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Does Reimu use her night vision to spy on anon in his shower?

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How would that work? Most people who shower don't do so in dark rooms, and night vision doesn't let you see through walls.

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Do you shower in the dark lad

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I like to keep my lights on while showering, thank you very much.

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From outside through the window in the night.
If she wasnt able to see in the dark she would trip and fall, duh.

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I usually take my showers during the day, and my bathroom blinds are always up.
Besides, can't she just fly?

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I don't have a bathroom window.

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Reimo boobie.

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I rarely shower.

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She's a patient miko.

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How can she see me if I keep my bathroom doors closed and I don't have a window in there?

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Maybe she's working together with Yukari.

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She has friends for that.

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What is the point of a zipper on an arm hole?

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Doesn't she have better things to do?

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I'd shower more if Reimu watched me!

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>Does Reimu use her night vision to spy on anon in his shower?

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You underestimate my power.

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Reimu doesn't have night vision; every human can see in the dark. It's just that we have a lot more light pollution in the modern world, so it's harder to see in the dark without lights due to adjustment of eyes

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Dick Guillotine

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Come on Anon. She's a fully grown woman with needs. Needs that someone in her piston can only satisfy by spying on boys in various states of undress.