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I Wandered into Another World Where I am the Strongest Youkai?! Border Manipulation is an Unrivaled Cheat Skill!

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those capital letters make me sick.

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I'd read it.

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I'd watch the inevitable LN adaption too.

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Better then re:zero

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I've never seen that anime and I'm getting sick of seeing the pink-haired girl and blue-haired girl everywhere.

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Me too.

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If Mary can see the boundaries, can she cut them with a knife?

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Probably when her ability develops some more like in neo-traditionalism of japan.
Honestly an isekai anime with her and renko would be 10000000000x times better a plot then anything that has aired recently

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I wonder how popular an anime adaptation of the CDs would be.

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I would read it, if someone wrote it as fanfiction.

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Since the songs go to the stories, I think a music video medley might be the most ideal format.

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It would make secondaries angry.

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For you.

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Do Merry and Renko have the gay???

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well they appear to be happy [mostly].

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You want some gay??? Me too.

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looks like somebody got the pop quiz result they wanted in that picture.

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There is no romance in Touhou, so it's doubtful we'll ever get a clear answer on that. They seem pretty gay though.

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hello young yukari

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