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I'm considering giving up on life, /jp/. I've been trying to 1CC a Touhou game on Normal for over a year. I've tried 1CC'ing PCB and IN over and over. I just can't do it. I can't beat them on Normal using continues either. I'm simply awful at STGs.

This is not what has put me into my current pit of despair, though. Earlier tonight I found out I can't even beat PCB on Easy.

What do I do? Should I give up on Touhou games forever and only read doujins? Should I kill myself? I'm lost, /jp/.

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Give up on Touhou and live on Chen droppings ^^

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Find a better reason to kill yourself if you're going to do it.
Shouldn't be that hard.

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Okay, so don't play them.

Your ability at danmaku gaem doesn't have anything to do with your self-worth, you know.

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I'm not actually going to kill myself. I just feel like shit.

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OP here - disregard that, I've found a new interest. I think K-pop is far more interesting than anything Japanese.

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I too suck at Danmaku, but you know, that fact doesn't stop me from enjoying the games. I make progress very slowly on normal, with extra lives learning at my own retarded pace, enjoying the music, pace, and bullet patterns Master Zun has laid out for me. And I am content, even if it means I can't finish all the games.

It's important to have fun, or you will never improve, and there will be no reason to improve, either.

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I definitely enjoy playing them. I think the reason I'm so bothered is because I set a goal for myself and I can't do it no matter how hard I try. Shit sucks.

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If you are serious, go play moedan or something to get some basic training

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How do you get the gold medal for Moedan? I always get the silver ones.

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Play hard, and then go back to normal and it will be cake.

Just bomb when any one of those bullets looks at you funny, and just try to survive to at least see all the fights on hard. Then normal mode will seem like ezmodo.

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I will try these. Thanks.

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Imagine if Kagami had a penis. She would stroke it tenderly, caressing the ginormous scrotum like a mother breastfeeds her children. Imagine if her Konata joined in, and also had a penis, and they took their beautiful penii and joined together in love and eternal devotion. Imagine Kagami, getting mad that Konata didn't stretch her ass properly, slapped Konata and then licked any feces from Konata's ass. It would be my dream, I tell you.

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Yes, but consider that GL 15 had over 22000 frames of animation, whereas an important episode in your normal series has around 12000.
I think it still equates to GL's being superior even against a 52 episode animu because even by normal standards it is so infinitely superior.

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Time them out.

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Gurren Lagann is shit.

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I feel your pain, I only just 1cc'd my first touhou game, Lotus Land Story, a few days ago. Really, the best advice I can tell you is to keep working at it.

WHat helped me with my 1cc was the fact that I was playing Cho Ren Sha 68k when I wasn't playing LLS. Since Cho Ren Sha is a much faster paced (and harder) game that require more reflexes and twitching, it was much easier to dodge when I went back to LLS. Most of my deaths in my run were due to silly, score-related mistakes and panicking during the first Yuka fight.

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Lucky Star. What are you faggots, stupid?

Lucky Star at least has original characters. What does Azumanga have? Oh yeah, shitty generic copycats...Of TMoHS no less. Considering Lucky Star is better than TMoHS, I think you can see my point.

Sakaki? Oh wow. She's quiet. Enjoy your fucking Yuki Nagato rip off.

Chiyo? ZOMG smart person. Another Yuki Nagato rip off. They couldn't even handle the GARness of Yuki and so they had to split her up into those two characters.

Tomo? Blatant Haruhi rip off. Wow, she acts spastic? Yeah, Haruhi did it ten times better.

Yomi? Fat chick. She's just a cop off of Mikuru.

Osaka? Mascot character. Spacy and contemplative, but she doesn't even measure up to the awesomeness that is Tsuruya. Tsuruya is the embodiment of intellectual stimulation. Nice try Osaka, can't touch that though.

Kagura? Athletic girl. Unfortunately for Azumanga Nooboh, TMoHS already had the athletic girl first. Her name is Asakura and she's fucking hot.

I thought this was obvious, but some idiots chose Azumanga. Nice going nooblets. Goback2/gaia.

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Lost all points for a total lack of subtlety.

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>I thought what I'd do was, I'd troll some fags on the Internet.

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I hear you. I'll probably never 1cc EoSD.
It's probably a state of mind. Playing easier stgs for practice is probably good advice.

I mean take another genre, for instance, FPS games. Most of us who are good at FPS games have gotten so after a long education of playing progressively more difficult games from our childhood. If you go a head and hand the mouse over to your mother who has had no gaming education she won't even be able to move around properly, let alone fight. It probably wouldn't be bad advice to study on simpler stgs as Anon has suggested. I can't think there would be any other reason why some of us suck so hard at STGs and for others it's so natural; we just haven't grown up playing them. I suck at fighters too, I was too busy playing RPGs and RTS's.

In singleplayer puzzle games it's all about the little details you aquire over time. I find it's amusing when I see CIV IV threads on Futaba. All the Futabans, and a lot of Civ newbs in general find it very tough even on Warlord, but for me it stays easy on Immortal, because I grew up playing CIV and I know the build patterns, the AI behavior, etc, even while not being particularly good at competitive Strategy games like Chess or Starcraft.

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I forgot how good pasta can be.

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It's copypasta, you idiot. Apparently still made you rage.

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>shitty generic copycats...Of TMoHS

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*snort* "nooblets" that's an old one.

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I was with Konata last night.

I found her MVPing Dark Lords in Glastheim. She didn't want to join my WoE team at first, but relented. It was amazing how she emp break solo, running over Transcendents like they were Novices. After that, she turned down her pay and left the guild, telling our guild leader that her participation was only a sample, and they can hire her back for Solar Emblems. When we were alone, I asked if she had a GM modhack her stats. She laughed. Then we cybered.

Maybe she'll be online tonight.

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just think... all your friends watched yesy's version... you and your loyalty decided to stick to Triad's. you told yourself it'd be fine, you know Triad's better than some "speedsub" group - you know that no self respecting fansubber could possibly release under 24 hours after the episode has aired. but they did have karao- NO. you will wait. you will wait for Triad's release, because you know that the satisfaction of watching it from a familiar group would be like biting into a donut after years of a no sugar diet to shave off those 300 pounds. you know that watching the final episode from Triad will give you that feeling of satisfaction that only a perfect score in DDR could bring (if only you could lose weight to play). you know you can ignore your friends' taunts... they're not really friends anyways, what do they know? they watch speedsubs! it's unforgivable, to bear the thought that you even socialize with them. but you know that you don't have to much longer, because they'll be talking about episode 26. you can't allow that to happen, since you've only seen 18... and Hayate's not even done fighting to save Nanoha's life, let alone could she be assassinated by the enemy that Fate's fighting. it can't be true, Triad wouldn't let it happen, would they? you... you can't give into the temptation... you must not watch yesy subs!

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Agreed! How can anyone enjoy porn without penis?
I mean, if you don't like penis, you're just an insecure faggot who can't handle your own masculinity - you feel inferior when you see a proper penis being used in the right way.

Only when you embrace your love to watch cock can you reach true masculinity, and stop being a worthless faggot. We who truly understand pornography realize that the goodness of any one scene or image is almost directly proportional to the total amount of penis shown.

Now, all you other faggot posters, go on! Throw away your faggot "lesbians" and "girls", and embark on the path to heterosexuality! Then, you can join REAL men over in /y/, where we can watch mile upon mile of delicious penis while we are completely secure in our heterosexuality, unfazed by the torrent of sweet, sweet cock.

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It's already been explained to you, but as you're a pea-brained ignoramus who can't understand simple fucking concepts, it went right over your head.

The first half of the show had plenty of plot, but since there weren't as many explosions your under-developed brain just registered "duur, nothing but training durrr"

Episode 1: introduction of two new characters, what they can do, and the new world settings

Episode 2: reintroduction of the old series characters in their new forms, giving backstory both to some old characters plus reasons for why they're doing what they're doing now

Episode 3: introduction of RF6 stuff and multiple secondary characters, showing of what they Drones are and can do (remember, it is NOT assumed that everybody has read the manga), introduction of the Relics/Jewel Seeds subplot, Yagami family stuff.

Episode 4: First showing of what Caro and Elio can do, introduction of Carim, introduction of the Limiter system, ends with them heading off on their first actual mission.

To break in, this is where early Strikers went wrong. A lot of the introductions and explainations here were just delivered exposition style, and were clunky. Also, While we saw Caro and Elio do stuff for the first time, we really didn't need more Subaru and Teana training fighting here. 3-4 could have been one episode.

Episode 5: Transformations, action, new Devices in action, snippets of Caros past and her true power. Major villain introduced.

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Episode 6: There's about FIVE MINUTES of training here. Some more Caro/Elio background, Genya and Ginga introduced, more Jail stuff (plot!) plus Vita being back, including her new protectiveness towards Nanoha.

Episode 7: Horrible animation, but a new RF6 mission, new antagonists introduced, and has the rather important point of Teana fucking up in action.

Episode 8: A nearly dedicated Teana episode, more on what makes her tick, ending with WHITE DEVIL.

Episode 9: Basically part 2 of episode 8. Resolves Teanas issues, and also throws in a couple of minutes (like 3-4 at most) catchup on what the deal with Nanoha and Fate is for people who didn't watch the first two episode

Episode 10: Subaru and Teana's big gay date. If you hate this you are a fag. Mostly the characters doing their thing removed from their work. Ends with the introduction of Vivio.

etc, etc. Nothing of importance happened, indeed.

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...and as our eyes met, I felt that she really was shy about the whole situation.
"Yuki, do you... know what sex is?"
"Reproductive function of most organisms on earth."
"Well, yes, but... do you know exactly what... you're supposed to do?"
"I have never witnessed sex. Let me--" "No, that's okay."
"How shall I perform sex if I do not know how to act?"
"That's just it- I don't want it to be an act..." I say, as I step closer.
"Then observation may be tainted by-" "Shhh..." I was close enough; I put my finger on her lips.
"Do you know about the erogenous zones?"
"The mouth, an-" "Good" I slowly caressed her lips, as she began blushing even deeper. I moved my mouth towards to her ear, as I moved my hand from her lips, to her waist, to pull her close enough that I could whisper.
"Then you know enough already..." I made sure to blow lightly while saying these words. A visible shiver ran through her body, as she let out a small sigh, which sounded almost like a gasp.
"Kyon, this observa-" "Observation? I thought you wanted to do an expirement. Observations don't involve the researcher, do they?"
"Well, no, just..."
"It's too late, you're already involved now. Do you know the next step?" She leaned back a bit, to look at my face. This gave me the perfect chance.
I kissed her.

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Sure is /a/ pasta around here.

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