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choose wisely

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Sex with Meido!

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Rumia (bottom left)

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the chink

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I would like an SM relationship with the Ojou-sama.

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why only remi and flan look interested in the deal?

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I would like to spend some time alone with Patchouli there in the back.

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Sauce? sadpanda, saucenao and google all gives nothing

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Koakuma, the succubus. I want the most bang for my buck.

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remi and flan counts as one, right?
they're sisters after all.

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This. Meirin is the only correct answer.

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Patchouli. Softly and gently.

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Is it true that everybody with a Patchouli avatar is a NEET IRL?

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Call me a secondary, but I gotta go with Flan.

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She picked Sakuya?

What a disappointment.

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I'm sorry I don't want to do the sex thing
Can I just work as a servant for Remimi instead

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Patche, if canon loli Patche and not a disgusting hambeast. Otherwise Remilia.

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anyone but the grandmother reading books

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The Remimi!

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Sakuya would be nice, but being gentle with Patchouli would be the best

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Patche. Then just chill in the library, talking about and researching oni all day.

I don't care much about the EoSDs.

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Give me the flan or patchy

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China is the only one

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i thought 2hus are pure

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Harcore sex with the asthmatic girl

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Gimme that OL.

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Time to mating press China!!! After a good workout of course.

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I'm gonna plow that fat slut!

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They probably don't understand what sex is and they just commit everyone in their mansion to that with some random guy off of /jp/

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The little sister

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Sadistic femdom that doesn't involve any sexual element at all with the maid

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Patchi-tan for me, got everything that i like in a girl and i think she is very good in the bed

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Depends if Koakuma's tail is long enough to strangle me while fucking my ass.

Because better strangle me out when my soul gets eaten.

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But she's not really a succubus. She's an imp. Do you really think ZUN would have created a succubus?

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Still doesn't remove the tailchoke while getting femdommed hard!

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I'm glad this doujin finally got translated.
Always wanted to be able to read it.

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Man I'd really just rather fuck a fairy

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Meiling or Koakuma.