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Cornucopia of Resources / Guide
Read the guide before asking questions.

Previous thread: >>16475061

This thread is for the discussion and learning of Japanese with raw VNs, LNs, anime and manga.
If you have no interest in otaku media or want to request a translation, this is not the thread for you.

Let's have a nice thread by reporting and ignoring off-topic posts.

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Daily and japanese.

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Post VN charts pls

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Should I finish core or just do reviews and read + mine?

I feel like should finish core cause the example sentences and audio is pretty nice, but the vocabulary is pretty shit sometimes.

3k into core

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I finished Core6k and the last 2000 cards are a waste of time.
I did start a mining deck about 1500-2000 cards into Core, though, and I would recommend you do the same.

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Why is that thread here instead of /a/ ?

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But VNDB doesn't list if a title is easy or not.

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So just doing reviews for core and concentrating on my mining deck?

Will do that.

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It's usually pretty obvious from the tags and example screenshots. If the tags are School Life Comedy and Pure Love Story, and the example screenshots are all like pic related, it's easy.

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Anyone whos into granblue can give me a quick explanation of 全空一 or 全空一カワイイ?
seems like a campaign or something from that game? how would you read/translate it? I'd guess best in all the sky or something?

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No point learning Japanese any more.

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Those girls are obnoxious.

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Agreed. They seem super self-indulged.

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When did this come back to /a/? I've missed this.

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Wasn't this scam called something else last year? I swear it was an earpiece for a while.

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What's the hardest japanese word to pronouce? No matter how many times I try I just cannot pronouce 実力 without going ridiculously slowly.

Even when you play the audio file from rikai, you can tell the speaker is going extra slow so they don't fuck it up

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>you can tell the speaker is going extra slow so they don't fuck it up
No, that's just you. please don't claim you can possibly know the reason behind this. i can pronounce it with normal speed and i'm sure many others can too so it's just your retardation

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Obviously I can't actually tell, but it certainly feels that way. Just hover over it and press f and you can listen for youself. I have never heard anybody except 生先生 pronounce japanese so slowly.

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>but it certainly feels that way.
what makes you think I or anyone else cares about how you "feel"?
especially considering that you are probably retarded since you for some reason felt the need to make a post about your inability to pronounce a simple word

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You sure showed him.

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yeah, "him"

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Well you obviously cared enough about how I feel to get quite spectacularly wound up about it, so that in itself is good evidence that I might not have been wasting my time.

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i do care about you not shitting up this thread with your stupid posts. i don't know how you got "he cares about my feelings" from that.
>I might not have been wasting my time.
so your idea of not wasting time is making blatantly retarded posts about your teenage issues?
that sounds pretty sick to me.

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The word "feel" in the sense which we have been using it is much closer to the meaning of "opinion", in the sense of making an assumption based on relatively light evidence and usually some intuition. It has little or nothing to do with a person's moods or " teenage issues" , whatever that means where you come from.
Would you prefer not to hear any kind of opinion in this thread? Perhaps that might satisfy your personal autism to some degree, but it would also make discussion very difficult.

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i'm the only one who has been using it in any meaningful way. you're just trying to deny reality.
>is much closer to the meaning of "opinion"
only if you use made up definitions, which you seem to be doing right now. can't say that i'm surprised though.
>some intuition
wouldn't call that "some". you literally sperged out and declared that the person was pronouncing it slowly so they don't fuck it up.
>It has little or nothing to do with a person's moods or " teenage issues"
this has little or nothing to do with my response about "teenage issues". i was referring to your bitchy attitude in general.
>whatever that means where you come from.
in Australia it means the exact same thing you thought about.
>Would you prefer not to hear any kind of opinion in this thread?
your opinion in particular? yeah, that would be fucking great.
>but it would also make discussion very difficult.
not really. not all people here ascribe motives to random voice actors

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Delete yourselves

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Okay so I know this is probably something simple but I can't find the answer and it's driving me nuts, what does "skidou" mean? That spelling is probably wrong but that's what it sounds like to me. I hear it all the time in Japanese conversation and I'm not sure if it's a particle or not.

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Post the entire sentence idiot.

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>what does "skidou" mean?
what you typed right here is by definition impossible if we are talking about Japanese. please take this random shit to some other thread.

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>N3-kun tries his fist Japanese sentence

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literally could not read this high level japanese
remove yourself.

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It's "desu kedo" (pronounced "deskedo"). If you're learning Japanese, you should already know desu ("is") and kedo ("though" / a clause connector).

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>(pronounced "deskedo")
see >>16502171
then see the second sentence of >>16502200

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>polite form of existence verb
sure are talking a lot of shit for an amateur

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>clause connector
delete yourself.

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Expected this?

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yes, that's the moment I responded "delete yourself."

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I love that song. In flames is goat

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hello guys, thank you for the amazing effort, i have three requests if they are possible to fulfill myself and many others will be happy.

pref. ocr, because ocr is love.

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How do I make the ない form of 帰る?
Is it 帰らない?

Since it already suggested that to me, I think that's correct but I want to make sure.

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What kind of 古文 do you enjoy if you still need books like that?

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帰らず, it's an exception

also, don't always go with suggestions, especially don't trust rikai
for example 哀しき is not recognized by it.

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scan for KKLC in the OP
no OCR because OCR is unusably bad on multilingual text

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Then why did this guy call his song 帰らない?


>> No.16502650

What. I've never seen that before.
I thought the only exceptions are しない and こない
Are there more exceptions that end in らず? Does it have the same meaning as ない?

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It's obviously a very old song, things have changed

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He's fucking with you, it's 帰らない.

-ず is the negative in classical Japanese. You can still see it nowadays in formal contexts or when trying to sound old timey. It's used by sticking it to the verb's 未然形.

行かず = 行かない
せず = しない
食べず = 食べない

You can also see it in 修飾語 as ぬ (ぬ being ず's 連体形), like 忘れられぬ体験 = 忘れられない体験 etc.

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oh nice, and the others? could you kindly or someone else scan the others?

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Ah thanks, looks like I got memed.

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>He's fucking with you, it's 帰らない.
I didn't with 哀しき though.

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哀しき時代 = 哀しい時代 written to sound more formal and serious.

Of course Rikai doesn't recognize classical Japanese conjurations. Try 高き, 安き, おかしき, めでたき, 麗しき, かわゆき etc. Only in cases that can be called fossilizations from the current point of view, it catches up - e.g. 良き, 素晴らしき, 悪しき.

If you're trying to give advice about this, you shouldn't need to use Rikai for it.

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I tried searching the other previous DJT threads and the neocities link and if it's there I was too retarded to see it.

I saw someone take a screenshot of a test which rated proficiency on various categories, and the highest level was something like 'as good as native". It had a blue and white color scheme. I thought it was something like e-jpt.org but that's not it.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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But I guess those old ones might seem like conjurations to some.

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I think an anon said in a previous thread that he's working on your second request.


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Is it fine to use 毎に(ごとに) in a sentence like this?
"Every time you do 100 you get one point."

While I'm not entirely sure how I'd formulate the complete sentence, I wonder if annotating 「100毎に」 is correct or not if I wanted to convey the meaning I just explained. The 100 in question can be anything, think killing enemies in a game for example if you need to picture something.

>> No.16502711

Which app do you guys use to study Kanji on your smartphones? I'm using the free version of Anki Aniki but it's not the greatest.

>> No.16502716


Alternatively you can use 度に.

>> No.16502726

no the guy of the request, but I'm looking foward the grammar, I live in a shithole called moldova, and there is nothing I can do to import stuff like this here.

the grammar is indeed a beast, probably better than the DoxJG here is a look inside


>> No.16502734

Can you explain why people want these grammar books uploaded? I mean if it's not a physical, what's the point? If you're already on your PC you can just google / use one of the million grammar sites available?

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>> No.16502737

the guy of the request.

hmm let me see, I work with IT but i like physical books, also there is a lot of pseudo-good grammars out there (TK) makes me suffer.

>> No.16502741

I just want to annotate it though, I don't want having to type a full sentence. But it looks like it's ok since over google I'm seeing stuff like "100毎に5ポイント". Thanks.

He's a beginner and thinks having special snowflake books and resources will help him learn better. Studying the hard way but good way is too hard for him so his brain instinctively flagged those as "not good". He's just playing a blame game with himself. Give him 6 months to 1 year for him to realize it.

>> No.16502744

Example screenshots can be misleading, since people tend to screenshot something with a simple line that you don't need context to understand. No one screenshots those long, boring narration scenes that kill any beginner.

>> No.16502745

See :
>pseudo-good grammars
>(TK) makes me suffer

This "can't be his own fault", he can't accept this.

>> No.16502746

>also there is a lot of pseudo-good grammars out there (TK) makes me suffer.

"there is a lot of pseudo-good grammars out there (TK)" is a full predicative clause, and cannot act as a noun phrase. In order to have a finite clause that can act as a noun phrase in english, you either need to make it a relative clause, or you have to use a statal construction like "noun Xing". Or just use a conjunction and filler noun.

>also there being a lot of pseudo-good grammars out there (TK) makes me suffer.
>also there's a lot of pseudo-good grammars out there (TK) and it makes me suffer.

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>I just want to annotate it though, I don't want having to type a full sentence.

Hmm, >>16502709
>Is it fine to use 毎に(ごとに) in a sentence like this?
>I'm not entirely sure how I'd formulate the complete sentence,

No hard feelings.

>> No.16502766

>special snowflake books and resources
What is this even supposed to mean? Anything other than RTK (outdated), Tae Kim (useless after you've been studying for more than two months) and DoJG (good, obviously, but not comprehensive)?

>> No.16502768

Yeah, what I meant is, if someone who had the full sentence/meaning in mind beforehand would find correct to see 「100毎に」 written afterwards in relation to what they had read before. Does that make sense?

Let's take the killing thing example again.


Once in game, displayed in the corner of your screen :

Sorry for the misunderstanding, I still appreciate you typed the full sentence for me of course.

>> No.16502777

This book seems a upgrade of the DoJG, not the DoJG is bad, but Tae Kim is for guys that want to say 俺はバカ外人です、俺は日本人になりたい
RTK is a Joke, a terrible Joke, burn the copies that you have, Imabi is a good resource, but lacks the organization by topic and sentences, I mean, lessions with like 6 topics, ouch. but the best grammar everywhere.

>> No.16502787

>Imabi is a good resource, but lacks the organization by topic and sentences, I mean, lessions with like 6 topics, ouch. but the best grammar everywhere.
x best grammar everywhere
o best grammar *guide (anywhere)

a "grammar" is a technical term referring to a specific kind of grammar resource intended for scholars and teachers

>> No.16502802

I have no clue what you're saying, but those corrections are completely self-explanatory to me. This is why I always hated grammar study in school.

>> No.16502809

>-ず is the negative in classical Japanese. You can still see it nowadays in formal contexts or when trying to sound old timey.
Except -ず is still otherwise in common usage and just means "without [verb]".

>> No.16502810

besuto grammer ebeawaru, improved?

>> No.16502811

School grammar's even worse because the explanations are equally unintelligible but the corrections are frequently wrong.

>> No.16502813

Not "without", it's just adverbial (modifies another statement itself) instead of terminal (stands alone or with a conjunction).

>> No.16502814

ず / ずに

>> No.16502817

That's ずに

>> No.16503076

How would you say a "rep" in Japanese? Be it a an anki rep, or a rep when lifting, etc... Can't find anything like that in dictionaries.

>> No.16503078

What is rep shorthand for?

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I'm sorry...

>> No.16503154

Can someone post some words with really obscure kanji? I need to pad my numbers, almost at 3500 so it needs to be fairly obscure.

I'll give you guys one in return if you help me out, here's a freebie:


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File: 55 KB, 623x551, Bj9IBfF[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks but I already have that one.

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>> No.16503182

What about 霹靂? By the way, I see you have both the J-E and J-J definitions on your card, is there an automated way to do that?

But that word is really common.

>> No.16503188

If you're okay with animal names, check this out: https://ranking.goo.ne.jp/ranking/category/999/nhMmHOggHfeF/

>> No.16503191

I just finished volume 4 of Oyasumi Punpun and... it's really boring. Does it get better or should I drop it?

>> No.16503196

I know both (青天の霹靂).

I add them manually if the English one is ambiguous or unclear, but there is a way to do it.

You can download a Japanese dictionary and use Epwing2Anki to generate cards from a word list and it will grab the definition from the dictionary you set.

>> No.16503201


>> No.16503208

Thanks but I'm not just looking for obscure kanji, I'm looking for kanji that are actually contained in words. Unfortunately there aren't many left.

I'll throw out a couple more I learned recently from reading:


>> No.16503213

Go read Mareni.

>> No.16503221

This is probably the best way, I read the first few hours of Albatross but I stopped for whatever reason. Definitely good for this sort of thing.

>> No.16503232 [DELETED] 

Fuck those other people. The only mistake you made was using が when you need は. Also you could say バカなんですか instead since it's less direct so it sounds less choppy.

>> No.16503237


>> No.16503244

Thanks I don't know the second one, similar to 畦道, although it does seem like it's only used in names.

>> No.16503256

適当 is the most obscurest word for Japanese.

>> No.16503261


I'm not sure if these count or not, maybe they are more common than I think, just some of which I mined recently.

>> No.16503275

I mined it from こころ by Soseke as a word (なわて).

>> No.16503285


Go through the 1級 list.

>> No.16503287

I know for a fact that those are common.

>> No.16503312


>> No.16503343

おびただしい is usually common to be fair.

Either that's Chinese or it's some sort of mantra.

>> No.16503347

in kana*

Don't know how I fucked that up.

>> No.16503371

It's really hard to assess how common something really is.

You could go years without encountering stuff like 裾 even though it's very common, just by never reading into certain topics.

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File: 3 KB, 378x52, 0Ag0Hgt[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can ctrl f word lists. I find anything within 50k is 100% worth learning. There are repeats and redundant words depending on spelling so it's not actually 50k words.

>> No.16503398

Where can I download that list?

>> No.16503402

囁く is common but 囁き used as a noun is not.
夥しい is on the order of occurring 5 times per million words, which is not common.
Don't. Download this one: http://pj.ninjal.ac.jp/corpus_center/bccwj/data-files/frequency-list/BCCWJ_frequencylist_suw_ver1_0.zip

>> No.16503403

What is the kanji? I've never seen it.

>> No.16503404

>I find anything within 50k is 100% worth learning.
Learning yes, studying no.

>> No.16503409

>囁く is common but 囁き used as a noun is not.
It's a redundant word. All you need to know is that 囁く's stem can be used as a noun and there you have it, you just "learned" a brand new "word".

>> No.16503414

I know, right? It's almost like morphology should be completely ignored in word lists.

>> No.16503417


I just uploaded it, it's really only usable to ctrl+f words to see their tanking. You can't use it as a list to learn from directly.

>> No.16503421

These word lists are generated by a program, I don't think anyone suggested you directly import them to Anki and start learning or anything.

>> No.16503424

You see people recommending Core 2k/6k, right? Well, there you go.

>> No.16503429

Those are edited by humans, I'm not sure I understand your point.

>> No.16503433

The actual word list is in strict correspondence with frequency data from iknow. Generated by a program.

>> No.16503436

And then edited by a human afterwords with all the redundant words taken out.

>> No.16503438

Core has some weird stuff

like you have 横断歩道 really early in, followed by 歩道 relatively soon, then a 1000 words later you get 横断 alone

>> No.16503440

Nothing was taken out and there are redundant entries.

>> No.16503444

>all the redundant words taken out.
Heh, no.

>> No.16503450

I'm not saying it's perfect, but it's 100% usable for someone learning Japanese.

>nothing was taken out
Literally look at any of these unedited lists and you'll see how retarded that comment is.

>> No.16503455

>Literally look at any of these unedited lists and you'll see how retarded that comment is.
Maybe think for literally ten seconds how much non-humans can do how easily. No sane person in their right mind would every manually remove particle entries from a word list when there's a convenient "particle" word right there next to each particle in the output of the program.

>> No.16503458


>> No.16503459

>but it's 100% usable for someone learning Japanese.
So is an unedited frequency list. Like A Frequency Dictionary of Japanese.

>> No.16503467

That book is edited as well. And yes they are useful but in different ways.

>> No.16503482

>That book is edited as well.
The data is not. At all. It has at least 1000 useless entries.

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File: 164 KB, 1024x1024, 1483757761282.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why the fuck you guys post in /jp/ now

>> No.16503542

I went through and counted them all before.
- Basic grammar (particles, conjunctions, interjections, etc) -- These are not vocabulary.
- Redundant morphological verb forms -- These are not vocabulary. Only the base form is.
- Words coupled with simple derivational affixes e.g. 運転 -> 運転手 -- These are not vocabulary. Only the individual derivational affix is.
- Myriad counters duplicated for every number under the sun (三人, 四人, etc) -- These should not be memorized in the context of normal vocabulary.
- Weekdays, months, etc (with occasional duplicates, even) -- These should not be memorized in the context of normal vocabulary.
Can confirm, around 1000 total.

>> No.16503549

purged from /a/ like 6 months ago

>> No.16503569

So, have any of you actually achieved near fluency?

I have been studying for about half a year, and am decent at grammar but have a lot of issues retaining Kanji and words. At what point did you become semi fluent (being able to understand more than around 60% of anime/shows) and what was your study routine like?

I think that my biggest issue is that i only study for about an hour a day.

>> No.16503594

What is a VN?

>> No.16503622

Sometimes I feel like Japanese is just a teensy tiny bit retarded.

>> No.16503626

That's a pretty gigantic issue. Instead of making posts like this you need to read more. A lot more. I was doing pretty well myself at the half a year mark but I was reading novels for at least 2-3 hours a day, every single day on top of keeping up a mining deck.

>> No.16503632

Sorry for being a noob, but what the hell is a mining deck?

Also, how can you read novels when you don't know enough words? It's hard to stay motivated when you don't know 80% of what is said.

>> No.16503634

>semi fluent (being able to understand more than around 60% of anime/shows)
1. "Fluent" is a measure of production, not comprehension
2. Never use the phrase "semi fluent" ever again.

>> No.16503638

Am I to understand that the VN's on the very top are easy or hard?

>> No.16503644

Read the guide.

Looking up words is easy thanks to hooking tools. Other than that you just pick something you are extremely motivated to read and kick yourself in the butt. Go at it every day and after a while it will get much easier.

>> No.16503666

The VNs at the very top are easy to force your way through because they're short and don't use advanced grammar (except slang if you count that as advanced).

>> No.16503671

It's a troll chart that you shouldn't pay much attention to.

>> No.16503684

i like this post

>> No.16503691

The poster you're responding to is "semi retarded", why bother?

>> No.16503709


I don't know who to believe now.

>> No.16503741

Yourself. Pick something YOU want to read and have a go at it. Majority of VNs are not written in "easy" or "hard" styles, they're written for normal Japanese adults. And no matter what you pick, it will be difficult in the beginning because you're a learner. You just have to push on, and to push on with a slow and painful reading speed you need the material to to be interesting to you and hold your attention.

>> No.16503753

I see, you're literally retarded.

>> No.16503764

He's right though.

>> No.16503765

There are easy and hard books. You could not recommend Tom Sawyer or I, Robot to someone just starting to learn english. VNs are the same. VNs are not special. Japanese is the same. Japanese is not special. There is just as much meaningful variation and there exist the same categories of variation. There are easy Japanese VNs and there are hard Japanese VNs. Reading the Japanese VN equivalent of Tom Sawyer when you're starting out is not "doing what you want", it's a huge expenditure of time and energy with very little gain and might even cause you get have very silly ideas about how the language works.

>> No.16503770

He's wrong though.

>> No.16503774

>might even cause you get have very silly ideas about how the language works.
you to have*

>> No.16503785

>Reading some jap shit this morning
>See mention of チェキ for the first time in my life
>A few hours later randomly see this picture


>> No.16503829

You're right my man and don't let anyone tell you different.

>> No.16503831

Can anyone remind me how to make Anki to actually wait for X minutes before showing a card again?

>> No.16503833

>There are easy and hard books
Who said otherwise? These only make up very little percentages though. By picking something at random there's a very low chance you picked either extreme. And if you somehow do hit the lottery, you could just try another game (and retroactively realize that the first one wasn't really hard and it's just the normal pains of Japanese learning).
>it's a huge expenditure of time and energy with very little gain
Doesn't make sense. Any time you invest into studying things you don't understand is well spent time. The only thing that is truly a waste of time is bothering with things you actually have zero interest in and are only doing because someone deceived you.

>> No.16503838

What kind of goals did you set for yourself when you started learning japanese?

I'm looking for short-medium term ones, but long run motivations are welcome as well.

>> No.16503840

The only content that works is both compelling and comprehensible. But forcing yourself to read something can only make it compelling, not comprehensible. It's up to you to decide whether starting with compelling or comprehensible. (Hint: if you start with compelling, you're going to be spinning your wheels for months.)

>> No.16503842

>Any time you invest into studying things you don't understand is well spent time.
It's time spent. Not time well spent. Time well spent is efficient. Reading material way above your level is just plain not efficient. There's always something for you at your own level, you just have to look.

>> No.16503849

Nothing flashy, just finish X VN. Feels good when you finally do.

>> No.16503851

There are several untranslated VNs and manga that I really want to read.

>> No.16503871

×外人が ○外人は

>> No.16503872

Read Kangoku Senkan 1
Wanted to read Kangoku Senkan 2
It was untranslated
Started learning
Read Kangoku Senkan 2

>> No.16503874

Number of kanji known is a decent one, and you can just follow jouyou grades for progression.

It helps to focus on kanji from the start since not being to read anything is the biggest obstacle in learning Japanese, so the sooner you can read a decent amount of Japanese you find in the wild the better.

Kanji study also doubles as simple vocabulary learning. You'll also need to learn grammar along the way, but that's easier.

>> No.16503883


>> No.16503897

If you want to needlessly languish in lukewarm waters, that's your prerogative. The rest of us will scale mountains.

>> No.16503907

You're not scaling mountains, you're trying to push over a wall instead of cutting a hole in it.

>> No.16503908

How is something comprehensible to you at the start if you don't know Japanese? You make it comprehensible by learning it.
>But forcing yourself to read something can only make it compelling, not comprehensible
You are only forcing yourself when it's something you *don't* want to read. This is the entire problem. You make someone a promise that something is much easier but will bore them to death, when in fact it the difficulty difference between it and something "normal" that will thoroughly entertain them is negligible. Plus the latter will spurn them on to read more AND understand what they're reading, instead of subconsciously going into skimming mode because they don't care.

>> No.16503910
File: 199 KB, 612x2630, smbc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16503956

>How is something comprehensible to you at the start if you don't know Japanese?
Three options:
One, you studied. The only thing studying is good for is lowering the comprehension requirement to benefit from input, but studying cannot push you significantly further than what you've naturally acquired.
Two, there's non-linguistic information that lets you acquire simple things through "mere exposure", such as visual cues or tone-of-voice. This is how babies learn.
Three, you're mentally translating it with great help from tools. This is effectively what you're doing if you read way above your level, and it is *absolutely not* the same category as reading normally.

>You make it comprehensible by learning it.
Learning, not consuming. You acquire things when you consume them and they're comprehensible.

>You are only forcing yourself when it's something you *don't* want to read.
Which is 99% of anything that's too hard to read without great help from tools.

>You make someone a promise that something is much easier but will bore them to death
I never said it would bore them to death. You seem to have this notion that compelling and comprehensible are opposites. They are not. There is always something that is both compelling and comprehensible for any person at any skill level.

>when in fact it the difficulty difference between it and something "normal" that will thoroughly entertain them is negligible.
The difficulty difference between zettai reiiki and rewrite is the opposite of negligible.

>Plus the latter will spurn them on to read more AND understand what they're reading
Fun fact: when faced with something hard to read, any normal person's brain is going to shut down, not get piqued.

>instead of subconsciously going into skimming mode because they don't care.
Oh, I see, you're that one guy from the other day that has a delusional perspective on difficulty.

>> No.16503967


>> No.16503969

>You acquire things when you consume them and they're comprehensible.
Translation: If you consume something that's not comprehensible, you WILL NOT actually ACQUIRE it!

>> No.16503987

There is the question of motivation.

If you've got an obsessive personality things can be a little different. Some people don't mind the slow process of having to constantly look up and learn complex kanji made of unknown radicals because they're really attracted to the source material, whether game, VN, etc.

Sometimes carrying existing motivation into a difficult task gets better results, especially if you're otherwise lazy.

>> No.16503995

If and when someone wants to jump into something over their head, they're going to avoid any advice to the contrary. Advice about what to stick to as a beginner isn't meant for them.

>> No.16503999
File: 276 KB, 586x634, 1476311917255.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Damn, guess none of us can learn Japanese because we weren't born natives.

>> No.16504004

comprehensible != acquired

>> No.16504014

Now you got it.

>> No.16504038

I don't know if something that makes people quit the language can be considered advice.

>> No.16504047

Telling people it doesn't matter what they read is exactly the kind of "advice" that makes then quit learning the language. You're retarded.

>> No.16504049

Not him but why doesn't が work here?

>> No.16504054

It does matter, it has to be fun. You're retarded.

>> No.16504076

It has to be fun, not that's not good enough, you have to actually learn from it. If you don't understand what you're reading, you're not learning from it.

>> No.16504107

Good thing fun things are great to learn from then. Boring things unfortunately aren't.

>> No.16504112

False analogy.

>> No.16504117

No you.

>> No.16504119

You did not prove that compelling difficult content and comprehensible boring content are the only kinds of content that exist. Therefore, you cannot use an argument centered on compelling (fun) vs boring, in order to prove anything about comprehensible vs difficult. That is the false analogy.

>> No.16504188

>You did not prove that compelling difficult content and comprehensible boring content are the only kinds of content that exist
This is what you came up with, I consider most content in the "middle". The misunderstanding you have is that going even a single 0.1 decimal above what you deem "comprehensible" suddenly means you're in "impossible, you're not actually learning anything" territory. I can't really tell you anything except your view is misguided and you're thinking in extremes.

>> No.16504220

>The misunderstanding you have is that going even a single 0.1 decimal above what you deem "comprehensible" suddenly means you're in "impossible, you're not actually learning anything" territory.
I never said that and nothing I said can be construed that way because your argument is centered on it literally not mattering, not just mattering less.
>I can't really tell you anything except your view is misguided and you're thinking in extremes.
>Am I to understand that the VN's on the very top are easy or hard?
>It's a troll chart that you shouldn't pay much attention to.
>I don't know who to believe now.
>Yourself. Pick something YOU want to read and have a go at it. Majority of VNs are not written in "easy" or "hard" styles, they're written for normal Japanese adults.
I see you like that "extremes" meme, but the "almost everything is the same" meme is, itself, an extreme meme. Because there are extremes, and the above exchange literally bundled them together.

>> No.16504225

While you spergs were arguing about nothing for over an hour I was reading Japanese.

>> No.16504228

>There is always something that is both compelling and comprehensible for any person at any skill level.

>> No.16504243

1 Read fancy VNs.
2 Study in Japan for a year.
3 Study in Japan longterm.
4 Live happily ever after.

Finished 1 and 2, moving towards 3.

>> No.16504256

How long did it take you from starting learning to read, to finishing your first VN?

>> No.16504265

10 months in and I still haven't finished my first VN because it's long as fuck.

>> No.16504271

What is it? Hanahira?

>> No.16504290

Nah, Higurashi Sui. I'm not using a texthooker either, since it's a Vita game, so I guess that's also slowing my progress.

>> No.16504293

About 11-12 months from zero Japanese to finishing Flyable Heart. I think spent 4 months reading FH.

>> No.16504298

Checked and it was actually 3 months.

>> No.16504309

I started it 3 months in, finished at 5 months. Pretty proud of it because it wasn't one of those meme beginner recs.

>> No.16504311
File: 487 KB, 602x850, 44df8eb84c9af381fd036e70c88c8235.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys, all I wanted to know is if Axanael is easy or difficult because it looked interesting enough to warrant a look, but the difficulty seemed ambiguous at a first glance from the way the image was phrased ("please fuck my shit up").

That's all I wanted to know, there was no need to devolve into an argument over it. 落ち着けください。

>> No.16504318

It's easy enough to be put there in terms of grammar, but the only reason it's really recommended there is because it's short and because you'll understand what's going on even if you misunderstand like half of what's said. (I was there when the guy that made it first posted it.)

>> No.16504325

It's pretty much solely in hiragana. You can give it a go but I hated it and would not recommend it.

>> No.16504326

Please don't post here before finishing Tae Kim.

>> No.16504327

That said, if it looks interesting, try it. Period. You might boot it up and realize you understand exactly 0% of it, you might boot it up and realize that you understand everything, you might boot it up and realize that your brain is transforming the japanese into unspeakable mimetic convolutions and your eyes are moving on their own. Who knows?

>> No.16504329

He's posting here specifically because he hasn't finished tae kim.

>> No.16504338

Please don't bully other learners.

>> No.16504341

No, trying stuff for yourself is not allowed. Please stick to my arbitrary Comprehension Game List or you will NOT learn Japanese.

>> No.16504343

Mad because...?

>> No.16504357

Not even trying to be rude, sorry if it came across that way. I just think there's no point in posting here if you haven't even covered the very basics.

>> No.16504361

Accidental bullying is still bullying.

>> No.16504379 [DELETED] 

I've never understood this suggestion. The grammar guide part of Tae Kim does not present any exercises for you to drill what you've just read. So you either have to read it back-to-back a few times SRS-style so you start to retain it, or go to it every time there's a grammar term you don't understand, which seems to be a more conducive way to go through it.

Not trying to say that I know *the* intended way Tae Kim is meant to be used, but for it to be used as a reference book seems a lot better than as a barebones textbook. That way, you'll only end up using what you need and you'll learn that bit a lot faster.

>> No.16504575


Kind of an odd request, but at about 22:05 in Masamune-kun no Revenge 01, he says this line. I think いきのり is wrong, because it doesn't make any sense, but I can't hear anything else and kitsunekko doesn't have subs so I can't check there. Could someone tell me what he actually says?

>> No.16504583


>> No.16504598

What people need to remember is that rec charts are just that, recommendations. They exist because a lot of people come here saying "please recommend me an easy VN", and they consist of VNs the person who made them enjoyed and wanted to share. So if you have specific stuff you want to read, that's great go and read it, but if you're not sure, no harm in trying something someone else liked and recommended. If you're not enjoying it you can always drop it.

>> No.16504694
File: 26 KB, 433x380, 1483569045974.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What does this mean?

>> No.16504745

Thanks. Before I could only hear の but as soon as I read your post I could hear な clear as day.

>> No.16505007

Judging from

>> No.16505012

I don't know, I'm a native speaker

>> No.16505056


>> No.16505062
File: 170 KB, 1366x768, ULJS00379_00003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Super Robot Wars

>> No.16505074


>> No.16505087

Is it okay if I don't like VN's? I like manga a lot more.

>> No.16505090

Is the wrong sentence completely incorrect and meaningless or it just has a different nuance?

>> No.16505096

As long as you have something to read it's ok.

>> No.16505118

Fluency is a pretty low long-term goal. It only takes 3 months to get there.

>> No.16505119 [DELETED] 

It sounds completely wrong. But it seems to be highly context-dependent because
sounds okay. I can make any sense of が vs は. Sorry.

>> No.16505123

It sounds completely wrong. But it seems to be highly context-dependent because
sounds okay. I can't make any sense of が vs は. Sorry.

>> No.16505129
File: 172 KB, 1024x768, benny's.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I ain't buying your shit, Benny

>> No.16505143

>3 months
i can do it in 2

>> No.16505239

I have trouble balancing VNs, LNs, news, dramas....

Has anyone figured out an effective strategy to this?

>> No.16505259
File: 81 KB, 436x385, 1464373591483.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

- 6k words on my 1st year (managed over 7000), meaning 90% of reading covered;
- All Joyo Kanji until the middle of 2nd year (by April I will have 100 left to learn), meaning 99% of non-furigana shit covered;
- All of Tae Kim until the middle of the 2nd year as well, giving me the tools to start practicing and reading properly;
- Read a decent book by the end of this 2nd year, and studying it instead of just "getting" the message like I've been doing with manga;
- All jinmeiyo by the end of 3rd year;
- Proficiency by the end of 3rd year;

I'll see how it goes. Might as well start to pay for one-on-one lessons or find a language partner for 3rd year.

>> No.16505267

>- All of Tae Kim until the middle of the 2nd year
What the fuck?

>> No.16505272

It's been 13 months and I've only read half of it, because I said "fuck it" and just ankidroned through the months. I'll change that when I reach the 10k mark in April.

>> No.16505274
File: 277 KB, 690x932, 1485896625387.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16505277

Are you aware that you're fucking yourself over majorly? It really is no wonder you have over 7000 words and almost all of the jouyou kanji in Anki but can only "get the message" with manga.
Tae Kim is just the essentials, too; if you truly intend to put off grammar until then, at least read Imabi or DoJG.

>> No.16505330

This is why you don't become an Ankidrone ladies and gentleman.

>> No.16505331
File: 10 KB, 264x94, 66ohG8O.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How did you do today?
I had to catch up on about 500 cards on top of regular reviews. Also did 158 new mined cards, 30 new kanji writing cards and 20 new name reading cards on top of reviews.

>> No.16505357
File: 525 KB, 1287x3122, [email protected] [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>How did you do today?

>> No.16505375

What are you trying to say?

>> No.16505403

Readed an guide. Especially destination isn't, yet approaching a single road.

>> No.16505430

yep, thats it バッチリ

>> No.16505491

After finishing with Tae Kim, is there somewhere I'm supposed to go for more advanced grammar, or should I apply a pure "pick shit up as you read it" approach?
The guide doesn't really go in depth about grammar resources, especially after the very beginning.

>> No.16505500
File: 325 KB, 600x887, 1464450138965.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Are you aware that you're fucking yourself over majorly?
I'm not. The fact that I'm able to even read anything with the sheer force of vocabulary + listening to sample sentences indicates I'm actually making some progress.

I am in no rush and the hours put into memorizing would have to be put into doing it anyway in the future, I'm just setting priorities in a way people don't usually do, because I tick different and having a joyo checklist to look at will soothe my pain and make me willing to read seriously.

I tried the "grammar first" method before, didn't feel motivated at all and ended up never learning anything through a few years, putting it off for other life activities.

>> No.16505523

I'd at least read for a few months while looking things up before you bother seriously studying any of the more advanced resources. You'll benefit more from them when you have some experience.

>> No.16505529

Take classes at your school.

>> No.16505558

I see, although I still have no idea what those advanced resources would be. But I guess that's something I'll look into when the time comes.

Not an option.

>> No.16505609

>But I guess that's something I'll look into when the time comes.
Exactly. And you'll do it in Japanese, at that.

>> No.16505699

Yes. Wording it as "without" is fine, I was just mentioning it exists in common usage, not to be thorough.

に isn't a part of the structure or strictly necessary, it's just the natural particle to use.

>> No.16506083
File: 191 KB, 850x1377, 105.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

quit anki at 1500ish words, never finished tae kim, reading shitty manga fine

just learn japanese.

>> No.16506117

Why would you learn Japanese to read shitty manga? Are there no good manga?

>> No.16506142

everything is shitty anon

it's just all about the attitude

>> No.16506206
File: 209 KB, 257x439, 1468505293432.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am glad that I reread that email before sending it with my resume.

>> No.16506231

What are you applying for?

>> No.16506257
File: 9 KB, 362x385, 1436417242002.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the difference between 温 and 暖?

>> No.16506263


Every single time I am watching something someone says this.
The japs love that phrase.

>> No.16506270

温かい is for something that you can touch.
Warm soup, warm food, warm water (温泉), etc.
暖かい is for air temperature or for personalities.
Heating unit (暖房), a warm welcome, etc.

>> No.16506274

>warm welcome

>> No.16506277

Just use 温暖 when you want to express either and don't bother learning the rest.

>> No.16506281


>> No.16506306


>> No.16506347
File: 796 KB, 2227x1600, Umibe no Onnanoko (v2) c11-20 [frostoria].zip-02_164-165.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

海辺 vs 海岸

What's the difference? Dictionaries won't tell me shit.

>> No.16506372

Try Googling.

>海辺 海のあたり 海から離れても海辺で面です。
>海岸 海に面した岸 なので海岸は線になります。

>> No.16506382


>> No.16506465


>> No.16506504

It feels really weird to be able to read words without really looking at or knowing the kanji in them. Just approximate shape + context usually gives it away. I know this is probably normal for people who learn through vocab, but still. Not being able to imagine the words in my head before seeing them / being unable to produce at all is 違和感.

>> No.16506517



>> No.16506532

Why does jisho say 悦 is self satisfaction when J-J dictionaries say it literally just means to be happy / 喜ぶ ?

>> No.16506539


>> No.16506546

If you're reading without properly envisioning the reading in your head, I'm gonna advise you either fix that and ensure you pronounce all the characters, or start doing a lot of listening-only practice (videos with no subtitles, podcasts, etc).
What awaits that road of yours is being reliant on kanji to understand Japanese which will be very limiting, and yeah, you can't produce words you don't know the sound of.

>> No.16506552

So should all engurish adjectives be treated as na-adjectives or are there still some that are actually i-adjectives?
An example would be that I recently heard "unfair" used as a na-adjective. So literally "unfair-na kyousou".

>> No.16506555
File: 447 KB, 1280x720, キミの瞳にヒットミー_2017-02-02_06-34-38.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.16506565

By produce I meant, being able to write. Not speak. I can understand the words when I hear them and can type them on my computer. But before I actually see it I can't "imagine" how it looks like other than a vague shape.

>> No.16506580









>> No.16506651

Try and guess this idiom

>> No.16506656

Being someone that makes someone's eye sparkle?

>> No.16506672

We're all gonna make it bros.

>> No.16506677

to see sth through rose tinted spectacles?

Japanese idioms are fucking weird man.
Doesn't make no sense.

>> No.16506712



>> No.16506720

These are both in Rikaisama...
I guess 目に入れても痛くない makes sense in the way that "even if you get into my eyes (like the rays of the sun?), it doesn't hurt". So, someone shines brightly.

>> No.16506721

Probably because your legs won't rest from you trying to come up with the money to pay the debt?

>> No.16506759

I've worked as a data scientist, have studied Japanese for 3+ years, and am looking for an interesting project. Does djt have any idea for simple tools that could aid the learning process (at any level), and are not already available?

>> No.16506773

>please come up with ideas for me for free
Go fuck yourself and learn to do your work on your own.

>> No.16506775

How about a hyperdermic implant that makes you fluent instantly?

Or you could crack some of them encryptions on certain e-book sites.

An AI girlfriend would be nice too.

Thanks, I'll be waiting.

>> No.16506793

I said "guess what it means" not "this is impossible to look up oh lordie what shall we do the dictionaries are useless what a calamity Jesus Christ save us all"

>> No.16506812
File: 508 KB, 611x611, 1472164582332.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it just me or do visual novels have this roundabout, bloated way of reading?
I haven't read many LNs, but the ones I did felt much more direct.

>> No.16506821

They have to fill 50 hours worth of content with something

>> No.16506830

>bloated way of reading
I don't know what the hell a bloated reading is, but VNs do tend to be bloated. As in, they have random content shoved in to meet length requirements as well as porn that has no place in the story. You can somewhat dodge this by sticking to shorter/all ages titles, or the commonly comsidered kamige, which also have bloat but to a lesser extent where it doesn't matter because they make up for it by sheer quality.

>> No.16506833

Yes. This is a known problem. Some say it's because VN writers are paid by the character, some say its because VNs have less stringent editing policies (due in part to not having any physical constraints on text size like page numbers). All this is exacerbated by the first person perspective that leads to a constant inner narration even when narration isn't so necessary.

For VNs, you basically have to approach every new VN / new author with a close eye to determine whether the author has a bloated writing style. It's kind of annoying, but if you follow recommendations and read the good stuff while avoiding trashy moege/nukige it shouldn't be too much of a problem. Well, that is, if you read a trashy moege/nukige, just be ready to hold skip.

>> No.16506883 [DELETED] 
File: 45 KB, 550x397, 1479790390454.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wanna be able to play Jap games already fuck

>> No.16506888
File: 82 KB, 526x809, anime is dead.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They used to be better quality, but same goes for anime, manga and JRPG as well.

As the industry gets bigger you have more bloat.
Doesn't mean there isn't good stuff but it's rarer.

>> No.16506891
File: 514 KB, 1280x720, キミの瞳にヒットミー_2017-02-02_08-35-58.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do your best and it won't be too long!

>> No.16506957
File: 40 KB, 256x192, 1142456-coro05.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm interested in VNs but more so in old-ish games that were never translated and never will be.
I tried playing Coropata recently, and while language wasn't an issue (the dialogues in the scenes were really simple, level descriptions do have many kanji about materials), I felt like the game itself was a bit ruthless. I can't even imagine how hard the later levels get.
It's a shame because I really liked the little sprites and the animations, they were very cute.

>> No.16507009

茱萸坂 (I only know this because I used to pass it daily)

>> No.16507015

I do that sometimes, it's fun. The only thing is, untranslated action games for instance can be played so well without Japanese the main benefit will be either RPGs or weird stuff like detective games that didn't take off in the west. So your selection is kind of limited.
If you want some recs, let's see if I can make this link work:

>> No.16507033

Specifically post 3749679 in that thread. Whoops

>> No.16507038
File: 702 KB, 1030x794, 1484412489967.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16507040
File: 1.82 MB, 2048x1536, bad translation.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16507047

>500 kanji (can finally read most shit)
>1000 kanji (can finally read most shit +)
>1500 kanji (can finally read most shit ++)
>2000 kanji (Passed JLTP1 here)
>Jouyou kanji (empty victory, didn't feel much better than when I was 1900 or so)
>2500 kanji (I-I think I've learned em all...!)
>3000 kanji (Ok, I think I've really learned them all)
>3500 kanji (quit around here because you hardly ever encounter new shit that's worth retaining)

>> No.16507056

That's immensely helpful, thanks. It's exactly the kind of games I'm interested in. Some of them were even already on my list.

Honestly that looks like the scanlation was made by an ESL with a limited English vocabulary or something. The gist of the sentences isn't that different from the official translation.
Not to say it doesn't read like shit, it does, but I've seen way worse cases in which they completely change the meaning of the dialogue.

>> No.16507063

That's pretty lame as someone whose motivation to read is determined solely by how pretty the cover is.

>> No.16507075

>The gist of the sentences isn't that different from the official translation.
But it completely ruins the point of the dialogue and is extremely hard to follow. First of all, instead of the dude being wise and teaching her, he's just saying "i'm a fuckup... that's how I communicate" instead of "here's what you're doing wrong in my opinion".
The gist may be close but the ideas conveyed are completely off base. Adn the panel
"So the earth and the plants do give you an answer" makes no sense at all in the poorly translated one. It comes out of nowhere and doesn't form a nonsensical connection.
If by "pretty cover" you mean "pretty girls", yeah, welcome to most cute girl games being really boring and longwinded. There's plenty of cute games worth reading that don't suffer from bloat but you'll have to learn not to just a book by the cover and rely more on peer recommendations plus brand quality.

>> No.16507076

Well you only have yourself to blame. A lot of masterpieces are hiding beneath hideous / dated art.

>> No.16507085

I can't tell which of those is the scanlation.

>> No.16507094

The one on the right. His point is that the nonsensical, wrong translation on the right is reflective of poor scanlation quality, not to mention the low image quality.

>> No.16507126

Looking for a manga to read with a good mix of lewd girls and story. So not just an ecchi romcom. Any suggestions?

>> No.16507221

Ichigo 100%.

>> No.16507242

Wait so are you saying that you literally only studied vocabulary and didn't touch any grammar?

I did the exact opposite and now feel like the grammar is rather easy, i just feel fucked over because i know next to no words. Is your method effective?

>> No.16507253

>I'm not. The fact that I'm able to even read anything with the sheer force of vocabulary + listening to sample sentences indicates I'm actually making some progress.
>- Read a decent book by the end of this 2nd year, and studying it instead of just "getting" the message like I've been doing with manga;

Which one is it?

>> No.16507263
File: 63 KB, 300x300, 1478048441918.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not him. I'm an Advanced Student of Japanese with about three years under my belt. It took two years of pretty consistent reading and flashcards to feel comfortable without vocabulary. There's pretty much no way around the fact that vocabulary is a gigantic mountain which will take years to summit. There's no need to feel "fucked over" in regards to some preliminary approaches you took in the first several months. Pleeeeenty of time to shape up.
A lot of people have very low comprehension standards for what constitutes "reading"

>> No.16507281

>comfortable without vocabulary.
That is, comfortable WITH vocabulary.
Enough to read VNs and RPGs and stuff with no texthooker and whatnot.

>> No.16507309

have a kanjo

>> No.16507461

can someone explain to me the te-form because i don't understand it

>> No.16507471

What exactly do you not understand?

>> No.16507474
File: 141 KB, 814x569, DJT Requests.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

te form is something that you will learn by using, there are without exagerations about 100 auxiliar verbs and each one have a different meaning.

>> No.16507529

In the most basic explanation I can give you, its to connect verbs to things

>> No.16507594

it's a defective infinitive that can make what it links to infinitive instead of itself.

that didn't help, right? because it won't. read more.

>> No.16507612

How can I make it so ITHVNR hooks all text? I have a game that it connects to but it doesn't give me the correct thread

>> No.16507618

H code

>> No.16507635

What the other anon said, otherwise you can't and should just use hook any text.

>> No.16507652

>just use hook any text
>How can I make it so ITHVNR hooks all text
Anon I'm literally asking how to do that. I don't see anything like that in the options

>> No.16507655

Hook any text is an unrelated program.

>> No.16507786

What does the 余ってた part means in here? the sentence before and after it for context




>> No.16507835

An extra bento box

>> No.16508097
File: 991 KB, 661x812, 1469674455969.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's her birthday today. Say something nice to her.

>> No.16508110

I read half of Tae Kim, but forgot all of it.
I can't say my method is the most effective - in truth I believe reading and mining is - but I couldn't ass myself to setup my own lessons without sperging out over tiny details; chewing this massive Core deck instead solved my problems and vocabulary is less and less of a problem the more I learn.

>Which one is it?
I don't get your question, is there a contradiction there somewhere?


>> No.16508156
File: 171 KB, 374x347, 1477989337865.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>鍵 means both lock and key
>「鍵が鍵に入った」 is a valid sentence by that logic

>> No.16508180


>> No.16508181

If you insist on thinking it means both things just the same, you can think of 鍵 as a key-and-lock kind of seal itself rather than the individual components needed to make it function.

>> No.16508229

Does anyone know where I can find untranslated light novels that are not in the CoR?

>> No.16508230

>足 means both leg and foot
>「足は足の先にある」 is a valid sentence by that logic

>> No.16508234

amazon, bookwalker.

>> No.16508250

Best way to memorize vocabulary? Kanji is easy because of radicals building on each other but vocab is fucking impossible.

>> No.16508255

Mining deck and reading.

>> No.16508266

What do you do when you have a word in your mining deck that you forget? Simple repetition?

>> No.16508276

What do you think a deck is for, dearest anon?

>> No.16508283

When it annoys me especially I look it up on jisho to see other words that include the kanji in them and/or stare at the radicals/make up mnemonics.
The above is for outlier cases though, there's rarely a word that I have particularly more trouble with than others.

>> No.16508290

I just thought it was common for people to use some kind of mnemonic or create some fancy images for the words for them to stick better.

>> No.16508294
File: 294 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-02-13-08-53.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I cant umderstand the use of として in this sentence

>> No.16508300

I make up a mnemonic for every word. I've done so for over 13K words. At this point it's so easy that I do it automatically even when the reading it totally obvious. The number of sounds in Japanese is limited so you can have a bunch of stock mnemonics for each sound to fall back on, especially for single-syllable on readings.

>> No.16508312

I don't mind paying if it's the only way, but is it really the only option?

>> No.16508320

Yes. Now stop begging.

>> No.16508328

Oh, you can do that - but generally you won't need, since when it comes to pronunciation, several words use the same pronunciation and one reinforce the other. And the meaning, of course, comes from knowing the kanji - something you seem to already have some knowledge about.

That doesn't stop you from using mnemonics sometimes, I remember 錆びる (rust) as "sabiru" because I think of Gosick, a Victorian Era anime that takes place in Sauville. Old = rust, there you go.

>> No.16508330

Can you share your system? Do you have just one image for every hiragana sound and combine them? I like the idea.

>> No.16508331

I don't believe you.

>> No.16508335

Blah blah blah, rubbadubba acount.

Might try getting an account on private trackers. Not sure if AnimeBytes has it, but it's generally the place to go to with weeb shit.

>> No.16508337

Why are you talking about a tracker you aren't on?

>> No.16508343

I have an image for every hiragana sound as well as any common combination, for example ま as my mother or りつ as the K-On character. And then I combine the images, yeah. Some of them are really dumb and grasping, but they still work.

>> No.16508371

Cause when I needed obscure doujin shit, it was there. But I never used it again after that.

Feel free to provide better, free alternatives.

>> No.16508386

So log in and check? They don't have anything that isn't on nyaa.
And how do you provide something that doesn't exist, retard? Go get a job instead of being a pathetic beggar.

>> No.16508394

So I've been learning this language for a month now and I love japan as much as the next closet weeb but can we at least fucking admit that the language is fucked up and badly designed? At least way inferior than anything based on latin.

>> No.16508398

So did you guys do Tae Kim and 2k at the same time or do TK one day and 2k the next.

>> No.16508402

No, stop saying that. No matter how many times you repeat that, it's not going to make the language any easier for you.

>> No.16508405

You can easily do both on the same day

>> No.16508406

You obviously do both at the same time. 20 new cards in anki and enough lessons in TK to be able to finish it in around a month total.

>> No.16508423

Perfect dark. Nyaa. Fuck private trackers.

>> No.16508432

I'm not saying that because I'm frustrated with the language. Really, any first world country language is easy to learn because so many educated people made so many resources and systems to make it as effecient as possible to learn the language.

Patience and persistence are necessities for any skill to learn and there will be always those bad days where you feel like giving up. Anyone who ever tried to learn a valuable skill went trough this stuff.

>> No.16508435
File: 402 KB, 588x598, 1452308683978.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>So log in and check?
Not a question.
>Go get a job instead of being a pathetic beggar.
I'm not the anon requesting things, why would I suggest a website to myself?

You will stop hating it and loving it for all its faults in no time.
Then you will hate it again at advanced levels you thought weren't even possible.
Then love it again.

Wabi-sabi, my friend.

>> No.16508449

Kanji are beautiful though. I know it's a trivial thing, but it makes the learning process more stimulating for me.

>> No.16508454
File: 1.43 MB, 400x741, tumblr_okjoinqz7v1uoh0afo1_500.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw hating it for second time
afaik, isnt here where most people quit?

>> No.16508468

I've been studying it for maybe three weeks and I actually kind of like it. There's a certain intuitive nature to its grammar, or at least what I've covered so far. Then again I speak Italian and have studied Latin and I think both suck massive dick, so we don't see eye to eye on that either.

Fuck Kanji though, too many of those.

>> No.16508471

Is it a bad idea to start reading without having finished Tae Kim?

>> No.16508478

No but you should still finish it. Just sit down, go through a few lessons and then go read if you want.

>> No.16508485

If you keep studying Tae Kim I don't see why not. It may even be to your advantage since you will remember the learned rules better and get a better overall feel for the grammar.

>> No.16508494

Is Italian your first language?

>> No.16508502

>I'm literally going to read before getting even halfway through a grammar guide please fuck my shit up

>> No.16508508

Schoolhouse latin is crap but vulgar latin (i.e. what turned into the romance languages) is fine, in particular italian is fine.

>> No.16508509


>> No.16508533

I see. For someone who doesn't speak a romance language learning Italian is probably almost as hard as learning Japanese. The verb conjugations are a fucking nightmare.

>> No.16508566
File: 357 KB, 1254x657, italian-tenses[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Exactly, that's my main complaint, but really almost every part of speech has more conjugations than in other language. It's pretty telling that even native Italian speakers manage to regularly fuck verbs up (and are usually mocked for it).

>> No.16508581

The linguistics term for this is called "fusional". There are lots of inflections that contain a lot of information and they have extensive syntactical concord (= form agreement). English has inflections, but they have very weak concord, and aside from obligatory things, derivational affixes (which are semantic rather than syntactic) are preferred. In fact, English is reducing use of weird verb forms across the board. The participle adjectives can form entire nominal predicates such as "him going to the store", and the irrealis/subjunctive forms are falling out of favor for everything but futures and hypothetical conditions. A fusional language would have a fetish for all the things English is changing to avoid doing.

>> No.16508616

Names are not words, but the first one is good, thanks.

>> No.16508705




>> No.16508718

Can you see kanji as well as latin letter after you get used to them? Lots of characters look very alike.

>> No.16508742


>> No.16508763

I already know every prefectures and major city.

Nice grammar btw, just type in English, you're just solidifying incorrect grammar usages by doing that shit.

>> No.16508766





>> No.16508776


>> No.16508781

Yes, you just need fuckloads of reading practice. You should start to notice it happening for the most common words before too long.

>> No.16508784 [DELETED] 

Just refreshed the idol directory and who do I see streaming?


>> No.16508823

>I wish I could.

これってNo I can'tの意味なんだよね?

>> No.16508838

>I wish I could. (I don't think I can. I want to, but trying is hopeless.)

>> No.16508840


>> No.16508858
File: 699 KB, 1280x800, 9953941b3efaaaf39aa041903e3f1f89.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am going on holiday to Japan for the first time in March and I would like to learn how to speak a bit before then, what do?

I have the JLPT N1 and never bothered to practice speaking, thank you /djt/

>> No.16508868


>> No.16508874


>> No.16508906

>I have the JLPT N1 and never bothered to practice speaking, thank you /djt/
You'll be fine.

>> No.16508922

Does anyone have that 栗と栗鼠 picture?

>> No.16508929
File: 165 KB, 450x600, 栗と栗鼠.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16508938


>> No.16508999



>> No.16509013


>> No.16509026
File: 38 KB, 315x425, キチガイ女発見.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks kind of funny.
Wish I had practiced during my studies before though. A bit frustrating to be able to understand a language at a good level but not to speak it similarly

>> No.16509081

Is エロ really filtered? That's retarded.
Anyway, if you passed N1 you're probably capable of organizing your thoughts into proper sentences at a somewhat natural pace. That's more important than having native-level pronunciation, which you'll only acquire by talking to natives.

>> No.16509123

>if you passed N1 you're probably capable of organizing your thoughts into proper sentences at a somewhat natural pace
not really. i don't why anyone would even think this outside of plebbit.

>> No.16509191

I think it's safe to assume that someone at N1 level can hold a basic conversation in Japanese.

>> No.16509240

秋田弁 is the spurdo sparde dialect of Japanese.

>> No.16509242

>Wish I had practiced during my studies before though. A bit frustrating to be able to understand a language at a good level but not to speak it similarly
Now that you're as good as you are it's going to be much easier to get up to speed with speaking than doing it the hard way. You don't have to learn anything new, just bring the skill to an OK level.

>> No.16509247

Even if we assume this is true (which it isn't), "basic conversation" and "organizing your thoughts into proper sentences at a somewhat natural pace" are in no way even close to each other.

>> No.16509300

I get that it's an idiom but how is "removing obstacles" 困る'ing someone?

>> No.16509314

What's your font settings for Japanese in Firefox?

>> No.16509361

It's gonna 困る you if you're the one inside the metaphorical moat.

>> No.16509525

Not true. I followed the guide and it was great for passing the N1 after about year of studying, but now I have no speaking ability whatsoever. The JLPT does not test speaking or writing so it doesn't make much sense to correlate conversation ability to JLPT level.

>> No.16509652

That's the fastest I've seen someone claim to pass N1.

>> No.16509733

People can be conversationally fluent with just the Genki books. You just need to know how to get around not knowing certain words.

>> No.16509736
File: 142 KB, 683x1024, IMG_0188.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Passing a test != being proficient at a language.

Your result is biased because you prepared yourself for this specific test.

Someone who knows Japanese good enough to pass the N1 without studying specifically for it can speak Japanese.

>> No.16509744


>> No.16509782

>unironically using the word "fluent"
Remove yourself

>> No.16509820


>> No.16509838



>> No.16509871

Moogy-denka did it in 6 months

>> No.16509907


>> No.16509953

ive heard of babys teaching themselves english at 6 months, there will always be someone better than me
ive heard the grammar is trivial for korean native speakers also

>> No.16509975


>> No.16509992


>> No.16509993




>> No.16510104

Whats the difference between 出す and 来る as an auxiliary verb?

>> No.16510120

the fluency

>> No.16510148

出す = outward (go)
来る = inward (come)

>> No.16510331

Is their a place where I can see other people's Heisig stories for kanji? Some of them I just cant think up a story for.

>> No.16510333

Koohii is literally dedicated to that.

>> No.16510339

Boy, are you in for a revelation.

>> No.16510344

kuRITORIsu vs kuRITOrisu

>> No.16510360
File: 466 KB, 930x987, 1482637698108.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks a ton, this seems incredibly useful!

>> No.16510378

I prefer this interface for the Koohii stories:

They're also included in the RTK deck in the CoR.

>> No.16510606


>> No.16510621



>> No.16511060



>> No.16511124


>> No.16511182


>> No.16511291



>> No.16511417


>> No.16511674
File: 786 KB, 711x948, 1478747286059.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't fucking learn Japanese.

I think I might be fucking retarded, I struggle learning new vocabulary and it's almost physically painful for me to read something Japanese.
I think I'm slower than other anons in general, I'm barely improving, I read but I don't get any better.

Forever dekinai.

>> No.16511679

Your mother didn't discipline you enough is all. It being hard and progress being slow is normal, you learn by simply doing it anyways though.
Aka read more.

>> No.16511696

>I think I might be fucking retarded
judging by your blatant redditry and love of shitty memes I have to conclude that this is indeed the case

>> No.16511746


>> No.16511765

Sounds like you're just extremely jealous of him senpai.

>> No.16511773

Just be you. If you have the motivation, then you will get there eventually

>> No.16511835



>> No.16511877

What do you call a lost cow?


>> No.16511881

delete this

>> No.16511891

Ok, i have a problem. I can't seem to make Tokeijikake no Ley Line work. It installs fine, but the no dvd patch doesn't work and it constantly requires me to mount the iso again. It wouldn't be a problem, but like this VNR doesn't seem to hook up the text. Can anyone help me?

>> No.16511898
File: 239 KB, 768x768, クソワロタ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16511900

How about you read the guide before making retarded posts?

>> No.16511978

>Couldn't find the daijirin specified location.

I have daijirin, but VNR won't find it on its location.

>> No.16512050

Why do you need a cheat tool if you can read Daijirin?

>> No.16512062 [DELETED] 
File: 170 KB, 1000x800, meme industry frogman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you write 女 with the wrong stroke order on purpose

>> No.16512090

Who are you quoting?

>> No.16512132

>Perfect dark
tfw too stupid to set up Perfect Dark properly

It seems like my modem block the program. My life is shit.

>> No.16512141

>Then again I speak Italian
My dear pasta brother! how are your studies going?

>> No.16512170

Can someone un-slang this and write it in normal Japanese? Thanks

>> No.16512186

I can. But can you make a guess first? Think of what you have to choose from from standard Japanese and what fits closest to this

>> No.16512217
File: 89 KB, 238x232, a237a47917d6948db7e3f8e9319ebe041cca516f85c577ce6a45314f760cb8cf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are there seriously no fucking rules as to how you have to use kanji?
Especially names baffle me sometimes.

Like that chick is written 雪子 and when written like this, it's usually read ゆきこ.
So far so good, but I've seen names that are read nothing like the kanji used usually do.

Can I just be like yeah that's my cute daughter banana written like this 氷火?

This isn't exclusively the case just for names though, when checking readings for 雪 for example I only find ゆき and セツ, but when I look for words containing said kanji I find 吹雪 or 雪崩 .

>> No.16512219

please delete your low quality low effort post.

>> No.16512251

No idea except りゃ is maybe ば

>> No.16512271

たって replaces ても sometimes

>> No.16512329

It's not a big problem so long as you read whole words and not isolated readings. Except names, fuck those.

>> No.16512354

You have to manually forward the p2p port.

>> No.16512361

Do I have to compile something by hand? I'm not fluent in machine code.

>> No.16512364

No, it's nowhere near that hard.

>> No.16512512
File: 1.10 MB, 1000x1473, VN guide basic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16512515
File: 1.31 MB, 2439x2232, 1453785026520.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16512519

Do books always tell you how the characters names are read or am I going to have to kill myself?

>> No.16512522

If they don't, don't worry about it.

>> No.16512572

Some books don't bother if it's a common name. But if it's a common name you can just check http://tangorin.com/names/ or Wikipedia.

>> No.16512621

What is the significance of stroke order?
And what about those scribbles that loosely follow that same stroke order.

Calligraphy with a broad paintbrush, because we can.

Probably easier to decipher if you are used to it.

There is also a cursive variant, isn't there? Where the strokes are connected between each other?

So Volumes introduce name readings at the start?

That's nice.

>> No.16512636

If you don't follow stroke order, it will tend look off.

>> No.16512666
File: 835 KB, 1000x1473, VN guide basic 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Updated slightly to reflect modern sensibilities

>> No.16512686

This is terrible.

>> No.16512702


>> No.16512724


Quit trying to force your shitty webcomic meme.

>> No.16512726

Why do so few people here read light novels? Visual novels get boring so quickly, they are even more formulaic than anime. Manga and light novels are much better mediums.

>> No.16512730

That's my meme, not his.

>> No.16512731
File: 34 KB, 264x383, ... (2).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16512735
File: 43 KB, 214x426, ;_;.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I read LNs I just don't post here often

>> No.16512736

Manga/LN are aimed at children, VNs at adults. Naturally if you are a child you will feel attracted to the former more.

>> No.16512740

VNs are aimed at adults only in the sense that they have porn in them. Light novels and manga also have this, but it's not forced in awkwardly to every single one.

>> No.16512756

Dunno to hard to look shit up.

Tried reading a LN few weeks back, didn't know 9/10 words and it was rather hard to figure stuff out if you have no visuals to help you figure out.

>> No.16512764
File: 382 KB, 800x600, 霞外籠逗留記-2016-06-29_08-03-59.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah VN visuals sure do help piece the puzzle together, sprites and static backgrounds are very informative

>> No.16512776

How do I prepare myself to read Mareni? He's one of the most interesting authors to me and I'm eagerly looking forward to the day I can read his text without having to stop every 10 seconds.

>> No.16512778

Okay well the visuals are more useful when reading manga, but the sound helps a lot with VNs imo.

>> No.16512783

I wii be cheering you on! I study hard English too.

>> No.16512786


>> No.16512802


>> No.16512803
File: 411 KB, 800x600, 霞外籠逗留記-2016-07-15_21-55-33.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The trick, as asinine as this sounds, is to know Japanese. To read a ton before you read Mareni. If you know Japanese well - can thoughtlessly parse grammar with ease - then Mareni's not so hard, as his main challenge is overcoming the lengthy sentences that will fall apart in your mind if you have to stop a single time for grammar.
His vocabulary is enormous, too, he had a "old Japanese" vocab textbook in college he read cover to cover, and he frequently references historical figures like 神倭伊波礼毘古命 which will seem like strings of kanji if you don't know who it is. The only way to prepare for this is to know every word around the unknown word, so it's easy to look up and figure out the sentence. It's easy to figure out "And then the great ____ betrayed his loyal retainers out of greed" as opposed to "And then the ___ ____ ____ his loyal ____ out of ____".
So basically - read a lot and know Japanese well before trying him. He's not that hard if you know Japanese.

>> No.16512811

How long did it take you to be able to read this kind of stuff?

>> No.16512814

I just ate a Japanese.

>> No.16512827

It's kind of hard to answer that question. I started learning Japanese about three years ago but I've had such a varied study schedule (haven't done anki for almost a year for example, read for 12 hours a day some weeks)) that just saying "three years" isn't that meaningful.

And I still wouldn't call Mareni an easy read. Though, neither do Japanese people on EGS.

>> No.16512838

>I study hard English too.
この「hard]は難しいっていうニュアンスなのだ、たくさんではない。「I am vigorously studying English as well.]とか[I too will be giving my best in my English studies!」とかはもっと良い言う方だよ

>> No.16512856

Did you do anything special other than Anki/reading? Those are the only things I'm doing right now and am wondering if I should add something extra.

>> No.16512885

教えてくれてありがとう!日本語うまいね(゚ω゚) さっそくノートに書いておきます!
Thank you for teaching me! Your Japanese is very good! I'll write down right away!

>> No.16512905

I think it's important to do listening practice to be well balanced, if you read a lot your listening will improve as well, but it won't always be enough. Without targeted listening practice, it's easy to mix up word readings and ever notice (like reading 次第 as じだい instead of しだい but never noticing cause it's kanji 99% of the time) which can cause problems.

But that aside, for Mareni, just anki and reading is good enough. For Mareni you may want to practice reading the older works he's inspired from, like Soseki of course. Post-war edition.

>> No.16512927

Talk to natives.

>> No.16513127

I want to kill myself. Japanese is the fucking only language where the sentence doesn't make sense even after looking up every single fucking word because everything has at least 5 variations.

>> No.16513135

You're just bad, though.

>> No.16513136

Not really. Your problem is you're using J-E dictionaries and misunderstanding what words mean.

>> No.16513159

How dumb of me. I should use japanese directionaries exclusively from now on.

>> No.16513171

Not him; but words having multiple meanings really fucks me up as well, especially in "beginner" stuff that doesn't use the kanji.

I mean sometimes you know which meaning it is cause other stuff is not correct grammar vise, but more often than not it could be about anything.

>> No.16513178

>especially in "beginner" stuff
It's too early to be complaining. If you can't deal with this now, you won't be able to deal with it later, either.

>> No.16513190

Again, that's because you use J-E. Many of those words you think have wildly different definitions only do so when translated into English.

>> No.16513204

How do I know that I know enough for J-dictionaries?

>> No.16513212

Why is Kana Teacher so heavily recommended in the guide when it doesn't teach stroke order?

>> No.16513216

1.I can't use a J-J dictionary yet.
2.I don't believe words only have 1 translation in J-J either.

I would like to prove you wrong but unfortunately, I don't remember one of those words that gave me trouble.

>> No.16513223

Open the site, look up a word and see. J-J dictionaries are easier to read than pretty much everything else you've already done, sentences are usually less than 10 words long and as basic as it gets. Plus you can use rikai.
>I can't use a J-J dictionary yet.
No such thing.

>> No.16513234

>>I can't use a J-J dictionary yet.
>No such thing.
Yes such thing. Delete yourself.

>> No.16513235

It's a recognition tool, not a writing tool. It's recommended because it's good.

You can learn the stroke order later, it doesn't matter that much.

>> No.16513238

Limit yourself and stay N5 forever if you want, just don't come complaining here about easily fixable things. /int/ should be more your forte, by the way.

>> No.16513246
File: 281 KB, 512x512, 1483614832770.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm N1, you're just retarded.

>> No.16513249

Hint: using a J-J dictionary doesn't make you better at japanese.

>> No.16513254

Please help me out this once /djt/. I don't know what grammar guide I should follow. I don't need to rush things so I'd rather avoid Tae Kim. The very first line of the japanese dictionary states that the book is recommended for people that already have studied for one or two years so I suppose I will use it only to supplement and not as a my main source for japanese grammar. So there are a few left I could use but I don't know about the quality of those sources and how far they go.

>> No.16513260

I'm sure you are when you "can't" read J-J dictionaries.
That's false.

>> No.16513264

Can I get rikai to work with a good J-J dic?

>> No.16513265


Grammar Resources

Low level:
- Tae Kim
- Genki I&II

- Tobira
- Imabi
- An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese

These specific video resources are highly recommended, even for people that dislike video resources. Their only downside is being video resources.
- Steve's beginner japanese lessons on Nihongonomori (youtube) (note: most of Nihongonomori's other material is not worth watching.)
- Let's Learn Japanese I&II (AKA Yan And The Japanese People)
- Visualizing Japanese Grammar

In the end, it doesn't matter what you pick, as long as you learn enough grammar to break into reading simple japanese. From there, even if you stop studying grammar formally, continuing to read will teach you the rest of the language.

>> No.16513269

>I'm sure you are when you "can't" read J-J dictionaries.
Hint: not everyone that responds to you is the same person.
Yes, if it's in edict format. There are two authoritative J-J dictionaries in the CoR.

>> No.16513275

>I'm sure you are when you "can't" read J-J dictionaries.
Who said I was him?
>That's false.
It's the opposite of false. Forcing yourself to use a J-J dictionary is like the worst practice you could possibly give yourself.

>> No.16513288

So I guess it's Tae Kim after all. Thanks.

>> No.16513290

That's also false.

>> No.16513293

Not an argument.

>> No.16513319


>> No.16513373

Who else here learning just to play Rance X on release?

>> No.16513392

No but I am very hype for it, especially since there's nothing else amazing coming out this year so it's all I have to look forward to. It's going to be so fucking good.

>> No.16513549


Let's both do our best!

>> No.16513991

Well obviously it makes you better at Japanese because it counts as reading, but going through dictionary entries and mining every word you don't know could get dull very fast

>> No.16514087
File: 3.33 MB, 4032x3024, 20170203_195839.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can anyone tell me what this means? My friend gave it to me as a Christmas present but I'm afraid it might mean nigger or sodomy or something like that.

>> No.16514112

It means the pleasure of being cummed inside.

>> No.16514125

Seriously >>16514112

>> No.16514143


>> No.16514153

replay container aka engrish

>> No.16514154

It's actually korean japanese engrish.

>> No.16514249 [DELETED] 
File: 3.33 MB, 4032x3024, 20170203_195839.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can anyone translate this for me? My friend gave it to me but I think it probably says something awful.

>> No.16514299

So I finished the first volume of Yotsuba and I want to read something harder but not too hard. What would you guys recommend?

>> No.16514313

Yuru Yuri if you're okay with no furigana

>> No.16514345

Yeah I'm fine with no furigana. I was thinking of switching to Azumanga Daioh, but Yuru Yuri is another one of my favorites.

>> No.16514363

Azumanga is also pretty easy, go for it.

>> No.16514466

is there any place that has The Kodansha Kanji Learner's Course for download? I've found only the learner's dictionary

>> No.16514495

Check the OP.

>> No.16514504

Speaking of conning, he made this: http://keystojapanese.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Kana-Crash-Course-nkk.pdf

>> No.16514505

I did

>> No.16514510

It's there, so keep checking.

>> No.16514551

Hanahira if you're okay with a VN instead of manga

>> No.16514570

Is there anywhere decent to watch JP TV online? http://mokodojo.net/ would be amazing but it buffers for a split second every three seconds and it is completely unwatchable. I heard about this iSakura box thing and I am thinking of getting it even though it is pricey just because it seems nothing else is going to work.

>> No.16514573

I want to know this too. I'm OK with watching vods instead of live.

>> No.16514622

If you can put the stream URLs in VLC, I think you could just increase the cache time to stop it from buffering. I can't get the site you linked working at all though.

>> No.16514626

If they're RTMP streams you can also use mpc-hc if you don't have KCP installed (KCP's splitter doesn't support rtmp).

>> No.16514631


It works for me if I use Chrome, click a link under Server 1 (NHK-G works for sure), then wait for the page to turn white. Then I click on the URL bar and press enter again and upon reload it works. Well, it "works".

>> No.16514861




>> No.16514917

This is a problem with filesystem stuff. Just use the non-SVG version. The SVG version is only for systems that have post-ucs-2 filesystems but not post-ucs-2 text rendering, like Windows XP.

>> No.16514923

>responding months later

>> No.16514928

Literally only a week or two later, but yes

>> No.16515119

So I just purchased the first few konosuba light novels to use to learn moon.
My knowledge of Japanese consists of the ability to recognize and pronounce just hiragana. I also know a few words and phrases from anime.

Is that enough to start or have I fucked myself

>> No.16515121

You're fucked but you'll be glad to know that konosuba is actually good beginner's material. Just don't expect to be able to read it normally until at least six months from now.

>> No.16515128

Thats good enough for me!
Motivation intensifies.jpg

>> No.16515130



>> No.16515132

>> No.16515140


>> No.16515517

Friendly reminder to automate anything you do repeatedly.

After spending a few minutes to automate checking the kanji from new cards with rikai, I estimate doing it at the very beginning would have saved me about 10 hours.

>> No.16515518





>> No.16515549

>checking the kanji from new cards with rikai
what do you even mean by this?

>> No.16515559
File: 110 KB, 890x668, きょう.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]





>> No.16515566

Rikai has a look up bar / box. Paste stuff in there to receive definitions, kanji used, their meaning, radicals and the like.

>> No.16515580
File: 125 KB, 1200x675, きょう.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




>> No.16515593


>> No.16515613





>> No.16515627

Does anyone know what the Japanese term for edging is?

>> No.16515629


>> No.16515635

Yes, but this isn't a translation thread.

>> No.16515644

Nice to see this thread still retained it's helpful friendly spirit after being moved off of /a/

I tried looking for it but it's a pretty hard one to google

I'll just assume it's エッジュプレイ if no one here knows anything different

>> No.16515698





>> No.16515716

Translation: I don't know.

>> No.16515886

> kodansha dictionary
might as well get the android version (each kanji has kklc number on it)

>> No.16515958

Are there any really easy Manga series which don't make reference to some delicious food in every other chapter? I've been reading yotsubato in bed before I go to sleep but every time they talk about food it makes me really hungry so I have to get out of bed again and make a snack.

>> No.16515964

Try not being American.

>> No.16515974


>> No.16516048

This 艶 word and its million usages drive me crazy

艶 (つや)
艶 (えん)
艶やか (あでやか)
艷やか (つややか)
艶めかしい (なまめかしい)

>> No.16516154

もっと食べてもいいけど 夜更かししちゃった

>> No.16516372

Rec some Post-よつばと! tier nukige.

>> No.16516451

よつばと itself is a pretty good one

>> No.16516457

塵骸魔京 通常版

>> No.16516644

How many of you are able to recognize 鏃 without rikaing it?
Fuck, so many alternate kanji that rarely even get used drive me crazy.

>> No.16516662
File: 896 KB, 1280x720, tmp_4028-Screenshot_20170204-132308-1673910130.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ooh I'm starting to understand the essence of Japanese. Ah this feels good ooh

>> No.16516728

Words that rikai doesn't even pick up are amazing

>> No.16516809

is this some new ribbit meme?

>> No.16516917


>> No.16516936

What were you even trying to say with this shitpost?

>> No.16517030

What is this 飛ばん form?

>> No.16517041

焦らしプレイ is the closest that I can think of. It might have a different nuance than what you're going for though.

>> No.16517124

>燃える礫の降りそそぐ — 羽根のまにまに繽紛と
This is an excerpt from a poem. Curious what the second line means, specifically 羽根のまにまに. As far as I could tell it is just a different way to write まま but even like that I'm not sure I get it. Also what exactly the と at the end does

>> No.16517140


that (=thet) the feathers,
scattered at the mercy of the wind,

>> No.16517162

Are you sure? I still don't get it like that... what does the の modify? I don't see "wind" anywhere. 羽根のまにまに would be "at the mercy of the feathers" no?

>> No.16517175

飛ばない is what I thought, but I don't understand how it makes sense in your sentence.

Upon further investigation it seems it's an old version of 飛びたい.

>> No.16517176

What is the meaning of 裏アリ?
It's used to describe someone here.


Is it like "someone who has a hidden/"dark" side"?

>> No.16517177

No, I'm not sure, you're looking at poetic japanese and gave fuck all actual context.

>> No.16517188

>what does the の modify?
Just so you know, の doesn't have to modify anything.

>> No.16517200

The line before — is all the ""context"" there is. Pulling words out of nowhere that don't exist in the text provided has hardly to do with context anyways, just don't respond if you aren't versed in a topic.
What does it do here then? It looks like "羽根のまにまに" to me.

>> No.16517211

I'm not sure what the others are feeding you but のまにまに is a popular poetic saying you can often find in songs and such. A bit hard to give a proper English translation but as rikai is saying it's basically being toyed by/played by/physically or emotionally moved by/at the mercy of whatever proceeds の.

>> No.16517213

まにまに is a word:


Leave it up to fate, whatever happens happens, etc.

と is used to mark certain words:


It is similar to the と quotation, it sparkled with a キラキラ.

繽紛 uses the と particle to mark it.


The rest of the sentence is left up to interpretation I'm guessing because it's peotry.

>> No.16517214

>Pulling words out of nowhere that don't exist in the text provided has hardly to do with context anyways, just don't respond if you aren't versed in a topic.
Maybe don't ask for explanations of poetry then. Ever.

>> No.16517218

裏アリ = 裏がある

>> No.16517229



>> No.16517302

>whatever proceeds の
Precedes? My guess at "at the mercy of the feathers" would make sense here then, since I believe the 翼人 are painted as the 敵. Thanks.

Hmm, I guess I get the と now but I don't see what the 繽紛 marks, is it perhaps the 礫 in the previous line?
>The rest of the sentence is left up to interpretation I'm guessing because it's peotry.
I feel like it has a meaning but I can't piece it together though...

Here's the full poem anyways in case you want to check it out:

>> No.16517324

が can sometimes be の when it's modifying something.



That along with the 繽紛と is used to make it seem like an incomplete sentence, there is more that is left unsaid, you fill in the verb for yourself.

That is how a lot of poetry works. You asked about の before, it is the same meaning as が here if I'm not mistaken, but it's changed to indicate that you're only getting part of the sentence.

>> No.16517467

Im looking for a Anki kanji deck that has the english meaning on one side and the kanji with on and kun youmi on the reverse side. The idea is to recall the kanji and be able to draw it as well.

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