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/jp/, this day is the day that something horrible happens. The sacred tradition which has been upheld every night at exactly 2:00AM, will not be upheld this day.

For this night marks the beginning of The Daylight Savings Time. The night without a 2AM.

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I want flan to remodel antarctica with an industrial satellite laser

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Wait, what the hell? It worked?!

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flanfly is in a crisis!!

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It's a miracle!

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These meme is the whole reason I visit /jp/ after 3 am. To see all the responses.

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Please do not redistribute flanflys!

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Does it mean that today is Flan's only day off in a year?

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Don't say the m word.

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i want flan to give me a mysterious box that actually contains a swarm of angry hornets

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Always ensure your gate guards are switched to the "ON" position before retiring for the day.

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flan boobie

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rip river city flansom

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Even the inside of her mouth is camouflaged! That's some real dedication.

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Thank you for your hjard work

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I am a little concerned about how long he's been absent, but I'm not counting him out just yet. Given the events that transpired prior to his disappearance, he may have just gotten banned for a while or something.

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Is he our mystery anon that disappeared?

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Will the tyranny DST takes on our lives ever be put to an end?

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Are you talking about the guy who announced that he was leaving? If so, no, I don't think so. The timing doesn't quite match up, and it didn't seem like the same posting/writing style.

I have no idea who that was.

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I missed flanfly so much! Im never leaving jp again!

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I'm here, but don't tell anyone. I've been hanging out on a certain other board as I sat out my ban.

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I've moving to Arizona!

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flan boobie

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Oh wow, this is fantastic. This board has some serious ownage going on, way too awesome for the failfest of shit known as 4chan.

You guys deserve so much better, I feel bad for you having to deal with /a/utism, /b/uugums and /v/irgins, although you own those losers pretty damn hard every time they start some pathetic shit.

I like every single on of you. All of you are cool, witty, funny guys who spend your free time with awesome activities such as "Touhou" and "eroge", and of course, spending a wild time in the own zone. You are the greatness that lacks in the world. I think I'll name my son after you. Jaypee Smith, great ring.

You are all awesome and I'd like to join one of these infamous and wicked parties you refer to as /jp/ meetups. I hope I could be the one on the left. Thank you for listening to me.

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Remi must still patrol

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I hope flanfly threads are still around by the time Jaypee Smith is old enough to post in them.

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Ever since I dug this one up for a board I can't mention, it's been spreading around and feel the need I need to point something out.
I replaced "Poole" with "Smith" to make it a little less obvious. (moot posted it originally)

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flan cookie

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The sun eventually rose. The darkest night of the year is over.

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hey cookie!

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Did moot love or hate us? After all these years I'm still not sure.

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Flanfly meme will never be funny
No matter how old it gets

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Just like you!

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It'd be better if you left it unaltered.

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This happens twice every single yer though

It gets posted anyway
We could make this a twice a yearly party thread if you want. Clock changes are important

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DST is bad and should be abolished. It's only purpose is for the government to lie about what time it actually is.