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Post something in this thread if you are a pedo.

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I contributed.

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Illegal where I live, so I'm trying to give up

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In b4 threadban?

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Been illegal where I live for almost 7 years now, but that's not stopping me

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Really? Where do you live? The law only got passed in May here, gets you locked up for up to three years.

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South Africa, and apparently I was lying about the 7 years part
>With the promulgation of the "Films and Publications Amendment Bill" in September 2003, a broad range of simulated child pornography became illegal in South Africa

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Breaking thread rules. Picture related, it's my one and only desire.

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Our law mentions it specifically, something like "ALL computer-generated images or drawings of kids having sex are illegal" etc. etc...

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Copypasta from Wikipedia about SA laws:

For the purposes of the act, any image or description of a person "real or simulated" who is depicted or described as being under the age of 18 years and engaged in sexual conduct, broadly defined, constitutes 'child pornography.' Under the act, anyone is guilty of an offence punishable by up to 10 years imprisonment if he or she possesses, creates or produces, imports, exports, broadcasts, or in any way takes steps to procure or access child pornography.

But I've never heard about anybody being jailed or put on trail for loli here, real CP yes

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Pretty much for 2D girls only. And no toddlerkon.

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I guess that law exists to help prosecute real Pedophiles - ones who download CP. There has been someone who got done for having CG images over here, but it turned out the guy used actual CP to help make the images so that's fair play I guess.

Still, can't be too careful, the UK's going through a real pedo-scare these days.

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>2D girls only.
>no toddlerkon.
double ugh

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>that's fair play I guess.

after all, it's "fair" to be imprisoned for looking at photos/videos

it's "fair" for, when you are finally released, for your movements to be limited and tracked

it's "fair" to basically be trapped inside the worst country in the world for the grand crime of seeing a picture of a nekkid kid

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You can't get done for looking. If you get caught with loads of the shit saved to your hard drive, then you're fucked. Having it in your cache does not count as possession, otherwise every British channer would get arrested.

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If you ban all the pedos in /jp/, who is left?

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The next 4chan.js downloads CP onto your computer

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Actually having it in your cache counts IF they can prove that you have the technical expertise to retrieve it from your cache

you are also required by law in the UK to hand over the passwords to anything encrypted, refusal is an immediate 3 year prison term (better than the pedo register imo)

>loads of the shit
convictions have been done on a handful of images, one or two.

AND it's a crime to have pictures of clothed children in the UK if the context fits (e.g. they are on the same disk as pictures of 2D loli sex, which is ALMOST illegal here but not yet)

Now for the good news: There is no reason why police would go through your shit UNLESS you are an idiot and get yourself caught in some honeypot or you are suspected of abusing a real kid

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When I download and watch a new film from thepiratebay, I'm hurting video industry.
When I download and watch child porn from edonkey, I'm helping cp industry.


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Speaking from experience?

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can't get much better than O-ji

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>which is ALMOST illegal here but not yet


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that's why I said almost

it's not law yet

but it will be, there's nobody defending it or anything

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Oh, so that means that they're making the law, but it's not in effect yet? Looks like I misinterpreted it...

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Sure is underage /b/ kid today.

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Anyways, once one country adopts it, it should make it a lot easier for the irrational estrogen-driven women to legislate it in other countries.

Lets enjoy our loli while we can. It's probably only a matter of time until it's illegal in Japan.

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Too late - the UK and South Africa are not the first. It's illegal in Canada and quite a few others too.

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It's not going to be illegal in Japan, ever.

And it's not going to be punishable for us russkies either. Illegal, maybe, but nothing more.

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>illegal in Canada
I'm fairly certain no one's actually gone to jail because of loli. The only relevant case was with a guy who had a shitton of CP and a little loli, and the judge pretty much ignore the loli anyways.

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>It's probably only a matter of time until it's illegal in Japan.
I don't think so, Tim.

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The 1st Amendment would stop any laws being made in the US too.

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>It's not going to be illegal in Japan, ever.
I give it 2 years
3 tops

Japan is about as far from liberal as it gets, and UNICEF are already pushing to ban cartoon depictions of loli sex in Japan.

Which politician will risk his career to defend cartoon child abuse?

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If I've downloaded CP before but I haven't done it again for a lot of time is it still "stored" somewhere inside my computer?

I sold a laptop like 3 years ago to which I had downloaded some cp, but I formatted it before selling. I hope the guy never had trouble with that...

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>The 1st Amendment

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>In October 2005, Canadian courts arrested a 26 year old Edmonton, Alberta man named Gordon Tshun Chin[45] for importing Japanese magazines[46] (manga) depicting explicit child sexuality.[47] Chin's attorney Darcy Depoe claimed Chin did not know it was illegal, that he was naive. Despite this, Chin was sentenced by Judge David Tilley to an eighteen-month conditional sentence, during which he was barred from using the Internet. He was also required to perform 100 hours of community service and receive counseling. This is the first known manga-related child pornography case in Canada. It is also the first known that exclusively prosecutes this offense, not used in conjunction with other laws to increase sentencing.[48][49]

Bit vague, but it looks like the guy got done for the loli.

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Nothing will stop the power of estrogen. It overpowers all reason.

This is why you don't give women political rights.

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You really think the police go around forensically searching every computer just in case?

nigga plr0x

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The ones that worry about economy.

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>UNICEF are already pushing to ban cartoon depictions of loli sex in Japan
Cool last year news bro.

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>I'm not willing to be treated like a criminal just because I own loli porn.
I don't think that's up to you

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In b4 [email protected]

Anyway, computers will keep a ghost of the image on the HD for a while (not sure how long) but you can get rid of that shit for good with a file shredder (google it).

Now why the fuck did you download CP?

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If the guy used his new computer, most probably no. If I recall correctly, after 8 rewrites it becomes completely impossible to restore anything.

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You underestimate how slow legislation works.

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Dunno, but I am sure your ISP can see everything you browse/download if they wanted to. I guess there's no reason for them to do it, anyway, unless they have some kind of "THIS GUY IS DOWNLOADING TOO MUCH CP GET HIM" alarm.

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Source of OP, by the way?

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Politicians care more about their jobs than their countries economy.

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>is it still "stored" somewhere inside my computer?
Yes, when you delete a file it is still possible to recover it unless that space has been overwritten or wiped.

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>after 8 rewrites it becomes completely impossible to restore anything.
actually it's one

or 0.5 wipes will do

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He's a citizen, and that's up to him.

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Since when?

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Using shitty shareware user mode programs.

Three letter organizations have better ways.

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It's illegal in the UK for ISPs to monitor you without good reason, but I guess CP would be more than enough reason. I'm pretty sure thats the case in the US and most of Europe too.

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If you are really paranoid, you can just get file recover software and test it out yourself.

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By "good reason" they have to prove you might have CP beforehand.

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>Now why the fuck did you download CP?
Because for some time I could only get off to ten year old lesbians licking each other's pussies. It's awwright, they looked happy being filmed and whatnot. Nah, it was morbid curiosity, never downloaded it again.

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Eh, they *could* pull the "If you have nothing to hide..." card.

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Unless there's a flag for you being a pedo, then you should be okay.

I was considering bringing back some Child idol DVDs from Japan, just for a laugh or two.

The prospect of getting caught and thrown out of university was too great.

On hindsight, customs didn't even go through my stuff and I was way over the luggage limit. I should have brought back more.

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No, the guttman paper on eight wipes is universally discredited AND the dodgy "science" refers way back to hard drives with low density platters

these days HDD platters are incredibly high density

It is no longer possible to "look at" what possible previous states each "bit" used to be in, even with the aid of an electron microscope

And if you think there is SOFTWARE that can do it, then that suggests that all 1TB drives should have 8TB of usable space, no?

But this is a conversation for /g/

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Uh, since that revolution that introduced liberalism. Or something. Since long time ago. People are supposed to have the right to voice their opinion now.

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The problem is that they make citizenship tests so hard, you don't get to choose which country you live in unless you are really smart.

>> No.1659503

Choose to live where you like

You're still a citizen of your native country

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If you are afraid.

Back up what is legal. Buy a new Hard Drive and restore your stuff on to that.

Bring a screwdriver to your old hard drive, destroy the insides of the thing and throw it away.

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Anyone who is at least a bit liberal would oppose that on a matter of principal.

>> No.1659507

I don't think that shits illegal - it could be used as evidence to prove that you're a nonce, but I doubt it would count as CP. And you have a very strange sense of humor.

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Okay. I'm not an expert. I've only seen some paper where it was said that 8 rewrites should be enough. And I'm used to fbi having technology 20 way ahead of what people think they have.

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In the UK you can't even walk through a park any more

You really think a jury is going to let you off for having tons of delicious 2D loli CHILD ABUSE IMAGERY, just because of some technicality like it not quite being illegal?

Shit no.

Rule #1: Don't get caught

This bit's easy. Encrypt what you do have, and keep below the radar.

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True, although it would look suspicious if you ended up in court. They'd never force you to hand over your HD unless they had reason to believe you where a terrorist or something.

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It's called renunciation of citizenship.

>> No.1659516

You can still get extradited from whatever country takes you in. And you are still bound by the laws of your native country...I think.

I'm no international lawyer. But as far as I know, I could not travel to somewhere like Japan and have sex with a 12/13 year olds and get away with it, I'd still be bound by the UK age of consent That is, *if* there are still any prefectures that allow for that, though as far as I know, the legal age of consent in most, if not all prefectures is 16 now.

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If you haven't done anything illegal, you can't be taken to court in the first place. A lawyer would take care of that.

Not that it would help whenever that new law comes into play.

>> No.1659520

Just don't get caught.

If you don't regularly visit sites that are obviously monitored, or (God forbid) pay for anything, you should be okay.

Being a creepy hikki won't help either.

>> No.1659522

Clearly you've never been to the UK

>> No.1659524

2D only.

3D is sickening, the principle disgusts me.

>> No.1659527

They'd find any reason to ruin your day over here in the UK.

>> No.1659528

Sounds more like Rule #1: Don't live in the UK.

When your country turns into a police state with no freedoms, you either start a revolution or get the fuck out, you don't move underground like a pussy.

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But some of us aren't in a position (financial, social etc.) to leave.

Believe me, everyone in the UK with their eyes open has one eye pointed outside this shitty place. I plan on leaving in less than a year. Fingers crossed.

>> No.1659546

It's kinda hard to want to move to another country when you're not guaranteed a job quite yet or have anywhere to live.

That said, I reckon as soon as I graduate, I'm going to take the USMLE and see if I can get a job in the USA.

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Easier said than done. People are too busy with their own lives to care about "revolutions".

>> No.1659557

I have a Uni course to finish up before I can think of anything like that... and that's not thinking about the money.

So, where are you intending on going?

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Find unsecure wireless point
Download loli
Let occupants take any rap
Get away with it...providing you aren't caught outside of someone's house looking for wifi
Better if you get free net from the neighbours

>> No.1659563

Luckily, "I have a wireless router without security, it could have been anyone," is a legal defense.

>> No.1659564

Brazil, Japan or the States. Or even Canada. Depends.

I'm either going straight into a Masters (if I can secure funding) or I'll take a year out teaching english somewhere with little brown girls.

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>You can't get done for looking. If you get caught with loads of the shit saved to your hard drive, then you're fucked
So how is looking at it, and not having it downloaded to your HD so much more horrible than having it downloaded to your HD?
That's like watching a pirated movie STREAMING and saying "HEY, HEY, I'M JUST LOOKING, IT'S NOT LIKE I DOWNLOADED IT OR ANYTHING!"

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Because if you made an effort to destroy it, you can argue that you clicked on it accidentally.

>> No.1659571

It's to defend people who accidentally come across CP or other illegal stuff without meaning to.

>> No.1659574


this guy thinks streaming videos aren't stored on your hard drive

what a baka!

>You can't get done for looking
Actually you can get your shit raided just for clicking

>> No.1659577

>Encrypt what you do have
Actually it's either a 3 or a 5 year sentence, can't quite remember, for encrypting something and then not giving the password to police if they're unable to crack it themselves.
I'm so glad I live in the U.S., even though that's probably going to change soon with stupid soccer moms with nothing better to do crying about "virtual child pornography" and how when you look at an image of child abuse "you're making them go through it again and again".

>> No.1659582


The normals are too comfortable, the crazies are too crazy, the mes are too hermetic. How am I supposed to revolt all by myself? Maybe by the time America is as close to 1984 as Britain there will be more support, but by then it might be too late.

>> No.1659585

I've got a question maybe you guys can answer.

If the 1st amendment protects freedom of speech and pornography, then how can 3d loli be illegal?

>> No.1659588

Yea, I actually mentioned that earlier.

That's why you have hidden containers, plausible deniability etc. and also keyfile access (with keys they can't get access to) in case they try to brute force it with a rainbow table

>> No.1659590

Because your freedom ends where the freedom of the little girl being abused and filmed starts.

>> No.1659592

Yeah, maybe if you click on one link, and one link only.

If they find you've been on a shitton of websites, they're not going to think "Oh, they must have been accidents too"

That said, I don't look at real CP. I'm not that corrupt.

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Little brown girls are the best

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The power to defy logic.

Which touhou character US government is?

>> No.1659600

Taking it out of context. Firstly, wrong country, laws may be different. Secondly, the links would be clearly labeled - no-one would click on that shit by accident.

Also, stuff stored in your cache doesn't count in legal terms.

>> No.1659602

Photographs and the like aren't considered protected free speech. Or speech at all, really. It just a photo.

>> No.1659603

the only crime it's illegal to see caught on tape!

>> No.1659606

I'm not going to abuse and film her, I'm only going to watch a film.

>> No.1659611

Wars are previously authorized by higher authorities. Fucking a child who doesnt know what a dick is isnt.

>> No.1659618

Well, I suppose nobody likes retarded child porn.

>> No.1659619

Actually if you look at the (incredibly short) history of illegal child porn, the main reason for justification of it as a "special case" insofar as merely looking at it is treated as serious, is because of false statistics (most likely intentional disinformation) that showed that a ridiculously high number like 70% of people who viewed CP went on to abuse children

That's how looking at a picture in the privacy of your home got linked with child safety

>> No.1659633

Those pictures aren't made for the purpose of pleasure (i.e. fapping). CP is.

>> No.1659635

Actually all my friends download CP because they find it hilarious

and they're all female

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>> No.1659642


But that doesn't stop me from fapping to little Vietnamese children covered in napalm. What if some country violently invaded another country specifically to rape their children? Could it be shown on the news as an atrocity then?

>> No.1659644

don't bother reasoning with it, it's clearly a female

they don't operate on reason, only emotion

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>> No.1659654

I can't either. Text comment makes it possible to trick that braindead substring search algorithm, but not the currently used one.

I managed to make a png that would display in explorer - by inserting empty IDAT chunk before acTL - standard does not allow this, but IE does. It's useless though, since IE doesn't play animation.

>> No.1659655

I lost you, bro (sis)

>> No.1659657

You lost me, bro (sis)

>> No.1659658

Airing images of razed Vietnamese children would be controversial enough as it is. The ratio of people who fap to CP and people who fap to images of war horrors isn't equal.

>> No.1659664

>don't bother reasoning with it, it's clearly a female

>Actually all my friends download CP because they >find it hilarious

>and they're all female

Amazing logic there. Worthy of New Labour.

>> No.1659670

*takes a bow*

by the way, how many dicks have you sucked?

feel free to round it up to the nearest fifty

>> No.1659680

I'm on /jp/. What makes you think I've had any sexual contact at all?

>> No.1659681

In before politics faggotry.

>> No.1659682


But most people would find fapping to either equally horrific, right? And yet I don't think anyone worries that I'm going to drop napalm on anyone just to get my rocks off. I also think that being napalmed is probably a little bit worse than being raped, especially when the rape is only statutory. So the trick seems to be just convincing people no one faps to CP. Then it's just a run of the mill atrocity that will upset rather than arouse people and can be shown on network TV.

>> No.1659689

So who deleted SPIRAL SAGE OF HATE's post asking >>1659664 how many dicks they sucked?

>> No.1659699

I did

I felt it was hypocritical discussing further with a female after previously dismissing them as the illogical creatures of petty emotion that they are

I've yet to hear a single argument that rings true why CP is illegal, all the anti-CP arguments are emotional or just plain wrong

>> No.1659708

Because you are dragging an innocent child who has done nothing to you through a world of hell and therapy for the rest of its life? Lets reflect on that.

>> No.1659713

I don't think a 10-year old would consent to having sex on camera without being blackmailed or being emotionally fucked up beforehand - both count as taking advantage of her. And anyway, compare how many people would fap to a napalmed child to how many people would fap to CP - there would be a big difference.

>> No.1659719

...umm, that. I was going to say pretty much the same thing. And use your fucking head, females on /jp/? Too unrealistic, even for sarcasm.

>> No.1659721

I can understand why real CP is illegal. People pay money for the abuse of children which generally causes physiological trauma to the child for a good portion of their life.

But protecting fictional non-existent children boggles my mind.

>> No.1659723

I think it was the other way around. Nearly all people who had sex with children, had a tendency to watch child pornography.
It sounds incredibly simple, and obvious why that is, but stupid religious suckers buy that shit up.

>> No.1659724

Oh, I wouldn't accept that too if I was libpng. What the hell, man, IDATs are supposed to appear consecutively, what are you throwing at me?

>> No.1659728

What if the video is a grainy VHS rip?
What if that child is older than me?

If I'm harming someone by watching it, that implies that something will be different if I don't. But in reality nothing changes. Nobody dies. Nobody is raped.

In before "it creates a market", there is no industry. Just perverts who film what they'd do to the kids with or without a camera.

And I'm only addressing hardcore stuff. Most convictions are based on softcore stuff, i.e. nude posing.

>> No.1659730

Female posted that. Ill post tits to prove it.

>> No.1659736

are you suggesting that's it's ok for "uncle clown" to abuse her so long as he doesn't take pictures?

>> No.1659737

Dont justify child rape, you fucking freak.

>> No.1659738

>Nearly all people who had sex with children, had a tendency to watch child pornography.

This. Which is one of the reasons why I'm against real CP.

As for delicious 2D lolis, I love them.

>> No.1659744

Explain how I justified child rape?

Which sentence did I do that?

Unless looking at a video is raping someone?

>> No.1659749

>What if that child is older than me?

Ah, underage B&. This explains your logic. And if there was no market, why is it made?

>> No.1659756

I was raped as a child. I know its no fucking cakewalk. I still have nightmares, I can still feel being touched, and I still dry heave about it. Now tell me that Im just an abnormality and that other girls wouldnt feel that way?

>> No.1659761

Because pedos like to satisfy themselves for the most part.

An audience doesn't always matter, some people do it just because they want to, not for others. The possibility of making money from it is just a bonus in their eyes. Or free distribution will just lead to the appreciation of their 'art' or w/e they'd call it.

>> No.1659765

> And if there was no market, why is it made?

> Just perverts who film what they'd do to the kids with or without a camera.


>> No.1659766

Hello, guy pretending to be a girl. I can tell you're a guy pretending to be a girl due to the shitty grammar. EVERYONE makes the mistake of typing like shit when they want to pretend to be females on 4chan.

>> No.1659767

One might think "Well, I'm going to jail for this anyway, I might as well put on on the internet and make some people happy."

>> No.1659777

I think someone in that situation would have more urgent worries on his mind than helping his pedo brethren out.

>> No.1659779

>Ah, underage B&. This explains your logic.
I see you are unfamiliar with CP, the most recycled videos on P2P are very old indeed

>And if there was no market, why is it made?
Well, in one of the many dicking and raping sessions, the abuser decided to film it and post it on usenet for his buddies, or exchange it with someone doing exactly the same thing. Then these (some, not nearly all) get leaked onto public P2P networks.

THEN websites (lol, in the 90s) sell the shit to idiots who use their family mastercard

and so it becomes a "money market"

It's not like children wouldn't be being abused if the videos weren't being made. That's an absurd statement that ignores the reality of the children's suffering.

The abusers NEED to be caught.

>> No.1659780

Effin ladiesman

>> No.1659781

Normal people just become self-destructive trainwrecks and enter abusive relationships.

>> No.1659783



>> No.1659784

What's with all the moralfags?

>> No.1659785

Because no boy has ever been raped.

>> No.1659786

It's quite possibly one of the saddest forms of abuse. Not physical, not emotional, but chemical. Yes, I'm talking about people whose mothers abused them with drugs and alcohol when they were small or even unborn children.

Did your mother switch from cheap beer to hard liquor when she found out she was pregnant with you? When you were deeply disturbed by the ending of Return of the Jedi when you were 3 years old, did she let you hit her joint and think it was funny when you choked on the weed smoke? Did your mother, when you were 4 years old, let you snort some lines off her "magic mirror" after you caught her doing the same, and get mad when you became hyper for some reason shortly thereafter?

If so, you should visit >> Here you can share your stories of your strung-out mother and her attempts to poison you with her narcotics. It's not funny, and it's not cute. It's abuse. And it hurts.

>> No.1659800

Welcome to the reality of 4chan

have you been sleeping? have you slept?

>> No.1659802

Because kids are pure.

I think [most] children are adorable, in my area at least, and I could never wish anything bad upon them like molestation and sexual/physical abuse.

It'd ruin them for life, and that's absolutely fucking awful.

>> No.1659803


>other girls

Maybe gender confusion is part of the rape trauma.

>> No.1659806

Don't use Sanya for your sick ways you idiot.

>> No.1659809

>I see you are unfamiliar with CP, the most recycled videos on P2P are very old indeed

I won't deny this, yet I see you are a master on the subject. And you are still older than the child in the video was when she was being raped. Otherwise, it isn't CP or you're underage B&.

Anyway, there is still a big question to be answered - why would you find a video of an innocent kid being raped arousing.

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Tell me Im not a girl now.

>> No.1659818

Why would one find a video of a mature woman having sex arrousing?

>> No.1659819

What is this?

>> No.1659820


>> No.1659821

You're not a girl now.

>> No.1659822

Internal gender conflict is one of many known reactions to the trauma of being abused.

>> No.1659823


Stupidest question I ever heard.
Have you ever seen one?

>> No.1659824
File: 21 KB, 324x340, 1227549402115.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what the fuck

>> No.1659829

Please please don't posts tits

>> No.1659831

Cant answer you that. I also cant answer you why someone would be aroused by children. Its all in what you feel, yes. but you better start feeling something else, cause that shit will fuck up someones life. Masturbate one time [or several times whatever] or fuck up some kid for fucking LIFE. Think about it.

>> No.1659832

>why would you find a video of an innocent kid being raped arousing.

People are into all sorts of weird shit. There are animal abuse forums and sites, people like nipple piercings, genital piercings, white women, eating each other's shit, you name it, someone gets off on it.

fetish noun (fetishes) 1 in primitive societies: an object worshipped for its perceived magical powers. 2 a procedure or ritual followed obsessively, or an object of obsessive devotion. 3 a an object other than the sexual organs that is handled or visualized as an aid to sexual stimulation; b a person's attachment to such an object. fetishism noun. fetishist noun. fetishistic adj.
ETYMOLOGY: 17c: from French fétiche, from Portuguese feitiço magic; a name given by the Portuguese to the gods of W Africa, from Portuguese feitiço artificial, from Latin facere to make.

>> No.1659835

Because she's not having her innocence destroyed in the process? Because she wasn't kidnapped from somewhere, or is living under an abusive parent who only cares about getting off? Because the girl would probably be crying during the process?

If that turns you on, you need fucking therapy. Fantasy is one thing, real life is another.

>> No.1659837

Wowza you're pretty cute.

>> No.1659839

Hey Betty.
Stop shitting up my /jp/.

>> No.1659840

lol k.

>> No.1659841


>> No.1659843

I see you're unfamiliar with the technology of VHS tapes.

What I don't get is, if they have the time and resources to track down people who watch CP, why aren't they jailing the guys who actually did it instead? Why do they bother with people who download crap for free and aren't giving any money to the guys who actually committed the crime? It's not like you're supporting criminals unless you're actually paying them money for the stuff.

Child abuse is a horrible crime and they should pay for the rest of their lives, but making certain photos and videos illegal opens up creepy precedents that justify Orwellian laws like the ones currently being passed in the UK.

>> No.1659846

You're a worthless attention whore, stop harming the dignity of actual victims. You disgust me.

>> No.1659847
File: 72 KB, 486x627, 1227549582221.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I only wish they could legitimately fight back against you sickos.

>> No.1659850

No, faggot.
It's SION !!
No, wait, it's Jones.

>> No.1659856

Anon knows when someone's been raped.

>> No.1659857

>she's not having her innocence destroyed
>she wasn't kidnapped from somewhere
A lot of porn uses innocent girls who've been brought in from poor countries by their employers and are left with selling themselves as their only choice.

>> No.1659859

>What I don't get is, if they have the time and resources to track down people who watch CP, why aren't they jailing the guys who actually did it instead?

Because finding out where they got the videos/images from could be a big help in finding the people in the video?

>Child abuse is a horrible crime and they should pay for the rest of their lives, but making certain photos and videos illegal opens up creepy precedents that justify Orwellian laws like the ones currently being passed in the UK.

Yet the current laws would be seen as "a good thing" by the majority of the population. That's not Orwellian, thats democracy. I don't agree with the loli law, but I do agree with the laws already in place.

>> No.1659860

You just cant face the fact that HOLY SHIT THERE ARE GIRLS ON THE INTERNET. GIRLS THAT CAN PROVE GUYS WRONG. Oh shit. Let me go back to the kitchen and sit idly by while people are talking about watching videos of children getting fucked.

>> No.1659861

It's mostly kidnapping to be honest. The international child sex slave trade thing is really sad.

>> No.1659864

>What I don't get is, if they have the time and resources to track down people who watch CP, why aren't they jailing the guys who actually did it instead?
That's the million dollar question

The answer is (depressingly) simple though: It's damn hard work to track down and successfully prosecute someone for abusing their kids. But the public WANTS TO SEE PEDOS BEING ARRESTED because the media creates such a false sense of threat by over-reporting.

It's much easier to entrap or ensnare less computer-savvy pedos on the internet, and then you can get published in the media, and the public thinks they are safer.

Actually anyone looking at it objectively could ONLY conclude based on studies on rape vs. porn availability, that restricting CP, criminalising it and really pushing it actually puts kids at greater risk.

Instead of fapping at home in safety and anonymity (like they can do in Japan or Russia, hurting nobody, just pirating CP) they are out looking for a kid to "play with" because they can't fap.

>> No.1659867

This thread 0wns

>> No.1659868

From what people have said previously, it seems like most CP is ancient stuff, and not a lot of new stuff comes out. So there probably aren't many people left to track down.

But we still must protect the children. And anyone who looks at CP is obviously a pedophile just waiting to rape a kid.

>> No.1659871

That makes them practically volunteers, amirite?

>> No.1659875

Uh duh

>> No.1659877

THIS. There's your fucking market, Spiral Sage of Hate.

>> No.1659879

It's not that we genuinely think there are no girls

that's not it at all

it's just that we don't WANT you here

>> No.1659880

You're annoying. There's no point in announcing it.

>> No.1659882

Actually having been sexually abused and holyshitagirl it's insulting. Maybe you were actually abused, I shouldn't be one to make haste judgments on flimsy evidence. But when I see someone attention whoring like that it's really disgusting to me.

>> No.1659884

Since when is child prostitution the same as looking at pictures?

>> No.1659888

I think I have it figured out. Spiral doesnt want women on the internet, the only place his holy neckbeardedness can take refuge, because he was molested by his mom, and thats why he likes child porn. Case solved.

>> No.1659890

Because said prostitutes would be used in any new videos being made - new videos which could end up on the internet and on a pedos HD. It's taking advantage of a kids extreme misfortune, and the majority of people would agree that it's wrong.

Just for the record, I am loving this thread.

>> No.1659895

Go back to /b/.
I have to agree, Anonymous is acting like a fucking faggot today.

>> No.1659896
File: 16 KB, 400x303, 1227550154229.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1659897

No one is directly comparing the two, but you're stupid to act like there are no connections. If you masturbate to child porn it's not outside of the realm of possibility that you'd want to have sex with a child either.

>> No.1659903
File: 27 KB, 423x600, 1227550247992.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Exactly what i was about to say! Excellent analysis good sir!

>> No.1659904

It sickens me that you think Im joking about this.

>> No.1659907
File: 25 KB, 329x434, 1227550289252.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have nothing left to teach you.

>> No.1659911

Jesus Christ, Freudmind!

>> No.1659912


>> No.1659913

By that logic, it's not outside the realm of possibility that if you fap to regular porn, you wouldn't go to a whore house (also a crime)

yet magically, porn is thriving

imagine that

>> No.1659918

That's a really terrible comparison, hahahahah.

>> No.1659920

Most of that porn didn't involve kidnapping a child to rape.

>> No.1659923

Regular porn is made at the expense of children?

>> No.1659927

Whorehouses are not illegal in Nevada. To a lesser extent, there are red light districts in almost every state, with strip clubs dotting them. You arent really winning this arguement.

>> No.1659929

That means the only option left is to make that illegal too. Better start calling my legislature.

>> No.1659930

Wow this is horrific logic. The point is adult porn is more often than not done by consenting adults, and as it's been said repeatedly in this thread it's probably against a child's when one is video taping having sex with them.

>> No.1659931

Child Porn -> Child whore
Adult Porn -> Adult whore

Your brain must be severely broken

>> No.1659934

80% of the times I fap are to loli...

>> No.1659935


so tell me again how fapping to something in the privacy of one's home will harm a child

are you saying looking at CP makes someone go out and seek a child whore?

>> No.1659939

"Go back to /b/" is not an argument

>> No.1659941

Children play with GI Joes and Barbies. They have no idea what sex is. Sex is a learned behavior. And since children are prepubescent [children=/=teenagers in my logic] they dont have sexual urges. In short, children can not be whores.

>> No.1659942

People fap to porn, people fuck consensually IRL. Imagine that.

>> No.1659946

Define whore.

>> No.1659947

The seething rage coming from this post made my day and quite honestly the fight going on in this thread is awesome.

BTW there used to be a time when people had too much shame to admit that they had been sexually abused as a kid. Tho I will say child abuse in general is a horrible thing.

>> No.1659949

You can't just lie on the internet

>> No.1659952

Alright I really like this thread, but holy shit some opinions are retarded.

>> No.1659953

Come on motherfuckers, anyone, just one non-emotive "BAWWW CHILD IS INNOCENT" argument?

ONE of you must have a good enough reason to justify locking people up for looking at pictures and videos in their own home

>> No.1659956

No it won't necessarily, you're just supporting - and masturbating to - the almost guaranteed ruin or at the very least severe abuse of a child.

>> No.1659958

You could come up with a better comeback.

>> No.1659959

And that should be a crime because...?

>> No.1659964

No, but a child prostitute was most likely used in the creation of said video, and that's something that needs to be stopped. If you fap to the video, you're basically agreeing with what's going on in the video - otherwise, why would you jack off to it?

>> No.1659969

There's no need

Nothing you said is remotely true

you may as well have said you like to fuck unicorns

>> No.1659975

you are allowing a child to be abused. thats like allowing a person to drown. like watching someone get murdered.

>> No.1659976

If you fap to it, you think it's a good thing. If you think it's a good thing, you'll most likely try something similar yourself.

You have no fucking justification for wanking to a video of a kid being raped, unless you think kiddy rape is PERFECTLY FINE GUYS HONESTLY

>> No.1659977
File: 83 KB, 900x582, unicorn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd hit it

>> No.1659981

I can see justification for paying for CP, considering it supports the market. I don't see justification for downloading it for free.

>> No.1659982

No, it's a picture, a video, made by someone you don't know, of someone you don't know...

It's nothing LIKE watching someone drown and not doing anything about it

Unless you think it's somehow possible to step into child porn and "help" the kids

>> No.1659983

Underwater porn is bizarre and hot.
CP is fine too.

>> No.1659984

There are no purely rational reasons for it.

>> No.1659986

Just because people can do things in the privacy of their own homes doesn't mean the process that led to that enjoyment has been harmless. Making drugs seem negative would be a lot harder if authorities couldn't convince people that there are drug wars and people get hurt by proxy etc etc. It's not just someone finding heroin on the ground and doing it at home, it had to get to you somehow.

Similar, a child's life had to be possibly ruined for you to masturbate in the comfort of your own home. In the future when they have loli sex androids, go ahead.

>> No.1659990

By not downloading it, by not creating demand for it.

>> No.1659993

But the drug wars are caused by the fact they're so highly illegal and the only people who traffick them are criminals.

>> No.1659994

Well that's just, like, your opinion, man.

I wonder how you can come up with that logic anyway. It's so bizarre.

And the implications are meaningless too, even if you were right, the only way that would man fapping to CP were wrong, is if CP were the corrupting factor, and therefore without it, pedos would lead healthy normal lives.

Instead, it's far more likely they'd (having nothing to fap to) go out and abuse kids

>> No.1659995

...and since you can't help the kids you're going to fap to them.

>> No.1659996

No. I can watch horror movies that show people being cut apart and enjoy them. I can watch acted rape porn and jack off to it. But that doesn't mean I agree with the things that are displayed there, and also it doesn't mean I will go out with a hatchet cutting up people or rape someone.

>> No.1659997

I fap to people getting their heads cut off, that must mean I'm going out tonight and chopping some girl's ehad off.

>> No.1659998


>> No.1660002

You can apply the same to kids. Actually, what point where you trying to make?

>> No.1660006

But those things are being acted out - CP isn't.

>> No.1660007

I wasn't making any point about children. I was just reacting to the drug wars part.

>> No.1660038

>acted rape porn
Key word:

Child porn isn't acted, and it's not consensual.

If you want to stick to loli porn, fine, you're not doing anything wrong, and no one is being harmed.

But there's nothing okay about child porn.

>> No.1660048

If you look at their little faces, it's almost as if they understand.

>> No.1660059

>Come on motherfuckers, anyone, just one non-emotive "BAWWW CHILD IS INNOCENT" argument?

This is impossible. The entire purpose of anti-child porn laws is to protect children, who are mentally undeveloped and cannot make decisions for themselves.

Any honest arguement that is made against child pornography can be oversimplified to "BAWWW CHILD IS INNOCENT", so you will continue to dismiss everything that is said in this thread.

Sage, because this thread needs to just fucking die already, it's not accomplishing anything.

>> No.1660070

Did I write that making CP is not wrong?

And saying 'downloading cp is supporting the industry' is like saying 'downloading mp3s is supporting the industry'. Although, when thinking about it, it might as well work for a part of the population that will eventually pay for it.

To finish up this dying thread anyway, the point should always stand that drawn loli should not be made illegal, because as was already stated many times here, it doesn't hurt anyone in the process of it's making.

>> No.1660101

Stupid thread is stupid.
Pictures and videos are information. I want information. I want to see everything there is to see, whether I'll like it or not is a very different question and a not very important one...
Freedom of information. That is the absolute priority. Always. Whether I masturbate to it or vomit does not matter and is an unimportant variable dependent merely on previous life experience and random association.
I could be fapping right now to your fucking Grandma pics or to pretty flip-flops. And if you think there are "sane" or "insane" tastes in sex or in anything else, you are wrong and should look at reality with an open and inquisitive mind.
That is, of course, if you wanted to see reality.
But that might be just a bit to hard for some people. That is the reason for having religion and goverment run media.
Because seeing might make you think. And that'd be very difficult for your small little mind to deal with.
People in this thread is deluded and sad.

Jail those that hurt children. But let me see and let me think. And let me fap to whatever I want, my dick is much smarter that most of you.

My two pence.

>> No.1660103

Stay in school.

>> No.1660108


Stay in the barn.

>> No.1660113

I'm against 3D CP. Huge fan of 2D incest, though, which happens to involve lolis more often than not.

Sadly, I've had to cut way back, due to moving to Canada.

Fucking Canada.

>> No.1660147

If you ever paid a cent to cp, you are contributing to the industry, and therefore, should be labeled a criminal just as a drug user should.
Just my thoughts that no one even care.

>> No.1660167

If you fap to cp, then you are potential molester.
A potential molester, however, do not equals to a molester. There still a long way. It's like saying all men are rapers just because they have a dick.
And if you think about it, all men (at least for the most part) are actually potential molester of children since they have dicks.

>> No.1660201


But a drug user shouldn't. I can't agree with you saying it's okay with CP.

>> No.1660361

>acted rape porn
But what about porn with a drunk girl? That is legally rape, should videos of that be illegal and be given the same sentence as raping a girl?

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