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HELLO /jp/!



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You first faggot.

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Anyone want to meet-up and LARP Touhou?

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Maybe you should get out of /tg/, that's supposed to be a good board, they don't need retards like you there.

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What a better way to ask than making a stupid shit thread?

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Haha, I was actually thinking about doing this the other day.

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Happiness is mandatory, citizen.

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Sorry, not into crossdressing.

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Not YET.

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I love you, friend computer.

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Angry Marines and 40k are the cancer killing /tg/. PROVE ME WRONG.

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Holy shit >>1659433, you will not belive what happened to me the other day.

So my friends came over to my place, we were about to irl roleplay some touhous, and this one jackass cosplaying Alice whips out this fucking huge flask and gulps half of the thing down. I'm not sure if anyone else saw it, but things got pretty bad.

It all started innocently enough; we were having a tea party and then out of the blue, Marisa spilled his tea all over Alice's dress. It was an honest mistake, but that wouldn't matter. Alice was fucking wasted, he took a swing and caught Marisa in his lower jaw. Blood was pouring from his mouth. The rest of us watched in disbelief as Alice squated over a now barely conscious Marisa. And took a shit.

All over him.

At this point I had ran back inside, grabbed my BB Pistol (It's pretty real lookin) and hauled ass back to the tea party, everyone else had left and Marisa, now lying on the dirt, half coved in tea, half covered in leaked poop, either in shock or otherwise I was unsure. Alice jumped out of the bushes, ran towards me but just couldn't make it; for his dress was caught on a branch and he was drunk as fuck, right next to a humungous truck in a two-car garage.

Hopping out with two broken legs, trying to walk it off he said, "Fuck you too bitch, call the cops. I'ma kill you and them loud ass muthafuckin barkin dogs" and when the cops came through Me and Marisa stood next to a burnt down house; with a can full of gas and a hand full of matches and still weren't found out. Marisa never came over to my house again and that was the last time I ever saw him.

The moral of the story: Roleplaying makes you a jackass.

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So who are the two from Ikkitousen meant to be?

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Remember when /tg/ would regularly have threads for touhous?

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I might be interested in writing a Touhou LARP...

I wrote a Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series LARP with a friend last year, and it was a fun experience to see people acting out the plot we developed.


What the fuck is wrong with you people?

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You mean when /tg/ was regularly hijacked by Touhou?

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Then yes I do remember. I ignored them, though.

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/tg/ is constantly assaulted by newfags, due simply to the fact that anyone who actually knows enough about any aspect of 'traditional gaming' to enjoy any amount of time on /tg/ already considers themself an 'expert', and begins with an intense hatred for anything they're unfamiliar with, not limited to, but including the vast majority of cross board content and most if not all 'original content'.

This is the secret to /tg/'s rage. Tell no one.

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thanks for this

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Rather, it became common for threads not relating in essentially any way to Touhou including Touhou images accompanying posts relevant to the topic at hand. Touhou Fag in particular was, outside of this habit, a rather tolerable tripfag.

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/jp/ doesn't go to /tg/ to post touhous.

/tg/ themselves post touhou on their own board.

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True that, though I do do glance in here occasionally to check for various releases and translations. 4chan gets everything first.

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not entirely true
We don't mind /d/, but that is probably because of the steady supply of monstergirls we get...

We might hate /b/, but who doesn't?

Mostly, /tg/ isn't really sure what the hell /jp/ is here for, since we already have /v/ and /a/.

Tell no one.

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/tg/ and /jp/ userbase overlap a lot. Superficially, it seems like the red string of fate is touhou, but I think it's mostly about the two being havens for oldfags. Kind of like why /jp/ sometimes has those hilarious /prog/ threads.

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He's just pissed because we had a big thread with moot on /tg/ and half the posts where touhous.

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Well, that and the fact that there may end up being mods in /tg/ for a while, since moot made and appearance.

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