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Originally published 10 years ago today.

Don't forget, you're here forever.

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Okkuseman will be 10 in a few months as well. Life sucks.

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I watched this before I ever knew what Touhou was.

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years of overexposure made me forget how catchy and fun this is

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Air Man ga Taosenai has about half a year, too.

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It really is nice when the popularity wave completely dies and you can come back a couple years later and remember why you enjoyed it at first.

Makes me start to question why I hang around random online communities when all they do is just run shit into the ground.

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I was on an airplane last week and was completely cut off from the Internet for four hours. I felt lost for a few minutes but eventually just opened up my laptop and decided to dig into part of my manga backlog.

It was like coming up for air. I wonder why I immediately went back to shitposting when I landed.

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I still genuinely enjoy a lot of these old Touhou things. I love Bad Apple all these years later too.

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Bad Apple frustrates me because it was the perfect opportunity to get people to appreciate PC-98 more and the only one that appears on it is Elly. Good song and video though.

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Also knowed as "nostalgia".

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I still hate IOSYS because I think their songs are shitty except FOE.

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Well your clearly a minority, given how popular they are/were.

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I hate the memes they spawned.

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In what? Otaku fandom? Touhou fandom? Not in general music lovers.

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IOSYS seems to do less touhou now than it did even 3 years ago.

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They are popular because of the video. The song itself isnt something that you will like that much to add it to your collection.

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sorry, but the /f/ autist in me gets triggered, use swfchan next time

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Fair point.

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I hate the fact that it completely ruined Doll Judgment for me. I can't listen to it without hearing the fucking shitty lyrics.

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God fuckin' damn I love the singer in this song. The way she goes through the ''easy modo'' segment really makes me want to pin her down and force my pathetic seed into her womb