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>tfw there is no Misaki to save me.

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Who are you quoting?

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You must find your own way. Even if you feel that nothing is happening at first. Never say "why always me". Ganbare, anon!

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In the end she was the one in need of saving.

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there's no one to save misaki from my COCK

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The only person who can save you is yourself and if you're anything like me, it's probably hopeless.

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Saving is a silly concept if you're not in real danger. You're just romanticizing.

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We don't deserve salvation. you're in this state for a reason, you know.
So, revel in your damnation, and dance deeper and deeper in the black abyss that is your aberrating soul.
One day, at the bottom, you'll find your dark garden of eden, where sin gives fruit on dead branches, and solace will finally caress your cheeks, whispering one single soothing word in your deaf skull, the only single word you wanted to hear.
"I love you"
And finally you'll sink in her cold embrace, that accepts all the monsters and demons like beloved siblings. oblivion will cover yourself like a blanket, and all will be alright in the world.