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Would you have the guts to drive this car in your hometown?

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I admit it, probably not.

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No. But I'd certainly like one.

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My hometown is London so no, seeing as how I'd be arrested and possibly stoned by the working class.

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With tinted windows and private garage space.

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We have no laws against that here, and we've seen worse.
So, yeah, I would.

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Why would anyone want to drive it, that just increases the chances of getting it dirty or scratched up, I'd want it to look perfect just so I can show it off.

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>show it off
to whom?

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>and we've seen worse.
You're going to have to elaborate.

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I know atleast one possible answer ರ_ರ

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You can, you know, wash your car if it gets too dirty.

Even motorcycles have huge stereos with constant loud, shitty music.
Niggers would be proud.

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Also that Macross F one that was talking about a couple of months ago was nice.

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And what might that be?

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Yes. I will be Credit to Hometown.

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Washing it does not fix damage.

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fuck yes. i would love to drive one.

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Is there a source image for that?

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Is it SUPPOSED to look messed up on the left side?

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I think that's the original, yeah.

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why can't gaijins draw for shit?

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Is there any that look like the one on >>1636759
With the words?

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I think the person added it for the purpose of the decal.


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Jesus Christ, that's not the original.

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I said "I think" for a reason, but yes that's much better.

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I'd drive this.

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Oh yeah, soo hot.

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Also acceptable as my mode of transportation.

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Eat my afterburner dust, losers.

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They fucking ruined that RX-7 aaaauuugh

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Ew, If someone picked me up for a date and saw one of those as their car, I'd avoid them for the rest of my life.

It's one thing to like animu/mangos/vidya/nippon, and another thing to have atrocius taste for everything else.

tldr: I like animu/mangos/vidya/nippon but I wont wear animu polo shirts or any hot topic trash or drive these animu cars.


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Cool Story Bro, Also, I don't think you're really a female.

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Quick, someone light the AthensSignal, his presence is needed!

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Actually to be fair if it had loli on it you'd be kind of justified.

But just general animu stuff. There's no problem with that.

But I think you are a troll anyway.

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Second shitstorm imminent, abandon thread

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Damn, wrong rage pic. Ah well, have another.

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feel free to delete picture if you don't want fellow anon's to /report

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I normally do not announce my gender on the internets, but I feel you folks here at /jp/ need a little shaking up.


Then I guess it boils down to a matter of taste.
But as a friendly pro-tip: Most people who are sane with healthy chromosones will avoid you if you drive around one of these. Leaving you with unhealthy hambests to fuck =[

If you still want to bask in fanboyism, make it subtle and buy a black Mercedes (psst! most badasses in animu drive/ride mercedes!)

and no, I am not trolling this time.


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From this post on, this thread will devolve into all hell and everything that is vile. So much for talking about cars!

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>I feel you folks here at /jp/ need a little shaking up

/r/ girl gamer comic

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Fuck off, faganon of /jp/

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Are you some kind of whore?

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Femanon is by far the worst word ever.

FemAnon who is your favourite touhou

>> No.1637205

Don't compare this shitty troll to my waifu, the one and only femanon of /jp/!

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Do you even need to ask?

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No, just someone with taste. I prefer elegance over flash anytime.

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I do not have a favourite Touhou because it is not my thing. The only "eroge" I have played is Kichiku Megane (hardcore yaoi brah!) .

I still hangout here in /jp/ for the rare news from nippon, in case you have to ask me what am I doing here not being a Touhou fan and having only played 1 erotic game.

-Fem Anon

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So long as it is a man who pays, eh?

>> No.1637223

>No, just someone with taste

the only taste you have is cum

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Sorry, what the fuck are you trying to say?

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As it should be. $ = good upbringing for children.

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Actually no, I myself drive an Audi. And I still buy my clothes from nippon, but they are more like Commes des Garcons rather than "OMG HNAOTO HOTTOPIC LOLITA KAWAII"

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>rare news from nippon

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Can't say I disagree but I think if a man spends his hard earned money on such things like private schools and nice clothes and holidays. He deserves the unending, unswerving loyalty of his wife.

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Its just like a minimart

>> No.1637267

japan IS just like a mini mall

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Well not all women are cheaters. The same way not all men of /jp/ are neckbeards/virgins


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Don't carry this on please.

and athens stop contributing to every derail possible

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>The same way not all men of /jp/ are neckbeards/virgins

That's not true, actually.

>> No.1637281

How many men?

>> No.1637282

>not all men of /jp/ are neckbeards/virgins


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Awesome! Black Widow! Oh, good times, good times

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Honestly, no. Not that at least.

>> No.1637290


I don't think so Tim

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All women are genetically programmed to be cheaters. Some of them don't have the confidence to do so in practice, but they certainly would if they were sure they wouldn't get caught. This is why laws against adultery are needed. Both participants should be punished.

>> No.1637296

Anyway, I've come up with a foolproof method of testing whether a woman is a slut or not.

Ask her if she'd do a porn film for $5000

>> No.1637303

This is basically true.

There might a few exceptions (as in 3 or 4) but for the most part yes.

>> No.1637307

$5000? That's too low.

>> No.1637308

cool well there are no women in this thread so hold onto that

>> No.1637309


I would never do a porn film even for a million.
Because I am an educated GAR and only moe airheads do porn.


P.s I accidentally a whole sriracha

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Agreed, there need to be laws against adultery.

>> No.1637318

>Because I am an educated GAR and only moe airheads do porn.

Why are we talking to this person still?

>> No.1637324

>All women are genetically programmed to be cheaters

You have no understanding of evolutionary psychology at all, do you? Men are programmed to cheat, women to stay with one man. A woman can only carry one baby at a time, a man can have an infinite number of women pregnant all at once. The best hope for a woman's genes to continue on is to do her best to take care of that one child every nine months. The best hope for a man's genes to continue on is to get as many women as possible pregnant. If the woman can convince the man to stay with her to help raise his child, she has a better chance of having her genes carry on because the man will be there to help provide for them.

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If a man cheats, his penis should be cut off and fed to the dogs.

>> No.1637327

>I would never do a porn film even for a million.

If you aren't a troll and you are telling the truth, that's pretty admirable.

>> No.1637328

no one does, it's just the same fag answering to his own posts.

>> No.1637331

No, that's dumb and you're dumb.
I hate it when christfags try to legislate morality, and I hate it even more when wannabe chink fascists do it.

>> No.1637332

I like this femanon. She seems nice.

>> No.1637334

You folks realize that laws against adultery would have to go both ways, not just on the woman cheating, but also if the husband cheated.

Just reminding you, that in most marriages, it is the guy who is the cheating party.


>> No.1637335

Why do you hate your own gender so much? It's weird, bro.

>> No.1637336

>chink fascists

Uh oh! Real action hero alert!

>> No.1637337

Cheating? /jp/ anons can't even get one person to have sex with them.

>> No.1637340

Shut up slut.

Also, no woman calls herself 'FemAnon'
...not that there is any woman here, mind you

>> No.1637342

That's animal cruelty.

>> No.1637344


>athens !SysNpnp3nU

Go back to bed athens.

>> No.1637345

>...not that there is any woman here, mind you

There are plenty of women here. Remilia Scarlett is a woman, Meru is a woman, Ponpo is a woman. I'd estimate around 10% are women.

>> No.1637347

Look at me! I recently figured out that I can cause guaranteed shitstorms by pretending to be a girl!

>> No.1637353

Completely wrong. Men can only cheat by stealing another man's wife, and unlike women, men are capable of morality so they will not automatically do this if given the chance.

Women prefer strong powerful men for sex (to get the best genes for their children), but more reliable feminine men for raising those children. This gives very strong incentive for cheating.

>> No.1637357

What's with you guys, continue posting weeaboo cars, don't mind the troll...

>> No.1637358


Ive already stated that this is the first time I've revealed my gender.

I simply thought it was the right time and thread to have a different point-of-view here in /jp/. A difference in opinions and views are healthy.


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oh wow

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This thread.

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It should only be punished if the man is stealing another man's wife. A man "cheating" with an unmarried female is harmless if he takes adequate precautions against disease. If a wife has failed in her duty to provide sex then it is entirely acceptable for the man to seek other women (although this does not negate his duties to his wife).

>> No.1637375

Trolls pretending to be women.

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This is a real man right here. Every lil boy should grow up to be like him. He was smart and successful(was an engineer) and was able to breed and show his daughter her true destiny in life. Being a baby maker. God women are so useless, all they do is eat,sleep, and play. how can anyone take someone like that serious?

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>unlike women, men are capable of morality
Good one.

Don't think that you can judge humans just by knowing a few of them. Furthermore, don't think that men and woman are separate species... really, how stupid can you be?

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Why, want to date?

>> No.1637390

I thought everybody already knew who the resident kawaii neko femanons were?

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>78 posts and 16 image replies omitted.
Well this thread looks interesting.

Oh, never mind.

>> No.1637404

Some of us pay attention to the substantive content (lol) of the posts here, rather than the names of posters. As it should be on an anonymous imageboard! It... should be :(

>> No.1637407

I...I'm sorry... I'm no good with girls... I'll have to stop calling you ponpo-kun. I can't respond to your posts anymore. Goodbye.

>> No.1637412

Sorry about the name thing. You'd better think twice about this whole "anonymous brotherhood" thing since you're probably about to be saged for >:(

>> No.1637413

Same species doesn't mean anything. Look at the anglerfish, where the adult male is literally a pair of balls with a mouth. There is great variation between the sexes in humans too.

>> No.1637425

I'm another girl and I hate you absolutely. Please get out, you ruined a good thread. Going elsewhere now.

BTW I would also drive one of those given the chance.

>> No.1637434


Damnit this thread sucks. Oh well, at least I got to post some Ranka.

>> No.1637445

>"anonymous brotherhood"
Gods curse you, read my post, I mentioned nothing of the sort. I'm no /b/tard, I most certainly do not subscribe to this "Anonymous as a shared personality" idea. I want this place to discuss ON TOPIC THINGS not US. Named or nameless, different crazy personalities or one collective brain-dead hive-mind, it's all the same shit.

>> No.1637447


Then you are either fat, or just weird, thus no competent guy will ever go for you.

Thank you for contributing though.


>> No.1637463

I think you are reflecting upon yourself.

>> No.1637468

>unlike women, men are capable of morality

Obviously now, you are a troll, but because I already spent time looking for a credible source to quote, I'd hate to let this information go to waste. I'd've preferred a scientific journal or textbook answer, but I wasn't a psych major and I don't have access to my university's database anymore, so this will have to do. Psychology Today is a blog kept by Satoshi Kanazawa, an evolutionary psychologist at the London School of Economics and Political Science.


"Males of all mammalian species, including humans, are evolutionarily designed to seek sexual variety, and have the psychological and physiological mechanisms to be sexually invigorated at the sight of a new female with whom they have not copulated yet... This sexual asymmetry in reproductive biology makes men much more interested in sexual variety than women. If a man has sex with a thousand women in one year, he can potentially have a thousand children... If a woman has sex with a thousand men in one year, she can only have one child at the end of the year, which she can have by having regular sex with one man."

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My fault, though people who go on about it being an "anonymous message board" are usually the ones who just make saged posts highlighting the name/trip.

And 4chan is varied whether anonymous or not. Instant thread derails or on topic image dumps or thread asking personal questions, the replies are pretty varied amongst both named people and anonymous'

Ranka Lee.

>> No.1637473

ponpo said he was a guy though


>> No.1637483

Just a reminder that so far 0 actual females have posted ITT

carry on

>> No.1637485

Are you really comparing humans with anglerfish...?

C'mon man, what the fuck. Womens aren't all sluts nor saints. They are as different as snowflakes and if you can't accept this fact... you must really be a shy person. Pity.

>> No.1637489

Pretty sure she's a she, because I got into a heated exchange with her/him/it about something that usually only riles women up in one thread.

>> No.1637493

No it's not. It's a contract of blood you make for both sides. You break it, you die.

>> No.1637499

I am a guy. I never said I was a girl but I guess my tilde usage (?) threw some people off. Actually I'm pretty feminine and quiet personality wise.

Faux female stage complete - onto trap mode.

>> No.1637500


In your dreams, where your ideal world of no women-on-the-internet exists.


>> No.1637503

Don't worry, Anonymous still loves you.

>> No.1637508

>>1637489 something that usually only riles people I claim are women

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File: 223 B, 65x22, 1227148401055.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks for clearing that up.

>> No.1637513

See >>1637499

I can take a pretty female centric point of view when it comes to defending them from /jp/ onslaughts, maybe.

>> No.1637514

You're pretty fucking funny, I've gotta admit.

>> No.1637522

Why not? I have a good job and love weird virgin girls.

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Oh... Ponpo is a dude. That's good to know.

>> No.1637529

Hmmm, I still think you are a woman.

>> No.1637531

C'mon now, who's going to sign this contract?
This new contract.

>> No.1637545

Sexual exclusivity in the marriage contract only really matters with the females, because if they get pregnant their husband might end up raising a child that is not his. If the man gets an unmarried woman pregnant he's not tricking anyone into raising non-family. Only females have motivation for such trickery, because as you said, males evolved a quantity over quality strategy for reproduction.

>> No.1637547

Feels bad, man. I'm sure the thought of me being a girl was the source of 90% of the "ponpo you're a decent trip fag" posts. My feminine shroud defense is now gone.

I might as well be, really.

>> No.1637551


what do you look like though? Are you very sexually appealing?

I doubt it.


>> No.1637552

Heh, I'll leave it at that. But I have my doubts.

>> No.1637553

Hey guys, just FYI, Athens isn't a girl.

>> No.1637559

Sorry man, some of us prefer to invest in quality.

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See you in discussion posts!

Also i'm fine with being a guy as long as Pygmalion is a girl.

>> No.1637581

But Pygmalion is a...

Wait, how did you know that? She told me not to tell anyone.

>> No.1637583

Married woman cheating with any man: theft of services of sex, and potentially also child raising. Always wrong. Morally the female is solely to blame, but ethically we also blame the male as we understand females are incapable of morality. This is for the good of society as a whole.

Married man cheating with unmarried woman: breach of marriage contract ONLY if the wife is still providing adequate sex. A lesser infraction. Not wrong at all if she fails in that duty.

>> No.1637587

Drive it? hell yeah! Drive through schoolgrounds, by public parks, and anyplace else I could possibly offend a large number of people.

>> No.1637589

So, guys get to fuck whatever they want; but girls have to stay with their husbands? No deal.

All the other bullshit are just shitty arguments to support this crap. Stupidest thing I've ever read-and I have been in 4chan for two years.

>> No.1637609

No, only if the wife fails to hold up her end of the marriage contract. But many of them do, because they selected a good for child raising feminine husband they do not enjoy sex with in hope of cheating on them to get better DNA.

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Intuition! We're moving away for winter romance.

>> No.1637618

Do I get sex twice a day?

>> No.1637620

wouldn't it be better for a woman to fuck as many men as possible until she got pregnant so a man wouldn't know if the baby was his or not?

>> No.1637626

No, because she might get weak DNA. She only wants to fuck successful men (ie. assholes), and as those men are not so good at raising children she wants to trick another man into raising the child.

>> No.1637628

Then she'd get the slut reputation. Not attractive for potential good daddies.

>> No.1637643
File: 16 KB, 180x182, 1227149564529.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But in modern society, successful men don't always have good genes.

>> No.1637650

some animals do this so males won't kill the newborn child in case it's potentially their own

>> No.1637655
File: 113 KB, 498x650, 1227149685621.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I... what!


>> No.1637662

Successful = anything better than /jp/

>> No.1637667

No because car designs of that nature are illegal in the states.

>> No.1637668

>No, because she might get weak DNA. She only wants to fuck successful men (ie. assholes)

>> No.1637670

some human females do this

>> No.1637672

but if she has group sex with a bunch of strong men then they wouldn't try to kill her offspring out of fear it migh be theirs. I think some kinds of frogs do this.

>> No.1637673
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>Stupidest thing I've ever read-and I have been in 4chan for two years.

You clearly haven't met some of /r9k/'s tripfags.

Hehe, I hope it all goes well.

>> No.1637674


>> No.1637675

But the female's intuition for judging DNA quality hasn't caught up with this yet.

>> No.1637679
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Are we not? Boring days, snow, tea, etc etc? Oh boo.

>> No.1637683

Wtf man, who here is talking about cars?
This thread is all about genetics.
Please stay on topic.

>> No.1637688

Soggying a thread full of bakas

>> No.1637692
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>> No.1637696

well, it sort of has
the asshole thing is a red herring, DNA quality is measured in net worth now

>> No.1637697

Anyway, I think we can all agree with Nietzsche when he said that when choosing who you want to marry, choose someone who you can imagine yourself having a conversation with 50 years from now.

>> No.1637700

>"Males of all mammalian species, including humans, are evolutionarily designed to seek sexual variety, and have the psychological and physiological mechanisms to be sexually invigorated at the sight of a new female with whom they have not copulated yet... This sexual asymmetry in reproductive biology makes men much more interested in sexual variety than women. If a man has sex with a thousand women in one year, he can potentially have a thousand children... If a woman has sex with a thousand men in one year, she can only have one child at the end of the year, which she can have by having regular sex with one man."

No shit?

God, it's so obvious that you've never even had any experience with the opposite sex.

Here nitpicky faggot just take out >genetically programmed to be
and it's still true.

Also your "source" just states the obvious.

>> No.1637706

I want to marry you, athens. You don't seem to like me very much though...

>> No.1637710

...anybody have the original?

preferably in its entire uncensored glory?

>> No.1637715

But females still judge based on when success depended on how good you were at killing people with sticks and stones.

>> No.1637719

>You clearly haven't met some of /r9k/'s tripfags.
There are also guys in /r9k/ who try pathetically to justify their fear of the unknown with scientific bullshit?

Thanks for the tip. Saved me a lot of RAGE

>> No.1637720


>> No.1637721

I just came in and didn't read the wall of text. ;_;

Forgive me.

>> No.1637729
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Huh? When did I say I don't like you?

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>> No.1637732

Drive, no.

I'd my car, if its like that.

>> No.1637734

>There are also guys in /r9k/ who try pathetically to justify their fear of the unknown with scientific bullshit?
Well, it IS the creation of xkcd... (Not so much of a problem with the comic itself as the type of people that read it.)

>> No.1637745
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Well fine, maybe not ;_;

It's okay, I guess the mood we talked about before is usually experienced alone anyway~

>> No.1637747

What separate humans from other naimals is that, even when we can't beat our instincts, we can find them.

Girls instinctively look for the strong guy (I.E: not you) but they always end up with the guy whom they love (I.E: not you)

>> No.1637751


Interesting... where's that from?

>> No.1637752
File: 48 KB, 500x337, 1227150390743.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Biology is a depressing thing to study because of the uncomfortable truths it raises.

It's true that intelligence isn't really selected for in evolutionary terms. But who cares?

>> No.1637755

This is how the "pickup artist" techniques work, and I have tried them IRL and I can confirm they are effective. With a bit of effort you can fake being an asshole, and females will automatically be attracted to you. You can even safely do things that you'd think would make other males fight you (stealing their women!), because they assume that anyone with the balls to do such a thing must be an excellent fighter. It's pure bluff, but it works perfectly. Arguably it's not even tricking them, because what's really the difference between a fake asshole and the real thing?

>> No.1637759

Yo, even if you're a guym I still love you.

Not in a sexual kind of way, mind you. I just find your words fascinating and I regret that we will never share a face to face talk over a cup of tea.

>> No.1637760

Fake assholes get sent to the hospital more often.

>> No.1637770
File: 12 KB, 300x225, 1227150589230.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Randall's a funny guy to be honest. Or at least he used to be until every comic was 'BTW I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND' in a really unsubtle way.

Not sure. Here's the real picture.

>> No.1637773

>>1637752 It's true that intelligence isn't really selected for in evolutionary terms AT PRESENT.
We didn't get our enlarged central nervous system from hominids that were selected for their stupidity.

>> No.1637774

No, because an important part of the technique is identifying the real alpha males. But they are rare enough that it's no great hardship to avoid them.

>> No.1637777

Thanks. Gender doesn't matter anyway, it's nice to have someone to talk to who's similar.

I obviously don't have that which is why I contributing to the ruin of so many /jp/ threads with garbage like this. Sorry sorry sorry.

>> No.1637779

So they fuck the strong guy, decide to abandon him and then go for the other ones?
Pretty slutty thing to do.

>> No.1637780
File: 49 KB, 704x396, snapshot200707221153301.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's not true.. I hope..

>> No.1637782
File: 150 KB, 684x867, 1227150730618.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd marry Athens. I'd let him smother his face in my tits and my crotch. Too bad he's a guy ;_;

>> No.1637785

Yes, that is the problem marriage is designed to solve. Sadly, feminism ruined it for everyone.

>> No.1637789
File: 117 KB, 448x408, 1227150852972.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'd let him smother his face in my tits and my crotch.

>> No.1637794

We can fix him.
We have the technology!

>> No.1637795



>> No.1637798

>>1637785 Sadly, it never worked in the first place.

>> No.1637801

Damnit Pygmalion stop making me want to spam threads with discussion about winter with you.

>> No.1637803

Ask nicely and he may become your favorite trap.

>> No.1637804
File: 61 KB, 350x499, 1227151025606.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To a certain extent there's been a genetic shift in societies which were harder to live in. Simply because cerebral abilities (to an extent) are favoured. Note the 'to an extent', I'd say it's limited to the extent where you are able to say.... farm well and things like that that would have been of practical value.

Being a theoretical physicist who makes a number of breakthroughs doesn't really entail any practical value.

Also: For winter nights, Hitori no Tame no Lullaby from the NHK Ni Yokuso OST is great.

>> No.1637806

In b4 200 replies.

>> No.1637810

I find /jp/'s tripfags to generally be a decent bunch. The ones that infest most of the other boards are of poor quality.

Except for that Anonymous of Alabama. He's no good.

>> No.1637823

Why do mean cheat up on his wifes so much?

>> No.1637824

Women are right when they cheat men. Most of them are assholes. The one's who aren't are just too wimpy.
Besides, sex is just great. No need to do it with only one person at a time.

>> No.1637826

Honestly, how can you not support wincest?

>> No.1637831
File: 37 KB, 300x432, winter(gen)3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh u.

>> No.1637835
File: 8 KB, 148x150, shirou.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Macs having sex with Windows computers?

>> No.1637844
File: 368 KB, 953x1100, 8b64899d293cc2249595b7df81a8b53d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't wait for winter threads now. Thanks guys.

We should all sit down and chat over tea. That'd be awesome.

>> No.1637848

Incest is wrong.

There is nothing more to say about it.

>> No.1637851

If I ssh onto a mac from a windows terminal emulated with wine running on linux, and then have the mac ssh onto my linux box, is it masturbation?

>> No.1637858
File: 219 KB, 1280x791, fde98bf9afc4b5be9d0f507951c95a4c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But we get to move first, right?

>> No.1637863
File: 160 KB, 748x847, 1171038713616.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You'll be replaced by a robot in a decade or so.

Pygmalion (mythical, not tripfag) is my hero.

>> No.1637870
File: 112 KB, 350x1011, winter(gen)5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll try and get on during christmas day and dump a load of winter images.

check your inbox

>> No.1637874

I'm definitely going to love those threads. EXPECT THEM SOON. I have images ready.


>> No.1637903
File: 415 KB, 700x1297, 9d690d6a11cc420bb3ebffc389de95ec.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A suitable mythic character for the board, really.

>> No.1637915

Yeh, I've been hunting around for some good images, I like the ink and brush ones I've got so far. But I'm going to try and build up a mini-archive of sorts.

And at the risk of causing claims of circlejerking, I'll leave me email here.

>> No.1637925

Fake email of mine included as well.


>> No.1638883

Cool car, bro.

>> No.1639203
File: 9 KB, 2365x2338, 1225890165872.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1. Open this image.
2. Save it as 4chan.js
3. Open the file you saved.
4. ???
5. Shit bricks.

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