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It's going to be alright, /jp/.... Everything is going to be alright..

Ah.. I can see the Sakura have already began to bloom..

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Surprising ABSOLUTELY NO ONE, it turns out you can't beat a Gatling gun with a cavalry charge.

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Get some taste already, losers.

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Kill yourself, degenerate.

/jp/ lives by the sword.

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Live by the sword, die by the self.

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/jp/ is forever.

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This board is the worst cesspool of pathetic degenerates ever, and that`s saying something considering it`s 4chan. Now tell me more about "living by the sword", loser.

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This isn't /soc/.

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I'll cut your head off.

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In all fairness, /jp/ is pretty on the level these days.
But I do kind of miss the good ol'days though. Things were a lot funnier then.

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Didnt want to make a new thread but to discuss it but I watched Seven Samurai recently ( the original ) and really liked it. I then watched Zatoichi and Ran!

Where can I find a good list of Jap movies with Eng subs?

The more Yakuza the better.

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To note, I havent watched The Last Samurai with Tom Cruise because he's a dick.

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How so?

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>and that`s saying something considering it`s 4chan
Funny considering the amount of normalfags that infest the entire site..

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Go watch Sonatine (1993) and Hana-bi (1997).

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>t. I like things to be boring and predictable and anybody who doesn't do what I want is degenerate filth

Yeah go kill yourself loser.

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Thanks man, on it.

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Is this the only board you've ever been on?

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If you want an honorabru Japanese weapon that's actually useful in the modern day, there's still a lot of Arisaka 38s and 99s around these days for decent prices.
-t. /k/

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who dost thou quote?

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Battle rifles: not even once.

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Wow, these things are cheaper than moisins

Gonna get me some and start /jp/ militia

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>I'll only remind you that a certain Koakuma would need you to keep going or it means nil to have attempted it at all

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Restrain your enthusiasm until you look up what the ammo costs.

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who here /jp/ - Japan/General

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The posts in this thread do not fill me with hope.

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>tfw no nambu to take care of