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キタ―――(゚∀゚)―――― !!


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Please no.

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angliski subs and moon dubs when

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Here ya go, was uploaded a while ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RlDo2Yqvja8

Not sure why Sanae is with Yuyuko and Youmu, but whatever I guess?

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Of course they show best bunny, looking all badass, and then stop the episode right there.

Those blueballing fucks.

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Raisin sux

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ur mom sux

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no ur mom

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yeah she does but that's beside the point

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You could always tell that this team was a huge fan of IN, they showed its cast + Mokou and Keine in almost every incident. Tough incident to portray though with four teams working on it. Was hoping the Marisa and Reimu fight would be bigger. They're already at Reisen, is this only a two parter?

If nothing else, the music in this series is always pretty good.

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arigatogozaimashita senpai

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Same reason she was at Yuyuko's place at the end of the first ep
No reason.

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i'm wondering how theyre going to showcase the other two teams at all. maybe the ghosts and scarlet team are going to fight Tewi? Then one set of teams takes Eirin and the other takes Kaguya.

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Sanae's parental surrogates are deeeeeeeeeaaaaaaad
>Sanae-man slaps Rei-bin

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I bet Yukari + Reimu will take on Eirin and Marisa + Alice fight Kaguya.

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That arrange of Magus Nitght is pretty good. OST download when?

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more meme anime?

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I liked Youmu's voice, what little we got to hear of it.

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more meme anime

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Are these voices different from the ones used for the first couple arcs? None of the characters sound right.

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All of the voices are just fandubs. Original ones dont have any voice acting.

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Why so many jaypies hate Fantasy Kaleidoscope?
I don't see they hating doujinshi. Is it because FC is too normie?

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Normie sounds better than normalfag, you can go to /a/ bitch day and night about it.

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>Normie sounds better than normalfag

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Secondary bait (anime) that doesn't bother actually not being secondary. Meme city at times.

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How come these have been so terrible lately?With all the OPs they made about IN I thought this was going to be the one they put the most effort in, but it was all just weird headcannons and mouthflapping. Not to mention it was only 12 minutes long.

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This may be news for you, /a/utist, but /v/ stole the term "normie" from /jp/.

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and /jp/ was born from /a/, your point?


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Oh boy, I can't wait for more "Bastardized Touhu: the anime", can't wait to see how much garbage filler they insert this time.

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I figured it would at least be EoSD quality. Why is it so short? The EoSD episodes had SA stuff intertwined with it even.

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Did you play the game? Well if you didn't you will find that one of the parings playable are Sakura and Remilia.

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What are you talking about?

I thought the IN episodes would be as long and as polished as their EoSD episodes but this one isn't.

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I don't like Memories of Phantasm AND doujin filled with WACKY MOE HIJINKS.
I've yet to watch this IN episode, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

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Man Zun needs to make a Anime. Kantai Kollection is beating touhou

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>I don't like Memories of Phantasm AND doujin filled with WACKY MOE HIJINKS.

I'm sorry you hate fun so much.

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Because that's the only way something can be fun, right?

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Kancolle's anime was utter shit though, I wouldn't want to wish that fate on Touhou.

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EoSD was shit too. The only good one was the single episode PCB one.
The problem is that Touhou plots are not complex, you don't need 4 episodes to tell the story of EoSD. PCB had the right idea, and even that had issues (Patchouli being shoved in for no reason, Reimu and Marisa feeling OoC.)

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Original upload by the creators themselves for those interested: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHsgXLiNuwM

And they did bother add their own English subs for once, even if a bit dodgy. I tried to upload an alternative English translation (this particular video lets you add your own subs) but they aren't showing yet for some reason.

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Why is the quality of those always so fucking bad?

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To encourage you to buy the product I presume.

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Is there a guide/list with all the Touhou anime attempts worth watching out there?

I know some have more than one episodes, others have stopped, others are just stalled... it's pretty inconvenient to keep track of this stuff.
I've watched a few on their launch dates in the past then never bothered to check back and see if they kept at it.

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Memories of the phantasm
Hifuu club
A summer day's dream
and the new one with bad animation Meteors of Triple Dimension

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Is there someplace where I can watch / download all of the episodes with the standard English Sub, Jap Dub?

When I search for any of them on youtube I always find cringy english weebDubs almost exclusively.

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If Fantasy Kaleidoscope stayed true to the games, and what is actually considered to be canon, then it'd be way better than how it is now.

Even so, I still like it the way it is, but it could be a lot better.

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I like Fantasy Kaleidoscope despite its faults. I think the biggest reason is probably the soundtrack. There's a lot of really great arranges in the OST, particularly in the EoSD episodes. The song that intersperses Love-Colored Magic and UN Owen is fantastic.


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Is MoTD out yet?

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Really? I think I watched it all on youtube without English dubs. So my memory tells me.

Might also find something on nyaa.

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really? if you search memories of phantasm on youtube you should get a playlist of all the episodes in jap dub / eng sub. might need to turn on the CC for the eng subs to pop up over the jp subs but they're there