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I need my daily dose.

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that's my line!

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"i need my daily dose" the medicine seller cried with tears in her eyes

"miss please no", the worn-out man replied. "i can't take it any more"

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That chapter actually creeped me out, I don't care how futuristic the medicine may be, Eirin still sold literal drugs to unfortunate people instead of giving them a therapy of some sort first.

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I apologise on behalf of my wife's reckless disregard for patient wellbeing.

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I like to think it was the return of the Butterfly Dream Pill

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Miss me yet?

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Source on this chapter

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It's in Forbidden Scrollery

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What chapter

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just read it all

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She's a pharmacist, not a psychologist

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I don't bother reading anything touhou related since the begining of the religious shit going forever and the absolutely disgusting pig ugly characters from the last game (yes, even clownpiece is at best a dick magnet) made me stop touhou canon altogether so what is that shit about ? Eirin being a drug dealer and a rabbits pimp ?

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Go back to your Kancolle general if you don't care. Just fuck off and go be bitter somewhere else. Why should I even sponfeed you?

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Wanting to know stuff about good characters without having to go through hundreds of pages of shitty stuff and interraction about fanmade tier characters as of recently is plain common sense.

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Your crossboarder is showing

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I only browse /jp/ and /k/ :^)

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The guy is Reisen's boyfriend, he's on the ending of her campaign in the PS4 port of ULiL

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Touhou threads are just thinly veiled requests for masturbatory material. Very few care about the games at all.

May as well just go to Pixiv and sad panda for your smut.

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Most of the Touhou manga are fine. The only one that people actively dislike seems to be Silent Sinner in Blue, and even that goes by in a flash.

My enthusiasm for Touhou also waned a bit when things got more historical/religious and less mythological but the characters are still fun.

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I don't even know the name of the new characters since the religious fuckery beside Seiga because her hair are silly. (And hecatia because I was shocked at how atrocious her design was)

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>I only browse /jp/ and /k/ :^)
Is this what you want.

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I've got your dose right here

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SLAY THE WABBITS ! But keep the cutest as war spoil

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Reisen is a shit character and everything about Touhou after PCB are mistakes.
Touhou should've stayed a simple shmup instead of something trying to be taken seriously with pretentious plot, literature and whatnot.

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But the Wabbit could slay you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJRWJ3wOXjs&t=56s

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Between drug-kun and dracula and now dedicated festical goer, I'm now convinced that touhou boys are also good

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Did Kasen just throw him a glass of water?

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I really don't get it.
The humans of Gensyoko know that the supernatural is something you don't get involved with, unless you have to kill it.
Why the hell would anyone take drugs from some witch and rabbit girl that live in a youkai infected forest?

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Cause they have a medical condition that really needs curing.

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What about Rinnosuke?

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He's not even close to their levels of bro.

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But he Shags Yukari on the side

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What's it like being super wrong all the time?

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That's pretty respectable, actually!

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It's more scary than arousing.

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Here you go my dude

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tfw there will never be a cute male in the main games/stories that isn't an extremely minor/one time character or animal

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That's why touhou needs to have 100 percent female cast!

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Maybe all the new male characters are ZUN preparing us for an all-new guy that will be front and center during some boss fight in one of the mainline games.

It'd be worth it just for the shitstorm alone.

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It looks more like he snatched it out of her hands.

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Imagine if all the characters in TH16 are traps.

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Please, my dick can only get so hard

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Even Reimu and Marisa?

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Especially Reimu and Marisa

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Then I don't want to get out

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She's like 10 feet away from him though.

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Yeah, but I don't see why she'd need both hands to throw a glass of water. The way she's standing doesn't suggest she did either.

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a-anon that's a p-penis!

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All he needs to go is make a dual/trial boss like the Tsukumos or Prismrivers and make one a boy.