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Alright fellas, I am fairly new to Touhou and I would like some advice: where to start? I already have 2 games, EoSD and IaIP but other than those two, where should I start in Touhou media?

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Listen to the music. Anything else makes you a secondary and below.

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Yeah, I started to that, thanks.
I first started off to Sakuya's theme SWR, then "U.N.Owen was her?" and the Night of Nights.
How about learning the characters? There is a million of them.

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find a artist which sticks to the canon and some lewd shit on the panda, jack off and learn while doing so

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Don't worry, you only need to care about the characters that please your dick.
The whole franchise is just a platform for porn. Anyone who disagrees is a secondary.

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Just play the games in order (you can go to PC98 once you've honed your skills a bit) and check the official print works and CDs.
There is a chart detailing all the works but I currently don't have it.

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Alright, thanks. I didn't even know much about Touhou having "official" works with all the fanon stuff floating around. I see they're listed on the wiki mostly though.

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You two aren't wrong, Touhou fans have a knack for producing some good porn.
My fav characters are Reimu, Sanae, Sakuya, Cirno and Flandre

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Yeah, nothing wrong with taking a peek at fanworks, but always keep a clear distinction of what's canon and what's not.
About the characters, don't worry. They might seem overwhelming at first, but once you start playing the games, you'll end up memorizing them all.

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>bullying pure elegant meido
only remi can molest sakuya

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Remilia is a literal semon demon who can molest all the members of the mansion desu.

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Ok, so the game plan is that I am gonna start with the music and the games, whilst reading official works, then finally get into the fanon. How does that sound?

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The fanon (which ranges from doujin manga to fangames, from remixes to fanarts) shouldn't necessarily come last, as the amount of canon IS staggering. The advice was more about remembering that, for comedy reasons or simply misinterpretation, certain fanworks might not stick to 100% canon. That doesn't mean you can't enjoy it, but, at the end of the day, keeping in mind what's canon and what's not helps you understand the series as a whole better, instead of finding yourself thinking "But why did character X act that way, I though she had a Y personality!". Trust me, it happens.

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True, true, it reminds about when I was reading about Alice on the wiki how she acts cold in the canon but in the fanon, she is a soft spoken girl who asks questions, etc.

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Start with the games if you like.
You can download all and more easily here
http://www.moriyashrine.org/ and on the Wiki.
Or just ignore them like the most of the fandom, but not ignore them not entirely inform yourself about the incident plot and the appearing character with their canon backstory.
I'm also new in Touhou fandom since
three months but I guess I know the ropes.

Also while you are reading the official works you can also try to listen some Touhou music in background, actually I want to say that can read in the same time the official CD story and listen to the soundtracks if you can find them, if not just continue to read the CD stories if you have the time.

Now we get to the point of the actually fandom... oh man .... I think you find your own view of this topic after a while.
You will get the memes and insider sometime.

Fan-canon PV's or rather vocal songs and animations are also a good start. You know Bad Apple, Fantasy Kaleidoscope so on...
Maybe start here with Osana Reimu too...

When you expanded your knowledge you are ready for the /jp/ level of Touhou larp posting and waifu claiming. Also creating plans how get to Gensokyo for real to rape everything on your way. Have fun.

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Keep in mind that trashtalking is always present, so, while the bosses will fight you because of more or less frivolous reasons, it always ends up with them being invited for tea at Reimu's shrine. With the possible exceptions of two almost namesakes, there are no "evil" characters in the series. Also, the wiki often includes translatotion notes for obscure references and, on the topic of older works, the translations found on the wiki are more reliable than the ones that usually are in prepatched games downloaded online, like the IN one with the infamous "Bitch, get out of the way!" quote.

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I played EoSD first, back in 2010. Though my friend showed me the video Bad Apple a few minutes before. I remember asking on Stage 2 "how do you save".
It was the first game I completed extra as well, and one I'm most comfortable playing Lunatic mode on. I'm someone who never played a bullet hell before, I just liked playing them and you get faster instincts while playing.
My recommendation is probably to play from EoSD and then in order. Don't worry of clearing the game perfectly at first but just try them all out. I didn't read that many fan comics but liked listening to music and at the time videos like Cirno's Perfect Math Class. Those were some good comfy years that I look fondly back on but kind of sad as well.

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OP here.
I would like to you guys (and the others once again) for the great source of information :D
I feel very welcome into the Touhou series, especially seeing how extremely useful the Moriyaki Shrine is.
Soon I will be into threads and inside jokes. (I also have Reimu claimed as a waifu for now...)

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You should start by killing yourself.
If you aren't feeling it yet get started with your new chronic masturbation habit while living in your own filth, play some video games until the time is right, IN is kinda nice to begin with since spell practice is great for 1CC and doing extra your first game

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I can maybe name three good fan game at least for me.

- Shining Shooting Star (Danmaku)
- New Super Marisa Land (Jump 'n' Run)
- Touhou Puppet Dance Performance (RPG)
*cough* https://puppet-dance-performance.blogspot.de/ *cough*

I don't know if you already did some settings to your computer for playing the original games, but if not it can be that they don't start because of the japanese locale. Look it up on Windows 10 it's easy to fix it. Also the FPS rate can be extremely high that can be fixed by some patches that you can find on the Touhou Wiki

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>especially seeing how extremely useful the Moriyaki Shrine is.
>I also have Reimu claimed as a waifu for now...
Kill yourself.

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If you liked EOSD try PCB and IN, I played most of the danmaku games in order

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Why do you get triggered by a simple emote or him having Reimu as his favourite for now, give him a break.

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>him having Reimu as his favourite for now
It was probably the word "w*ifu" that he took issue with.

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Might be that, even though I've seen some people picking on Reimu lovers so they can brag about their patrician taste.

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Patrician taste coming through

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go from 1 to 15 and read the printed works that came out alongside the games (Perfect Memento in Strict Sense for example)

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Start with 6 or 7, then play them in order after getting your sea legs.

Just play everything. Don't worry about beating them. Read all the extra stuff from each game, too (profiles/story)

Then you can read the mangas. You could read them all when "you're supposed to" by checking the timeline, but it doesn't matter too much when you read them.

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You shouldn't start with music, I say.

Hell, you care about it more after playing/watching the games anyway.

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Alice is a weird case in that almost nobody seems to actually understand her character.

Fandom most definitely. Anyway, she's a nice girl but a weirdo who lives alone in the woods.

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Alice is a bipolar weirdo, much like MoF nitori (but not the subsequents nitoris)

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Not op but does anyone have any good 2hu videos?

I found these and are pretty nice

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wow, i thought jpsies were not so friendly with new 2hu fan.

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>asked nicely
>actually played a game
I only bully people that are shamelessly lazy or only in it for the porn.

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Here is the chart

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>only in it for the porn
But it's very hard to avoid or ignore the giant ocean of porn.

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If your main interest aren't the shmup games then you could as well stop now.

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To be honest, before getting into Touhou I almost never looked at the porn/

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I was the opposite. I never actually played the game but I read and watched the shows and indulged heavily into the porn.

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>watched the shows
This triggers the primary.

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Dude, you're 10 years way too late. Enjoy the music and doujin games I guess.

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what does the primary/secondary thing mean?

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Uninstall and then play a better STG

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I can't play the games anyway because of my MS. The shows did need work.

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Old meme about layers of content consumer.
A primary only plays the games (or arguably only reads things written by ZUN)
A secondary cares about media derived from those.

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The thing about the "shows" being such a sin is that ZUN said he would never give his blessing to animated works as he prefers manga.
So they're not only total fanworks made of memes, but ZUN probably doesn't even like them.
And ones like Memories of Phantasm are just rehashes of the game plots with the worst of fanon slathered on.

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All MMD videos are equally terrible

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>be me and fairly newfag with touhou
>play 2h PCB
>yuyuko's last spellcard
>fall for it 3rd time in a row


I have only 1ccd SA

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Reading posts like this gives me nostalgia. Whether I truly enjoyed that time, I'm not sure though.

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Whom quote, phoneposter-kun?

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Myself, sorry for bad writing, I'm still angry

Yeah I found Touhou just year ago

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I appreciate posts like yours. I can't explain why, but maybe you know what I mean.

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OP here
Thanks man, it is very neat and clear, it's an important tool for me now.

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Since i want to help too (im quite new too) I must say that the books are a good source of canon.

Need to say that the stories/canon about Touhou are the thing I like the most.

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got a higher res and/or a file originally saved in png for this pic anon?

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Don't worry, it happened to me about a week ago and the next day I finally got to beat it, try practice mode on Yuyuko until you manage to get to her final spellcard with atleast 3 or 4 lives and get thru the red rings before they open up too much (well atleast that's how I made it)

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I got into Touhou a couple years ago and play the games fairly casually. I still can't beat Remilia's Red Magic on Normal and above. This reminds me of that

Honestly after getting into Touhou I try to ignore most of the porn, at least the straight porn..I don't care for faceless inserts, I just want to read stories about the actual characters.

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No, but it is from here if it helps https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2148974

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wow thats a shame, i dont understand why any artist would ever save their work in jpg instead of png for what they are going to upload though, png is better quality always. ya ive been looking for a desktop background in 1080p png with all the charachters for a while

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I don't think the PC98 games are harder. Story of Eastern Wonderland was the first game I ever managed to beat on normal modo, and Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream is my favorite game in the series.

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which touhou is this

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Is UFO an alright first game? I'm just obsessed with this song and I wanna play it


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The soundtrack is one of the best, but it's definitely a hard game.

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since this seems to be a veritable "I'm new as fuck to touhou" thread, figured I might as well ask this here

how do you actually kill the bosses while not dying at the same time? I find that I need to look at my character to actually dodge shit, but when I do that, I can't even tell which side of the screen the boss is on, so I can't even hope to hit them with anything. If I try to look to reposition myself, I just die. Do good players somehow look back and forth? Should I just not even be trying to kill them for now? Pls help

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Peripheral vision. But usually the boss mostly stays in the middle.
You can choose the homing shot type if you have trouble looking at the enemies.

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>homing shot type

what is that and how do I use it

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When you choose your shot in the shot selection menu. wtf dude

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Homing shots are shottypes that have some of the bullets you home the boss and hit it. It's automatic. In the description of each shot you are told what they can do, so if you read homing then you should be good to go

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>wtf dude
hi this is my first day playing touhou

I didn't see descriptions, but I might have just missed it.

Just so we're clear, how big a priority is it to actually kill the bosses? Is it possible to beat the game without actually finishing off any of them?

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Just start playing and dont ask so many questions. Also, press shift to focus.

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>don't ask so many questions


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Yes. Learn from experience. Stop asking so many questions.

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Just playing the games is the most important step. Start with EoSD and work your way up in numerical order, don't worry about not being able to 1cc the games, just practice practice practice.
Familiarizing yourself with the games is important so that you can tell the difference between canon and fanon. All associated fanworks can and should be consumed at your liesure, but always taken with a grain of salt.

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A little bit off there; a primary can't get downgraded to becoming a secondary. The primary/secondary/tertiary(rarely used term) has to do with what source the consumer primarily gets their information from. A primary doesn't stop being a primary by also consuming fan works, what matters is that the primary plays the games and reads the official works. A secondary is a secondary only because they do not play/read the official stuff, and only consume the series through non-canon fanworks.
A tertiary in this case would be someone who doesn't even consume fanworks, and only knows information about Touhou through interactions with the community such as on /jp/.

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They're harder for me because it's very difficult in a lot of places to see the bullets amidst the backgrounds. The graphical limitations of the time really hinder the experience.

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All of the games are alright first games technically, so go for it. It is one of the harder and more complicated games though, so don't feel bad if you hit a wall you can't overcome with it. EoSD, PCB, and MoF are the simplest ones, and IN and MoF are considered the easiest ones.

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Reimu always has a homing amulet shot type, not only does this make the stage segments a lot easier as well, it removes the stress of having to stay under the boss. Some of the later games have that shottype switch to a forward-needle attack when you focus (hold shift to slow down) though.
But yes, staying under the boss is an acquired skill. An important tip to all newbies is that you should learn to focus your eyesight not directly on your character, but about an inch or two up the screen from her, so you can see bullets and patterns coming at you before they, y'know, actually reach you, giving you far more time to react. Getting used to playing like that also makes it far easier to keep the boss in your peripheral vision. All of the earlier games (I can't remember when ZUN removed this feature, maybe in SA?) also have a red boss marker at the bottom of the screen, below the field of play. You can follow that without having to look farther up on the screen.
Also don't hug the very bottom of the screen, as you're just removing one of the four directions you can move to dodge bullets. Avoiding the bottom edge of the screen also helps keeping the boss in your peripheral.

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>Is it possible to beat the game without actually finishing off any of them?
Yes but this is considered a very difficult self-challenge. Only a few select late-game spellcards are easier to do in this fashion, because the boss fires more bullets depending on how low her health is getting.
Majority of the time for the majority of players, killing the boss as fast as possible is the best goal. This is the basic dichotomy of choosing Reimu or Marisa. Marisa does more damage and kills the boss faster, but she moves fast and is thus tougher to dodge with. Reimu's homing shots kill the boss slower, but staying under the boss is less important and her tiny hitbox and slow movement speed make dodging easier.

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>Reimu is easier

Darn, but Marisa is cuter.

I guess I'll just play Reimu until I git gud.

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Don't worry anon, Marisa will wait until you've become good enough to handle her. :^)

>> No.16886613

Heh.. the same happened with me when I got into the series, I found Marisa dialogues and personality more fun and cute than Reimu but playing with Marisa was harder for me as a beginner since she doesn't have the homing type shots and fast movement made me crash into the bullets, but you will eventually get good, just don't rush that process and have fun!

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Yeah, and this is reflected in the lore.

Reimu is naturally gifted, and is at her best when she follows her instincts and takes a passive approach to things. From her perspective, she throws projectiles in a straight line and her enemies fly into them on their own.

Marisa is a hard worker, and is at her best when she thinks things through and tackles her problems head-on. She's an ordinary human who doesn't have much magical power, but has developed ways to boost it through long hours of research.

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Maybe it's not the graphical limitations of the game but the limitations of your eyesight.

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>when ZUN removed this feature
He never did.

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>It doesn't say the word 'Enemy' so I can't see it
quoting them