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staying up all night with reimu

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Commencing analysis of the situation.
Point 1. I'm not the kind of person that would invite someone for a sleepover, follows that i've ended up in the shrine.
Point 2. Last thing i want is to be in gensokyo. However i really don't like youkais, like /pol/-hatred-for-jews level.
Point 3. Following point 2, i would feel guilty if i DIDN'T something to address that.
Point 4. Youkais need the barrier to survive as it separates gensokyo from the outside world.
Point 5. The barrier is likely upheld by both yukari and reimu, removing the barrier would kill the youkais.
Point 6. I have no chance in hell of getting close to the former, let alone cause it harm.
Point 7. Follows that the weakest link it's reimu itself
Point 8. Even if her death doesn't cause a immediate collapse, the uproar it would generate might still cause the desired effect through the ensuing chaos.
Point 9. Reimu referenced sharp objects, possibly knives?

Conclusion. The best course of action is to kill the shrine maiden, once the deed is done, vacate the area.

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god you're autistic.

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Why is Reimu too embarrassed to say dick?

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I just want to get absolutely smashed together with Reimu. She can bring friends along if she wants, but I want to drink with her.

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Is he autistic, or is he thorough?

In a land where supernatural aberrations run rampant, the slightest lapse in judgment or the most miniscule failure to keep up vigilance could get you killed and eaten. You should trust nobody, not even the humans. Not even yourself when you find yourself thinking "What could go wrong? They all look like cute, harmless girls despite their often gruesome mythical origins suggesting the opposite."

You tell him to kill himself, when he's in actuality engendering caution among us so each of us can avoid exactly that--to get ourselves killed from gaping flesh wounds and missing organs on day one, man. Gensokyo is one hell of a place.

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>She can bring friends along if she wants
Suika is going to drink you under the table in about 10 minutes.

I realize this is just a positive

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It's fucking fiction you retard. It's only as grimdark as the writer wants it to be.

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Let's see you say that when the kappas hold you down and give you the enema of your lifetime.

Because it'll be lethal.

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>this is what grimsokyofags actually believe
lmao@your life

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Good for you, go ahead and be the happy go lucky shonen anime chuclefuck. I'll go the brooding paranoid edgelord route.
Let's see which one comes back alive and/or makes the world a better place and who has his head torn off, hearth squeezed from the inside or the soul used as dental floss

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This mindset is the only thing that'll keep me safe at night in Gensokyo, my friend. They're monsters, not your waifus.

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Actually it'd be you getting all the terrible things happening to you because obviously you'd be in a world that IS terrible, while i'd be in one that is happy-go-lucky and fun.
After all, it's fiction, so it's shaped by imagination. I don't imagine fucked up shit like you do.

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You aren't in gensokyo
It's not real.

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That lull in caution is exactly what the youkais want to happen, and it's weakness they can exploit any time they want by tearing out your liver when you have your back turned.

You're not doing yourself any favors going in the monsters' den all willy-nilly. By the time the worst happens it'll be too late for me to say I told you so, because you'll literally be pushing up daisies in a flower garden somewhere.

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I'll have a sleepover with you Reimu :D

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lol so?
dying isn't that bad.

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reimu woke

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It would suck if I die after finally reaching gensokyo
I'd most likely stay in the human village and be grateful that I can atleast share the same air as my waifu

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Posting only part of the picture is rude.

It would probably be boring, what would you even do?

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Could Reimu 1CC a Touhou game?

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There is a reason why humans killed by youkais often end up as vengeful spirits. What's left of them after the "treatment" is quite pissed off, and for good reasons i imagine.

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the cancer is even there in /jp/

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Since I'll be in gensokyo it'll be a new chance for me to start again
I'll be a big part of the community helping out others until I become a prominent villager

Ya know like, live the life I never had there kinda stuff

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Have you ever taken a peek into any of the popular generals? Greentexting, feels shit, /pol/ crossboarders and normalfag acronyms galore. It's depressing.

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Why the fuck wouldn't you want to have a sleepover with Reimu?

Nice fanfiction by the way.

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I want to have a sleepover with jaypee!

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Let's see: either sleepover or ending a existential threat to humanity, which is better?

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A sleepover.

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>downloading porn
Is this not the era of exhentai where porn catering to all niche and tastes can be easily accessed and then wiped off the browser history?

All right, maybe I guess downloading porn is a logical action in Gensokyo, since it's the place where all forgotten things make themselves at home, even obsolete practices.

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There's some delay when navigating between pages. Downloading your favorite doujins is a logical choice.

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Not only that, but I forgot to mention that it sometimes decides not to load, and you have you press the "Click here if the image fails loading" button. Also slower for setting up multiple pages at once so you can go for both hands.

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Do you not use a pre-loader? I don't think I could stand it if I had to wait for each page of a doujin to load individually.

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Oh... I didn't know about it. That's cool.

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With enough time and a large enough cash incentive, yes.

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Question. Exhentai goes down and it's not coming back, for whatever reason. What do you do?

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G-go away Reimu, I fapped just 4 hours ago...

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shit gets deleted from exhentai all the time
what are you going to do when exhentai goes down
or your internet goes down
or world war 3 begins and the whole internet goes down