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We survived another year

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What a shame

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It's not too late!

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Another year with my friends at /jp/

I love you guys!

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You mean the board?

/jp/ doesn't use that much bandwidth at all, and deleting it would unleash a wave of 2hu shitposting on other boards.

Remember /jp/ was created because /a/ was collapsing from the 2hu posting

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Why the fuck were there touhou on /a/ in the first place?

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I mean us as living beings.
But I guess referring to the board as a whole is also fine.

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I really miss Pyonta's radio at times like these.

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Do you actually suffer as much as I do? I doubt it

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I don't think I'll see 2018

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Speak for yourself

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Oh well

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Why so depressed /jp/? A new year brings new opportunities!

This could be the year you learn Japanese, travel to Gensokyo, or even meet your waifu. Perhaps all three!

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Still time left lads

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Two of those are impossible and the first one takes longer than one year.

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>Why so depressed /jp/?
How long do you have?

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It's totally possible to travel to Gensokyo. But it's one-way.

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I won't promise that I'll reply but I'll at least listen.

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Yeah but there's no guarantee that I'll met her there.

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I'll take the last two. I don't know why the first one is ever a choice among them.

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Hey, there is a chance. But honestly you'll probably just get eaten. Maybe by your waifu! You into vore?

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That counts I guess.

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I legitimately plan to kill myself before Jan 12th, just wanted to stay and see what C91 had and enjoy it for a bit before going.

I didn't want to be the first death of the year either, 12 days is plenty enough for someone to die from some drunk accident while celebrating New Year's. Sorry /jp/, but this really is the end of the line for me. /blogpost

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It's not vore if you're already in pieces inside her stomach

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put on your happy face

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How are you gonna do it?

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What's your story anon?

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Suffocation, a big plastic bag around my head sealed tight with insulation tape on the neck. Guaranteed death and all I have to do is endure a few minutes of painfully holding my breath til I fall unconscious.

Nothing unique or special, typical avoidance of facing one's responsibilities and consequences of their own actions. It's kinda funny how these posts are gonna stay on /jp/ for a long while even after I'm gone though

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How old are you anon?

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Why don't you want to be the first? It's probably too late by now anyways.

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You don't want to see the new 2hu this year?

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How unfortunate.

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It's a fighting game, it's going to be trash.

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Faggot. Just kill yourself already

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Sorry, but I'm not comfortable with giving personal details even if it's just the age. I'm an adult though, so this isn't teen angsty drama.

Well there wouldn't be any time to enjoy C91's works or wait for them to get uploaded

If I put it off because of X I'll end up not doing it at all since there's always something new to wait for. C91 the last thing I'm holding out for, that's it.

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Well I'm talking about the new character, but yeah even I don't discuss 2hu on /jp/ anymore. Not sure about him.

Well okay.

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This place sucks

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Well anon I hope this is what you really want. Its never too late to turn your life around. At 22 I got drug out to a construction job by my grandfather. A few weeks later I got my driver's licence. I've been there three years now thinking about the same thing you've decided on. When my grandfather died last year, I gave up on suicide and decided to follow in his footsteps. I couldn't do it now. Not even if I wanted too.

Suicide really is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. The future holds many things for us. Good or bad, it's part of being human. It is something we must experience in life.

I guess I'm trying to say I'll never really know if you'll do it or not, but you will be missed anon, even if we've never met or only talked in this thread. I hope that you find happiness whether it's falling into nothingness, or waking up on the outskirts of the human village.

Goodbye anon. I wish you the best in your decision.