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Previous thread: >>16309016

This thread is for the discussion of untranslated Japanese visual novels.

What are you playing? What are you looking forward to? What have you finished? You know the drill.

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So what was your favourite VN of 2016 and why was it Akikuru?

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it's not even in my top 5, disappointment

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戦国†恋姫X ~乙女絢爛戦国絵巻~ was my favorite of 2016.

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Not sure how I feel about this but I think overall Akeiro remains my favourite 2016 VN even now

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Same here, playing it again and again every backlog month since April.

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Seems excessive. Or is it that long?

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What are some good eroge with heroine(s) talking in Kansai dialect? Why is this so rare?

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It's a rather long game

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For what it's worth, there's quite a bit of 熊本弁 in Maitetsu.
I would guess Kansai dialect isn't too present in VNs because it restricts which VAs you can use and probably isn't much of a charm point for most people.

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Baldr Heart was the best mix of gameplay and at least entertaining story. I can't think of any part where I got outright bored so I'd say it's overall the best new thing this year.
Island was one of those games with some really drawn out middle parts, but the last chapter made it all better in retrospect and so it's my favorite if talking only about VNs with no gameplay.
Himawari with Aqua After were my favorite backlog games.

Hanahime Absolute was the biggest disappointment of the year and one of the worst games I've forced myself to finish in general.

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Why was Kana so hot?

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It seems I need the password on the package to download the latest update of 西暦2236年. I only have the dlsite version from the last thread, I searched for a password but can't find any. Am I missing something?

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My man, I have no idea, but I fapped harder to Kana than any other vanilla game character I can remember other than perhaps Seine from Lovely Cation 2.

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I completed the akikuru epilogue but I still have 1 hscene and 2 cgs locked.
I followed everything on seiya seiga.

Image is memory mode with 1 scene missing.

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Definitely count me in as well.
Its longer than 50 hours for sure, I'd say something between 60-70.

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I don't know the password, but did you install Adobe Air runtime?

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>but did you install Adobe Air runtime?

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>finished a route
>feel empty inside
every fucking time
Also best girl

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It's a well known bug in the first version, I would be grateful if anyone know the password to download the update or can upload it.

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This didn't help?

The site is down a lot nowadays, just keep trying

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Easily Akeiro, I didn't read many games though.

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Did the anon who was reading that incomplete Eden game finish? How bad is the ending?

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Well now, this was an unexpected reference.

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When They Cry 5 announced. https://twitter.com/07th_official/status/814754501588439040

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What the HELL is happening in the comments

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Unlike what certain individuals would have you believe, the Japanese actually like Ryukishi

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he only has a small group of fujoshi left that like him, everything he did since Umineko bombed hard

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Yeah ok

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I like how more than half of the like and retweets are by westerners

He should just release his games in english directly

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>This didn't help?
No, from what I got this is for helping install the game and can't fix the bug.

I wonder if I can replace the demo version script with the bugged full version one, since I didn't get any script bug when I was playing the demo.

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Crickets When They Cry 5. When it's released, no one will care enough to read it.

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You mean Sayoshi, right?

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Perhaps, I'm playing it already but most seem to not care.

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Fact: Games with phone-based texting conversations tend to be above average quality in comparison to those that don't (Hoshi Ori, Daitoshokan, etc)

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Tokyo Necro.

But admittedly I still have to finish Akikuru.

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Don't hold your breath.

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Is it just a charage where you fuck lots of different girls or is there actually a scenario justifying the length?

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A rather lengthy scenario, with character events inbetween chapters

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Imo it was something like lord of the rings eroge version. There were many scenes which were pretty similiar to lotr as well, but as I said its an eroge version so its way more softer and have many charage parts in it. Charage parts are pretty good quality as well though so its not a bad thing at all, Almost every character has grown on me.

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Is it recommended to read the other Sengoku game in the series?

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Sengoku Koihime X is the other game + new arc & chapters + h-scenes. Reading X means you have read the other game as well.

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X is a upgraded version of the original

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Oh, okay.
And I assume I can ignore Shin Koihime?

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They share the same universe so if you skip the older Koihime games you'll miss some references like this one but it doesn't really matter as they take place in different time periods.

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Currently reading Nora to koujo, but it's a bit disappointing. The common route was pretty fun, but the conflict isn't very engaging. Hearing kiritani again is kind of fun, though I liked her character from the pervious harukaze game better.

I'll still try all the other routes, but am hoping they don't drag on as long as pat's. Hopefully there'll be some surprise endings like the vampire in love koutei.

I was going to play giniro after this, but I'm apprehensive because it's really just another moege, just like this title.

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Shin koihime is a different series than Sengoku Koihime so yeah you can ignore it. Sengoku Koihime's main protag is the nephew of Shin Koihime's protag and got raised by all shin koihime characters so sometimes he'll mention them though.

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I didn't play much this year except for the big releases.
Personally my top 3 would be Island, Chuusotsu, and Akeiro (does Utawarerumono count?)

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Baldr Heart because the objectively best game hasn't been uploaded yet.

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Chuusotsu has been uploaded for a while.

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Stein's gate was mediocre, though.

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>Hearing kiritani again is kind of fun, though I liked her character from the pervious harukaze game better.

Same here, I miss her crazy deredere characters.

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It's not ended yet dude, I still believe.

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What are the most anticipated releases of 2017? Any big sequels for which I should be reading the prequels?

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Which version of Cross Channel is best?

>> No.16339814

reprint with increased resolution

>> No.16339815

>the most anticipated releases of 2017
what does this supposed to mean?

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yeah, it's the original with increased resolution

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8 months and still no updates.

The final complete version.

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But Persona 5 was SHIT

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What are people looking forward to the most?

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final complete has a bunch of dumb, unnecessary changes

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there's barely anything even announced right, all i can think of is hino's new thing which will probably be very short

hopefully hiruou's new full length project comes out in 2017, otherwise nothing i can think of to be "hyped" for

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Wtf? The original was good. If it wasn't it wouldn't have been this popular.

>> No.16340672

Are you the type of person who thinks whatever is in the top 40 is also "good?"

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I love Naruto too.

>> No.16340845

Lol. She didnt have anal sex did she?

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>Mah obscure kamige.
Ok,smartass. Name better time travel vns.

>> No.16340857

I liked it in 8th grade. That was literally chuuni,lol.

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>> No.16340910

I'm guessing there's a 3rd Saori hscene somewhere.

>> No.16340930

This sounds better than Steins;Gate already.

>> No.16340984

What are the other games where she does that?

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Why does this screenshot of IroSeka have a different UI?

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Shit, I guess releasing all three at the same time was impossible and wouldn't a good idea for sales after all. But I guess this also means that we probably we wont see a Sengoku Koihime FD or a sequel, such a shame.

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And after that they'll definitely release a compilation of those three. wtf

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Any of you played this? Worth it?

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Don't post if you are uneducated please.

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General consensus seems to be that it is kind of boring until the true route but the true route is great. It's very short, only 1MB, so you might as well try it. The visuals are something else.

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Oh boy

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That vampire route was one of the uniquest route I have ever played, or at least from a moege. They did a brilliant job with all the lie-truth confusion, As the reader even I couldnt figure it completely out until the end.

Erika and Hikari's routes were pretty great and I had some great laughs at Rukina's so its acceptable as well, but Chitose and Suu were just mistakes, they fucked up the game's quality. Specially Suu route was one of the worst route I have ever played, even though the idea itself was actually nice.

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>Re:shitzero clone

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Finished Saori's route, and with it Akikuru.

It was amazing, Watanabe has done it again. Absolutely fantastic ending. If there's one thing he excels in it's perfectly tying up a story thematically.

Definitely my favourite VN of 2016 anyway. If there's one complaint I'd have it's the lack of enforced route order and the effect this had on the narrative, it doesn't have the same sense of continuity that the other 2 had and the individual stories suffer slightly as a result, there's a reason Saori's route is by far the best one.

But the VN still has great characters, hilarious humour, comfy romance, interesting quantum physics ideas and sociopolitical themes, and a powerful conclusion. Very disappointed that there apparently won't be a Fuyukuru.

Final ratings:
Heroines: Kiss > Satorin > Noah > Saori > Sensei > Mihaya > Yuzuki > Ayumi
Routes: Epilogue > Saori > Kiss > Noah > Yuzuki > Ayumi > Mihaya

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Yeah, it should be impossible to get to the epilogue without seeing that scene, your game must be bugged.

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Well that's a hyperbolic review if I've ever seen one.

>> No.16341654

Yeah, I agree completely.

>> No.16341666


This game had MAJOR pacing issues, it did not needed to be about half as long as it was. He opted not to explore any of the "interesting quantum physics" past a surface level in favor of pursuing the romcom and pushing the main idea of "Crazy shit going on in the universe doesnt actually matter just romcom everything". That theme is kind of gay and anticlimactic to me, you could easily take a lot of what happens as deus ex mahchina, but I think he did a decent job with it for what it was and it took a lot of balls to write something like tis.

I had fun reading the game, but I don't think its on par with Natsukuru or the later parts of Harukuru at all, so your glowing praise of it and refusal to look at its many glaring issues perplexes me.

But whatever, I'm glad you liked it. Doori best girl and route, fuck Saori.

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>refusal to look at its many glaring issues perplexes me.
It could just be a different value system and perspective.

>> No.16341722

No game that let's you romance YuukI Aoi can be entirely shit.

>> No.16341729

But I mentioned the issues, and agree it's not quite as amazing as Natsu/Haru, although those games were masterpieces, so despite not being of that tier it can still be a really really good VN.

I don't agree with your interpretation of the main idea. It's about how the world is as you perceive it, so you need to actively pursue happiness positively. It's about the value and richness of everyday life, of treasuring the fun time you spend with friends and family. It's about the impact of your choices on your future and the people around you, and how people aren't actually that different from one another, how people can learn to understand and get along with each other and overcome their differing values and perspectives. You call that kind of theme "anticlimactic", but saving the universe is meaningless unless you're saving that one precious person to you alongside it. Harukuru's ending was glorious not because we saved the Earth and the human race, but because we saved 5 very special girls and can now build a future together.

I certainly hope no one here disagrees with the obvious fact that Kiss was best girl.

>> No.16341820

>but saving the universe is meaningless unless you're saving that one precious person to you alongside it.
Unless, like, you have some empathy, and the capability of caring about the lives of billions of other people living their lives.
The one thing I can never like about Japanese writing* is the persistent theme of "the people beside you are more important the everyone else". I can understand that for normal life - you'd lend a friend $100 bucks but not a random stranger - but I just can't agree that, for instance, letting 1,000,000 people die in return for your 10 friends surviving is the right philosophy to have. Really displays a lack of empathy in my opinion.

*I say Japanese writing here because I see this theme in so many Japanese works I read but very rarely in English works, so I figure it's a kind of cultural thing.

>> No.16341839

>The one thing I can never like about Japanese writing* is the persistent theme of "the people beside you are more important the everyone else".
Heh, I'm reading Dies Irae now and it's full of this,

>> No.16341844

Here come the hipstershits. I guess Dies Irae is also shit because it's well regarded everywhere.

>> No.16341856

Romancing 2D Yuuki Aoi is certainly one of the few positive things about it. I wish it let me tap Lavenza as well

But there are too many other things killing it. The pacing is just utterly terrible. It has more text than a VN but meanders on forever and is ultimately a bore to read. There's no subtlety whatsoever, you're slammed with exposition and explanations all the way through. And fuck the phone conversations in particular. Not only are those more redundant text to read, you have to read them on a 255,0,0 background because it's muh visual style.

I wonder why they bothered bringing back human designed dungeons just to hand hold the player through them. The UI is sex but it has functional issues in battle. Fusion and the battle system work fine but that's about it.

>> No.16341862

You misunderstand, they aren't saying "popular == always bad", they're saying "popular =/= always good"

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Does the Applique fandisc have some sort of hidden DRM? The torrent I downloaded it from came with no crack, and unlike Tasogare no Sinsemilla there's no DRM-removal patch, yet it starts up just fine

>> No.16341888 [DELETED] 

I know, but the original poster never implied that, that's something they got out of nowhere. He was talking uniquely about S;G.

>> No.16341905

Have you read Fate? Both stay night and Zero. If not you should.

>> No.16341962

Both of those indeed had the theme of saving the one you love more than the ones beside you. I know. I still don't agree in the large scale. I don't even mean it's important for people to be selfless superheroes dedicating themselves to the lives of others because of some utilitarian thing. Rather, I just mean it's good to have empathy for other people, such that YES saving the universe is meaningful because you saved BILLIONS of people, not just the 5 girls you have a crush on. If you have so little empathy for other people that you put, say, the girl you like over millions of other people, I honestly just think that's a degree of sociopathy, or a result of living a life so isolated/unfortunate your image of other people is either non existent or largely negative.

If you think it's not any degree of sociopathy, then just image it in a more physical form. In Fate stay night, as Sakura was being possessed by the grail she killed tens of thousands of people in their homes just by walking by them. That's a bitsymbolic, so let's make it more concrete. You are Shirou. You have a gun with crates of bullets nearby. In front of you, 50,000 people, families, elderly, children, etc. all lined up. You have a choice. 1) shoot each one of those 50,000 people in the head, the children the elderly the women the family members, one by one, or 2) Shoot Sakura.

If anyone picked the first one, I would call them, to some degree, a sociopath. When you idealize it like "red pill or blue pill, 50,000 people die or your waifu dies", it's easy to press the 50,000 and wax romantic about how important it is to value those you know. But when you're actually the one with a gun shooting the children in the head, I don't think the philosophy holds up with beauty. It's a valid philosophy. I don't attack those who hold it. But I do consider it to a significant degree sociopathic.

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Letting it happen naturally is not the same as being the one to kill them one by one though. See the trolley problem.
And I'd argue that the one picking the 50k over his dearest friends is the sociopath. Why is quantity important?

>> No.16342129

The point wasn't that you're the one killing them, so much as that you have to SEE who you're killing, and SEE the despair and the horror you're inflicting upon them. Pressing a button and 50,000 people you don't know die? Easy to ignore. Witnessing the families you're tearing apart? The children you're murdering? That's harder to ignore. If you want, have some terrorist guy with a gun shooting the 50,000 people in front of you as you watch, that's the same point I'm trying to drive.

Quantity is important because human lives are important. That's why I'm taking about empathy. If you have no empathy and view people you don't know as worthless, then that's in my opinion representative of sociopath.

Also, with the trolley problem, choosing not to act is choosing to act in and of itself. Witnessing the problem makes you a part of it - choosing not to physically touch anything doesn't remove you from the problem (that is, if you choose not to pull the level, that's the same level of choice as actually pulling the level). Watching the terrorist shoot the 50,000 people and not stopping him makes you just as culpable* for their deaths as the terrorist himself.

*given the situation and the fact you have the tools to easily stop him

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>If you have no empathy and view people you don't know as worthless
You don't have to do that to pick the other side though. A normal human will be sad either way about his choice precisely because of empathy. It's about thinking one is more important to you, not that the other side is "worthless". As a human I think it is hundred percent okay to be selfish and emotional, and make decisions guided by that. Abandoning your very nature for some 5 > 1 logic will only lead to ruin. Sure you can save the 50k, but among the ten was the person you wanted to marry and spend the rest of your life with, your best friend you've known since kindergarten and your dear family members. Now they're gone, you become depressive and in the worst case suicidal and kill yourself. This is no way to live unless you're literally Jesus Christ and don't care about yourself. At that point it's no longer empathy but self–abandonment.

>> No.16342283

>Now they're gone, you become depressive and in the worst case suicidal and kill yourself.
If you're so selfish and emotional, that you could kill 50,000 people and not become depressive and suicidal, I think that's representative of a sociopath.You talk about one's "very nature", but I think it's more natural to care about people and have empathy for others.

You don't have to be Jesus Christ to think killing 50,000+ people is beyond unacceptable.

>> No.16342338

Which visual novel is that?

>> No.16342357

Start now and be one of 100 people to have read it!

>> No.16342384

Is it good?

>> No.16342407

Well, this is pointless since you're dead set on utilitarianism and seemingly ignored the posts point. Yes, in either scenario you can reach the outcome of suicide, but one is the route of a human and the other is that of a sad hero. Numbers > everything is not empathy or caring about people and people who think so are simply chasing some objective moral right that doesn't exist.

>> No.16342459

First of all, one is the route of a sad human and 10 dead people, one is the route of a sad human and 50,000 dead people. Second of all, numbers is not > everything, but when it comes to dead people, giving no fucks about people you don't know is that of a sociopath, is all I'm saying. The point was never "50,000 > 10". The point was it's not okay or mentally healthy to not care about dead people unless it impacts you directly, i.e. are people you know.

I really think you're pushing ideology and stuff on me that I haven't said at all. For example, you said "a sad hero", but I have never mentioned heroism a single time. I believe you're imagining me as representative of the arguments in Fate/Stay Night and utilitarianism instead of actually thinking about what I'm saying.

>> No.16342489

I would like to post-fact empathize that the post I first replied to said >>16341729
>but saving the universe is meaningless unless you're saving that one precious person to you alongside it.
From the very beginning the idea I was arguing against was "if it's not people you care about, it doesn't matter if they die or if you save them".

>> No.16342499

Spooky Pregnant School

>> No.16342520

>giving no fucks about people you don't know
Well you just keep repeating yourself and ignoring the point made so... I can only direct you to the above posts. Picking one does not mean you don't care for the other. Do you not understand this? You can mourn the loss of the other side and care for them deeply. It is about what choice is more important to you, and summing it up in numbers like you do in every single post with no regard for any other human emotion is dumb because it doesn't work like that. What you're describing has NOTHING to do with empathy.

>> No.16342538


>> No.16342553

Your own posts revealed that you are approaching this as if you actually wouldn't care, so I'm responding to your true feelings. You talked about how you would get depressed for killing those you know, but not those you didn't know, revealing that you don't care about them. The numbers are just for convenience and understanding, they aren't literal.

>> No.16342617

>A normal human will be sad either way about his choice
>in either scenario you can reach the outcome of suicide
>Picking one does not mean you don't care for the other.
In three separate posts. But okay man, projecting and ad hominem is one way to say you give up and have no arguments.

>> No.16342647

You said,
>one is the route of a human and the other is that of a sad hero.
Note the lack of "sad" in human. Among many other subtle reveals that you are approaching this without actually having empathy for people you don't know. Saying "yeah, both are sad, BUT one is actually the one where you're sad" doesn't actually mean you recognize it as sad.

>> No.16342764

Because I don't think there is need for an adjective in front of human who by definition includes all emotions. "Sad hero" because he's trying to reach some "objective right" while still killing people in the process which goes against the very nature of a hero (again a play on Fate). Also in case it wasn't obvious enough and you seem to think I'm hiding this or whatever, yes I would pick the 10 every time. That doesn't mean I don't feel any emotion towards the others. But you can believe what you want champ.

>> No.16342775

I recognize that girl but I don't know where.

>> No.16342785

>Because I don't think there is need for an adjective in front of human who by definition includes all emotions.
No offense, but that's definitely just you applying a reason to it after the fact to try and cover your tracks. It's not even subtle. I don't see why you feel compelled to lie or deceive in a discussion like this.

>> No.16342799

If you think so.

>> No.16343363

I remember seeing that scene. It's probably because I transferred the save files to a different computer. Thanks.

>> No.16344101

I guess you just want source but its new year so

>> No.16344317

>bunch of dumb, unnecessary changes
like what?

>> No.16344801

Like replacing VAs for no reason and cropping CGs.

>> No.16344822

is there a way to download reprint version? nyaa and animesharing links are dead and i can't register on baidu because it doesn't like my phone number.

>> No.16344824

AS has live links, look better.

>> No.16344915

are you sure? after captcha freakshare give me error and bitshare just redirect to main page.

>> No.16344949
File: 37 KB, 600x600, 1472479758091.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>eroge have wide screen black bars
Literally why

>> No.16345083

Because they're all made in 16:9? Use your brain.

>> No.16345193

Were you born retarded, or did you become such later in life?

>> No.16345202

No need to be upset just because your brain problems got publicly exposed, underage-kun.

>> No.16345224

Except "made in 16:9" makes no sense in a painted fucking picture you colossal donkey.

>> No.16345319

Fuck I'm still stuck on Sakura no Uta. I wanted to play Akikuru because I loved Harukuru but I don't want to give up because I keep feeling the story is gonna get real good soon.

>> No.16345327

I hope you aren't implying you haven't read Natsukuru. If not do that first. It's a million times better than Akikuru, which is the worst of the three by a decent margin.

>> No.16345336

I remember this. Back in the day someone said they would upload it later after some time had passed to encourage people buying the game. Did that ever happen? Wasn't it supposed to be a trilogy as well? Looking that there isn't any info on vndb I take it the continuation is not happening.

>> No.16345346

Where are you at in SakuUta?

>> No.16345394

Rin route.
Maybe I'll do it. IIRC the description and character designs somehow didn't interest me as much so I put it on the backlog.

>> No.16345459

It was uploaded in the last thread.

>> No.16345473

>Rin route.

Hmm, still pretty early and before the really good stuff starts.

>> No.16345671
File: 39 KB, 115x118, キャプチャ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not caring about strangers is normal. It's how most people think in private. I'd pick a person I care about over people dying any day (planet's overpopulated anyhow), and so would any other honest individual.

What's the antipode of 'sociopath' anyway, 'sociophile'? Sounds disgusting to me.

>> No.16345707

>everyone is exactly like me
It's not like I disagree with you but you don't know how most people think in private. Also the planet is not really overpopulated but that's another topic.

>> No.16345730

>"the people beside you are more important the everyone else"
Personally I love this theme, it's one of my favourite things ever. Have you read イリヤの空、UFOの夏?

>> No.16345778

No, but I'll keep it in mind.

>> No.16346073
File: 347 KB, 800x600, Dies22.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ya'll crazy (pic related)

>> No.16347834
File: 101 KB, 869x1272, 38445936.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's a VN similar to this? I need more comfy.

>> No.16347919
File: 288 KB, 1280x720, karumaruka_03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


If that's all you want, go with a random moege. Try to avoid stuff with true routes, as those tend to have a bit more plot/drama. (i.e. pic related is a bad idea.. especially as the plot isn't good) There aren't THAT many moege with that though.

If you really just want comfy without ANY drama, you'll be looking a bit. (which seems weird, but really "only" comfy is hard to find) The recently released Sailove may qualify, but it's also short. I don't know your example, so I can't say much about it. But if in any way the guy stands out.. VN may be a bad medium to find something similar. Protagonists in moege tend to not stand out. At all. Your best bet would probably something like Katahane which has no clear protagonist and is heavy slice of life.

>> No.16347938

Thanks for the recommendations. Not 100% sure moege is what I'm after but I'll check them out.

The image I posted is the manga cover for Horimiya. It's a school life romance sort of thing. Not really much of a story, just kinda SoL and super comfy.

>> No.16347942

There is a grave difference between comfy and boring anon. Bad moege with nothing interesting except the girls telling you the reader how handsome you are are not comfy.

Katahane is a perfect recommendation though.

>> No.16348000


>> No.16348025


Well, while I said "random" moege, you'd obviously check some scores or whatever first and see some general opinions. So ideally it's not boring.
In the end though, "boring vs. comfy" is ultimately a matter of taste, so no matter how much other people say, you may disagree. Katahane is a perfect example. Some consider it boring as fuck, while others love its atmosphere. (myself included) On the flipside I found something like Otome Domain way more boring, as it just went on and on about the same stuff while trying to maintain some status quo to pad things. At least in one route and in part the common route. It just depends.

>> No.16348226

Why is あの晴れわたる空より高く rated so highly on EGS?

>> No.16348240

Was 2016 the shittiest year for eroge?

I can't think of one game that was more than decent.

>> No.16348248

>Was 2016 the shittiest year for eroge?
1914 was pretty bad

>> No.16348249

Nah, your taste probably got worse or was bad to begin with.

>> No.16348282

I made the mistake of choosing Makoto on sakuuta. Should I still do Rin or skip to the good stuff?

>> No.16348286

Why do you keep asking shit about this game? If you don't want to read it, then don't. You have to read everything in it anyways.

>> No.16348332

>SakuUta finally getting exposed as boring shit

>> No.16348345


Makoto's route is pretty much inconsequential outside of some of the family stuff. It's also very long, you can skip the entire second half of it and miss out on exactly nothing of real value.

>> No.16348439

Already did Makoto, asking how important doing Rin is. Don't really like the character desu.

>> No.16348958

Is there a page somewhere with all the references works in Sakuuta?

>> No.16349032
File: 27 KB, 590x372, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.16349091

Yeah, check out the translate wiki. Baka tsuki I think it's called.

>> No.16349098

BakaTsuki is for LNs, the VN one is TLWiki.

>> No.16349112 [SPOILER] 
File: 561 KB, 1366x768, 1483292297554.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't really understand the big praise Chuusotsu gets. It wasn't bad by any means, but it's clearly just an introduction chapter to a longer series that may never be made, and the properly interesting things it had going on were the setting and bigger hanging plot threads. Arue's main story and the message it had were just teen drama that could've been delivered in regular real life contemporary setting as well.

>> No.16349118

Moogy and pals feel like the message resonates with them, cause they can identify with Arue.

(I presume.)

>> No.16349134

Theme resonated with me too (and i liked it a lot), but it's hard to say something concrete about it since it's a first chapter and who knows if it will be finished or not.
Then again I wouldn't put it as my rank1 in first place. Baldr Heart exists.

>> No.16349162

then again, I'm not fond of "omg eroge is dying eroge sucks now doujins are our savior" attitude in first place. maybe since i still have so much more to read.

>> No.16349164

It doesn't really matter that it is the first game in a seemingly longer series because it covered a lot of ground and resolved the immediate conflicts. And did so really, really well. Even if nothing else came out I'd highly recommend everyone to play it.
Chuusotsu is what happens when you have a good writer that isn't forced to include ero or is otherwise bound by industry standards and it's just really nice to see. The other reason it's #1 for me too is part also because there hasn't been any other super hits this year.

>> No.16349247

>Chuusotsu is what happens when you have a good writer that isn't forced to include ero or is otherwise bound by industry standards

>> No.16349392

GOOD post

>> No.16349428

>Chuusotsu is what happens when you have a good writer that isn't forced to include ero
Have you thought about reading books?

>> No.16349446

Have you thought about not being a brainless moebuta?

>> No.16349466

not an argument

>> No.16349533

Looks like keydb is online now

>> No.16349566
File: 3.35 MB, 2560x1440, grisaia.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are some comfy rooms from eroge?

>> No.16349609

All eroge rooms are comfy

>> No.16349680

Woah, keydb is sick. Found the txt of one book I've been searching for a while and get way more hits on it for other things as well than nyaa. It still does seem to lack a lot of stuff like Marenis new LN but it's a considerable upgrade.
Now to set up the nightmare that is Share...

>> No.16349703

Do people even use share nowadays? Literally nothing I've searched for lately yields any results. I've had a bit better luck with PD but not that much. I'm assuming Chinese private forums are the only option, or am I doing it wrong?

>> No.16349710

finding things isn't a problem. being able to download all of it is the real challenge. i've been waiting at 20/37 blocks for some LN for months already, slowly giving up.

>> No.16349809

New stuff is on DDL sites first these days, if google doesn't yield any results it's unlikely to be on Share

PD is better in terms of file retention and ease of use, although not as much stuff there, especially the old stuff
Share's internal search system is a bit retarded, it only gives you files that are available based on the peers you are connected to at the moment, that's why it uses the trigger system that adds the file to your download queue once it's available, PD's search gives you all results but it takes a bit to complete
keydb crawls the network 24/7 so it has a database of pretty much everything on Share
When searching for stuff I use keydb first to see if the file was ever available, because imo it's the largest database of Japanese files that have been uploaded through history (excluding the ancient times of Winny and WinMX), then I search for it in google + zip/rar/iso/mds/flac/whatever keyword then on clubbox, but clubbox is good for eroge and drama. Google is pretty good when searching for Japanese stuff because it usually doesn't get DMCA'd from their results

Utatane is the best for rare files because it's full of hoarders with multi-terabyte collections but you either need to be really good at talking to Japanese people, have stuff to trade (everyone does trading exclusively on public servers), or get access to private servers where everything is free to leech
If there's something really rare you're looking for I might try finding it

>> No.16349867


Japanese P2P are in a decline, that's why you shouldn't expect miracles. Even their latest attempt at secure P2P called Amoeba hasn't really taken off

>> No.16349935
File: 64 KB, 615x398, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please be hyped for new Shumon.

>> No.16349939


>> No.16350115

Tenshihane was a lot worse than his older stuff. I wonder if this will be a return to form.

>> No.16350137

It was more 'normal' than the rest of his stuff, that was its problem. I mean
>trap MC
>magical highschool
>superpowers and fights
>huge amount of sex scenes

>> No.16350241

Anyone reading new Moonstone? How are the twists etc.? Anything interesting?

>> No.16350245
File: 325 KB, 800x600, capture_045_17122016_182454.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To me TenshiHane felt like it was supposed to be some big ambitious project, but instead got downgraded and rushed to a smaller title somewhere along the development. Would've been better if moon school had gone full blown ridiculous chuuni from the get-go instead of dilly dallying around it forever and then dumping the entirety of the actual main plot in the relatively short true route, and ending the game on a big world changing event and strong implication that other great powers start making their moves.

>> No.16350296

The same badness like usual from the writer.

>> No.16350298

Just started reading it

>> No.16350326
File: 209 KB, 1280x720, tokihate_01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Hard to say. I'd say ultimately the prologue will probably be the best part of it, but I do have my fun with it. Though there are a bunch of things one can criticize.

Note that it's a pretty heavy plotge. It spends very little time with anything that's not plot. As a result the romance in my first route now feels kinda.. out of place to be honest. It's actually really weird, but I guess that's what you get if you don't pad? Game is just a bit above 1mb after all. Speaking of the route, it feels so far more like a build-up to the last (enforced) route. Not really too focused on its heroine even.

Well, got my fun, even with its issues. Will probably write a bit more once I'm done in a few days or so. I quite like the cast as well. Funny though how they recycled a bunch of backgrounds of Natsu no Iro no Nostalgia. Music too.

>> No.16350335

Name a good writer

>> No.16350348

anyone? i can't be the only autism that needs a walkthrough for everything

>> No.16350371


>> No.16350373


>> No.16350418

He's awful

>> No.16350428

they don't have anything for the 3 games i mentioned

>> No.16350643

Shakespeare was a meme writer who wrote the 16th century equivalent of soap operas. The only reason why he's still known is because he was very productive and people find the antiquated language charming.

>> No.16350666

Thanks for proving that most people in this thread are completely clueless about literature.

>> No.16350677

Your silly attempt at intellectual superiority doesn't help your case. Have you ever read Shakespeare? Be honest for once. It's trivial literature wrapped in old fashioned lingo.

>> No.16350685

I keep cautiously hoping for Kure to return to his Dokoiku/Ashisho days, but that'll probably never happen. At least he's gone back to writing plot after that long span of moege.

>> No.16350699

Nothing quite as laughable as a modern neckbeard literate

>> No.16350761

Is Summer Pockets supposed to be a 2017 release?

>> No.16351256

Natsume Soseki

>> No.16351670

Are you saying that visual novels as a media is inseparable from porn? That a good visual novel cannot be without porn? Or that somehow visual novels are made worse by not having porn?

Also you argument to "go read books" is silly as erotic fiction is a large number of books published in any giving year. Most of them are garbage and a waste of paper, just like the majority of ero visual novels. Where as the vast majority of non ero visual novels this year have been very good, and the vast majority of great books have no erotic content. Porn is used at a crutch by poor writers.

>> No.16351681


>> No.16351796

Doesn't belong in that list.

>> No.16351859

what is this

>> No.16351922


>> No.16351940

A game that dude was making but never finished, iirc

>> No.16352060

I got memed

>> No.16352065

Unreleased doujin eroge.

>> No.16352369

I want to play sengoku rance but I'm kinda turned off by what seems like complex gameplay and the size.
I finished rance XI and really liked it though.
Is it very important plot wise or could I get away with just playing quest?

>> No.16352370

What the fuck messed up order are you doing? Reverse?

>> No.16352373

Woops. Meant VI instead of XI.

>> No.16352376

Many people consider it the best Rance so you should at least try it out. I skipped it too because I didn't like the gameplay but only after playing it for a while.

>> No.16352386

Ok thanks. I'll just cheat engine the shit out of it if it requires too much rng like 6 did.

>> No.16352427


>> No.16352446

Written by denka?

>> No.16352465

Is this any good? More importantly is it worth to read just for the imouto?

>> No.16352466

Was Tokyo Necro actually that good?

>> No.16352468

Read it and find out.

>> No.16352472

It's pretty much a nukige with a yandere imouto.

>> No.16352474

>yandere imouto
Picked up then

>> No.16352475

The only post-ef minori game worth bothering with is yorino.

>> No.16352635

Are there any blood-related sibling romance VNs where the relationship is treated as something wrong and forbidden? I'm talking full-blown drama, guilt and despair. Seeing other characters encouraging them to hook up as if it were something normal just kills it for me

>> No.16352640

The older sister incest one that was released recently is supposed to be full-blown drama.

>> No.16352654

Yosuga no Sora

>> No.16352671


>> No.16352672

Babby's first incest VN. The fandisk after story also ruins the taboo element by having all their friends acknowledging their relationship and wishing them well

>> No.16352679


>> No.16352689

His answer is still correct, though. Nobody cared about the FD.

>> No.16353107

Very few authors create genres.

>> No.16354032
File: 531 KB, 627x485, 65478945123.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

2017 off to a good start


>> No.16354044

>the people beside you are more important the everyone else

Well, otaku VNs and LNs are all counterculture, and you're talking about a society which continuously tells you to undermine individuality for the sake of a greater whole. Also you're talking about a country whereby this idea of heroism was taken to the extent whereby you had the kind of aggressive Bushido code that supported suicide for the sake of society.

I don't think they really say that these people are 'more important than anyone else' - but most of the time it's about how people lack the abilities to live up to these ideals, and that's okay. Taking the line from SubaHibi, its about how 'my world is the limit of my world' after all. Sekai-kei is all about how the entire fate of the universe rests on the wavering emotions of a single and usually flawed individual, and that kind of apocalyptic narrative ramps up these minuscule emotions a thousandfold. How little of the world is within your control, and how maintaining a small joy in all that is enough.

Morality aside, more important is the expression and presentation of that kind of worldview. People know that the world is much more complicated than that, so even if a writer creates any kind of easy utilitarian compass within the plot - it becomes more of a reflection of psychology and emotion than any actual kind of moral message.

>> No.16354054

>and you're talking about a society which continuously tells you to undermine individuality for the sake of a greater whole.
That's a pretty good point. Thinking about it, it's kind of an 当たり前 point for most in the west I would guess.

>> No.16354266

Has anyone played Hyper Highspeed Genius on Win 10? I can't start the installer due to error 0xE2003053. I've tried compatibility modes with no luck.

>> No.16354480

Can I get a name, at least? I haven't been keeping up with recent releases

>> No.16354512

Wow, this is the worst month in a long time. I guess it's all on Hinos new game, though it looks to be short. Maybe Silverio Trinity.

>> No.16354517

taoist vampire eroge
looks super doujin tho

>> No.16354543

Contrary to this, what are some games where both the protagonist and sister are openly siscon and brocon? None of that, "not in public" shit.

>> No.16354559

Imouto banchou

>> No.16354569

He's probably thinking of Zannen na Ane
Go for blond for drama

>> No.16354575

I don't know how I feel about delinquent imoutos.

>> No.16354714
File: 1.24 MB, 1280x720, WYcrPX6[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finished Baldr Heart.
Can someone explain me the Nagi normal and good ends?
Where did that girl come from? Illegal nano assemblers are all dismantled so clones can't be produced. Also, why didn't anyone notice her while she was boarding? She shouldn't be a ninja anymore lol. She also seemed like she knew that Sou forgot her. wtf.
Also, concerning the good end. So I guess Nagi was still connected to her real body. Why couldn't she logout in her real body then even when she realised the real body she lived in was a meme. Is it because of meme? AI happened? That's kinda lame. Or is it the same as with Makoto in Sky? Body was frozen so it's detached? Also Nagi already restored her conciousness when Sou called for her in the childhood, no? So if Sou didn't spread the meme and just told everyone to unfreeze Nagi, everything wouldve worked out, no? When Nagi's body unfreezed a logout icon appeared and Nagi immediately logged out from Akasha? What a joke. What happened to her digital body? Did it reform to accomodate to her young body? It looks like Chinatsu ending all over again.
I counted the sumicram number in the dreadnaught and indeed there were 35-36 there. The problem is - were there really such a bunch of weirdos in this school lol. 2 mad scientists, a couple of generals, snipers and others... OR did they just possesed the weapon in Akasha and shared it with Sou? That's complicated... Also, how did Sou know the Souka Gakusotai warcry? Was Shou in Gakusotai too? From what I've seen, gakusotai was a female only unit, huh.

Well anyway that was a great ride. I didn't expect the Sky-level game so I wasn't disappointed. I think it's better than Force. The gameplay is obviously better. The story... is on par I guess.

The OST is good. The story is good. The characters are interesting. Well except for that parody of Gilbert, lol. Zaibatsuphilia instead of egoism or madness from strengthened brain, srsly?

A bit disappointed they didn't insert the obligatory "もう、終わりにしよ!" before the last boss though.

Also, they could've inserted "我らに続けッ!!勝利は我が手にッ!!!" more. It sounded cool in that one scene.

Also it was interesting to notice small foreshadowing scattered throughout the game, for example "我らに続けッ!!勝利は我が手にッ!!!" that Sou said in the beginning or how Tsukuyomi mistakened him or the place where he met FEIs.

>> No.16354734

Take away this kusoge

>> No.16354747

Don't bring this shit.

>> No.16354797

Fuck you

>> No.16355329

>365 imoutos
Good fucking lord

>> No.16355358

At that point, does the "imouto" title really mean anything

>> No.16355378

Good question. I always did prefer going the imouto route when given other options rather than the all heroines are sisters kind of games.

>> No.16355602
File: 279 KB, 1280x720, tokihate_02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So. Tokihate done. I'm not completely sure how I got from the beginning to the end, but okay. I think I had fun. It's just kinda funny to look back at the different plot elements when you got the big picture at the end. Feels so.. distant.

In the end, the game kinda feels a bit like a mix of ideas that could've and probably should've explored a bit better in detail, though I personally don't mind the way it ended up being. It was a journey. One that most definitely ended way different than one would assume (for a good time), but hey. It makes sense at least.. I guess. And while I would've liked more in regards to the ex.. I suppose there is not much one could do. Poor thing.

Route-wise I gotta say, the first two routes are a little of a disappointment. They aren't bad (aside of weird and not very fitting romance elements), but they are pretty much identical, just with the girl swapped. It's fucking weird. (and yet makes sense in story context.. kinda) I'd say you can safely skip one of them, if you'd want. Probably better to just read Komako and not Eri, but it doesn't really matter. The skip-function unfortunately doesn't really work too well, if you want to read both, as the text is mostly different as well. The girl is different after all, even though the story related events are pretty much the same.
After that you got the imouto route. Gotta say the game sure lead me on a wrong track and I was disappointed at first, but in the end I still kinda got what I hoped I'd get just in more weird, with less answers and kinda different than expected. That said, many question-marks. Especially in regards to the heroine. I can think of a few theories but it's just fucking weird. On thing I know though. The girl is fucking crazy. And I like it. Who knows, maybe Mori Dreamers 2 solves some of it. It is the same world. (and time as its private-detective is a cameo of sorts) I sure wouldn't mind.

>> No.16355899

>Post an example of a game getting mostly <50 votes in the first week and then later shooting up to 80+. Until then you are the retard.

Shinsou Noise is about to hit 80 in EGS now. You got rekt.

>> No.16356136

>Where did that girl come from?
Who? The one in the normal end?

> Also, how did Sou know the Souka Gakusotai warcry?
> Souka

Joke aside, you should probably ask why Mao knows the exact same shit. She literally shouted that out of nowhere in chapter 2.

>> No.16356662
File: 61 KB, 321x490, おしりたい.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

super slowpoke going through Akikuru here so forgive me if i'm retreading old ground, but

you can't give me the absolute psychotic perfection that is Mihaya and then give her less than half an hour's screentime, one sex scene and then kick me out to the title page without so much as a bad end.

this upsets me greatly.

>> No.16356674

I felt the same way about Noah's route.

>> No.16356697

i expected at least a decent length bit followed by a bad end where everyone dies in some mysterious foreshadowy fashion

this is just a cocktease, especially after all that buildup of their weird love/hate/want to fuck relationship.

curse you watanabe, may you feel even a small fraction of the amount of bizarre genital tortures you wrote about

>> No.16357036
File: 220 KB, 1280x718, ren ai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

can confirm it is in fact worth reading for the yandere imouto if you are the sort of person who digs the whole yandere imouto deal.

probably the best porn i've seen in an eroge though i'm sure you know how subjective a meter that is. but again if crazy imouto is your jam then it'll likely be useful.

ren is love, as they say.

>> No.16357092

Watanabe doesn't seem to like stabby ends, I was really disappointed with the Harukuru bad end as well. If you're going to develop these psychopathic murderers with knives you should at least give us a proper stabbing.

>> No.16357143

>Who? The one in the normal end?
>out of nowhere
She just copycated Sou?
It's wonderous I even remembered these fucking names. Throughout the game I needed a couple of seconds everytime I saw names Akane and Ayaka to remember who is who. Robot battles make you autistic. T_T

>> No.16357345

Gay faggot.

>> No.16357352
File: 815 KB, 1366x768, 2016-12-27_21-34-15.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like all of the themes about accepting other people for who they are didn't get across to you.

>> No.16357431

I haven't even reached the part where Mihaya comes to Rururan and my last motivation died when they brought up the school festival.

>> No.16357467
File: 704 KB, 2565x1554, Kyontao.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This as a whole seems very well put together. I hope they come out with a longer trial or some info about a potential release date soon.

>> No.16357512

Wouldn't calling a faggot gay implying they are straight?

>> No.16357578

>She just copycated Sou?
You know she's the first one to use it in the game right?

>Throughout the game I needed a couple of seconds everytime I saw names Akane and Ayaka to remember who is who.
Really? I never had a problem with their names. You probably read it too fast to even remember who is who.

As for the girl in Nagi's normal end, I don't really remember the details since I finished BH months ago, but I don't think the whole thing about her was ever explained.

>> No.16357584

>you should probably ask why Mao knows the exact same shit.
That one's easy, residual memories from Freja

>> No.16357687

Is there anyone here that can upload the phantom of inferno ps2 iso to mega? I just spent the last 5 days downloading it through jdownloader at 5kb/s and the crc check failed and the archive was corrupted. It's not available anywhere else.

The link is https://pan.baidu.com/share/link?uk=2936283198&shareid=1999349160

Or can someone tell me another way to download off this shitty website. I cannot fathom how the Chinese put up with this shit.

>> No.16357790

I share that sentiment. I could never get into those multiple sister games. Being the protagonist's sister is something that makes a heroine stand out, and when you saturate a game with that, the character trait loses its luster

>> No.16357801

it is on ab

>> No.16357813

>the first one
What? He used it first. The time before his school transfer battle. When he made contract with FEIS. That was the foreshadowing. Mao just repeated it and complained "First you take it long to do your maintanance, then you grumble something わけわかない like that"
What? Clones don't inherit the memories. The digital body was planted only in her bad end. Before that there was no connection between them.

>> No.16357920

Sadly I'm not a member, is there any chance you could upload it to mega?

>> No.16357937

I'd download it and ftp it somewhere or something like that, but mega is a no go.

>> No.16357961

ftp sounds great if you could do that it would be amazing

>> No.16357965

What's wrong with mega?

>> No.16357987

it would just be a pain in the dick for me to upload it there so i'm not doing it

yeah well, give me an ftp to upload it to

>> No.16357988

>The time before his school transfer battle.
Just looked at the script again. Yeah, he did say that. I totally forgot about that part since it wasn't as memorable at the other times.

Then again, given how close Ayaka and Akane seemed to Shou, it's not surprising if he knew their warcry.

>> No.16357992

>yeah well, give me an ftp to upload it to
Thanks anon sounds good, just give me minute while I set it up.

>> No.16358002

I can just put it on the /jp/ vn ftp if you know where that is.


>> No.16358008

>I can just put it on the /jp/ vn ftp if you know where that is.
Yeah I know that one thanks anon.

>> No.16358157

What's the full sentence supposed to be? Or is it a spoiler?

>> No.16358202


>> No.16358209


>> No.16358264

apparently I can't upload it there

>> No.16358272

You get a piece with every new chapter, 4 in total.

>> No.16358285 [DELETED] 
File: 367 KB, 800x800, 1437556887405.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just a guess

>> No.16358290
File: 25 KB, 498x361, baka gaijin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To the person who bought Oyatsu no Jikan last month how did you get it to work? I just got my copy from DMM (it's half off) and I can't get past the gaijin block even using the No Region Loader shared in the last thread.

>> No.16358305

I'll be honest, I know how the poem continues but I don't think I 100% get the meaning
Is it supposed to draw a comparison between the you that's certainly here and the sky that instead isn't?
Japanese poetry is kinda weird

>> No.16358320

>Or can someone tell me another way to download off this shitty website. I cannot fathom how the Chinese put up with this shit.

The slow speeds must be because of the great chinese firewall, I remember downloading off baidu at good speeds in the past. That, or they're trying to force you to use their downloader, get a VM, install that shit and see if the speed improves. If this fails, get a proxy or a VPN set to some asian country, vpngate is free and pretty good.

>> No.16358321

Ah okay I'll set one up up just give me a few minutes

>> No.16358344

Seems like this is a standard check in all games based on Sigulus Engine. Running under japanese windows should make it work or just upload the .exe with .dlls and I'll patch it out.

>> No.16358362

Ok so making an ftp server is harder then I thought and I am too stupid to do it. Sorry for wasting your time but I'll try some of the methods >>16358320 suggested.

>> No.16358399

You'd do that for me? I'll just upload the whole thing for you then.

>> No.16358459

Iam reading 働くオタクの恋愛事情 trial and it's pretty nice, actually it may be better than the first game
Its a bit sad when I think it will go full nukige later, this game works perfect as moege, because the theme this time are working otaku girls and not just normal adults who only wants sex and alcohol

>> No.16358503

It's literally just a desperate cash pull from AKB like usual. Except this time they downgraded the only good thing, the artist.

>> No.16358534

>desperate cash pull from AKB
Yeah, it feels like they are literally doing almost nothing but desperate cash pull for 2-3 years. And now they are finishing the only good shit they have -xCation series- as well.

>> No.16358543

>Except this time they downgraded the only good thing, the artist.
Why would you ever do that? People choose games based on the artwork and who wrote is

>> No.16358548

They also put two new writers who have never written anything before on it. That's not a terrible decision as the other writer was bad but they obviously don't give a fuck at this point and are just throwing shit until something sticks.

>> No.16358563

I don't get why you think the xcation series is good. Now, that's not to say that I don't think the xcation GAMES have been good. But the key employees have been shifted around such that there is no quality guarantee for the cation games - each o the series (Lovely Cation, Pretty Cation, and Purely Cation) have had different writers and artists - Insider and Iizuki Tasuku for Lovely, Kokuyouseki and Oryou for Pretty Cation, and Owngoal + other writer and Nanaroba Hana for Purely Cation. The core staff has been shifting non-stop for a logn time.

Basically, the "cation" series is so varied that it makes no sense to call it a good series from them - you should be focusing on the various writers and artists that have worked on the series. For the Niizuma game, they have two new writers (+one coming back from Purely) and only Iizuki Tasuku the artist for Lovely is coming back.

>> No.16358572

>It's literally just a desperate cash pull from AKB like usual
I thought this too till I played a bit of it, as moege it's not really bad, the art was a downgrade but the scenario is still fun to read and the girls are still cute.

>> No.16358592

I probably don't need the whole game

>> No.16358718

Too late.

Thank you for your assistance.

>> No.16359269


Turns out you can play just fine by clicking cancel three times but I patched these messages out anyway. The font is fucked on my system though, this might require Japanese windows/regional settings anyway.

>> No.16359472

If it's Siglus, you can get around it by using RLSE loader.

>> No.16359550

Tried it and I'm hooked. Somehow even more addicting than VI.

>> No.16360348

why do you want the ps2 version? looks like the dvdpg version is better if you want original art/voices/least censoring

>> No.16360391

Could be wrong, but didn't the ps2 version remove the NTR

>> No.16360867

here's the ps2 version, dvdpg is on rutracker

what is that? animebytes?

>> No.16361122

>you should buy both Acta est Fabula and Amantes Amentes, then play AeF and ctrl though AA to unlock the side stories and extended epilogues at the end of each route. Then switch completely to AA once you reach the last chapter in Rea's route.
Going to read Dies Irae, is this a good reading order?

>> No.16361126

Will we ever live to see a sequel to Remember11?

>> No.16361128

Or you could wait for EOP release aka ~BEST VERSION~

>> No.16361207

Thanks anon you are a life saver.

>> No.16362287

Both of those are long dead.

>> No.16362337


Thanks (even if some days later), I'll defenitely try.

>> No.16362677

Hopefully not.

>> No.16363358
File: 364 KB, 1280x720, meg_sek_00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To those here who like Kotorii Yuuka (Takamori Natsumi). Her role in "Meguru Sekai de Towanaru Chikai o" is pretty damn good if you ask me. (Also best girl) The game is generally pretty fun aside of that as well, I'd say. Good stuff. So far I have way more fun with this than I had with Izumo 4.

>> No.16363507

How is the gameplay

>> No.16363790

>accessing EGS fine on my normal my IP a few days ago
>visit EGS today and it won't let me connect
Seems like they really do randomly ban and unban IPs.

>> No.16363810

It has been like that for years now. I just don't understand why they need to do that.

>> No.16363818

I should have said *gaijin IPs

Just checked their Twitter and it might be a problem on their end. But oh well, doesn't matter in the end when it's just a minor inconvenience to access it from a proxy.

>> No.16364073


Quite fun so far.

>> No.16364231

It was just in time for new year for me, depressing, really.

>> No.16364378


>> No.16364713

From the looks of it, it is only a matter of time until PlayDRM is rendered useless as shit. Only tricky part is to generate a valid registration key.

>> No.16365621 [DELETED] 
File: 406 KB, 813x1147, e70f2b1354ca30cb233eac643f043b0a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm searching for a program that fetches japanese text from visual novels? Does anybody know its name?

>> No.16365637 [DELETED] 

Texthookers, a la chiitrans lite, VNR, ath

>> No.16366005 [DELETED] 
File: 137 KB, 1280x720, [Commie] Musaigen no Phantom World - 01 [64989409].mkv_snapshot_00.59_[2016.01.08_22.18.00].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks for the info

>> No.16366313 [DELETED] 

Learn Japanese instead.

>> No.16366860 [DELETED] 

Interesting article. Please keep us updated when they release the rental system.

>> No.16366866

Interesting article. Please write about the rental thing when it rolls out.

>> No.16367008
File: 73 KB, 889x57, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16367038

Cucks aren't men, so yes.

>> No.16367665
File: 158 KB, 800x600, damn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh no.

>> No.16368233
File: 363 KB, 480x270, 1457026696434.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Really super cute girls getting raped

>> No.16368294

No, it doesn't work like that

If they didn't fuck up their cryptography, every game is encrypted with an unique key that is derived by the protection from your hardware ID and the license data the server sends you if you input the correct serial, from what I gather a keygen would be possible on per-title basis which would still require you to buy the game to obtain the decryption key you'd need to perform an inverse process on to obtain the license for given hardware, at which point it's easier to unwrap the game .exe now that you bought the game

Even if there were an universal way to crack every game which would imply a master key leak or a crypto fuckup it's for them to patch for next releases

PlayDRM should be fairly easy to crack just how Enigma Protector gets owned, the problem is that there's no cooperation between crackers and people who buy games, you want something cracked you better buy it and contact that chinese guy on 2dkf who pissed off akabeisoft, even he can't crack every title if he doesn't have the activation data and the ones he did were only possible because of protection misuses

>> No.16368522

The rentals are going to make the chinks and other pirates real happy, that's for sure. Pay 500 yen for a one week rental, crack the game immediately, enjoy it forever.

>> No.16368551

What are Makai Tenshi Djibril games

>> No.16368853



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