsu majiyaba cheer girl and Be Lovin'.

>> No.16923468

alright guys i can't wait anymore
i'm fucking tired of trains and the stupid ass bga, i mean not only did pendual have better bga but if i got tired of present i could switch to future etc
i listen to the sinobuz ost like everyday, i don't want to wait 7 months for cinnabon and i'm p sure arcana doesn't support pendual
fucking kill me

>> No.16923486


Play RED.

>> No.16923575


considering playing infinitas for a little while actually

>> No.16924495

play BMS : D

>> No.16925156
File: 59 KB, 600x319, 18010068_10212617460529267_4262591983319681392_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wanna fug that scientist

>> No.16925458

Okay, I already have IIDX and SDVX.
What else should I get?

>> No.16925476


>> No.16925485

But I already clear 7s.

>> No.16925516
File: 129 KB, 1001x760, easymodo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16925542


>> No.16925710

delete sdvx to make room for pop'n

>> No.16926969


Well, maybe not delete, but definitely take up Pop'n as well.

Only other Bemani you can accurately play at home are DM XG2 and Jubeat which both are inordinately expensive to get into.

>> No.16927586

I bought this one and it works fine. thanks.

>> No.16927770

My PS2 pop'n controller has a button that mapped to releasing the dpad. How do I configure this in LR2? In bemanitools I could set the range of values that registered as a button press but afaik I can't do that here.

>> No.16927991

o shit nice double 69

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