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Hello guys.
I'm Japanese man learning English.
I heard this is a Japan-related borad.
Can I stay here for a while?

I came here a few days ago.
So some of you guys might remember me.
Thank you.

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Wassup blood?! I think Japanese girls are hot. Instead of posting here you should go out and find some Japanese girls.

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you were robbed on number 3.

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Hello again. Ask me any questions about the English language.

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The song >reminded me of my school days

You're the faggot that believes that all amerikkkans wear dirty shoes inside

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>Wassup blood?! I think Pikachu is hot. Instead of posting here you should go out and find some pokemon.

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Also 3.1

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Yes, your original sentence was also correct.

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He doesn't have a teacher, he corrects his own shit

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Yep, your teacher sucks tell them to learn more english.

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This is rice.
You know, every day the Japanese eat rice, not bread.
Only dogs eat bread here.

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Agreed. "Being leaked" sounds perfectly fine. If anything "fact" should be "truth," but the sentence is fine.

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Mobile phone is correct! Only Americans call it a cell.

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We call it both but for the most part yes...

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I like my hot dogs and sandwiches with bread

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coreans eat dogs
therefore coreans eat bread

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You're a funny guy. I swear every time you post I laugh

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Welcome back, OP.

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dirty bread-eating gaijin dogs

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whoa whoa whoa back the fuck up...


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Hot dogs are for fatties. I like PBJ sandwiches though.

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This is a typical meal of mine with a pair of chopsticks.
You know, Japanese people are deft enough to use chopscticks, unlike you dull Westerners.
Only infants use spoon and fork here.

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Uh. It's not a cell or mobile phone. It's a keitai.

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Do infants really not use chopsticks in Japan?

[spoilers]Do you fuck the infants in Japan?[/spoiler]

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I am an American, and I can use chopsticks with adequacy.

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What do Japanese people think of chinese people? I would like to obtain this vital piece of information because I am debating whether or not to date an Japanese girl.

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OP, if you are going to post pogeymanz, at least post pictures of good ones.

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We require proof that you are actually japanese

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No, they don't.
They use a spoon and fork.
cool. You are awesome.
China is Japan's big brother.
So we love China.

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Chopsticks cause arthritis. Western utensils are superior.

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Is that some red Khezu quest?

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Monster Hunter thread go.

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Monster hunter is popular in japan but not in America

/jp/ doesn't like to talk about it

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Only in Japanese. Let's go with "Handy" instead.


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That is cause we do not have need of these disposable wooden sticks, for it is waste of wood, not that we really care about chopsticks. Knives and forks last longer and can be washed. How your raised is how your raised, a perfect example would be how your media differs from ours in which it effects what we think and see, this also can be said with food.

Plus forks and knives can also be used as deadly weapons.

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sugoi monogatari, aniki

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A few days ago I made a thread about wanting to post in 2chan about Japanese men learning and trying to speak English, and Asked in which board could I create this


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I remember you. I saged your thread.

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Obviously has never seen Kiss of the Dragon, or whatever that fucking movie with the chopstick-kill in it was

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What's that thing on top of the rice?

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>>How your raised is how your raised
How you're raised is how you're raised

Apostrophes, don't hate them.

I'm eating bread with nattō for breakfast now. What's wrong with that? Rice is only good as part of a bigger meal, it lacks nutrients so it's useless in the morning.

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Lately, bread has become popular. however, japanese bread is crap

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Not worth rageing over so I'll believe this...

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Umeboshi. Pickled plum.

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>Only dogs eat bread here
>Japanese people are deft enough to use chopscticks, unlike you dull Westerners.
>Only infants use spoon and fork here.

I'm sensing some typical Jap superiority complex.

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What the fuck is that. Shit, I don't have a PSP and I loved Monster Hunter on the ps2. Shame they ended service. Monster Hunter Wii better be good. That is, if it gets ported here.

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Relax he's practicing english

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Shame really. Most Japanese are quite friendly, but this kid is a bit naive. Why can't we have nice Japanese people here?

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No, my chopsticks are not disposable nor wooden.
They're made of bamboo and quite popular here.
Of course they can be washed.
I have used mine for half a year, I think.

yeah. it does not taste good.


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American bread is awsome especially in NY but the way it tastse differs where it is made as southern bread is not as good. I think it has something to with the minerals and shit in water.

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What the fuck is that.

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By insulting us. How clever. Well, at least this one's not calling all of us "Americans". "Westerners" is suitable in lack of a better word I suppose.

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Ignore me shitting up the thread with spelling and grammatical mistakes...

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Man shut up.

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European bread is the best. American bread contains too much sugar.

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Are you all just going along or are some of you actually being trolled this easily? I can't tell anymore.

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sugoi monogatari, aniki

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There isn't any sugar in my bread, and I'm American.

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Seconded for not sugar.

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What the shit, is that a dodongo.
Is that a starfish.

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Never eaten American bread, but I'm used to the high fiber Dutch bread, so the Japanese bread is a bit of a disappointment if you're used to having breakfast with bread. At least the coffee here isn't too bad, and the vending machines are a blessing.


>> I'm Japanese man learning English.

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Hey again, how goes?

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well OP u came to the right board. here u will find all u need to know and every-day-used English
by the Gods! someone what good bread really is! i agree!

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This may be a bit premature, but I'm going to go ahead and call troll on this one. Something just feels off.

That being said, I give you a 6/10, mostly for effort.
Sure, it's elaborate and a technical masterpiece, but where's the soul? The whole thing feels halfhearted and flat. Call me crazy, but I miss the days when trolls got by on moxie and pep, not fancy personae and gimmicky angles. You need to return to the roots of the art and rediscover what it means to troll. Remember, if you aren't prepared to truly commit yourself to your work, you'll always end up with a mediocre product.

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Is that some Monster Hunter imagedump I'm seeing here?

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Your English sounds pretty broken as well, more so than the OP.

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I'm pretty sure that's the joke.

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Requesting more pics of the strange and foreign room.

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>China is Japan's big brother.
So we love China.
Just like back in WWII right?

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>>This may be a bit premature, but I'm going to go ahead and call troll on this one. Something just feels off.

Of course it's a troll

>>Only dogs eat bread here
>>Japanese people are deft enough to use chopscticks, unlike you dull Westerners.
>>Only infants use spoon and fork here.

Obvious trolling

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Motherfucker, that's some Ratholos armor right there.

>> No.1641842

Hey take pictures of your 部屋 please.

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It's not premature. Actually, you are really slow. You should have realized he was a troll from the last time he posted here.

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I meant the entire personality is fabricated, not just the opinion.
Excuse me if I exercise more caution than you'd prefer.

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Yeah, I love the female version.

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Well fucking DUH, slowpoke.

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Is that Lao Shan Lung v2?

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Eh, you can't be too careful in these things. Admittedly the discrepancy between the effort and the yield clouded things quite a bit for me. Why go through so much trouble for such a simple troll? You have to take these things into consideration before you reach a verdict.

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What the hell is this doing in my mh folder?

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Busy killing White Fatalis HR 6

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Taiko Drum Master is always related.

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Fuck yeah Taiko no tatsujin

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Oh dear

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I was just about to refute this, but then I looked at the OP pic again; the handwriting in the corrections actually looks identical to the handwriting in the answers. I think you may be right. But wow what a lot of effort to go to..

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God I love this game

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You are a humongous moron. If you read the last thread, he specifically said that he was correcting his own answers. DERP DERP

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Don't know why I took this screenshot, do you know why?

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The red and black writings are both his. This was established in a previous thread.

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Fuck yeah

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Wut game is this? One of the PSP Monster Hunters I assume?

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>American Bread

There's no sugar in my bread, my good sir!

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Teostra, eh?

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Fuck yeah Monster Hunter

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Hey whoa, what happened to this thread?

>> No.1642341

But are you man enough to eat curry rice with chopsticks?

>> No.1642360

Hey, OP. Whoever is correcting your work is an idiot. All of your sentences are correct as they are. The corrections are asinine and personal preference at best.

>> No.1642374

Holy fuck I was literally about to post the same thing but then decided "no someone else already would have said it." You must have been typing that out as I was thinking it.

But yes, OP, it's true. All the answers you have are just as correct as the corrections, the only one that you could argue should be changed is the "old lady" if it's specifically specified in the original text.

>> No.1642401

He's correcting his own work.

>> No.1642430

And doing a pointless job of it. In order to be a correction, the original should be wrong first.

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Can I stay at your house for awhile?

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#3333 goes in every other field

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