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Anal Spyder Edition
old: >>16385877

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do NOT post anything about cheating below this line!


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Why is DOLCE so good? It's not fucking fair!

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hes a cheater

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When can that shitty song get removed already? That and SCREAM SQUAD.

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DOLCE was born to inspire us, to make us try to scratch the gates of rhythm game heaven.
It is only natural for him to be the best.

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>Will statistik ever be updated? It's missing a lot of stuff from copula
Various circumstances are holding it back but hopefully the rest of the songs should be added by next week. I can try to add stuff like other features too if there's anything enough people want.

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take that back right now you tasteless sack of shit

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I sanded the plywood on top, albeit not as well as I would've liked to in retrospect. All the side pieces are made from red oak but for the top and bottom, I used plywood we already had around the house.

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>you are so dead
>bad maniacs, IIDX Sirius

What did they mean by this?

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Where did you get those acrylic panels made and what are their dimensions. I'm building a doubles rig and will need two of each.

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I'm gonna sit this thread out; there's a lot of shit competing for my time, and I only want to deliver the best rhythm game erotica.

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Do they call it bad maniacs because that's all u can get on the end roll????

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>rolls aren't rolls under they're piss

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Acrylic panels are 5mm thick and I laser cut then at my local library since apparently that's a thing now. I can give you the exact dimensions when I get back home, but the button one is 240*260mm (width*height) and the turntable one is 260*260mm. If you can't laser cut them yourself, you can probably order them laser cut from some company near you, or you can VERY CAREFULLY work them with at least a bench drill and maybe a file.

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Oh and the tt is not exactly ac size, it's only 200mm, so you'll have to do some changes, but otherwise that that it's ac size.

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As a quick reference, you might want to check this. It's arcade accurate to my best knowledge.

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not him but here's the files I created for my own

1/8" black, 1/8" clear, 1/4" clear.


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I got a question. I just got an FP7 and updated the firmware and everything, but now the turntable input ingame keeps sticking. Any way to fix it?

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Miko Kureha

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Oh yeah, SDVX turned 5 today.

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I wouldn't know, but if all else fails, you could roll back the firmware to a version it worked if this problem started occurring after you updated it.

Does that mean we get lots of lewd pics of Rasis today?

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Scream squad is actually pretty good

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Here's a link to the files that I used. The controller file controller layout has both the top plate, made from wood or wood-like substances, as well as the acrylic plates and the whole other parts of the controller. The acrylic plates are identical in the other files.
Something to take into account is that I used a different sensor than literally everyone else for the turntable, as I used a rotary encoder more often found in sdvx controllers. That's why the turntable acrylic plate most likely will need some modifications to fit your needs. And another thing is that the turntable is 200 mm wide and not 220 mm wide, but that's easily changed.

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Took them long enough

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forgot pic

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Btw, what are you going to use as the control board for your doubles deck? If you're going the arduino route, then you need to keep in mind that you don't have enough input pins for direct 1-1 connections, and you should use shift registers or something else to increase your input pin amount.

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What's the point of ratio on sows if IIDX releases are near freeleech periods?

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and so did most of the playerbase

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making requests for comiket albums

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To weed out idiots who do not understand this and get banned by failing to meet ratio requirements despite that fact.

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Why can't koreans properly play their own DJ game?


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So, what are the options if I want to play Guitar Freaks charts? There's any emulator out there or at least charts for Phase Shift?

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sows has gfdm v7

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What's your experience with private trackers?

Hang around here or on IRC and you can get invited eventually. I have trust issues though

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>tfw you barely cleared a new skill analyzer/dan course

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>set random
>put level I'm currently in (10)
>put roulette to play random songs

Is this a good or a dumb way to practice? I'm failinf a lot but also cleared a few songs

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>failing Mei H by literally mistiming the penultimate note

Choke on my cock you fucking game

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My turntable hand hurts like hell but I still wanna play...

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Take a 20 min break. It shouldn't hurt though

You're either playing on a bad position or you haven't developed resistance yet

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I only play for a hour or so every day, but my turntable hand always hurts.

This started happening after I got my FP7

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I'm guessing it has something to do with the way I scratch.

Like I pinky scratch while trying to stretch my turntable fingers to hit the keys they're usually positioned over.

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Nah, most people play like that. You might just not be used to the stretching yet or you're trying to hit keys with your middle finger instead of your thumb.

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I haven't paid too much attention to my hands during scratching, but actually I think I've been using my middle finger, and it's usually when I do that my hands *really* starts hurting.

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Yeah, you should be hitting S+1 with your thumb.

>> No.16432832

What about S+2? is it main hand index/thumb?
I'm always getting rekt by those.
t. other anon

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I personally hit S+2 with my index. Playstyles vary.

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I pinky scratch and press 1 with my middle finger and I'm fine. Does your whole hand hurt or is it just the a finger? My pinky used to be sore because it was ready to scratch at any second. It got better when I relaxed my hand

S 2 is pinky and index too

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Two Dao PCBs.

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reminder that lincle, 8th, and spada are the worst iidx styles

>> No.16432940

reminder that you have the worst taste

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And DistorteD is the best.

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I really like lincle and spada, it seems I'll have to try 8th since you seem to have such a shit taste I can use its opposite to find great songs.

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happy sky - djt was an incredible time period

>> No.16433125

Empress through Resort Anthem is the better period. If Lincle was better it'd be Empress until Tricoro

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I know. But, like, there's nothing maybe, easier to configure (and that don't require me to beg for it)?

>> No.16433203

Resort Anthem is fire and Sirius is good but Empress was mediocre

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My whole hand hurts, and for several days after playing.

So I went back and made a conscious effort to stop using my middle finger entirely. Usually I hit 6 with my middle finger (I'm on 2P side), but I decided to start using my index finger instead.

Suddenly I seem to be playing much better, it seems a little easier to hit 6 while scratching, and I even got my first 9 AA.

Thanks anons

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I was pressing 6 with my middle finger while scratching

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>worst style

Explain yourself.

>> No.16433889

there's nothing good about it

dumb boring name
dumb boring ui
dumb boring songlist except for like 2-3 songs

>> No.16433918

you forgot copula

dumb boring name
dumb boring prerendered ui
dumb boring songlist except for like 2-3 songs

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you're right on the first 2 but copula is merely a bad style rather than one of "the worst" because it actually has some good songs

donkey donk
starlight dancehall
long train running
angelic jelly
seiten no teriyaki
hell or hell
on the fm
daily lunch special

>> No.16433960

seiten no teriyaki is a reflec song
possession also came from something else

copula is bad because a significant chunk of it is samey edm shit

>> No.16433969

you're not wrong but they were still introduced to iidx as part of copula

possession was in ddr x2 first

and you're right that the majority of copula songs suck but having 12 playably good songs is more than you can say about lincle, 8th, or spada

that's why they're the worst styles

>> No.16434009

most of those songs are part of the issue btw

if i have to be honest, it had 5 good songs

it's up there with the rest of the worst styles

>> No.16434114

tfw 123456 did it

>> No.16434135

normal, hyper or another?

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Sinobuz Chuuden SP
Sarutobi Champion is 拙者 -> Reflux -> Jomanda -> Mendes

Chuuden DP
One More Lovely -> four pieces of heaven -> Dynamite -> Flashes

Kaiden still the same lol

>> No.16434225

1st song in chuuden SP is scorpion fire SPA whoops

>> No.16434261

How the fuck am I supposed to clear 12s if my arms start to hurt in the first half of the songs?

>> No.16434262

none of those are 6th style, empress, or copula

>> No.16434271

Just hyper
The ending was driving me insane but I finally got it

>> No.16434275

>kyamisama, phoenix, anagrams, prompt, kimi no heart ni lockon, 532nm, all 9 lincle kingdom songs except in the blackest den
spada's got some good shit but the awful weighs it down a lot and 8th only had alien world and xenon

>> No.16434277

you kinda just anmitsu it to clear

it was one of my first 10s

gj tho

>> No.16434305

I wish I could anmitsu thru gigadelic h w/ normal meter just to say I cleared a 12 desu

>> No.16434310

>a bunch of fire avex licenses
>20 and 19, november
>frozen ray
>l'amour et la liberte

6th style fucking owns fight me

>> No.16434371

>hating on Summer Vacation


>> No.16434527

8th has Thunder. That alone keeps it from being among the worst.

>> No.16434681

same except my hands get sore and my fingers dont respond to my brain

>> No.16434825

come watch bhyper eat ice cream on stream

>> No.16434861

Agreed except DJT was terrible.

>> No.16434873


I simply can't understand.

>> No.16434878

keep your circlejerk to sows and discord

>> No.16434904

shit i'm at round 1 or u know i'd be there

>> No.16434942

skeet tissues

>> No.16434970

I think you mean lincle was the BEST style

>> No.16435152

Why aren't there more pop'n songs in IIDX, they are so much more fun sounding but slapping burgers hurts my hands

>> No.16435157

Why isn't fricking cookie bouquets in popn yet ????

>> No.16435178


>> No.16435278

fine is better

>> No.16435332

In 2005 maybe.

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>1 EX away from getting a gold star on the weekly ranking song

>> No.16435991


it seems like that's my only option as it worked fine before the update. Where would I find the previous version of the firmware?

>> No.16436231

Votum Stellarum remix in IIDX when

>> No.16436266

This one not the hommarju remix


>> No.16436813

hey guys how are you supposed to use :goos:

>> No.16437430

more like why isn't prompt in pop'n yet
(but yes also bouquets)

>> No.16437498

"Get out of sows"

>> No.16437876

Whats the hardest crossover in IIDX? JOMANDA? neu or Ongaku? KAISER PHOENIX? Timepiece phase II? Hollywood Galaxy?

>> No.16437898

Of your list, Timepiece phase II (CN Ver.).

>> No.16438842

I IIDXed so hard yesterday I passed out on my bed and slept 3 hours without waking up.

It's no DDR but it can still be tiring I guess.

>> No.16439120

literally no sowsfags are worth talking about

>> No.16439680

Is there any 10 more retarded than fucking SigSig? BLUE STRAGGLER and maybe even things like Miracle 5ympho X, LOVELY STORM, and Quickening are sickeningly close, but still doesn't even compare.

>> No.16439790


Central Station

>> No.16439797

SigSig is honestly an 11

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File: 1.12 MB, 239x480, Whohurther.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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I don't know about blue straggler or lovely storm but miracle 5ympho x has a pretty good chart and it's not very close to sigsig in terms of difficulty

>> No.16440920

So is Tatsu the DOLCE. of Pop'n?

>> No.16440955

so is museca trash?
i never see anyone playing the two cabs at the local round 1

>> No.16441012


I did, just now, when I AA'd that song on EX.

>> No.16441124

it's real fun but it lacks content. it's like sdvx-style songlist but with 5% of the raw song numbers. if it had a good songlist with music from older iidx/popn/ddr games it would be a high tier bemani game

>> No.16441806

Crossovers have good charts too like Invitation from Mr.C and Brain Power

>> No.16442058

I don't think he's THAT good. Like, in his videos it's always him breaking records, but those are only his best plays, in championships he's good too but you can see the other on par with him.

Anyway, I really do believe there are people (1 or 2) out there better than him.

>> No.16442445

Anybody play TFFAC? I played it a bit when I went to R1 just before New Years and I think I picked the side that won Ramza, but did I have to play again within a certain time frame to actually get him for free, or did I get him no matter what and he'll be there next time I go?

>> No.16443068

What is it?

>> No.16443338

Uh-Oh spa is bullshit

>> No.16443345

That fucking cat is worse.

>> No.16443360

Playing it on keyboard is a literal just fuck my shut up tier when using hard.

Cat song is a pain to score on.

>> No.16443387

Uhhh. I don't know, honestly. I don't have a controller, it was just a generic suggestion, kek. Maybe throw an email to dao? Or beg people here or on sows if possible.

Or... I don't know if this would work or not, but is it possible to rollback the driver via the device manager in Windows? Find and right click the device, properties, driver, rollback button if I recall. I don't know if that would work, though? I thought that was for normal drivers, not firmware.

>> No.16443666

how 2 spin in ddr?

>> No.16443701

My FP7 has started not recognizing presses on 7 when I'm scratching. Has anyone else had this problem, how did you fix it?

>> No.16443883

>a good songlist with music from jubeat/reflec
fixed that for you

>> No.16444027


Quit being a showoff and doublestep. Or whore the brackets and Ball-Heel it with one foot.

>> No.16444230

You don't have to spin, just crossover intensely.

>> No.16444238

I think he's talking about Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.

>> No.16444250

is the arcade version less casual than the original games? "One button does everything" is legitimately retarded

>> No.16444382

It's a fun game but content-wise the game leaves more to be desired, especially when it comes to Konami originals. There's lots of weird quirks but the fuckhuge timing windows slash out a lot of potential depth. SDVX can get away with it since there's a lot of technical skill involved with its game mechanics, while Museca is even easier to get the hang of than Jubeat.

>> No.16444406

is osu a meme?

>> No.16444428


>> No.16444433

is maimai a meme?

>> No.16444441


>> No.16444453

is stepmania a meme?

>> No.16444456


>> No.16444461


It shouldn't be. The yolomania packs get far harder than anything Bemani has to offer.

>> No.16444464

yolomania is best

>> No.16444473


>tfw never got passed 17s and after I stop playing for 2 weeks it was gone forever

Pretty brutal game.

>> No.16444792

Stepmania is better than the actual game.

>> No.16444807

How is stealing from sows any worse than stealing from Konami? Explain this you fucking degenerates.

>> No.16444813


>> No.16444864


Sows doesn't actively fuck over people for fun. It's just trying to stay on the down low. The more leak sources there are the more conspicuous it is which may or may not lead to a severe legal cracking down.

Also, just fuck you. Sows is a nice place full of nice people, why would you want to compromise that?

>> No.16444868

yeah, its pretty cool. two buttons for regular pushes and holds and two knobs to push in direction instead of stylus slides. having two things going on you have to pay attention to can be pretty crazy but also ridiculously fun, alot like iidx dp

>> No.16444869 [DELETED] 

>Sows is a nice place full of nice people
Fuck off back to Tumblr you disgusting tranny.

>> No.16444885 [DELETED] 


I said people. Trannies aren't people.

>> No.16444887 [DELETED] 

Memes and shitposting aside, most people there are friendly. Some very dedicated people too.

>> No.16444905

>memes and shitposting aside
thats literally all it fucking is

>> No.16445073 [DELETED] 


>> No.16445756

If you don't count the ugly and retarded UI.

>> No.16446747

Harder=/=better though

Actually, stuff being "epic ultra hard xD" for the sake of it tend to be memey

>> No.16446752

Stealing precious data from sows and then shitting and mocking the place are several layers of pathetic though.

>> No.16446867

bemanigirl isn't doing any of the work of:
sourcing releases
cracking, disabling coinmode, etc
developing arcana and bemanitools
she just takes the end result and spreads it around to "stick it to the man" for no reason.

sourcing releases is the biggest one here. the people who share data with sows have to actually have a connection to konami. they're undergoing a great risk out of the good of their hearts so some fag nerds in america can play their buttonclicking game at home, in their underwear. they do so because of an understanding of the security precautions that are taken by sows and sows users. nobody, literally nobody, would agree to share data with someone who is just going to host it on megaupload, make publicly facing forums about it, and indiscriminately share it to every degenerate chilean/sea monkey on the face of the earth.

none of the rules/restrictions imposed on sows users are unreasonable. if you get banned, you deserved it.

>> No.16446874

I have yet to see an actual argument presented.

>> No.16446886

You should refine your definition of argument then because I see 2

>> No.16446928

yo please just go hang out with your autistic fat british 12 year old buddies in /1cc/ and leave the adults alone

i'm losing brain cells reading your posts, they just melt away

if you actually loved and cared about music games you wouldn't do what you do

>> No.16447039

This. Sows sucks ass! What a bunch of faggot! Give me an invite though I want to download the data :(

>> No.16447491

the people who do actual work on sows are great just the retards who hang out in vip and think anything they ever post is funny are so obnoxious

>> No.16448373

Finally did it you guys! Beat Possession Hyper! I'm so happy. I love the song. Unfortunately I was 12 ex points away from the A. Choked near the end, to afraid to lose so my exscore bombed there.

>> No.16449045

Why the fuck are iidx posters so expensive?

Niggas on marketplace trying to sell these for hundreds. What the fuck

>> No.16449154

Because you pretty much have to own an arcade to get one.

>> No.16449183

No repros aloud making for inflated values

>> No.16449291

i don't get why anyone likes those when they're so small. iidx tapestries are where it's at

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>dumbass scratch section at the end of a song causing you to fail everytime

>> No.16450013

>dumbass note section in a scratch song causing you to fail every time

auto-key mode when? lr2 all-scratch in iidx when?

>> No.16450341

I dont know if its because I actually rested my hands for a few weeks, or because I just downed 3 cups of coffee, but I just crushed a few 11s I never stood a chance at before. Feels pretty fucking great

>> No.16450414

caffeine is helpful for all games except dance games

>> No.16450552

I think im gonna drop my play frequency down to every other day. Playing with rested hands is too strong.

What happens when you mix caffeine and dancing games?

>> No.16450600

I don't know as I haven't tried it, it could have mixed results. You might be more attentive and have more energy, but the diuretic effects might have negative effects as well.

Actually, I was considering playing some more dancing games today. I'll have some coffee before I play and let you know first hand what I think.

>> No.16450619
File: 60 KB, 600x520, CRODx92UAAA2DA9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright cool. Just dont pass out from dehydration or anything.

>> No.16451483

Update: I'm not sure if this is because I haven't played in a few days or not, but I feel like it's harder to breathe for some reason. I may just need more warmup, but I'm not sure. My exercise is fairly poor in general though, with the exception of playing a bunch of SM on pad recently. In short, I'm not really quite sure if it helped. I don't really feel like I have more energy, either. Maybe the toxicity from the coffee offsets the energy gained or something, idk.

>> No.16451532

I can picture breathing being more of a problem. I know it makes my heart beat extremely fast, and since its a hot drink I end up sweating way more than normal. Im gonna drink a lot of caffeine again before my next session and see if I have repeated results.

>> No.16451797

Well with plenty of art-shit on Museca I feel Konmai needs to add Tenkuu no Yoake, SigSig, Smoooch,wuv u, Bemani Gakuen, Icarus, and the list goes on.

And Ganymede

>> No.16452379

My ultimatum on it, I think, would be to avoid it, I'd say. Many hours later(of playing on and off), I've still felt uncomfortable trying to breathe while playing. Feels like I can't seem to get a full breath very well. Kinda shitty.

>> No.16452419

yeah caffeine and physical activity is not very smart

>> No.16452838

>and indiscriminately share it to every degenerate chilean

Please explain this point.

>> No.16452988

Third worlders are retarded and most likely to run illegal data for profit/stream illegal data to twitch/post videos of illegal data on YouTube and Twitter etc.

>> No.16453136

if you let third worlders have cracked games, they'll put a janky setup in an arcade, charge to play it, and spread pics of it all over the internet

>> No.16453147

Is there a Dao FP7 disassembly guide/teardown video anywhere? I know just asking for it means I'm pretty disqualified from doing any repairs on my own, but I'd still like to try.

I'm not on sows, so hopefully resources are elsewhere.

>> No.16453344
File: 13 KB, 645x773, 1a6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

By the way, why are rhythm games somewhat popular among chileans but I haven't found a single argentinian into bemani?

>> No.16453423


W-what do you need to repair? I might know a thing or two about fixing FP7s.

>> No.16453456

I'm honestly incredibly surprised they added Ruins to Museca, let alone any past event song. Hell, even then I'd figure they would do Gakuen before Ruins... (Although, with some Gakuen/Stadium songs being removed from Reflec/IIDX maybe I should've guessed as much)

>> No.16453596

E-peen is really important in chilean culture for whatever reason, and that's probably part of why they're cheating on single player games more often than any other demographic as far as I can tell. They're always announcing that they're chilean too.

>> No.16453897
File: 178 KB, 768x711, tt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think the axle platform the turntable sits on isn't level.

When spinning the turntable: The turntable doesn't stay centered (the gaps marked by rectangles in the image shift a couple of millimeters) and the turntable plate moves up and down a tiny bit too. If I watch the center nub while spinning, it stays in the centered.

It's not a huge deal now (scratching may need a tiny bit more force?), but a couple of weeks ago, the turntable would actually rub up against the aluminum walls.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

>> No.16453918

I've had this happen to me after I dropped the controller once. Using your palm to firmly hit the turntable surface in the direction you want it to go to be more centered worked for me and someone else I know that had the same problem.

>> No.16453921


Yeah, I've had that happen quite a few times. Doesn't really even require disassembly to fix. What I do is find where the gap is the largest and gently whack the steel shroud. It should be enough to move the whole thing a few fractions of a millimeter and even up the gap around the edges.
If you want you could also take off the turntable and make sure the 4 screws holding that shroud down are nice and tight too.

>> No.16453934

It's that easy? Hitting it didnt seem like a good idea, but I'll try it later today!

>> No.16453963

Starlight> starlight dancehall

>> No.16453982


Just don't get hooked on it.

>> No.16454047
File: 208 KB, 339x481, 1479863350635.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>AA'd Paranoia Hades [a]

Fucking soflan songs

>> No.16454111

So I've been playing a bit with my iidx controller and I've noticed that I really like the way my chinese switches have a pronounced on/off state, something that 50g omrons + 100g springs don't really give. However, the 200g switches are a bit too stiff for my taste. Would 100g omrons and 20g springs be a good idea if I want the same sort of clickiness, or does that sound retarded? Any opinions?

>> No.16455231

IIDX rating systeem is now expanded from 1~12 to 1~18. 1 through 9 stay the same, 10s expands to 10 and 11, 11s expands to 12~15 and crosses into 12s that lie from 15~18.

10/11 splits would be hard to explain, but those of you playing at about this level know what "busier 10s" are like to warrant the higher level. (Think stuff around Sigmund [h], Saturn [h], or The Story Begins for easiest 11s)

"12s" are the high end 10s meet the 11s that ceiling at about refractive index level. Things like end of world, garden, Leaving..., Miracle 5mypho X, BLUE STRAGGLER, SigSig, etc. end up here. For 11s that stick around you got the easy stuff like COLOSSEUM, MIRACLE MEETS, Love Is Eternity, BROKEN EDEN. "13s" are your original 11 breakers up through big bad quasar to clearing heavier things like prompt, Squeeze, and Discloze. Some of the easier 10s that are still more technical or have noticeable 11 density stay here above the MIRACLE MEETS crap; naughty girl and Digitank System, Almagest [h], CONTRACT. "14s" are the upper section of 11s originally used to prepare for the 12 wall; ANTHEM LANDING, SHADE, ALBA, Battle Train.

Then, "15"s. Dumb 11s (examination leave, D, etc.) meet the bottom of the 12 barrel. Got all your "first 12 candidates" and the like with A, one or eight, Ristaccia, both Innocent Walls and gigadelics, ICARUS, maybe even invoker and Little Star, and others? "16s" can be all the lower 12 AA and Broken like stuff, and "17s" pretty much the rest of the way up besides the really stupid stuff saved for "18s". Here's your Shakunetsu, P+P, Himiko, Sigmund, Pendulums, Plan 8, the BMS Leggendarias, and maybe even Confiserie, Elemental Creation, and IX? Basically a rather small list likened to 19s in DDR (forget that 20s aren't even a thing.... maybe IIDX should do that too?) or the very small 50 list in pop'n.

Did I save IIDX?

>> No.16455234

memorising charts is cheating

>> No.16455247

>1 through 9 stay the same
there's no reason to do this, these ratings are also flawed, just to a lesser extent

>> No.16455298

The spergy players would throw an absolute fit

>> No.16455313

Things can still get changed around probably, but I don't remember enough about lower charts to know what's rated retardedly, besides like ALIEN TEMPLE, four-leaf, and es:reveR

>> No.16455318

for one thing, 1-5 could probably be squished down to 1-3 with no real loss in clarity.

there are lots of bullshit ratings in the 7-9 range especially on older songs.

>> No.16455465

Star Factory can't be more grindy than Lapistoria's story, can it?

>> No.16455571

inb4 I lose my profile data

>> No.16455677

So I tried both solutions (hitting it) and they didn't work. When I removed the steel shroud then put the turntable back on to the axle, the turntable was actually still off-center. It seems like the turntable plate itself has misaligned screw holes.

Not yet sure how I should progress from here...

>> No.16455681

>got eclale set up but can't play because it's the middle of the night and i'd wake up everyone in the house

this is true suffering

>> No.16455689
File: 53 KB, 462x347, lv 23.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do BMS kaidens still find IIDX fun, or is it too easy for them?

>> No.16455694

It'll be there for you in the morning, anon.

>> No.16455761

wake up your roommates/parents/dungeon master with YUU EM AR HAI YUU EM AR HAI YUU MA JANAI YO U MA RU

>> No.16455945

today i cleared my first 16s in DDR! It was Mei and I'm so Happy! I'm so happy I cleared them!!

>> No.16456341

well one kaiden always says his timing is shit so it isn't too easy for them as timing is a completely different game. also most bms kaidens are kb players, especially western bms kaidens

>> No.16456453

I checked the device manager and no luck. I emailed Dao but he thinks I screwed up the update process even though I triple checked the steps when he said to try again.
Maybe it's a firmware problem as it was fine before, or maybe it's not
If you don't mind, what's your opinion on this? The FP7 turntable input in game keeps sticking and makes scratching nearly impossible to control.

>> No.16456458


What firmware did you update to?

>> No.16456483


The latest one shown on the gamo2 site. I think it's v1.22. Its strange because all the other buttons are way more accurate than before the update. It's just the turntable causing problems.

>> No.16456551


Here's the URL to 1.17 which I've had no issues with and since I don't give a shit about Infinitas, has every feature I could want.


>> No.16456573


Thanks. I'll let you know if the downgrade solves my problems.

>> No.16456582

A while ago I hinted at a revival of the optional 5th Style kanji character difficulties for Sinobuz, and in light of how they do the point system differently now I think another easier way to revamp the system would work too.

It'd ripoff that other rating site but just keep it to three tiers. .1, .2, .3, or 下, 中, 上 or whatever. Keep the 1-12 and just add that to the end. Low 12s, mid 12s, high 12s.

Now there's 48 degrees of difficulty, the original numbers don't need to be reassigned, and all that's left to do is sort by clear rate or something to give an initial list to separate in three parts and go from there.

>> No.16456804


By the way, try opening up the unit and looking at the PCB.

There should be a date stamp, and I think gamo2's firmware page lists after which date PCBs are compatable with v1.22

>> No.16457675

mei is a pretty easy 16 but it's fun. try astrogazer

>> No.16457917

>failing umaru ex because the slowdown completely erases my lifebar

fug :DD

>> No.16458160

What's this black background, wide notes shit?
Do they think it looks cool or something?

>> No.16458284

So how good is the Taiko 3DS games when compared to the others?

>> No.16458316


>> No.16458372

pump it up players have this huge napoleon complex about their game because it sucked for years and now that it's finally not bad they act like it was always this professional and high quality

>> No.16458422

Pump is an irrelevant DDR ripoff that only gooks and south americans play

>> No.16458423

Downloading RED so I can play in the comfy comfort of my room. Hopefully my shitty computer can run it since it's super old.

>> No.16458458

nah like prime 1 is a pretty good dance game but the thing is that the south americans who grew up playing pump get genuinely angry if you imply that the first 10 or so years of pump releases were total jank full of terribly uninspired music and bad graphic design/stepcharts

>> No.16458567
File: 7 KB, 214x801, wtf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is in a 7.

A *seven*.

IIDX pls.

>> No.16458592

At least there's plenty of recovery time after that bit.

>> No.16458598

What song?

>> No.16458610

ok but I was trying to go back and HC a bunch of 7s and got a very unpleasant surprise...


>> No.16458829

Damn, the dream is dead. RED runs like shit on my shitty old PC. Songs are terribly off sync even after calibration with timebase.

Is there any option to play without the videos? I'm pretty sure they're the problem. Game runs fine on menus.

>> No.16458848

i dont think it's your computer necessarily. i have a very competent computer that plays ldj games just fine and i have absurd timing issues on iidx red and happy sky and 10th

>> No.16458870

Maybe try 9th

>> No.16458936

Guess I'll try something older then. It's freeleech anyway.

I like the dirty dark look of old styles.

>> No.16458940

Yeah, I love all the old ones I have on PS2.

>> No.16459149

10th style works perfectly, nice. I can train in my room now when I'm too lazy to set Copula up on the other room

>> No.16459456

I probably should look at the PCB, but I just bought the FP7 in January after Dao resupplied the US warehouse so it should be new enough to be compatible with v1.22.

BTW, I downgraded the firmware and it works great. Lack of analog is a mild inconvenience compared to the turntable not working at all. What do I tell Dao though? The firmware WAS the problem.

>> No.16459585

tfw u feel energized and ready to finally clear some new 12s then play horribly and -300

>> No.16460403

whens the next freeleach? I want to download eclel but I'm not poweruser...

>> No.16460418

right now

>> No.16460461

What? It doesn't say its freeleach.

>> No.16460598

sometimes i get the feeling i'm an insufferable cringelord and i just don't realize it

>> No.16460678


Valentines Day, as a consolidation to all the lonely losers who will be spending it alone.

like me

>> No.16460714
File: 35 KB, 453x576, 0b4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16461030
File: 414 KB, 920x833, 170126.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More Coconatsu

>> No.16461188

Glad to hear it.

>> No.16461276

>want to slap burgers but no money for an ASC at the moment

They shouldn't have released Eclale, it just makes me wanna pkay it.

>> No.16461278


It's not even a lie that makes sense. He's clearly on sows, he can just look.

>> No.16461713


>> No.16461725

It's easier to read.

>> No.16461738

Nice. Also, Chinese again?

>> No.16461743

Pls respond to me, iidx gods ;_;

>> No.16461767


>gets greats

I want my 2 minutes of my life back, thank you.

>> No.16461775

Ecale's UI sucks

>> No.16461818


I like how they changed the sorting so it's more universally usable.

I don't like the endless song wheel now though. Also fuck that gay ass mini game at the end, I just wanna play more pop'n.

>> No.16461939

Fuck you it's still insane

>> No.16461994

Don't use timebase. For some reason I was also getting off sync songs after using it on RED, then restored a backup of sd_data and running it as is worked perfectly

>> No.16462088


Let me know when he gets a 4802.

>> No.16462095

Not him, but insane or not it's still false advertising.

>> No.16462138
File: 51 KB, 313x298, pad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been hitting up my pad and trying to get better at it recently, and I have a soft pad. Pictured is my pad and it's apparent hit detection areas. I'm wondering how this compares to AC spec a bit, and I'm curious as to how I'd do at an actual arcade. I can do 10's and working on 11's in Stepmania via old feet judge style, and around 15's via the new style in songs from DDR X2(via SM). Since I have a soft pad I'm also playing barless at the moment as well. Presumedly, a bar might also be somewhat helpful as well? Would appreciate some rough guesses from some real arcade goers.

>> No.16462171


It's not really "false advertising" since "PERFECT" literally means nothing with regards to IIDX. If this were Pop'n, then yeah, that would have been "PERFECT"

However it does lead one to instinctively assume by "PERFECT" he meant MAX, so it's still somewhat misleading.

>> No.16462439

it's kinda cute aesthetically but the songwheel is much worse. it's like if ddr only showed you the current folder and the only way out was pressing left+right (like extreme actually)

>> No.16462452

on arcade the entire panel has sensors on it, so stepping anywhere will work.

if you're playing old 11s without a bar on a shit pad, you'll probably go super saiyan on a sensitive arcade pad with a bar. how is your accuracy? have you ever perfect full comboed a song?

>> No.16462561

I think he was making a funny in regards to perfects being displayed as greats but with blue text

>> No.16462587
File: 1.90 MB, 1280x984, sm-pad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, not really, I don't think I'm accurate enough to do that on pad. But it's not too bad, I guess. Here's the last 10 I played before I stopped playing for today(haven't yet closed the game). I'm not entirely sure but I think the accuracy % might be inaccurate? One of my SM buddies told me that 3.9 has some issues properly relaying accuracy. I think it should probably be higher or something, idk.

Anyway I'm guessing I could be more accurate on an AC pad, maybe. I think the extra time it takes to move my feet to hit might effect my accuracy as well, especially for crossovers. I tried playing the same song on keyboard(which I admittedly have 6 or 7 years of experience in and normally play on judge 6 in, compared to playing on J4 on pad). I'll post the keyboard results in another post, I guess.

I haven't PFC'ed anything yet on pad or keyboard, but apparently I'm pretty close to being able to do it on keyboard. By PFC you mean only perfects or higher, right? AKA a triple A?

>> No.16462594
File: 2.27 MB, 1920x1040, sm-kb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16462627

To be clear, both are on judge 4. I normally play on 6 for keyboard, but this is my pad install for SM, and I didn't change it so I could get an accurate comparison of accuracy for keyboard vs. pad.

>> No.16462730

it's literally the only good pop'n UI

>> No.16462891

Jokes aside, "PERFECT" was a clear status used in IIDX for an FC with no GOODs, very similar to the PERFECT in pop'n music. The game itself doesn't acknowledge "PERFECT" as a clear status anymore, but it does have a historical meaning distinct from MAX.

>> No.16464094

Where'd you get this chart from?

>> No.16464738

sdvx season 2

>> No.16465076

Put more UK hardcore and happy hardcore in iidx

>> No.16465151


My poor little ratio.

>> No.16465163

sdvx blows who cares

>> No.16465627

you know somethin'? you blow.

>> No.16465688

sdvx is spicy nigger anus dumpster baby trash.

>> No.16465718


>angry babby got his shit pushed in by 15s and quit forever

>> No.16465729

SDVX is babby's first Bemani

>> No.16465732

sound voltex is literally for osu-tier weebs with adhd and shit taste in music

>> No.16465766


Meaningless subjective opinions. It's still a very challenging game at the highest levels and objectively fun. Has every right to sit atop the Bemani throne alongside IIDX, Pop'n, and Gitadora
Now shit like reflec beat, or jubeat, or beatstream are all shitty meme games.

>> No.16465781

>objectively fun
i don't think you know what that means

>gitadora atop the bemani throne with iidx and pop'n
i'm just gonna assume your autocorrect changed ddr to gitadora

>> No.16465784

It's literally just poor man's 2dicks. Complete with all the shitty anime art on every screen and song jacket to bait the fucking niwaka waifufags. Typical Nu-Bemani shit. Honestly even jubeat is better than it.

>> No.16465786

oh i nearly forgot

sdvx is also designed to appeal to degenerate otaku casual players who will pump cash into the cabinet over and over until they get a cardboard rectangle with their kawaii desu loli waifu grace-chan~~ on it

>> No.16465807


I knew I was forgetting something important. Still, Gitadora deserves to be there too.

>> No.16465808

Honestly IIDX, Pop'n and DDR are all you need. IIDX for finger action, Pop'n for arm action, and DDR for leg/full body action. All the new games like SDVX are just redundant shit designed to bring in more casual players.

>> No.16465815

yeah i really only play iidx popn ddr and pump it up in a consistent fashion

other games are just distractions

>> No.16465975
File: 34 KB, 334x335, 1427407031011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

when u go to R1 and everyone is better than u

>> No.16465979

But I've jacked to IIDX girls more than any other bemani game's

>> No.16466239

While it's true that sdvx is probably an easier game, it's not unreasonable, honestly. Pretty much every Bemani game starts out easier and gets harder as time goes on. IIDX has been out for some 20 years or something, I think? Since Voltex is objectively a new game, it's reasonable that it would be easier, so as to give newer players more options and seasoned players time to learn the ropes before playing the usual. Not everyone is Kaiden. If Bemani only made games for Kaiden-level players, they wouldn't make any money and nobody would ever be able to get good.

I don't know why you faggots are bitching so hard about it, anyway. If you don't like the music or the game or it's "not hardcore enough for me, man," then stop being a whiny faggot and just don't play it. Don't fill people's ears with your incessant bitching. Nobody wants to deal with your elitist bullshit.

>> No.16466259

As a 8dan IIDX player I find the "sdvx is casual" statement to be a load of horseshit. The timing is much more lenient, but that's about it. The knobs are imprecise as all fuck, and there are segments that benefit greatly from memorization as opposed to IIDX much more fair charting where you can almost sightread everything.

>> No.16466465

I'd have to assume the people constantly bitching about SDVX are either wearing rose-tinted goggles from growing up with IIDX (a lot of the music in IIDX is quite awful), or are the portion of the community that's underage and hopping on the "cool" hate bandwagon.
Personally I find both games very fun and enjoy a lot of the music in either one, so I find that very silly.

>> No.16466490

The difference between awful music in IIDX and SDVX is that the shitty IIDX music still has variety. SDVX is just all shitty touhou music.

>> No.16466492
File: 46 KB, 1038x663, C279o_GUsAA520A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The knobs are imprecise as all fuck
I've had excellent experiences with knobs when playing in Japanese arcades. Are you playing at home or on real cabinets?

>there are segments that benefit greatly from memorization
Memotrash doesn't make a game hard, it just makes it annoying. A hard chart in IIDX stays hard. A memotrash chart in SDVX surprises you then gets very easy.

>> No.16466550

I play at R1 cabinets. It's just not as precise as IIDX's turntable.

>> No.16466551

Do you mean old IIDX music is awful? Because, if so, a lot of it is, yeah. But the newer games have a ton of great shit, a much greater ratio of good/bad than the old games, that's for sure. With that said, there's some measure of personal taste to account for as well. If you didn't like weeb music, I could understand not liking SDVX's lineup, since the majority of it is weeb music; it's probably literally half Touhou remixes. I happen to like weeb music, though, so it's okay with me. I still like newer IIDX music too, since the composition is often so good. I guess it took a long time before IIDX was able to get a decent lineup of artists, since Konami/Bemani presumably weren't as big back then.

>> No.16466635

>Do you mean old IIDX music is awful?
Basically. And that covers more than a handful of releases. The newer stuff is really good though, as you say.

SDVX mostly went past that stage after Booth. -ii- and Gravity Wars added a ton of good shit and HH has some solid stuff already. There's still a lot of cheap licences like the Touhou stuff, but it needs to be considered that it's still a pretty new game that only just released the 4th version. IIDX is up to 24 already and the rubbish styles easily outnumber the amount of SDVX games.

>> No.16466697

add gitadora

>> No.16467006

You guys keep saying Donkey Donk is easy but the ending always gets me.

>> No.16467370


Donkey Dong isn't easy. Took me quite a few tries to clear that fucker.

>> No.16467489

Add Gitadora and I'd agree

>> No.16467680

SPA NC is a 10.4 desu
Statistik is so weird with a lot of the ratings

>> No.16467840

There is a step to his turntable reassembly that is not obvious, it was shown in one of his earlier guides when he sent out new pcbs and felt replacements.

Remove the top 4 screws of the TT, and then from underneath push up on the central metal ring, you should feel it push upward a bit. While holding that in place srew back in the top 4 TT screws.

I can't remember if you also have remove the notched plate underneath to access the metal ring, you'll figure it out.

>> No.16467841

The ratings are mostly subjective anyway + because most people care about 12s only when it comes to ratings, the non 12 ratings seem to be way more off. Or rather the people who are more active in rating the charts and such.

>> No.16467890

Are midget alien girls really that attractive

>> No.16468035

hey man...

>> No.16468196

when is ddr a going to get challenge charts or any new 18s

>> No.16468248

when ddr a has a boss song event

>> No.16468482

Reminder that this was a IIDX song


>> No.16468624


Tigers are a real bad problem. The song is more of a PSA than anything.

>> No.16469006

Reminder that this was the best IIDX song and its removal was the greatest tragedy of our time

>> No.16469052

We'll probably get an announcement at KAC.

>> No.16469144



>> No.16469152



>> No.16469206

Ultimately, what I care about most is knowing that IIDX is keysounded and SDVX is not. Also, SDVX has universal sounds which are played for certain game actions (laser slams), and IIDX does not.

I don't need a third strike against SDVX. In a world where IIDX exists, I have no need for SDVX.

>> No.16469218

Having said that, I have personally wondered if IIDX merely having an optional 3D chart view like SDVX would lure more new players into it. Of course such a concept would be untenable for high level charts, but new players would ditch it by the time they reached that point.

>> No.16469261

Sounds like it would be a completely different game
Also sounds like timing would be harder, as I find the 3d view of SDVX a bit harder to read than IIDX. Then again, I'm not really a good player in either so I couldn't say.

>> No.16469284


>> No.16469307


>> No.16469311

Getting keysounds is a major barrier of entry when adding new songs. One of the reasons SDVX is popular is the frequent updates compared to other bemani.

>> No.16469327


Being keysounded adds literally nothing to the game. I transition from keysounded to non-keysounded in Pop'n without noticing even a single thing.

It's a pointless feature and I'd go far as to say it actually detracts from the game because you could ruin how a song sounds by unintentionally hitting a key you didn't mean to.

>> No.16469344
File: 73 KB, 256x256, hmm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

terrible post

>> No.16469382


>> No.16469451


Sorry. I'll try better in the future.

>> No.16469532

What do you do when you hit a slump? I know the obvious answer is "just play more", but hear me out

I'm objectively better at hitting buttons and I'm starting to get used to the level 11 density. I even cleared baby 11s like Miracle Meets and almost passed on legit 11s like Aurora. Even when I completely fail a song, my miss count isn't that big.

But. Somehow I got worse at scratching. Not talking Mad Izm scratching, just simple stuff like S + chords kill me. Particularly S+3+6. Not sure about the best hand movement for pressing that.

I'm trying to use my right thumb to go left and hit 3 so I don't have to move my hand and just press the black key with my usual finger but in a high density notes moment my mind goes blank and I don't know what to do.

Take Dynamite H. Never actually cleared the song. Always came super close (70+% range) some weeks ago, but now I can't do the difficult scratching parts at the beginning and ending anymore. So I'm objectively doing worse at that.

What are some good songs to practice scratch with chords that aren't full scratch songs? I'm thinking maybe stuff like Passionate Fate. If I remember right, that song has a lot of chords with scratching.

>> No.16469548
File: 63 KB, 568x320, 16196013_1323892671002962_308869949399882924_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Play something else then come back. Worked for me at least

Also 2 cute songs coming to DDR

>> No.16469581

>terrible post
>posts an unfunny meme face

>> No.16469647

And that's where you'd be wrong.

>> No.16469901

>Has every right to sit atop the Bemani throne
Look I play SDVX and this is bullshit. SDVX is definitely lower on the tier list than IIDX or Pop'n or DDR. Not as far down as Jubeat/Reflec meme, but definitely lower.

And the other poster is right, it's babby's first Bemani game (was mine) and filled with way too much vocaloid/2hu shit.

Still fun though, RIP my ratio.

>> No.16469933

You're right, for every 50 horrible indie shit songs we get one good song.

>> No.16469978

How can I get a sows invite? Is drawing Cindy to get one still a thing?

>> No.16469991

Keep begging on /jp/ until someone gives you one out of pity.

>> No.16470000

But accepting public invites will get me banned from trackers

>> No.16470008

What is this yes or no propmt at the start of eclale

>> No.16470022

"is your iq above 50"

(yes) (no)

>> No.16470038

Ok now answer the question funny guy

>> No.16470044

"pick yes"
(yes) (no)

>> No.16470056

wtf I have a virus now

>> No.16470161

i only play pop'n and itg lol

>> No.16470167

do i also say no when iidx asks me this

>> No.16470364

It's the price to be paid, and worth the wait.

Keysounding adds literally everything to a music game. The player is playing part of a song in a music game to make the song complete.

>I transition from keysounded to non-keysounded in Pop'n without noticing even a single thing.
I honestly don't know how anyone can do this.
If I down load a BMS pack and get anything that isn't keysounded, I quit out and delete the song. Once I know the song is fully on auto play, I am disconnected from the purpose of the game. I can just as easily recreate doing the same thing by listening to a song on Youtube while randomly slapping keys to what I think the rhythm is on my controller.

>you could ruin how a song sounds by [playing poorly]
>>you could face negative aural repercussions in a music game if you play it poorly
>>this is bad

>> No.16470391

What's next on the chopping block for IIDX? I'm thinking:

more Yamaoka deaths (Space Fight, Empty of the Sky, and bit mania probably), Taiyo, On My Wings (and maybe Rave Saves You if we're lucky!!), Key, Blame, Lucky Lucky, Synergy for Angels, Osenju Meditation, more probably

basically it'll keep on hurting more and more like removal lists since pendual have been doing

also predicting New Castle Legions is coming back

>> No.16470405

Half of SPADA's gotta get killed the next two installments

>> No.16471187

I think keysounding has a lot to do with the harshness of the game's timing. In games like IIDX where timing is really important, it adds another layer of feedback on whether you're playing well, which improves the gameplay experience.
On the other hand, in games like SDVX where timing windows are really lenient, keysounding would sound like ass, and you can't really add them to it without detrimenting the gameplay, unless you also tighten the timing, and then it would probably be too hard with all those hand movements.

>> No.16471746

Hell Backscratching spin when?

>> No.16471771

hopefully none of the good songs from 1st-5th

they already took my Under Construction away

>> No.16472400

I need more ここなつ

>> No.16472668


>> No.16472909

Really? Never actually saw one.

>> No.16472970


Acid pumper SPA has a few I think.

>> No.16473161
File: 15 KB, 452x769, asdf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>laser-focused on kago no tori dpa
>you feel the head rush as these measures approach and your hands move faster than your brain

is there a more pure video game than iidx?

>> No.16473491

Miracle Meets would actually become an 11 if all those backscratches at the middle of the song were Hell notes. It's the only tricky part.

>> No.16473539

The ending of Hell Or Hell SPH has one. Maybe the other charts too but it's been a while since I've played the normal and I've never touched the another

>> No.16473887
File: 108 KB, 317x480, steprethoricfordumbasses.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"high level" american players were actually confused about this
Literally all you have to do is not doublestep everything like a retard and do the slow crossovers legitimately, then the first crossover will be merely a rebound from state you entered before. Over The Period CSP has an identical pattern twice in the chart.

>> No.16473968

This is what "ITG" does to people. It doesn't help that they're all using 700 BPM scroll rate and have no experience with sightreading and planning their motions.

>> No.16474306

Am I the only person who thinks that the HCN system should be retroactively applied to all CNs? It's a more sensible version of CNs.

>> No.16474313

they'd have to do rerating so konami would never

>> No.16474317

How are you supposed to do that part at 39.2? Twisting your body completely sideways to perform that L-R step?

>> No.16474406

you've gotta turn your body ~180 degrees between crossovers, yeah. if you don't and you double step the 16th crossovers, you're in a bad place for the next section.

it's not that hard really cause when your right foot is on > and your left foot is on ^ it's a small movement to put left foot back to < and right foot on ^

>> No.16475056

>Over The Period CSP has an identical pattern twice in the chart
Typical DDR, Stealing from ITG.

And no one would do that intuitively on a sightread. DDR these days suffers the same necessity of memorization as SDVX

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