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For all practical purposes, everybody who posts in this thread is male and ronery.

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Took the words right out of my mouth, bro.

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I'm a happy little girl.

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that'd be me

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im a women!

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I don't think that will stop athens, man.

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I'm a male but I'm not really all that lonely right now.

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What if I don't?


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You're so fat you're more than one person?

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Haha! That's where you're wrong bro! ;___;

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ronery anon reporting in

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I'm not ronery! I'm preloading L4D!

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Roll Call

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I'll just leave this here.

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I'm not ronery or male. I enjoy my time alone in doing weeaboo things.

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Need any company?

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Report in thread? You've fallen pretty low /jp/.

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I'm willing to be male and ronery if it means I can hang out with you cool cats.
But I always sage... ;_;

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You said you were 19 and you had never had a boyfriend. Bullshit that you aren't ronery.

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Because being alone does not have much to do with being lonely.

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Athens you are my Lex Luthor. You bald son of a bitch.

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Have you already added me? I think it comes out in a few hours.

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I only need to read the last part to still receive immense enjoyment from this.

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He meant that everyone who posts in this thread should be regarded as male or ronery, not for you guys to do this stupid roll call shit.

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Thanks bro. I'll take it as a compliment.

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Please, take this sort of thing to /v/. That's what it's for.

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Many thanks for great laughs.

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Yeah, I've added you. And I don't think I'll buy it yet, wanna hear what others have to say about the content of the full game first.

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No, I really don't want a boyfriend. It's hard enough keeping the two real friends that I want to be around, I don't want to ignore them to be around some guy that just wants to see me naked.

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ronery anon reporting in for duty

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Hey /jp/ how's your solipsism working out for you?

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Ronrey at the moment.

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It really gets sadder progressively with this person.

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This entire post is like the summary of everything that is miscalculated for all of humanity.

My mind is shattering from the inside out.

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troo ;_;

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honestly, i hate women

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/jp/ is a lonely path. It is also the ultimate humanitarian path. We forgo social interaction in hopes that someone out there in the world will take our share. Such is the sacrifice that we must endure when we take up the banner of /jp/. Our path is a solemn path. We do not expect to experience happiness. We do not expect companionship. We do not expect any interaction with the opposite sex. Instead we live our lives through the eyes of the protagonists in visual novels. Once we see through their eyes, we cannot turn back and hope to experiencing those things through our own mortal flesh. In becoming one with /jp/ we shed our fragile bodies for the eternal body that is a VN protagonist.

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So, any roneries here making an effort to not be ronery?

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Stop with these fucking ronery thread; take them to /a/ or /v/.

Actual /jp/er's have given up on social contact and finding someone to love them.

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>Actual /jp/er's have given up on social contact and finding someone to love them.

That's the point.

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Fair enough I guess. You don't feel ronery at all?


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I think Moot needs to make a singles board to collect all these threads.

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No, that's just you cool and edgy wannabe hikkikomori.

All human beings desire companionship.

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Why does the world outside seem so worthless?

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alone, but not lonely.
Life is too good to keep pinning for things that we don't have right now, only to get there and deal with their own set of problems.

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Only makes these threads at 5 in the morning.

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You know what the problem with _that_ would be of course.

It would mingle the two 'types' of ronery, that both despise each other. One is the /jp/ + /a/ 'never held a woman and 20+ years old' the other is the /r9k/ 'just broke up with my bf/gf' type.

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I've more given up on the social contract than I have in social contact.

I think the underlying system itself is fatally flawed, at least from my perspective. Person-on-person, I don't mind people. It's when you get enough of them together that they stop acting like individuals and start acting like parts... that really fucking annoys me and makes me desire their immediate end.

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Can't we all just get along?

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I am sitting on a bar patio, sipping scotch, looking at the moon. Alone.

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I pedal the last stretch uphill. I can't help but notice that lately it doesn't leave me as tired or out of breath. It's been a few years trekking the deserted coasts after all, my legs are not what they used to be. Stepping off the bicycle, I look at the outstretching view. I'm standing on what used to be a mountain, but now I can feel the sea breeze hitting my face.

The smell of the ocean reminds me of my first days in this forgotten land. Japan hasn't been the same since the storms, and returning home is now almost impossible.
Or that's what I like to tell myself. I'm sure that if I looked hard enough I would find one of the last transports to the other side of the ocean, but there was really no point.
The same stories all over the globe, or at least those were the last reports.
Right before they shut down the internet, and 4chan with it. Now, my Anonymous status means nothing, the life I knew gone, and my only goal now is to find that mythical place before we fade out.
I look upwards to the sky, watching the clouds pass by lazily. I miss them. I wonder where the rest of us are. Lost, thrown all over the planet, and with no way to contact each other. Maybe some are traveling with me, no way to tell. Of course, looking for that cafe is popular. I have already run into otakus, their heaving and wheezing easily recognizable.
They are not so common now.
I draw a sip of the water bottle. It was a good idea to ride a bike instead of driving a motor. A pre collapse physique wouldn't be able to deal with this new world.
Taking a last, long look at the crashing waves, I start to pedal again. I'll keep looking for that place, that cafe attended by someone who might not even exist. All I need before seeing humanity's last throes is to drink a cup of coffee at Cafe Alpha.
It might take me ten more years, and I might not even find it at the end. The bike goes faster, gaining speed downhill. I'm not in a rush; she will wait until I get there.

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Isn't Alabama a very rural, sparsely populated state in the US? Must make social introversion more likely but also come with it's up sides, I mean, is it like one of those areas where it is just rolling corn fields for miles?

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Only around people.

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It's a pretty big disparity though isn't it? They think we're losers, we think they're whining over nothing.

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Hello, Columbianon.

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I have enough faith in my fellow anonymous to keep things civil. The two types can steer clear of the other threads based on the OP's picture.

If all else fails it keeps the trolls from shitting up threads in /jp/.

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Moot needs to make a board for athens to dwell in his loneliness.

Because he cannot go out and socialise. That, friends, is out of boundaries. And why he still remains chaste and pure in spirit.

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Not alone, not happy or sad, just feeling empty.

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I have a loved one but I still feel pretty lonely sometimes. We don't get a lot of time to talk or do anything.

So I draw nonowa for anon~
anon you are so great
always(usually) so great

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Is athens really all that lonely? He comes off to me as just very spiteful.

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saging for loved ones.

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Can't he be both?

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No, it's a shithole full of christfaggotry, football, and shitty music.

You sure you don't want to hang out some time Alabama ;_;

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Except I can go out and socialize. I'm lucky enough to have good friends.

Silence woman, you aren't lonely.

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Amen. All things considered the lonely threads are the most civil, meaningful threads going.

Glad to see the mods let us have them here in our own little quiet corner of 4chan now and then.

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forgot my sage

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He has lonely breakdown once a week. Usually on sundays. Then he goes all weepy. "I need a hug".

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Why do I come off as spiteful?

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Not me, but fuck it, pasta thread.

A smell of smoke sneaks through the window, slowly reaching the nose of a young man. It takes a while for him to notice it, his sense of smell gone weak after enduring his own stench for a couple of weeks.
Finishing what he was doing on the computer, grunting with effort to raise out of the chair. His body resents the sudden movement, as he seizes the moment to stretch out his pale limbs.
He walks toward the open window, only to struggle against it trying to shut it. He has the sudden realization of why the window remains open, even though he hates hearing the busy city outside his room. It won't budge, no matter how much he tries. Not that he has made a serious attempt in the past, but it's too much of a bother.

Sighing, he leans in the window sill. The white noise of human activity that bothers him is no longer there. Hasn't been there for a few days now. Sniffing, he finds the source of the foul smoke. A building going up in flames, a couple blocks down. There's nobody trying to control it, no sirens, no curious onlookers, no chains of buckets filled with water.
Just the foul smell of burning plastic.

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He looks at the flames as they dance over the forgotten building. A few weeks in, there will be nothing to mark it was even there. A cold wind blows, moving the orange fire. He thinks of the chances of the fire reaching his block. Maybe he will have to leave his room soon, try to find the rest of the people.
Bored now of the fire show, he walks back to his usual spot in front of the computer. He doesn't want to think about leaving, but if the fire comes closer, the smell will probably alert him. He nods to himself, satisfied with the plan.

Hitting refresh, he finds a few new posts in the board. It has grown really slow lately, but the usual topics remain. There are probably no more than a dozen anonymous left now. He smiles, comforted by the usual sight of the bluish background.

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Hold me.

>> No.1627656

And still a virgin? How pathetic can you get?

You must be a rare breed in terms of appearance.

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Thanks for derailing the thread bros.

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"What the fuck do you mean 'closed'!?", the young man yells to the empty store. The door has a pretty big lock and chain protecting, right underneath a sign sitting smugly reading "Sorry, we are closed for now. Have a nice day". The smiley face seems like he is mocking him.
He only grumbles in frustration. There's nothing he can do after all, and looking around he only sees the same disappointed faces. Counting, there are only around three or four people, all like himself, clad in winter clothes even though it's June. He covers his eyes against the sudden gust of wind that blows up the street.

He turns around to start the long walk back, when he hears the familiar sound of glass breaking, shortly followed by a round of cheers. Quickly facing back, he sees the small pack of men climbing inside the store through a broken window. Feeling the excitement rise up inside him, he follows them into the dark abandoned store.

There's not much left anyway, and they are not quite looting. The initial rush gone, they are just walking the aisles looking for the essentials. They congregate at the instant ramen aisle, quietly distributing the few dozen packs between them.
"So, how about that weather?" one of them says with a smile on his face. He was probably the class clown before. Laughter goes around, dark survivor humor. He remembers reading about it, comedy to face the end of humanity. He laughs too, trying not to think about things.

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Well I don't go to clubs or parties, just out with a few friends once in a while.

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He walks away, finding a few cartons of cigarettes. It's a neat find.
"Found cigs, someone smokes?" he yells. Afterward, he reflects on why he did that. He could have kept them all for himself, he could have walked out silently.
"I do". Someone strolls from the shadows and grabs a single carton, leaving the rest for him. "Finder's fee" he smiles before walking off to the liquors.
This isn't how he imagined the end of the world to be.
"It's because we have nothing to look forward to now. There are no survivalists or looters trying to save up on food and supplies. Nobody cares." A voice sounds beside him, coming from some guy in glasses, looking around the magazine stacks. "That's why there's nobody on the streets, every one is busy fucking until the end."
"Normalfags." The young man mutters, testing his luck.
His companion cracks a smile and adjusts his lenses. "What about power suppression?"
"Fuck that," he answers back. "Have you checked the boards? Nothing but last attempts to meet up, spend some time with another human being."
"And you?" he straightens himself, picking one of the cartons he holds in his basket.
"Watching all the anime I can before the generator runs out."
"That's a nice way to go." He turns away, aiming for the broken window. "It was good meeting you anonymous, thanks for the smokes." He adjusts his glasses again and jumps out to the street.

The young man packs what he came for into his backpack, and exits through the same broken window. He starts to walk back home, slowly going through the ashen snow. The wind picks up again, blowing into his pale face.
Only a few more blocks to go. Only a few more days.

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ok so im in school and this kid i dont like his name is shawn he starts botering me because hes a jerk and he alawys picks on me like pushing me around and stuff anyway usualyi dont usualy do anything cuz i get scared but that day he was pushing me into the wall while i was walking to class with my friends and everyone was quiet cuz no1 wanted to get picked on but i was starting to get angry so i said to him stop it already, shawn and he's like f*** u, dork make me and im like fine thats it!!!11! so he pushes me and i fall on my face and evry1 around gets in a group and starts going fight fight fight and shawns like get up you b**** so i get up slowly and im REALLY angry and i turn around and i feel like theres this power inside me so i start screaming at him like goku so evry1 in the group backs up and looks scared and even shawn started to back up and look scared so i yell at him you shuldnt have messed with a sayian!!!1! i put my hands back and go kameeeeeeehameeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaa and i try to shoot it i dont see it but i could feel the forc e of it (im training it now so i can see it) and shawn backed up a bit so i coul dtell him i hit him wiht it too then he turned around and walked awya cuz he was scared and evry1 in the gruop walked away too and my friends all come up to me and start saying stuff like good job and my friend chris says dude your hair turned gold for a second and im like really and hes like yeah and then all my other friends are like yeah i saw it too so thats the story of how i learned that i was a saiyan

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The other people on the patio finished their drinks and left. Maybe seeing a guy sit down, open a laptop and drink alone makes them look into their own soul. Maybe they don't like what they see. Nice to have the place to myself anyway.

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I'd say its the strong opinions and quickness to rebuke fellow anons.

>> No.1627691

That's the point, you well of sadness.

Anyhow, the real sadness is that everything you stand for personality wise boils down to depraved sexuality or merely the lack of the experience. It's pretty transparent, you know.

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Usually, when people look at me, they're just looking at a facade. How I look at any given moment is a direct
reflection of the people around me. If I stick out too much, someone might approach me. I can't let that happen. If I'm in a group of loud people, I'll be loud too. If everyone else is laughing at crude jokes, I'll laugh as well. I was always changing, like a chameleon, just so I could keep away from small talk. But one of the most amazing feelings is being with a girl who can see straight through that facade. She knows you dislike small talk, so she avoids confronting you. And yet, she's always nearby, in case you feel like having a menial conversation about the weather,
or how the leaves look gently drifting to the ground. She knows that you don't want other people's help, so she'll try to stay out of the way. But when you're down, she'll be the first one to hold out her hand. When you walk in the park during autumn, she wouldn't ask if she could tag along with you, rather,
she'd just walk alongside you without consent, without a word. She wouldn't say anything, but she would lightly hold your arm, and give a gentle smile toward you. And as you walked in the cool, brisk afternoon with her, leaves falling around you like snow, you'd feel your stress, your worries, and your fears slowly melt away. Your mouth would slowly tug at its corners, a sensation that you may have long forgotten. You'd take a look at her face, the warm face that was smiling at the simple treasure of life itself.
And after all this time, you could finally feel yourself returning a genuine smile as well.

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Meru, take some of your own advice and get a life, this was a nice thread until you showed up.

Fair enough.

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Alabama isn't that bad as long as you don't hang around with more than 3 people at any one time. I've never been in a more "GRAB A BEER, LET'S CHILL THIS SHIT OUT" state than Alabama. Most people take "taking it easy" to the extreme.

Still, it's not a good state, at all. Lots of bad things. Lots of poor blacks and whites.

I will kill you and burn the body and then sprinkle you over Crichton.

There can be only one.

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Anonymity breeds extremes. I like try to hang on the the the extremes of truth and love, instead of the shit and piss.

>> No.1627714

post AIM, so as I can verify you are from Mobile.

another mobile anon, here.

>> No.1627718

What with athens & femanon posting in every /jp/ thread?

What happen to all the other tripfag like anonymous of gensokyo or the cirno tripfag.
At least they keep the ronery thread interesting.

>> No.1627720

/r/ Athen's ronriness statistics

>> No.1627722

You don't go to South, do you?

>> No.1627724

∧_∧   / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
       (・ω・) <  Just passing through〜♪
     ,O゙゙)=⊂二 ) ≡ \_________
   / ノ(( ̄_ノニニフ
  ( ◎)゙ー——'( ◎) ≡3 ≡3 ≡3

>> No.1627726

Do your part and post some stories and Touhou

>> No.1627728

What statistic?

>> No.1627738

Only applies if actually ronery.

Years without girlfriend:
Employed [Y/N]
Education [Y/N]

Reasons for ronriness:

>> No.1627739


I almost shed a tear.

>> No.1627741


>All human beings desire companionship.

What would a nigger know? Fuck your absolutes. I desire no human interaction. I wouldn't necessarily be opposed to having a good friend, but I do not suffer for the lack of one.

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Age: 21
Years without girlfriend: 21
Employed: N
Education: Y (Masters)

Reasons for ronriness: Corrosive apathy mixed with the feeling I'm happy enough as it is, which only genuinely hurts when I see other, genuinely happy couples.

>> No.1627756

Needs smelly version.

>> No.1627757

Oh ho ho, too good - far too good.

>> No.1627758

Age: 28
Years without girlfriend: 3
Employed [Y/N] Y
Education [Y/N] N

Reason for roneriness: Who'dve thought women don't like men with large stashes of loli porn? Teach me to buy Comic LO hardcopies.

>> No.1627764

You're not athens!

>> No.1627765

Fuck, I would join you guys, but the thread is way to developed now. Lazy to read all the shit.

>> No.1627768

anon's posting to, at least this thread will be slightly less of a tripfag jerkoff

age: 23
years without girlfriend: 23
employed: yes, but its part-time and low pay
education: high school. not all of us have parents to pay for us while we jerk around for another 4+ years

reasons: if it were that easy to describe, maybe i'd try to do something about it
but mostly i'm waiting for my waifu to become real and come to me

>> No.1627769

Nothing happened though.

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I will kill both of you. I swear it. Nothing will save you.

>> No.1627773

>Who'dve thought women don't like men with large stashes of loli porn? Teach me to buy Comic LO hardcopies.
I want to know the story behind this.

>> No.1627777

Oh come on anonymous, you're missing out on some beautiful short story's and of course the great feeling that comes up when you realize you're not the only lonely introverted male in the world

>> No.1627782

Exercise is really damn good for removing all of those feelings of ronery. I'm talking about 3-4 good workouts per week.

The only bad thing is that it makes your libido skyrocket. Which is probably great for a normal person, but annoying when all you got is your right hand.

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Would you kill me? I'm in Alabama too.

>> No.1627786

Yes. Please die already.

>> No.1627788

On a board which has international access and rather high esteem, given rankings of similar venues, I refuse to believe 4 people from Alabama come here.

It's all a lie. A vicious lie designed to make me homicidal.

>> No.1627793

Age: 20
Years without girlfriend: almost 1
Employed: N
Education: N, doing my time in college

Reason for roneriness: Every serious relationship I've ever had ends in horrible failure and tears all round. Probably because I'm very bad at communicating with others when it's not over the internet and nobody knows who I am. Also, I'm involuntarily tsundere. I'm afraid of failure, so I haven't initiated anything since my last spectacular breakup. Why am I even typing this, nobody's going to read it. I wish I weren't such a coward. Sage.

>> No.1627796

yarr, I go to south, now proast your AIMs, make a junk one.

>> No.1627797

You should try anal masturbation. It's not gay if you plan on being ronery forever.

>> No.1627799

There are tons of people from San Jose on /jp/, though. And that's a fucking city, not a state.

>> No.1627800

if you weren't a tripfag i might try (pathetically) to console you

but at least i read it.

>> No.1627805

Oops, sorry guys. Enough playing ronery, I have to meet a friend of mine at a bar in 15 minutes. $1 drinks for an hour, and she said she we could go back to her place after and drink a bit more.

>> No.1627806

Age: Alabama
Years without girlfriend: > 1
Employed: N
Education: N (graduate in one semester)

I don't believe in a purpose in life. People are an academic thing for me. I know enough to get by, but not enough about dealing with them for developing lasting relationships. I mire myself in pointless details because they amuse me, but can't design or carry out a life plan. I have biologically inferior memory, so I can't remember plans or even my childhood. I'm hardwired in the brain differently from others.

I understand things, I just don't care about the outcome. I only care about daily amusement.

>> No.1627807

Can women be ronery?

>> No.1627808

Age: 22
Years without girlfriend: 22
Employed: Y
Education: Y

Reason for roneriness: 100% failure rate at approaching women, although I try a few times a year. They all want to be just friends...

I've recently started hitting the gym, picked up guitar and Muay Thai in an effort to be less ronery.

>> No.1627809

The sadness

>> No.1627813

Only if they're fat

>> No.1627814

so lonely.

>> No.1627815

I don't want to fall in love.

>> No.1627818


Generally speaking no.

>> No.1627825

You don't exist. I deny you.

>> No.1627829

Age: 19
Years without girlfriend: 19
Employed [N]
Education [Y] (in college, thinking of dropping out)
Reasons for ronriness: A combination of being socially retarded, having high standards, weird hobbies, and mediocre appearance.

>> No.1627830

         , ',-,,,,,   ,,,--=''''7
       / /   :.ヽ  /:..:..   |
      ノ (   ::::::[-]:::::::::   |
     (  /i    ノ ゝ、     l  
      /l l"-"l"    ''''-''"
    / └ l l  l  ,、 从l  |.\
    \    ∨ヽ'ヽ/ lノ、/ヽノ /
      //l:::::::l''-,,_,,-'''l:::::::l >
    . /./:.l:::::::l '''ー-''"l:::::::l ヽ_
    / /:::::l:::::::l     l:::::::l    \

>> No.1627833


fucking lying whores

>> No.1627834

Could you go into more detail?

>> No.1627840

Well men tend to be the proactive party in any relationship. Women the passive party. So women basically just wait for a prospective male suitor and pick from the ones who have asked them out. Generally speaking they get asked out quite a lot if they are single.

>> No.1627847

Age: 18
Years without girlfriend : 18
Employed: [n]
Education: [y]
Reasons for roneriness: Extremely hateful and cold, obsessive personality, Too weeaboo.

>> No.1627849

Age: 19
Years without girlfriend: 3 (Still a virgin, though)
Employed: N
Education: N

Reason for roneriness: For the past few years I've had immense trouble in connecting with and getting along with other people. I don't know why. I've tried to get out of it but all my attempts have failed. I'm normally content being by myself but when I think about what I'm missing out on (a relationship) I become very ronery.

>> No.1627850

don't you fucking dare drop out
not all of us get the chance to go

>> No.1627854

You said you were going to read and instead you're.... doing exactly what I've been doing for the past month when I was supposed to be reading ;_;

>> No.1627861

Yeh I know. I'm really twitchy at the moment too because I haven't had a cigarette in a while.

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>>fucking lying whores

>> No.1627863

Age: 21
Years without girlfriend : 7
Employed: [n]
Education: [n]
Reasons for roneriness: I dont go outside....

>> No.1627865

Age: 18
Years without girlfriend : 2
Employed: [n]
Education: [y]
Reasons for roneriness: Why are all the cute nerdy girls furries?

Also, this thread is bad.

>> No.1627866


Anyone here have a girl tell you "Aw, don't worry... just be patient and you'll find a girl" ...?
They don't have the slightest idea, and think its the same for men as it is for women.

>> No.1627867

Age: 27
Years without girlfriend: 27 (Virgin)
Employed: N
Education: Y (Graduate School)

>> No.1627872

age 20
years without girlfriend 20
employed n
education n
reasons for roneriness: i suck bananas

>> No.1627874

It's a shitty community college that my parents basically forced me into. I hate it there.

>> No.1627875

Well, let's see.

Age: I guess I just turned in to 22, I still regard my self as 21, though.
Years without boyfriends: Define a boyfriend. You mean, serious dating? I regard it as a waste of time. When did we broke up? A month ago?
Employed: Work is for losers.
Education: Well... I dropped out.

Reason for roneriness: Well, I'm not lonely. Or maybe I am. I do not know. I mean, the feeling of loneliness does not have anything to do with whether you date or not or have any friends and stuff. Now, that is just deprivation of interpersonal contact and has really nothing to do with really _being lonely_.

>> No.1627877

3 failed relationships, sucks hard

>> No.1627880
File: 495 KB, 400x225, 1226984308776.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nyan nyan nyan nyan ni hao nyan

>> No.1627883

Age: 26
Years without girlfriend: 6
Employed: N
Education: College dropout

Reason for roneriness: Social anxiety, lack of intuitive understanding of non-verbal communication (I've researched enough that I can consciously "read" people, but to do this reliably while carrying out a conversation is too difficult).

>> No.1627885

>139 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.

>> No.1627886


>> No.1627887

>You mean, serious dating? I regard it as a waste of time. When did we broke up? A month ago?


>> No.1627889

i have nothing.
you at least have a chance for slightly more than nothing.

>> No.1627891

Are you a girl?

>> No.1627892

If you have gotten far enough into a conversation with a woman for her to tell you that, you probably could find a girlfriend.

And all you fags who have had girlfriends are not truly ronery.

>> No.1627895

Age: 20
Years without girlfriend: 20
Employed: N
Education: dropped out of college because I was bored rather than because I sucked at it
Reason: I'm an ass, I hate going out with people I'm not already friends with, I'm an ass, I hate socializing in general, I'm an ass, I don't really get out anymore and also: I'm an ass.

I'd sage for non-/jp/ content, but I'd be wrong.

>> No.1627896

Hey, I was reading through some of my old Catullus shit the other day and I came across this line I think describes women quite well:

"alios age incitatos, alios age rabidos!"

"Drive others to elation, drive others raving mad!"

Also - Women can't be ronery, so shhh >>1627875 :3

>> No.1627897

In today's society, it's becoming more acceptable for the girl to be the one to ask someone out, I've noticed.

Though, that's still the general view of things... that it is "better" if the male is the one to do it.

Isn't a woman's natural passive and submissive behavior something that is seen as more attractive, though?

>> No.1627898

Is it better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all?
I don't know. It hurts both ways, pal.

>> No.1627900


>> No.1627901


>They don't have the slightest idea, and think its the same for men as it is for women.

It's true that they're ignorant, but mostly they just don't care. Women are incapable of most kinds of empathy. They just say the most socially desirable thing that will make you go away, they don't actually give half a thought to your situation.

>> No.1627906

all of you dropping out of college frustrates me so much

>> No.1627911

You're like our mothers telling us to eat our crappy food because there are people starving out there. Knowing that some people are more unfortunate has never been proven to make people more happy about what they have. Unless there's something humorous about it.

>> No.1627912

Age: 21
Years without girlfriend: 21
Employed: N
Education: Y
Reason for roneriness: Back in my high school days I had chance to hook up with at least 3 different girls but I didn't give a shit until it was too late. I always miss the chance or just don't take it. Now I just don't care. I'm sure there is a girl out there patiently waiting for me ;_;

>> No.1627913

Nope, it's much worse.

>> No.1627914

If you have had a girlfriend you may be lonely but you will never reach ronery.

>> No.1627916

Uuh, you were reading the big books again.

Stop reading and start blogging about your smoking habit.

>> No.1627920

Where the fuck do you live that you can't go to college and why the fuck do you think it is so good? It's just another institution to fuck you up enough to get you to want to work for the rest of your life, just like high school.

>> No.1627921

>In today's society, it's becoming more acceptable for the girl to be the one to ask someone out, I've noticed.

Really? I haven't noticed it, but then again I don't really pay attention to trends, or at least can't read them that well.

>Isn't a woman's natural passive and submissive behavior something that is seen as more attractive, though?

I dunno, at the risk of insulting anyone I'm going to say I think this is one biological difference that women cling to, because it gives them an advantage.

>> No.1627926

Heh? I've been hating school since I was in kindergarten. The only reason I even went to college was that even though I didn't study, I wasn't a complete retard and was near the top of the class for everything we had. Everyone wanted me to go, I went, I told them I was sick of it, and now I'm doing nothing. Until newyear, anyway, after that it's job hunting time.

>> No.1627929

you can't just generalize an entire gender based on some personal experiences you've had with some, that's like some women hating all men because she met some lazy douchebags

>> No.1627933

Age: 21
Years without girlfriend: 21
Employed: N
Education: Y (Getting my Bachelor's)

I'm incapable of caring for another person. I just can't love back, but I could emulate it well enough. I don't bother to anymore, stopped worrying about anything.

Zen through emotional numbness and apathy. You should try it, this is true happiness. Well, at least one of them.

>> No.1627935

I've only had one relationship and that was many years ago. I was 14 she was 12 and it lasted 2 years. Our friends never thought of us as bf-gf though we were more fuck-buddies, but still... i miss it.

>> No.1627936

>>1627920 It's just another institution to fuck you up enough to get you to want to work for the rest of your life, just like high school.

oh. you're one of Those.
forget it then.

>> No.1627937

No, idiot, it's a means to getting a good job instead of a shitty minimum wage one that only needs a high school diploma.

>> No.1627939

Getting a girl to pretend to feel guilty for you is much easier than you think. Try it yourself, get to know a girl just barely, confess to her that you are really ronery, and she'll just look for the easiest way out by trying to make you feel better with a shitty line that never works.

>> No.1627940

>big books

Catullus is hardly 'big' and he's about the most accessible poet out of all classical antiquity.

>> No.1627941
File: 101 KB, 810x636, 1226984899874.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Age: 23
Years without girlfriend : 23
Employed: y
Education: y
Reasons for roneriness: not motivated to look for a waifu right now

>> No.1627942

Don't worry I'll ask you out :3

>> No.1627945

I got reverse-picked up my first time. Maybe it's more like this in America than in Europe.

>> No.1627946

Getting a girl to pretend to feel pity for you is much easier than you think. Try it yourself, get to know a girl just barely, confess to her that you are really ronery, and she'll just look for the easiest way out by trying to make you feel better with a shitty line that never works.

>> No.1627948

Just be lonely, listen to piano, read, have tea, and look outside while it snows. Best life.

>> No.1627949

>Zen through emotional numbness and apathy.

That actually requires training though. It actually requires you to purposefully numb your emotions.

>> No.1627956

All this time I thought you had Meru Otonashi.
Well, I guess that's boyfriend not girlfriend.

>> No.1627960

Age: 23
Years without girlfriend: 6 (but she left me for one of my friends, so still virgin)
Employed: N
Education: Graduated, but (see "Employed")

Reasons for roneriness: I fail at getting over my ex leaving me to hump my friend (noticing a condom in his room didn't help). I've tried to put myself out there several times since then, but the girls are good at coming up with excuses to treat me as "just a friend". These days it's just easier to stay inside.

>> No.1627963

I would do this but I live in Georgia and it only snows once every 6 years or so.

>> No.1627964

For the ronery, how it is that you cannot form a meaningful relationship with the opposite sex in the past 21-23 years?

What's the reason? you eat alone at school? no female classmate to talk to?

Enlighten me fags

>> No.1627968


Not personal experiences, lifelong observations. I've only ever been rejected once, so I don't have nearly enough first-hand experience to draw any kind of conclusions on that alone.

>> No.1627969

Are you a cool storyteller, bro?

That's interesting. You see, I could never ask anyone out because with me it's accompanied by feelings of guilt, which is something I've always had, really awful pangs of guilt. I sometimes ring my parents up to apologize for curtly brushing them aside in a previous phone call.

>> No.1627971

By not getting out much and thinking most people act like complete retards.

>> No.1627974


You're not going to get a decent response with that kind of attitude.

>> No.1627975

This happens more than it should too.

>> No.1627976


>> No.1627977

I went out yesterday to listen to a piano concerto, have a beer and stare at the ocean, if that counts for anything.

>> No.1627978

I thought you dated me, because internet dating is still dating.

It's a bother, thought, since conceptually we were a great match.

>> No.1627979

Age: 19
Years without girlfriend: 19
Employed: N
Education: Y (Getting my Bachelor's and after that getting the second shit)

I'm would be capable of caring for another person if I met someone like that and thats unlikely. I don't bother to anymore, stopped worrying about anything.

Zen through emotional depletion while watching Animu/Mango/Vn. I spend all my emotions on 2d i have no time for 3d.

>> No.1627983

Severe anxiety and a total lack of social skills.

Never leaving the house also helps.

>> No.1627984


The winter here is harsh, but I love the atmosphere.

>> No.1627985
File: 17 KB, 373x420, 1226985407788.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh sup guys, how is it being ronery these days?

>> No.1627987

It does, I think I just associate these things more with winter.

>> No.1627993

I asked a girl out by accident once.

I was sitting alone at the end of a table at lunch in high school when some people, two girls and guy, come sit next to me because they felt sorry for me or something. They were talking and trying to include me in the conversation when I get the idea to try to be nice and I ask one of the girls "What are you doing this weekend?". After the words left my mouth I could feel my blood freeze in its veins. She gave me this weird look at first and then started talking to her friends and then they all kind of ignored me.

I really wish they would have just left me alone.

>> No.1627994

A black guy would think that... but in essence you won't be happy with just a high paying job if you are being wageslave the whole time... but since you are black, I dont think you will ever be happy anyway so it doesnt matter

>> No.1627998
File: 99 KB, 959x608, 1226985556241.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's likely so.

I admire balanced women that can express both qualities and not take either to an extreme.

I guess that's kind of the appeal of tsundere characters?

>> No.1627999
File: 197 KB, 896x697, 1226985558994.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If only a girl like Taiga could be real.

>> No.1628000

When I went to school, it was because I always remained by myself, and now that I don't go to school, it's because I never show my face outside.

I'm guessing I'm not the only one who spent a lot of effort trying to find a place to eat alone in school.

>> No.1628005


Haha, I would've been mortified.

>> No.1628008

That whole passage you just wrote out, it oozes uncomfortable feelings, makes my skin crawl.... ughhhh....

That moment where you let the 'so what are you doing this weekend' out must have seemed like an eternity.

>> No.1628010

Plenty of relationships with females, just never took that extra step.

As I said, when I realized I didn't really care for what she, or anyone, felt, I figured it would be best to let it down easy.
She didn't take it that way.
And that's all I'm saying about it, the topic has the potential to turn into full blown drama in a second.

>> No.1628011

It was hard until highschool but then you could wander off and sit on a low wall or stairs or something.

>> No.1628014

Hah, college was hilarious the first 3 weeks or so. I went out and ate in a nearby park with my laptop on my, well, lap. Though I still am in touch with 3 people I met there though. ("in touch" meaning I play online games with them and go out with them like once every...2 months)

>> No.1628015

I could be happy like this.

No doubt.

>> No.1628019
File: 28 KB, 480x272, 1226985824297.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yep. Tsundere can be taken to extremes though. Which are more for comedic effect, but the basic concept of the dichotomy of tsun-tsun and dere-dere is appealing.

>> No.1628024

A guy once asked me out thinking I was gay.

Probably has something to do with why I stay in most of the time now.

>> No.1628025

I was a relatively bubbly and active person back in freshman year of high school, but I eventually sort of started mellowing out over the course of high school. It began to feel strange when I did things and began acting in a way totally different than what people expected of me, so I sort of went along with it for the remainder of high school.

College felt like a godsend for me because it was a new slate for me to work with, and I could just basically sit alone and read books in my free time at school, or sit around in the local library without having to entertain anyone.

>> No.1628026

Are you like completely serious with that guilt thing? o_0

I mean, gee, that, it is genuinely pretty pathetic. I don't say this because I want to insult you but that brings it all to another level now that I realise it. You are twisted inside as corkscrew. No wonder anyone does not ask you out. Seriously, in this world no one is going to come and pat you on the head, if you do not make it happen by yourself. You only feel guilt because you're weak. It's natural selection in terms of relationships, really. You don't deserve to have anything, if you can pull through on your own and stop pointing fingers on other people.

>> No.1628029

I found a few places that were ideal, but there was no way to guarantee I'd be alone. I'd prefer the days the breaks were long enough to give me time to just go home.

>> No.1628033

Man, that's such a casual question too. It's too bad they reacted like that.

>> No.1628036


It was pretty impossible for me. Actually middle school was awesome because we were allowed to go out for lunch, and there was a great pizzeria right across the street. It had arcade games, too. I'd grab a slice and play Street Fighter until the bell rang and I had to go back to being miserable again. But high school I just made due with sitting at the table at the end of the huge cafeteria that was occupied by a bunch of Russians who were thankfully oblivious to me. It wasn't alone enough for my liking and I had to listen to them drone on about NASCAR but at least I had some space to myself and no one bothered me.

>> No.1628038

It's why i'm welcoming this winter with open arms.

Can't wait for the mitten moe threads~

>> No.1628040

Nobody is interested in how you feel Meru.

>> No.1628047


>> No.1628054


I don't know, man. I just don't know. But they were always blabbing on about Jeff Gordon and cars and races and shit when I was trying to read.

>> No.1628056

Lay off faggot and stop shitting up the thread. Anons here are pretty accepting about their situation and its pretty clear he doesn't expect anyone nor want to come "pat him on the head".

>> No.1628057

I don't know, I feel that highschool, or grade school for that matter, is a major factor in developing your social skills; its a time, where being a teen is god awkward shit to go through and everyone knows it.

I feel that you and everyone is similar kinda missed out on all the flags that could have been easily captured.

>> No.1628059

What game is this?

>> No.1628061

Age: 19
Years without girlfriend: 1/2
Employed [Y/N] Y (Deli Assistant)
Education [Y/N] M. Probably failed my course.

Reason: Never going out.

>> No.1628063

It's the funniest when they take it to extremes and don't even intend it to be for comedic effect, though.

>> No.1628063,1 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.1628063,2 [INTERNAL] 

Remember when...

>> No.1628063,3 [INTERNAL] 

le epic old thread bumping maymay

>> No.1628063,4 [INTERNAL] 

Literally the good old days

>> No.1628063,5 [INTERNAL] 

Yeah, very epic /r9k/ thread.

>> No.1628063,6 [INTERNAL] 

Does this still get reposted on /a/ or has it been lost to time?

>> No.1628063,7 [INTERNAL] 

I don't think so.

>> No.1628063,8 [INTERNAL] 

kill me

>> No.1628063,9 [INTERNAL] 

Ronery threads? They got banned.

>> No.1628063,10 [INTERNAL] 

Sigh.... that feel when the good old days are gone....

Remember wehen..........

>> No.1628063,11 [INTERNAL] 

I sure could go for a nice Slurpee™ from 7-11 right now

>> No.1628063,12 [INTERNAL] 

What's stopping you dude?

>> No.1628063,13 [INTERNAL] 

There used to be a 7-Eleven® down the street but it burnt down about 10 years ago and it was never rebuilt. The two next closest 7-Eleven® stores are in really crappy areas so I don't go to them and I wouldn't even think about going to them at night. I always go to the 7-Eleven® in a nice area in the next town.

It's the same 7-Eleven® where I was asked to not leave by the attendant because an old man was sexually harrassing him and the attendant didn't feel safe.

It's also the same 7-Eleven® where some guy in line told me about how upset he was that his party had been broken up by cops despite it being a 'dry party' whatever the fuck that means.

And it's the same 7-Eleven® where the attendant ignored me and stared at a guy pumping gas into a water jug outside.

Me and that 7-Eleven® go way back.

>> No.1628063,14 [INTERNAL] 

I would totally be friends with that old man

>> No.1628063,15 [INTERNAL] 

I have no money and it's been months since I went outside, I don't like doing it

>> No.1628063,16 [INTERNAL] 

What do you eat?

When I was a NEET and literally can't afford shit I used to improvise. I take a pinch of salt and soy sauce and mix it into cooking oil and pour it into rice.

>> No.1628063,17 [INTERNAL] 

whatever my mom buys. which is basically just yogurt, cheese and meat.

>> No.1628063,18 [INTERNAL] 

ughhh, your semen probably tastes like death, would not suck.

>> No.1628063,19 [INTERNAL] 

is this why I'll never have a girlfriend?

>> No.1628063,20 [INTERNAL] 

hey bb i eat lots of sweets wanna give it a suck

>> No.1628063,21 [INTERNAL] 

Are you one of those skinny boys that eats lots of junk but never gains weight?
Otherwise, you're probably fat, yuck gross!

>> No.1628063,22 [INTERNAL] 

um i dont think im fat i used to be fat though so i have a hard time telling i guess im on the skinnier side now because you can see a lot of bones in my arms and legs and you can count my ribs and my tummy bulges when i eat a lot

>> No.1628063,23 [INTERNAL] 

Kill all fags

>> No.1628063,24 [INTERNAL] 

Okay, I'd give yours a suck if we ever met. I've never sucked a real dick before, so I hope I can satisfy a cute wbro.

>> No.1628063,25 [INTERNAL] 


I let my boyfriend have sex with my identical twin sister. AMA

Hey guys. I'm 21 and have been dating my boyfriend (who is 23 now) since my second semester at university. I'm pretty much completely disinterested in sex, so I let my sister and boyfriend have sex instead. My sister and I had this 'arrangement' with one of my previous boyfriends in high school as well. Ask me whatever!

I asked my boyfriend, and he says he'll do an AMA this weekend if you guys are interested.

Is this normal? Is this how normies are?

>> No.1628063,26 [INTERNAL] 

I wish she did it without telling him

>> No.1628063,27 [INTERNAL] 

woah sorry ill turn off bold sorry

>> No.1628063,28 [INTERNAL] 

yeah dude its called cuckolding ask moot about it

>> No.1628063,29 [INTERNAL] 

Why the fuck do people need to do an AMA on anything seriously this is fucking annoying

>> No.1628063,30 [INTERNAL] 

i post on warosu, AMA

>> No.1628063,31 [INTERNAL] 

Do you Drive?

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