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Sup guys?

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> Hey everybody I'm a girl you know with tits and a vagina and stuff please pay attention to me!

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Lol, sup guies

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>Hey everybody I am really easily trolled, they don't even have to do anything except have an obvious troll tripfag name!

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Hay Reimu.

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Don't you love it how "femanons" constantly complain about how they're discriminated against, but still bring up their gender at every given chance? Just goes to show no matter where a female as, she'll attention whore.

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heresy, etc

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Stop falling for the troll, troll.

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Stop falling for the troll that's falling for the troll, troll. Also, age for Warhammer 40K

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I've never complained about being discriminated against. I first started using this name because everyone called me a troll whenever I tried to defend myself in an argument and the fact I was a women came up. I just don't want people to think I'm making the things I say up, but it doesn't seem to be working.

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Why don't you so called "femanons" go back to Gaia if all you're going do is attention whore and shit things up? Go to hell, bitches

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Femanon of /jp/ > athens

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Is this Mechwarrior 2? I love that game.

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Of course no one takes you seriously, because it's obvious you're just a dumb attention whore. If you want to make a dumb slut out of yourself, do it elsewhere,

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> and the fact I was a women
Are you the many?

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Femanon is such a lame word.

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awesome post in failure thread

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You know, for being the mascot for this board I sure don't get mentioned a whole lot :[

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It sucks when faggots rain down in your threads.

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Maybe because you dumb bitches are so damn lame?

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