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Theme is spell cards:
What are some of your favorite spell cards and why?
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Sorry for the late reply, but what files did you need?

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I really like Kaguya's final Last Spell on lunatic, "End of Imperishable Night -Rising World-". No other spell has that same feeling and appearance of "I'm near my breaking point and am just going to throw all the shit I can at you".

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That was ridiculous, I made it to Eiki with 2 extra lives and she still sent me to hell.

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2 extra lives isn't a lot of eiki, the first round is near unwinnable and the second one is still very hard. I belive the third one is where beating her becomes realistic

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So no miss runs are none existent?
Something that feels cheap are those free level 4 attacks you sometimes get.
Komachi and Eiki seem to always conveniently get one of those just after you used a level 4 attack yourself, it's the biggest fuck you in the series

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No miss runs certainly exist, but only for certain characters that can luck out and hit the stage 9 boss on round 1 like Reimu, Eiki and Marisa. (and Aya/Medicine as well but that's a given). I doubt there's one for Mystia.

>free level 4 attacks
They happen when you get 100k/300k/500k spell point combo. So you can plan to get one after your opponent does.

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Don't ever use a level 4 intentionally, it's a waste as the AI try to die at specific times, not whenever there's lots of bullets on the screen, using a level 2 is always the best option.

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I don't think there's a LNM with Marisa yet, FSX said he has 20 1M's, including a pretty recent one where he had a 10 minute long eiki round 1, and she didn't even get hit once. Gotta get lucky.

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I don't do, I was aware of the level 2 attacks being the best.

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Subterranean Rose. It's beautiful to look at, it's hard (unless you time it out, but that's disgusting), it fits Koishi's motif and, during the calmer part of Hartmann's Youkai Girl, it almost becomes hypnotizing. All of her spellcards are incredible, but her final is just the icing on the cake. It kinda comes back in DS as "Rose Hell".

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Ahg fuck PoFV, it makes you feel like you need to git lucky and canceling whatever is thrown at you instead of just dodging stuff

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PoFV is the most fun kusoge there is.

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Spamming level 2 attacks won't help you through the whole game. You still need to dodge to some degree.

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>You still need to dodge to some degree.
Yeah until you realize you just can't dodge a dense wall of pellets, regular bullets and hotdogs because you didn't cancel her attack on time. It's trash

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And that's why you utilize your gauge properly.

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So you agree there is little dodging?

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Umm. Yes anon. Here. >>16402160
I quote it for you.
>you still need to dodge to some degree

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Until you realize that it's more about canceling special rather than dodging.
That's up there too

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It's both. The entire game is about to learn to know when to bomb and when you can dodge.

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It's more about just spamming level 2 and having luck with the fairies.
The fact that there are multiple occasions where you can do nothing but get hit is inacceptable, hell there isn't even a good recovery time, you can get hit multiple times if the barrage is dense enough.
Not even LoLK does this shit (that's says a lot really), you can always do something about some situation, but here if you can't use your charge attack that's it.

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>hell there isn't even a good recovery time
Not true unless you play with Youmu.

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The game can have difficult RNG sometimes but it's generally not bullshit. Having to grind out RNG for runs is not even necessarily a bad thing (see: photogames).

>having luck with the fairies
More of them spawn if you are unfocused, you know.

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Who cares about the games.

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>Having to grind out RNG for runs is not even necessarily a bad thing
What? That's a major flaw.
Why is this sentence composed like a question but missing the interrogation at the end?

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I wouldn't say it's any worse for Youmu. You can move up while you are using your level 1 to get more range on the bullet canceling. The same principle applies to level 2 charges for any character as well actually, where the the area of effect is continuous around your character for a short while, regardless of what the visual display is.

It is just something you have to deal with when you have patterns that are random. Too much unfair RNG is bad of course; you have to find a balance. If everything were static it would be boring.

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Is that case half of the spellcards in Touhou are flawed.
If you get hit I don't think Youmu's slash will help you and her charge speed is just too slow. Espacially if you're against Yama.

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It's definitely harder vs high rank Eiki. But it will still help. Mainly I just wanted to point out how good her level 1 is.

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I have some sort of curse where if I have full lives before I fight the Stage 4 boss, I will NOT get a 1cc. It happened in PCB, and now it happened in UFO. I was chokefree for the first half of the game, then lost three lives to Murasa, one or two on Taromaru, and the rest on Byakuren. Is there any way to prevent this?

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Sometimes I get a bomb extend after a stage in IN, what are the conditions for that to happen?

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It's exclusive to Youmu/Yuyuko, as they will get a free bomb if they had less than three bombs when the stage ends.

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You might be playing Yuyuko/Youmu.

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I heard the next fighting game will be tag team.

Is it true? How do you think it will work?

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It won't

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>Is it true?
It's just speculation from what we know about the next game (incident involving people swapping places, and rumours in the human village about a "strongest duo" of youkai).

>How do you think it will work?
Personally I'm hoping for the kind of tag-team one sees in most fighting games. You have two characters which you can swap in and out of the fight at will with a button combination.

Oh hey shotty. Still shitposting, I see.

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I recently switched to a new computer and want to run Danmakufu to see how the more intensive games fare on it, but upon installing AppLocale it refuses to let me run the game with it. It keeps saying "No profile, please run LEGUI.exe" but no matter how many profiles I make I can't change this error. Has anyone had this problem before?

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>"No profile, please run LEGUI.exe"

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Practice stage 4, 5 and 6 without losing any lives?

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AppLocale is a software that emulates different regions so you can use programs made in different languages without changing your computer's locale. Danmakufu can't be ran outside a Japanese locale or it will crash.

I managed to fix my problem by just turning my computer on and off again, I guess I should have done that before asking.

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I'd say I like Flanders's "kagome kagome". It really makes you feel like your being trapped by some insane child or something. "And then there will be none?" also gives me that feeling.

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Lol, fucking cell phone autocorrect.

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That one uses every bullet type in the game, doesn't it? It was fun.

I like Catadioptric because it's a 20 dollar word and the ricochet bullet gimmick is always fun for me.

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Most of Patchouli's cards because I like elemental magic, but Wood Elf in particular has a prettty pattern, good range of colour and is fun to dodge.

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No, I mean you are mixing up two different programs. LEGUI.exe is the executable for Locale Emulator, not AppLocale.

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Oh. I guess I downloaded the wrong program then. Still, what I got works so far.

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Miko's Merry-Go-Round is pretty fun to with.

You just take the pattern Miko gives you and plan out how you take it on, but you have to factor in that the bullets are moving at different speeds and such. I was laughing when I first saw it because I tried to outspeed a bullet and it chased me down.

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lucky yuyuko solo nmnb

the last nonspell is impossible

bolad and imperishable shooting are beautiful cards
vowg and pure danmaku hell are tough but fun attacks
nine syllable stabs is also really fun to graze

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Sorry, after so long without one I can't help but being so hyped.

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Almost nothing. It's being made by Twilight Frontier so we know it's a fighting game, and we know characters are suddenly swapping places with each other, so it's likely going to be a 2v2 tag fighting game.

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In PCB they give you a get out of jail free button.

But it only activates after your cherry bonus maxes out at 50,000k, and you get to the bonus faster by shooting things unfocused.

You can raise bonus by shooting focused it's just pretty freaking slow.

Did I get that all down right?

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Bad terminology.

You get borders (11 seconds long) by getting 50k cherry+. After you finish a border without breaking it, you get 20 frames invincibility (0.333 seconds long)

Cherry+ raises faster when shooting unfocused, yeah. You can also get it from cancels and cherry items which are worth 100 extra cherry+ for each spell capped.

There's also cherry and cherrymax but whatever.

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Alright, good to know.

Makes SakuyaA seem generally less useful. Sticking with the red-white, it looks like.

Also, MarisaB's lasers seem to fade in and out. That's just a visual effect right?

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Sakuya gets 4 bombs per life in PCB and her A shot both homes and does significantly more damage than Reimu A. Because of that I'd say it's the best shot type in the game. Also Marisa's lasers don't hit when the graphic isn't there iirc.

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As per usual, I forgot I'd posted here. Thanks anon. Also I hear something about a 'youkai duo'. Seems interesting. Are Twilight Frontier guys the same ones who were in charge of ULiL? That game was awesome.

>> No.16405916

We don't know anything about the youkai duo beyond them being so powerful that presumably nobody can defeat them alone.

>> No.16405918

>More of them spawn if you are unfocused, you know.
This is false.

This game is pretty mediocre already but it goes for some more. Why the hell do you lose more health if you get hit late on the match!? That doesn't even make sense! Like here, see that advantage you earned by not getting hit early like a retard? Well guess what, get hit now and you'll lose 3 orbes just because. What the hell was ZUN thinking with this game?

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File: 2.44 MB, 640x480, th09 2017-01-13 00-41-44-63.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This is false.
As you can see here on the left, no more trains of faries would enter the screen while there was already another one when I was focused. When I let go of shift, more immediately started to spawn. Explain that, nerdo.

Yeah, health loss being based off of time is pretty silly.

>> No.16405952

4 bombs per life is good but when I fiddled around with Reimu it felt like her bombs at least were really lacking in punch compared to other titles. That and the focused movement seeming unusually slow threw me off.

Also when I tried Sakuya's shot earlier, I thought they were better described as auto-targeted rather than homing. Like, I've seen Reimu's amulets, on their merry way out of the screen, practically reverse direction when something popped up on the screen.

It just looks like Sakuya's shots change initial trajectory based on whatever's closest to her. It's a small thing I suppose, but if the bosses move around a lot it's gonna be an issue isn't it?

>> No.16405986

If you want Reimu's focused bomb (yes there is a difference between focused and unfocused bombs) to do more damage, try being higher up on the screen near the boss.

I like ReimuB the most. She gets more cherry+ too.

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I think I'm just going to quit Touhou entirely because of how much I hate Sakuya-B in DDC. Shinmyoumaru's third non-spell makes me fucking crosseyed.

>> No.16406010

Is that only for match mode? I went an entire round focused and didn't notice changes

>> No.16406023

Huh? No it's for all modes. Try seeing the difference between focused and unfocused.

Did you misread what I said by any chance?

>> No.16406032

>Try seeing the difference between focused and unfocused.
I already did, that's what I meant with
>I went an entire round focused and didn't notice changes
Then again it is ok if you didn't understand what I meant, that sentence is a mess.
Why not ignore shitty shots?
Hell, why not even ignore the games you didn't like it as much? That's why some people posts different charts afaik

>> No.16406072

I don't want to give up because I planned on tackling Hard Mode after this run. If I can't beat a game on Normal with a bad shottype, what makes you think I can beat it on Hard?

>> No.16406141

That's very interesting actually. Though my doubt was about something else, but I guess I'll look it up myself since that's not hard to find haha. Thanks again!

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>I think I'm just going to quit Touhou entirely
>I don't want to give up
make up your mind anon, there is no shame in not playing bad categories

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The former statement you quoted was hyperbole. Playing this makes me feel like quitting while I play.

I know that you have to push yourself and endure difficulty in order to get better, but I'm struggling to endure it.

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if runs feel painful you could instead just practice sections you're having trouble with or look up replays

>> No.16406188

>just practice sections you're having trouble with

That's what I've been doing, actually. I've been playing Stage 6 over and over, both Stage Practice and Spell Practice.

>> No.16406199

good luck! btw don't let the difficulty label deceive you, afaik using sakuyaB on lower difficulties in DDC can be harder than good shottypes on higher difficulties, because the shottypes are just THAT unbalanced

>> No.16406216

>what makes you think I can beat it on Hard?
SakuyaB normal clear is harder than SakuyaA hard clear and maybe ReimuA too. Just give that a try, I'm not even kidding. This was my first try http://threplays.appspot.com/replay_files/5674976526991360

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I accidentally posted in the rabbit thread so reposting here.

"Whew, just went further than I have ever done with EoSD's extra. My run ended at Catadioptric.
Also, I thought Maze of Love was going to end my run (I wasn't mentally prepared for spinning around but aside from using a single bomb to avoid death, I managed to stay at the bottom of the screen and slip through the cracks of the spell AND keep firing at Flandre. Does anybody also do this?"

Also, progress is slow, ever so slow.

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>> No.16406386

Man today I screwed yet another 1cc attempt on PoFV and died to Flandre's last spell when she was on the ropes. What hurts more here is that I died to fucking laevatein of all thing with a full stock of bombs and all

>> No.16406659


Lavatein is a deceptively hard spell IMO. I've figured it out, it's just that it requires great memorization and timing. The part that always screws me up is the part where I have to stream from right to left.

>> No.16406695

I see it as her easiest spell after the very first one.
Maze of love is a bitch no matter how you approach it, but I too find it better to just stay on bottom and shut at her while doing some micro dodging, problem is that I was playing as fat witch.
Her time out spell freaks me up. I still can't doing without bombing 3 times or dying (and then bombing)

>> No.16406723

I was also playing as Marisa (A) and, like I said, I had very little trouble dodging stuff after bombing once. Can it be a matter of luck or is the spell completely static?
I never made it up to her last spell. That said, I managed to capture Cranberry Trap on that run so it was good. I have some hopes to make it through, even if I'm just a Normal shitter.

>> No.16407693

Try watching a replay. Lavatein is actually pretty easy once you know what you're doing. Also, MarisaA is probably the best shot type for Flandre.
I always had problems with Cranberry Trap, but that's just me. I even managed to capture her last spell, but Cranberry Trap always gets me. Keep in mind that Reimu having a smaller hitbox is PCB onwards: in EoSD they both have the same hitbox.

>> No.16407808

>Reimu having a smaller hitbox is PCB onwards: in EoSD they both have the same hitbox.
dang, I always seem to forget this.
Cranberry Trap is not hard at all, you just stream from the middle to bottom, then from mid-bottom to middle and then to the bottom again. If you are using anything that isn't ReimuA then she should be death by this point.

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I've been trying to 1cc Mof for like a month now, but I'm stuck at Stage 4, specifically Momiji and the fairies right after her. I always lose 1 or 2 lives right there, and then I get to Aya and she picks off my remaining lives. It doesn't seem like streaming works for this part unlike most of the stage. Any tips for these parts?

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Why not just bomb the fuck away of the entire stage?
You can easily gain power back too, and if you don't bomb Aya's non spells then you get some power so you can bomb her spells.
Just bomb everything until your problems are solved

>> No.16408080

Just bomb that shit dude. The bullet density gets quite unbearable at that precise moment and it usually walls you.
A single bomb is enough to clear the wall, usually.

>> No.16408269

Are you talking about the last portion of the waterfall patterns?

Those big bullets the fairies shoot seemed to be the root of my problems when I tried out the stage. Think they're targeted at you but they're pretty slow so you they'd just creep up on you while you're trying to dodge the other things.

Had some success trying to misdirect those shots so that they weren't aimed at me when trying to pass through the gaps in the walls.

>> No.16408313

Actually beat Eiki with Youmu with 1 extra life.
woah why? I played like shit the whole run.
At least now that I have got the ending I wanted I can't stop ranting like a child

>> No.16408404

I always thought Alu Akbar-ing your way through a stage was seen as shamefur dispray by players, but I'll go for it. Thanks dudes.

Yeah, honestly both the two fairy bits before and after the first wave of bird dudes always get me.

>> No.16408411

And now, I made it till "And then will there be none?". This spell is awful, holy shit.

>> No.16408444

And here I thought Lunatic HRtP was hard.

>> No.16408726

But lunatic HRtP is easy

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File: 30 KB, 327x384, fb0ed8359344eddcffbf6f14a371c003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Normal HRtP is hard

>> No.16408994

Normal HRtP is easy

>> No.16409282

Just chain the score items. Get ALL of them, even if it means dying while reaching them. Dying doesn't reset the score chain.

>> No.16409731

And another SA 1CC~

>> No.16410813

What works better for scoring on Hell route: Allahu Ackbar the nonboss stages or try and get the point items?

>> No.16410847

I'd say 9/11 the stages if you can deal with bosses somewhat decently

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You mean the P white balls that occasionally drop? Why are they so important?
Also is the number of default lives really 5? That seems to generous, but really it isn't important since no matter how many lives I have, the second boss on the makai route has bullets than can't be blocked and go fast as fuck
Sorry for all the questions but I never see this game being discussed here

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File: 2.67 MB, 273x206, 1451502780067.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The run was going great!

Until I met Myon

>> No.16411267

Default lives is 2. (2 reimu's at the top)
And the P items add up if you dont want to use bombs on stages, I believe they max out at 51,200 points per item if you dont drop em. And for HRtP, thats a lot.

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File: 271 KB, 640x480, baka.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it me or Cirno's level 2 attack just makes it worse? It was near impossible to dodge all the shit that I froze a long with the other bullets
I had a shitton of extra lives luckily

>> No.16411941

The P score items max out at 65530. At that point, farming lives becomes really easy. I suggest deleting tiles little by little, instead of making the orb swing like crazy: there's a risk of two P items falling away from each other and, even with the slide maneuver, you'd be forced to lose one of them, resetting the chain. Be careful with tiles placed near the bottom of the screen: if one of them drops a P, you won't have much time to grab it. You could focus on tile combos for scoring, but that requires you to never let the orb touch the floor and it's much harder, especially with warp points that sometimes shoot out the orb at crazy speed.

I actually suggest to keep the bombs for bosses because: bombing on the stage might make P items spawn at the opposite sides of the screen (see above); in certain occasions (Elis' lasers if you're not below her for example), some boss attacks are almost unavoidable; finally, when you have 0 lives, bombs damage bosses.

It's always nice to see people playing HrtP, it's a very underrated game.

>> No.16412086

Inputting a bomb is such a hassle though. A lot of times it just doesn't come out (Z + X)

>> No.16412147

>Yeah until you realize you just can't dodge a dense wall of pellets, regular bullets and hotdogs because you didn't cancel her attack on time.
Spoken like someone who has never played PoFV netplay with a good connection, nor knows the immense satisfaction of squeezing through such clusters unscathed.

If I had to rank the three most important skills in PoFV, I would say they are
1. Offense (Bullet bouncing via fairies, knowing when to hold your fire)
2. Dodging
3. Knowing when and where to drop gauge.

>If you get hit I don't think Youmu's slash will help you and her charge speed is just too slow. Espacially if you're against Yama.
Anon, Youmu is already annoying to face and capable of slowing games down as is, she doesn't need even better defensive capabilities than she already has.

>> No.16412153

It's clearly an expansion to ULiL.

Also, Tag Team Fighters are awful.

>> No.16412170

Cirno's Level 2 is fantastic for creating more destructible bullets to bounce, along with freezing them to allow her the chance to reflect them.
That said, she can't convert hot dogs in this way, which results in her match up vs. Eiki probably being the worst in the game. Her level 2/3 do more harm than good sometimes, here.

>> No.16412184

>Spoken like someone who has never played PoFV netplay
Of course fucking not, why would I? This is a 1player game series. Why would there be a multiplayer game as main game like that? It shouldn't.

>> No.16412189

The third game in the mainline series was multiplayer, you dork. It was established early on that mainline games can be multiplayer.

>> No.16412198

Yeah I was complaining especifically about the final match because I didn't have any problem throughout the game with her. I guess that's what let me afford to lose 3 times against Eiki.

>> No.16412206

The 3rd game being like that means jackshit when the series is in it's majority just vertical danmaku.
That's like saying that every game should be like HRtP

>> No.16412213

I know, that's why I mentioned the Eiki bit, you are justified in feeling that way in regards to Cirno vs. Eiki.

Honestly I would accept a new mainline game thay plays like HRtP.
I'm not saying "every" mainline game should be Phantasmagoria, anyway. You're just jumping to conclusions and looking for a reason to feel angry.

>> No.16412266
File: 69 KB, 400x300, 1468607370529.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nah I'm perfectly calm about my anger.
It's perfectly ok to be angry at a game that is clearly different than all the others in the series but claims to be one of them. How does it claim it? By not being a X.X game for example.
Also, it IS problematic that you need to have multiplayer experience to enjoy the single player one. I have a good example of another series in which the main games are 1P and got hurt when the last release was designed for multiplayer in mind, since it messed up the general design, but that wouldn't be on topic.
I bring this up because I won't stand for being called out on not playing netplay on a game series that is first a foremost for 1P

>> No.16412302

>It's perfectly ok to be angry at a game that is clearly different than all the others in the series but claims to be one of them.
It's the same as 3.
If you really need a way to contextualize it, every Windows mainline game since PCB has had a gimmick thay defines the gameplay and how the player interacts with the game. PoFV's gimmick is simply competitive multiplayer, and ignoring that is akin to ignoring UFO's UFO gimmick entirely, or claiming that LoLK is unfair while refusing to try PD.
Besides, multiplayer or not, PoFV is still a vertical shmup in the way it plays.

>> No.16412328

If you are gonna approach it that way, then we have a problem and that is that the other gimmicks aren't as intrusive.
You can play PCB without borders
You can play IN without worrying for time orbs or even the team mechanic due to solo shots
You can play MoF without worrying about faith
SA is perfect
I would dare to say you can do fuck all about ufos in UFo and still play well
Same for TD
DDC might be a bit annoying, but it capitalizes on using the PoC which isn't anything new and still doesn't put another fucking screen to your side.
LoLK has legacy to make up for PD
PoFV... you can really play this like you would play any of the others. You say it is still a vertical shmup? Well the versus part changes quite a bit, so no, it definitely is quite different and it's the primal reason a lot of people are at odds with it.

>> No.16412367

Except you can enjoy PoFV perfectly fine with solo play. Multiplayer is just a bonus. That's how it is for me.

When I look at PoFV's singleplayer mode and compare it to other games in the series, it's decently high up there.

If you compare borders, UFOs, time orbs and poc to PoFV, then you should compare them to PoFV's singleplayer scoring system instead of it's multiplayer. Because that's not something that should be ignored either.

>> No.16412377

Then why bring up netplay? (>>16412147

>> No.16412382

Two different posters, anon.

>> No.16412396

I won't have that.
PoFV solo play is affected by mechanics designed for multiplayer and hinder it.

>> No.16412400

>and hinder it
In what way?

>> No.16412409

It's all over the thread already

>> No.16412708
File: 298 KB, 640x480, 2017-01-14 13_23_01-Greenshot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finally got her.
Boy, her survival spell got me off guard, it made me waste a stock
You guys were right, MarisaA made it easier, but I should try to do this with B next time.
And fuck I accidentally skipped the dialogue trying to getting the screencap

>> No.16414436

I have friends that are self-described "fucking secondaries!" that like Touhou. Some of the characters looked cool, but it seems sad to shoot away others and being "fucking tertiary!" doesn't sound good. Should I bother?

>> No.16414459

Try one of the games out. You never know if you'll like it until you try.

I knew about Touhou since 2008 and thought it was retarded because of secondaries' representations of the characters. I eventually decided to give it a try at the end of 2015, and realized it was nothing like I had expected it to be and found it really fun.

>> No.16414485

So the divide in primary/secondary isn't a result of order of entry into playing the games?
I'll try one from around 2008 then.

>> No.16414510


Play PCB or IN first probably, or EOSD if you actually plan to get into the series.

>> No.16414523

No, not really. What determines if you're "primary" or "secondary" is if you can recognize what is and isn't written by ZUN.

Subterranean Animism was released in 2008, but I personally think Mountain of Faith (2007) is a better game for beginners to shmups. If you've played other shmups before, pick any, you'll probably find almost all of them rather easy.

>> No.16414543


You're making up arbitrary rules for what touhou games can and cannot be and trying to claim that by not being the exact same type of game they somehow "can't" be mainline games and are automatically worse. Whether POFV is a mainline game or a decimal game is completely irrelevant, either way it's the same game. Even if it somehow did matter whether it was different than other games in the series 4/15 games in the main series have strayed significantly from regular vertical danmaku games, that's nearly a third of them. At that point can you really claim that mainline touhou is purely about standard vertical danmaku?

>> No.16416075
File: 142 KB, 1475x783, progress.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Need to finish 2.5b. Hopefully this month.

>> No.16416592
File: 390 KB, 480x566, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the trick to beating this slut?

>> No.16416605

What parts are you having trouble with? If it's the part with the lasers aimed directly at you the trick is to strafe back and forth in a U-shape. Once you get near a corner, move diagonally up quickly to misdirect them and then go back around. It looks complciated but it's basic streaming; just don't sleep on the random swords, be sure to adjust your movement to dodge if needed.

>> No.16416816

Are you asking what the divide between primary/secondary is?

>> No.16417820

The divide in p/s is what draws you into Touhou and it's the reason you call yourself a fan of it.
Primaries are those whose interest in the series started because of the main games. Secondaries are the ones that like touhou because of secondary work.

>> No.16417835

I wouldn't say it's necessarily "started," it's just what your main interest is. You can start out as a secondary or tertiary fan and then play the games and become a primary fan.

>> No.16417888

>Primaries are those whose interest in the series started because of the main games.
I must object to that definition, as it implies that an individual can't become interested in the primary material after starting as a secondary. How do you define people who are interested in both the mainline games and secondary fanworks? What about people who aren't into the series for the games, but for other canon works like official manga and music cds?

>> No.16417929

>it's just what your main interest is
Yeah, this is exactly what I intended to say.

>> No.16418803
File: 829 KB, 950x709, PMM_Cover.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

for anyone who cares, a "new" demo of this got uploaded earlier
all it does is add a music room though, it still runs like shit, there's no new stages, it's buggier than before, and you still can't play as shinmyoumaru

>> No.16418839
File: 11 KB, 184x184, 1383347551841.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mystery moisture

>> No.16419047
File: 402 KB, 800x800, 1481528533242.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You guys were right, MarisaA made it easier, but I should try to do this with B next time.
I personally found ReimuB to be easier, because of her screen coverage, relatively high damage and mostly of her otherwise shit bomb, which really shines against Flandre (Short duration, allowing you to attack Flan right after a tight spot, a real life saver for me in Catadioptric, while also clearing all the bullets.)

Anyway, good job pal, will you any other extras now?

>> No.16419064 [DELETED] 

>will you any other extras now?

>> No.16419104

>will you any other extras now?
Well, I think I'm close to beat Hecatia. Last time I got smashed by those moons, which I believe is near the end. But right now I would like to focus to get on getting my first lunatic 1cc, I have been delaying it for a while now.

>> No.16419148
File: 776 KB, 514x667, winkwink.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Promised mystery of moisture

>> No.16419840

>With the medicine made by my power, and Eirin's true strength, you'll never forget this as long as you live!
Hourai Elixir takes the top spot.

>> No.16420151
File: 242 KB, 980x735, 611671614d49f59fa709909364d15daa9cba9ea6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok, what the FUG am I supposed to do during possessed by phoenix?

>> No.16420176
File: 1.04 MB, 1000x718, 1392776743834.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alice's last spells in PCB are pretty, I like them all. Kagome Kagome is very fun to dodge too

>> No.16420200

Sacue of the comic?

>> No.16421036

>no winks

>> No.16421284

Wow, impressive. Do you plan on running any of the other shot types? My grazing in IN Extra isn't nearly up to snuff for a proper scorerun.

>> No.16421408


>> No.16421839

Marisa is cheating!

>> No.16422084

Circle the screen on the first, third and fourth waves. On the second wave, start at the bottom of the screen, and what I do is tap up to the beat of the music. It's a fairly tight squeeze, so try to minimize your movement with each tap. Use spell practice.

This is also how people do this card when they scorerun with a youkai.

>> No.16423127
File: 59 KB, 1920x1080, 2017-01-16-131420-maim.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just 1CC'ed the game on lunatic here, Hell route, starting lives set to minimum (3). I ignored P balls unless I could reach them easily and focused on hitting as many card as I could without letting the orb touch the ground, and it seems like playing that way gives you a lot more score and lives. Bombing right on the beginning (before the orb hits the ground) and on the right stages helps a lot too, I left stage 15 with only one last life and stage 19 filled me again (then panicked on Konngara and finished with one live).

>> No.16425008

Has anyone evaluated oneself as playing too aggressively?

I've recently caught myself doing much better in games when I'm running blindly than when I've actually practiced the stage, and I think it's because I play more cautiously when I don't know what the stage will present, and then I get a better idea of what's going to happen and I clip a bullet trying to POC or playing with objectives other than only survival.

>> No.16425311

I think this question gets asked a lot but where do I download the game? I'm trying to play Embodiment of Scarlet Devil but the official website link is a trial and all the other websites are pretty shady.

I'm sorry for being so stupid

>> No.16425422

nyaa.se, there's a 7.51GB torrent with everything.

>> No.16426183

I want to play touhou.

>> No.16426221

They're super easy to pirate, so get googling. Or just go to moriyashrine or something.

>> No.16427775
File: 649 KB, 640x480, th001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I feel like this is suppose to be a freebie card. I'm having better luck capturing it unfocused than focused. How do you guys capture it?

>> No.16427777

I can't seem to get any Ultra patches working, except for the LoLK Black Label one. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? I've tried both on WINE and Windows.

>> No.16427782

That card annoys the shit out of me. I can always last a little while, but ultimately her rhythm gets too fast for me.

>> No.16427785

Are you playing with vsync on?

>> No.16427794
File: 12 KB, 347x111, Screenshot at 2017-01-17 11:04:02.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In some cases, yeah. I can't even tell if the patches are being applied, though, all I see is mojibake.

>> No.16427806

I'm not sure. I just thought that having vsync on might be why it wouldn't work.

>> No.16427828

I figured it out, I had the files named wrong. I guess the patch file absolutely has to be th07u.exe

>> No.16427839

I have very aggressive play but I play more aggressively when blind, because I'm not retarded enough to deviate from my route (assuming I have one). Also playing aggressively is fun, even if it may kill me every now and then, it's definitely the more fun playstyle for me.

>> No.16428391 [DELETED] 
File: 295 KB, 800x773, 3203eec2a4ab5dba7aa3dc9aa2eee8c9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I always thought Mima was just a meme character but DAMN she's actually pretty awesome in Mystic Square. Her max power shot makes my dick hard.

>> No.16428460

This post reminds me how anyone who uses meme as an adjective is a dumbass.

>> No.16429292

More than half of the 4chan users are dumbasses.

>> No.16429325

Made it up to 76% of Phantasm stage in PCB. I'm not even mad I lost, Ran Shikigami surprised me and zipped right at my face. I didn't know this shit was aimed. Also lost a lot of resources quite stupidly but I wasn't counting on completing it tonight.
Still, pretty fun, I'm getting the hang of it. I also captured Yukari Yakumo's Spiriting Away (this card is quite dumb when you think about it). Perhaps I could have completed the card but the Border between Human and Youkai happened to be too much of a pressure for my tired and uncaring mind.

>> No.16431642

Let's speculate about touhou 16: I think Kaenbyou Rin will be stage 1 boss, and scoring system will be revolving around point item value and a bullet cancelling hyper similar to PCB.

>> No.16431737

Everybody will call it a shit like always. Duh

>> No.16431761

Kogasa will be the extra boss.

>> No.16431762
File: 313 KB, 1000x995, 60927142_p32.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I think Kaenbyou Rin will be stage 1 boss

>> No.16432052
File: 2.32 MB, 1500x2000, c3be0e6bf1e3a427dbe55c1ffc18cd99.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tips for Yukari's 1st spellcard?

>> No.16432262
File: 508 KB, 640x479, ss+(2017-01-18+at+09.43.51).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

captured 29 VoWGs out of 50

>> No.16432311

Learn to tap. Ran's is actually harder.

>> No.16432800
File: 253 KB, 660x616, three_fairies_of_light__sky_sign__elfin_canopy_by_traditionalyoungman-d6lgp7o.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I did it
Finally a 1cc on GFW
I thought I was going to be fine with 600 motivation on A1-3 but I barely made it
How do you unlock extra?

>> No.16432909

Wut? Not guy above but Ran's only requires a small tap with every attack but I still haven't figured out how to do Yukari's.

>> No.16432910

Whoa, so I'm not the only one who thinks that.
Anon...you need to 1cc every possible route to unlock Extra.

>> No.16432943
File: 9 KB, 200x200, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No way
I agree. Yukari's give you way more space to move

>> No.16432954

Well, once you get your first 1cc, getting those on other routes becomes easier. The problem is Extra itself.

>> No.16433012
File: 619 KB, 640x480, th002.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.16433360

The blue bullets are aimed and the green ones aren't. Stream the blue ones while mainly focusing on dodging the green. Before you get to the end of the screen you'll need to misdirect the next wave of aimed bullets before they're launched by moving upward then come back down and stream to the opposite side of the screen. repeat until you capture it.

Maybe they're talking about her first Non-spell card.

>> No.16433473

You can stream it with taps at the beginning when it's slow, but when the card starts picking up, you should alternate moving diagonally up and down. The timing to move is when the blue/light green bullets get close to you, or when the next wave of those same bullets haven't aimed at you yet. You want to be very close to those bullets so you don't have to worry about the darker green bullets. No misdirection required.

>> No.16433719

>Maybe they're talking about her first Non-spell card.
I wasn't.

>> No.16434387
File: 45 KB, 480x480, Marisa x Alice winter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want this to be the year I finally defeat Flan, but I can barely even put practice in right now.

I'm sure it sounds pathetic, but my place is so poorly heated that my hands become cold and stiff and playing anything more than turned based games is a challenge.

>> No.16434438
File: 1.03 MB, 801x586, i just wanted to post this.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stop making excuses you fucking faggot.

>> No.16434458

Don't let that overcome you, you can just warm up your hand one way or another and then keep practicing, they won't go cold like that. Or you could play SA.
It's 37° C outside and probably 40 inside my room here. My laptop feels like it's about to blow up

>> No.16434497

That sucks.

I went 2 summers recently without air-conditioning. Falling asleep in those kinds of temperatures is the worst.

>> No.16434687

Uhh, the Hard version can still be captured full focused, but if you're more comfortable going unfocused, by all means keep doing it that way, the Lunatic version forces you to do so anyway.

I start focused and count the lanes, and on 10 I let go of focus, I feel that way deals the most damage

>> No.16434705


i'm browsing and typed this right now with gloves on.

>> No.16434760

I stopped trying to capture it focused. I didn't fail at all today on that card and I 1cc'd it earlier tonight.

>> No.16435542

Anyone got an unpatched th08.exe lying around? The Ultra patch only works on the original Japanese .exe, but all I have and can seem to find is a pre-patched version.

>> No.16435607

Dude, just do it like this: https://youtu.be/qUKVEH5GetE?t=20
It's easy as fuck.

>> No.16436015

That's Ran though, dude is complaining about Yukarin

>> No.16436601
File: 67 KB, 496x432, 2017-01-19-104758-maim.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here you go, just rename it.

>> No.16436807

Here's a NMNB up until the last three cards (where I spaghetti all over because I haven't done them in forever).

Yukari's bullets aren't shot all at once but the streams are spaced enough that you can still dodge them all in one tap for most of the time, and even when you can't you still just tap a bit more. You shouldn't have to turn around. Ran's card is tighter and requires better timing to not mess yourself up. It's still simple, but Yukari's is definitely easier if you aren't bad at tapping.

Diagonally? Wut?

>> No.16437395
File: 34 KB, 143x225, cirno14.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>getting those on other routes becomes easier
Damn, you were right. I just defeated every fairy at least once now, so I'm halfway there.
How do you guy deal with Luna's non spells? They are a pain.

>> No.16437521

Fuck the UFOs so much. Why did ZUN think this was anywhere near a good idea? Why did he put such a shitty mechanic in a game with good music?

>> No.16437599

Why can't you just git gud? Why is it so difficult for you to put in some effort? Why do you have to whine so much?

>> No.16438468
File: 163 KB, 600x900, __luna_child_touhou_drawn_by_marugoshi_54burger__289e54da0196a57c4086616e39479dd2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy fucking shit, B1 fucks you harder than life itself, any tips for this ice fairy hunter? The route in itself is pretty shit too

>> No.16438880

out bully the bully

>> No.16438904

You'd have to specify points you struggle on the route, B1 has the most dodging out of any route.

Tips for Luna would be ignore side fairies on all the spells, although you can hit two fairies with one shot to recharge twice as fast, only really useful for nons. Her 3rd spell I would just stay in the middle, the side fairies fire aimed shit, so not very dangerous. Overdrive is aimed too, if you weren't aware. Try not to be bad, but you probably knew that.

>> No.16438918
File: 115 KB, 500x500, 1421885038122.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She fucks me too, I barely beat her. The only thing I can give you that might help is my 1cc, and it might not even help because of how many times I bomb and die during her fight.

http://replays.gensokyo.org/download.php?id=42322 Hopefully I uploaded it right, I've never put a replay on the website before since none of mine are anything special.

I'm aware I'm over the threshold of acceptable slowdown in this replay, I was playing on a mega-toaster at the time and parts of the game just dragged things to a crawl with how much ice was being destroyed. I really don't want to have to beat this route again for the sake of getting one with acceptable slowdown.

>> No.16439049
File: 86 KB, 600x600, 1468227383484.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Overdrive was savage. It was too late before I noticed it was aimed, I was low on motivation both in game and out by then.
It's alright bro, I'll check it out, after all this is the last route I need to clear on normal in order to unlock extra so I really appreciate this.

This route also has Dai as midboss which is a pain in the ass

>> No.16439055

Like 60% of my runs ended against Daiyousei, but that might be because I play super aggressive on Stage 1 for the sake of collecting motivation. Her second attack is such an RNGfest.

>> No.16439107

wat, you're not gonna get more than 2 damaging freezes on second non for motivation, so just side shoot the charge up. Revenge bullets will help with the first freeze aswell.

>> No.16439149

I thought Normal didn't have revenge bullets.

>> No.16439186

I noticed you ice gauge sometimes charges real fast, like from 0 to 30 real quick in the first stage, how do you do that?

>> No.16439199

You gain charge for grazing. If you go right up to a fairy when they shoot something like a circle of bullets you'll graze them all, though you need good timing so they don't expand and hit you before you escape.

>> No.16439208

>You gain charge for grazing
That's um... oh. Damn it.

>> No.16439250

Don't feel bad, I didn't know either until I got really frustrated working on my first 1cc and checked the wiki.

>> No.16439305

I figured this might help more, dunno how I died but just bomb those parts I did die on xD


>> No.16439317


Although I wouldn't really copy stage 1, I was just messing around to see what normal was like.

>> No.16439328

Install Japanese locale
LC_ALL=ja_JP.UTF-8 wine th08.exe
ctrl+c on the dialog box to copy text

>> No.16439472
File: 752 KB, 640x480, th128_ud0005 (GFW) Normal 1cc - B1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh fucking finally, my heart, oh god.
Thank you, your replay was very useful, never got that much motivation in the first stage before

>> No.16439575

Wrong stage, my man.

Perhaps this is best shown with a video.

This method also works with Marisa and Sakuya. Obviously, it shouldn't take as long as them to finish the card as they're grazing for score. It's the easiest and cleanest way to do it as far as I know.

>> No.16439887

>Perhaps this is best shown with a video.
I get it. Is probably safer if you're comfortable with the movement, agreed. For first-timers you should probably just get the tapping down properly, though.

>> No.16440064

You can do it with normal tapping, but it's much likelier that you'll collide with the dark green bullets. The most important thing is to know when to tap so you don't move too much.

>> No.16440258
File: 10 KB, 344x252, 1479159656484.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know if there's a more debilitating experience than practicing a stage for a session that lasts more than an hour and only actually reaching the boss without resetting once. I hate Sakuya-B so goddamn much, I think the only reason I haven't given up is stubbornness.

Can someone look at these Stage 6 replays? These are the two best replays I've cobbled together so far, and I do different things right/wrong in each of them which is why it's not just a single replay. Any and all tips would be welcome with the exception of "stop using Sakuya-B" because I won't accept that advice no matter how true it is.

I'm glad it helped, anon. GFW is a bitch regarding difficulty, I consider it harder than SA and UFO to me.

>> No.16441755
File: 69 KB, 306x331, 1484876598375.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So wtf are those red knives in GFW hard mode and why the fuck I can't even beat the first fairy
Curse you, now I wanna beat the game with that shot too and I lost to ''Shining Needle Sword''

>> No.16441960

>wtf are those red knives
Revenge bullets, son.

>> No.16441972

The transition to hard mode from normal will be painful won't it

>> No.16442000

Only if you don't know how to stream. Is recommended that you beat the extra first, otherwise be prepared for some light routing.

>> No.16442685

GFW is easier on Lunatic than Normal, all thanks to the revenge bullets.

>> No.16442992

Maybe for people who are too retarded to graze and shoot.

>> No.16445917

Is it considered more difficult to 1cc a game on normal or to simply finish a game on hard?

>> No.16445918
File: 523 KB, 533x800, 99eee0cbd432498b56e25bd2674a68f9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Asked /v/ for advice but with no avail, so I'll ask here.

I'm having trouble capturing "You Grow Bigger" in DDC with SakuyaA. Do you guys have any tips for it?

>> No.16445925

Normal 1cc I'd say. With continues you have enough bombs to avoid all the hard parts.

>> No.16445935

What about games with limited continues like EoSD?

>> No.16445989


>> No.16446045

Spell practice, watch a replay, it's pretty ass with thiccboxes, if you're just going for 1cc you will probably be able to bomb it quite a lot.

>> No.16446077

In earlier games, you can change the lives per credit to make it easier. 10-12 have unlimited continues, so those are just a matter of perseverance. 13-15 have limited continues, but to unlock practice you only need to get to the stage rather than clear it.

>> No.16446088

Thought your post was a reply to a different one, my mistake. 13-15 give you more credits on higher levels I think. Regardless, I'd say it would be easier to clear all games on hard than 1cc normal.

>> No.16447896

I haven't played Touhou in quite a while but I picked up LLS and got all the way to the end of Yuuka's very last attack on normal (99.82% done). I can't believe I made it so far rusty.

>> No.16447921


>> No.16447947

That's because LLS is the easiest Touhou game of all.

>> No.16448541

Medicine is pretty tough, I mean I can barely even fucking move.
I'm bothered by something, I have seen people say that you need like 3 extra lives by Eiki so you can win, but how? Even if you don't miss, you barely get such amount of extra lives

>> No.16448634

Score dude, spam your level twos and try not to endlessly spam shot during downtime.

>> No.16448749

I got my 1cc anyways, I think I got very fucking lucky at the end.
Yeah I realized I might be shooting way too much when nothing is happening at all

>> No.16448886

Seconded, I want to see this in action

>> No.16449177
File: 139 KB, 850x805, __inaba_tewi_touhou_drawn_by_tona_nekotte__sample-4466c37c9b031183a7190f31422b87f0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do Tewi players on PoFV?
I just unlocked her and she seems pretty good. I like how she controls, only flaw I can see it her scope.

>> No.16449267
File: 620 KB, 639x479, good stage.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Getting better and better. Wish me luck!

>> No.16449319

Does any have a template for the any of the progress charts?

>> No.16449352

It's really just a matter of knowing your hitbox. There are some times where I prefer going backwards after dodging a wave to give myself more room to dodge the next. Also remember to not stick to the bottom of the screen, moving upward and downward to misdirect the bullets works just as well if you're near horizontal boundaries of the screen, I always dodge vertically when the small bullets are getting ready to change direction.

>> No.16449389


>> No.16449669

I haven't played any of the games past EoSD, which I just failed to 1cc on Lunatic at over 99% completion. Fuck me. Which games are the best after EoSD and which can I easily 1cc on Lunatic to make myself feel better?

>> No.16449689


>> No.16449910

IN's deathbomb system makes that a bit easier than average

>> No.16449936

This meme again?

>> No.16449957

Sure, it's not good for score runs, but tell me an almost-guaranteed extra life for every two lives you have doesn't make it a bit easier?

>> No.16450014

It creates bad habits. Most people just wait until they get hit and double bomb, instead of bombing beforehand, wasting resources in a game where the spells can become quite crowded, more than the previous 2 at least.
Why not mentioning that destroying familiars/slaves takes away some of their danmaku? Or that a lot of spells and non spells rely on having familiars around so if you destroy them, the attack becomes a joke (Keine's non spells come to mind) That's what makes IN easier than other games.
Oh and spell practice.

>> No.16450090

I'm not advocating for abusing it. I myself am taking a large break from IN to prevent myself from getting too used to it. And I know about all those other tricks too. I'm just saying that you can use deathbombing to get much further than you otherwise would.

>Spell practice
Why the hell wasn't spell practice in every Touhou game since anyways? Coming from IN to another game it's a little frustrating to have redo a whole stage if you just want to practice a particular spell card that gives you trouble

>> No.16450198

>Why the hell wasn't spell practice in every Touhou game since anyways?
I don't know, but if TD and DDC had them, they why the hell doesn't LoLK, the game that needs it the most? I mean, PD doesn't do what Spells practice allows you to.

>> No.16451598

Because LoLK is a good game

>> No.16451619
File: 129 KB, 624x1024, 1468611209445.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you will probably be able to bomb it quite a lot.
Well yeah, I could do that but I don't want to waste a million bombs at the same time.
Last time I practiced it in a normal continued run, I ended up wasting 9 bombs...NINE.
I'm fine with bombing, but I want some degree of dodging skill on that card so I don't waste tons of bombs in it.

>remember to not stick to the bottom of the screen, moving upward and downward to misdirect the bullets works just as well if you're near horizontal boundaries of the screen
I'll be damned if that works with Sakuya's giant ass hitbox but I'll give it a shot regardless, thanks.

>It's really just a matter of knowing your hitbox.
That's the million dollar question. Where is my hitbox indeed?
Is it a square, a circle, the white part or the outer red part or something else?
If I had a way of knowing that, I would have almost no problems dodging it.

Already trying to do that, pls no bully.

>> No.16451703

Press shift

>> No.16451770

The problem is, the hitbox seems to be larger than the sprite during that spellcard.

>> No.16451777

Because it is

>> No.16451806

Honestly, it's not just you having trouble with that card. That spell is bonified bullshit to pretty much everybody. Literally the best advice you're getting, to bomb, is just about as good as you're gonna get. Beyond that, just follow the empty trail in the white knives, then just bomb when the blue ones start coming it, because you're probably gonna get hit. Your hitbox is way too big to be able to dodge them effectively.

>> No.16453924
File: 87 KB, 810x539, 1481305112656.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16454510

Late, but there's a very faint circle outside the hitbox's dot sprite. That's basically your real hitbox as Marisa/Sakuya on that spell

>> No.16454545

Something very hateable about IN is that if you lose on 6B it still shows you an ending

>> No.16454723

Would a controller make things easier or harder?

>> No.16454818

I'd say harder, personally. Having one finger per input really helps.

>> No.16455128


What are you talking about? You get a bad end immediately if you run out of lives on 6B, you don't even get a choice to continue.

>> No.16455186
File: 689 KB, 639x479, ss+(2017-01-22+at+10.53.55).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16455733
File: 475 KB, 639x479, ss+(2017-01-23+at+02.53.24).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

made some mistakes here and there sadly
getting warmer at least

>> No.16455778

It's preference. If you find it better then use it.

>> No.16455821

I wish EoSD gave you more than 2 lives for stage practice. If I'm practicing the stage it's because I suck at it, obviously I can't beat or practice the entire Remilia fight without bombing the shit out of everything at my current level

>> No.16455850

A pad is less precise than a good keyboard, but clearly more than enough seeing as most of Japan prefer pads, and do very well with them. In the end it comes down to preference.

>> No.16455971

Remilia is hard so you don't have to feel bad about anything. Remilia is probably one of the hardest final bosses on Normal mode.

>> No.16456015

Definitely. I basically bombed everything she did on my first normal 1cc. I realized it probably wouldn't cut it on Lunatic though, because I will not get to her with 4-5 lives unless the rest of the run ends up being amazing. But every spellcard of hers is really hard to become consistently good at

>> No.16456038


Personally I never felt like she was that hard other than her last two spellcards, I had way more issues with some of the other final bosses. To each their own though I guess.

>> No.16456556

Do you guys think it would be a good purchase if I got this? I mean, it is translated already and such though I like physical media:

Also, do you think these spellcard images signify anything? Like, helping you know how the pattern works?


>> No.16456805

I said it shows you an ending, not which one.
I mean, I just lost, naturally I want to start again/quit the fuck outta the game but I have to wait for the thing to end or just kill the game, it's tedious.

>> No.16456818

Even Yuyuko was harder than Remi for me

>> No.16456994

Byakuren > Junko > Remilia > Yuyuko > Kanako > Kaguya > Utsuho

(I haven't played td and ddc)

>> No.16457350

What criteria are you ranking them on? Difficulty, personality, spell card creativity, etc.?

Also what about Eiren? She's a final boss too.

>> No.16457399

Difficulty. Forgot about Eirin, I'd put her between Kaguya and Utsuho

>> No.16457426

ok how the hell Utsuho the easiest, how the hell is Junko easier than Byakuren and why the fuck isn't Yuyu the easiest?
I'm curious

>> No.16457467

Utsuho only has one threatening attack and that's her first spellcard. Junko has a lot of bullshit but her spellcards are a bit easier than Byakuren's in my opinion. She doesn't have anything that's as difficult as LFS

>> No.16457716

What is currently the best emulator for the pc98 games? Is it np2fmgen?

>> No.16457731

I use it because of touhou launcher shenanigans, it's good but I can't play shit on it mostly because
1. I'm on a toaster
2. It's very hot here and toaster overheats quickly.

>> No.16458377

T98 is the most accurate to my knowledge. Anex86 is inaccurate but it's toaster-friendly.

>> No.16459000

np2 always performed like garbage for me, while T98 runs perfectly both on Windows and Linux with a $30 celeron.

>> No.16462134

Is there anything harder than the last levels and extra of StB? Is this game even for humans?

>> No.16463860

How do I prevent Toramaru from ripping me apart before reaching stage 6? I feel almost claustrophobic with those spells.

>> No.16464034

Bumping this request because I still haven't gotten any better runs four days later. I hate this.

>> No.16464081

I'm going to help you as soon as Eiki stops cheating me

>> No.16464085

Good luck. Eiki sincerely gives me more trouble than Yumemi, despite PoFV having better mechanics than PoDD.

>> No.16464261

>PoFV having better mechanics than
There is a more broken game than this shit? wth.

>> No.16464351

PoFV is a refined version of PoDD. Take any problems you have with PoFV, magnify them, and then add larger hitboxes and remove focus mode, and you have Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream.

PoDD still has better music, at least, and I like its overall plot of "college professor from the SCIENCE dimension travels to Gensokyo to try and gather proof that magic is real" more than "people are turning into flowers because Komachi is lazy." Strawberry Crisis will never be topped as a final boss theme, only Solar Wisdom and Pure Furies compare for me.

>> No.16464960

Is it just me or is Sagume way easier to beat than Doremy? It took me nearly an hour to beat Doremy, especially her fucking nonspells but I beat Sagume in less than 5 minutes.

>> No.16465052


>> No.16465087

Does she change with different characters?

>> No.16465113

BoLaD - rising intensity of all types of bullets at once.
Thousand Needle Mountain - Beautiful as hell, attacks from all sides, reading streams when trapped is fun.
Sun Goddess's Sacrifice - Dense, restrictive, multi-staged.
Express Night Carnival - The rush of huge bullet walls passing you by and forcing you to move around is too good.

>> No.16465119

Sagume uses those ying yangs to cover herself and shoot at you. Reisen unlike Marisa pierces, so that's way more damage you do than what she is meant to receive.
Since you are destroying the ying yangs you also get less stuff to dodge

>> No.16468257

Damn, that Byakuren is a tough bitch. Even with 3 extra lives, I still failed at the last spell card.

Sounds like Utsuho all over again.

>> No.16468386

Her last spell is quite easy as long as you don't fall in her game. Her spell previous to that one tho...

>> No.16468435

I didn't find the previous spell to be particularly difficult, though I wanted to reach the end so I unloaded everything throughout the whole fight. But I'm tired and didn't want to bump my head again and again against this stage.

It's quite saddening when you consider that what's making me lose an unnecessary number of resources is actually Murasa. Having a survival spell so fucking early isn't playing fair.

>> No.16468464

I used to rant about that spell too, but then fucking around with Marisa I learned it is not as difficult, you just circle around the screen.
The one I don't understand yet is Shou, and I don't think I'll do since I cleared UFO with the shot types I liked already

>> No.16468479

Toramaru is actually nice. Hard but a nice fight. The only spell that is actual bullshit is the green cross that turns and warps. Even Yukari's cross in PCB is easier than this shit.

>> No.16468490

This. So much this. I see I'm not the only one who found Yukari's spell easier than that goddamn green cross.

>> No.16468731

Is her penultimate spell brutal on Lunatic or something? I play on Normal and found it to be her second-easiest card, the easiest being her second spell.

>> No.16468735

Thoughts on Marisa B in SA?

>> No.16468757
File: 27 KB, 400x633, Touhou Achievements.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She is the only shot I didn't get a good ending in SA so far.
Btw my progress, posting it because I might need a break soon

>> No.16468997

I keep dying randomly to cirno and meiling in all my runs
i hate eosd

>> No.16469038

Water is great. You can use it pretty much everywhere and you'll be fine. I'm not saying "everywhere" because Parsee would laugh at me. Just turn it on during stage 3 and 4 and fire away. Pretty nice to fight against stage 3's boss too.
Fire is for bosses but it doesn't seem to be very powerful. In fact, I compared with other shottypes and it takes quite a long amount of times to get rid of a non-spell compared to other shots. But I think Marisa is general is rather weak compared to Reimu in this game.
Wood is only for those times where you have to rotate around the boss or are stuck in a bad angle. That said, I've read it is quite powerful but I'm never using it.
Metal is even more niche and is good against Parsee. I can also definitely see the use against Utsuho during *that* spellcard. Otherwise, it's never.
Earth is... well... good for Parsee during the last spellcard. I guess.

Her bomb is definitely the least useful because if you deathbomb, you'll most likely won't be able to benefit from it other than the invincibility frames (which are fewer than for other bombs, if I'm not mistaken), unless you're on top of the boss. However, if you know a spellcard is going to fuck you up, just drop it right on the face of the boss at the beginning of the card. It will deal some tremendous damage if you can land the part where all 5 mini-bombs "converge" and you can be safe for the beginning of the spellcard.

I love this shot type because there's the Water formation. Otherwise, it's objectively not awesome at all.

>> No.16474969
File: 617 KB, 761x1000, 1482517081113.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Died to Chen
>Doesn't matter, keep going
>Lose my last life against Yuyuko's Resurrection, 3 fucking seconds left
And because of stories like this, reset every time you fuck up in the early stages boys.

>> No.16474974

You'll never know who I was quoting because I might end it off now btw

>> No.16475101
File: 11 KB, 400x1080, Summary.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And another SA 1CC.

Marisa A kicks ass with the right positioning. Also, having 8 bombs, as weak as they may be, really helps. I thought I'd never make it when I escaped Heaven and Hell Meltdown with a single life and full power but unloading carefully at first, then firing away near the end turned out to be quite effective.

>> No.16475178

Are you me ? That happened like just yesterday.
As for my case, I've been doing perfect no-bomb no-life practice runs up to Stage 3, but when I did a deffinitive run, I've been dying to menial shit, even going as far as backing against a bullet and hitting my back against it.
Just kill me.

>> No.16475196
File: 75 KB, 700x426, Yuyuko (1040).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think what fucked me the most was Yuyuko's opener. I can never seem to get it right, and it lasts for too long. It hit me when I had 2 lives and 3 bombs, then i bombed her due to the frustration and left me with only one life, 1 bombs for the rest of the fight. The icing on the cake was that it was the last barrage of red butterflies that got me.

>> No.16475372
File: 47 KB, 371x348, 1453755008540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Most of my 1ccs are ironically the ones where I don't reset after losing a life to something dumb early on. I'm sure I win despite that rather than because, though.

>> No.16475442

I'm usually like that too, and it works, feeling secure is where it is at.
But no, I can't just let it pass.
No one should steal from me, not even my wife.

>> No.16475482
File: 687 KB, 640x480, th11_ud0005 (SA) Normal 1cc - MarisaB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And here I was happy because earlier I did this..
At least I have no more excuses to not play SA on hard now.
But enough of this shit, how have you guys been doing? This thread was pretty quiet, more than usual.

>> No.16476401
File: 20 KB, 240x221, 1451700705382.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I haven't been playing much. When I do play, it's been exclusively Stage 6 of DDC with Sakuya-B, trying to shape myself up so I can stand a chance in a full run.

It's demoralizing. Trying hard not to quit, though.

>> No.16476482

Hey, you got a nice score! You didn't bomb much, I take it.

>> No.16477105

I've been getting closer and closer to a lunatic 1cc in EoSD. I'm pretty inconsistent though and I even die or bomb to Cirno a lot of the time, which means I never reach Remi with enough lives

>> No.16477811

So my run was perfect with no continues until I got to Stage 5, where I used one, then Yuyuko's battle literally took all my other continues. Anyone had the same problem, and does it get better ?

>> No.16478200

Any tips for UFO Lunatic?

>> No.16478223

Yeah, you'll be okay. Just practice a lot against Yuyuko.

>> No.16478508

I'm not good enough to 1cc it but imo the best thing to do at first is to learn a route through every stage to maximize lives/bombs. It might be possible to get carried through the game by your resources with good planning
Otherwise just practice the difficult patterns I guess

>> No.16478604

That's my problem, I've yet to actually finish, to to practice against her I need to do a full run, cuz I didn't unlock Stage 6 Practice Start and all that jazz.
Oh well, the more I try, the better.

>> No.16478607

I had forgotten how pleasant fighting against best gi- I mean Yuyuko-sama was. Also, Sakuya B PCB 1CC.
I could do the others but this copy of PCB had the extra already unlocked for some characters even before I played it so I don't see any meaning yet.

>> No.16478609

*so to practice
I need to think before I type, damn.

>> No.16478942

If you download a replay and watch it once, you can unlock the stage for practice mode.

Otherwise, try to manage your resources better until you get to Yuyuko, and then bomb the shit out of her. If you can get to her with even a few continues, you can beat her just by strategically bombing through all of her attacks.

>> No.16479038
File: 421 KB, 679x889, 1463729062676.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just choked and lost to kaguya even though I had the resources to finish without problems.
I swear to god, I'm not using Marisa ever again.

>> No.16479107

I wanted to test the famous Marisa B bug.
Shit, I literally brute forced my way through the extra and died on the penultimate spellcard because I was rushing like crazy.

This shit is ridiculous.

>> No.16479121

>download a replay
Never ever, I know I'm just making it harder for myself, but I ain't a cheater.
Also I'm pretty sure I could've actually beat her, it's just that I haven't played for like a week due to IRL shit, so my deathbombing got cranky and I lost lives in places where I shouldn't have (AKA anywhere before Stage 4, I pretty much mastered the first 3 before my hiatus). Practice makes perfect, I'm sure I'll pick up the pace back up.

>> No.16479235

You cannot unlock stages with replays like that for PCB. It's only for Mountain of Faith as far as I'm aware.

Watching replays or practicing is not cheating.

>> No.16479454

>can't stop getting stupid deaths
Why? Sometimes I move my character INTO the bullet. When will this madness ever stop? I'm not blind, I can recognize negative space and go inside of the negative fields, but god damn.

>> No.16479605

Oh, if that's the case, I'm already doing it, kind of.
Someone uploaded Yuyuko's spellcards individually on Youtube, so I watch those for reference, specially Swallowtail Butterfly. Good lord does that one always get me.

>> No.16479667

>Watching replays or practicing is not cheating.
Unlocking stuff with the replays is cheating though

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