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How about a Patchouli Knowledge thread? Who here loves Patchi?

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I love her feet, sure

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Shes got nice feets

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patchis feet and butt

together at last!

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Whoa, so many books.

I'll just borrow some later.

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Yes, she's my favourite 2hu. I love her a lot!

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patchouli is special to me. idk what i would do... i may even be dead without her

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I want to enjoy cuddling with her and constantly have my hands down her panties and squeeze her ass cheeks

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patchy ate a little too much cake

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I want to make piglets with this piggy!

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Definitely my favourite, although I have a thing for most 2hus in the Scarlet Mansion.

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How is Patchouli's eyesight? She's a very visually-focused person, but spends so much time in that poorly lit library.

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I want to feed Patchy as much cake as she can eat

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I love Patchouli.

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I love Patchouli, she is intelligent, cute and NOT fat.

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I LOVE Thicchouli

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Quality thread.

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Why is Sakuya such a bitch?

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Catness points down. This is not how maids should act.

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Patchouli is cooler than an action hero!

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The cutest, most appealing part of Patchy is that she is very soft, bookish and sweet on your dates, but the entire time she is actually thinking about you fucking her senseless! Patchy adores you, and she gives you bedroom eyes all the time, but she needs to to initiate so she doesn't feel like a slut! Patchy wants you to ravage her and make her bonkers with your penis!

I want to HAVE SEX with Patchouli's VAGINA!

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anon. i think youre underestimating <patchoulis> <knowledge> of <sex>
she knows whats going on and im pretty sure she doesnt care about those things.
that said, im sure youre right about what she wants to do. but i think the reason she doesnt say it is because she expects you to figure it out for youself... otherwise how could she be intellectually stimulated by your company?
and you should already know being a patchy fan that <intellectual> stimulation is the same as <sexual> stimulation

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Patchouli is a cat!

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no! she's a cake!

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She's actually a table.

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I would definitely have intellectual conversations with Patchy! In fact, I wouldn't even bring sex up at all - on purpose! I want her to wonder why I'm not asking for sex after the third date! Patchouli, being a female, thinks she can control me with sex and that I'll ask for it quickly, but in fact I would play 4D chess with her emotions and make her doubt herself!

"D-Does he not want to have sex with me? Am i unattractive to him? Why hasn't he asked yet...?"

I want to drive her crazy with anticipation, until she is foaming at the mouth and aching in the crotch for SEX!

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Is this even safe for work, I can totally see the soles of her feet in this pic

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She died in a fire.

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Well, one version did. It was inevitable, or did you think all this disorganization amongst the anons was part of some overarching plan?? She died in a fire, like all who try to have a meaningful life.

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You try running a mansion that violates space and time while only having retarded fairies as co-workers.

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Patchy has the smelliest feets and the lewdest soles!

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Stop sexualizing patchi's feet, pervert.

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Cool action heroes don't use striker-fired polymer pea shooters. If Patchy can't even manage to be cooler than that there's no way she's cool at all.

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Science Patche

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I want her to experiment on me.

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I want to experiment on her feet!

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No, she is a lizard.

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but that's a gecko...

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Patchouli has an outie belly button and she's dating Alice

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tickle tickle!! !

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Rikako is proto-Patchouli

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What if Patchouli shrinks you and puts you in her pantyhose as an experiment? Like this

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They're just two characters with similar hair.

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Patchouli fans are interesting in their art.

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gecko, check out those claws.

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>Who here loves Patchi?
Koakuma from the neighboring thread >>16521192

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Patchouli is cute in all sizes

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Patchouli is my VERY SHY, submissive, cute, cuddly, very loyal, chubby, loving girlfriend!

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How could anyone love a malnourished librarian?

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>But I'm gloomy, frail and pump.... Nobody would love this kind of woman.

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I don't think Koa's wearing any panties.

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Well, to start with, I'll show my love with a sandwich

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But she actually has a soft, cuddly, chubby, bouncy, jiggly, sloshy, comfortable cute belly!

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How can you be frail and plump?

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coughs blood when mating pressed

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Why are there so many depictions of Patchouli being fat? I think it is disproportionate to the rates of other touhous.

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She stays inside all the time and has other health problems.

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Yeah, but I though she was supposed to be ZUN tier.

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Touhou physiques are far from consistent in most cases. Since Patchy wears very loose-fitting clothing, you could imagine anything's going on under there.

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I figured that having poor eyesight and being weak from a vitamin deficiency would imply that she does not eat enough, but I guess that could also be from eating an unbalanced diet.

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Sakuya checks on her as any dutiful maid and we see her eating with Remi in the mangas, so she definitely feeds.

She's asthmatic and hardly goes out though and if you combine that with "eats regularly", you often get "fat".

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If Sakuya and Remilia are responsible for looking after her and she doesn't eat otherwise, wouldn't they ensure she doesn't overeat?

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Magicians don't actually need to eat, so maybe she can't metabolize food quickly.

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Dunno, at that point it's all up to speculation. Sakuya always struck me as a bit whimsical/careless about what she decides to feed her masters.

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I think there's a pun in Japanese here... I see a lot of plump Patchouli on pixiv tagged as "Pachuri" alongside "pochuri" (a more generic plump tag)

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With all that sitting. Patchouli are sure to develop a fat butt!

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I want to tease Patchy about having a fat bottom!

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I want to make piglets with this piggy.