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only bemani game with Phife Dawg edition

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old: >>16720119

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second for chunithm is never coming to the states

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Geometry dash is still superior

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random is cheating

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sdvx isnt good

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iidx is shit

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it's the best music game ever made actually

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you're right I apologize

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is angolmois the best bms player on linux

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michael a la mode forgives you. now go have fun playing iidx

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Make 5-key great again.

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5 keys rule.

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What framerate do IIDX games run on? I play on (((AC data))) and wondering if I'm missing out on anything with a 60hz monitor

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I think it's just 60Hz

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Just 60hz

Running it at 120hz literally halves the timing windows IIRC

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60Hz. Run the games on anything higher and it fucks up the timing windows.

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O alright thanks

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Japanese code never again

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Made progress on Tuneism. I can import SM (stepmania pre-5.0) maps for testing now. It supports normal notes, bpm changes, and stops. I chose stepmania files since they aren't keysounded and would be easier to support earlier on in development.

Once I make a better file selector (in mobile you can't select a folder to change to from the list, that's why my sm file was at the top of storage), I'll be ready to add real features.

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Forgot webm

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This is a Chunithm clone of sorts, right...? If so, you should make some sort of script that turns any 16th notes notes next to eachother into a sort of... one of those long holds where you move within the hold, sort of like lazers for SDVX. Might make it more fun.

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I'll consider it when I'm adding polish to the game, but right now stepmania import is literally just for testing purposes, I needed a way to get maps without first implementing an editor.

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Yeah, fair enough. If you're looking to make importable SM maps a real, viable thing, though, you'll want to have a bunch of(preferably optional)scripts that will change the way the chart works. Otherwise you're basically just playing SM and there's no reason not to just open that instead. Of course, you can cross that bridge when you come to it.

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Is the default analog sensitivity really arcade accurate? It's been so long since I've played on a IIDX machine.

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1) delet this
2) ask somewhere else

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I ain't no bitchass nigga. I came here to ask my question because I heard there were real niggas in this thread.

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there aren't. get out.

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Btw, if you alt tab during the monitor sync, it messes up the timings and sometimes you end up with 1/2 speed maps. Makes for easy dan clearing if you're a dirty cheater.

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That sounds pretty awful. Hopefully sows has a way of catching people who do that? Otherwise it could seriously fuck the leaderboards up pretty bad.

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people used to just send illegitimate scores right to the server

but there's really no point in doing anything like that, the game is all about personal progression, and the community is small enough to know if that AAA on a top tier 12 is legit or not

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tfw still not power user

tfw 90 dollar shipping on an svse5

all I wanna do is get good at sdvx but there's too many barriers to entry and I'm going to fucking kill myself before I even get a home setup going

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I can understand being skeptical about new users having high scores but it's hard to say they aren't legit just from that. Someone could have just played IIDX/LR2 for years before getting invited to sows. I guess the people who don't participate in the community actively get ignored, which I guess kind of works in a way. Since if you're going to brag about your high level scores, chances are someone's probably going to try to question your legitimacy along the way, and then you're in trouble if you can't prove it.

Seriously just get K-Shoot. It's basically the same thing with better and faster home options, ability to play community-made songs in addition to the real SDVX shit, and without story and generator shit. An SVSE5 will work exactly the fucking same on K-Shoot than it will on the real thing.

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Committed to say F U to broads who act conceited. Or use random.
Nobody gives a damn about that.

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I do

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I have k-shoot but I'm scared to download any of the maps that got converted on sows because I don't want to ruin my ratio before I even get to download arcade data

also it's still 90 mother fucking dollars to ship an svse5

should I just wait for the turbocharger+ to get restocked or is that expensive to ship as well

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I got you. I have a bunch of the SDVX shit that some Google fags made a while back. Not sure if it it's ALL the songs, but it should be most of them, I think... Folder count in the 3 packs(SDVX, II and GW)is 168, 319 and 66 respectively.

I'll upload them to Mega, but be patient. My hard drive is being eaten like fuck since I'm backing up a ton of shit at the moment, so it might take a while to both compress and upload it. Give me an hour or so.

As a side note, these were made from before K-Shoot was able to do out-of-lane lazers as in GW, so you won't be seeing any of that in these packs unfortunately.

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Also in regards to the Turbocharger, maybe? It's really up to you regarding how long you're willing to wait. What I'd heard is that the knobs on the SVSE5 are not that good and go full retard after like a week of use or something. You might try looking or asking around on Sows to see what people with one think of it to see if it's worth your money or not.

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Gonna take longer than I thought, probably another hour or so.

Also, where is that torrent with SDVX stuff on sows? I looked for it, but couldn't find it. I may deign to get it and replace my current stuff with it due to lack of out-of-lane lasers and potential incompleteness.

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>svse5 too expensive
So play with kb or build one
>sdvx maps
mega nz #F!FkNjBYwR!Ict7O1MlTshVMuKmXwj-Cw
https://github.com/Schinizer/kshootmaniasdvx/releases (some maps in II are pretty badly broken, wrong effect tracks/2 second time difference in tracks/missing effect tracks, but eh, it's free)

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Uh, okay, since he linked stuff online I guess there's no need to upload anymore, so I guess I'll cancel it. gg kek

Thanks for the link regardless though, I could probably put use to that too.

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Reminder that she is in some of your rhythm games

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>Change notes, beams and lights to see what they're like

>They're all ugly and/or distracting compared to default

Damn.... also trying to make the avatar look cool is a random gjess since I can only see what the stuff looks like after I booted the game.

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Make sure you use this as your lanecover too

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>tfw when Failed folder keeps getting bigger and bigger

>> No.16771417

have you tried not playing new songs and just playing through the failed and C/D/E/F folders

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When do you think the next site-wide freeleech will be? We got one a few days back because of the site getting fucked but now I'm power user and wanna get some AC without destroying my raito.

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Each time someone posts about it it's cancelled. See: Valentine's day.

So the answer to your question is not Halloween.

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Well fuck, I hope asking here didn't cancel anything.

>> No.16771724

It's too late, it's already cancelled.

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>tfw 500MB short of a TB

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I like white beams a lot

And i think 3rd style note explosion is much less distracting than default, i don't know how people can stand empress heart explosion and the like

>> No.16772523


oh and also this might help you anon

>> No.16772559

i play unironically with tricoro notes, lightning beams and empress explosions

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The stuff I was seeing was all tagged ksh so just look for that, it's like multiple gigs across several torrents.

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>The knobs on the SVSE5 are bad ... etc

I heard the same thing but when you order you can switch them out for Omrons for a few bucks more but it's worth it apparently

but 90 fucking dollars to ship


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Yea I am on pad. I seriously don't get it either, I should be able to nail this shit but my brain just shits the bed when I have to do drills.

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How the fuck are you not Power User? I hit the requirements for PU within 4 days of joining, I just had to wait out the time req and I was there.

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Some people just have bad internet and upload speeds.

I only ulloaded 400 mbs of copula to this day while people literally get TBs from it.

>> No.16772946

moving your feet up and down is physically much more demanding than shifting them side to side

i can pfc the fast streams in charts like revolution csp and possession esp/possession remix but jumps and drills fucking murder me

>> No.16772972

I don't have a seedbox, but from downloading a bunch of stuff and seeding it constantly while my computer is on I just haven't gotten any upload at all. I'm working now on doing some requests that will get me power user I guess.

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i want to buy a controller and play something at home. Which game is easier to setup on PC? sdvx or iidx?

>> No.16773253

Both are easy but I guess SDVX is a little more finicky

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I'm trying to make a Wooden Dancepad to play BEMANI games, using a usb keyboard, i tried a Numeric keypad as a spanish guide said, but the keyboard i got had what that guide calls 'a chip' and so i cant make the numpad work, the pad is not recognized once i make tests, neither with the configs or the windows device utilities

I tried to use a USB gamepad too, but the config files of many of the games doesnt recognize the controller either

is there a recommended modern numpad/keyboard model that i can use for this project?, i plan to use this on a Win10 installation preferably, but i want it to work in win7 too.

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Depends. KSM is probably easier to setup than LR2, and SDVX is just generally easier to get into.
HDD wise, both are about the same but we don't talk about that here

>> No.16773848

If you already have a gamepad, try joy2key for remapping the gamepad to key presses.

You could use an Arduino Leonardo for the "keyboard", they're pretty easy to work with, work out of the box with windows 7/8/10 and you can get n-key rollover support with up to 2 easy mouse axis. I guess you could also emulate a gamepad so that you could have more axis and buttons, but I haven't bothered with that. I've gotten it to work with both sdvx and iidx. Should work with DDR too, though I haven't tried it. DDR only uses key presses, right?
The only downside is that you'll have to upload the code to the board yourself, and while it's not hard and there are millions of tutorials for that, it can be intimidating. Can you tell more about how the controller is right now? Does windows recognize it?

>> No.16773870

well, the windows packed-in utilities do recognize the controller and the connection and button tests work.

but for some reason its not recognized at all in the BEMANItools config utilities.

the weirdest thing about this is that the very same controller worked perfectly before opening it and tearing it up.

and about the Joy2Key idea, i'm gonna try it, how could i have forget that tool exists?...

>> No.16773879


>the weirdest thing about this is that the very same controller worked perfectly WITH THE BEMANItools before opening it and tearing it up.

sorry, forgot to add dat.

>> No.16773889


Hey my connection completely blocks torrents and I've just downloaded data from friend's houses during freeleech days
I've been on sows for years and i'm not power user

>> No.16773899

Questions regarding btools should go to the place you got them from.

How many times do I have to post that /jp/ is not pirated tech support?

>> No.16773922

retards can't read and need to be spoonfed

it's like when a business/public place puts up a sign saying not to do some obviously stupid shit and the only people who its targeted at don't pay any attention to it

>> No.16774375

footspeed is so hard :(

>> No.16774428

I play with Spada explosions. They're huge.

>> No.16774832

you need mroe brain power xd

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> mega nz #F!FkNjBYwR!Ict7O1MlTshVMuKmXwj-Cw

So wait, do the kshoot GW maps only have EXH mapped or something?
I'm shit at the game how does this help me

I just wanna play Death Blossom on like challenge or something ;_;

>> No.16775097

Yes, many maps only have the exh/grv charts since those are the ones that anyone playing for more than a few months (read: the people that actually bother mapping these things) plays. You'll go through stages 1-12 so fast, there really isn't any reason to map them all.
Just play the github maps and git gud.

>> No.16775171

>Just play the github maps and git gud.
Rome wasn't built in a day but yeah I guess that's the plan. I'm on 11's now but I need to get my controller and practice the knobs ASAP.

>> No.16775185

Google "Shooters Festival 2016" or the 2015 version. There are a lot of great low level charts in that to practice on as well.

>> No.16775605

>it's the best music game ever made for autists actually

>> No.16775809

>Thinks he's not an autist when he plays rhythm games
Anon, you ARE the autism.

>> No.16777505

>Ace's anniversary is on the same day as Qubell (which is getting a new song), but gets jackshit even though Qubell has had 80+ songs added to the game in the past half a year
>Has only had EIGHT (new) songs added to the game in the past four months, with half of them being Extra Exclusive songs
>Doesn't even have an official twitter account for their game while even Beatstream and fucking Dance Evolution got one

Wow, the Bemani staff really fucking hate DDR, huh?

>> No.16777793

Ace managed to be more dead than DDR 2014, somehow.

>> No.16778093

What's the right way to play IIDX again?

>> No.16778099


>> No.16778176

play 4 fun and improve naturally

you don't wanna be one of those miserable fucks that's AAA + FC'd every 10-12 in the game, even the bad ones who only derives joy from beating rival scores

>> No.16778381

By breaking your ring finger and crying over not being able to scratch

At least that's how I do it

>> No.16778946

Why is sigsig SPA so hard

>> No.16779355


play P2 side

>> No.16779663

Post your current favorite song anons
the one that can't fucking get out of your head.

>> No.16779667

Any recommended games for PC?
I've played only Osu's modes, Audiosurf and the hexagon game.

>> No.16779681

Lunatic rave 2
K shoot mania
Raindrop arcade, if it gets done

>> No.16779787

Thanks, K shoot mania looks cool and I like the songs I'm finding. Is there any without the "mania" thing though?

>> No.16779820

Do you mean the scrolling notes?

If you're more into casual games, crypt of the necrodancer is quite fun, though I wouldn't really call it a rhythm game. Maybe an indie-roguelike with rhythm game elements.
There might also be simulators for project diva or other rhythm games but I haven't seen them anywhere.

>> No.16779840

There is an OSU build of project diva in the works. Idk if it has public release but it's a custom mode rn

>> No.16779923

Got it, I'm going to check these, thanks.

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File: 84 KB, 89x185, SigSig_Neutral.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Why is Makina so cute?

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File: 147 KB, 600x600, IMG_20170328_164823.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like Nostalgia will get FLOWER soon.

>> No.16780140


Sigsig (all): Hey Luca may I have some food plz? ;3
Luca: Sure sigsigs, what food?
Sigsigs: Chocolate fingers 0w0
Luca: oh ok ";3
*Gives chocolate fingers to sigsigs
*Sigsig succ all of the sweetness out of the chocolate fingers
Sigsig: mmmm that was nice Luca 0w0"
Luca: nps ", you want to play smash bros with me?
Sigsig Sure 0w0
Played competitive smash sigsigs were different colour Kirby
Luca: ohh you are sleepy sigsigs let me put you all to bed :3
*Picks up sigsig to bed, puts them neatly in the bed.
Sigsigs (whispers): What are we going to do in the bed? uwu
All: sexually moans..
Then end

>> No.16780141

But that's Museca

>> No.16780225


what the fuck

>> No.16780230

Luca: Sigsig breakfast time! ; 3
Sigsig: yah! Pancakes!
sigsig sits at table, Luca starts to serve pancakes
Luca: he he ; 3
Luca put pancakes on top of sigsigs head
Sigsig: aayy?
sigsig falls down of from chair to ground in a weak sexauly way while till balancing pancakes on top of her head
Luca: He he he all pink, blue and blonde sigsigs girls get sexauly fall disabled position when you put pancakes on a sig ; 3
Sigsig: sweeting me up Luca (cat)
Luca: I will 0wo soon
Luca: good new yoy are in you sleep drown still
unravels sigsug reaming clothes
Sigsig: "0w0
Luca geta runny butter for the pancakes on sigsigs head
squirts butter onto the sigsig hair quicjly spreaddinf and pour on to the panxakes to sigsig hair
Sigsig: feels good all the grease into my hair hhh
Luca fetches the cold icecream out of the fridge
Sigsig: on the back plz ; 3
Luca : you sure?
Sigsig: yea
Luca scopped the white cream on to sigsig back, smuffering it in good
ice cream was melting and was running the but back all down her spine to her her neck
sigsig orgasm face apperaed quickly when she felt the ice cream melting on her
Luca: want choclate?
sigsig was too in orgasm mode from her drolling and tearing to much
* Luca puts the choclate and strawberry icecream on her, melting on her back overflowing whuch leakwd on the sides if her but.
Luca sprinkled sprinkles on to her, sticking well together.
Sigsigs: add mayple syrup plz on to me senpai
Luca: that wil be too much todsy sigsig, another time
Sigsig: fine lick me up then, this is for your breakdast pusding
Luca: well sigsig not to da-
sigsig pulls in Luca toward until he trip and stright into the icecream but fest
Sigsig: There we go Luca, ear up now.... ; 3
The end...

>> No.16780475

>tfw I will literally never play DDR arcade


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File: 30 KB, 200x300, Nanahira.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16780760

is cute!

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File: 51 KB, 481x409, 1466812816582.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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DEGRS is an unironically fun chart as long as you're not going for PFC.

>> No.16781554

I know.

I won't be surprised if Nostalgia gets FLOWER sooner or later.

>> No.16781809


Too bad it's stuck in a meme game

>> No.16781886

I'm leaving Japan soon

How do I get my sound voltex fix now?

>> No.16781899

buy a controller and play ksm

go to round 1 if you live in america

or shake that addiction and play a better game like iidx or pop'n

>> No.16781945
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But Sound Voltex is so fun
I like twisting them nippels

>> No.16782014

Keep VIP in VIP

>> No.16782164

How do you feel about flicking a turntable instead?

Just pretend it's a giant areola

Just pretend

>> No.16782730

Why hasn't koNAHmi gotten rid of anmitsu yet? It's not hard.
in window ( goodCount > value && goods = bads )
Tired of these shitty mash videos.

>> No.16782839


Fucking Nanahira

>> No.16782864

this song is good as fuck


>> No.16782969

Actually the scratching motion is the perfect clit stimulating maneuver

t. Sex expert.

>> No.16782975

what's that genre again?

>> No.16782986

future bass pretty much

the real goal is to get a gf that can recognize which song the pattern is from
"oh, that's bsb"

>> No.16783172

What are you even trying to say

>> No.16783264


That "I will be back" stage select song and SSM talking when you select a song is strangely hype. I wish I could hear it playing.

>> No.16783278

What is the most played rythm game these days (outside of osu)?
Is it IIDX, if so how do I get into it on my PC?

>> No.16783290

lunatic rave 2 is a free simulator
iidx infinitas costs money monthly but is arcade-accurate in timing, etc.

>> No.16783297

Cool! Thanks anon! Any big track library/downloading site for Lunatic Rave i should know about?

Would that be so hard to replicate?

>> No.16783310

well lunatic rave 2 has two main timing settings for charts, easy and hard

easy is slightly more lenient than iidx
hard is slightly harder
most charts will be set to easy, which means that you can be in for a bit of a rude awakening when going from LR2 to arcade or console iidx. it's still a perfectly fine tool to learn with though.

as for songs:

between this public folder

and this site

you should be able to find enough content to keep you entertained for a long time

as for controls, you can play on keyboard just fine, or you can get an ASC (arcade style controller)

most popular controller manufacturer is DJ Dao/gamo2 https://www.gamo2.com/en/

>> No.16783325

I have never seen spoonfeeding like this in my life, and I am deeply grateful
Thank you.

>> No.16783333

i have the guide and the free.fr link bookmarked and the bemaniso bms portal link is easy to remember

i'm also trying to stay up all day to fix my sleep schedule so writing long 4chan posts is one of the easiest things for me to be doing rn

have fun with iidx, its the best music game ever made hands down

>> No.16783351
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i'm not the guy you were replying to but curious if you might know the answer to this

my LR2 setup runs fine, but if i add ANY songs from the sows archive, it crashes immediately.

even if i just copy one individual into my songs folder

any ideas? i definitely have the JP locale set up on my machine and if i remove them LR2 runs fine.


this will give you all the BMS from 1st - 16th including special charts and stuff. singles and doubles, keysounded, with videos.


>> No.16783366

i'm not sure. possibly they were extracted badly and have fucked up filenames? lr2 gives up more easily than an obese jogger and will crash if one of your song files has something it doesn't like.

i only use lr2 to play bms original stuff, otherwise i play at r1 or play cs games mostly

>> No.16783375
File: 19 KB, 532x500, 4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want this shirt

>> No.16783440

insomnia sph is rated 8 but it's actually a 10.2 nice job konami

i've exhced mermaid girl [a] as well as a trillion 9s but i can't get better than 16 miss on this goddamn stupid fucking chart

>> No.16783531

someone save me from this hell

>> No.16783537


beisu droppu

>> No.16783620

arcade games are proprietary
popular arcade game simulators (LR2, KSM, etc.) are proprietary
"original" rhythm games (osu!, mobileshit, etc.) are proprietary

save me from hell

>> No.16783669

who cares

>> No.16783899

fuck off stallman

>> No.16784112

but osu is open source :^)

>> No.16784345

I can't tell if you're memeing but I don't think it is?

>> No.16784529

It will be "soon"

>> No.16784562

I was referring to the source code leak (lmao screenshots) but whatever

>> No.16784574


stop trying to beat my scores on stupid 8s fuck

>> No.16784592
File: 572 KB, 920x1300, 170331_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One laser chart coming up

>> No.16784642

Sinobuz. Is there a way to force the result screen to not show the shop rankings? At least for someone who isn't paying the subscription, because in that case I think you can make it show only rivals instead. But I don't have that choice.

I'd also like to not see exactly how much I suck compared to other people. My timing sucks. I'm aware of this. Being reminded of this after every single song sort of kills my desire to play more and/or be alive.

>> No.16784910

either get better and beat their scores or learn to stop caring. you can't be a casual AND get upset that other people are taking it more seriously.

>> No.16784927

I don't play it anymore (I only have timeto PIU now) but I remember peppy posted part of the code on github because he wants to rework the game or some shit.

>> No.16785197

running it on anything other than 60hz fucks it over in several ways

>> No.16785464

The new client, osu!lazer, is open source

>> No.16785527

get fucked i +30'd your score on it

u just got btfo on detonator [h] too

>> No.16785710


>> No.16785884


if it bothers you that much just roll your fingers on 1 and 3 as the screen goes black and it will barely even have time to render the results screen

also i might be wrong but if you play from 3 - 5 pm when the server is down i don't think it shows the "shop ranking" at all.... cant remember 100% since i dont really pay attention to that

>> No.16785899

just stop being a babyback bitch lol

just look away

>> No.16785985

The only way to git gud is get thicker skin. Bemani is a game of self improvement.

though it is really tempting to giggle when someone fails a song with assist easy

>> No.16786098

>he thinks mashing out fcs is good

>> No.16786108

No I mean seriously
How does the pseudocode you wrote have anything to to do with bemani?

>> No.16786142
File: 443 KB, 960x948, 1486431177279.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>when i fail a song i think everyone is secretly laughing at me
>they are

>> No.16786217


flashing lamps are love, flashing lamps are life

>> No.16786489

what are the good songs in popn?

>> No.16786693

SM is under the MIT license if you're that autistic about it.

>> No.16786731

oh yeah, forgot about SM for some reason

>> No.16786962
File: 1.16 MB, 3264x2448, IMG_5156.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pls rate

i have no money, I literally had to search other peoples trash for the box

>> No.16786981

gj bro

>> No.16787464

after 10,000 years I am power user

it is time to conquer SDVX

>> No.16787503
File: 48 KB, 500x400, mpKzKDY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


do you not realize there are other places to get this shit that you dont have to participate in sherl0k's retarded circlejerk and can just download the shit you want? why do people waste their time with that site? i have 23rd style and sdvx3 and i havent been a member of that retarded site since like 2009


beats pic related for sure. i guess you couldnt afford another 2 buttons?

>> No.16787550

I realize, but I didn't bother looking for it. I got an invite to sows and the rest is history now cuz I'm done grinding for that site. I have the game I want and enough upload to get more later if there will be.

>> No.16787551


My favorite 46 chart. I just love chord heavy songs.

>> No.16787573 [DELETED] 

Is there a startup guide to setting up AC for SDVX3? I'm actually completely new to all of this shit

>> No.16787595

/jp/ is not pirated arcade data support.

>> No.16787617

I actually have a shit ton of buttons to work with, but since I suck at the game, I left them out on purpose. Having more buttons only confuses me at this point when hitting buttons to the far left during a 5 Key song on a 7 Key layout.

I also wanted to ask if up and down on the turntable matters. I only popped one button in and it has been working so far, just wondered if there is ANY reason to have both directions mapped and usable.

Thank you (´・ω・`)

>> No.16787754


Who? I don't give a fuck about forum and community drama. I'll stick with the oldest/most reliable group

>> No.16787793

play mame beatmania 5key with it

also u should have two buttons for tt so you can do it faster if you want

>> No.16787817

>mame beatmania 5key
Never been too fond of the BM original songs, but I'll still check it out as I'm experiencing a lack of 5 Key songs that I like atm, might as well look around right?

>also u should have two buttons for tt so you can do it faster if you want
oh! why didn't I think of that?
My interace allows for 8+4 inputs (with the usually being reserved for directions), so its totally possible, but I'll see.

>> No.16787824

This might be true, but I have to admit that Sows is nonetheless actually a pretty good community with a lot of resources and effort put into it in general. It's not only arcade data and PSun/2 you can get, they have GST releases, Bemani artist albums, alternative rhythm games, marketplace, in-site streaming service, events, comprehensive, unified and non-convoluted as fuck lists of game files(BMS, omnimixes, etc. etc.), the list goes on and on. It's a nice thing to be a part of in general that gives you good options if you take the games any more seriously than casual level.

>> No.16788051

>Never been too fond of the BM original songs
how can one man be so tasteless

>> No.16790432
File: 1.62 MB, 2712x904, XDcrWM6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Grace is cute!

>> No.16790813


Kinda weird your phone autocorrects "canonically a filthy fucking slut" to "cute".

>> No.16791115

Do any of the artists actually stream/take videos of their workflow while producing? Only one I know of is Camellia, although I've seen RoughSketch, USAO, Genki, and Javelin from MNK post short vines of WIPs

>> No.16791119

Sluts are not cute.

>> No.16791830

tfw you fail a song and somebody was watching you

Also what are the blue/pink lines notes called in sdvx?

>> No.16791923

I'm curious, is Power User a requirement to download games? Hoping to get invited soon.

>> No.16791962
File: 805 KB, 1000x1412, __grace_konami_and_sound_voltex_drawn_by_akine_kuroyuri__1adcd16ed728e6029a8b37dbb8a6ec5b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Grace is Tsun.

>> No.16792167


>> No.16792256

Jesus fuck you guys if you need arcade data and can't be bothered to get PU, just get it from bemanigirl then seed it on sows. leggendaria dot altervista dot org.

>> No.16792271


delete your post are you fucking retarded? holy fucking shit. delete your fucking post you imbecile.

>> No.16792283

neck yourself you loser dipshit braindead nigger

>> No.16792285

Every fucking time.

>> No.16792344
File: 350 KB, 1920x1080, 1468593518870.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

flip this song

>> No.16792350


Why? Let morons do this. If you're seeding data without PU I'm pretty sure you're gonna get banned.

>> No.16792359

it's 2017 my dude

>> No.16792364

let me relive my middle school years jsut for the night anon
i promise ill go back to bashing my head against 11s tomorrow

>> No.16792398

Is this what itg does to you

>> No.16792414


Yelling out your most guttural war cry during a death run is like 60% of the fun.

>> No.16792420

yeah this is actually my favorite "thing" to come from itg lol

i find myself wanting to yell during hard sections of ddr songs

>> No.16792546


some dude at our round 1 screams like this while playing sdvx its incredibly obnoxious

>> No.16792554


Sorry man, that's all me. I'm just having so much fun. I'll try to tone it down a tad.

>> No.16792810


I got copula during freeleech without being power user what are you on about

>> No.16792936

Better time now to play it ever since etterna became a thing

>> No.16792976 [DELETED] 

Yo. We've set up a rhythm game(Mostly Pop'n) discord if anyone wants to join. Our community is small but it's pretty nice.


>> No.16793233
File: 75 KB, 695x521, 8thstylewasagoodassgame.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

so like how the fuck do westerners find out about bemani these days? after konami stopped producing CS styles in like 2009 or so i kinda figured the whole thing would just kinda die outside japan. i'm sure niconico mads getting reuploaded to youtube (red zone, gachimuchi etc) way back may have had something to do with it but please tell me it isn't all osu spillover

>> No.16793270

>ddr player since 2001
>play itg until 2013
>hey we're making a new ddr game and ur gonna get to play it at dave and busters and round 1
>whats round 1
>there's one an hour away
>check it out
>pump it up, iidx, sound voltex, museca, groove coaster, crossbeats
>try everything
>eventually settle on piu and iidx with a bit of gc/museca
>ddr a drops
>it's fucking fantastic
>ddr, piu, iidx all day
>get curious about popn but r1s cab is broken
>eventually its not broken, give it a try
>it's fun just like iidx
>buy a dao
>play it too

thats how i got back into it

>> No.16793274



>> No.16793449

Anybody know of any actually good pad packs for Stepmania? So many of them have eh music and iffy charts. I want something decent for once.

>> No.16794036

holy shit I'm so hyped for IIDX 25 : Tigerland.

I always wished Dr. Bombay would come back to Bemani, but this is greater than anything I ever imagined!

>> No.16794274

>have no idea rhythm games exist, maybe once seen DDR on console and guitar hero but never interested in them
>friend shows osu shown to him by some slovenian furries or something
>play it
>it's fun but kills my arms
>see that most songs are stolen from other games
>Check out iidx, sdvx
>They seem cool as the everliving fuck
>find out about an arcade with popn, groove coaster, iidx, taiko within an hour by car
>have an absolute blast
>decide to build controllers
>build controllers for sdvx, iidx

I like to think that it doesn't matter so much where you come from but where you end up. In a way, a game as dubious as osu got me into rhythm games, so for me it's a net positive.

>> No.16794400
File: 159 KB, 1024x662, C8QVi4MUwAAiipz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's back!

>> No.16794448
File: 723 KB, 920x1636, 170401_fudosan_4010manblc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can buy homes with blcs!

>> No.16794467

I remembered one osu player who came to the arcade and tried pretty much every rhythm game there. It's a start.

>> No.16794468

A round 1 opened up nearby, so I decided to check it out . I saw a guy playing some 15 with power stance and thought he looked cool, so I tried playing myself.

>> No.16794499
File: 665 KB, 693x900, C8QVt5gUwAE0bcp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.16794761
File: 95 KB, 600x400, detail.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i played popn once at the arcade in japantown in sf and thought it wss sick and did research and started going to round1 and picked up iidx and ddr

people are always surprised when i tell them i started playing like a few months ago, i dont really work that hard heh

i got my first pfc in my last session, 420

>> No.16795346


>1 hr
>broken then fixed popn


>> No.16795392
File: 69 KB, 250x250, 1486194064292.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>but please tell me it isn't all osu spillover

>> No.16795565

that was multiple months of r1 visits :|

>> No.16795718

>tfw when no round 1
Man why does the east coast suck so much?

>> No.16795984

hey you have chinatown "itg monitor broke, heres a computer monitor on a table next to the cab, it still costs money to play" fair

>> No.16796030
File: 1.98 MB, 3840x2160, エンジェル ドリーム.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder that idols run this shit

>> No.16796075

Game is easy as hell.

>> No.16796116

So do scratch songs and sections basically require you to memorize song specific patterns?

>> No.16796178

no. it's a different skill than reading normal notes though, cause fast scratches are all in the same lane. i had no problem sightreading black by x cross fade and red by full metal jacket sph charts

if you're bad at reading it, yeah you might need to memorize. they almost always fit with exactly whats happening in the music though so just listen lol

>> No.16796218

to score? yes, memorization is your best bet

still, many people raise their gn to read scratches easier, but many find it just easier to play on a normal gn and memorize scratch sections

>> No.16796777

I EXHC'd Modular Technology SPA and SAY BAY SPA on sightread, so no. It's just a different skill.

>> No.16796809
File: 147 KB, 960x933, C8QaztmU0AA8Yhb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.16796819


>> No.16796881
File: 208 KB, 339x481, 1479863350635.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>insane techniques SPA
>doing fine till the end part
>miss every single scratch there because right hand got too slippery
>there's someone waiting behind me

>> No.16797106

just remember that theres a mechanical delay in all scratches
you just gotta get used to that and being able to scratch will come

>> No.16797359

Nobody cares if you do that

>> No.16797481

Clearly there are two people that do care
Probably PUs

>> No.16797537

i think if you're playing 1048 it really helps to memorize scratches or at least when a section is coming because you've got to remember to switch your scratch hand out of 1048 and into a position where you can hit them more comfortably

>> No.16797552

>right hand
2P side is cheating.

>> No.16797672


>not living in mass

>> No.16798048

>just download all the freeleech xd youll reach 25gb in no time!

yeah nah, this is retarded, i downloaded the entire list (except the ac data cause you cant freeleech that LOL )
i got 3gb in a week and im seeding 24/7

sows is fucking retarded

>> No.16798054 [DELETED] 
File: 46 KB, 1462x345, ss+(2017-04-01+at+02.37.48).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forgot image

>> No.16798058

This is probably the dumbest image you've uploaded in your life.

>> No.16798068

thats besides the point retard

>> No.16798312


Oh no, a screenshot of a torrent client! There's nothing specifically damning or incriminating there.

>> No.16798316

With that speed you should get pu in like a bit over a month? Dellar bonus + that is easily over 25 gigs. Even if you get only the dellar bonus it's under 3 months, which isn't a long time.

>> No.16799072

>People wa t to get to PU but don't even bother trying to save the world.

That's how I did it. You motherfuckers need to learn to be fucking heroes like I was.

>> No.16799198

Wait for freeleech desu. The site is pretty inactive most of the time until freeleech and then it's a fucking frenzy. Nobody downloads anything between freeleech unless you already have plenty of up. Which, most of the time, you need to already have a good library of games to seed and freeleeches experienced(and seeded). Yeah, it sucks starting out in sows. It's fairly difficult to get any ratio when you don't have anything you can seed.

Not even kidding, I downloaded like 400 gigs of shit during the week of freeleech for the 10th anniversary, seeded it for the last half of the week, and got 200 gigs of up. It's all about the freeleech. Keep your eyes peeled for that shit. Most of them only last for a day.

>> No.16799644
File: 130 KB, 720x960, 17634581_10208586456527715_3938568122134305514_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now this is literally cheating

>> No.16800135

Anyone been to the Round 1 in Aurora yet?

>> No.16800233

Why Konami is so lazy?

>> No.16800266
File: 1.23 MB, 1280x720, screen1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone play Arcaea?
I tried it at a con yesterday, felt better than most of the shit on Android.

>> No.16800306

Uh, what's he doing exactly? Is that a mirror? Why does the chart appear to be upside down? Presumably there's some kind of scripts to reverse shit? Like it was a song based on Seija's theme or something, that'd be some shit. Someone confirm/deny and explain this shit to me.

>> No.16800341

He's playing the April Fools chart while looking at the video of the normal chart on an ipad


>> No.16800399

By normal chart I mean the chart without the meme effects.

>> No.16800429

They should've known that somebody would perfect it, even if it's a meme chart. Not that that should have stopped them from making it.

>> No.16800765


Hey, if I were a cripplingly autistic sperg Korean with nothing in his life but SDVX and I was out to PUC every song in the game, I wouldn't let this piece of shit meme chart stand in my way.
I'd do whatever it took to get that PUC, including this. It's actually kind of impressivce he managed to sync it up well enough.

>> No.16800777

People were already PUCing the April Fools chart a year ago. Nice to see that they brought it back.

>> No.16800801

it's really unpleasent to play without a case because my phone will just slide around when doing lasers

>> No.16800835

just hold the phone in your hand and play with your thumbs :^)

>> No.16801023
File: 1.90 MB, 640x360, prog6.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

welp, looks like my game is just an arcaea clone now, or not even that since I don't have lasers or holds or music yet

>> No.16801062

Please keep the shitty placeholder graphics as an optional judgement skin.

>> No.16801078

actually yea the placeholder graphics would be good for people that have extremely shitty phones

>> No.16802002

>pump it up tournament
>randomizer picks bad apple s15
>everybody fails on a sightread

>> No.16802250

Are there any large packs of stepmania simfiles? Preferably pad or easy keyboard since I primarily play with a pad. I'm out of practice by like 6 years though so I don't know what the fuck I'm doing anymore or where to look.

>> No.16802255


They're colored by type, blue is pad and green is keyboard

>> No.16802335


>> No.16802815

but they said ac data wont go oon freeleech, which sucks cause i can get tons of upload from those 30gb rips

>> No.16802891


did it open yet? i thought it was opening in june

>> No.16803164

Isn't Aurora where there was a cinema shooting?

>> No.16803204

that dude played ddr, didnt he? konami prob saw the vid and thought he should get a hot new ace cab in his hometown

>> No.16803569

Went today. The music game lineup is similar to Bloomingdale except we have two SDVX cabs, no pop'n, and Pump Prime 2 and Infinity.

>> No.16805131

Finally cleared Mahoroba leggendaria, my 10th fucking 11!

Holy shit! I'm mad I was 4 points away from a A though.

>> No.16805711

I finally paid attention to the Starlight Dancehall bga. Holy shit it's good.

I wasn't too fond of the song before so whenever I'd scroll through the song list, I'd usually end up playing Starlight instead.


>> No.16806179


As homosexual as it sounds, makes me kinda tear up watch it. I feel like I'm honoring all of IIDX when I play that song.

>> No.16806195

What was the moment you realized it's a tribute to the entire IIDX history?

Mine was the 10th style part.

>> No.16806205

The audio is an entire beat early on this upload. Ugly.


>> No.16806217


When it goes from 10th to RED. I'm not overly familiar with the themes and color before those styles.

>> No.16806220

10th, it's the most obvious since it's not just a single color.

>> No.16806302

It really is good but the song isn't.

>> No.16806322

Why in the name of cocks can't I clear Wtach out pt 2 if I ha e cleared all the level 10 sfratch songs?

What the fuck is wro g with those ratings?

>> No.16806329

watch out, watch out pt.2 and naughty girl h are harder than the mad izm 10 hypers. just practice em and listen to the songs. you might need to get good at 10-level button patterns.

>> No.16806352


>> No.16806431


^ song fuckin' tells you how to do it.

>> No.16806948

playing osu made me really shit at hitting multiple notes in other games

>> No.16806955

>playing osu made me a really shit human

>> No.16807330

The level 10 mass mad songs are rated 10 for having more keys and fast scratches, but they all follow really easy rhythms. Watch Out pt 2 actually has difficult scratching, although if you can make it past the watch out watch out part then you're pretty much good.

>> No.16807375

Hey, I can clear Part 2 without too much trouble, but I have a ton of trouble with part 1

>> No.16807496

Yeah the pt2 sph is piss easy compared to the watch out 1. The original watch out has some really fucking hard scratches comparable to scratch 12s even when hard clearing.

>> No.16808167


you're thinking of adam lanza, who played ddr

>> No.16808260


Do you think a IIDX player would be able to beat his score?

>> No.16808270

it's the music gungun players you gotta watch out for

>> No.16808843

What's the deal with furries and pop'n

>> No.16808860
File: 138 KB, 1000x750, trickrider.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who knows.

>> No.16809094

Reminder that IIDX controllers are expensive and you shouldn't smash them in rage.

>> No.16809139


Duly noted.

>> No.16809165

Hello /sows/ i have a decent android phone now. what games, preferrably free, should i get

>> No.16809169


>> No.16809256

Unironically there is an osu client for android, but I heard it sucks. And that any maps for it have to be made specifically for it, so you can't just import anything from the standard client's huge song base. I dunno if any of that's changed, last time I read/heard about it was a few years ago.

But if you're looking for rhythm games for the phone, your options are pretty limited and none of them are very good so far as I know.

>> No.16809285

Are rivals ever going to be transferred to the new service? If not then good, I didn't like any of you guys.

>> No.16809303

You're probably thinking of osu!droid, the old android one that's absolute shit. Now there's a much better one called osu! evolution that actually works and also has stuff like an online leaderboard http://ops.dgsrz.com/

>> No.16809327


>> No.16809365

arcaea and neon fm and cytus and technika q are the best music games for mobile and they still kinda suck. get a laptop or something

>> No.16809745

Why hasn't this just been renamed Bemani general

>> No.16809807

I mean, Bemani has a pretty massive influence on the rhythm game industry as a whole. It's somewhat niche in general and Konami has a vice grip on the industry especially in Japan. Most other games are either carbon copies of their games or too small to have much of a fanbase, and by extension not extrapolated on much(e.g. song library, game options, general programming etc.). Konami tends to strangle anything that they can that's zoning too close to their own territory that they can justify copyright issues over, such as EZ2DJ and ITG, so you're going to need to be somewhat creative if you want to make something original, or copy something else that's dead and just get lucky. Now that I think of it, osu! has to be probably the only game outside of Japan that has been highly successful. Perhaps Guitar Hero and other similar GH clones too are somewhat successful, but they're more limited since it's a corporate game, so they're far more limited in library, overall difficulty and etc. while osu! is community-based and sees all sorts of songs, updates, added game modes and all that shit.

Anyway, it's kind of hard to deny the massive influence Bemani has on the rhythm game industry as a whole, so that Bemani games would be talked about more often than not is not that surprising.

>> No.16810181

>bemani, osu, ez2, itg, and guitar hero are the only music games


did u know that the three most popular arcade otoge in japan are not bemani games? chunithm, maimai, and llsif are all doing better. americans like and talk about bemani because everybody over here who's into otoge is fucking autistic and wants hard games like iidx, popn, ddr and sdvx.

>> No.16810186

you're welcome to discuss non-bemani games like pump it up, groove coaster, project diva, crossbeats, and maimai

>> No.16810306
File: 351 KB, 400x400, Kamiyo,_nyanko_wo_ataetamae!.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do good songs have to be Reflec meme exclusives?

>> No.16810736
File: 109 KB, 564x601, 1480018228762.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hard games

>> No.16811069


>> No.16811100

knobs are hard dude

>> No.16811124
File: 70 KB, 220x229, 1489013709616.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>memorization is hard

>> No.16811145

With that logic, is there any rythym game hard then?

>> No.16811194

i remember i had this song memorized and could do it with my eyes closed


>> No.16811200

who needs timing when if you can just remember when to press the keys

>> No.16811311

i mean you're right that sdvx is an unsightreadable memorization adhd shitfest with no timing windows and a terrible variety of music but its too "hardcore" to appeal to the llsif/maimai audience. thats why i included it there

>> No.16811568
File: 195 KB, 433x471, 61935394_p7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16812110
File: 41 KB, 576x521, CZLtx1DUsAA_i1g.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tried playing stepmania for the first time in over a decade. Agonizing wrist and knuckle pain immediately came back after a couple songs.

I just want to have fun

>> No.16812153

Play something more technical that doesn't fucking destroy your hands, I guess.

What'd you do in the past to cause your hands to be so fucked, though? You give yourself RSI by playing like a retard and not knowing when to quit?

>> No.16812186

How the fuck do I keep lr2 from crashing every 10 songs

>> No.16812195

>You give yourself RSI by playing like a retard and not knowing when to quit?
Yes. Basically all I did through middleschool was play stepmania on a shitty laptop keyboard for hours on end.

>> No.16812214

I feel bad for you. I know a guy who did that with osu and can't play anymore. Made me more cautious about overdoing it since I realized I'd probably wanna kill myself if I couldn't play anything.

One thing I can say with confidence, at least, is that playing higher keycounts is physically easier at the same note densities. If you haven't learned to play LR2 or other high keycount home rhythm games(o2jam, osumania, etc.)I'd give them a go. Maybe you can play them more without giving yourself as many problems.

K-Shoot Mania on keyboard could be a good choice too. Having to use all 10 keys is less likely to be too stressful and unless you're playing 15's or above you should probably be fine.

>> No.16812215

You can easily meet the requirement in a few hours by uploading lossless music from other trackers.

Just look in the massive J-CORE 8.0 torrent on Nyaa and upload anything that isn't there yet.

>> No.16812236

Also Solo in stepmania could probably be okay, there are some keyboard packs for that floating around. But really, the more keys there are the better off you probably are physically IMO.

>> No.16812244

Thats so weird. I was just talking to someone and they brought up K-Shoot Mania. I saw gameplay with the controller, but I'm not sure I could wrap my head around playing that with a keyboard. Still not even sure how the game works really.

>> No.16812300

Keyboard play is counter-intuitive as fuck, and that's forgetting the fact that K-Shoot and SDVX are a mess to read. You can use a mouse for the lasers but that too is counter-intuitive since you can only use one last I checked, with X and Y axis each bound to a different laser. If you're on Sows, you can download SDVX and bind 2 mice's X axises to use lasers for that, and use the buttons/mouse wheel click for buttons. Still not the best ever, can be a little awkward, but better and more intuitive. Having to move your hands around with a real controller is probably going to be more physically difficult as well and I would probably avoid it if you're trying to refrain from giving yourself any more RSI. If you're shit at osu, you could play it casually although that's even worse for developing RSI so I wouldn't delve too deep into that. There's also DDR/PIU if you're willing to pick up a pad. Your hands aren't your feet so there's always that at least.

For me personally in K-Shoot using keyboard, and the way I feel makes the most sense, is ring and middle for white keys, stepmania-style, thumbs for FX(orange), and pinky/ring for moving lasers left and right. Be careful of your binds as 10 keys is a lot and you're likely to get ghosting issues, so beware.

>> No.16812327

I can't handle Osu at all. The meter drain on almost all the maps I downloaded when I tried it out were so unforgiving. I've never been all that great at mouse accuracy in the first place either.
I have a pretty decent metal dancepad but (please no bully) I got really fat and passed the recommended weight limit on it so I've been scared to use it since highschool. I'm down like 60 pounds now so I'm almost back under and that will probably be an option in the near future though.
Thanks for being so helpful. I'll probably try out K-shoot and see how much of a disaster playing on the keyboard is once my arms stop burning

>> No.16812340

Also, to verify, the white keys are all normal buttons to hit as you might expect. Orange(FX)are their own as well, however as they're in the same lane as the white reading them is kind of a pain. Lasers, the blue and pink hold-looking things that like to fly all over the field, are a sort of glorified hold. On keyboard, you basically hold the button in the direction it's going(you can let go when it's not moving in any direction if you want). For keyboard the process is digital; the computer will follow it as far as it goes, as quickly or as slowly as it goes, as long as you're holding the button; of course you have to switch direction once it starts moving another way. For mouse and controller, it's analog, I think; you have to move with the lasers, as slow or as fast as they may be going. There is some leeway here, though; you don't have to be 100% perfect about it, that would get pretty absurd.

As you can imagine the lasers parts are not really designed to be done with a keyboard, but you can say fuck it and do 'em anyway. Even if it's not designed to be played that way, the game is still pretty fun regardless. Despite it's flaws.

If you do play K-Shoot, I hope you like cutesy anime-esque shit, because you'll be getting a heaping of that and more.

>> No.16812348

Sure, you're welcome. Hope things work out for you. You might try hitting up your pad, too, since that's pretty much one thing you can be guaranteed to be able to use even if your arms end up becoming near-useless sacks of meat. Sounds like you could afford to lose some weight, too, so that's a good bonus as well.

>> No.16812349

>thumbs for FX(orange)
What's your layout to be able to do this? I want to do thumbs for FX but can't get a layout that feels good with it

>> No.16812355

The keyboard being digital was my main source of confusion. I assumed hitting the rotate button would just make it shoot in that direction super fast and I'd have to pay close attention to make sure I don't overshoot the turns. I'm glad thats not the case. (Hope that made sense. Probably sounds retarded)

At the rate I've been losing weight, I should be able to get back to the pad in a few months. I'm really excited.

>> No.16812366

Last thing, if you want a large amount of K-Shoot maps easily, check out this post: >>16770362

Just turn the mega link into mega.nz/ and throw that last part on it. That has gravity wars charts. The github link has SDVX and infinite infection charts. It's all charts remapped from Bemani songs from the actual games, so it's usually pretty good stuff.

Other than that, there's non-sdvx stuff out there. Some google searches may be able to help if you want/need more charts.

K-Shoot is a relatively new game, though, so don't get your hopes up to fill up your library with 10k songs like you can do with SM. But it should probably be enough.

>> No.16812383

Unfortunately, alt keys won't work in K-Shoot so you'll have to make some amends. My current setup is capslock qwe x for left hand, going from pinkie to thumb, and spacebar ,./ rightshift for right, for thumb to pinkie. It works, kind of. Depending on your keyboard it's possible to encounter ghosting problems, like I said, but this layout feels comfortable to me at least.

>> No.16812837


lol you literally can't. its that bad of a program. kind of sucks but just deal with it.

>> No.16813219

what about remapped touhou meme music and anime licensed music

>> No.16813504

Mouse and controller are also "digital" in the sense that the game just cares about the turning direction, not speed. As long as the direction is right, it'll stay on the track.
Actual sdvx is the same too, but there you can rotate too fast and the game will stop registering the laser. But as long as you're turning the knobs within the speed range it allows (not extremely slow and not extremely fast), the game doesn't care how fast you turn.

>> No.16813646

>alt keys won't work in K-Shoot
This can be fairly easily bypassed with AutoHotKey. Probably pretty sub-optimal code, but here's my script for it:
This runs the script and the game, and stops the script when you exit K-Shoot/press F4.

>> No.16814375

Right now I can't stop listening to EDM Jumpers.

>> No.16815091

Turn BGA off. I recall hearing that it was the cause of memory leaks. Worth a try, at least, I guess.

>> No.16816261

1cc on suicide watch

>> No.16816283


Is this about that machine in Russia running omnimix?

>> No.16816287

Nah. Nothing like that. The whole 1cc board has been ded for around half a week now. Just goes to a 404 page.

>> No.16816841

Good, nice to have the retard den go away

>> No.16817357

new thread?

>> No.16817553

lurk more

>> No.16817570

since 4chan archives threads anyway there's no point making new thredde until the current one dies`

>> No.16817664
File: 1.40 MB, 320x180, why though.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pls help I can't really double step or crossover at this speed

what do

>> No.16817695

tbqh I came here asking about osu and you guys schooled me

thanks, by the way

>> No.16817707

get good

>> No.16817739
File: 17 KB, 332x1280, angelic jelly.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ok if you are "good" can you please like show me literally which feet I'm supposed to use where for this stupid pattern

can't find the chart anywhere so I drew it out

this is tilting me

>> No.16817784

It's a crossover pattern, just left-right-left-right all the way through. A little fast for a 13 maybe but otherwise pretty reasonable, just git gud.

If you need to practice your crossover/double step tech at a lower bpm, dig up a bunch of Extreme and older charts and you'll find plenty.

>> No.16817795


keep your right foot on down...? whats hard about this pattern?

>> No.16817798

I don't think you understand just how much I cannot do crossovers

I do usually play on an Extreme cab, and I literally can't even pass Kiss Kiss Kiss heavy, which is probably the easiest crossover chart in existence

But I guess if I absolutely have to, I probably only have a chance of doing it accurately with my right foot, so I'd hit all those down arrows with left and then just accept I'm probably going to miss one of the last three notes.

Feels real bad

>> No.16818365


Mmmmmaybe you should learn how to do crossovers? Left foot on left, right foot on down, left foot on right, continue alternating feet until the pattern ends. Like, turn your body to the right and do the thing until the end, when you plant your foot on left and turn back towards the machine to hit right with your right foot. These patterns are only going to get faster and more complicated as you progress up the difficulty levels, so you need to figure it out now.

>> No.16818776

>did u know that the three most popular arcade otoge in japan are not bemani games?

But isn't sdvx very popular too? Maybe not top3 but top5 at least.

>> No.16818880

Each red arrow is left foot. Each blue one is right foot. That's it.

To be fair, Kiss Kiss Kiss is pretty funky.

>> No.16819113

yeah you gotta learn to crossover properly

>> No.16819118
File: 11 KB, 415x51, vipmusic.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.16819179
File: 188 KB, 350x573, 59945078_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bangin' Burst in pop'n when

>> No.16819266

>more non-keysounded tracks in pop'n when

>> No.16819479

ma playerswould almost definitely double stepthe pattern

crossovers just needs t be forced, theyre not inherently difficult one just needs to practice and be comfortable doing all 4 types of crossovers. make sure to practice and sometimes playthe same crossover charts on mirror to practice the other types

>> No.16819691


Of course it would be popular. Love Live sells itself.

>> No.16819730

its just an anchor pattern come on cara you're better than this

>> No.16819901

Also maybe because mai mai and chunithm haven't been exported yet

>> No.16819939

good luck getting past sega's self-wiping hdds

>> No.16820692


Why does something this good has to be stuck in Reflec beat?

>> No.16821112
File: 628 KB, 2048x1536, C8r2XLgVwAA-KGQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you really think that you can scratch well?

>> No.16821197

After you figure out how to deal with the speed changes, it's not too bad. I could barely AAA'd it. Good track good chart.

>> No.16821273

I couldn't even find any actual tutorials on youtube

needs someone to teach me

stop I come here to complain anonymously

>> No.16821276

>all 4 types


>> No.16821303

Crossovers can use the up arrow too.

>> No.16821372


There isn't anything complicated to learn. You alternate feet every arrow and turn your body as necessary. In the pattern you posted you hit left with your left, turn your body to the right while hitting down with your right foot, and then swing your left leg across the pad to hit right with your left foot. Your right foot will be anchored on the down arrow as you move your left foot to hit the other arrows, until the last bit where you take your right foot off of down to hit right, and then hit the final down arrow with your left foot. It feels really weird to use so many words to explain this concept. If you started out using the bar and doublestepping everything while facing straight towards the screen, now is the time to stop doing that so you can train yourself to do this sort of thing properly.

>> No.16821651

then dont use the same posting style and ask about the same problems lol

anyway crossovers are hella easy. literally just stand up, picture a ddr mat on the floor, and practice stepping right, down, left, with right foot, left foot, right foot. then mirror it.

>> No.16821675


It's funny how many regulars in this thread are noticeable by posting style

>> No.16821882

Its not possible to get Buzra Arts on Round1 machines, correct?

>> No.16821886

man I hope my posting habits aren't so obvious that people can single out who I am simply by the quality of my shitposts

>> No.16822086

Oh ok I see what you mean.

I was imagining some four secret techniques passed down from the ancient dance gamers or some shit

>then dont... ask about the same problems lol
This is a new problem, I only just recently decided I wanted to git gud at ddr

>using the bar and doublestepping everything while facing straight towards the screen
O shit that's kinda exactly what I'm doing

Like, I understand the mechanics of crossovers, I mostly just 1) can't do it nearly fast enough and 2) sometimes just straight up miss the panels I'm aiming for

When I practice on the floor at home I can step out stuff like angelic jelly just fine at 0.75 speed

>> No.16822228


Correct, not possible

>> No.16822318


is that picture yours or did you get it from somewhere?

if so we share the same dj name lmao

>> No.16822472


This annoys me. I want to post fucking anonymously about autism simulators, not be singled out and have other non-anonymous shit brought to light. And I'm too stuck in my posting ways to change them simply to avoid detection..

>> No.16822588

Why some of the songs have a rainbow?

>> No.16822622


Default songs I think. Or unlock songs. One of the two.

>> No.16822694

I see. All the non-rainbow songs are default so the latter.

>> No.16822704

i would hope my posting style isn't recognizable

>> No.16822840


>IIDX is combo based

>> No.16822854

Money score is a joke that doesn't even show up on the result screen.

>> No.16823045

How do you unlock songs in iidx?

>> No.16823074

koujyo sinobuz den, amulet of kaneko

>> No.16823076

>I was imagining some four secret techniques passed down from the ancient dance gamers or some shit

>he doesn't know about the ancient footswitch technique

>> No.16823090

i like money score because you can predict your letter grade with it

>> No.16823091

Do you not use the pacemaker?

>> No.16823098

no it makes me feel bad about my shit accuracy

>> No.16823135


Can you even turn it off? Does it just make the video wider?

>> No.16823260
File: 86 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's off by default... if you want to turn it off again just select the "none" option with your turntable on the left side

it just makes the frame around the video wider on the sides

>> No.16823353

her songs are too easy though

>> No.16823360

what do I do with these .pms files? same as .bms?

>> No.16823682
File: 90 KB, 640x960, 1488406340039.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw no rivals

>> No.16824153

Is breaking the "10 to 11" wall the biggest achievement possible for a man? Feels impossible, to be honest.

>> No.16824223

There are multiple walls contained within just 12s that are larger than the 10~11 wall.

>> No.16824360


its different for every version but (generally) always event based. for copula it was Mystery Line where you had to place songs in a certain "train line", now its Koujyo Sinobuz Den where you have to spend points you get from your normal 3 song play to defeat enemies in an RPG-style thing. once you defeat enough you unlock one difficulty of a song (sometimes all 3 at once)

but there are always some songs that you can only get through getting Extra Stage and One More Extra Stage. in the recent games, you can't get ES and OMES unless you're playing in Japan, even if you have paseli on your card, so you can't get these ones.

>> No.16824385
File: 118 KB, 387x470, ryusei.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


those are for popn songs. are you trying to use them with feeling pomu or something?

>> No.16824404

I know they're pop'n songs, I got a huge pack of them and am not sure what to use to play them. I've got one of those PS2 controllers and everything.

>> No.16824472


feeling pomu is the only one i know of and is basically what those files are meant to be used with

official info:
(download is dead)

here is a copy of what used to be on that site, no idea if its the last release or what ->

there is also a way you can play Pop'n in stepmania. its called StepNMusic. i know nothing about it, sadly. also there is a way to play PMS files in LR2, and there was even a pop'n theme at one point. some other leads for you.

>> No.16824495 [DELETED] 

LR2 also supports PMS files, but I'm not sure how well it is in timing and such.

>> No.16824500

nvm, I'm retarded

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