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Umineko/Higurashi/Dragon Knight 07 discussion

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beato paizuri

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>Seacats will always be there.
In your soul.
I'm serious.

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Bern cuddles

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Would you say R07's writing has ever affected the way you live, or look at life?

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No, but it did affect the way I view mystery novels

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Certainly. I'd actually say he's one of the few authors who talked about the problems I had. He even suggested ways to deal with them. What a nice guy.

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if i were 20 years younger, it might.

but now, i'm too fucking old.

i just finished all 8 umineko games today......goddamn, i want some of that time back. but the ending was all right.....until the very last final moment. that was just sentimental horseshit.

now i'll get back to reading american sniper. so far i'm liking it better than umineko.

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I just finished reading Higurashi's question arc, and am unable to locate the english translation of the answer arc. Where can it be purchased? it seems that mangagamer released it 2010-2011 but it no longer exists on their website.

please help

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>Where can it be purchased?
It can't, MangaGamer's old contract with 07th Expansion expired so they only sell the new version now, and the new version is currently on chapter 4

Nyaa has torrents of the old one though

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Lambda paizuri

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Yes, although probably for the worse.

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Did you have brain parasites?

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Not at all, if you take your time to actually read a book or go out and observe and gain social experience you wouldn't need a visual novel to teach you life lessons, nerd.

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Here's your (You)

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I was serious though, but thanks

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Stop giving it attention

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No, and I don't remember him telling us how to create a cure for those.

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Srsly what's your problem? Can you at least answers me that?

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Nothing to say, huh? like I thought you're just a stupid asshole. I hope you have a happy valentine's day alone. Idiot

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Not him, but they're probably annoyed that all your comments are blatantly derogatory and keep calling attention to yourself. You're pretty much just shitposting.

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Stop giving it attention

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>only 23 posts in
>already shitposting
Are you for real?

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Maybe I was a little arrogant. Fine, I'm sorry.
I'm not sorry for your though. Die, nerd loser

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Jesus, I only made a little comment. Meh, bye

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R07 is a christian

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Is he pro-life?

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gb2 /c/

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Why can't we all just get along?

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? I never go there

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Is there a source for this? I've seen people say so before, but I've never actually seen any proof

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I literally never go there, like for real.

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Getting along on 4chan? You must be crazy.

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Which witch would you hitch?

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I shouldn't have laughed now.

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Evil Battler

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I like you

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I like you too, anon. <Have a nice day>.

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<3 bye-bye

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Was the Lucy lewd ever finished? Too lazy to go searching.

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A lot of the familial relationships in Umineko made me think about my own family but stories can only have so much of an effect on your choices.

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i have no proof ;_;

but...it's strongly implied

numerous quotes from the bible....very few used in wrong/odd context (don't remember which, maybe with magic circles), most used appropriately.....references to the christ story, virgin birth, etc, used appropriately or positively........strong pro-life message.....emphasis on love, on togetherness (fellowship)......all used unironically

only a christian....or perhaps a former christian who still understands and respects biblical thought....would be likely to do that

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Everything does that.

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poor ange, left out of the circle of socialization...

is it because she doesn't have a frilly dress?? it's because she doesn't have a frilly dress, isn't it?

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my laptop doesn't do that

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I did it to your mother

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She's by the curtain in the back. I didn't notice her for the longest time.

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Ange don't need no stinking frills./

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She'll spill her wine if she isn't careful

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pls don't sexualize ange

actually i was already thinking lewd things about her during the final games

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Before starting Minagoroshi I wanted to try and wrap my head around Tatarigoroshi since it's the last question arc. Onikakushi and Watanagashi were both pretty straightforward and I was able to pretty much see what was happening before it was explained in the answer arcs. Watanagashi more than Onikakushi, I still have questions about that scenario. But Tatarigoroshi has so many loose ends and I don't know how much I can chalk up to K being off his head on brain bugs.

The only hints I've noticed for this arc are;
-Rina is killed by the Sonozaki's over taking their money (Arc 3 TIPS) and thus Teppei comes back.
-In Meakashi Shion takes the call from Satoshi but in this arc Mion acts like she did. Maybe a switch? Doesn't seem relevant even if it happens.
-The whole "other Maebara Keiichi" is very similar to what Rena talks about in Tsumihoroboshi

What I still don't know;
-Where does Teppei's corpse go? He's never seen after this event so I assume he's dead and the grave was marked by the lantern. So who dug it up? Takano and co have no reason to, even if they know K is nuts.
-Satoko still acts like her uncle is alive the day after. This I think can be attributed to her going crazy too, paranoia and all that.
-Everyone acts as if K was at the Watanagashi. I don't want to think its more scenario bleed like in Tsumihoroboshi, there should be a real explanation.
-K killing people with his mind. Irie dies every route I think so he's irrelevant but there must be something to the others.
-K surviving the disaster when he shouldn't have. No idea fuck.

Sorry if people don't appreciate these blog type posts but they're really helping me organize my thoughts and I enjoy seeing what other people think of my theories, though I'm lacking them for this arc.

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>So who dug it up?
>Satoko still acts like her uncle is alive the day after
>Everyone acts as if K was at the Watanagashi
Did you play Umineko? It shouldn't be hard to figure out with Umineko in mind

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I've played Umineko. My only guess is that all his friends are covering for him, like what they did for Rena in Tsumihoroboshi. Seems like they'd fucking let him know in that case though.

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He begged off before Rena and Mion were about the explain iirc

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He doesn't seem to mind late (after birth) abortions

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If that's true Satoko must be a very good actor. She made a fuss after school when the club were the only people in the room even though her uncle was dead! Then she sat in the hot water for hours even though her uncle was dead! Such dedication. I can understand if Satoko wasn't in on it but then why would she act as if her uncle came home the night of Watanagashi if she's not already crazy?

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Oh child.

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But every single religious character he writes is either a villian or has a terrible life
Higurashi villian got inspired by Jesus and the Bible
Yasu and Maria got inspired by the bible
Gabriel can't go two sentences without talking about angels, sins, god or satan

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I want Ange to shit diarrhea all over my face.

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I want Erika to step all over me.

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I can't believe we will get more Erika in around 2 years

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Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Boy or Girl

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I want to hang out with Beato and get fucked up on opium.

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Just because there's a new naku koro ni doesn't mean there will be a-- ah who am I kidding
Erika confirmed for new VN get hype!

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Let's pray for more Erika. Or at least some Erika look alike.

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Now she's making the entire world her game-board.

What do I do!?!?!?

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Unless you're talkin' Erika I don't wanna talk

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ask to sniff her toes

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You've doomed the whole world to small bombs. I had dreams for the future, i had ambitions, but now we're all as good as dead. I hope you're happy, you little shit. Enjoy your five minutes of magic at everyone's expense.

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it would've been great if Dlanor had ever used that one Knox rule about having no Chinamen in the story

>> No.16542377

Yasu is half Italian blood so there's that.

Actually no wait, would it be quarter?

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For starters, you could stop making the same questions if you don't want to suffer a horrible death.

>> No.16542387


I don't know man, you'd think she'd want all of the otaku who worship her to know she's alive and well in this reality.

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According to wikipedia Chinaman can also be used derogatorily towards Japanese so the whole cast would have been contraband to Knox's Decalogue

For those who have never read it, this is the actual Knox Decalogue

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>alive and well in this reality.
Yeah, about that

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Beatrice in this instance is a euphemism for Hecate.

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This again?

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I'd ditch the rich bitch with the stitched up niche and hitch with the kitsch witch with which I could actually itch my switch.

>> No.16542406

Fine, I will shut up. I just thought is funny

>> No.16542411

No, what I'm saying would a halfbreed be considered a chinaman?

Also R07 could pull that Kinzo didn't have true asian blood in him, which would further skew Yasu away from chinaman generalization

>> No.16542460

I don't understand nothing of what you just say, but why are you answering to a dead question that wasn't even for you?

>> No.16542532

I feel like I should point out that he wasn't being racist. He's refering to a common trope in the 30's where Chinese people would often be the culprits because "Chinese people are evil". The full quote makes a lot more sense

>No Chinaman must figure in the story. Why this should be so I do not know, unless we can find a reason for it in our western habit of assuming that the Celestial is over-equipped in the matter of brains, and under-equipped in the matter of morals. I only offer it as a fact of observation that, if you are turning over the pages of a book and come across some mention of 'the slit-like eyes of Chin Loo', you had best put it down at once; it is bad. The only exception which occurs to my mind--there are probably others--is Lord Ernest Hamilton's 'Four Tragedies of Memworth.'

He was basically saying that the "evil Chinaman" trope is silly and should be avoided

>> No.16542538

In Knox's case Chinaman means any exotic foreigner since he's talking about European mysteries.

>> No.16542554

>I only offer it as a fact of observation that, if you are turning over the pages of a book and come across some mention of 'the slit-like eyes of Chin Loo', you had best put it down at once; it is bad.
made me laugh

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Apparently in the Ep5 Tea Parties, Dlanor reveals that she's Ronald Knox's fictional daughter. In Umineko-land canon, Knox was the previous Inquisitor of Heresy, and was executed by Dlanor at some indiscriminate time, which must have been after his last published work in 1957, also the year he died.

It's the little things.

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I want to see her try it in Rose Guns Days

>> No.16542627

I wonder if Will is supposed to be the actual Van Dine, or just a relative of his. Van Dine's real name was Willard H Wright after all

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Do these two really show their affection to one another by brutalizing one another?

>> No.16542724

Speaking of little things, Zepar and Furfur's demonology lore actually reflects parts of Umineko's story. It's pretty cool

>Zepar is a Great Duke of Hell. He commands 26 legions of inferior spirits. His office is to cause women to love men, and bring them together in love. He makes women barren.
>Furfur causes love between a man and a woman, creates storms, tempests, thunder, lightning, and blasts, and teaches on secret and divine things.

>> No.16542730

I always thought he was the fictional representation of Van Dine himself. Or at the very least the meta representation of him.

>> No.16542756

They're the fragmented personalities of a murderer and her victim caught in a timeloop that's lasted millions of years, so they should actually hate eachother, but so much time passing has turned them into lesbian sexpartners

>> No.16542761

Their nights together must be pretty kinky.

>> No.16542768 [DELETED] 


So they aren't just throwing hints around and violent intercourse is really a thing between them?

>> No.16542776

There's actually a gaiden chapter of Higurashi that explains more about Bern and Lambda's origins, or at least something like that, but I haven't read it. It's the Saikoroshi-Hen episode I think.

Bern and Lambda fug regularly, Ep4 Tea Party pretty much put it out in the open.

>> No.16542780


So they aren't just throwing hints around and violent intercourse is really a thing between them?

>> No.16542786


>Ep4 Tea Party pretty much put it out in the open.

Are they actually happy like that or do they just do it to waste time?

>> No.16542787

Schrodinger's Tongue Box

>> No.16542792

>a murderer and her victim
Lambda isn't Takano. According to Tsubasa and Episode 8's manga she was the entity that granted Takano's wish, but they aren't related beyond that

>> No.16542818

This guy is right actually. I looked it up and R07 actually confirmed that while Lambda is inferred to have set Takano's purpose in motion, her resemblance to Takano is actually just a red herring.

Which leaves me a little disappointed.

>> No.16542825

Do they not look happy?

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>> No.16542831

Lambda's actual origin is currently unknown.

>> No.16542836

Both are kinda one and the same for them, given the whole running from boredom thing.

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What kind of antics do these two get up to during their slumber parties?

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One sleeps around with men while the other isn't looking.

>> No.16542858

Can't you figure it out yourself? These kinds of questions are useless since the answers may differ from others. It's your point of view and what you understand from your read what complete this story, so asking someone else instead of formulate your own answers is stupid.
In this case, if they hate each other or enjoy playing as a way to express something they can't say it's up to you

>> No.16542890

Gotta love how a novel about nationalism makes all the chinese characters the best
Meiju might be best boy, but killing Ange was kind of a dick move

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A tale in 3 pictures

1 -

>> No.16543962
File: 521 KB, 1280x960, Dawn of the Golden Witch 30.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

2 -

>> No.16543966
File: 732 KB, 1280x960, Dawn of the Golden Witch 31.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

3 -

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What's Erika doing in panel 4? Chucking candy about?

>> No.16544202

Also panel 1 should be an image on its own

>> No.16544330

Why not make it happen yourself? If you know how to write mystery you could spin the backstory to Erika falling off a ship and drowning on her birthday cruise into a pretty interesting setup for a murder mystery.

If it's sucessful you could even follow it up with something like a "Great detective Furudo Erikas mystery adventures" shortstory collection - I'm sure Ryukishi wouldn't mind. And as we've seen from Danganronpa, even if the mysteries are badly constructed and the characters are ridiculous stereotypes people will be all over it if you just make it stylish and over the top enough.

>> No.16544334

Writing is a soul crushing occupation.

>> No.16544345

Maria had a hard life.

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Just summon your witch persona to do the writing for you then. That's how Ryukishi does it!

>> No.16544361

>Loving wealthy mom
>Getting any toys she wants
>Fantasy isn't real abloo bloo

Get real.

>> No.16544377

>Criminally negligent parent

>> No.16544382

That would explain why such a nice guy is able to write such cruel stories.

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>> No.16544548

Go be fat somewhere else.

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This is one thing I never understood when it came to the Chiru reveals.
Why did the scene of Maria asking Beato to revive Sakutaro play out the way it did? The magical explanation Beatrice gave Maria, namely that Rosa is the only one who can revive Sakutaro because she created its 'unique' vessel is something this Beatrice should not even be aware of, and the idea that she was unable to because of the red is also a magical explanation. Maria came to her believing that she could revive Sakutaro, so I take it her being unable to make it happen means that she a) didn't want to or b) really thought that she couldn't make that happen.

>This is my Golden Land
>A world where magic that isn't mine certainly cannot exist
>[And my] magic was not able to revive Sakutarou

>> No.16544809

I just figured it meant that Yasu can't sew.

>> No.16544869

Nigga, she's a servant. Besides, she's the one who explained that Sakutaro couldn't be revived without a vessel in the first place. I'm pretty sure, she could have just said "Lion Jesus will always be with you... in your heart!", and Maria would have been satisfied.

>> No.16544880

Because Beato didn't know that Rosa had bought the doll instead of hand making it. Ange acquired a new sakutarou doll and was thus able to revive him.

>> No.16545130

Aside from Bern and Lambda being the obvious ones, what other characters would you like to see make an appearance in the next installment, whether it's a major or minor role?
To give an idea, Battler has shown up in Rose Guns Days as well as Ange to a very lesser extent.

>> No.16545367

Anons, please don't give me false hopes. I really want more Erika, but damn it, who knows if that will happen.

>> No.16545382

>Bad guys on a roll, backed up MC in a corner
>Bad guy presents an unanswerable question to MC to finish him off
>suddenly the screen goes dark
><G O O D>

>> No.16545393

my dick is already feeling it

>> No.16545444

redpill me on the meta-world
What is it in reality ?

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Beato also got a lookalike in trianthology

>> No.16545470

It's a place where your opinions shape it's form.

>> No.16545501

Who's opinions ?
Ange ? Or everyone else outside the catbox ?

>> No.16545526

Beato, if possible.

>> No.16545733

R07 got worse at drawing.

>> No.16545765

Erika was the last <good> sprite he drew. He rarely has done good sprites though.

>> No.16545768

I don't just want cameos, I want more real relevancy between games, which won't happen, so I'd be happy with just having Rena show up or something.

>> No.16545847
File: 2.33 MB, 800x2384, bernrika.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i love bernkastel so god damn much

>> No.16545889

Ironically this pic makes me like Erika more and hate Bern.

>> No.16545906
File: 532 KB, 912x1300, bern bitch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think that's the normal reaction.

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It's surprising how Rena, who is the face of Higurashi, has yet to appear in another VN while Okonogi had a cameo in all Vns except Higabana and Tomitake also had one

>> No.16546108

How do the show up in RGD when it takes place in the 1940's? I'll probably never read it

>> No.16546117

Okonogi and Tomitake are easier to use for cameos though, since their work lets them travel to various places. Rena and the rest of the main cast from Higurashi don't have much reason to leave Hinamizawa on the other hand. So unless the next game takes place near Hinamizawa, then it'd feel unnatural to see them again.

>> No.16546119


>> No.16546129
File: 77 KB, 704x386, Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 4.40.26 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

look-alikes =/= cameos

He could figure out how to do it. But the thing is, R07 hates giving easy satisfaction to his readers, and doing it would deprecate the writing.

So in that way I can understand why he wouldn't bring major characters back a second time.

>> No.16546143

Ryukishi thinks of his characters as actors. Sometimes you get look-alikes that are their own seperate characters like Sakutaro in Umineko and Sakunoshin in Higanbana, and then there are cases like Bernkastel and Featherine who actually/probably have a connection to their look-alikes.
In Battler and Ange's case in RGD, they are their own characters in a different story, unrelated to Umineko. Battler is renamed to Butler and Ange is pronounced differently.

>> No.16546186

What if Butler was Kinzos friend from which he got his inspiration for Battlers name?

>> No.16546192

Do you mean the "reality" of Rokkenjima Prime? Or what it actually is?

The answer to the first is that it isn't. The two of them have nothing to do with each other, except for when Featherine or Ange is involved.

The answer to the second is the world beyond fragments, where witches make their home.

>> No.16546234

That actually doesn't sound like a bad idea. I'm pretty decent at writing. Maybe I'll take a crack at writing more Erika Furudo stories as some practice.

>> No.16546240

Featherine is supposed to parallel Hanyuu IIRC?

>> No.16546306

What changes when Featherine and Ange are involved ?

>> No.16546316

Featherine probably IS Hanyuu, not a lookalike

>> No.16546332

Well, NaNo is coming up so if you're interested we could do a small mystery collab. I'm an artist, and though I write on the side this kind of project is too much for one person to tackle in such a short timespan.

>> No.16546385

She's not, since Hanyuu actually has a history that contradicts what it would be if she were actually Featherine. Hanyuu is Featherine's piece.

>> No.16546392

Featherine breaks everything since she's a high level creator, and Ange doesn't follow any rules since R07 wants to fuck her.

>> No.16546406


>> No.16546423

you know, except kinzo isn't battler's dad

>> No.16546427

>coming up
More than 6 months away

>> No.16546430

Rudolph wasn't allowed to name Battler

>> No.16546441

are you being cheeky?

>> No.16546449

Is there something like a spring nano

>> No.16546458

What are those contradictions ? I though Hanyuu was Featherine with lost memories because of her cracked horn or something

>> No.16546476

I was talking about national visual novel writing month, since Umineko is a visual novel and all that.

>> No.16546484

If you want to make a visual novel version, there's the Ren'Py NaNo every March.

>> No.16546493

Wow Zepar's Alchemist VA is downright horrifying. It's just Furfur's VA with lowered pitch and really unsettling.

>> No.16546520

From the wiki:
"Hanyū's past was revealed in Kotohogushi-hen.

Hanyū was once known as the demon goddess of Onigafuchi (Hinamizawa) under her true name, Hai-Ryūn Ieasomūru Jeda. She traveled with her clan to the Onigafuchi Swamp and tried to coexist with the human villagers there, but she was discriminated due to her horns. Furude Riku, the heir to the Furude shrine and inventor of the nickname "Hanyū" (which is the way he heard the name of her kind, Hai-Ryūn, when she introduced herself), fell in love with the goddess and married her. They had a daughter named Furude Ōka, the first in a long line of humans to carry demon blood.

To protect the villagers from demons, she had to sacrifice her husband and lost her ability to appear in front of humans. Nobody was able to see her except for her daughter. To combat a strange disease that was spreading throughout the country, she created medicine and gave it to her daughter. However, powerful men desired the medicine for their political purposes, and her daughter was captured. Driven by fear for the safety of her daughter and bitterness from the betrayal of the very people she saved with the medicine, she became corrupted as a demon and massacred the villagers. Her daughter, knowing she had become corrupted with evil thoughts, battled Hanyū and successfully stabbed her with a sword. This brought Hanyū back to her senses; however, knowing she would one day turn evil again, she begged Ōka to kill her using her own sword, the only weapon capable of killing a demon. Since Hanyū's death, the villagers revered Ōka for driving away the "demon" and the legend of Oyashiro's curse started."

It simply doesn't make sense for Featherine to A. be a member of a clan, presumably being born in it like anyone else, B. to have a kid, or C. die and become a god.

What makes more sense is that Featherine created her in her image, either creating her with the cracked horn to reflect her broken doohickey or Hanyuu's horn cracking to reflect Featherine's doohickey breaking.

>> No.16546535

I know, right? At first I thought they actually got a guy to do it. Honestly, when you've got two characters with ambiguous but differing genders, you don't make give one a THIS IS TOTALLY THE DUDE voice.

>> No.16546543

Wow, I didn't know any of this. It was a nice read, thanks anon

>> No.16546623

>It's just Furfur's VA with lowered pitch

>> No.16546627

That doesn't make any sense. Rose Guns Days takes place in an alt-history world and Umineko doesn't

>> No.16546633

That doesn't mean Butler couldn't exist in other worlds.

>> No.16546673

It makes me sad that the console exclusive arcs will never be translated

>> No.16546701

Learn nippon and import the games, you'll be part of the .001% of all english speakers who have.

>> No.16546760
File: 219 KB, 600x607, 5656355.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


A heated argument ensued during the family conference on Rokkenjima. As the siblings go to their rooms to cool down, Battler happens to walk into the main house, wanting to get some hot milk because he had trouble sleeping. Suddenly, the sound of a gun firing echoes in the entire mansion. Following his ears, Battler rushes up the stairs towards Krauss's study. He finds Kumasawa furiously trying to open the door. She tells Battler she was just doing the rounds, closing windows and drawing the curtains when she heard the gunshot. Eva, Rudolf and Rosa soon turn up, saying they heard a gunshot. Seeing Kumasawa trying to open the door but failing, Rudolf grabs a fire extinguisher from the wall and slams it into the door, breaking it open. Rudolf, Eva, Rosa, Battler and finally Kumasawa enter the room. Inside the room is Krauss at his desk, a gun in his hand and a bullet through his brain, blood everywhere. He's dead.

Battler investigates the scene. He finds a set of keys in Krauss's pocket. Kumasawa confirms that these are the only keys on Rokkenjima that could lock Krauss's study. No master keys work on that door. The bolt on the door was also set to lock when Battler investigated it.
Everything points to suicide until suddenly the phone on Krauss's desk rings and Battler answers it. A man on the phone asks for Krauss, saying that his reservation at a fancy restaurant to celebrate his marriage anniversary with Natsuhi has gone through.
Battler is suspicious. If Krauss had taken his own life, why would he make a restaurant reservation one hour before killing himself? Battler tells everyone that he thinks this was a murder.

Yet is this was murder, how on earth did the killer escape the perfect locked room that was Krauss's study? The room didn't have any windows, and everyone searched the room extensively but found no killer hiding anywhere.
What exactly happened here?

You know the game. Show me some blues and I'll grant you some reds.

>> No.16546784

Krauss killed himself

>> No.16546798
File: 56 KB, 848x480, uminekononakukoroni112.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Love is a strange thing indeed.

>> No.16546865
File: 176 KB, 400x406, 87874742.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/RED/ Krauss did not kill himself.
This should've been obvious aaaaaanon.

>> No.16546870

Kumasawa killed Krauss, got out of the study and said that the door was locked from the inside, even though it wasn't. She locked the door from the inside shortly after she entered the room with everyone, right before Battler investigates it.

>> No.16546878

Kumasawa shot Krauss and planted the keys in his pocket, leaving the auto-locking room after the gunshot was heard and pretended to struggle with the door as the group ran up to the study.

>> No.16546931

>She locked the door from the inside shortly after she entered the room with everyone, right before Battler investigates it.
Well shit, either I'm losing my touch are you guys are getting better at this. That's precisely what happened though.
However, Kumasawa's only an accomplice, she never killed Krauss. Not that it matters much now that the locked room mystery is solved.
Want to guess the murderer or should I just tell? It should be obvious really once you've gotten this far.

>> No.16546942

Battler is ?

>> No.16546963

/BLUE/ One of the other servants is the culprit.

>> No.16546977

/RED/ Battler is the detective.
If you assume Kumasawa's part of a double-team, only one other person could've been in on it.

>> No.16546988

Natsuhi is the culprit, she didn't like that restaurant

>> No.16547000

A mackerel

>> No.16547010

Rudolf then.

>> No.16547045
File: 82 KB, 800x600, 132444847596.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Correct. The illusion of a locked door doesn't work if anyone else bashed it open with a fire extinguisher. The door would fly open way too easily. Rudolf smashed the fire extinguisher with relative ease and made it look like a lot of effort to keep the illusion that the door was locked while it was actually open.

Rudolf paid Kumasawa to play her role, shot Krauss and hid the key in his pocket, then left quickly and had Kumasawa pretend that she couldn't open the door. It would've been the perfect crime if Krauss wasn't such a romantic and tried to get a table at a fancy restaurant for him and Natsuhi. If not for that crucial phone call, everyone would have assumed it was suicide.

Thanks for playing everyone. Got to step up my game next time, think I made it too easy or dropped too many hints. See you next time something cries.

>> No.16547071

Thank you for the game!
It's always nice to feel a little bit like Erika

>> No.16547121

Do you guys want simple non-mystery-umineko puzzles to flex your gray cells or should I keep them to myself?

>> No.16547124

I was typing up an alternate solution because it seemed a little too obvious. I think adding a few more details or keeping certain details vague as red herrings would help add more layers and room for more theories and questioning.
This mystery didn't leave much room to speculate so it was easier to single out the truth. And when a mystery is posted in a thread, you're inviting multiple people to take it on to put their heads together, so a mystery that's too simple can get solved quickly.

Still a good mystery. Simpler mysteries work better when challenging a single person in private, but I enjoy some of the more complex and sneakier ones too when they come up in these threads. It's fun working with anons and seeing how sharp they can be and what clever things they come up with.

>> No.16547151

By all means

>> No.16547163

I used to post full game boards on here and trickier one-off mysteries, but they clogged up entire threads and lasted several days. So I thought I'd reign it in a little. A survey showed that anons preferred short one-off mysteries, but I'm still finding that sweet spot where the solution is possible to solve with just the opening premise, but not handed to you on a plate. I'll take today's events in consideration for the next mystery.

Also, I'd love to hear your alternate solution. I myself was toying with the idea of the phone call from the restaurant being staged and basically being a huge red herring, but decided to make a good, clean mystery and merely used it as a plot device to ensure everyone that it wasn't a suicide.

>> No.16547176


>> No.16547222

As much as I would like more questioning and feeling like there's investigating, I agree that shorter one-off mysteries would still be for the best.
The one with Natsuhi being poisoned is one of my favorites. Everyone was looking in the wrong place at first and I kept seeing clever theories I was certain was the solution only to be proven wrong. Once the answer was figured out and revealed, it felt like it should have seemed obvious but it was hidden enough in plain sight amongst all the other possibilities.

I had two ideas about the shooting:
Krauss could have survived the gunshot long enough to lock himself in, despite it seeming like his brains were blown out.
Or he managed to wrestle the gun away from his assassin that failed to kill him and he died from a hang fire soon after locking himself in. While the circumstances makes it look like a suicide and shooting himself in the head sounds like that sounds like an accident with this theory, the owner of the gun and bullet as well as the action of pulling the trigger still belonged to the assassin. It's a stretch, but sometimes a wild theory can reveal an important clue.

>> No.16547233

just make a new thread for one-shot mysteries

>> No.16547253

jp's not for that stuff

>> No.16547288

Natsuhi's poisoning got a great reception, I was kinda proud of that one. I think that was a great one in that, like you said, the truth was hidden in plain sight, but there were still lots of viable theories I had to shoot down with Red before someone solved it. That's how I like to structure mysteries. The truth should be there from the very first post, but hidden in such a way that anons will think of outlandish solutions instead before realising the truth.
The Jessica towel mystery was one where I think I gave way too many hints in the first post. I overly emphasized the towel, which was the whole key to the mystery, and it was solved maybe a little bit too fast.

As for your theories on tonight's mystery, they're all sound, and exactly what I want readers to do. Think about the most outrageous, implausible solutions. In this case the solution was quite simple, but you can never know. Like the case where Krauss shot Kinzo through the study door with a gun embedded in an axe. A completely ridiculous solution by any count, but sometimes you need to think of the most outlandish thing to get the solution.
I quite enjoy these battles of wit. I hope I can come up with another one soon, one that might take a little bit longer to figure out. I enjoy having several anons tackle the mystery. Like I said, still finding that sweet spot where the mystery doesn't take a whole thread, but isn't solved in three posts either.
Please play again next time.

>> No.16547291

It's really not easy coming up with these anon. I'd hardly be able to keep a whole thread afloat with constant mysteries. And like the other anon said, that doesn't really fit in a /jp/ thread. Seacats is the best place for them, I think. But just once in a while.

>> No.16547322

Thanks for sharing these mysteries, good luck on crafting your next game.

>> No.16547327

It's no problem. It's become something of a hobby for me. A mystery is nothing without an audience.

>> No.16547342

Here's one from a book I recently got edited by yours truly

Maxwell Perry had died in a small alley just the right side of Brick Lane, shot in the chest. HIs attire suggested that he'd been in something of a panic - his shoes were unlaced, his trousers belted but unbuttoned and his jumper both back tor front and inside out. Profound though his alarm had clearly been, it had just as clearly not saved him.

When Erika arrived she flicked through the notes, making desultory comments as she went, "Brighton claims to have seen the victim running past like 'a sack of monkeys', whatever that means... Murphy heard a shot, and found the body but didn't see anyone else, which seems short-sighted at best... Blight remembers seeing the victim running away because of the visible jumper label... Colgate saw one man shoot another, face to face, but was too far to get even the slightest useful detail... Routledge found a pistol in a waste skip behind a pub... Oliver says the victim turned a corner and almost barrelled into him, then shrieked and dashed off..." She dropped the file

"<Good>, That's more than enough, I know who the murderer is."

>> No.16547372

Hmmm...at this point all I can say is that some shenanigans went on regarding the clothes. Meaning that somewhere in the process the body was dressed up in different clothes in a hurry.

>> No.16547378

Did you write the one where Battler was killed in the middle of the rose garden while it was snowing but the only footprints were Battler's? I think that one is my favorite. I was coming up with theories for hours trying to figure out how he could have been killed by someone without leaving footprints but the answer was really good and obvious in hindsight

>> No.16547379

That's pretty difficult. It's hard to spot the inconsistencies between what each man reported.

I want to say Oliver, because not only did Erika drop the file there, but if he says the man shrieked, it would be odd for him to be the only one remembering hearing a shriek, since there were several men in the vicinity. I would say Oliver also because, as Colgate reported, he saw the crime occur between the culprit and Perry face to face; Oliver is the only witness who was in such close distance to Perry.

I'm stumped otherwise.

However Blight's statement is suspicious also; Perry had his jumper on backwards and inside out; if Blight said he saw the victim running away from him, how would he have been able to see the jumper label?

>> No.16547415

Ooooh, I liked that one as well. Though it did hurt my pride a bit that I put a lot of blue truths in only to have some other anon come in an put one blue truth in and turn out to be correct.

>> No.16547445

Oh I forgot to mention, I'll only accept clear blue truths on who the culprit is and why you think that person is the culprit.

>> No.16547466

I did write that one. Glad you liked it! It was my first "footprints in the snow" mystery and I was secretly quite proud of it. I've always wanted to do one of those as they're such a staple of the genre.

To be honest, I think I rushed that one near the end because it had been dragging on for a thread and a half. I think I said something like "only one person could have possibly committed this murder", so everyone went for Maria. If Battler wasn't followed into the rose garden, yet he was murdered face-to-face, the only possible solution was that no one followed him, but he carried his murderer on his shoulders, so it could only have been Maria. I don't want to appear smug but I really liked that solution. Though I do remember some anons disputing it as unlikely.

>Though it did hurt my pride a bit that I put a lot of blue truths in only to have some other anon come in an put one blue truth in and turn out to be correct.
That's how the game works I'm afraid anon, but that's the fun of it right? At least to me it is. When I read a mystery I love being able to solve it, but I also like being surprised that the solution I came up with was completely wrong. I always see reading a mystery as nothing but a game between me and the writer. And I love "winning" as much as I love "losing".

>> No.16547481

>And I love "winning" as much as I love "losing".
I'm a sore loser. Winning is everything when it comes to games.

>> No.16547517

Sorry for getting back to you so late, but I'd be up for something like that. I'd need to Reread Episodes 5 and six though before I started.

>> No.16547518

Eh, I like being surprised/outsmarted. What I absolutely HATE is solving the mystery from the start. Then I'm just waiting for the denouement to tell me how right I was. I like being surprised at the end. I usually win, but that feeling would grow stale if I didn't lose every now and then. A mystery is a very delicate thing really. I know what you mean though.

>> No.16547534

The only time I don't win is when everyone else wins. The hard ones I always get right waaay before the end.

It sucks.

>> No.16547546

So how many of my mysteries have you solved?

>> No.16547587

I don't keep count. Not that many, it's not really a hobby or whatever.

>> No.16547591

Oh, wait, of yours. Sorry, misread.

None of yours. I'm busy writing a novel, just on /jp/ for breaks, not thinking time.

>> No.16547825

I'm certain that the culprit is Colgate, he's the only one that conflicts with my theory. This is gonna sound very ridiculous, but it's the only thing I could come up with that seemed logical.

My reasoning for the victim being so panicked is that the culprit was using a sniper rifle to shoot into his house or apartment from a distance to try and bait him out, which worked. The victim quickly got dressed and started sprinting and screaming down the streets, eventually running into an alley as an attempt to lose the sniper. But it was no good; the sniper changed positions and shot him while he was trying to regain his breath in the alley. The pistol is completely unrelated to the murder, just a red herring.
As for why nobody heard the sniper's first shots, maybe the victim's home was really far away and the sniper didn't bother shooting again until he had a good chance while he was standing still in the alley?

>> No.16547850

/RED/ the pistol that Routledge presented was the one and only murder weapon that was used in this murder.

Though I must commend you on your vivid imagination.
I'm sure you could come up with one or two fantasy books rivaling that of that one scar faced, eyeglass wearing wizard.

>> No.16547887

Why not use >>>/qst/

>> No.16547912

That's funny as fuck

>> No.16547965

I thought my imagination was actually pretty dull! Thank you very much.

I'm still going to go with the idea that the victim was threatened by something in his home through some means, though. Maybe verbally through a sinister phonecall, or maybe he heard somebody trying to break in. I don't see why else he would be so alarmed, unless he's actually a moron that runs and screams whenever he goes outside, and that doesn't know how to wear clothes correctly, but that's silly.
Maybe I'm letting >>16547379 influence me too much, but I do think it's Oliver now that it's practically confirmed it was a close ranged murder. The reasons he listed, and the fact that he shrieked and dashed off after running into Oliver are very suspect. Oliver might have followed him after that, or guessed where he was going and cut him off using the alleyway. Then held him up with the pistol, maybe they exchanged a few words, and shot him.
But I don't get why Oliver would have told Erika that the victim screamed and ran in another direction after seeing him.

I agree, this clutters up the thread a lot.

>> No.16548311

I believe I have the whodunnit. Special thanks to the guy who pointed out the clothes. It still leaves a few questions with Blight and Oliver's notes, however.
Murphy is the culprit. He shot Maxwell in the alley with the pistol and then changed/messed with Maxwell's clothes after he died. Afterwards, he discarded the pistol by the pub.
If he was innocent, there is no way the murderer would have had time to mess with Maxwell's clothes in the brief period Murphy heard the gunshot and went to find the corpse. Plus, what kind of innocent person goes towards the source of a gunshot all on their own?

>> No.16549092

Blight must be lying about his testimony, he couldn't have seen the jumper label if the victim was running away from him.

That's good enough for master detective Erika

>> No.16549200

My headcanon will always be that once Umineko ended Battler used his socerer powers he obtained from the logic error to selfinsert in RGD and get drunk and fuck bitches everyday

>> No.16549877

That is the conclusion Erika came to and the answer to the riddle.

>> No.16549937

Thats it? first thing I thought of.

>> No.16550033

Fair enough. If you want to talk some more join the Rokkenjima Discord server. Just mention detective fiction and Erika falling off a boat and I'll know who you are.

>> No.16551878

Horror and Mystery is a major thing in the series. Do you enjoy Ryukishi's Horror? Would you like to see more of it in the next When They Cry?
After the first episode, it felt like the whole meta world with the game board and pieces made the deaths have less of an impact in Umineko. And even if certain people survived the twilights, you know that everyone else is going to die anyway at midnight on the final day which kills some of the suspense.

>> No.16551975

For me Umineko felt less and less scary the more fantastic it became. When you have Rosa being served her daughters head on a plate, people fighting cartoon rabbits snipers and goats triggering deathflag multipliers it's hard to look at the gameboard world from anywhere but a meta perspective.
I think he tried to go with cthulhu-brand fear of the unknown and a world beyond comprehension which would have worked if the antagonist and her minions hadn't been a qt anime girls.

In Higurashi I really got immersed in the village life, and the horror came from R07 twisting the image I got of the village and K1s classmates into something unfamiliar and threatening. If he wants to go back to that kind of formula there will be a place for the horror he usually writes in the next When They Cry, if not he'll either have to come up with a new formula.

>> No.16552053

I think the horror in Higurashi was better done. There was a real sense of dread there most of the time.

I will admit that there were genuinely scary moments in Umineko though, especially in the beginnning. Scenes where characters looked out of the window into the darkness, thinking of the witch in the forest while it rained and ominous creepy music was playing. I was also legitimately creeped out by the scene in EP6 where Battler (though we don't know that yet) is trapped in that room and can't get out. Something about being able to open the door slightly and hearing people outside, but being unable to call for help. Also him going to the window and seeing a monstrous face that bites his hand. This works because you have no idea how this fits into the story yet and is just completely surreal.

Also, this OST always sends shivers down my spine.

>> No.16552104

>After the first episode, it felt like the whole meta world with the game board and pieces made the deaths have less of an impact in Umineko.
Didn't happen to me. I mean, you knew people would die in higurashi too. And considering how they died, I was horrified.

>> No.16552168

I can't believe we're actually getting another WTC. Slightly worried about Ryu's words that it will be very different. I hope he knows that WTC should have mystery, suspense, and resetting worlds.
When do you think we'll be able to read it in English? Is The Witch Hunt still alive?

>> No.16552179

Yeah, that track always gives me episode 1 flashbacks.

Higanbana has some pretty good depressing and/or horror-inducing tracks as well.

>> No.16552214

Oh man, that first one you posted. I just started playing Higanbana last week and only read the first arc but that OST definitely stood out for me. It's creepy, yet epic at the same time. I could just see that teacher skulking the school grounds at night, howling like a maniac at having gotten away with his horrible crimes, running around the corridors with a red glint in his eyes. It was sick and disturbing. And adding the traditional Japanese school bell into the main sound was just perfect. Love it.
Any idea who did it?

>> No.16552260
File: 338 KB, 850x616, 9487597623.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.16552265


>> No.16552278

The best horror Ryu has written is the extra footstep stuff, specially the one at the end of Ep3 with the interview
Umineko was honestly kind of comfy since https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVP09lhSPm4 always started playing when the suspicion and fear of death were reaching critical level, which ruined the horror
Hype fights with UNTZ and time loops didn't help the horror either

>> No.16552293 [DELETED] 

>extra footstep
This. I shitted myself on episode one.
Th=he moment Shion heard it for the first time was very sad though.

>> No.16552304

>extra footstep
This. I shitted myself on episode one.
The moment Shion heard it for the first time was very sad though.

>> No.16552326

Wait what? What's this extra footstep stuff?

>> No.16552331
File: 81 KB, 450x350, huh77f5y7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll show you mine if you show me yours...

>> No.16552334

Higurashi stuff
I said Ep 3 because I don't remember the name and I don't want to bother looking it up or writing it wrong

>> No.16552470

So do Krauss and Natsuhi not share a bedroom? All the evidence points to Natsuhi having her own bedroom. Is this normal for Japanese couples, or is that marriage doing even worse than we thought?

>> No.16552479
File: 501 KB, 509x571, FErika362.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, how else would Natsuhi be able to share night time with Kinzo?

>> No.16552488

I'm pretty sure it was explicitly stated in EP5 that they sleep in separate beds at least.

>> No.16552502
File: 528 KB, 1240x390, Art evolution.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What would ruin WTC 5 for you guys?
For me it would be bad music and art by someone else
I can get behind anything as long as it is a visual novel and has good music and R07's art

>> No.16552506

Bad writing that tries too hard to imitate Higu or Umi with no original ideas of it's own.

I don't think I'd mind much else.

>> No.16552508

It's heavily implied in ep 1 they have separate rooms. I think it's just that their marriage doesn't seem to be the best.

>> No.16552580

I find a lot of Ryukishi's characters to be entertaining, but Umineko was pushing it with how massive the cast was getting. I'm fine with Umineko but I would rather not see a character list of that size be repeated.
His writing can already get slow-paced and repetitive at times. If the new characters aren't memorable and he spends too much time introducing tons of characters rather than the story, it's going to be a slog to read through and will make me reluctant to re-read an episode. Which is why I can understand his decision of taking his time on writing the first episode for WTC5.

>> No.16552598
File: 379 KB, 504x398, 862446.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck it, why not. It's mystery weekend.


Kinzo's paranoia knows no bounds. After building up Rokkenjima from the ground up, his memories of WW2 still keep him up at night. His fears of an upcoming nuclear war rouse him to have a bomb shelter built. As rich people have more money than sense, Kinzo hires the best builders in Japan to make a bomb shelter underground, accessed from the grounds near the garden shed. The development took some time as the builders had to get back to the mainland in the evenings. Krauss and Natsuhi noticed that Kinzo often spent some of his free time in the bomb shelter on nights when the builders weren't there. Then again, Kinzo loved solitude and often kept himself locked up in his study, so they didn't think too much about it. There would be entire days where no one in the Ushiromiya household even saw Kinzo.

But one day, Natsuhi seemed worried. She had not seen Kinzo in a week. She told Krauss and in turn the servants, and a search ensued. The entire mansion was combed down until eventually they came to the bomb shelter. They decided he could only be there. Yet the entrance was a two foot deep metal door. At their wit's end, Krauss ordered Genji to use a plasma torch (which for the convenience of this mystery was lying around in the garden shed) to burn a hole through the metal door. As they climbed inside the bomb shelter, they found a long corridor with another thick metal door at the end. They burned through that one as well. In the room behind the door they found a large square room. The room was cluttered with things, it was obvious that the bomb shelter wasn't properly outfitted yet (the builders were meant to finish everything the next week). There were tinned foods, crates of other provisions, an uninstalled toilet and some toilet paper, a box of light bulbs, some torches, a cement mixer and some blueprints for the shelter. But in the middle of the room lay Kinzo, a gun in his right hand, a gunshot through his head. He was dead.
As everyone murmured that it must've been suicide, Natushi spoke up. She had spoken to Kinzo and Nanjo two weeks before. Nanjo had told Kinzo that he had gotten very bad arthritis. She had seen Kinzo having terrible trouble even picking up his usual glass of absinthe, he was incapable of holding it. There was no possible way Kinzo could've gone into the bomb shelter, locked and bolted two heavy metal doors or even operated a gun to kill himself. This was murder.

An intensive search of the large room didn't reveal any killer hiding though. All they found were the earlier mentioned provisions, along with a half-eaten bento box, as well as a faulty light bulb in the corner, which also had a pipe hole right in the corner where the walls met.
There was one item Natushi found that showed her how the killer could've done this. Something the killer had overlooked and didn't want her to see. She knew exactly how it was done.

Again, hit me with your Blues if you want some Reds!

>> No.16552668

Where were Krauss and Natsuhi hiding Kinzo's corpse for two years?

>> No.16552671

Lets start simple.

[Blue]The killer shot Kinzo, placed the gun in Kinzos hand, closed and locked the metal doors. For all we know it could have been the builders conspiring. They probably found the gold and decided to steal it. So under the guise of going to and fro the shelter to build it, they were actually secretly carrying gold off the island, Kinzo saw this and was killed by the builders.

Also I'd like clarification on
>which also had a pipe hole right in the corner where the walls met
Does this hole lead to outside the bunker?

>> No.16552709

Good thinking, however!
/RED/ The builders are completely innocent. None of them killed Kinzo, nor did they know about the gold. None of the builders were on the island at the time of the murder or the discovery of the murder.

>Does this hole lead to outside the bunker?
/RED/ The pipe hole is one used for sewage. It leads to a waste pit, but no human could fit through it. Not even an adult human hand could fit through the pipe, so naturally no killer could have escaped through this hole!

>> No.16552734

Right, but the main hole still stands

[Blue]Anyone could have shot Kinzo, placed the gun in Kinzo's hand and then left through the main metal doors and locked them.

>There was one item Natushi found that showed her how the killer could've done this
Is this item amongst the items already mentioned?

>> No.16552738

Not him, but it's possible to lock the doors from the outside. As he said earlier, the murderer could have placed the gun in Kinzo's hands after shooting him, then left locking the doors behind him. Unless you declare in red that it's impossible to lock the doors from outside.

>> No.16552757

I shall declare it in red.
/RED/ The only way to lock the metal doors is from the inside.

>[Blue]Anyone could have shot Kinzo, placed the gun in Kinzo's hand and then left through the main metal doors and locked them.
/RED/ The metal doors can only be locked from the inside.
/RED/ Kinzo did not shoot himself

>Is this item amongst the items already mentioned?
/RED/ Yes. Natushi found an item in the bomb shelter (which was mentioned in the original post) that completely blew open the killer's devious plan!

>> No.16552776

[Blue] Kinzo didn't die of the bullet wound to the head. He was shot after whatever his cause of death was.

>> No.16552779

In his study, hence the smell.

>> No.16552794
File: 674 KB, 700x800, 46576765.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/RED/ Kinzo died because someone shot him in the head, inside of the bomb shelter!

Are you starting to believe that witches are real, aaaaanoooooonnnn?!

>> No.16552821
File: 30 KB, 694x632, 1486075969547.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The killer shot Kinzo and escaped through the area where the pipe leads to. At the time of the murder there was enough room to escape, because the cement surrounding it didn't exist. After killing Kinzo, the killer filled the area with cement and by the time of the discovery, it had dried.

>> No.16552834


[Blue]When Kinzo locked himself inside the shelter (I don't know how, since you said he himself is unable to) he went to change the light bulb in the corner and was shot through the hole from the outside

actually >>16552821 is way better than mine since I got so many things that don't make sense.

>> No.16552845

<good thinking>
I'm afraid it'd not right though.
/RED/ The killer did not escape to the area where the pipe leads to. It's too narrow for any human being to pass through. Not even an adult hand could fit through the hole.

>> No.16552850

I love the theories springing up for this one, very imaginative!
/RED/ Kinzo was not shot through the pipe hole. Kinzo was shot in the face from close range, inside the bomb shelter.

>> No.16552854

That doesn't disregard the fact that the cement mixer could be used to patch in any hole in the wall, allowing for someone to leave from the inside of the shelter.
[Blue] At the time of the murder, it was possible to leave the shelter from inside without the use of the front metal door.

>> No.16552872

Dohoho, you're quite tenacious, aren't you? Trying to trick me into handing out the answer in red!
I will give you this.
/RED/ The only way out of the shelter was the metal door which was locked from the inside, and the pipe leading to the waste pit, which no human being could fit through!

>> No.16552889
File: 351 KB, 866x729, 1481164867223.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Then, how about this?
[Blue] At the time of the murder, the doors hadn't even yet been installed. It would be an inconvenience to have to open and reopen them all the time during construction, so they were saving them for last. The murderer, after shooting Kinzo, installed the doors -- which were already locked -- behind him, placing them in fresh concrete from the mixer left inside of the shelter.

>> No.16552898

Again, some great theories but alas!
/RED/ After killing Kinzo, the murderer locked the metal doors, which were already in place!

This is usually where I drop a hint, but I think I won't this time seeing as everyone's theories are pretty good.

>> No.16552921

[Blue] The bento box was opened and eaten after Kinzo's death.

>> No.16552944

Ah, you're going about it the right way.
/RED/ The bento box was opened and eaten BEFORE Kinzo's death.

>> No.16552964

[Blue] The killer left the shelter and returned after killing Kinzo.

>> No.16552981
File: 133 KB, 500x500, 67w5w767.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I refuse.

>> No.16553020
File: 105 KB, 315x235, 1481065820635.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

After killing Kinzo, the murderer locked the doors, but this doesn't mean he couldn't have unlocked them and left afterwards. Plus, the murder had to have happened recently, otherwise the ones to discover the body would be the construction workers, who were already proven innocent.

[Blue] When Krauss ordered Genji to burn through the doors, they weren't actually locked.

Krauss is the murderer, who was going to have a meal with Kinzo. For some reason, it ended up with Krauss shooting his father. He locked the doors in a panic, calmed down, and left. He possibly paid off the servants but didn't tell Natsuhi. The bento box was probably Natsuhi's key to the mystery, as it was probably made by her/given to someone she knows under her watch, i.e. Krauss and Kinzo on the night of the murder.

>> No.16553046

I'm afraid I have to be brutally honest with you anon.
/RED/ The metal doors can only be locked from the inside. The metal doors were definitely locked at the moment everyone arrived while searching for Kinzo. Kinzo didn't lock the metal doors.

/RED/ Krauss is not the killer.
/RED/ The bento box was simply left behind by the builders. A complete red herring.

>> No.16553056
File: 72 KB, 598x400, 1475520847728.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I-I'll find a way.
[Blue] The killer hid in the cement mixer at the time of the discovery.

>> No.16553059

Well lets try the cheap tricks then

[blue] The culprit was hiding the crates of other provisions
[blue] The culprit was still inside and had an accomplice that didn't announce finding the culprit

>> No.16553065
File: 74 KB, 349x272, 35756475.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I love reading through these. Don't like to participate myself but please keep going, it feels like reading Umineko again

>> No.16553076

/RED/ The killer did not hide in the cement mixer.

/RED/ The killer did not hide in the crates. Also the killer was acting alone and had no accomplices.

I understand that you had to get those options out of the way, but please. You've all proven you're better than that. Now tell me. How did this murder happen? What item did Natsuhi find that solved everything? Yes, the subtle hint-dropping has commenced.

>> No.16553120

How exactly was the light bulb in the corner faulty? That's not really something you can tell at a glance. Was it broken?

>> No.16553131

I'm guessing it probably has to do with the blueprints. Something something, hidden something something.

>> No.16553135

/RED/ The light bulb in the corner was of a lower voltage than the light bulbs in the rest of the large room. It showed less light than the others. However, this was not the item that told Natushi what had happened.

>> No.16553144

Ah, good. Very good.
/RED/ The item that told Natushi exactly what must've happened in this impossible closed room was the blueprints. The killer did not realise that there were blueprints inside of the room. As soon as Natsuhi looked at them, she knew what had happened.

>> No.16553148

The blueprints showed Natsuhi a part of the bomb shelter akin to a secret room that wouldn't be visible without comparing them to the blueprints. The killer was hiding there.

>> No.16553185

Did he even hit his peak?

>> No.16553201

Oh, you're very close, I might have to give it to you.
You have to wonder about the toilet, as well as what is missing from the scene. There's about 300 things missing from the scene, yet they're right there.
I will also say:
/RED/ The killer is no longer alive.

>> No.16553210

Damn it. I thought of this at the start and didn't mention it because I got sidetracked. I wanted to say something about the toilet but it would've been preposterous, because it's a toilet.
[Blue] The killer died shortly after killing Kinzo.

>> No.16553234

The toilet is the key, anon. Always go with your gut instinct.
What were you going to say about the toilet?
/RED/ The killer died about a week after killing Kinzo.

>> No.16553265

I'll need you to repeat this first.
[Blue] The locks on the metal doors do not have keys, or any "item" that locks them which can be separated from the doors themselves.

>> No.16553278

I will happily confirm them.
/RED/ The locks on the metal doors do not have keys, or any "item" that locks them which can be separated from the doors themselves.

I feel that you're inching towards an answer, and I'd love to hear it. Though I'm still unsure how you used the toilet in this one.

>> No.16553290

My theory was that the metal doors were absolutely locked because if they had keys, then the keys would have been flushed down the toilet. The killer would have removed the toilet and tried to get the keys with his hands or something, to no avail. I wasn't sure where I'd go from there.

How about this?
[Blue] The toilet was moved in order to hide something that would incriminate the murderer.

>> No.16553311

I love your thinking. Those are genuinely good answers.
It kind of hurts me to say though, that:
/RED/ The toilet was never installed in the first place
/RED/ No evidence escaped through the pipe hole

/RED/ Natsuhi inspected the blueprints and knew what happened.
/RED/ The pipe hole was too close to the walls.

>> No.16553334

I tend to go with anything that comes to mind. Like Beato said, better to go in like you're fighting with a shotgun when you're using the Blue.
[Blue] The cement mixer was used after Kinzo's death.

>> No.16553347

/RED/ It certainly was.

>> No.16553370

Why am I such a baka, I thought of this at the start and didn't want to say it because I thought it was obscene.
[Blue] The killer sealed himself in concrete.

>> No.16553433

Never go against your gut instinct anon. If you've played my mysteries before you should know that sense is no companion here. It's not about what makes sense, it's about what's possible.

But yes, you've solved it. <CONGRATULATIONS>
The killer met with Kinzo and shot him. Having no desire to live at this point, the killer framed it in such a way that it looked like Kinzo committed suicide. Using the cement mixer, the killer made enough cement to brick themselves in. The 300 missing bits I mentioned were bricks. The killer took all the spare bricks in the shelter and sealed themself in. They built a wall in the back of the shelter, using cement and bricks. Of course the clean cement and amateur brickwork would be obvious, so they switched the light bulb for a darker one so less people would notice that something had changed in the shelter's look. The one problem was the pipe hole. The killer never thought of this. There was a toilet in the shelter that had yet to be installed. The blueprints were ready. Natsuhi saw it completely as soon as she saw the blueprints. There was a wall in the shelter that shouldn't have been there according to the blueprints. And the pipe hole in the corner didn't make sense either.
How could you install a toilet on a pipe hole that was so close to the wall? There would be no place to put the lavatory. Combine that with Natsuhi's blueprints and it all made sense. An extra wall was built.
The killer shot Kinzo, then sealed themselves up by creating a secret wall using the cement and bricks. The killer never knew that Kinzo had crippling arthritis, nor that that pipe hole would be so crucial.

The identity of the killer really isn't important to this particular mystery, but I'd say it was probably Yasu. Fed up with life and the nightly rapings of Kinzo, Yasu decided to kill him. Depressed as fuck, Yasu decided that life wasn't worth living and entombed himself with Kinzo's body, providing a lovely locked-room mystery as a final act.

>> No.16553438

It was really fun, this was the first time I ever really participated. I hope to do many more, because this really got me thinking even if the answer was something I had immediately. I think it was that one story of the Japanese schoolgirl that was sealed in concrete after being tortured for a while that made me think of it?

Anyway, keep up the good work.

>> No.16553462

Glad you enjoyed it. It's always fun if more people participate. And there were some sound theories tonight.

>I think it was that one story of the Japanese schoolgirl that was sealed in concrete after being tortured for a while that made me think of it
What the fuck now?

>> No.16553466


This one. Pretty gruesome.

>> No.16553482

Fucking hell man. That's fucked up.

>> No.16553487

>Murder of Junko Furuta
Someone actually made a hentai manga adaptation of this. It's really fucked up

>> No.16553495

No kidding. I'd like if the gruesome murders kept themselves in fiction. Speaking of, is it worth downloading and installing episode 8 (well, 5-8 I mean), or just watching it online? I moved computers and this laptop's kind of ass. I heard there's actual choices you can make in episode 8, so I was thinking I might as well bite the bullet and go through the hell that of installing it.

>> No.16553530

I mean the choices don't exactly matter but I always like the feeling of playing the VNs myself.

>> No.16553554

There's only one choice that has any impact on the story, and it only changes which ending you get

It does have some interactive puzzles though, which give you an extra scene if you get them right. I thought they were kind of fun even though most of them were pretty easy

>> No.16553766

I wonder if this panel was supposed to be amusing, because it sure makes me giggle

>> No.16553773

Rosa should always put a smile on your face.

>> No.16554207

>What would ruin WTC 5 for you guys?
Bad music, lame story/plot, and lack of Erika.

>> No.16554243

>Lack of Erika
You're staking your enjoyment of the series on something like that? There's no guarantee any of them will be returning, let alone Erika who's never returned.

>> No.16554290
File: 276 KB, 1000x1465, img000039.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>There's no guarantee any of them will be returning
I think Bern and Lambda are pretty likely at least

>> No.16554311

Yeah, but I'm not going to dislike the series if they don't.

>> No.16554544

Seems like volume 2 of Hotarubi will be released in one month. We'll finally get more raws then. Too bad no one is going to translate them

>> No.16555033
File: 314 KB, 836x1200, 12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Apparently Monthly Action is published digitally now, which means that I can rip Hotarubi when new chapters are released from now on. The digital version didn't start until November, so chapter 6 will be missing until volume 2 is out

I have ripped 7-10 though, and they're included here with the rest. New chapters are released on the 25th of each month

>> No.16556228

What kind of personality traits do you guys think an MC should have?

>> No.16556313


>> No.16557130

Big breasts fetish.

>> No.16557287

Dlt dis

>> No.16557319

Having a critical flaw they can never overcome.

None of that "I learned how to be a better person" shit.

>> No.16557345

Even as a dumb kid writing Sonic fanfics I always kept this in mind.

>> No.16558451

I want my cameo so fucking much. I crave it.

>An entire episode of a wild ride.
>Theories everywhere, people dropping dead.
>The MC is backed into a corner.
>Suddenly a silhouette in the crowd.
>Blue hair, smirk on her face.

I would probably jump from my windows out of happiness and die or something.

>> No.16560490

Beato on the front page

>> No.16560831

This anime (Higurashi) is really interesting for Japanese people because this anime is based off of a real taboo in Japan.called 同和問題/被差別部落/部落解放同盟 and it's an obvious fact for the Japanese.

People living in Hinamizawa-mura (Rena, Mion, Shion, Rika, and Satoko, etc) are 被差別部落民 (ムラの者) and Keiichi is a 非部落民 (someone who lives outside 'mura').

It's creepy yet interesting cuz it's such a taboo in Japan that foreigners wouldn't even know so keep enjoying this "fantasy" anime, although this anime is probably some of the realest anime I've ever seen.

>> No.16560869

Buraku villages

>> No.16560957

Yes, it's real.

Decent Japanese people are scared of Burakumin and try hard to avoid them because of 逆差別, 暴力, リンチ, 糾弾, and カツアゲ. etc.

Even cops and the government wouldn't bother them.

>> No.16561045

That's basically hillbillies
And the way outside world sees them is portrayed pretty clearly in fourth episode

>> No.16561157

>foreigners wouldn't even know
It's literally explained in the novel.
Besides, I've seen similar stuff. Horror writers, even unprofessional ones, love that shit about small towns.

>> No.16561219

Late to this but I highly doubt he's Christian. The religious references he makes seem more reflective of someone who thought Christianity was interesting in an exotic way (like how Westerners view Buddhism) rather than of someone who actually believed in it.

>> No.16561247

Seems you know your stuff.

>That's basically hillbillies
More like 人権ヤクザ (human rights yskuza)

>> No.16561371

Burakumin make up a significant part of Yakuza by the way, most of the rest are 在日朝鮮人 (Koreans that live in Japan).

>> No.16561437

Do they actually kill outsiders?

>> No.16561669


Sometimes yes. (And if murder cases/arson attacks/gang-rape cases happened, burakumin get highly suspicious of those cases foremost because just because they are burakumin/butchers)

But most of the case, it's a reverse discrimination (including taking outsiders to the cleaners/captivity/gang bashing/extorting money/beating up to death/etc.
Because all they want is money, they use human rights as a shield to squeeze cash from reverse victims (outsiders).
Police, the government and media don't bother Burakumin because they have privileged position and power.
They know discrimination makes profitable.

Anyways let's not forget about terrible affairs that happened in Showa era.

Here is some list about affairs that caused by Burakumin:

etc, etc.


>> No.16561688

I am reconsidering on visiting rural Japan.

>> No.16561817

North part of rural areas (Tōhoku region) in Japan are safe, since they have no concept of Buraku.

It's mostly west Japan and south Japan (Kansai region and Kyushu region).

>> No.16561852

Fearmongering! It's attitudes like these that don't let the Burakumin integrate in the society properly.

Yes, there have been incidents in the past, but any society has it's bad apples.
As long as people try to spread fear against the burakumin, there will be injustice against the burakumin.

>> No.16561985

'Decent' Japanese people have a genuine reason for avoiding Burakumin today.

This problem is anything but easy.

>> No.16562111

Alright Seacats. Do you want an Erika quest on the quest board or should I keep my silly little fanfic to myself or perhaps pastebin it?

>> No.16562283

pastebin seems like a safe bet. It works for the lewd fics so it should work for you too.

>> No.16562495

>Seems you know your stuff.
What did he mean by this.

>> No.16562536

What's the setting?

>> No.16562574

The Eternal Maid. There's a hitman on board, Erika is also on board.

It's a bit of an absurd setting, but I thought anything less wouldn't do justice.

>> No.16562603

I'm not sure if he knew Buraku areas are creepy and dangerous, run by vulgar Burakumin Yakuza.

But he basically means there are many creepy and weird horror stories based off of a variety of customs of rural villages (mostly buraku) in Japan.

Doesn't mean much.

>> No.16562664
File: 695 KB, 1280x960, Dawn of the Golden Witch 103.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This scene... was hot.

>> No.16562851

Somehow the fact that it was all just an innuendo made it feel even more lewd than an actual sex scene.

>> No.16563151

If Erika won do you think she would have fucked Battler's brains out while he was powerless to stop her?

>> No.16563184
File: 83 KB, 499x343, erika puts on her intellectual rape face.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>do you think she would
She's a rapist, and not in the silly "nightly rapings of Krauss" way.

>> No.16563196
File: 308 KB, 949x1400, erika rape.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think she made her intentions very clear.

>> No.16563452

official butt

>> No.16563536

Where do you see a butt there.

>> No.16563554
File: 1.15 MB, 949x1400, Untitled-2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I never miss a butt

>> No.16563605

Not that guy, but I missed it too
So not only is she raping Battler, she also is cucking Beatrice right in front of him
Truly the best girl out of all best girls

>> No.16563626
File: 115 KB, 1200x847, Erika lie down 9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does this also count as "official butt"?

>> No.16563636
File: 599 KB, 1288x964, Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 5.35.21 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why are Kumasawa and Genji here? Are they not in their meta forms because Beatrice got revived?

Panties void it

>> No.16563642

That's another thing I like about Ryukishi, he knows how to be cruel and loves it.

>> No.16563651
File: 858 KB, 720x952, Erika bra manga color.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Official boobs

>> No.16563667
File: 491 KB, 833x1200, 005 (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because Battler promised to give them more screentime.

>> No.16563678

And if I were to remove them?

>> No.16563690

These are the hard questions I just can't answer

>> No.16563707

I feel it's because Battler is more used to Kumasawa and Genji, rather than Virgillia and Ronove. Battler grew up with them, after all.

>> No.16563763

She's surprisingly stacked.

>> No.16563858

The sideburns hide her chest very well

>> No.16563925
File: 221 KB, 428x600, eri_a11_akire1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, they always seem to be hanging right over where her curves would be. She can actually be pretty busty depending on the artist.

>> No.16564573
File: 122 KB, 450x720, the body of a child and the intellect of a rapist.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You'd rather put your writing in a pastebin than do a collab with a fellow anon? Why not have a little ambition, you know, risk something?

>> No.16564680
File: 41 KB, 700x500, eternalmeido.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not that other anon you were talking to earlier about a collab. I'm not confident in my writing and I don't want the pressure as well so I'll leave you two to do a collab.
>ZR on Erika

Anyway, h-here I go. Also tripcode for the sake of the story

>> No.16564754
File: 131 KB, 450x720, wew.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, that's embarassing. In that case good luck on your writers journey anon. I'll read your story tomorrow and report back to you.

>> No.16564807

Seems fairly interesting. I'll read it once more later before giving a proper opinion on it.

>> No.16564950

I'm actually that anon you were talking about with a collab. I haven't been around much the past few days.

Still interested in the project, I'd just need to actually join the Rokkenjima discord.

>> No.16565118
File: 1.14 MB, 1200x900, 1478250538508.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can't wait

>> No.16565739

I love that Ryukishi is the best at these rape scenarios. I don't know a single author that idealizes and perfects rape to such a perfect degree.

>> No.16565858
File: 1.08 MB, 640x4320, valentine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.16566126
File: 415 KB, 800x600, Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 2.52.37 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know the exact name of the BGM that plays in this scene, I do know that Bernkastel's character song is a different variation of it. "The Belief That People Are Fundamentally Good".

This plays in the first Shannon/Kanon scene of Ep 6, and what's really special about it is that it blatantly plays the chorus from "Dear You" along with Hope from Umi.

I'm super excited about this episode now as I dropped Umi years ago at Episode 6 and at this point remember nothing of what's to come after it. Just this scene and BGM have my expectations through the roof now.

>> No.16566452
File: 9 KB, 259x194, beatocalibur.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why are Erikafags so delusional/crazy?

>> No.16566492
File: 362 KB, 1000x707, umineko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

See->>>16542532 and >>16542538

Knox wasn't really against Chinese or Asians per se. For all we know Chinaman might not even have been offensive back in the day of non-PCness.

The "no chinaman" meant mysteries shouldn't have an unexplained, unknown, or not commonly understood shit in it (often in the case back then the orient). Not literally no Chinese people.

R07 completely ignored that because Beatrice (the italian) IS the Chinaman (foreigner) of the story and magic/witches are the (unexplained/unknown bs). R07's promo for Umineko did say Knox/Dine won't save you. Also he did clearly foreshadow Beatrice's Italian roots as well as explain the magic/witches.

OFC by the witch meta canon, Dlanor couldn't use that since witches are literally Chinese men, the game she played wasn't built with that rule in mind (you can think of the other 10 wedges working only because Beato built a mystery that allowed Battler a chance to win and thus said mystery would likely have said rules too), or 34 just put that restriction her.

TL;DR it's up to you to discern for yourself if R07 made a flux pass.

p.s. Only real Chinaman in the story is Kinzo and he's more Taiwanese. Also not a Chinaman so much as a Chinacorpse.

>> No.16566721

>The "no chinaman" meant mysteries shouldn't have an unexplained, unknown, or not commonly understood shit in it (often in the case back then the orient). Not literally no Chinese people.

This. Language is contextualized to the point where many commonly-used words have meanings other than their literal ones. Today it's common to insert "fucking" into a sentence, not to imply anything sexual, but as a way of making a statement more forceful, and on here we use goat in a way that is totally disconnected from its original meaning. This is also why having a list of fine-able swearwords is complete nonsense. It's just a way of creating fake objectivity.

>> No.16566731
File: 41 KB, 210x278, I heard you were talking about human nature I happen to be an expert on the subject.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.16566775
File: 800 KB, 640x480, ange valentine.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.16567406

Mysteries are fleeting, but good rape is forever

>> No.16567439
File: 388 KB, 593x1171, FErika359.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Was it rape?

>> No.16567496
File: 298 KB, 1000x815, __dlanor_a_knox_frederica_bernkastel_furudo_erika_and_lambdadelta_umineko_no_naku_koro_ni_drawn_by_megurimu__bc313e49b8953850103500ccad343108.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It was <cute>

>> No.16568046

It was pretty well written and had a nice, smooth pacing.

The way you've written he lead, completing the game sounds like the more in character thing to do, but personally I'd like to see what the girl's up to.

>> No.16568188

Thank you for that, I tried to make it as well written as I possibly could, so as not make it seem 'fan-fic tier'.

And if you'd like just tick any of the boxes on which direction you'd like the main character to move.

>> No.16568219

Well then, in that case:

[ ] Continue the game, you like winning.
[x] Stop the game, you'd like to help the girl.
[ ] Other

>> No.16568348

Awkward or false use of expressions aside I think you have a pretty decent flow. Could use a bit more transitional and atmospheric fluff though.
For instance, I'd suggest expanding upon the setting more in the beginning. Going straight from "the 0.1 percent had made a lot of enemies" to "so a trojan horse had been put on this boat and there were guns and everything" is way too bare-bones in terms of narrative. Why not expand a bit more on the kinds of people these enemies might be, and leave the question whether this motive is just a red herring open for a bit? You know, to create some suspense and uncertainty.
>Mr Bateson the hitman

Alright then, see you around. Seems like the admin made the Discord exclusive to forum members a while ago. I figured that Rokkenjima was the best place for an Umineko-related project at the moment. You can't do developement in total secret and expect people to be interested in the result.

>> No.16568455

Oh, and
[Other] Erika totally switched out her cards for yours while you were ordering your drink and the dealer was getting his waterbottle from under the table.
Check your hand again to make sure you don't embarass yourself, then make a prediction about one of the cards in Erikas hand to make it clear that you know what's up. See how she reacts. You're still unsure whether you want to call her out openly or play along.

>> No.16568602

Why not make a jaypee seacat discord?

>> No.16568617

Oh, that's a quest.

Post it either in /jp/ or in /qst/, if it's an interactive fiction. Pastebin is awkward. Imageboards were made to be interactive, pastebin wasn't.

>> No.16568926
File: 354 KB, 450x600, 1443770048221.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I really love that Seizensetsu song. It makes me think Bern isn't bad at all, and actually grossly misunderstood.
BGM is Blue Butterfly.

>> No.16568971
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Her other character song (Or it might be Rika's) is really great

Also I found uh... these?
It's the crossover no one ever wanted

>> No.16568980
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>Dlanor couldn't use that since witches are literally Chinese men

>> No.16569084

Chinaman (male)

>> No.16569359

Sonic and Umineko together?! That's like the meeting point of my past and present.

>> No.16569394

This is the most bizarre cross over I've seen yet.

>> No.16569443

Eggman: "Gracias Erika"

>> No.16569819

For generals especially it's a bad idea to encourage people to have an irc or a discord going in parallel, because it creates a weird secret club dynamic and splits the discussion. Suddenly you have a lot of contextual information that you won't be aware of if you're only interested in participating in the threads. It also encourages tripfaggotry, which can get out of hand all too quickly if it isn't prevented from taking root, and just a few dedicated tripfags can turn an entire board into a shadow of its former self in terms of quality of discussion.

>> No.16569831 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.07 MB, 1024x911, 1487111596536.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My curiosity got the best of me.

>> No.16569848

This story will not have a happy ending.

>> No.16569957 [DELETED] 
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New <cute> and <pop> thread because we hit bump limit here

>> No.16571076

Very well, don't want to clutter this place up even more.

I'll need to learn formatting on 3000 char limit posts though.

>> No.16572201


>> No.16572704


>> No.16573245


>> No.16573269


>> No.16573299


>> No.16573677
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>> No.16573687

Was getting impaled part of your plan?

>> No.16575373

Good Jesus, now I'll need to actually participate. Darn.