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Yukarinn Daisuki!

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I want to punch Yukari!

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There's no way. Yukari is the strongest Touhou.

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[X] tell Yukari that she never finished collage
[X] tell Yukari that she ran away to this fantasy world to run away from reality
[X] punch Yukari as she's off guard

It's not that hard, son.

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Is there any other 2hu as perfect as Yukari?
I mean, you can claim that your fsvorite 2hu is better but at the end of the day you know that is not true.
Yukarin is the definion of perfectness and truly nobody on Gensokyo can top her.

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I'm going to punch Yukari's womb with my penis.

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Alice is the only perfect Touhou.

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How can a stage 3 boss friendless neet be perfect?
Answer: she is not

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she's an EX boss too

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her design just kind of stands out and blends together so well
she's also interesting and has a lot going on.

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and Yukari is a phantasm, the only one

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Relying on hierarchy as a reason to like or love is demeaning in a way.

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but i like her because of the way she is, anon

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To be fair, even as a Phantasm boss Yukari is a lazy NEET with two friends maximum and a fox-computer as her only companions.

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So like us, only a smart, sexy and powerful BBA.

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I always found something unsettling about Yukari. It makes it impossible to fap to her or even think about her for too long.

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if you gaze into the gap long enough, the gap will gazes back into you.

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Probably because she might be watching you fap to pictures of her.

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I want to steal Yukari panties!

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>implying she doesn't like it

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>tfw will never be fapping to Yukarin when suddenly she pops out of a gap and watches you amusedly

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>tfw yukarin will never fuck you after that and turn you into a youkai

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Feels bad

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Cut that shit out.

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Who are you all quoting? He sounds like a fag.

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i refuse

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Samefag please get out

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When will Yukari reinforce the border?

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Why Yukari would govern a country full of fat and weak people who believe more in her weapons than themselves?.

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Take your pick
1. Yukari is Merry
2. Yukari is Merry's mother or relative
3. They're unrelated aside from borders

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3. I really like red herrings.

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I don't like the first two choices, so I'll just say 3.

Alternatively, Maribel is Yukari's tulpa or avatar made out of boredom or to experience life as a human instead of a gap-lurking Lovecraftian Outer God. Like how DMs create DMPCs to play their own games.

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Bad thread.

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Why are Eirinfags so salty about Yukarifags?
Is because Yukari is better?

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Because Eirin is tsundere about Yukari. but sadly Yukari'll never notice her because she has already a better girl to hang out, while Eirin has to keep caring of that kuso princess.

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I think it's one.

>Is Merry related to Yukari somehow?
>How should I say this. In the past, there was this Lafcadio Hearn. Don't think too much about this.

I don't really see any other way that could be interpreted.

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she's not, she's not as slutty as sanae

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<span class="sjis"> A WHORE [/spoiler]

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i demand you stop insulting lady yukari

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<span class="sjis"> OF BABYLON [/spoiler]

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Yukari never went to babylon
she's a weeb who moved to japan

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Don't call her that

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there is enough evidence to conclude that she is indeed a whore.

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Yukari is redpilled

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I can thoroughly prove through experimentation that your conclusion is, in fact, incorrect.

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Because dat ass...

post more

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"I'll always be watching you, Lunarian,


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Eirin is old, OLD!

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Yukarin's silky gloves!

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So is Yukari

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get out

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This is one of my all time favorites

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Ahhh.... the good old days when I called Yukari my "waifu" and worshiped her. Unfortunately, all illusions must eventually come to an end.

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Clearly your taste is shit
unless it's ran because ran is fine

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stop bullying yukari you monster

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I no longer have a taste. That which does not exist can't be shit, just how it can't be anything else.

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Cat literally got your tongue ?

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Extend party

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Extend Party 3

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The strongest character isn't a man? What kind of otherworldly nonsense is this? Must be some butch feminist kinda stuff.

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When you got a mystical fantasy land that's 90% overpowered girls it's hard to have strong male characters.
It's another world based on nonsense.

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Chen is the secret puppet master of gensokyo. Has the tightest pussy, and is able impose her conservative political ideology on everyone. She also gets the D frequently.

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Is Chen sealed like Rumia?

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What was the game name?

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Youkai tiddy.

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Touhou Kenchinroku

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I'll save you, Yukari!

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You'll need to wake her up first.

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Do you think Letty wakes Yukarin up before she disappears?

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Yukari can't wake up.

>> No.16477490

Can't wake up inside?

>> No.16483289

Exactly. When she needs to wake up in order to do something, she gaps herself outside.

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Yukari is...

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Yog-Sothoth pretending to be an anime girl

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...a smiling cute!

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interested in locomotives

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If she can gap trains to the battlefield, why not planes, ships, or missiles?

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It's more aesthetic to come out of dark tunnels, the gaps don't have to be weird shapes to accomodate wings and mundane explosives are redundant with danmaku

>> No.16489382

>mundane explosives are redundant with danmaku
I know for a fact I want Yukari to start lobbing anti-ship missiles at people though.
Then again, I don't imagine she'd be very willing to do something with explosives considering the possible damage to Gensokyo.

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I still don't understand how running someone over with a train is within the spell card rules.

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The spell card system just specifies for you to describe what spell you're going to use, and it's the opponent's job to dodge it. So a "fuck you, here's a train" spellcard is technically fair game as well as long as the opponent knows it's coming.
Although, it's entirely possible Yukari just does not give a fuck.

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...a chuu chuu!

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Yukari is not even the strongest character.
What is her appeal now?

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She's pure speculation fuel. ZUN will never reveal anything about her so everyone can interpret her how they wish.

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Who is the strongest character then? The one that can dish out the most damage? The one who can survive the most?

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in need of a big hug!

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her power is broken when taken literally and only anti-powers and raw power really outmatch that

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The one who can take a lot of dicks once.

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Tommy Pickles.

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I want to kick Yukari in the butt, dude.

>> No.16498187

That's playing with matches in a dynamite factory, dood!

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FOR SCIENCE! And poor Yuuka and Mima, and possibly to allow Sariel to get some GOD DAMNED SLEEP THEY NEVER SHUT UUUUUUUUPPP!!!!!!

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I want to take Yukari to the dance floor!

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I want to post the goober Tommy face, but I also think that's a horrible thing to do to the people of this board.

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There was that one doujin where she was a delivery girl, but the guy tried to kick her out because he wanted a little girl, and then she convinces him to marry her through sex. I like that doujin.

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You're in public when suddenly Yukari opens a gap in your pants and forces your chinpo through so she can satisfy her lust. Now what?

>> No.16499246

Can't she gap her chinpo in my mouth instead?

>> No.16499601

What if she gapped YOUR chinpo into your mouth instead?

>> No.16500006

If is my own chinpo is not gay, right?

>> No.16501448

*gaps a train behind you*
nothing personell kid

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No in my watch

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I need it, I must rest my hand on yukarins cute fat belly and play a lot with it!

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File: 1.27 MB, 1200x1200, __saigyouji_yuyuko_and_yakumo_yukari_touhou_drawn_by_ibuibuyou__48c6657d19600e192b7c49b455051380.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kiss!ing with Yuyuko

>> No.16514445

That actually sold out?

>> No.16514939

i bought all of them

>> No.16515930

Can you send me one?

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Not yet

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File: 1.35 MB, 1000x1680, __yakumo_yukari_touhou_drawn_by_minust__252685fa04bbc5a362cd84a66ee2980f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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gappy makes me happy

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Too bad gappy hates you

>> No.16525348

But he has four balls man. FOUR BALLS. That ain't normal

>> No.16526281

how many dicks tho

>> No.16526416

Best Jojo

>> No.16526427

who is gappy when you take off the hat?

>> No.16528566

That means twice the amount of love juice he can ejaculate into Yasuho.

>> No.16528628

Does he also have four dicks?

>> No.16530169

Only one dick tho

It's like that shit ain't right.

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Unzan would be the strongest if Ichirin wasn't holding him back.

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Get out of /jp/

You must be either crossboarding scum or a lame troll.

Get out of /jp/

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I want to cuddle the lurker at the threshold!

>> No.16539858

Ah the good old days.

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File: 697 KB, 1005x654, __saigyouji_yuyuko_and_yakumo_yukari_touhou_drawn_by_minust__1d5d40326a2ceea1fcaf1d295b6ceb6a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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pictured: the average Yukarifag

>> No.16552337

Needs more diaper hat

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>> No.16563963

I hate when they cry crocodile tears

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It's Valentine's Day! I love you, Yukari-sama!

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She's taken.

>> No.16564423 [DELETED] 

Indeed, by me.

>> No.16564475 [DELETED] 

Can I clean your hairy smelly armpits with my tongue please Reimoo?

>> No.16564534 [DELETED] 

I'm sorry, but I'm not the miko you're looking for. Try asking there >>16478542

>> No.16564609 [DELETED] 

Thanks, but if you aren't Reimoo then who are you?
Don't tell me Yukari is cheating on Reimu..

>> No.16566218

I hate yukari because she's inches taller than me

>> No.16566287

How tall is Yukari anyway?

>> No.16566964

Too bad that shit went to NTR/Rape with part 3.

>> No.16567062

I want to passionately kiss Yukari and have worthless Yukarifag /jp/sies watch.

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As tall as she wants to be.

>> No.16571044

Shorter than Kasen.

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What kinds of Yukari do you like?

>> No.16572364

Well, we know how tall Marisa is canonically, so if we find a good comparison with her we should be able to know.
Unless there's an official height for Yukari somewhere and I don't know about it or forgot about it.

>> No.16572449

me on the right

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File: 1.00 MB, 1134x1577, 0040.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.16573375

Someone should taking care of her son?

>> No.16573393

>Yukarinn Daisuki!
More like Yukarinrin die, сука.

>> No.16573998

I checked the book that came from. There is NO height listed anywhere in there. The number was pulled out of ass from what I can tell.

>> No.16574173

The one with the big futa dong

>> No.16577585

So all of them?

>> No.16579701

When you live for 1000+ years, and you are demonstrably more powerful than almost everyone in your own plane, then a natural consequence is that you fuck a maximum number of people at once at the same time, because you can.

Yukari is a whore because Yukari a shitty 1000+ years grandma Mary Sue.

>> No.16579714
File: 890 KB, 949x1482, 000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She would have to actually be liked by others to be a Mary Sue.

Instead she resorts to feeding dandelions to people at parties because people don't put up with her shit in canon.

>> No.16580050

but she's not

>> No.16580076

Yukari is an ancien/tg/ranny who plays tabletop roleplaying games!

>> No.16580120

If that's how it is, then yes, all of them.

>> No.16580214
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Wow, I want to roleplay with Yukarin!

>> No.16580608

But she's 17

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greatest youkai

>> No.16588320

I've always wanted to play dnd but I never had friends to do so. The times I tried to with my family, my cousin was the GM. Both campaigns lasted one session and we never continued them.

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Yukari is happy!

>> No.16597041
File: 302 KB, 600x800, 74e091b23ea0793bf6a61f489af5774a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Indeed she is. But poor cirno, she didn't see it coming

>> No.16600315

She's not my type.

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>> No.16602501

I'm the ripped one.

>> No.16603359

I'm the fat one.

>> No.16603394

I'm the one holding this nigga back.

>> No.16611568
File: 748 KB, 590x900, __yakumo_yukari_touhou_drawn_by_roh_nam_kyung__7b917f43d587963d66206da33b93eafb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Damn it, Yukarin, where are your gloves?!