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Lets post the oldest 2hu memes we can.

Lets see what we can recover.

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OP lost me with this thread.

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Mah Girl

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Mah Risa

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Mastar Sparke

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everyone got memed with this one

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The pad joke is surprisingly old.

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that's why she'd make for an indifferent cricketer: she's always padding up

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Post that comic about Touhou dialogues.

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those are some really old filenames

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Is Reimu being poor an old meme yet?

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Reimu is an undead zombie is better,

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You're an old filename.

(I think this is my oldest touhou pic, not 100% sure.)

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hello there newfriend

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Does anybody have the pictures of Amarita Mushroomtan.

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On 06 Dec, 2001, at 06:53:22, Hecatia posed for this photo and has not changed clothes since.

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That's really old, I feel bad. Here's mine.

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I don't understand this image. Is it a meme?

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The walking meme. At least 60 years old.

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This is Patchouli-sama.

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Why are no horns being honked right now. I DEMAND HORNS TO BE HONKED RIGHT NOW.

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Does it even qualify as old? Even if it does, everyone already knows it anyway, desu senpai.

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Hi there Mr. Titor

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I am so terribly sorry for my ignorance Sama-Chan

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>tfw been lewdposting on the jay since 2008

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The oldest picture from /jp/ I could find.

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I'll always remember Yuka and Friends.

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why why why why don't I miss you a lot forever

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The madness returns

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All those comments saying they remember watching this when they were under 10 years old makes we want to throw up and die

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This is nine years old.

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please respond

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You'd feel safe thinking that wouldn't you, you poor 4th dimensional cripple of a floating eyeball.
>Let's go for a crazy ride;
>A galactic rendevous
>I'll give you the universe in your hand
>If that gets me to you
>what kind of language are you speaking me

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Not only extremely old, but also extremely lewd

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Someone post the "twig"

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i think /f/ has some old 2hou memes too

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This meme is at least 17 years old.

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not super old, but one of the oldest on my hard drive

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where's the one with jbcs

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What happens when it expires!!

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Alice leaks poop.

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You'd better get that renewed nigga.

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It always confused me how could so many people be so confused for so long.

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This still counts right

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You're being unhelpful again in the context of the greater good again, stop it. Trying to be an asshole that hard isn't going to add a trophy to your XBox live account so do something else alright? Just admit you actually care, fun time is over.
>Good grief.

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That is me

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>post about 2hu on /a/ back in 2006
>get banned for not being anime
I kind of miss those days.

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This board is filthy!

Let's clean it up!

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No one will ever clean up /jp/ again

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>post about 2hu on /a/ in 2017
>it gets hundreds of replies

I'm not kidding: >>>/a/155511111

>post about 2hu on /vg/
>it starts its own General

Also not kidding: >>>/vg/174000000 and >>>/vg/174412952

Kinda funny how far 2hu has permeated a lot of these boards.

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They used to tolerate it more on /v/ since only a few of my threads were deleted and I never got banned but most of my threads on /a/ were deleted and I got banned most of the time.

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please respond ;_;

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I miss the intense shitposting years around 2011-2012 if I remember correctly. That was a wild time.
Here's a random picture I saved in 2010.

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Meme from 2012, still no idea what cirno means by this.

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I forgot to post the image. I'm sorry.

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It's almost been 7 years.

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Saved this on december 22, 2010.
Those "me on the right" threads sure were popular.

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Reimu is almost 7 years old. Cute.

>> No.16915652

Ran kinda looks like a dude

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This twig or the other twig

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The tree twig

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holy shit

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"Pls fucking respond :DDD" ?

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still fake and gay

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up in it yooo watch me graze dat

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This has always been one of my favourite images and I never learned the context behind it. I'm pretty sure there's a similar image with yuuka or someone, but I've never been able to refind it.

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Japan exclusive Eirin meme. Very rare and only for true Touhou fans.

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Old /jp/ rules:

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Here's one in image form

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Someone post that picture of Marisa making this face

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Why does /v/ "cringe" instead of "rage" nowadays anyway?

>> No.16936067

> life-like texture ;_;
Gosh it's been a while.

>> No.16936149

Together, or not together.
These are the last traces of those dreamlike days.

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>> No.16936679

Those people are almost 20 now and can legally post here

>> No.16937043

There sure is a lot of Fire Emblem in there.

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Hey, Okuu is cooking!

>> No.16937561

dumb spaghetti bird

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I think you need to get your eyes checked, dude. That's penne rigate.

>> No.16945105

shut up, spaghetti is spaghetti

>> No.16945158

Didn't we found out that it was fake?

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Damn I almost forgot about uncle mugen the onion thief and all those ZUN!bar threads.

>> No.16949411

It's clearly a reference to the Obama birth certificate controversy since the place of birth is Kenya and the place of residence Hawaii.

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where have all my friends gone

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tripfags are cancer

>> No.16949892

Whoa I was expecting yuuka

>> No.16949894 [DELETED] 

But they were our cancer

>> No.16949897 [DELETED] 


no they weren't

>> No.16949920 [DELETED] 

the very concept of tripfags is cancerous.
If you like or defend tripfags you are part of the cancer killing 4chan.

>> No.16949946 [DELETED] 

Oh please, don't be so dramatic about it. moot made 4chan to get away from SA. That's it. moot tried to use anonymity to make 4chan into something more and he wounded up killing it in the end anyways. There's no point in defending the concept of 4chan in 2017 anymore. It's over. It's been over. Let it go.

>> No.16949952 [DELETED] 

Then why are you here?

>> No.16949970 [DELETED] 

Because I can't leave until 4chan dies for good.

>> No.16950311 [DELETED] 

Tripfags are the least of our problems, how often do you even see them in /jp/? /pol/ shit is a far bigger menace, look what happened to /v/. The biggest issue is just the rate at which 4chan grew, all the new people came in and thought the jokes of the previous users were serious, then those new people became the majority and the jokes really did become serious. Then this just repeated over and over and things became worse and worse. If 4chan gets old and irrelevant enough maybe it can actually recover to some extent but it'll probably just become Stormfront: Anonymous Edition.

>> No.16950861 [DELETED] 

I know tripfags arn't the biggest issue but that doesn't mean that you should sit back and let them do as they want regardless. Thank Christ they have all but dissapeared from /jp/.

>> No.16950864 [DELETED] 

4chan is the only thing that remained constant in the last ten years of my life.
Currently I lurk ninety percent of the time, browsing compulsively and getting unpleasant nostalgia shots left and right
It can keep getting worse, but realistically I doubt I'll ever be able to leave it as long it exist. I'm not joking, that's how pathetic my life actually is, having this imageboard as the only link between all the shit happened to me irl
I've become an internet ghost. my physical body is just hardware.
4chan is the home I never had.

>> No.16951051 [DELETED] 

/pol/ itself is still like old /b/ somehow. I don't understand where all the faggot /pol/tards on other boards come from. It's like they just dip into /pol/ to get misinfographics and other dubious "information" and then fly off to other boards to spread their idiocy.

The only real problems 4chan faces are the eternal threat of all boards tending towards being flooded with porn or as close to porn as they can get away with, and the somewhat newer threat of neo/r9k/ and their women-obsessed, frog posting scum. /vg/ was a mistake that spawned as much cancerous attitudes as /v/ and /b/, but they don't really spread those habits to many other boards.

>look what happened to /v/
What did happen though, /v/'s been a shithole that torments /jp/ and /vg/ for years now, and that was all on them.

>> No.16951064 [DELETED] 

>uncle mugen the onion thief
He didn't steal onions, he was smuggling them into his country order to sell them. Also he was so small time the police let him go.

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Why is /jp/ so shitty?

>> No.16954192

Anyone have the picture with the weeb lying on the floor, under a pair of tables. There is a big monitor on the tables in a way that he can look at chinese cartoons while laying down.
There was also an edit of it where the monitor had dropped on his face and he died.

I remembered this randomly last night and had a good chuckle.

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Please post four hoops and bioshock dog

>> No.16955861

I always get sad when I see Youtube's old GUI

>> No.16955867

It all started with 7.5, so yeah.

>> No.16955905 [DELETED] 

Don't give tripfags attention.

>> No.16955959

oh desire

>> No.16956348 [DELETED] 
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>I've become an internet ghost. my physical body is just hardware.

God damn

>> No.16956394


Not really, that image predates IaMP by more than a year.

>> No.16956694 [DELETED] 

I think generals are more harmful than /pol/posters, though both are bad.

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Never thought I'd get a reason to post this again.

>> No.16957665

>yes, 4chan has text boards!
I miss them.

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How can we bring back old /jp/?

>> No.16960149
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Come back nine years earlier.

>> No.16960167 [DELETED] 
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Besides maybe the tripfags, don't we still have all that stuff?

>> No.16961576

Ignoring the obvious cancer that goes on the comments of every IOSYS (and most 2hu) youtube video ever, I just never felt a single drop of hatred for IOSYS. I love their annoying shit.

>> No.16961614

The songs are fun, I still like most of them. They're nostalgic.

>> No.16961630
File: 89 KB, 467x370, MikoSuikaPurification.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fun is the main reason of why I love them too, nostalgia is a close second. I somehow apply nostalgia on a higher level to Silver Forest.

>> No.16961762

Not a big fan of IOSYS but I really like the Usatei 2011 video, and well most of these songs always brings memories of some good times and I love being nostalgic

>> No.16961894

So the vocalist recovered but they decided not to reform the group?

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Could someone post Super Stellar Sudo?

>> No.16962295 [DELETED] 
File: 1.76 MB, 660x4600, sudo analysis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.16962317


>> No.16962357

this shit is gold

>> No.16962382

I want a tanned version of this

>> No.16962713
File: 93 KB, 418x398, 1339270998868.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This fucking face.

>> No.16962747 [DELETED] 
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>> No.16962780

The twig is not original jaypee meme please donut steal.

>> No.16962877

Man, I used to remember the days when admitting that you liked an IOSYS video would guarantee a thread derailment.

>> No.16963066 [DELETED] 

I kind of disagree with the assertion that /jp/ has been completely assimilated into what passes for a pan-board "culture" nowadays.

People seem to forget that one of the core traits that defined early 4chan was its utter hostility towards any kind of outside intrusion or co-opting of its collective intellectual properties by outsiders. /jp/ maintained that active hostility towards normalfags long after the board was infected with the chanology brainworm that made it socially acceptable to evangelize, to actively take the internal board culture and spread it as far and wide as possible in pursuit of some dumb political goal. Subsequent campaigns, particularly GG and the 2016 election, and the rise of mobile users (who I think account for half of all traffic on 4chan and most of the increase in use since 2014) has further destroyed the old taboos of spreading 4chan shit outside of 4chan.

I don't think it'll last for too long, but as of 2017 /jp/ is one of the few boards that maintains this garrison mentality and tendency towards introspective dialogue. (Outside of the generals anyway, which might as well just be /a/ and /v/ colonies). We probably have enough time left for TH16, which depending on how much excitement it generates among old fans might extend the life of the board community by another year or so.

Once conversations on /jp/ start routinely devolving into combative political autism and pearl-clutching over SJWs (or the alt-right, for that matter) along with posturing over sluts and traditional western values you can then safely write off 4chan as thoroughly dead, cleansed of all original content and transformed into a barren wasteland of normalfaggotry.

I understand where you're coming from, but in the end /jp/ is just a vessel, a medium for seeking out ersatz community.
Yes, life is starting to throw more bullets at you and the bosses aren't even giving you the option of timing them out anymore.
Just always remember that rather than quitting, it's better to find a better vessel.
Adapt to the bullet hell that is modern life by finding every opportunity to graze.

Generals are the infected appendix that incubate /pol/faggotry, which then leaks out and infects the rest of the board.

>> No.16963182 [DELETED] 

>Generals are the infected appendix that incubate /pol/faggotry, which then leaks out and infects the rest of the board.

>> No.16963227 [DELETED] 

>/jp/ maintained that active hostility

I browse /jp/ way less these days than I used to and that's one of the most notable things that I think is gone.

/jp/ feels like it was tamed too much by the mods at some point, I wish my grasp of time was up to pinpointing when but I've been a fucking truNEET for close to a decade now, but I was really bummed out when /jp/ felt like it was flooded by shitposting to the point of unusability, but what came after the flood feels arguably worse.

Not sure if it's just over-moderating that killed it, but it feels like the home-grown hostility to people who are blatant crossboarders are haven't lurked enough is gone, or at least very different to what it was.
Surprised to see people arguing that the hostility remains, if it does, it's a shadow of what it was.

>> No.16963402 [DELETED] 

You're absolutely right, our attitude towards outsiders is not nearly as virulent as it once was. I tried to work in a metaphor saying that /jp/ is still tending to the glowing embers of its old board culture, but it ran on too long and I cut it to keep everything in the one post. I think a combination of moderation and a general distaste towards how our insularity and hostility was expressed (remember the days when people would spend hours spamming pictures to force a thread into autosage? I sure as hell do) is what led us to this situation.

A lot of the more egregious spammers, for all the shit they put the board through from '11-'13, did act as crude enforcers and propagators of the old board culture (which, if you're super old and have literally lived most of your life online, was itself a partial transplant of Something Awful's FYAD/LF boards circa '04-'09). "Take It Easy" used to be a virtual commandment here and the best way to construct an environment where you could only take it easy was to: a) make it difficult to have constant, rolling conversations in the sense that you see them in both generals and (to a lesser extent) in /a/-style template threads, and b) to ridicule anyone taking things too seriously with funposting. A lot of them fled /jp/ for /ota/ or /gnfos/ after moderation was stepped up which cleared the way for normals to move in and steer conversations in the direction of the pan-board /v/-/pol/ culture.

But like I said, the embers of the old 4chan are still here in /jp/: we were the board that voted to have our new banner tell outsiders not to come here. And you only really see a lot of greentexting/spoiler misusage in the generals.

>> No.16963415 [DELETED] 

>we were the board that voted to have our new banner tell outsiders not to come here.
That's practically begging for people to come here.

>> No.16963434 [DELETED] 

I never said that our xenophobia was rational or anything.

>> No.16963466 [DELETED] 

With all that being said, I think the few of us who are still sticking around due to nostalgia or brain problems is to finally get off of our lazy asses and learn japanese. I really see no other option for /jp/sies at this point, other than to make the final exodus to japanese twitter or pixiv.

I'd say that opening the portal is always an option, but if we've come so far from the salad days of '08 then why quit now when we can still keep the minority spirit going?

>> No.16963480

I was that cunt. I don't care, they're lovely autists.

>> No.16963481 [DELETED] 

As a relatively new member of /jp/, with me only being since 2014, I'm not too sure on that statement. I have no idea why I first came to 4chan, other than luring on /v/ for years before coming here, but I never felt ostracized here.

Maybe I'm just used to the attitude, or didn't act like a total faggot but /jp/ is something that just comfy. I can never leave this god forsaken site, but if I'm force to stay here, I rather enjoy cancer that I find enjoyable.

Learning another language is difficult. Plus I enjoy the country I'm certainly living at. Japan is not the perfect dreamland.

>> No.16963505 [DELETED] 

2010+ /jp/ was never anything but what /r9k/ has become. I wish you all would stop reminiscing about it. It was shit through and through. The problem nowadays is mods allowing /a/ and /v/ to seep in, but the solution is not to spam dumb shit all day every day nor this /sp/ style lol janny hotpockets shit either. Nor is "wayq" and the like, which itself was formed of /a/ and /v/ trying to get cred on /jp/.

Nothing is stopping anyone from making new quality threads either.

>> No.16963521 [DELETED] 
File: 672 KB, 800x800, 27086067.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Maybe I'm just used to the attitude, or didn't act like a total faggot but /jp/ is something that just comfy
It's great if you can get enjoyment out of /jp/, most of what I've said should be qualified as someone who's been on 4chan for a decade and on /jp/ since shortly after the split. I admit some of my attitude might just be burnout, but I'm confident in saying that /jp/ is nowhere close to the culture that originally attracted me to it. With a lot of topics being hived off into godawful generals as well, my idea was to learn japanese and just go straight to the source.

Maybe I'm misguided and desperate! Either way, something something, dreamlike days etc.

>> No.16963526 [DELETED] 

>2010+ /jp/ was never anything but what /r9k/ has become.
We don't have ten active "women r whores" threads every day.
>It was shit through and through.
This is entirely accurate though.

>> No.16963547 [DELETED] 
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When I had left /jp/ and 4chan in general at the end of 2011 and came months later, I found that /jp/ had really changed a lot. There was some kind of new wave of shitposters and instead of telling them to get the fuck out of /jp/, it seemed like everyone was just ironically shitposting as some new defense mechanism. .

Since then, I only dropped by very rarely. Even now, I only have two threads open and it's only because they're both talking about the old days. My desire for Touhou, which was my main reason for being here, had pretty much dried up. Stopped keeping up with the games, the official stuff, the music albums, the doujins, new pictures.

Maybe /jp/ was always changing and I never noticed when I was always here.

>> No.16963603
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Who knows. I'm pretty sure this kind of navel-gazing is completely unhealthy anyway, so why bother?

>> No.16963614

Is this Inari Koto? I love them.

>> No.16963625
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>> No.16963668
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On a related note, last year I had to fly halfway across the country for christmas reasons. Since I couldn't access the internet all I had was my mind and some pen and paper.

After about twenty minutes of not knowing what the hell to do with myself, something inside me just let go, like a valve unplugging itself and flowing again. I was so productive with that pen and paper it almost felt like I was high on something.

Of course, as soon as I got to the airport I went back on my old bullshit.

They make the second-best Rumia, by far

>> No.16963673
File: 1.19 MB, 900x1118, 49358866_p12.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like their Fujiwara.

>> No.16963678
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The belliest

>> No.16964010 [DELETED] 

Athens was enough for 10 threads.

>> No.16965053

Why bother reminiscing at all? What's dead is dead.

>> No.16966451

Don't know, I'm just drawn to it.
You're probably right, though.

>> No.16966851
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>> No.16967614

I looked at Dan Kim's website on a lark yesterday and he's still doing nothing other than riding whatever flavour of the season moe anime people latch on to

At least he didn't kill himself though

>> No.16967663
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>I miss them.
put moot on trial at the hauge for the murder of our comrades-in-autism /prog/

>> No.16968573

He works as an artist for Ubisoft now, and barely keeps track of anything anymore, following his twitter I feel is kind of depressing when all he does is just retweets old and busted shit along with stuff from his sub-accounts about cupcake and himehorns.

>> No.16968664

A few days back I re-read Tomoyo's Room in its entirety. It's scary how much his mental state has deteriorated over the years, as if he wasn't depressed enough in the first place.

>> No.16969361

I really should have seen this coming, but seeing Dan Kim use ``cuck'' in a strip is plain depressing at this point.

>> No.16970232

You know, one of the things about /jp/ is that there is much less rap and rap related stuff posted lately. It's kind of strange when I think about it. Normal posts about rap, memes like EasyE and Anki, and even that Viper the rapper thing that I still don't know if it was some real thing or some 4chan spawned shitposting thing.

>> No.16970324

Thanks for making it easier for newfags like me to fit in =]

>> No.16970330

That nana plushie getting stolen broke him.

>> No.16971542
File: 32 KB, 400x391, 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It was a fad, really. I don't remember it being anything more than just "another way to enjoy touhou" in a similar sense to operator Reisen's appeal. Both subcommunities didn't have enough people required for the continuous production or sharing of new content needed to maintain interest (in my opinion).
>Viper the rapper thing that I still don't know if it was some real thing or some 4chan spawned shitposting thing.
99% sure Viper was a forced /mu/ meme picked up by shitposters during the 2011-2013 /jp/ anarchy.

>That nana plushie getting stolen broke him.
You sure? I really can only see a gradual decline as he realized that no one (other than corporate behemoths) wanted to read his grimdark super-serious comics and that the only way he could stay relevant to his fans was through complete and utter moe shit.

>> No.16971546
File: 61 KB, 898x447, excerpt_from_strip_361.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Though if he was thoroughly broken by anything it obviously has to be that incident at the reunion dinner where he spergs out because he tries to talk to a girl and fails

Those strips are waaaay too on the nose to be fiction

>> No.16972092
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>> No.16972151
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>> No.16983046

Marisa will never be as cute as UFO again.

>> No.16983164

Official /jp/ heritage.

>> No.16991801
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I miss Tacanon

>> No.16991801,1 [INTERNAL] 

Heh, I think I made that image.