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It is the about to be the beginning of a new month /jp/. Please remember to say "Rabbit, rabbit!" as soon as you awaken the first to be blessed by Tewi with good luck and happiness for the month!

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dumb rabbit scum

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You're doing this way too early, man.

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tomorrow is chinese new year

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Facesit, facesit!

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Doesn't feel good at all, hentai exagerates it A LOT
Even if this excites you she'll get tired of the pleasure and won't satisfy you afterwards

-Sincerely, your non-virgin anon
(Bring the quotes I want to see them)

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Quit harshing my memes, man.

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mating press
mating press

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usagi usagi

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Tewi a shit! Tewi a shit!

Now I'm immune to happy rabbit merchants!

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I haven't masturbated in three days and I'm starting to unlock my hidden potential. I guess I didn't need you after all, Tewi.
Just try and curse me to not hang on this week, I could care less about your petty abilities.

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bunnie boobie

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No, stop saying that! You wouldn't want to get into an "accident" next month, would you?

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This was a lonely month.
Nothing really bad happened but I haven talked to anyone in three weeks.

My year is off to a disappointing start.

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You can talk to me if you want bad responses and awkward conversations . .

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Good goy human, remember the 6 gorillion rabbits.

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My thick, smelly, hot sperm shooting into Tewi's young, tight, fertile loli womb!

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don't forget to say it in two days

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my only dream

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tewi is a cutey!

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Going crazy with Tewi

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You better not forget this month.

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I'll forget on purpose just to get shotted

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You grab that rabbit and then you pet the rabbit.

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I want to impregnate this prostitute.

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I didn;t the last two months and nothing happened. Maybe Twei is trying to trick me!

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Such a demon for semen, usa

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I won't forget to say it this morning Tewi!

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What kind of blessing is that little slut supposed to give anyway?

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do NOT call my wife a slut

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rabbit, rabbit!
good luck /jp/!

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Rabbit Rabbit

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Rabbit, rabbit!

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rabbit rabbit

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I think she's up to something.

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rabbit rabbit
donate donate

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Nice try raimundo

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Can I still say "Rabbit Rabbit" when it's midnight?

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I forgot to say it, and I've got allot of important things happening this month.

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Maybe saying it every morning would start helping?

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I hope so.

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Cool character released in a game a played and went 25-4 with them

someone uploaded porn of my fetish

so yeah this is a premptive thanks to Inaba-dono

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Surely this month will be a good one now.

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I said it and things already started badly, should've wished for naizuri instead

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If you work overnights do you say rabbit rabbit at midnight or when you wake up?

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wake up senpai

good luck, lilterally

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rabbit, rabbit

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I didn't do it.

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It was the first thing I said today, but about 40 minutes after waking up.

I still haz lucks?

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bellyzuri, bellyzuri!
I did it!, will Tewi-chan visit me and let me cum all over her soft tummy now?

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I did it! That's 2/12 so far, I'm sure 2017 will be my luckiest year yet! Thank you Tewi.

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I did it. I'm glad I checked /jp/ right before I went to bed last night or I would have forgotten.

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I did it!

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I did it!!!!

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The test I didn't study for was pushed back a week. Thanks, Tewi!

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I just rolled over and sleepily said, 'good morning Tewi.' Yes, that means exactly what you think it means.

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