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thread starter that's not shitpost-tier

What IIDX playstyle do you use and how did you come about to using it?

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random is cheating

and taka.s, because it feels more fun than 1048 and symmetrical feels weird

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3/5 , symmetrical and taka.s
I just learned whatever that helps me to hit certain patterns. Though I regret learning symmetrical instead of 1048

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People who learned to play on 5 key have superior hand placement techniques. Sorry plebs who started on double dicks.

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Pop'n music is a two player game

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I fucking knew it. No wonder I can't get passed the 44 wall.

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What usually factors into most people's IIDX playside choice?

Personally I use 2P side since I started off with BMS on keyboard using semicolon as a scratch.

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>keyboard using semicolon as a scratch.
This is how I'm currently playing IIDX

I used 2P because I thought I can't scratch with my left hand.

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This feels the most comfortable to me, but how the fuck are you supposed to hit chords like 135 without completely changing where your fingers are?

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Move your left thumb to 3 and hit 1 with either your index or middle finger I think.

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G'day everyone DJ DARQs here.

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Enjoying music is cheating.

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Being a NEET is cheating.

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So if PCBIDs are gonna get reset and I didn't have webui account or PCBID before, will I just lose it? Or will there be some sort of registration?

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How about you ask that on sows where these questions belong.

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The factors are where they started to learn the game and which hand is dominant.

Had you played the game with a controller from the start, you'd probably be 1P.

Most everyone is 1P. There's an ever dwindling number of people who are 2P because they started playing on 5key.

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Lots of people use their ring finger, also some bring down their index, like pic related

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Is there some trick to the chord streams in R5 [h] that I'm not seeing? I can get through the rest of 4th dan pretty easily, but that one part kills me instantly.

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What are some funny DDR charts to see people playing at?

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I skipped 4dan and went straight to 5dan because of the beginning of R5
It's like the Safari but for 4dan

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The beginning's easy, it's the middle and near the end that's impossible. I already skipped 2nd because of Abyss though, maybe I could just do odd-numbered ones if it weren't for that putting me in Safari dan later.

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Sows discord was a mistake

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sows was a mistake in itself

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>tfw still haven't uploaded a single byte of it's dicks

My ratio will always be shit.

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Just keep saving the world, spider-man

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>0.01 KB uploaded

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I have a massive 6.00 ratio on that shit. Step it up, anon.

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I have a feeling everyone seeding that is competing to see who can be the last seeder. Gonna be seeding this for years.

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Fuck logging into sows ever. I have been using the PCBID I've had for years. I mean shit. I just use localserver most of the time because I don't give a shit about scoreboards.

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Will this Anon git gud and free himself?

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If FCing LTR another was my only way out I'd tell you to just throw away the key and fuck my ass to death.

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What's the sows IRC server?

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Why have you done this?

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Don't bother it's pretty dead

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jp is not your tech support

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It's incredibly active every single time I visit.

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kill yourself you stupid greedy fuck

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Tens are hard

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not really, if you are playing actively you can get to 11s in like 3 weeks

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I wasn't asking for anyone's help?

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>3 weeks

Git gud scrub. I got to Kaiden in about an afternoon after first getting an ASC.

You should be able to do 4s/5s out of the gate. 1 - 3s shouldn't even exist.

Realistically, though, you should spend about 5 minutes on 5s, 10 minutes on 6s, 30 minutes on 7s, 45 minutes on 8s, a hour on 9s, 2 hours on 10s. 3 hours on 11s, and after 6 hours on 12s you should be at least HCing Mei.

People treat this game like it's supposed to be hard. I guess I'm just too smart to be challenged by such trivialities.

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>That middle clusterfuck of this song

How did I clear it years ago?

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taikofags, is full comboing Kita Saitama 2000 still considered an achievement or am I 10 years too late to the party

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>network support for 9th style
well that was unexpected

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I wonder why 9th specifically.

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Wasn't it the first to use PC hardware and is kinda shitty or something like that?

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I've been a capcomfag since I was a kid. Is cross beats good?

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it's not good cause its a touch screen game, but it's up there in terms of touch screen games. it's about as good as technika (the best touch screen game)

song selection is pretty nice with some capcom game music, some recognizable artists/licenses like naoki, cranky

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first style on new hardware, riddled with timing problems, mediocre songlist. the thread makes it sound like a pet project by one guy, which explains it i guess. dude just loves his 9th style. the ui and system music are really nice cause it's an old iidx game and they all had those on lock.

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we /fit/ now

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>tfw to smart for bemani

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Am I swole, uguu~?

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>FP7 took like a week to leave china and geg to korea

Fuck, how much longer will it rake to arrive

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>Mediocre song list
Motherfu*cker u take that back

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8th and 9th are the worst styles along with Spada.

>> No.16219278

But 9 has quasar, the best bemani song made
I personally like 8th for the eurobeat but I will give u spada

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>tfw I like Spada and Siriu
>see people on sows saying those are the woest styles

Place is full of shit taste. At least we can all agree Lincle is the most forgettable modern style

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fuck off retard


>> No.16219369

6th and 7th have all the good eurobeat.

spada fucking sucks
sirius is ok
lincle sucks

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>BLACK.by X-Cross Fade
>DON'T WAKE ME FROM THE DREAM (2010 Summer Edition)
>Electric Super Highway
>Release The Music
>Star Trail
>The Sampling Paradise

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At least we all agree that substream owns

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IIDX 1st to 5th is fucking fantastic. So many awesome songs, and a lot of the charts are fun cause they feel like 5key.

>> No.16219499

I unironically like Follow Tomorrow and love BBB

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I like that one hhh+h song from empress a lot

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>Place is full of shit taste
i agree because they think copula is good

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fuck you Lincle is my 2nd favorite style

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what the fuck even is a Lincle

>> No.16220238

ur mum's a lincle

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Fuck anyone who doesn't like perfect free


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>not liking a SLAKE designed style

fuck off scrub

Posted from my 9th style real marquee ($75 on yaj + you don't want to know how much via tenso)

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G'day everyone DJ DARQs here

>> No.16220841

why do people like slake

asking unironically

>> No.16221000


If you don't like SLAKE's style, you can't really be convinced.

If all you know is Gambol, listen to some of his 5 key stuff like GAME and SODA. Also listen to his stuff as "SPARKER" in IIDX.

But I understand his style is a little too weird for most rhythm game players who aren't into that sort of stuff. I guess that's why he always got featured more in 5 key, and why his songs became so far and few between as iidx etc shifted to IOSYS type stuff.

But yeah if you don't like those songs after hearing them then there is no convincing you, You either love slake or think he's shit IMO

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I forgot to add, listen for the coin insert sound on the turntable in SODA. That is the kind of awesome thing only Slake would have done.

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Whoever decided to add hitsounds to pop'n should be fired

>> No.16221198

Do you mean keysounds?

>> No.16221332

No, hitsounds. Like a tambourine noise when you hit the note. Different from keysounds in that it adds nothing, especially to pop'n.

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I miss the SDVX3 lifebar though

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rasis a qt

>> No.16221356

>that Tsumabuki in snorkeling goggles

>> No.16221362


is this a real screenshot?
looks like fuckin shit

>> No.16221396

It's really hard to top the SDVX3 theme.

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I remembered 2 schoolgirls who tried to do a local matching in Museca. Now it's easier for them.

>> No.16221503

Hitsounds sre fine if there are no keysounds. But since buttons are naturally loud and clicky anyway, it really is unnecessary

>> No.16221740


Woah, in what? eclale?

>> No.16221806


It's Lovely & Drive = New Lincle.

I can't even either

>> No.16221889

Don't forget 恋する宇宙戦争っ!! too

>> No.16221977


Fuck Lincle and fuck all these songs. All of 'em suck.


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why are osu players autistic children

>> No.16222306

Why does jp hate on osu? It's fun...

>> No.16222320


You answered your own question.

>> No.16222323

why are bemani players autistic furry tranny manchildren

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i play taiko and can confirm this is not true

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I don't hate the game, I hate the community. If you like the game, but aren't a piece of shit human that's good and all, but often that's the case.

>> No.16222369

the game is pretty shit, but that in itself wouldn't be so bad.

There's nothing wrong with liking a shit game, there's plenty wrong with praising it as the best thing ever.

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but it's fun

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>> No.16222483

there's also the problem that the game seems to gather really obnoxious and immature people

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>t. salty 8dan

>> No.16223703

the sampling paradise is literally one of the best songs in iidx

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How important is scrolling speed? I play lr2 and sometimes o2!jam bms converts in Osu at 200 ish and 23 speed, and I see most top rankers play at insane speeds, is it helpful to master fast speeds of am I okay playing at average speeds?

>> No.16223754

you should be using at least LR2 speeds of 300 or so

Green number in IIDX of approximately 400-250

SDVX hi-speed around 650-850, but some players use ridiculous HS speeds in that game.

>> No.16223809

Just use whatever speed is comfortable for you. As long as you aren't struggling to read dense sections then using slower speeds is fine.

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>the cgate thread

>> No.16224086

jesus christ I just saw this, what a shitshow

>> No.16224166

>my GN is at 272

I remembered using x10 in guitar freaks so there's that. However my scrolling speed in SDVX is at 675. Weird.

>> No.16224284

That moment when you've spent hours slogging around in IDA trying to analyze a protocol from the ground up and then you see that someone made a working server "in 8 hours" using LoadLibrary.

At least it felt good when I figured out how the encryption is done.

>> No.16224300


Hey I'm no 8th dan. Sure I can't get passed TSP and clear the course but I am a 9th dan.

I play at the level of a 9th dan. I am a 9th dan.

>> No.16224302

SDVX is somewhat harder to read quickly at because you have to consider hand crossovers and knob patterns are not intuitive to read.

That being said I definitely see more SDVX players playing at insane shit like 950+BPM compared to IIDX players using numbers under 260.

>> No.16224374

I'd say it's the opposite, honestly. The angled lane makes things much harder to read/time at low hi-speeds in my opinion.
The only real issue with large hi-speed values is that you can't react quickly enough due to the controller size, whereas in IIDX you can perform any combination of inputs with very little movement.

>> No.16224475

>can't clear 9th dan
so you're 8th dan

>> No.16224506

In IIDX I'm using white number 400, green 350-375

Is that ok or should I suck it up and try to read faster

>> No.16224510

that's a really big lanecover but fwiw i use 281 wn 350 gn

>> No.16224596


Generally people play within the range of 260-300. If you're just starting out it's ok to read slower but that's where you want to end up.

>> No.16224606


I've naturally gravitated towards almost exactly what DARQs uses.

225/280 W/GN

I find that neat, if maybe only coincidental.

>> No.16224760

I'm 7dan but basically play like a kaiden

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File: 218 KB, 1366x768, CzE0Ek-UoAI1AAx.jpg:orig.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish Mimi and Nyami patted my head.

>> No.16224920

Hey, SODA is pretty cool. that kind of music is what got me into 2dicks lol. iosys was a mistake

>> No.16224940

G'day everyone DJ DARQs here

>> No.16224960

G'day everyone DJ DARQs here

>> No.16225371


whatever works for you
People usually decrease their GN as they learn to read faster but i've seen kaidens play at 340 so

>> No.16225544

Fucking shitshow. Anyone supporting Corin is asking for the actual death of Bemani.

>> No.16225560

Has he done something before this or do you just mean allowing this in public is stupid?

>> No.16225567

Bringing public pw-like network in America especially after DDRA is moronic.

>> No.16225610


Great. Where can I sign up? I wish nothing but death to Bemani. It is a bane to my existence and I desire it gone.

>> No.16225631

Great. Konami is going to fuck us again. What even is there to gain from PW v2 at this point?

>> No.16225673

I like the lanecover

dunno what you define as just starting out but i'm playing easy to mid 8s right now

>> No.16225707

Wasn't PW running N-0 data though? May this time things will be different ¯\_(ツ)_/¯?

>> No.16225711

Especially with e amuse having American support now

>> No.16225739

when the hec is lapistoria getting card support ??

>> No.16225760

I'm afraid to voice my opinion in the thread, but I think this is an absolutely horrible idea

Why risk Konami pulling official eamuse from the US entirely???

>> No.16225778


Because there's no way they will. That would hurt their business bottom line, whereas there's not a lot to lose here for us. Without eAmuse, no R1 will sell another Paseli ever again. And R1 is the only reason we even have it because it's a Japanese company. They'd have to fuck over a fellow company, which might lead to other R1s everywhere from downsizing their Bemani selection.

In comes a C&D and they shut down like before.

I'm not 100% sure I even know what I'm talking about

>> No.16225795

"americans want our games so badly they made their own network support again even after legal threats, lets pull out of the US because clearly there's no money to be made" -konami in the minds of dummys

>> No.16225806

y'know that's... a pretty good argument actually

>> No.16225838


They're japanese, not people. Thinking isn't their strong suits. But doing the same thing over and over until they die? They got that one down pat.

>> No.16225840

They won't pull from R1, but they would definitely pull from DnB or prevent them from getting any new games. And good luck ever seeing it expand beyond that to actual arcades that are closer than a fucking day trip to most of America.

Corin's a fucking idiot. He's not even here in the US, any fallout won't even happen to him. It's literally just his lackeys in the UK bemani scene that's backing him on this.

>> No.16225979


I haven't logged into sows in years and i'm not about to break that for some shitty thread!!!!

...So what happened?

>> No.16226002

You're not really missing anything.

>> No.16226016

eclale launches in 7 days

>> No.16226018


Shitposting and PW v2 N-1 edition.

>> No.16226027

where did konami touch you

>> No.16226035


there's no paseli in the US.

>> No.16226085


There's R1 in japan though

>> No.16226107

The discussion's regarding R1 in the US only.

There's no paseli here, konami loses zero paseli sales by pulling out of the US.

>> No.16226115


So we get 0 Paseli only options?

>> No.16226159


>> No.16226286


This is fucked up if true because I still have a little paseli left over on my card from last time I was in Japan. It's less than 5 bucks for sure though, I always did paseli play like everyone else for extra rounds...

>> No.16226287

Are there any IIDX songs that sound like these? Or will I have to keep playing LR2



>> No.16227116

DDR A has premium enabled at D&B at least, I think R1 IIDX is 0 paseli only but I've never actually been there to check.

>> No.16227528

first one reminds me of rche and zektbach
second i have no idea, bridal festival maybe?

>> No.16227553

Man I JUST realized the money score stopped being a thing after watching some IIDX tourney where the winner in an EX score tie was determined by who had more P.Greats.

Also, why the fuck is Random allowed at these things? It's a competition between who's the better player, not who gets the better Random. You have to compare apples to apples.

Fuck this garbage.

>> No.16227618

>random allowed at a tourney


Mirror might be understandable, random could easily fuck over/give an advantage to someone

>> No.16227641


Yeah, it was https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T47GA5nu15s&feature=youtu.be

Not sure exactly what it was but Licht pulled a cheeky shit chart song and beat DOLCE. by 8 EX.

DOLCE. won overall though, as God intended.

>> No.16227751

Random has been allowed at every tournament I've ever seen.

>> No.16227767


Well every tournament you've ever seen has been wrong, and by definition invalid.

>> No.16228217

I don't remember KAC having random.

>> No.16228323

You must not have been paying attention, then. Every single one has allowed Random (and S-RAN), even back when thy were the "Top Ranker" tournaments. If the score saves on eAmusement, the mods are allowed.

The only exception I can think of is that the newly unlocked song was forced nonran in the past two tournaments (PENDULUMs and God Speed).

>> No.16228412

Money score is not present when in Event Mode.

>> No.16228430


Oh, I just thought it was gone entirely since Lincle.

>> No.16228494


>when you read 'random is cheating' so many times you begin to believe it

>> No.16228696

It is though. It makes songs easier at least 80% of times.

>> No.16228728
File: 180 KB, 800x452, 20150226213551.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Why are jumps so hard?

>> No.16228778


It's not even about cheating or being easier.

It's about being entirely different from what your opponent is playing.

You get a great slap and he doesn't? Welp. You're better. Fuck off.

>> No.16228973

I have to ask, is this a level 12 thing? I've always thought this was a dumb meme because here in 10/11 land random has almost always made charts harder.

>> No.16229041

What's more popular these days, IIDX or SDVX?

>> No.16229278

TSP is a great song wtf are you on

>> No.16229302

is this supposed to be hard

also you could do these a little easier by just bracket stomping

>> No.16229319

It does make charts harder a lot of the time, but playing on Random is essential if you want to git gud

>> No.16229328

I just tuned into this thread and WTF is with the Lincle hate? It's literally the best modern style.

>> No.16229395

Why does REFLEC BEAT has the worst reputation in the west ?

>> No.16229539

I'm banned from sows because Corin has a personal vendetta against me.

Please don't tell me he's actually trying to go through with his shitty server.

I mean, it this point it must be bait to people that he turned the UK community against the other network because he wanted all the glory, right?

>> No.16229708

Nobody actually plays reflec beat and it took konmai until this (last?) year to fix the readability issues

>> No.16229747

>Please don't tell me he's actually trying to go through with his shitty server.
he is, the shitstorm comes from it being both US and EU, making it actually encroaching on r1's business

>> No.16229775

hey there... i.. i saw u playing reflec beat over there.... hey.. u know... i think ur quite cute and stuff... no no i mean... err nvm... uhh can i be ur reflec rival....?

>> No.16229778


That's why tournaments aren't based on one song you fucking dumbass. The better player will always get a higher combined ex score

It wasn't funny the first time, stop memeing

>> No.16229841
File: 26 KB, 480x542, 1432828073582.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.16230302

Any of you use mechanical keyboards? are they really worth for medium-advanced players?

>> No.16230391

Probably. If you need a keyboard that can do 8 key rollover then go for it (thanks, The Dirty of Loudness).

Fortunately my laptop can do that.

t. keyboard Chuuden

>> No.16230888


Daily reminder that this is how DDR is supposed to be played.

>> No.16230918


Daily reminder that I have no friends and I genuinely want to die.

>> No.16230929

>tfw no qt gf to play bemani with

>> No.16230951

Even normie gfs will play DDR with you, especially if you don't just play 2hu music.

>> No.16230966
File: 147 KB, 600x880, 1477055213967.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this anon gets it

>> No.16230972

I use a regular membrane keyboard, ps/2 so no ghosting, for 7k. am I good to go?

>> No.16230976
File: 1.01 MB, 1024x620, Mazda on the front page.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw gf to play bemani with

>> No.16230989


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File: 240 KB, 1000x750, daoko.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't play iidx nor lr2.

>> No.16231013

Wtf u play

>> No.16231023

O2!jam and bms maps in osu, or bof maps in lr2 sometimes.

>> No.16231129

Smh my head

>> No.16231158

idk why but bag is my fav spa to play

>> No.16231249


I had a quite fun gf once. She avoided playing DDR like a cat avoiding a bath.

Said she had a "bad experience"

>> No.16231343
File: 119 KB, 1024x405, sonic_channel___sound_voltex_by_quietus416-d81wuvp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.16231350

I have one but don't use it for BMS/IIDX because it's only guaranteed up to 2KRO.

I just use my controller.

>> No.16231358

I think >>16231343 answers your question

>> No.16231402

There should be a tournament mode that syncs Random rehashes to both players so they're both dealing with the same chart. Both players would have to agree to random, but it's better than having some player getting an easy chart that totally fucks over the other player.

>> No.16231425

On the note of key rollovers, for KB players you guys might try using command keys(alt, shift, ctrl, etc.)as they usually have dedicated circuits to some extent and it's easier to get a higher max keycount without getting ghosts.

>> No.16231426

I miss Random+Mirror. Made playing with someone on a cabinet more fun, knowing that you both got "equivalent" randoms.

>> No.16231962

>avoided DDR

>> No.16232081

Sinobuz SP 9dan

>rainbow guitar weeps [a]
>Kailua (HCN ver) [a]
>旅人リラン [a]
>The Sampling Paradise [a]

SP 10dan

>GAIA [a]
>Gravigazer [a]
>Colorful Cookie [a]
>reunion [a]

>> No.16232427


>>The Sampling Paradise [a]

There is just no escape.

>> No.16232440

Speaking of bad experiences, did someone ever die for playing DDR? Last time I played I was so determined to beat max 300 smm basic that I tried twice and by the end of it my legs were hard and I had trouble moving suggesting I was completely out of energy.

You see, I didn't eat anything up to that point except a banana and jy blood pressure got extremely low and I almost passed out kek

>> No.16232522

There was someone who tried a 18 in Pump after a large meal. The result was messy.

>> No.16232576

It's less tiring than Copula's 9dan. Fucking cookie bouquets.

>> No.16232578

>Colorful Cookie [a]
>reunion [a]
well i guess i'm going to stay 9th dan forever

>> No.16232595

IMO TSP isn't that bad. It's basically an 11 right until the last few measures of DENSITY. As long as you can keep your bar up, it's no big deal...

>> No.16232627


I disagree. I can NC all the 11s in Copula's 9th Dan, meanwhile, I can't clear any of Pendual's. Holic is so fucking retarded.

>> No.16232704

I was talking about the newest one.

>> No.16232757

>is this supposed to be hard

I know it's not, but for me, who didn't git gud yet it is. ;_;

>> No.16232784

SDVX of course. IIDX is too autistic for our generation.

>> No.16232839


Sounds about right

>> No.16232867

>get new optical encoders in from Dao
>install it drunk
>apparently put it in upside down
>turn table goes the wrong directions on song wheel now

Took me a while to realize. I kinda though something felt wrong but I kept debating whether or not it was.

"Was it always like this?"
"No no, this is right. I just haven't played in a few days."
"No this shit is definitely fucked up."

>> No.16233142

Just swap the directions in your config file.

>> No.16233144

>autism = wasted effort


>> No.16233169


I already fixed it. I just find it amusing I did that. Oddly enough, although it theoretically shouldn't it really seemed to fuck my timing completely up. When I swapped it back, everything felt right again.

>> No.16234200

>tfw my FP7 should be ariving today but I'll onoy get it monday because it delayed one day

Fuck me.

>> No.16234397

Where I can download soundtracks?

>inb4 sows

Outside of sows of course.

>> No.16234401


>> No.16234460

Galbadia hotel

>> No.16234531
File: 654 KB, 267x403, 1387080993530.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like groove coaster

>> No.16234584

me too, anon
i had the most fun playing groove coaster during my first r1 visit

>> No.16234854

Is it worth buying a touch monitor for RB

>> No.16234861

What is it with normalfags and ITG? Every time someone's being an asshole or spamming unfunny memes online it's an ITG player who doesn't touch any other games.

>> No.16234867

no unless you get one that's supposed to work perfectly

most of the touch hooks are really shit from what i understand

even then ur spending a ton of cash to play reflec meme soooo

>> No.16234940

I'll just go to an arcade to try it I guess

>> No.16234947
File: 103 KB, 500x425, 56172431_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Thank you very much for your ride

>> No.16234961

the ios port is supposed to be fairly accurate and ipads are generally more useful than touch monitors and fancy mounts

>> No.16235067

>pop some Ibuprofen because of my cold
>get some good scores and clear songs that I had trouble with
Am I a drug abusing cheater now

>> No.16235073


>> No.16235247

Turning in my ASC rn

>> No.16235279


I've gotten some pretty dank clears hopped up on meth before.

I'm sure it was just latent ability. Nothing to do with the drugs.

t. Midwest IIDX player.

>> No.16235588

What's the DP equivalent to Mendes Black?

>> No.16235620


Mendes Black, probably. Have you seen it? I honestly don't think it's even possible.

>> No.16235710


kys degenerate

>> No.16236366

God why is KAC so cringe worthy.

>> No.16236408

KAC is always cringeworthy dummy


>> No.16236418
File: 206 KB, 264x308, nazi_triggered.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16236420

It's a rhythm game tournament.

>> No.16237020

When you're a beginner, jumps are hard because they require unconscious knowledge of where both pads are and the ability to hit them at the same time.

When you git gud, jumps are hard because they fucking destroy your stamina. Nothing says fuck you like a 210 bpm jumpstream.

>> No.16237039

I'm confused, I thought the finals were in February?

>> No.16237068

They are. The stream was an event marking the start of it.

>> No.16237103

>did someone ever die for playing DDR?

>> No.16237135 [DELETED] 


>passing out at Euphoria

Puss. Would be a hard 15/ easy 16 on DDR. I think that was my first 11, too.

>> No.16237139


>passing out at Utopia

Puss. Would be a hard 15/easy 16 on DDR. I think that was my first 11, too.

I swear to fucking christ if any of you say anything

>> No.16237254
File: 1.35 MB, 1440x1440, z.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any of you fags have this nearby in your area?

>> No.16237262


Did they need to make it even gayer?

>> No.16237269

It's just the colour of the version, it changes every year.

>> No.16237566
File: 13 KB, 104x104, 2016-12-10_13-14-12.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related happens when turning TT counter-clockwise, wat do? FP7, newest firmware (or so I think, 1.22). Playing on 2P side.

>> No.16237575

Nope but I played the previous iteration (orange?) in Japan.... it's a great game and I wish it get more attention. I played a lot of it and got up to level 12 or so.

>> No.16237578


I'm the guy who casually walks up to the pad and stands on it like "I'm disappointed, son."

>> No.16237580


Take off your turntable and put some sort of pattern on the underside so the optical sensor doesn't get confused which way it's moving

>> No.16237612

How exactly do I do that? I'm pretty dumb when it comes to things inside electronics. I'm not even sure what I can touch without the fear of it getting damaged.

>> No.16237636


I always just bend the sensor up or down. I figure it's too close to the turn table when it does this. Usually works.

>> No.16237656

hey that sounds easier than taking the TT off, now I only need to know what the sensor is/looks like lol

>> No.16237662

IIRC the turntable is just hold on with 4 screws. But if you don't want to mess with it, google photosensor and see what they look like, then you'll know what to look for.

>> No.16237841
File: 71 KB, 436x436, DJDAO_Sensor_436.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It's this thing. Just try to push those prongs up or down but keep them level.

>> No.16237976

utopia would never be in ddr

konami steppers are retarded but chris foy is on another level
(also idk if you can read but he's playing a custom chart in that video)

>> No.16238045


My dude it's been like 6 years since I played ITG in any sense, that chart did seem vaguely similar to the original Expert chart, especial with that right arrows synth thing that Utopia does. So I hope you meant read the chart and not "read words at all".

And you can compare the charts and estimate where their difficulty would fall in DDR. Doesn't really even take a whole lot of imagination to do so.

>> No.16238050
File: 8 KB, 829x80, 9086ef7f2050ef869271af6a21fa6bcf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16238065


I didn't actually watch it on Youtube?

Videos are embedded on 4chan?

>> No.16238134

What the fuck does "Kaiden" even mean?

I looked up the Kanji and it doesn't seem to make any sense. It's like Everybody and Transmit/Summon.

>> No.16238266


I like the design.

>> No.16238312

kill yourself

>> No.16238692

i like it too

>> No.16238776

i like scat porn too

>> No.16238844



>Everybody and Transmit/Summon

Right - someone who is able to transmit his knowledge or proficiency to everyone else.

A master.

>> No.16238875
File: 245 KB, 700x700, da770e3313f25326fec5c3ccf4013d46.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know you're starting to git gud at pop'n when you use your fingers in that game.

>> No.16238892
File: 300 KB, 1280x960, 20130114203403_img1_20.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Oh well then I was way off.

I seriously was thinking it was more a summoning of everybody (to have a fucking party cause I'm Kaiden woooo!)

Mainly because if you google image search 皆伝 you get almost nothing but IIDX results, and a couple pictures of this booze. And as well all know booze = parties.

>> No.16238915

I wonder if it's traditional to crack open one of those together after you get kaiden.

>> No.16238921

Then again, drunkards do tend to act like know-it-alls, don't they.

>> No.16238969

I can't, I have work to do.

>> No.16239057


I hope so.

>> No.16239401

I know I will if it happens.

>> No.16240184

Is being kaiden really that legit? I know endgame is simply retarded hard and takes months if not years of playtime but is it as noteworthy as being grandmaster in tetris?

>> No.16240193

i think grandmaster in tetris is more impressive

you can anmitsu kaiden to some degree

if you, for example, aa/aaa every song in kaiden, or do ex kaiden, it's very impressive

i would say aaa hc mendes black is slightly more comparable to tetris gm as it's pretty much the highest challenge the game has to offer

>> No.16240214

What is the best remix in any Bemani song and why is is "Saber Wing (Satellite Silhouette)".

>> No.16240227

>aaa hc mendes black
If you're getting an AAA, does having it on hard even make a difference at that point?

>> No.16240238

don't quote me on this but i'm pretty sure it'd be mathematically possible to fail mendes black with hc and an aaa

with the insane note density you have a little more room to breathe as far as aa/aaa is concerned

>> No.16240290

It'd be possible if you just got PGREATs on everything except the last 20 notes.

>> No.16240336

>Not the Monkey Business remix by lapix


>> No.16240360

eclale when?

>> No.16240472

after usaneko release, dummy

>> No.16240498

Of all the kors k remixes in SDVX this only barely beats out Kobaryo's version of Pure Evil.

>> No.16241091

There are fuckloads of Kaidans out there. Kaidan is 70% solid playing and 30% grinding out the songs (read: grinding out Mei) that have to be learned. And honestly, if you're making it to Mei after surviving Himiko after having your teeth kicked down your throat by BSB, you are probably good enough to clutch the dumbass slowdown and BPM changes.

The number of GMs are probably a whole power of ten lower, albeit a lot of it due to GM having a much smaller playerbase than IIDX.

>> No.16241092

I've finally reached the point in IIDX where there are songs I can read but can't clear for stamina reasons

What do I do now

My arms hurt so much

>> No.16241107

What's the name of the Sinobuz menu song and where can I listen to the entire thing?

Holy fuck it's so good

>> No.16241114

play through the pain

>> No.16241129

Try a heavier setup for a while until you get used to it, then go back to your standard setup.

>> No.16241135

There are literally 7 bgms bucko

>> No.16241176

pretty sleek

still won't make me go back to that game

>> No.16241189


Honestly thought it was an Osu! OS at first.

>> No.16241193

Ok the one that starts playing at 5:23 in this video >>16236408

>> No.16241201

but like.. my hands just physically stop working at a certain point

>heavier setup
I'm playing on a uskoc at the moment :T

Are there, like, exercises I can do that'll help my stamina in iidx?

>> No.16241210


>my hands just physically stop working at a certain point

I haven't cleared 超青少年ノ為ノ超多幸ナ超古典的超舞曲 SPA for that very reason.

My hands just fucking lock up. God damn scales.

>> No.16241212

Skip to 4:22

Thursday is still the best

>> No.16241232

So I can only hear that song if I go play on a wednesday?

that's lame

>> No.16241421

TGM guy here.

If we're talking about Tetris: The Grandmaster, an arbitrary difficulty ranking would look something like this:

TGM3 Master GM > Kaiden > (TGM3 Shirase S13 ~= TGM2+ Master GM ~= TGM2+ Death GM) >>>>> TGM1 GM

TGM1 GM is cake. The time range for players to get it is roughly around 3 months to a year. There are at least 200 non-Japanese players to get TGM1 GM.

TGM2+ Master GM has taken western players in the past as low as 2 years, to as long as... well, never. Some players are really fucking good AND fast, but the invisible credit roll gimmick does them in. Judging from that description, it sounds kind of like Kaiden as there are players that can AAA 12s but still fail Kaiden gimmicks. There's lots of crossover between TGM players and IIDX players and from what I've heard (and experienced), Kaiden seems harder than TGM2+ Master GM. I think a really dedicated player can get Master GM in a year, just like how Exagon got Kaiden in a year. There are about 10 Master GMs outside of Japan and maybe 30-35 in Japan?

There are only 6 people total that have achieved TGM3 (Classic) Master GM and requires a shit ton of consistency due to how you get promoted. 5 Japanese, 1 Western.

At the end of the day, the TGM community is a ton smaller than the IIDX community, grain of salt with everything here.

>> No.16241473


Well, Kaiden isn't the end of the game. There's still a shit ton of upward mobility afterwards. I don't know shit about TGM so I can't speak to the differences in level, but I can't imagine getting as good as DOLCE. is easier than TGM3.

>> No.16241514


I probably should have read your whole post.

6 total TGM3 in the world is pretty fucking brutal. I'm more than willing to bet there a few more than that who are "approximately DOLCE." tier.

>> No.16241519

It's the same in TGM too. There's top-ranker time attack too. The world record times in each mode are many many orders of magnitude better than the minimum requirements for a Grandmaster rank. For example, in TGM2+, the minimum GM time that "takes 2 years" is 8:45, whereas the world record is 7:15.

Don't get me wrong though, I personally feel like the skill ceiling is higher in iidx (but I'm also not a TGM top-ranker, gotta speak japanese to find them).

Also, Fun Fact: The TGM3 Master world record holder is a iidx Kaiden.

>> No.16241548

I know people in the USA who are approximate DOLCE

>> No.16241556


They can clear the Kaiden course with the EXHC gauge? That's the DOLCE. level in my book and it's fucking insane.

I can't even wrapped my head around it.

>> No.16241562

Who? I only know of two kaidens in my area, and I know that one AAAs/HC/EXHCs 12s.

>> No.16241568

Nobody in the states is even marginally close to DOLCE. When was the last time you heard about western players trading WRs back and forth in IIDX with Asia? Oh, that's right. NEVER

>> No.16241667


You mean like, someone with the dj name DOLCF? Or D0LCE maybe. Those are pretty close.

>> No.16242027


literally who lmao

>> No.16242047

>They can clear the Kaiden course with the EXHC gauge? That's the DOLCE. level in my book and it's fucking insane.
That doesn't even begin to describe DOLCE. level. There is a handful of people in the US that can HC everything in Kaiden, and EXH dan bar is easier than that.

>> No.16242144

truly disgusting

>> No.16242151

Yeah we have a row of them, probably around 8 or so. lots of people with gloves on playing on them.

>> No.16242183

It's the only game where using gloves is not cheating.

>> No.16242233

i'm glad maimai exists because it would have never opened my eyes to the concept of wearing gloves to play rhythm games

i took some gloves to the arcade the other day where i go to play neon fm and it was like a whole new game. my hands hurt so much less, and i could freely slide them around without sticking to the plastic drums

>> No.16242449


What kind of gloves did you wear?

>> No.16242499
File: 39 KB, 600x600, premium-white-led-gloves.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

basic white gloves like this, without lights in them obviously

>> No.16242504

>Cardinal Gate

What did Corin mean by this?

>> No.16242513

>I want to kill the american bemani scene and I don't care about the consequences because I live in refugee-cuckistan, haha lol

>> No.16242638


I'm 9th dan now, bitch!

The secret was not just giving in to my natural desire to give up when things get hard. It was actually pretty simple

>> No.16242964

3's theme looks like something from the last decade desu.

>> No.16242977

No. But the P*Light remix is.

>> No.16242985

you're allowed to not like the original song (it makes you a retarded faggot though)

but the p*light remix is absolute gutter trash, it's pretty much just a nightcore version of the original song with some virtual dj-tier effects added

and i'm a pretty big fan of p*light

>> No.16242999

Bruh you dont need electronics knowledge to put colored tape on a turntable. Just remove it with the proper tools and smack that shit on.

>> No.16243007

That's what makes it fun. The original is boring.

>> No.16243029

i suppose that opinion is to be expected from someone who plays ADHD Simulator 2016 and can't even read a post closely enough to see that it says "best song in IIDX" and not "SDVX", then replies with a song that's only in SDVX and not IIDX

>> No.16243276

I was being ironic. Of course the remix is SDVX's and that's the point. If a music loses to it's own remix, then it was not that good in the beginning.

Of course this is my personal opinion and if you don't agree you can simply ignore it and go back to the game, stopping the waste of time and energy to type.

>> No.16243379

Pluto makes me so fucking angry, I might just have an aneurysm and die. But that would be the most favorable outcome. At least I will finally be free.

>> No.16243566



>> No.16243736
File: 7 KB, 220x44, LR2 FC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Clear type: F-Combo
>Miss count: 2
Got the same thing in LR2 a couple of days ago. Isn't full combo supposed to mean you didn't miss any notes at all?

>> No.16243767

Hitting the wrong note counts as a miss but won't break your combo as long as you also hit the right one.

>> No.16243779


The F-Combo clear you see in that video was his personal record, not what he just performed.

That's why it says F-Combo -> Clear Down. He did worse than his all time best on that song.

As for LR2, I'm not sure. Those might just be superfluous Poors that you get for hitting the wrong key when there's no note.

Combo breaks are where they actually miss notes, miss count is just all Poors.

>> No.16243825
File: 1.14 MB, 1274x679, 1048 JKOC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Real question is what the fuck did 1048 do to his JKOC?

Did he drop Sanwas in there? Is this possible? Is it just for practice? Those Start/Select buttons are missing so I figured he might have just taken out the PCB altogether.

>> No.16244255

How the fuck do I get good at lasers? I can do high-level 14s, but some laser heavy mid-levels14s like TU-MA-MI completely fuck me up.

>> No.16244273

>Did he drop Sanwas in there? Is this possible?

It's been done before, but because the sanwa button assembly is taller than the KOC this is typically done by dremeling out the bottom of the KOC and mounting it on a box of some sort.

>> No.16244572


>> No.16244579
File: 129 KB, 1280x720, 1480593558001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

are any players on jp actually good? or are you all just struggling with iidx 10's / sdvx 14's

>> No.16244588

My friend's not able to get the scratch on his JKOC to register in LR2. Any ideas on a solution?

>> No.16244768


Why don't you kill yourself? In fact, actually record you AAA Verflucht Leggendaria if you're so good you feel like you can condescend to others.

>> No.16244794
File: 18 KB, 220x236, 1480369282955.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


the 10 wall is tough, huh?

>> No.16244798


>tfw so triggered my post is borderline incoherent

>> No.16244821

9dan on AC / Chuuden on keyboard.

>> No.16244864


Delet this smuggery. NOW!

>> No.16244874


I'm currently struggling with 10s on double

>> No.16244920

I can do 4s on osu!mania. It's almost the same thing as IIDX's 12s.

I'm starting to try DDR and I can already do 8s too.

>> No.16244949


Do you enjoy ice cream sandwiches while you do?

>> No.16244956
File: 311 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-12-11-15-38-09.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here comes the freedom. Chris in second place by only 2 points. FUNGAH and a few top level players haven't even submitted scores yet so this should be interesting.

>> No.16244988


>losing to a dog eater


>> No.16245055

BUNS and VgameT are pretty good.

>> No.16245064

>so this should be interesting
Until the finals when FEFEMZ shits on everyone because he's been grinding PRevo for 3 years straight.

>> No.16245085

There's no such a thing in my country.

>> No.16245205

Man, I wish I was good enough to struggle with 10's.

>> No.16245216

I'm pretty good at IIDX, by western standards.

>> No.16245226

I can clear a few 11s

>> No.16245234


>> No.16245247

There goes FP7 number 2.

Next one I'll take care of 100%.

>> No.16245268


no I'm not

>> No.16245269
File: 34 KB, 822x899, 4L_pz1B5D1c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

everyone talks about IIDX 10s and 11s in this thread, meanwhile I'm just here tryin to clear some more 7s

>> No.16245300

Why did you smash your FP7 again angry anon

>> No.16245305
File: 208 KB, 339x481, 1479863350635.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What did you do this time? Pic related?

>> No.16245321

I remembered playing a ton of The Strong Jaeger [h] during my first weeks in IIDX. That song is one hell of a 7.

>> No.16245359


I fucked up. I did literally everything I've learned not to do.

-Play while tired
-Play while upset about something else
-Play without warming up
-Play nothing but songs I know I won't clear

God damn it. FUCK. I hate this.

>> No.16245367

P*light remix sucks, kors k remix is god tier

>> No.16245368

Don't let retards like him bother you
Most of the time it's just bait because alot of iidx players are really insecure about how much time they've put into the game vs how "good" others deem them

>> No.16245373

wait fuck ignore me, this entire thread my brain has been confusing 'the sampling paradise' with 'the shining polaris'

same acronym damn it

>> No.16245390

You're such an idiot anger-kun.

>> No.16245418

>-Play while tired

this is fucking awful
I haven't been able to properly play iidx in 2 weeks because i've been tired every day from irl shit

>> No.16245423

Stop attention whoring

>look at me i'm angry and break expensive equipment all the time

>> No.16245479

After all of the pointless rage I have spewed over the internet and on my own personal possessions like controllers and PCs, I'm deciding to quit Bemani forever.

>> No.16245506

>still missing the point

The problem will always be you and not bemani

>> No.16245512
File: 346 KB, 1156x999, 1469259534899.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And nothing of value was lost.

>> No.16245518

What you'll play now?

>> No.16245525

Does any of you have a wood made IIDX controller? What are the measures (in cm)?

>> No.16246228

9's and 14's respectively

>> No.16246234

Did you fail Central Station again?

>> No.16246239

Don't play IIDX, and I'm 11 DAN, so no.

>> No.16246606

EXHC dan bar is just a double-length hard bar without the 30% mercy zone

It's not *that* impressive

>> No.16246631

Play until your hands lock stop for an alloted amount of time and go back at it.

>> No.16246636

Can do 15s and struggle with 16s on SDVX

>> No.16246723

Any way to change the TT deadzone and/or sensitivity on the FP7? Using HDD/Infinitas mode.

>> No.16246886

In bemanitools. HDD and Infinitas mode are separate, infinitas takes keyboard input and HDDs take analog for turntable. You can't adjust the sensitivity of keyboard input, obviously. If you're having trouble with that you'll have to map analog to something else, like a mousewheel.

>> No.16246916

Yeah I tried the btools sensitivity slider, but even on the lowest and highest settings it still takes the same like 3 turns to do a full 360 in the config.
Really slow in the Windows controller options as well.

Using the 1.22 firmware if it makes any difference.

>> No.16247074

there's something wrong with your controller then

>> No.16247088

I believe the sensitivity slider doesn't work with the latest 1.22 firmware. But the sensitivity should be pretty close to AC sensitivity (which should be less sensitive than LR2).

>> No.16247133

I see. I'll try getting used to it then. Although it's not really the sensitivity, I suppose. It's mostly the deadzone. Feels really awkward going from Voltex where even the slightest movement registers.

>> No.16247295
File: 165 KB, 439x550, 1455860978293.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Going from easy to hard 8s is the most frustrating wall I've yet experienced

>> No.16247325

there isn't a wall there

post like an example 2 songs

>> No.16247359

Like, The Smile of You SPA vs. Blueberry Stream SPA

Maybe if you're playing 12s it doesn't seem like there's much of a difference, but there really, really is.

>> No.16247408

so if there's no paseli in the US can I not get a qt lanecover at american round 1s?

>> No.16247421

You could use bitcash to buy paseli and get a basic e-amuse subscription. That will allow you to buy qt lanecovers.

>> No.16247490

I'm currently in the process of building one from mdf, so close to wood. it's going to be 56x32 cm, with 20cm TT. If you want, I can give measurements when I next access my computer.

>> No.16247610

I feel you. That's where I'm at right now though I slipped up when I wasn't able to play for like a week due to finals and closing every fucking night at my part-time job.

>> No.16248191

i have been failing songs 10 times more than clearing lately because of the 12s wall and when i get angry at the game, the worst thing i've done to my fp7 is slapping all keys angrily to the rhythm of bsb

>> No.16248224

Can confirm that I'm super scrub tier in SDVX, there are charts that I still can't pass much less score on.

>> No.16248469

dp 10 wall is real
though the 12.0 wall is more frustrating

>> No.16249135

What do when the turntable scrolls2songs at once at the slightest scratch? Turn the sensitivity down?

>> No.16249153


That's ok. What's the height?

>> No.16249169

Actually, the TT was working as a mouse then my computer froze for reasons not to do with the fp7 now it's working as a ps3 controller and clockwise is up and counter clockwise is down.

Is this right? I updated the fw by the way

>> No.16249200

The firmware update makes it show up as a PS3 controller, so yes.

>> No.16249504

8 cm body and with all the other things like acrylic covers and turntable and such it'll be about 10-11 cm total, but that's something I haven't really included in the plans, since that's trivial after you can fit the buttons.

>> No.16249518
File: 1.61 MB, 405x720, 1481523957027.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anyone here play insane bms?

>> No.16249533

DP, 9 Dan with some easy 12s cleared.

I very rarely AAA anything though so I'm still not good. Maybe some day.

>> No.16249548

I do, and fail everything spectacularly.

My philosophy is that the main way to get better (or at least, the main way in which I get better) is to always play stuff you can't pass. Regular official 12s look at least readable after getting creamed by 4000 note / 2 minute charts.

I also use All Notes / Extra mode in sim play, so that I can turn more songs into Insane-tier charts.

>> No.16249591

fuck off loko

>> No.16249598

Oh, yeah, I wanted to address this, particularly since I've seen him post here before.

Corin - If Tau says it's a bad idea, don't do it.
Corin - If multiple people come to your thread to say why it's a bad idea, let them speak instead of repeatedly trying to hand wave it all away. Just ignore it all if you have no honest response.

>> No.16249715

i play 5key bms with all-scratch

if you haven't tried it and you're into 5key at all it's fun as shit

>> No.16249734

Another thing I don't get is why the US needs a network. Where are the arcades? When PW died, pretty much all the cabs got sold to private owners who just run them on psun now. All the public arcades in the US are just fully private "clubs" or r1/d&b, or they're running extremely outdated games like ddr extreme, gfdm v8, popn 20 or earlier, where they don't care about a network for later releases.

>> No.16249890

This is gonna sound kinda dumb, but this may actually be the first time I go to an arcade where there are lines for games, and I'm not too familiar with arcade etiquette.

Like, if I'm playing IIDX or something and there are people waiting in line behind me, should I be limiting myself to a credit or 2 at the most, or is it fine to play as long as I want?

Again, this probably sounds really stupid, but I'm genuinely clueless...

>> No.16249899

If there's someone waiting, you leave when your game is over. Either finishing your set or fail with hard/exhard.

I see nothing wrong with hogging the machine if there's no one around though.

>> No.16249940

When you finish your credit, look around to see if anyone's waiting to play. Some people will put their card down on the machine to signal that they're in line, but if they're not actually standing there when you finish then it's their fault and you can feel free to put in another credit.

>> No.16249950

Forgot to add. This only works when there's not many people around. I don't know how crowded the IIDX cabs in R1s get. There might be stuff like coin lines or something.

Just observe what the regulars do when they're queuing and you'll be fine.

>> No.16249999

Adding onto this, you should really step away from the cab occasionally if there are people around but not in line. Someone might want to try the game but not be familiar with how things are done.

>> No.16250079

Why did you copy paste my post from SOWs?

>> No.16250093

If I replied to you there I'd look like an asshole but jesus dude, you can't play more than one game if there's someone there waiting to play. It's just common sense.

>> No.16250113

Fair enough, I was just kinda confused why my post suddenly showed up here without any context.

>> No.16251484

>tfw went from 11 on keyboard to 5 on FP7

Damn... I'm still trying to get the muscle memory to hit scratch and 3/2 correctly. I think scratching is cool though.

>> No.16251523

Did you use a flat keyboard config or something? Heavy scratching is still hard, but I gained skill in terms of buttons rather than got worse when I switched.

>> No.16251598


Never used my thumbs so I'm clashing with the old play style

>> No.16251653

I never used thumbs either, although my layouts were always pretty close to the controller.

This is what I used before switching: TAB AWD RGYJ with middle finger on G

I'm sure you'll be fine though. You still have the reading skill.

>> No.16252262

Are you autistic? Of course you can't just fucking play more games if there is a queue.

>> No.16252275

I've seen people literally do this and say you have to at least let them finish the credit they're on now since they paid for it already. I think they're counting on either you getting bored of waiting and going somewhere else or the staff not caring enough to kick them off if you complain.

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