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What's your favorite non-mainline Touhou danmaku game?

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You posted it.
Also: Previous >>16280804

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Thanks anon, totally slipped my mind to link the previous thread.

I've only recently been getting into GFW, but I'm really liking it. Trying to capture spellcards on Normal without using ice feels like playing regular Touhou games on Lunatic.

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Fairy wars is my favorite 2hu in general, playing for pure survival gets boring when you have strats however.

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ISC, with GFW behind. The GFW mechanic to freeze bullets is cool, but the items in ISC and how it complements DDC story is nice.

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Reminder that talent is everything and if you have any really high scores it's a lot more due to talent than ``hard work''

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I've yet to play ISC (or Gold Rush for that matter), but I'd currently say StB.
DS has better characters and music, but the spellcards seem more unfair.

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I've beaten Ran, Yukari, Mokou, and Raiko, but Flan seems on a whole different level. Even after multiple practices with the infinite lives trainer I can only capture Kagome Kagome. Damn ancient loli bitch.

Also in regards to OP it's PoFV.

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I finally got around to trying out SoEW. Now I'm grateful that the newer games don't have the bullets constantly blending into the background.

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You talking about those small blue dots on that water backround part? Yeah that shit just felt like ZUN trolling. Even then he should have known better.

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Trying to clear IN Lunatic with Sakuya solo is one of the worst decisions I've ever made in the game. I might as well be timing out everything with how garbage her shot type is.

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I'm so glad this bitch has virtually no recognition among Touhou fans.

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Assuming you're the same anon, remember that mashing shot button=faster shots than holding the shot button.

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I figured this couldn't be that bad and gave it a try. It made me realize I've gotten a lot better at Touhou than I was the last time I played IN, but was still awful.

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How was I supposed to know that?

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the manual

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I can't even clear that shit with my main shot, fuck.

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To be honest, I think it's probably a glitch. But I never seen anyone banning it MarisaBroken-style. It's more like Malice Cannon.

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ISC for that quality time with Seija

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I've spent more time playing GFW more than any other game by this point due to how much I suck at it, so I'd say that game wins by default.

It's mentioned in the game's manual.

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Well, looks I was wrong, the manual does indeed mention it, though I can't see why ZUN would do this. It could be a "It's not a bug, it's a feature" answer or, since HrtP and PoDD work the same way, maybe he simply was ok with that at the time.

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Anyone play on WINE? Everything before DDC works perfectly, but for some reason DDC and LoLK always run at ~75fps.

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Who's worse, Alice solo or Sakuya solo?

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Sakuya solo, definitely. Alice solo is really good if you know how to handle forward focus types.

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I fought Marisa so often that it became trivial. It was amazing the first few times though.

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Give me PoFV tips and I'll give you a pic of Tewi in return.

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Just dodge the pixels my man.

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Spam level 2 and get extends, tank through the rest of the game.

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play Twinkle Star Sprites instead
now hand over the Tewi pic.

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Reisen can defeat Lily White with 2 Charge Bullets. It feels better than shotgunning with Yuuka.

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Here's your Tewi pic.

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Thanks Tewi.

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>your apartment

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But I don't have any of those things.

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Bit I still have you, Tewi.

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Refer to >>16338320

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That's why I didn't answer.

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I got my second TD 1cc, this time with Sanae! I'm not marking the spells I cleared because there were some spells I tranced for the sake of boosting score/getting double life pieces (watch me be told that's not how you play for score because I didn't actually check to see if pros do that), but I broke 300M (which is probably a really shitty score in the grand scheme of things but I only had about 290M with Youmu so it's an improvement)!

Now I just need to play the last two integer games again and I'll be ready to decide whether to try playing on Hard or go after Extra stages.

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There's no need to link to previous threads because there is no need to have a touhou general on the touhou board, you turds.

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ISC easily

Super fun, lots of options, difficult but fair, and Seija is wonderful in it

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>or Gold Rush for that matter
well, you CAN'T play that one

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It only existed in a single instance in a single place and wasn't actually released by ZUN.

Though, yeah, there is a "concept"-make of it that someone put together.

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Well, I've played that Chinese re-creation of Gold Rush.

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I think that's what I'm referring to. I only know about it, haven't tried it out.

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this game is hard...

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You should. It's fun, but it's a short game and you'll get tired after a few tries.

But it's worth it, I guess.

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And then here comes fucking Shou or Murasa and fucks up your run.

One of these days...one of these days, I'm gonna 1cc this fucking game.

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>but it's a short game and you'll get tired after a few tries
Well considering it was made for an audience of maybe a couple hundred people that each would only get to play it a handful of times max, uh yeah.

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Sorry if what I said was obvious, but I know why and for who it was made.

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Murasa's not too bad. It's Shou who I'm worried about. Considering my goal, I need to do very well against her so I can make sure that I summon the Stage 6 UFOs well and get past Byakuren safely.

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I didn't intend to sound so condescending, my b

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post your best digits

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Shit like that it's why I completely halted any kind of progress on that game in particular.
It's supposed to be one of the hard ones I get it but it doesn't feel fair like SA or even LoLK.

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I guess I will, eventually.

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That's fine, but if you do it again I'll have to beat you up.

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This game is literally impossible

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A lot of older STGs do that, and is an artifact of times before autofire existed. It isn't uncommon at all.

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Fucking Darius Gaiden.

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Holy shit why is this allowed.

Not-Benben is harder than Seija.

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>Not-Benben is harder than Seija.
Wait what? I thought she was really easy, I barely bombed at all against her.

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Her second and third spellcards fuck me up so hard. I was able to handle all of Seija's cards after 25-or-so spell practice attempts.

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I thought she was super easy, honestly. I thought Benben was a lot harder, but still not as hard as Seija. Seija's last spellcard is an autobomb for me.

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PoFV is really easy. Like...just dodge and fire.

I AM curious about how the FUCK I'm supposed to beat PoFV's extra stages, though.

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>but it doesn't feel fair like SA or even LoLK.
Honestly this.
If the UFOs were just a normal item which falls down, like say DDC, this game would be infinitely more fun.
I can't even begin to count the number of times I've been fucked over by a UFO which flies on top of the screen or changes colour at the last fucking second.

Don't get me wrong, the stages and bosses are fun but the gimmick itself is ass.

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>UFO which flies on top of the screen
They have timers and are predictable anon
>changes colour at the last fucking second
They have timers and have visual cues anon

UFOs are fine; even good. It's a somewhat demanding mechanic, and running with it adds an extra layer of difficulty to the already-difficult game. But it isn't ass at all.

I think it'd be interesting if there were a similar mechanic about collecting types of smaller and more plentiful items that serve the same purpose and mutually cancel each other or something, but honestly the way UFO does it is pretty darn clean and thought-out.

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And this is why I say anyone that hates the UFOs is a casual.

>> No.16343357

How about the times you're in a barrage, trying to dodge all the bullets, and an unwanted UFO goes in the same direction you're heading to and you're forced to collect it and ruin your UFO collection, because otherwise you die?

>> No.16343389

Wow, ruined the game.

>> No.16343415

Wow, the mechanic supposed to give me resources is actually hindering me and distracting me from the bullets.
For some reason, the other games could give resources without getting in the way.

>> No.16343424

Why don't you just stop being so bad at the game?

>> No.16343429

It pretty much does.
I'm on the point where I just ignore the UFOs past stage 1. After all I'm here for dodging, not collecting shit.

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I beat it on Normal Reimu A after 3 tries. GOMFL.

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>Doesn't feel fair like LoLK

Is something wrong with you?
Junko took a massive sticky shit on the Spell Card System and called it "purity". Pure bullshit is what it is. Same with Hecatia and her cuntslave AmericaLoli.

I don't care what ZUN says. All canon considered, Junko should reincarnate as a dung beetle for using Danmaku purely as a weapon. If it weren't for Hecatia being so powerful, Junko should've been murdered and Clownpiece should be sent to Hell where she'll be more comfortable with the natural order, not the Shrine.

>> No.16343544

But how could Junko know about the spell card rules if she isn't from Gensokyo?

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Just like Miko, Byakuren and Kanako.

>> No.16343669

The same way people from the Moon and Hell can know the spell card rules. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. The spell card rules were invented to prevent actual violence, wherever you may be, which Junko apparently thinks she's above, and which Hecatia actually IS above.

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Wait, when I posted this picture I thought it said "it is a mystery". Whatever.

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this is some massive autism

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Being good at a game with a failure of a gimmick doesn't make it suddenly good. The UFOs might as well be considered as enemies, since thwy seem to cause more frustration than relief.

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I beat it on Normal with every shot type. The problem is fucking Hard mode.

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Is there a damage comparison somewhere between the shot types of EoSD? Marisa gets one more point of power than Reimu, but she doesn't feel stronger with either shot type.

>> No.16344126

You kidding? MariA kicks ass

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Finished Normal PD LoLK with Sanae. Honestly, this was more of a chore than anything else, and it doesn't feel rewarding at all. I had to literally punch through the last two spellcards with 2 bombs EACH.

Dude, MarisA is the only reason that I managed to 1cc EoSD so far. Her power is devastating.
That said, her B mode indeed doesn't make much difference compared to Sealing Needle.

>> No.16344632

ReimuB is the strongest shot in EoSD if you're competent, by a fairly large margin too.

https://www.shrinemaiden.org/forum/index.php/topic,15824.0.html Shot information 6-14

>> No.16344673


I mean, for a standard shot she is pretty good and if we were looking at the shot alone I wouldn't disagree but her bomb is absolute ass. Lowest amount of invincibility time, lowest amount of damage, just absolute shit. MarisaA gets just as good of a shot type with a much better bomb, and faster move speed to boot. If you want to say Reimu B is really good then sure go for it but saying she blows the others out of the water is just flat out wrong.

>> No.16344742

The bomb is ass on it's own for pure survival, but do you stop shooting when you bomb? I sure as hell don't, combine it with the damage output and I'm pretty sure you still have the highest dps output.

>> No.16344795

I don't know man, I'm still able to kill faster with MariA

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You are never on a situation where you're FORCED to grab a UFO. Learn how to fucking dodge.

Hint: UFOs follow an incredibly predictable route, so looking at a UFO for just a second and using your damn brain will give you a fairly accurate estimate as to where the UFO will go and where you shouldn't go if you're trying to avoid it.
Hint: UFOs will never go above the POC or to the bottom of the screen so there's your safe zone, nerd. Now stop blaming your shit play on the game.

Yeah, the "i hate lolk" shitposter is an autist, tell us something new.

>> No.16344810

Pretty sure the only shot type that doesn't let you shoot when you bomb is MarisaB for obvious reasons. What's your point?

>> No.16344818

>UFOs will never go above the POC or to the bottom of the screen so there's your safe zone, nerd.

Except they do, when they run out of "rebounds" on the edges of the screen and move to go offscreen, then the bottom and top of the screen are fair game.

Not even him. It's one thing to blame being shit on a game, and nobody likes those people, but it's another to blindly defend a game. Nobody likes those people either. Stop being one of them.

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PoFV is a mainline game, despite not seeming like one.

>> No.16344857

My point is that the shot is what makes ReimuB great, but this is only up close and obviously you cannot shotgun every attack all the time, the bomb on its own is ass, but allows you to shotgun and make up for that lost damage that the other bombs have. I just think it's an unfair comparision if you just take the bomb by itself and just casually exclude the shot.

>> No.16344861

To expand on this, have a small dose of elitism.

No good player relies on survival bombs to carry them.

>> No.16344876

I mean, I've 1cced EoSD with Reimu B multiple times. I've used the strategy you're talking about where you get close to bosses after bombing. It's nice. Reimu B is a really good shot type. But to say it's much better than all the others is wrong.

>To expand on this, have a small dose of elitism. No good player relies on survival bombs to carry them.

Oh, so Reimu B is the best shot type, but only when your elitism is stopping you from fully taking advantage of the games resources. Gotcha.

>> No.16344894

She scores the highest, not sure what the fuck you're on about.

>> No.16344905

I was talking about pure survival. Looks like our standards were just different.

>> No.16344908

I was to point this out but yeah, we are not here to bomb but to dodge and shoot back.
Then again, MariA still takes care of stuff quickier

>> No.16344914

It would help if you had facts to back that up.

>> No.16344919

I just took both of them a played a bit.
I guess it is just easier to shotgun with Marisa than Reimu because of the speed Marisa has.

>> No.16344970

Cool facts bro.

There's no benefit to shotgunning with MarisaA, the shot has no spread (the bomb does however). MarisaA does have higher damage when bottomhugging, but the lack of aforementioned spread can be an issue on some attacks, Meister is a solid example, if she doesn't move the way you want her to, it's gonna take a good while.

Anyway to clarify, I think ReimuB is the best shot in maingame, but MarisaA comes close, and MarisaA has the most entertaining Patchy.

>> No.16345037

>Except they do, when they run out of "rebounds" on the edges of the screen and move to go offscreen, then the bottom and top of the screen are fair game.
Well shit, I guess there's no other way!

>Hint: UFOs follow an incredibly predictable route, so looking at a UFO for just a second and using your damn brain will give you a fairly accurate estimate as to where the UFO will go and where you shouldn't go if you're trying to avoid it.

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but now clownpiece gets to be in the new fighting game.

i love clownpiece.

she's a fairy from hell.

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Holy shit, I beat Ran and I wasn't expecting that at all. Not even the shot that I usually use either.
And the Phantasm stage is fucking awesome, Yukari's theme sounds like an actual final boss that's wants to conquer the world or some shit like that, and here I though Ran's was awesome
What a time to be alive.
I love Clowpy as well and I hope she is playable in 16, even if the odds are non existential.

>> No.16345223

With some patterns the bullets do rope you in to certain areas, in which case collecting the UFO is unavoidable, although those cases are rare.

Most people aren't capable of watching each UFO trajectory while counting the number of times each UFO bounces off the side of the screen, while dodging bullets. This makes the trajectories of the UFOs effectively random. Is the UFO going to bounce off the side or keep going and run into me? Who knows? Good luck with that UFO bounce counting on higher difficulties when the screen is full of bullets, especially since bullets are drawn over UFOs.

And the fact that you have to collect some while dodging bullets means they might change sequence right before you collect them. You may have started moving toward one to collect it, but then your path was interrupted by a bullet, then forcing you to collect it. There are a millions ways for it to go wrong.

Of course you could just throw out the "git gud" argument. But couldn't that be said for any game? Any mechanic a person might find annoying, you could just say "lol git gud."

Lost Levels bullshit with invisible blocks placed above pits? Sure, you can memorize the blocks positions after you've hit them, but that doesn't change the fact that they are incredibly annoying and bullshit. It's a surmountable obstacle, but still a bullshit one.

Just because something is surmountable doesn't mean it isn't annoying/bullshit.

>> No.16345241

Stage 5, the parts where you're in those diamond shaped cages of bullets or the parts where the Yin Yang orbs just ram into you. There's no space for both dodging the bullets AND avoiding an UFO which decides to go there with the wrong color. This means getting an UFO for something I don't want AND screwing up the UFO summon I was planning. Or like in EX stage, where I could position myself in two changes of direction, but no, I have to take a convoluted route because an UFO is currently in the easier trajectory.
Another stupid occurrence is UFOs just before the midboss. If I collect it and summon the big one, it will instantly go away, so I'm forced to keep it on the screen if I don't want to waste it. While I'm trying to capture a spellcard. Literally no reason to have this thing bouncing everywhere when I'm supposed to focus on the bullets.
Not to mention the events when the big UFO actually ends up SHIELDING THE ENEMIES by sponging up the damage unless you're piercing with Marisa.

UFOs are just a stupid way to give you resources and you have to accept it. They're certainly iconic, but it's undeniable you can provide resources in a better way that doesn't include artificial difficulty, as it's been done before.

>> No.16345492

>Most people aren't capable of
That's on them. Just because they're lazy-asses/have cerebral palsy, doesn't automatically mean the gimmick is bad.
>And the fact that you have to collect some while dodging bullets means they might change sequence right before you collect them.
Then move your slow ass. It's not the game's fault you are afraid of dodging shit in a game about dodging shit. And even if it is impossible for you to grab it, you still have the option of delaying the color switch to give yourself some extra seconds to come up with something (or using a bomb and getting it over with).
>Just because something is surmountable doesn't mean it isn't annoying/bullshit.
I'd think there's a giant line between "you literally cannot proceed without trial and error and maybe reading up on something" and "you just need to use your fucking brain a bit". Bullshit? The UFOs aren't invisible. The UFOs don't change direction at random. The UFOs don't change color at random. UFOs clearly display their color-change timer if they have one, and you have the choice of saving it for until it turns <color that you want> again or abandoning it or delaying the change. Making a UFO spawn/not spawn is your decision because the fairies carrying them will always show up in the same position, at the same time, carrying the same type of UFO and displaying that they carry a UFO. Conditions unfavorable? Let the fairy run. You really REALLY need the UFO? Git gud and dodge or bomb and grab it. Change of plans midway? Go to the bottom of the screen and if you are looking above your hitbox like you should, you'll see it coming if/when it runs out of bounces while heading towards the bottom.

Call it "annoying" all you want, you being a casual doesn't make a gimmick bad.

You do know you have the choice of NOT spawning the UFOs if you know they'll get in the way, right? Or that you won't be able to take down the big UFO in time and end up wasting the whole set you collected, right?

>Not to mention the events when the big UFO actually ends up SHIELDING THE ENEMIES by sponging up the damage unless you're piercing with Marisa.
It's almost like shottypes are supposed to have downsides to go with their upsides so they aren't overpowered or something.

You're just a stupid player and you have to accept it.

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>artificial difficulty

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>non existential.

>> No.16345542

What was the mod for IN that lets you play through all nine stages in a row?

>> No.16345622

>That's on them. Just because they're lazy-asses/have cerebral palsy, doesn't automatically mean the gimmick is bad.
When I say most people, I mean 99% of the STG community(Most people can't clear these games at all). Including you, likely, unless you're a world record holder or something extraordinary.

Otherwise, post a video with you doing a lunatic clear while audibly counting each UFO's bounce count. Otherwise, you can't disprove that from the player's perspective the path's might as well be random.

More importantly, you argument doesn't even make sense. You say just because someone can't do something doesn't mean it's bad, but I just got done saying just because someone can't do something doesn't mean it's justification for that thing being not bullshit.

>And even if it is impossible for you to grab it
So you admit it.
>or using a bomb and getting it over with
Sounds pretty annoying and gimmicky.
>The UFOs aren't invisible.
Except when they are. Because bullets get drawn over them. So much so on higher difficult settings that it's impossibly to tell whether a UFO has went offscreen or bounced.
>The UFOs don't change direction at random.
See previous point. Theoretically, no, but in practice, good luck keeping up with that shit. You'd might as well claim dice rolls aren't random because they follow rules of physics which can be calculated.

>Change of plans midway? Go to the bottom of the screen and if you are looking above your hitbox like you should, you'll see it coming if/when it runs out of bounces while heading towards the bottom.
Except if you get boxed in.

Also, just because something is fair doesn't mean it isn't annoying. Like in some platformer games, hitting an enemy makes you fall straight down, and some enemies spawn very close to pits. So maybe you get a twentieth of a second to react, but if you don't react in time you'll fall. Technically it's fair but it still feels cheap and annoying. You seem to be very absolutist in your analysis of "what is fair can never be bad." If I took the previous situation and said you only got a hundredth of a second to react, would you say it's fair, because you still get time to react, and thus good design, and that people need to git gud?

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UFO's resource mechanic is absolute shit, just like the game itself is.
Good thing it's piss easy anyway, because the bosses all have pitifully easy patterns and the stages are just memo trash tier bad.

It's nice to see that there's a few casuals left that still defend the game though, even after all this time.

>> No.16345717 [DELETED] 

It's nice to see MaZe is still shitposting, even after all this time.

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How do you randomly just pick me out, yo? From the looks of it, there's a few people shitting on UFO here. I could have been any one of them.
It's not fair.

I'll go now though, I like these threads which is why I don't post in them. Unless somebody provokes me to post more, in which case I won't be able to help myself.

>> No.16345790 [DELETED] 

Sorry, I'll try to ignore the smug next time. :<

>> No.16345862

This. Fairy Wars is great.

>> No.16345878

>mashing the button
Does ZUN want me to lose my index finger?

>> No.16345955

middle finger

>> No.16346001

Ring finger.

>> No.16346327

>UFO's resource mechanic is absolute shit, just like the game itself is.
I wouldn't go that far. The resource system is shit, yeah, bit it has got a great cast, music and danmaku. If it had a point based resource system like road and the others, it would be one of the best games.

>> No.16346332

How are the PS4 2hu games?

>> No.16346439

>it has got a great cast

I know Kogasa is amazing, and Nue is hot, but they don't elevate the shits of Myourenji

>> No.16346530

Take a guess.

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1. max life LNB
2. Hard 2.081b
4. Lunatic 2.421b

solid year (though I got all of these September and after). I spent the beginning and middle of the year LNBing the game with all shots and learning scoring.

>> No.16346818


I think Genso Rondo is fun as heck but it has more in common with that one UFO battle Xbox 360 game that's about 10 years old (no idea anymore what the name is, but that game was great)

Gendo Rondo has its share of haters and I'm sure they're all much better than me at official 2hu games, but I think the PS4 one is plenty fun. I don't know why it gets as much hate as it does.

Probably the people who are the angriest about it can't curb their sperg rage enough during the victory animations when the framerate dips really low as a lazy way of doing slow motion, or that there's only one win quote per girl. But, I don't give a fuck, plus it's $12 on PSN right now if you have plus. I think it's fun so watch youtubes of it and decide if it looks like fun or not to you.

>> No.16346880

Better than PoFV

>> No.16347290

There's only one official PS4 game for Touhou, the rest are fangames.

The one official game on PS4, Urban Legend in Limbo, is alright. Not my favorite of the Touhou fighters but fine as a standalone thing not comparing it to the other fighting games.

>> No.16347302
File: 321 KB, 900x1100, 58593410_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

2016 was good for me as well. I'm an amateur so I don't have any great achievements, but I've been trying Touhou on and off since 2014 and 2016 was the first year I actually managed to 1cc a bunch of games.

I'm aiming to 1cc all the games on Hard this year!

>> No.16347309

Good luck! You'll surely achieve your goal.

>> No.16347345
File: 1.19 MB, 1200x1440, fc2f95b475cf75c82b169f0eb8d8129a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Godspeed anon.

>> No.16347878

here, I don't share other anon's hard stance of being casuals or whatever, but I do think a lot of the criticism I see of the UFO system is misguided and grounded more in a more complex difficulty than design.
>while audibly counting each UFO's bounce count
You don't need to do this though. What you need to know is that a UFO will be at x spot at y time and z color/timer. When they bounce isn't particularly important, and if you're trying to do this then you're paying attention to the wrong things. I can pretty reliably map out all the UFOs that are relevant to me; I acknowledge this is difficult and I don't expect people playing Normal to be able to go to that extent with ease, but it isn't poor design, and even when 1ccing Normal I was able to route fairly well.

>Except when they are. Because bullets get drawn over them.
But if you can follow their trajectories then you know they're there regardless, and I'm not sure bullets are ever so dense that you actually can't see them for periods longer than like half a second. Plus if they were drawn above bullets it'd be a million times worse.

>Theoretically, no, but in practice, good luck keeping up with that shit
See above. If there were a gradient of predictability between "a boss is going to appear now" and "literally random", UFO state would be more towards the boss half of predictability.

It could have been designed so that UFO colors were all static, but that creates a system where the routes are inflexible and if you mess up once it's a lot more difficult to recover. I much, much prefer this more dynamic system that lets the player decide.

>Stage 5, the parts where you're in those diamond shaped cages of bullets or the parts where the Yin Yang orbs just ram into you. There's no space for both dodging the bullets AND avoiding an UFO which decides to go there with the wrong color.
There is though. With the cagey section you always want to fit yourself directly beside the bullets going directly down, and you can move vertically pretty freely. With the circling section you have plenty of room pretty much always, even on Lunatic. There are definitely times where it's too dangerous to try to get a UFO, during the spam section for example, but not so much unavoidable ones...

>Another stupid occurrence is UFOs just before the midboss. If I collect it and summon the big one, it will instantly go away, so I'm forced to keep it on the screen if I don't want to waste it. While I'm trying to capture a spellcard. Literally no reason to have this thing bouncing everywhere when I'm supposed to focus on the bullets.
Summoned UFOs exploding during cutscenes (which only affects mid-Ichirin after her non, and stage 5 Nazrin) is likely because you also can't shoot. I agree it's kind dumb and probably could be done in another way.

>Not to mention the events when the big UFO actually ends up SHIELDING THE ENEMIES
This pretty much never happens because the UFO's vertical position is meant to be behind basically all the "standing" enemy positions in the game. The reverse happens super often, though.

>> No.16347945
File: 4.00 MB, 3151x1743, 20170101_190047.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it worth it to own your favorite 2hu games if you come across them physically? Or is it a dumb idea

>> No.16348513

>grounded more in a more complex difficulty than design.
Ok, that sounds fair. But,

>What you need to know is that a UFO will be at x spot at y time and z color/timer.
This is pure memorization. While I admit every game has some memorization in it this sort of memorization is very tedious and adds even more memorization on top of a genre that already has a lot of it. I offer this up not as an argument why the UFO systems is objectively bad, but more as an explanation as to why some people don't like it, myself included.

>I'm not sure bullets are ever so dense that you actually can't see them for periods longer than like half a second
Honestly that's a pretty long time in touhou time.

>Plus if they were drawn above bullets it'd be a million times worse.
I agree. What ZUN should have done is added a sort of outline of the UFO that gets drawn over the bullets. This is the best of both worlds.

>> No.16348528

I do it, with all games that I can.
But why have two of each like in the picture?

>> No.16348611
File: 1.54 MB, 1334x1144, games.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's never a dumb idea.

>> No.16348700

Its from the Mandarake in Akiba, they're for sale.

>> No.16348762

>This is pure memorization. While I admit every game has some memorization in it this sort of memorization is very tedious and adds even more memorization on top of a genre that already has a lot of it. I offer this up not as an argument why the UFO systems is objectively bad, but more as an explanation as to why some people don't like it, myself included.
That's a more fair complaint and is what I see, but it still should just come with practice as long as you aren't just pounding credits without thinking. Learning where the UFOs you want are / will be, is a pretty natural part of the game that should just happen, and even if it's actually so overwhelming that you can't possibly pay attention to both the UFOs and everything else, you can always lower the difficulty.

>Honestly that's a pretty long time in touhou time.
I just threw the number out because I can't even think of a clear instance where I haven't been able to see a UFO. The time itself didn't mean anything, just that even if a UFO were covered for a few frames, the game is dynamic enough that it isn't covered long enough to disappear or pop out of nowhere.

>> No.16348863

Are there any fan games with gameplay like Phantasmagoria just with differer characters and that can be played online?

>> No.16349016

Can't tell if I want my new year's resolution to be to quit Touhou or to keep playing.

Well there's an old shmup called Twinkle Star Sprites (which was the inspiration for PoDD) and you can play it on online with the emulator mame. I couldn't really get into it myself though.

>> No.16349734
File: 24 KB, 400x528, Touhou git gud Project.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I guess it's show and tell time.
These are all of my humble achievements during 2016, starting from 4/16.
My current goal is to get enough experience so I can 1cc IN lunatic with Yuyuko before April.

>> No.16350032

I would get a copy of PCB, IN and SA along with a fumo of my waifu if I had the chance pal

>> No.16350456

Um, I downloaded a argentinian spanish patch with thcrap to have some laughs but it just reads like regular spanish to me, did I fuck up or did they fuck it up? I can't resist the idea of Suika's banter with this

>> No.16351306

>Learning where the UFOs you want are / will be, is a pretty natural part of the game that should just happen
But I don't want to. It's not that I can't, it's just that I don't want to. Turning down the difficulty is not going to remove the fact that collecting UFOs and mapping UFO routes is a big part of the game. And I don't want to.

>> No.16351341
File: 595 KB, 1296x999, clip+(2017-01-01+at+09.41.04).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wow! I might actually beat a "proper" Touhou game!

Then again, cheats.

>> No.16351621
File: 487 KB, 1281x480, current year -1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>easiest 2hu ever
>still cant get more than 2 shit scores in year
2017 will be the same

>> No.16351645
File: 473 KB, 801x601, fuck.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

2016 was a good meme
fuck pc98

>> No.16351966
File: 1.44 MB, 1276x805, my love.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I finally beat my wife!

>> No.16351980

That's a horrible practice anon.

>> No.16351981

Domestic abuse with clownpiece!

>> No.16351997
File: 22 KB, 540x404, 1474448494963.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've spent the last two days trying to get a good replay against Seija to compare against my shitty not-Benben replays to show as evidence that Seija is harder for me than not-Benben but ever since I posted about it in this thread I haven't been able to beat Seija without losing five or more lives when before I made the post I squeaked by only losing two.

Fuck you anons, you fucking cursed me, I fucking swear Seija is easier than not-Benben and you've just done something to my psyche to keep me from being able to beat her.

>> No.16352008

But can you do well against not-benben now?

>> No.16352015
File: 119 KB, 251x251, crying baka.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Relatively speaking yes, but I still adamantly claim she's harder, and I'll prove it to you!

>> No.16352047

I believe they are both easier than actual-benben tho

>> No.16352076

I didn't have trouble with regular Benben at all, but I think that's because I used Reimu-A for my first 1cc.

Maybe the reason I'm having so much trouble with both not-Benben and Seija this time is because I'm using Sakuya-B, which I understand is one of the weaker shottypes. I wanted to use a B shottype so I could get the alternate Stage 4, and didn't want to use Reimu-B because I already used Reimu, so I chose Sakuya-B over Marisa-B just because from what I understand Marisa-B is even more powerful than Reimu-A due to her OP bomb.

>> No.16352293

That is PCB if you're not using the Marisa bug.

>> No.16352314

I actually wanna buy it directly from zun so it wouldn't go to extra hands. But I don't know how to do that.

Also it would be an honor having them in physical copies, physical chinese cartoons are the best chinese cartoons.

>> No.16352574

but that's the hardest 2hu and your scores are GOOD!

>> No.16352738

And that's fine. You be you.

>> No.16353965

I bought EoSD because it made sense, and will do the same for IN and SA when I get to them.

>> No.16354072

What was the last EX boss to have her portrait on the background during spell cards? I was very disappointed with Hecatia on this.

>> No.16354162

>barely play and get basically wrs
>shit scores

>> No.16354186
File: 867 KB, 500x281, fxRmg2D.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>come back after days of no internet to continue the UFO argument
>wrote a giant wall of text before reading all the new posts
>decide to read them before posting it
>crux of the matter all along was that anon is a lazy shit >>16351306
What a waste.

>> No.16354190

>Play danmaku game
>have to collect shit
It's a bad gimmick.

>> No.16354218

Who are you quoting lads?

>> No.16354292
File: 631 KB, 640x480, no I don&#039;t.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wtf I love UFOs now

>> No.16354424

>play game
>have to make an effort
yeah holy shit, why isn't this thing playing itself


>> No.16354438

Who are you quoting, and what did you just drop? Be careful with your toes!

>> No.16354461

You do know there are multiple people who don't like UFOs in this thread, right? A correction though: here >>16345241 I meant Stage EX for the cage section, the one with Yin Yang orbs at the sides and the sunflower fairy at the top.
Besides, I could get resources in other games without having to play tag with UFOs. You can't seriously tell me this system is better than SA's one or even the basic "Score+1 ups".

>> No.16354564

Even LoLK's system is better than this

>> No.16354660

The concept of LoLK's system is good, what's bad is that you get too many lives easily, so you can force your way through the game.

>> No.16354685

Simplifying someones argument so you can call them lazy, and misusing quotes as well? Fuck off man.

>> No.16354751

What about the EX stages? It takes more pieces to get a life.

>> No.16354756

Needing more pieces is good, but needing only 200 graze makes it somewhat easy to get pieces. I think that just raising some numbers would fix it.

>> No.16354790

I'm fine with that. Since the canon route is a no-miss Legacy run, once you have max lives, you start getting bomb pieces.

>> No.16354795

There are chapters where it isn't easy to get them though
Why not make it chapter dependant? Chapters with higher bullet density or lasers get a higher amount of needed grace to get the piece, while chapters with lower bullet density get a different value

>> No.16354806

Isn't the canon route a no-miss? Or the ending for no-miss Legacy is different from Pointdevice ending?

Actually, that's the best idea.

>> No.16354961

ZUN said in SCoOW that the heroine didn't take Eirin's elixir (Pointdevice mode) and that the canon story was a No-Miss Legacy run.
If you get to Junko in Legacy without misses, you get the same dialogue she gives you in Pointdevice mode, otherwise she mocks you for being impure and everything.
The actual ending scenes (the ones drawn by ZUN) are the same for both Pointdevice and No-Miss Legacy but, iirc, the latter has a special thanks message by ZUN in the credits.
There used to be a no-miss Legacy run with Reisen on YT, but I guess it was taken down as I can't find it anymore.

>> No.16354972

>ZUN said in SCoOW that the heroine didn't take Eirin's elixir (Pointdevice mode) and that the canon story was a No-Miss Legacy run.
This is news for me. Well, if he's saying, it's right.

>the latter has a special thanks message by ZUN in the credits.
I think that message only appears when you do a LNM. Something along the lines of "Congratulations! You are Lunatic Player!".

>If you get to Junko in Legacy without misses, you get the same dialogue she gives you in Pointdevice mode, otherwise she mocks you for being impure and everything.
It even lags a little bit before she start talking. The game's probably checking if you died to choose the right dialog.

>> No.16355040

It's under "The problem of provocative expressions". I can't find the video anymore, it was on RB/Red Bloony's channel, I saw it with my own eyes: perhaps it was taken down because ZUN doesn't want endings on YT? I swear, it was there.
About Junko's waiting a bit before talking, I always thought the pause was just for theatrical reasons.

>> No.16355066
File: 32 KB, 320x256, credits.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh, thanks for the link. I somehow missed it in my first read, I don't know why.

These are the phrases in the ending of the credits, and there it is: the "Lunatic Player!" thing I was talking about.

>About Junko's waiting a bit before talking, I always thought the pause was just for theatrical reasons.
That's better than what I was thinking.

>> No.16355088

>it was taken down because ZUN doesn't want endings on YT
Or maybe because they are copyrighted and it goes against ZUN's word.

>> No.16355144

>You do know there are multiple people who don't like UFOs in this thread, right?
Where have I implied otherwise, young man?

>Besides, I could get resources in other games without having to play tag with UFOs.
You can also play on Easy mode or use Cheat Engine to give you unlimited lives if making an effort is such a big issue. You won't have to worry about thoes meanie, ugly UFOs then.

>You can't seriously tell me this system is better than SA's one or even the basic "Score+1 ups".
I can tell you that that's your opinion and it comes from a casual. I do prefer SA's system for getting lives, though.

>> No.16355264
File: 294 KB, 600x600, 1475387066308.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I realized I hadn't actually tried Stage 6 with Sakuya-B in DDC, tried it, and now I no longer feel like I can bring myself to use Sakuya-B. This shit feels impossible, between her narrow range, macrododging required on some spells, and her bomb being the fucking worst (as far as I can tell; maybe I'm using it wrong). Maybe I should just scrub out and use Marisa-B or Sakuya-A for my second DDC 1cc.

>> No.16355276

When I was aiming for clearing Hard mode and Extra with all characters, Sakuya B made me want to give up on living. Maybe we both are using it wrong. Her damage output is small and her bomb is useless except for scoring.

>> No.16355543
File: 696 KB, 640x480, th14_000.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ug, I wanted to know what all this fuss was about.
You'd think a shot without range would do some damage

>> No.16355578

Sakuya B is everything bad mixed together, and then added the "lol free green orbs" to justify it being shit. Her unfocused shot has a nice range and does the damage it should deal, but her focused range deals shit damage, and her bomb doesn't help much. It can be of use when you need to clear the screen once, but you won't deal any damage with it, so it does half of what a bomb should do. I'm far from being good, but Sakuya B lacks in so many aspects that I only use her when I want a challenge.

>> No.16356773

Does beating LoLK on point-device mode count as a 1cc if you died a lot?

>> No.16356785

Pointdevice by definition isn't a 1cc since you have infinite continues, though it's still an accomplishment. If you're filling out some 1cc chart being PD is worth marking down in my opinion.

>> No.16356787
File: 302 KB, 512x934, 1461957051128.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, there is a reason why it is in those charts I guess

>> No.16357182

>You can't seriously tell me this system is better than SA's one
I find SA's resource system kind of off the mark. Giving you life pieces for not dying gives extra resources to those who already don't need them, and punishes those who do need them. It's definitely low-management and lightly encourages bombing over death, but the lack of decent power item drops during boss fights (overcorrecting for MoF?) and iffy damage balancing at low power really hurts. The resource system is an important part of why people find SA to be so difficult. (And I like SA.)
Being a straightforward system is fine and is surely easier to design well though, in general.

>> No.16358059

Unrelated to the topic of UFO, but on the topic of SA's resource system.

In all the previous mainline games, score mattered for survival: either simply when your score reached a certain threshold or when you collected enough point items. That was fine, it encouraged you to play at least a little aggressively, ie. higher up on the screen or just going to the PoC. DDC's system is fine, too.
For SA, when you have full Power, you can ignore all items on screen. For Touhou 1-10, you can't.

>> No.16359938
File: 432 KB, 640x480, 1st extra.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I know: it's just Ran but still, I'm a Normal shitter, it's my first extra clear and I wasn't even believing I would do it. It was also the first time I actually got beyond the Shikigami card. The last spellcards at the end weren't particularly difficult.
I'm looking forward to unlock Yukari now. 楽しみにしてるぞ!


>> No.16360131

>the lack of decent power item drops during boss fights
It's not rare to have a boss/mini-boss drop a big P item along with lots of small ones. I do find SA's resource system to be one of the most balanced in the game actually ESPECIALLY because you have to not die during a spellcard. It's not that difficult to fill up during stage portions either but the game isn't as generous as MoF where you could bomb and recover your bomb almost immediately.

>> No.16360373

It's not a problem of someone being lazy, as in >>16354186 . Or are you going to call lazy/casuals/whatever everyone who doesn't like this convoluted system? The problem isn't the resources you get, you get max lives AT THE END OF STAGE 3, the problem is the method to get them which just gets in the way.
But the game HAS to encourage bombing over dying: dying with bombs in stock is one of the worst mistakes (unless you're doing a No Bombs run of course) you could do and SA bombs are quite inoffensive so you can't just bypass spells with them. Also, as much as it does make the game hard (especially because getting lives becomes noticeably harder on later stages, which have harder spells), you can't really call it unfair, as it's asking you just to "play the game". I guess ZUN could have made the power go up to 5 like in MoF so you could have another bomb.
You have to take in account previous games where much easier than SA though. I can feel "somewhat" safe in EoSD even if I'm staying near the PoC. I would never expose myself to this risk in SA.
Yeah, in SA, bombs feel just like a last resort: you can't just go "Screw learning this pattern, I'm bombing it" like in the old games, you think "Now I'm bombing, but once invulnerability wears off, I have to understand how to do this".
Congratz on your first EX clear, even if it's just Ran. Unlocking Yukari takes a while, but if you remember Ran and her stage well, you're halfway through in regards to Phantasm.

>> No.16360468

So I tried to 1cc IN as Youmu/Yuyuko. I was doing magnificent (bar Marisa, she's always hard), getting the last spell on every character except Mysita (a foolish mistake was made). I reach Eirin, and then... Promptly get destroyed.
And here I thought my dignity was going to improve... I almost failed the 2cc as well, as I had no bombs or lives when Forbidden Arcanum was used.
This might be another EoSD where next time I'll 1cc with some lives remaining, but this was just such a beating form a final boss I felt hurt. Usually I can at least dodge the first half of a final boss's spells, but instead, I die on the first NONSPELL. Is IN really that much harder than EoSD and PCB?

>> No.16360529
File: 579 KB, 640x480, idk how to play this game.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"SakuyaB can't be that shitty, she scores high!"
"I don't remember DDC being that bad, so let's try Lunatic!"

What a trainwreck. She takes forever to kill anything, but she's still way better than her solo counterpart in IN.

>> No.16360742

Can I also request some people to look at my unsightly playstyle and tell me what I should improve? Thank you.

>> No.16360878
File: 186 KB, 816x633, 1479185211851.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Want to try touhou
>Download EoSD
>Can't remap keys

>> No.16360907

What difficulty are you on? I've always found IN to be easier than EoSD and PCB.

>> No.16360908

Practice a little more the stage. If you kill the enemies faster, you'll have less bullets to deal with. When dealing with Ran's first spell card you can move just a little to the side, since the bullet hitbox is small. By doing this, you'll be dealing more damage and will capture the card faster. Princess Tenko: you can capture this card easily by moving in straight lines, dodging the initial burst. A good tip against Shikigami "Chen"(and her phantasm counterpart) is moving to where the shikigami just passed by. Wait for the laser trail to vanish, and go there. It will take long before the shikigami strikes through this path again, so you can use this to your advantage. There's an easy way to capture Ran's last spell card, which is using the safespot.Also, practice streaming the bullets.
I'm as bad in explaining things as I'm playing this game, sorry.

I also recommend you to watch some replays of people playing the stage. Since you put your replay, I thought I'd do the same, but I only have a replay for ReimuA, so I hope this works.

>> No.16361281

Is it really that big of a deal? What keys were you going to remap?

>> No.16361472
File: 521 KB, 640x479, 2017.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

first run completed in 2017 hahaha

>> No.16361578

>remap keys

>> No.16361601
File: 89 KB, 234x325, wretched bitch who refuses to let me kill her.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I fucking hate this cunt.

>> No.16361611 [SPOILER] 
File: 182 KB, 519x513, 1483506994161.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You need to be more cheerful, anon.

>> No.16362167

It is actually; it only happens once. Utsuho gives generously (0.75, 0.75, 1.00, 2.00), Satori gives you 0.75 after 2nd non and 0.50 per card, Orin and Yuugi give 0.50 per card, the other two give less.

>But the game HAS to encourage bombing over dying
I said this was a good aspect that comes out of giving you the piece even if you bomb.
>SA bombs are quite inoffensive so you can't just bypass spells with them
In general being either strong or weak is fine as long as it's consistent, but I might say to swap bomb strengths between SA and UFO due to how the bombs work. Having weak bombs tends towards using several on problem patterns, which further puts you into the power hole and so leads to death anyways. As long as you wouldn't be able to easily gain back a life by bombing patterns for pieces, this would be better. Decoupling power-bombs while keeping weak bombs would work too. In UFO you can afford to bomb a lot given the resources, and them being weaker there would be more appropriate.
>you can't really call it unfair
I never said it was "unfair". It's fair by virtue of "you died". I think what it does is implemented fine but has some oversight in its design that makes it overly punishing for what it was intended to do.

From more of a design philosophy POV, the way it's presented emphasizes not doing worse than a standard of play. Rather than the player taking action above "standard" for a reward, they have to not fail "standard" to not get punished, while failing is itself punishing. For the same reasons I would criticize UFO Nueballs for offering rewards for "standard" play but comparatively punishing sub-standard play. If the requirement for getting life pieces were something that required player action like grazing, that would largely resolve this qualm (but it would definitely be a bad idea to use graze for other reasons).

>> No.16364026

IN feels somewhat easier than EoSD, while harder than PCB

>> No.16364083

EoSD is among the hardest Touhou games, not counting PC-98 stuff.
I'd say IN is actually not the "lol ez modo guyz" game everyone says and is actually rather middle ground.
Easy to hard : MoF < PCB < DDC < IN < EoSD < UFO < SA < LARGE power gap < LoLK
I can't rate PoFV because I don't play it and TD because I can't figure this one out. I'd put it between IN and EoSD though.

>> No.16364107

Not him, but I find PCB to be easier than MoF and DDC harder than IN. TD should totally be before EoSD, though.

And the PC-98 games aren't hard. They are EoSD level at the most. And at the least you have LLS which is so easy it's pointless.

>> No.16364119

PCB is one of the easiest Touhous. The shots are very static and you have a shield. That being said it's my absolute favorite Touhou because it has the best waifus and music.

LoLK is undoubtedly the hardest (on Legacy mode). Makes me excited for TH16, hope ZUN still wants to make anime girl shrine maiden shooters even though he is an established family man just tryna open a bar now.

>> No.16364165

I see them like this:
-Easy group
-Normal group
-Hard group

>> No.16364501

>Makes me excited for TH16
Sadly, it probably won't be on par with LoLK, since he wanted to do a harder game and came up with LoLK, but a man can dream.

>> No.16364515

I think I've already said it, but for me it's:
Easy: IN>MoF>PCB
Normal: TD>EoSD>DDC
Hard: (GFW somewhere here) SA>UFO>LoLK
The PC98 games aren't "hard", but the mechanics make them harder than they should be. HrtP is really easy once you understand you should always get every P, even if it means dying reaching it. SoEW is Normal tier. Haven't played LLS and MS enough to judge them. PoDD is easy until Stage 7 excluded (which is still doable), while PoFV might throw you something hard in those 7 stages. But Chiyuri and Yumemi are way harder than Komachi and Eiki.
My bad, I thought you DIDN'T like how it encouraged bombing over dying and I was puzzled. Also, the you in "you can't call it unfair" was just a generic you. With that said, I agree with your points.

>> No.16364673

Normal modo.

>> No.16364681

Personally I found IN to be on par with EOSD on normal

>> No.16364998

Most of the spell cards from IN are something else, though.

>> No.16365223
File: 125 KB, 655x653, 1475165299011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seeing the trend of stage 5 bosses becoming playable characters, post your face when clownpiece is a playable heroine in tohou 16

>> No.16365238

I don't think you are supposed to play solo characters in IN outside of a self imposed challenge, so its moot to complain about how imbalanced they are

>> No.16365270


Literally every mainline playable character besides Reimu, Marisa, and the IN youkai protagonists have been Stage 5 bosses. It's not a trend, it's a prerequisite to becoming playable.

>> No.16365279

So besides mystical power plant, does anyone know of a game featuring playable okuu?

>> No.16365291


>> No.16365295

Well of course, already maining her, I should have said a danmaku game

Actually now that you mention it I actually don't mind playing as her in any kind of game

>> No.16365328

Just like Orin, Shou and Futo became playable amirite?

>> No.16365335

If we weren't supposed to use them they wouldn't be unlockable in the first place.

>> No.16365336
File: 42 KB, 800x587, 1477040849160.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.16365342

>outside of a challenge

Its like complaining about demon souls not having checkpoints. Its shit, but its shit on purpose as a design choice to make it more difficult

>> No.16365400

I didn't know danmakufu had whole games, I thought it was like only some boss battles and such

>> No.16365468
File: 19 KB, 187x187, MONONOBE NO FUTO!.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.16365479

There are quite a few of them. The ido games are popular right now, but there are definitely a lot more.

>> No.16365487

Any guide for danmakufu? Shit seems confusing

>> No.16365829

You mean for programming yourself? There are resources.

>> No.16366831
File: 441 KB, 640x480, useless.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck Lunatic. I can't graze for shit in this stage either.

2.5b looks very far away.

>> No.16367168

extra is impossible

>> No.16367174

What is the ranking for the Extras' difficulties?

>> No.16367214

All of them are ball busting, no doubt, but I would say Mokou and Koishi are premiun(tm) bullshit

>> No.16367277

>Mokou and Koishi are premiun(tm) bullshit
Oh boy, those are the other two games on my list after EoSD. I'll look forward to them.

>> No.16367940

Mokou is full of gimmicks. Koishi is just hell.

>> No.16367999
File: 593 KB, 640x480, Touhou 11 SA 1st 1CC Reimu A.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I did it!
I can't say if it was due to taking a break from SA or due to playing PCB instead during that break, but I definitely feel like I improved a lot during that time.
I feel sorry for Utsuho that I bombspammed her. Now that I have practice mode unlocked and am no longer under the pressure of having to 1cc, I can try to capture the rest of her spell cards.

>> No.16368020

Congrats man.
I still have to beat that game, fucking faggot cat.

>> No.16368192

Don't forget that IN has spell practice. Mokou was the 2nd extra I beat after Ran.

That said I'm apparently stuck on one of the easier ones myself. I can't beat Nue. I can make it to her second to last spellcard but I'm out of resources at that point.

>> No.16368895

So I'm trying to get the pc98 games to work, but 4 and 5 seem to lag a lot
I'm using this https://www.shrinemaiden.org/forum/index.php/topic,11117.0.html
but some of the files that I'm supposed to get there are missing

>> No.16369049

Mokou is easy, she was my first EX clear. Koishi is ridiculous.

>> No.16369081

Koishi is only difficult until you learn to do her timeout.

Also, Subterranean Rose has no last 30 seconds madness timer, so you can casually time that out too.

>> No.16369673
File: 654 KB, 639x479, aaaahhh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nigged by byakucuck
close tho

>> No.16369722
File: 19 KB, 192x224, Th10sc101.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Who here said Suwako was easy?

>> No.16369738

Timing out her final card? Disgusting.
There's a trick for that card. Once you get it, it's not so hard anymore. And yes, she's one of the easiest, along with Ran and Mokou.

>> No.16369753

None of the extras are easy. At least at the skill level that I did them at. Anyway you gotta misdirect the bullets on that spell card.

>> No.16369829
File: 83 KB, 355x369, 1464747052055.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>easy extra

>> No.16369853

But she is. She can be harder than Ran or Suwako, but every other EX is harder than Mokou.

>> No.16369889

Flandre is easier than her tho, so is Yukari

>> No.16369992

Mokou's Extra stage was able to be done easily. Mokou herself, however, was hell.
Koishi's Extra made me realize why people hate Sanae.

>> No.16370030
File: 67 KB, 552x427, 14564898.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There is no reason to hate Sanae tho, unless you are a contrarian or just have bad taste

>> No.16370162

>mokou easy
Mokou's non-spellcards make me feel disgusted

>> No.16370175

I don't hate her, I simply don't like her because her design is not new

We already have a miko character and just adding a "luigi" is redundant and uninteresting


>green miko


>> No.16370200

Because variety.
What if a lot of people wanted a different miko? Why there need to be only one of each kind?

>> No.16370258

I think Mokou is the easiest extra just because of spell practice, it really makes practicing for her much less time consuming/frustrating.

>> No.16370264

Well I didn't want it, that's why I don't like her

There you go

>> No.16370268

But the only hard nonspell is that fucking thing with incredible high speed purple seals. One could argue that the nonspell before this one I mentioned isn't easy either, but every other nonspell isn't hard.

>> No.16370340
File: 478 KB, 640x480, th000.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What I take from this is that once you fuck up a spell you can't unfuck it and if you don't start doing the spell the right way from the start then you are fucked regardless.
Also the last non is some serious shit

>> No.16370363


I swear on Fujiyama Volcano I either don't get hit or I get hit like 3 times.

>> No.16370907
File: 768 KB, 639x479, aaaa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

got two runs to her today, so I'm not complaining~

>> No.16371552
File: 587 KB, 640x480, UFO 1cced.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>There is no reason to hate Sanae

This, I can't bring myself to hate Sanae for some reason, especially now that she has given me my UFO 1cc!

>> No.16371614

Well done dude. Shit feels real good, huh?

>> No.16371621

It's a misdirection spell. You need to redirect the "welcome to the party" stuff on the side of the lasers that close in the fastest so you can dodge using the other side that stays open a bit longer.

>> No.16371679

I tried misdirecting the bullets, but the lasers get me regardless

>> No.16371725
File: 314 KB, 780x1024, __alice_margatroid_hourai_doll_konpaku_youmu_lily_white_lunasa_prismriver_and_others_gundam_gundam_0083_and_touhou_drawn_by_sankuma__7a8556a1d5bf49131af6e3e71afc1686.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Been playing some of the PC98 stuff
It seems that ZUN wanted a bullet hell but with a unique tone to it, until he found it, but It still bothers me that he choose the vs shooter from PoDD to bring back to windows with PoFV, the very first game feels so fun to play, it would have been awesome if we got The Highly Responsive to _______ on windows.
Why the fuck does th4 lag so much

>> No.16371748


>> No.16371804

What does Chen have to do with SA?

>> No.16371817

Implying character variety is entirely dependent on what class they are, good one

>> No.16372211
File: 51 KB, 280x440, cheerful.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This cat.

>> No.16372860

I almost got another SA 1cc but failed at the last spellcard. Surprisingly, it's neither Okuu nor Orin that caused me much trouble but Satori. The Yukari spellcards got me by surprise too many times.

>> No.16374801
File: 776 KB, 640x480, th15_01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't understand Junko's final, this was the second time I even got to the last phase (from like 300 tries total across characters and save files), most of the time I just die instantly to the blue balls. But I finally capped it, so cool I suppose.

>> No.16374883

Isn't it satisfying watching a replay of your own PD mode run with all the retries seamlessly edited out?

>> No.16374958

I wouldn't know, my laptop doesn't can't really take Touhou recording, so I don't bother with it

>> No.16375621

Was that a no bomb run? I'd reckon that if you can capture that card, then everything else in the game is fairly trivial.

Congrats either way and kudos for using Marisa.

>> No.16375694

That's living god to you, bitch!

>> No.16375921

Is there a history of people dieing in TD from collisions? I keep having to go to the front for these fucking spirits and then other enemies suddenly pop up.

>> No.16375948

That's the main mechanic of 13 and 14: they force you to take risks to get bonuses. I die a LOT of times to enemies suddenly coming out of the screen. Or to a spray bullet. Or to a un expected laser.

>> No.16375970

I think that just means I'm going to have to end up memorizing enemy formations really well.

Well, I guess I'm doing that anyways to some extent, to keep track of what drops life frags so I can spirit world before I grab them.

>> No.16375978

TD can be really shitty because a lot of the bullets spawn on top of you, something that doesn't really happen a lot in DDC.

>> No.16376179

Well let's be honest, DDC makes up for this by the amount of bullets appearing whenever the stuff on screen starts getting juicy.

>> No.16376633

The way it's implemented in TD versus DDC is done completely differently. TD wants you to shotgun enemies whenever possible as fast as possible, but has plenty of elements that are poorly designed towards that goal, mostly regarding enemy collision, enemies shooting in your face and/or spawning bullets on top of you (i.e. no bullet sealing), and iffy collision in general.

DDC definitely likes to make it difficult to PoC at opportune times, but is much more clear and fair about how you should be doing that and won't usually outright fuck you over for doing something sensible. Part of this is because that while it rewards aggressive play it isn't about immediate aggressive play, but rather about finding openings.

>> No.16377865

Is there something else to know regarding collision behavior in Touhou aside from "Don't run into the things shooting at you unless you're Reimu or a Youkai in IN and the thing is a slave"

>> No.16378713
File: 673 KB, 640x480, 27816 1,092,800,760.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

asl route

messy stage and bad sanae but i finally got a run that milks rorschach

1.1 bil is very doable

>> No.16378724

good luck brother

>> No.16380473

Where can I download vsync patches for the older games? The link on the wiki page only has patch downloads for MoF onward.

>> No.16380575


Folder called vpatch_rev4 should contains vpatch for the older games. Also, get the th06 unicode dll if you don't want to bother with locale emulator.

>> No.16380593
File: 47 KB, 1198x805, vpatch files.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Am I missing something? That folder doesn't seem to be there.

>> No.16380606

You're clicking the wrong link. I don't blame you, the download button is tiny and rather poorly placed.


>> No.16380641

Oh. Not sure how I didn't see that. Thank you!

>> No.16382284
File: 651 KB, 640x480, th002.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Finally after 2 and a half months I've beat something again. I was starting to feel like I was stuck. I was trying to 1cc my first lunatic but eventually gave up. I got to stage 6 in EoSD but between Sakuya and Remi I felt like it wasn't going to happen anytime soon.

Then I went back to trying to beat Nue which I couldn't beat. Then I bounced between SA and UFO hard. Finally I focused back on Nue.

>> No.16383930
File: 4 KB, 344x326, why.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>been playing tohou for a long time now

>haven't improved at all

What the fuck is my problem?

I play again and again but the only change I sense between playthroughs is due to being lucky

>> No.16383935

I've been playing with a ps3 controller, should I play instead with a keyboard?

I find deathbombing hard as balls with a keyboard, so I practiced with a controller instead, not sure if this is crippling my skill

>> No.16383966

Try focusing on one game at a time, you might see more immediate progress that way. Watch no bomb or NMNB replays to figure out how to route stages and practice stuff like deathbombing, streaming, and glancing ahead. Once I got the hang of those things, I started to 1cc.

I prefer keyboard over pads due to having individual fingers dedicated to each input. If you want to use a controller, I'd suggest switching to something with a better dpad like an SNES or Saturn pad. Also, what button layout do you use?

>> No.16383980

>focus on one game at a time
I though your skill would just carry on from one game to another since the gameplay is basically the same

>button layout
Square=focus, undecided if it should be L1 instead
My manual dexterity is focused on my thumbs, I don't react as quickly with my indexs

>> No.16384027

>I though your skill would just carry on from one game to another since the gameplay is basically the same

There is some transfer as far as raw dodging skills go, but memorizing/practicing patterns is a big part of it, which obviously does not transfer from game to game. Stick to one game until you beat it.

>Square=focus, undecided if it should be L1 instead
It definitely should. That way your thumb only has two buttons to deal with, one of which it will only have to deal with occasionally(the bomb, that is). You could make it R1 too.

>> No.16384030

It does, but I think it's more manageable to memorize routes and spellcards for one game at a time. It took me a long time to finally 1cc something since I played a mixture of all fifteen games on and off. I'm focusing on one at a time now, and I'm clearing them at a much faster rate.

The issue with thumb based dexterity is that it's hard to do all three actions at once with that layout. I generally set focus to L1 and bomb to R1 on a DualShock, so I'd suggest trying out the L1 focus and see if you can get used to it. I'd also say put the other two actions on square and cross so you don't need to move your thumb as much.

>> No.16384059

Now its just matter of Imperishable Night or Double dealing character...
I'll go with IN because even though Reimu boss is the bane of my existence I already got some practice with stages 1 and 2, plus its easier

>putting the bomb on square so you don't have to move the thumb as much
Such a subtle change

>> No.16384086

Those anons are right, setting focus and bomb to L and R are the best way to go too.
Shooting with X is also a good idea,that way you'll be able to reach circle and square easier, you ca set another bomb button and the C key of the keyboard there. triangle could be esc too, I don't know if you can set that kind of keys on DS controllers tho

>> No.16384893
File: 197 KB, 640x480, 2017-01-09 02_38_16-Greenshot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Damn I can't believe that I actually got this.
Scarlet Gensokyo is one fun spell but it drags out for too long and I barely made it

>> No.16384913


>> No.16385461
File: 283 KB, 1000x1366, __kirisame_marisa_touhou_drawn_by_e_o__42ec31e9821aabfa4d8e257b55dc2e62.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Square=focus, undecided if it should be L1 instead
Definitely change it, I used to have the exact same as you and I also use a DS3.
The moment I changed Focus from Square to L1 I felt a noticable difference in the way it controlled and did way better than I did before, so much so that in a couple of weeks I also got my first ever 1cc after a loooong time playing.

Now as to where to set the Bomb, I personally use Circle but you can use any of the other buttons the anons have recommended (R1, Square, etc).
Hell I even tried mapping it L3 once, but changed it because navigating the menus was awkward as fuck.

Also, assuming it's you
>I practiced with a controller instead, not sure if this is crippling my skill
I don't feel that it does, unless you want to go for scoring.
I have tons of Normal 1cc's, with only 3 mainline games left for me to 1cc (those being PoFV, DDC, LoLK), an Extra Clear, and I feel like I could take Hard or even Lunatic if I tried hard enough, and all that with a good old DS3.
By the way, if it makes you feel any better, ZUN also uses a DS2 iirc, so no shame in using one.

>> No.16385474

*exact same layout

>> No.16386134
File: 78 KB, 282x300, 1482133174980.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not a native English speaker. Why are things orbiting around characters/vehicles/whatever in shmups called "options"? This doesn't conform with any definition of the word I am aware of. It's been bothering me in the back of my mind for years now.

>> No.16386149

I think it's an old shmup term related to how you could grab different powerups for shooters floating around your ship. So you could have the option to grab either the flamethrower or the laser, for example.

It's weird to me too, even as a native english speaker, but that's what everyone calls them so whatever.

>> No.16386164
File: 31 KB, 640x480, coalguys-k-on-10-a159e96901243820-21-31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.16386181
File: 29 KB, 559x441, option.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You see this? It is commonly referred to as an option.

>> No.16386590

Not quite. The term just comes from Gradius where the extra pods are from the powerup called Option. While the choice of the word "option" could be due to that meaning, it's more that it just became the term to use despite other games having different terms, like Salamander calling it Multiple.

>> No.16388257

Try practicing stages. I've been playing Touhou for about a year and haven't 1cc'd a game once. I was working on PCB and using stage practice and could manage to get to Youmu with maybe one miss or bomb used but she'd just fuck my shit up. I haven't played it in months though so my muscle memory is gone, I more or less have to restart my progress. I notice stage 3 is significantly easier to me but I completely forgot the streaming maneuvers that I used to get through stage 4.

>> No.16388352

It's called "Option" because it's like an adjustment you can customize, duh.

>> No.16388701

I tried playing IN, more exactly the level practice
Turns out I actually did much better than I remember, being able to do stages practices one to 4 without dying once
Then I tried doing the story mode and got btfo by keine and later reimu
What the fuck

>> No.16388729

Is that it is snowing only this paradise
The paradise was already Alice's play

>> No.16389559
File: 251 KB, 700x700, 230d053283508aec936dbbb005ece7acbd4cf268.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I always wondered if the mobs at the start were greeting you to her stage.

>> No.16390037
File: 705 KB, 640x480, th14_013.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Man, I just can't.

>> No.16390093
File: 2.86 MB, 640x480, Shining needle sword SakuyaB normal.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

After the first wave, where you shotgun her, jump over to the right and then stream the next 3 waves to the left. Repeat.

Same webm as >>/jp/thread/S15847177#p15872044

>> No.16390110

Your strategy seems safer than what I was using. I made smaller jumps to the right and had to do them more frequently as a result, only streaming 1-2 waves before needing to cross over (the number being based on how open the blue knives were).

>> No.16390179

At least the bigass bowl makes it easier to hit her with that garbage shottype.

>> No.16395736

How the hell do I deal with Sakuya's midboss spell on hard mode? Those red shits get everywhere.

>> No.16396298

try to move as little as possible

>> No.16396318

How do you change your live count in touhou 9 while in netplay? I'm introducing the game to some friends and it's unfair of me playing with full health in a way.

>> No.16396349
File: 685 KB, 646x509, not my regular resolution.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's not just shift+left/right to change handicap? I wouldn't work for me by myself, but maybe it works for netplayers.

Damn, I wish my friends were into Touhou/PoFV

>> No.16396358

I used to host on /jp/ a couple of years ago, but everyone played the fighting games instead for some reason ;_;

And thanks, I'll try that tomorrow.

>> No.16396363

Oh nevermind, it works thanks!

>> No.16396367

Oh I see what was going wrong for me. I just had to do it before selecting a character, not after.

>> No.16396371

I wonder if ZUN will make another 1v1 2hu

>> No.16396406

I'm worried about that too

>> No.16397094
File: 1.35 MB, 960x719, reach for the sun.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Finally captured that card. But I'm afraid trying to capture the one before would have me die from aneurysm before I eventually succeed.

>> No.16397179

How many tries did it take?

>> No.16397191

Dunno because I should add of the tries for all the characters in the history. But if I were to talk just today, perhaps 10 tries or so.

>> No.16398138
File: 273 KB, 640x480, th9_ud0000 (PoFV) Normal 1cc -Marisa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Decided to give PoFV another chance and I find it to be very fun. I guess this is the end of my autistic crusade against it for now

>> No.16399721

Its like a more difficult version of twinklestar sprites

Enjoyable at its most with friends

Remember to never play in anything but highest difficulty when vs other humans

>> No.16399854

It doesn't have a Charge Max Ability like PoDD, but it's got better hitboxes (that you can see).

>> No.16400511

Wait, why do people hate it again?

>> No.16400589

Holy shit why is Eiki so goddamn hard.
I hated it because it was way to different to be considered a mainline game and not an spin off, the controls also annoyed me and the fact that there is no clear path for story mode.
But now I love the randomness and crazy shit that can happen in it.