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So what's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you playing Touhou?

I know this is gonna end the topic record-speed here, but...
I'm 0/16 on Icicle Fall.

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I let Cirno kill me because I love her too much.

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Mine is that I have no idea what that means.

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I never defeated Sakuya in EoSD...easy modo

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I once played on EASY MODO

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I die to Normal Mode Icicle Fall, but this shit is ridiculous.

Posting counter Marisa to make things better.

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I've never been able to beat Flandre. QED Ripples of 495 Years destroys me.

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I haven't beat IN in EASY MODO yet.

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I defeated Suwako's last spell card and beat her. Then, I died.

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Got raped by Kaguya on IN Easy Modo.

Well, I beat it now, so I am happy.

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Some have been there. It's forgivable if you didn't know about it.

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I still can't beat the final boss in MoF on EASY MODO. I can compleate other Touhou games on easy, but MoF's final level drives me insane.

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Reimu's balls always make me lose a live

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Store 7 lifes until you reach stage 6. Bomb 5 times, die, bomb again 4 times, die.
Repeat. Even a 9 could win this battle with so many bombs.

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I haven't beaten a single touhou game, even in easy modo.

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KirbyM, is that you?

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I once thought a vast majority of people were better than me in Touhou.
Then I hear that people haven't beaten PCB Lunatic, even with like five continues.

I was floored. I was trying so hard to be able to get to Alice on one continue, then do the rest on two or three more. Now I just don't care.

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I beat PCB normal before I realized those blue things actually can get you lives and aren't just there for score.

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Most of us are better than that.

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Pro-tip: You're not supposed to use more than one continue.

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Now I just don't care.
I would try to 1cc it, but fuck it.

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I dunno, He seemed alright. Kind of boring, a bit too pretentious, and not enough images for a touhou tripfag, but alright.

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I always run into bullets that I would of missed if I merely stood still...

I'm fucking retarded.

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PROTIP: You're not supposed to use continues.

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In a similar vein, fuck Sakuya's Misdirection.

In the ear.

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>would of
Yeah, I'd say you are.

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PROTIP: Continues are part of the game. Unless your going for score or are already a god in human form (can 1cc Lunatic), if you're 1ccing a difficulty, you should be playing one difficulty higher.

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No don't say that! Easy modo is ok too!

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You don't get a good ending in most TH games if you use continues.

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I've 1ccd IN on normal, beat it on hard and got as far as Eirin on lunatic. But even on normal I still have to bomb Tewi and then lose multiple lives to Reisen. Every fucking time.

I hate them so much.

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Keeping on topic. My most embarrassing moment was when a friend was watching me 1cc lunatic PCB, when I game overed on Yuyuko's final spell with 1 second to go.

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I fucking hate that

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Once my family saw me playing it.

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Lasting less than 10 seconds... on Easy Mode...

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the most embarassing moment i had, was when i was reading this specific touhou thead, and suddenly it hit me: TOUHOU FUCKING SUCKS, ITS LIKE NIGGERS WITH WELFARE, DOES NOT COMPUTE. you all be niggers who cant even play an easy as fuck 1d shitty shooter. enjoy your fire you fuckfaceshitslurpass furries

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Starting to pay attention to History when a spellcard comes up and seeing things like 2/30.

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actually, it's 2D.

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mods should ban this faggot

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After hearing about Touhou on /a/, I downloaded a couple of games, played them for a bit, thought they were okay. I gave the game to a friend and saw his computer play the game twice as fast... the correct speed.

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I wish I could hate you to baldness.

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My most embarassing moment was realizing that the computer jobs to you after it beats you once in PoFV.

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I have troubles beating the games on normal with most characters. There's one or two in each game I do well with, but the rest... worthless.

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It's funny because it's true. Easy mode is realllllly easy.

My most embarrassing thing is that I still haven't capped a Last Word.

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Succesful troll

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