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Touhou Gameplay Thread!
Talk about your progress in Touhou main games and plans
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As a complete newcomer to bullet hells, and shmups in general mostly, should I start on easy or normal?

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Normal for a harsh but rewarding start
Easy for a very light start that won't leave any reward at all and you'll still have trouble in normal mode.

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As a complete newcomer definitely try Easy first. Just see what you're comfortable with, but the rule of getting good at shmups is always trying to do something you find difficult.

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>tfw your chart barely has anything more than when you posted it early last thread

I've made the frankly retarded decision that the second 1cc for UFO that I'm working on MUST be a No Bomb 1cc. It's just eating me up that I threw away that one run by attempting a No Bomb, so I've been dedicating every run here as a No Bomb.

I've gotten to Byakuren's final spellcard once with this restriction. I refuse to settle for less now (but just until this 1cc is gotten, I'll probably go back to bomb spam after I accomplish this).

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Why not clear the game in higher difficulties and then attempt a NBNM?
My chart only has changed because I was playing a lot of EoSD and PCB and because of the cute addition to keep me on track
I might take on Flandre soon, seems fun

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Thanks! But it wasn't my first 1cc ever, just my first on IN. I've done EoSD and PCB before this.

My team was Reimu and Yukari. I originally wanted to clear the game as Sakuya and Remilia, but Reimu as a boss kept fucking me over so I had to change teams.

Feeling a lot better now since I just cleared 6B and got the good ending. Just tried extra and no fucking way am I even going to try to clear that. Got about halfway through the final bitch's fight though, so I don't feel too bad.

Guess it's time to move onto Phantasmagoria.

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i hate video games

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>Why not clear the game in higher difficulties and then attempt a NBNM?

Well I initially planned to just do a regular 1cc for the second time in each game and then move onto either Hard or Extra as a dedicated thing, but I had a really, really good run that I would have easily cleared if I played normally, but decided, because I'm retarded, to stop bombing during that playthrough (not that I had bombed earlier) thinking for some dumb reason that I was good enough to beat the game like that.

It really soured my mood, so I'm going to clear my mind of that by succeeding at a No Bomb. NMNB is way too much for me at this point in time, though, I'd need to regularly clear Hard before I tried a Normal NMNB.

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jesus christ, Youmu by herself breaks this game, first time using her

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Why have you cleared most of 1~14 multiple times but have not touched LoLK yet?

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i dont enjoy lolk, same with td and sa

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Tried out both easy and normal, and am going to continue with normal. It's fucking brutal, but I don't feel as though it's out of reach. Thank you for the advice!

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Making my way through the series right now and I just have to say Phantasmagoria is a pretty weird game.

I'm surprised it's considered the ninth proper game in the series and not a spin-off like the fighting games.

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This. This. THIIIISSS!!!

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Trial by fire.
Lunatic a game until you figure out how the controls work.
(not MoF, SA or UFO as they give unlimited continues. You must learn from defeat)

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I can't tell because of your palate in LoLK, but what's been filled?

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I notice your lack of a ReimuB 1cc on SoEW.
Since that was my first 1cc that I consider legitimate, why not try her out?

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Finish the SoEW rectangle, that white square is triggering my OCD.

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How was the third game?

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LoLK is the only one that I have completed in every mode/difficulty! yeah...
It's completely empty.

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I skipped the PC-98 ones and just started from EoSD. I might get around to the older games at some point, but I'll probably finish all the Windows ones first.

What makes the third game different from the rest?

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>die to stupid shit on easy
>avoid everything on normal except on the last part
Fuck you yuyuko just let me do a 1cc run already

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>What makes the third game different from the rest?

Same mechanics as the ninth one.
It's the first Phantasmagoria game.

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Has someone new to Touhou, wich one should I play first?

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6, 7, 8 or 10.

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>>tfw your chart barely has anything more than when you posted it early last thread
Same. Well, I didn't actually have this chart at that time, but if I did, there would've been no change.

I want to clear SA on Lunatic, but it's difficult and I keep losing motivation... I'm probably ready to be doing runs with a few pre-determined bombs here and there, but I keep thinking of not making it on my first attempt and then I just can't motivate myself even as much as to get started.

I have appropriated your template! But, I made it a little less cute. I hope you do not mind.

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>why not try her out?

No real reason, I'm just not trying to fill all the rows at once. Playing through the games one at a time and looping around when I finish until I'm ready to move on to a higher difficulty seems more enjoyable to me.

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Agreed. That game threw me off so much when I first played it. I couldn't and still can't believe it's not a spinoff. I just blasted through it on easy to see everyone's route and get it over with as fast as possible because it doesn't feel like a true Touhou game. Too bad because there are a lot of good characters in it.

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anyone have that /jp/ guide to installing touhou on linux?

>> No.16143969

This could be helpful
I was going to install gnome but never really got around to it. Also heard that you might get input lag.

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I'd also say 4 and 5 are good choices for first timers if you don't mind emulating

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ReimuC on Lunatic is not a thing I want to play

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>I have appropriated your template
oh did the color selection made sense to you too?
Do you dislike Phantasmagorias as well?
Cheer up anon, she can be pretty challenging the first few runs but you will get used to the constant rain of butterflies, eventually.

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The colours are fine, sure. They're just colours, I can see why you chose them.

>Do you dislike Phantasmagorias as well?
I just like that PoFV is not on the template because it is too different to be there imo.

I have mixed feelings about the Phantasmagorias because they're the strongest in multiplayer, and I abhor multiplayer in shmups on principle because I want it to be a battle of me vs the game. Otherwise I enjoy playing PoFV at least, it's a frantic dynamic puzzle with super dodges. A bit too hard for me in truth, I have just one Lunatic 1cc with Reimu, but I cleared with the rest of the characters on Hard.

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LoLK is merciless once you understand how to get life pieces

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The third game is PoFV on PC-98.
If you're complaining about PoFV now, you're gonna have a bad time.

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4,5,6 and 10 don't really have mechanics that change the game (too much). The mechanics they have just help your score.
7 and 13 have things you can use to potentially take a hit if you have the border active/ trance active. 7 is more score based with the mechanic, and 13 is more routing than anything else.
8 Is an odd one, as it has mechanics that you won't find elsewhere. It would be a bit too long to explain, so I'd say play it to learn what I mean by "too long to explain".

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Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. It's the first Windows game, it's not too hard, and it doesn't have any special gameplay elements like most of the later games have.

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>recommending half the series to a newcomer at once

Your intentions are good and I do think all your points here are right, but you're just going to scare him off if you do this.

I agree with the anon recommending EoSD. It's the first "modern" Touhou game; there are some good games before it, but EoSD is a soft reboot regarding canon and the gameplay from that game onward feels different than the games before it by virtue of the screen being a lot larger (which means more complicated and interesting patterns they can use with the size) and the game introducing the spellcard system (bosses alternate between "regular" attacks and special "spellcard" attacks; bosses in the older games just used a number of regular attacks). It's the most vanilla experience of the modern games due to the lack of gimmicks.

>> No.16145831

EoSD is infact based game to start with (and in general).

>> No.16145837

Did they deathbomb window get nerfed in newer games? I can never do it in time in UFO.
Maybe I should stop playing IN as well

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I have read in another thread that it is possible to patch alphes portraits into the main games. Is there any guide or anything to do this? Sounds neat!

>> No.16145917

I think it's 10 frames in MoF and onward, 6 frames in EoSD and PCB Sakuya.

>> No.16146000

Wasn't it 8 frames on TD? Not sure on DDC or LoLK, but I'm pretty sure it was 8 frames on TD.

>> No.16146026

I had to continue on the first stage of Normal LoLK. People aren't exaggerating when they say this is the hardest Touhou. It's difficult but extremely fun.

>> No.16146050

Use thcrap; one of the options when you're selecting which patches to use is an option for alphes styled character portraits. There is a tutorial regarding how to set it up on the website.


>> No.16146064

This doesn't affect vpatches right?

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No, they're entirely separate. I forgot to mention that if you want to use vpatch with thcrap, you'll need to edit the games.js file in the thcrap folder to direct to your vpatch executables instead of the game exes. This is what mine looks like.

>> No.16146130

That can be done after you downloaded applied the patch? It is downloading stuff now

>> No.16146152

The games.js file is created after it scans your games, so if it did that already you can do it now

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After a month finally another 1cc.

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Is stuff like this normal at all?

>> No.16146526

Thanks anon. Also you should change that np++ theme.

>> No.16146677

It's normal in the sense that thcrap was designed so you could modify all the json files to do various things, yes.

>> No.16146687

Guess I'll redo the whole thing since it doesn't seem to be working properly

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MoF and on are all 8 frames.

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>alphes portraits in main games
This looks bad and you should feel bad.

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>get to Stage 5 with seven lives
>get cornered
>deathbomb by instinct


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Something is definitely not ok with some of them

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How the fuck is MoF considered the easiest touhou game by so many people? I've 1cc'd 6-8 on normal and this game is fucking ruining me.

Fuck this continue system. The other games you could power through with continues to at least unlock the practice runs, and it was way easier since you continued from where you left off. Here you have to start the level over and if you can't beat it too bad fuck you, you don't get to play it in practice mode. I'd love to just practice the last level BUT NO I have to go through the whole fucking game every time. I can't remember the last time I've been this frustrated with a game, yes, I'm fucking mad. The other games kicked my ass too but I was having fun with them. At least I could just practice the harder stages whenever I wanted.

Like, I don't mind being punished for using a continue. I really don't. But if I can't beat the last level with the three lives I get after a continue, wouldn't it make sense to let me practice that level? Because I've continued like ten fucking times just now and couldn't get through it. I finally quit, and I wouldn't be this frustrated if it had been unlocked in practice, but reaching the level isn't enough. So if I want to try and get gud at killing Kanako I have to go through the whole game again and just keep continuing that one stage over and over until I beat it, all in one sitting. And if I can't beat it the next time I sit down to play, too fucking bad I'll just have to start all over the next time. I can't just practice it at my leisure like I could in ALL OF THE OTHER GAMES SINCE 6.

While I'm not mad about the new bomb system since I get being punished for using bombs, I have to say I'm mystified that people think this new system is easier to use than the old one. Yeah, you can replenish your power pretty quickly if you just use a bomb against fairies. But when bombing reduces your power it makes killing the bosses just fucking slow and tedious. You're very much punished for using bombs in this game, and while I don't necessarily consider that a bad thing from a design standpoint, I'm at a loss as to how anyone can think this makes things easier than the old system did. It's also just kind of annoying having touhou fall into the usual shmup trap of you being kind of fucked once your attack power falls low. It's almost tempting to just kill myself if I've had to bomb twice because at least then the game will give me some P items and my attacks will feel like they're doing something again.

I also find myself getting trapped by bullets way more frequently than I did in the other games, but maybe that's just me not knowing how to read a lot of the new patterns yet, I dunno.

On another note it's disappointing that we're back to only two characters after the huge casts of 8 and 9.

And yeah, yeah, I know. "Get gud." Well I got gud at the other games because I was having fun with them. With this one I just feel annoyed, and why the fuck would I want to get gud at a game if I'm not having fun doing it?

I know I'll get tl;drs with this post and laughed at for being mad, but I really don't care. I'm just kind of annoyed and disappointed with this game after I had so much fun with 6-8 and wanted to vent. I just don't like a lot of the changes made and only two characters feels like a step backwards.

And once again how the fuck is this considered by so many to be the easiest game? I always see it come up when someone asks what the easiest game in the series is.

>> No.16148418

You're not really punished for bombing, you lose power but if you're shit you can't cap anything anyway. You can literally do a no miss Aya if you enter her with 5 power and bomb every spell once, could probably bomb a non aswell.

>> No.16148452

If you watch a replay it unlocks practice stages for you.

>> No.16148483

>How the fuck is MoF considered the easiest touhou game by so many people?
That's just a meme spread around by superplayers who find everything easy. It's actually one of the hardest.

>> No.16148494

Superplayers who find everything impossible but MoF.*

>> No.16148498

I think he was asking about the portraits being glitched-up. Look at his picture.

AFAIK, people consider ONE of the easiest, not THE easiest.

And yeah, the continue system in MoF is a load of bunk. The kicker, though, it remains for the next two games, considered two of the hardest.

>> No.16148518

>How the fuck is MoF considered the easiest touhou game by so many people?

Becuse you can easily bomb your way through it.
Although some of the patterns can be quite difficult.

>Fuck this continue system.

Better get used to it.
And if you're having that much trouble with unlocking the last level for practice in MoF, SA and UFO are gonna feel like hell in comparison.

>So if I want to try and get gud at killing Kanako I have to go through the whole game again and just keep continuing that one stage over and over until I beat it, all in one sitting

Easiest way would be making your way to stage 6 with lots of resources and then tanking it through. Bomb everything if you have to just to unlock it in Practice mode.
You can worry about learning the patterns and getting good after.

>I can't just practice it at my leisure like I could in ALL OF THE OTHER GAMES SINCE 6

You think this is bad? Son, you haven't seen anything yet.

>I'm at a loss as to how anyone can think this makes things easier than the old system did

You get a lot more bombs this way.

>And once again how the fuck is this considered by so many to be the easiest game?

Easiest game would be TD, no question about it.
But MoF is pretty easy too once you learn how to play it.

>> No.16148627

MoF has some really hard patterns and tight micro-dodging and just plain bullshit in a couple places, no question about it, but what makes the game easy is that you don't have to dodge all that at all, except for Kanako's final spell card. But you might need to develop your bombing skill, which relates to planning.

>> No.16148699

This is why. http://replays.gensokyo.org/download.php?id=4937

You're just shit and on top of that bad at managing your bombs.

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This is my first time posting this and I left out some random 1ccs I did with scores I don't care about long ago since I don't remember them anyway.

>> No.16148793

>random 1ccs with scores

scores is supposed to be shots. I can't type. UFO extra should also have a third dot but I'm stupid.

>> No.16149854

>How the fuck is MoF considered the easiest touhou game by so many people

MarisaB 'nuff said

>> No.16150138

SA and UFO have the same continue system you hate, so you're going to have to bite the pillow on this.

>> No.16150148

>Three dots
I'm sorry, but I can't tell what you meant.

>> No.16150196

NNN is NMNB No trance/border breaks/UFO/whatever. Basically the gimmick of the game.

>> No.16150260

Look for points where you can bomb without losing much power. There are many such areas which mean you can and should bomb frequently because you'll get back most of the power you lost. Bosses also drop power so you'll get at least an additional bomb throughout the fight. If you go in eith three bombs then that's usually enough to get through it easily. You can use a bomb per spell card and not lose a life.

I do agree that the continue system is terrible. But just practice the stages so that you canyour way get to stage 6 with a lot of lives and bomb your way to the end.

You're going to have to get familiar with the strategy for this game because it applies to SA and that game is much more difficult.

>> No.16150607

>watched a replay of a guy making it past Ran
>decide to try it myself once more, having seen more or less how to do certain cards
>going as far as usual for 2 or 3 runs (with couple of failed starts), which means around 56-58%
>decide to try once more time
>die to Chen zipping right at me
>around 71%

I cannot judge if luck, skill or memorization.

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Btw, I'm >>16150607 and I was wondering if some people here had time to waste for me. I'm a Normal normalfag shitter who's not practising very often and I'd like if some anons had tips for me to get better.

My 1CC: (order to fulfilling)

And the latest Ran run I was talking above:

>> No.16150680

>I can't just practice it at my leisure like I could in ALL OF THE OTHER GAMES SINCE 6.
How did you practice Kaguya's stage?
>It's also just kind of annoying having touhou fall into the usual shmup trap of you being kind of fucked once your attack power falls low
You'll have tons of fun with UFO then and could you believe that it has got the old bomb system back and suffers from this problem even more that the other games?
>And once again how the fuck is this considered by so many to be the easiest game? I always see it come up when someone asks what the easiest game in the series is.
Well, from my personal experience, I beat Kanako blind. And I wasn't even good back then (I'm not good yet anyways) since it was my second normal 1cc ever. Everything is just easier to dodge in that game and yeah, bomb spamming.

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File: 190 KB, 192x192, orinland awaits.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why not skip it? The next game is one of the best

>> No.16150733

How exactly did you get a FinalB 1cc in IN but not a single FinalA?

>> No.16150750

I think it's possible to unlock finalB with a clear that isn't a 1cc.

>> No.16150752

>telling a guy who cannot 1cc MoF to go directly to SA
Out of the frying pan into the fire, huh?

Actually, I was going on the basis of having 1cc per game. My first 1CC (IN) was something I hadn't predicted and, considering I had made it past Reisen without using a continue, I decided to go for Kaguya to unlock the Normal Kaguya spells in order to do them with Marisa in the Spell Practice to unlock a Last Word.
Sadly, it all has been for nothing considering I did not make it until the final Last Spell of Kaguya.

>> No.16150765

Anon, why not 1cc other games in normal before attempting any extra?

>> No.16150788

Because I'm having so much fun attempting PCB's first extra. Like, a dozen times more fun than any normal run. It's just so beautiful and dynamic.

I've been trying SA and TD recently but so far, I cannot seem to be able to get past a certain point, which is strange because I've heard TD was among the easiest ones. Also tried DDC but I've been shunning this particular game for so long (dunno why, it doesn't seem appealing to me, I just don't really like it) that I know almost nothing of it.

>> No.16150803

Well if it is for the fun then it makes sense and keep pushing forward! I had so much fun getting my first extra as well, actually I should try PCB's.

>> No.16150829


Pick one.

>> No.16150852

How is it not dynamic?

>> No.16150879

95% of extras are literally just memo, I don't find that very dynamic.

>> No.16150978

Memorization isn't all in extras, I think they are dynamic because they tend to be fast as shit.

>> No.16151077
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Whenever I load some of my save states in np2, this happens. I've been told that this message displays when the ROM gets unloaded, so I'm thinking the save states point to ROMs located in a different directory than where I normally keep mine. Is there a way to edit the save states to fix this?

>> No.16151100

Finally killed that bitch on the mountain. Had to use a continue though.

I also figured out why I thought bombing is harder in this one. I don't usually need to use a bomb until the fourth boss in most of these games, so by that point I usually have a big stockpile of them. That, plus the default amount I get on each subsequent life, means in the other games I had a huge amount of bombs for the last two levels.

I get why people say this way is easier now, you can definitely bomb more than in the other games. What made it difficult for me in this one is the cap on bombs/power. I can get through the fifth level without bombing at all, but that doesn't really help me any more than bombing my way through it would.

Does the series go back to the old way of bombing at some point? And after the next two games does the old continue system return?

>How did you practice Kaguya's stage?
Beat her on my first try actually. If I had used a continue would 6B not have shown up in practice?

From what I've heard, I might actually end up skipping the next two games! Or at least save them for last.

>> No.16151191

From 12 onwards, the bomb system returns to a similar one of the earlier games, but not completely the same. You don't get bombs (usually), but bomb fragments. And you have to get them according to a gimmick. It's not too bad, but UFO will have you crying for MoF's system.

>> No.16151330

>If I had used a continue would 6B not have shown up in practice
You can't continue at all in 6B, the game just ends.
I'm amazed you had all this trouble with Kanako while defeated Kaguya on your first try, cheers.

>> No.16151403

Superplayers who say everything is impossible but MoF but end up getting really good scores with little effort in said impossible games anyway. *

>> No.16151452 [DELETED] 

Summoned 29 red UFOs and ended with max lives left. Do I want to go for 31 red UFOs? Hmm.

>> No.16151461
File: 499 KB, 639x478, ss+(2016-11-23+at+07.26.05).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Summoned 29 red UFOs and ended with max lives left. Do I want to go for 31 red UFOs? Hmm.

>> No.16151565

I tried this with UFO and it didn't work. Does that method only work for MoF, then? Is there a different way to unlock stages for practice in UFO besides clearing them or downloading a save file with them already unlocked?

>> No.16151804


>> No.16151811

Only with MoF

>> No.16151818


>> No.16151840

>I think he was asking about the portraits being glitched-up. Look at his picture.
oh oops my bad

It definitely isn't one of the hardest. Its difficulty is largely centered on a relatively small number of difficult patterns, meanwhile bombs are incredible, you get a free one with 5.00 power, and it isn't stingy with giving you it. Even when you get a lot better and remove bombs entirely, I'd say it's one of the easier no-bomb runs.

>> No.16152580
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I actually threw away my controller because of the frustration, wtf was wrong with ZUN when he did this?

>> No.16152976

LoLK is ISC with storyline, what did you expect?

>> No.16153373

Is there any way to play IN without getting your deathbomb timing fucked up?

>> No.16153393

Don't bomb

>> No.16153397

Pointdevice is only really a practice mode, LoLK is trivialized because of how many resources you get with the broken shot types.

>> No.16153442

When you see a bullet, run into it and press X while you do it.
Do this with every bullet that's 300 px close to you.

>> No.16153460

I was thinking on something like a patch that makes it 8 frames to deathbomb in EoSD/PCB/IN but I guess there is no such thing

>> No.16153469

Not that I know of, but specifically aiming for deathbombs is stupid, if you lose control, bomb. You should never ever specifically deathbomb for survival.

>> No.16153487

Don't wait until you're hit to bomb because it's usually too late. If you get overwhelmed, just bomb. If you get trapped, bomb. If the projectile is fast as shit and you don't think you can dodge it, fucking BOMB.

>> No.16153495

I don't wanna give up everytime I lose control over a spell. There is always a way to retake it. Of course that if you get trapped you bomb, but sometimes you can't recall what hit you, that is what deathbombs are there for. I could use them before properly, I'm just mad that I can't seem to do it now and the only explanation I can think of is IN huge DB window. Or I just got progressively worse at this

>> No.16153513

IN's bomb system encourages you to bomb earlier because you bomb during the window, you'll use 2 bombs.
If you bomb earlier, you can use the bomb's effect to screen clear, deal damage and reposition yourself to, hopefully, not having to use another one. Sure, the deathbombing is more powerful but you'll end up wasting your resources and becoming overreliant on deathbombing to clear the way.
>I don't wanna give up everytime I lose control
If you lose control, you're pretty much fucked especially for the more difficult patterns, unless you get lucky.

>> No.16153630

I couldn't find any fun patterns in LoLK.

>> No.16153942

>but sometimes you can't recall what hit you, that is what deathbombs are there for
Deathbombs are not for and have never been for bombing on reaction to death. IN's huge window lets you do so which is why it's a bad thing. If you get hit and had no idea until you heard the noise, you deserve to lose the life.

>> No.16154224

Deathbombs are for when ZUN got tired of screaming "I bombed!"

>> No.16156490

>Deathbombs are not for and have never been for bombing on reaction to death
That's literally the whole purpose of them
If not, they could as well not be a thing

>> No.16156497

I'm from /v/ and saw that that touhou ps4 game is pretty cheap. How do you guys like it in general? Not in comparison to the main games or anything like that?

>> No.16156516

Do you mean Urban Legend in Limbo? It's the second best fighting game, I like it. Haven't played the PS4 port though.

>> No.16156528

No, not that one.
Touhou Genso Rondo's on sale for 12 dollars.

>> No.16156660

Oh, I've never played that then. It's not an official game, and I'm not sure if those are meant to be discussed in these threads since I'm not the one who started them.

>> No.16156746
File: 772 KB, 640x480, th15_000.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

With this I now have cleared LoLK on Lunatic with every shot.

LoLK Marisa saddens me a bit, in a vacuum she's a very good shot, but this game is made for Sanae, and just barely for Reimu

>> No.16156756

It's on PC if you want to pirate it and give it a whirl before buying it proper. Personally, I think the game is rather bad. Clunky, slow and overall not very engaging, I got bored of it quickly.

>> No.16156812

Go for LNB! Reimu is easily the best option for that, while Sanae definitely has her perks but also some weaknesses. If you know how to do stages well enough, Reisen and Marisa shouldn't be too awful either.

>> No.16156819
File: 382 KB, 500x600, 1479613698823.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How to git gud at dodging

>> No.16156823

Hold shift for focused movement.

>> No.16156824

I'm kind of noticing a theme here with the fighters. Seems like they've slowly been making them easier and easier over with each new incarnation. Common theme nowadays for fighters in general, if you ask me. I guess ease of accessibility is much better for selling games.

>> No.16156832

I've thought of that before, and my first try a few weeks ago gameovered on Clownpiece's opener, so it's possible. With how random this game can be, maybe I'll try it in-between working for my main goals, I don't have enough tolerance for this game to actively grind on it.

>> No.16156840

What else are you aiming for?

>> No.16156852

general playing
you can improve to your skill cap
any further only works if youre talented

>> No.16156854

Found an "arrange" patch for TD last week (pretty fun thing if you haven't checked it out), got hooked on getting a Lunatic No Miss run with (hopefully) a max lives finish

>> No.16156903

>skill cap
Okay, and how many people actually reach their "skill cap"

>> No.16156946

depends on your talent
its when you feel like you're not improving at all (usually you won't hit it within 1000 hours)

>> No.16156972

What? Aren't we talking about Genso Rondo? That's not part of a line of sequels, and it's not a new game either.

>> No.16156992

Uhh, I'm not sure. I heard PS4 and assumed it was that new fighter that came out. You know, the one where Reisen has that wacky new gun, or something.

Guess maybe I'm mistaken? I was talking about the fighter games that Tasofro's been pumping out for the last forever.

>> No.16157051

>You know, the one where Reisen has that wacky new gun, or something
That's ULiL yo.
Genso is a fan game that somehow made it to PS4.
I'm mad because some characters are exclusive to the PS4 version, like with Reisen on ULiL's PS4 ver.

>> No.16157067

Oh, lolk. I never got to play ULiL because that shit's broken as fuck on my computer. Won't start period, well, the process starts, but then ends itself shortly. Even after patching and setting compatibility options.

Fugging tasofro, can't you just make ONE game that doesn't have problems for me.

>> No.16157074

just by playing, you'll git gud if you're talented.

>> No.16157079

tfw runs keep failing on stages 1-2 so you just go practice instead.

>> No.16157146

Not him but past 1000 hours here, still haven't lost the sense that I'm improving, haven't even started playing for real I think. Too much fucking around with easy games doesn't really spark your talent.

>> No.16157165

lets see those actual hours along with some scores there hotshot

>> No.16157175

Me, a hotshot?

Well, I don't know. They are spread across games, I just have a huge 1cc list. For Touhou refer to >>16143888. Haven't scored much.

>> No.16157178

Why would they need to post that? They never claimed that they had hit their skill cap, or that they had any scores.

>> No.16157222

No, Reisen is the only exclusive character.

>> No.16157321

Read again

>> No.16157569

I've actually been having so much fun by learning to play bosses songs on the guitar while also trying to beat them in game. It's kind of creepy how synchronized I was with Flandre. I played UN Owen was her perfectly the same day I beat her. Scary stuff.

>> No.16157827

I fap specifically to the bosses that I can't beat and then beat them
It just works, so far used it twice

>> No.16157902

If you're the same anon as in previous threads, we've been over this already. Do you want me to draw you a picture? Because I could.

>> No.16158091

There has been deathbomb related discussion previously here? I didn't catch that

>> No.16158699
File: 55 KB, 300x309, Rage.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>making it to Orin with 5 extra lives
>coming out with some 4 or something
>making easy mistakes
>losing during Utsuho's last spellcard when there was barely 1/4 remaining
It was the closest I've ever gotten to 1CCing SA. I'm even surprised at how good I did for stage 5.
I should have unloaded my bombs.

>> No.16159457

IKTF. For me this problem is often caused by trying to deathbomb when I'm low on lives. When you've already ingrained the idea of deathbombing and trying to be as conservative with your bombs as you can, I mentally slap myself when I use a bomb when there really wasn't any need to. But then I do that anyway when I die and mistime/forget my deathbomb. No matter what I choose I lose until I learn to git gud at deathbombing. But, I guess, at least this way I can learn a helpful skill and try to learn to deal with heavy danmaku rather than learning to rely on bombs when things get dicey.

But at the end of the game, there isn't much reason not to unload 'em, ESPECIALLY if the game has death-refreshing bombs. It's just fighting with the idea of when and where to use them, seemingly.

>> No.16159619

I've learnt the hard way that relying on deathbombing is the worst thing you can do. "Better safe than sorry".

And when I don't give a fuck, just like for Orin's zombie fairies, I simply ran up to the girl and unload the Marisa B bomb in her face so that all 5 bombs hit, usually getting rid of the card immediately. I also do this for Utsuho's Heaven and Hell Meltdown because I can't afford myself to risk losing ressources that easily.

>> No.16159680

I guess they're just 2 different ways of doing it. In my defense, though this attitude has caused me to die/lose more than I'd like, I've gotten a lot better at it. It's always nice when it works. When/if I do get good at it, I'm sure it'll be pretty helpful. This tends to be the way it is with me a lot with difficult games. I always start out weak and then, with enough practice, become really good later on.

>> No.16159976

S-sorry, I misunderstood.

>> No.16161092

>>coming out with some 4 or something

Could be worse. I once lost to Utsuho coming into Stage 6 with 9 lives.

I still sometimes watch the replay to punish myself.

>> No.16161596

That's impressive in its own right my man.

>> No.16161801
File: 471 KB, 640x480, th006.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>So Close

>> No.16161894
File: 100 KB, 375x375, dfg1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16162276

Promised Mystery of Moisture 3-stage demo when?
Frantically Forbidden Fruit full version when?
Book of Star Mythology extra when?
Riverbed Soul Saver sequel when?

>> No.16162401
File: 98 KB, 792x900, 1471922712675.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This fucking hurts my soul anon, I know that feel. I was like that multiple times on Flandre.
Hang in there and keep trying man.

>> No.16162402
File: 35 KB, 640x337, 1480115083730.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16162444

So sad, I got a similar % with Mokou, you are almost there anon

>> No.16162718

Wow I just accidently Normal 1cc'ed LoLK. After practicing stage 5 enough to get through with losing only one life, I wondered how far I could get in a complete run. I went into stage 6 with 6 lives and managed to beat Junko on my last life with no bombs left. I was not expecting that at all, especially since I had only seen Junko once before and hadn't even seen half her attacks. This game is pretty much a giant bomb fest. At least, with Reisen.

>> No.16162824
File: 258 KB, 500x375, 1450731104055.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Man I finally 1cc'd LoLK in legacy normal but I don't feel very happy about it

>> No.16162888

Why is there not a stats screen like this in the more recent games? This is very useful.

>> No.16162923


You're gonna love Subterranean Animism.

>> No.16162942

Pretty good.

>> No.16163080

Even though I haven't 1ccd mof I decided to check it out just because I was curious about how much harder it is.

Three attempts in and I can't even get past level 3.

I felt so good after 1ccing 6-8, too.

>> No.16163136

I was wondering if it was just me that felt that MoF was harder than some of the other games in the series. I'm in a similar boat to you regarding 1ccing earlier games(and some of the more recent ones as well), and I was wondering if it was just me that thought the game seemed harder than some others, as I've seen some other people mark the game as actually somewhat easy compared to other games in the series, which I didn't get. But I guess I'm not the only one.

>> No.16163283
File: 2.96 MB, 1920x1080, 1398877172496.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

suck it up its the easiest game confirmed by pretty much every player ever

>> No.16163301

If it's so easy, why can I 1cc games that are supposed to be harder than it, but MoF tends to kick my ass? Doesn't make any sense.

>> No.16163316

You're not allahu akbaring enough senpai

>> No.16163348

What is that even supposed to mean? baka desu senpai. I'm not bombing enough?

>> No.16163394

Maybe you rely too much in deathbombs?

>> No.16163412

Where do spell card comments come from? I don't see any way to read them in-game except for in Imperishable Night.

>> No.16163711
File: 762 KB, 640x480, stolen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where is the club of losers that lose when Utsuho is exploding? I got my pass right fucking here.

>> No.16163894

Ouch anon...

>> No.16163922
File: 154 KB, 1283x958, pass.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Me me me!
This was a pacifist stage 6 run though. I dicked around a little too hard on the last spell and threw away 4 lives without knowing that at ~30 seconds she goes crazy and starts spinning/suctioning even faster than her usual fastest speed. Timer hit 0 but I died before the bullets cleared.

>> No.16164154

I totally heard ya there, also the fact that your character's portrait isn't displayed when you bomb and that there is no screen change between stages, it just seems like a giant stage.

>> No.16164716
File: 30 KB, 162x128, 1468190186685.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Right here boss.
Reached H.A.S. with 6 lives and lost all of them due to choking, excessive bombing and not understanding how to move when I'm being pulled.

I was so fucking mad that I didn't even save the replay or a screenshot.

>> No.16164768

I swear, Reimu slows down during the explosion while Utsuho's bullets don't.

>> No.16164798

Solo Sakuya has to be the worst shot ever right? right?
The poor girl can't take anything down, her bombs always aim to the familiars and even the spread is ass.
>managed to capture Rainbow Danmaku with her but not with any of the others
Wtf is wrong with me.

>> No.16164812

Have you tried solo Alice?

>> No.16164822
File: 695 KB, 640x480, th8_06 Solo Alice 1cc Normal (Final B).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, and she got me the same miss count as solo dork

>> No.16165059

They should have another system in place that lets you deviate a target for non-directional homing spell cards. For example, a cursor you could control with wasd. Since you get invulnerability for a while after bombing, you should have plenty of time to target then find a nice spot reasonably clear of bullets.

I don't know about power, but in DDC Sakuya A's bomb is a great defensive option at least. She was also pretty good in PCB in my experience, probably about on par with Reimu's homing ability with some minor differences. Though, in DDC the homing seems weaker and you're definitely going to want to be staying vertically aligned with the boss as much as you can.

>> No.16165131

>They should have another system in place
Who's they? Does ZUN have multiple personality disorder?

DDC homing is more powerful than DDC non-homing, especially for SakuyaA. Try shift-spamming.

>> No.16165221

I don't abuse glitches or oversights. It's a form of cheating.

>> No.16165541

>Though, in DDC the homing seems weaker and you're definitely going to want to be staying vertically aligned with the boss as much as you can.

Not true with Sakuya A. Those knives deal damage no matter how far from the boss you are.

>> No.16166481

Yes, but it doesn't compare to PCB's homing, IMO, where as long as you're within a certain(lenient)cone/distance of the boss, you'll be hitting them decently well. Which is pretty helpful if you like to move around a lot. Which I do.

>> No.16167299

oh a double (You) thank you desu

>> No.16167639

I took the colors from the game covers, for the most part.
I don't care if you change the colors, I just thought I would explain where the colors I used when revamping the chart came from.

>> No.16168164

Touhou Crap was a fucking mistake.

>> No.16168524

I can't 1cc MoF either... The way things are looking I need to bring at least five lives to Kanako's final pattern, and that is somehow impossible as I die to everything easy even as I skip all the hard patterns with bombs. Why even live.

>> No.16168559

>even as I skip all the hard patterns with bombs.

If you want to improve your skills, don't do that. Try to capture as many cards as possible every single practice playthrough. Even if you plan on bombing the card during a serious run, try to capture it in practice runs for the sake of getting better.

If you can capture the spellcards from earlier stages, there's less of a gap for you regarding capturing the spellcards from later stages.

>> No.16168584

just look at where the bullets are going and go where they arent

>> No.16168596

This is the worst advice, clearly all you have to do is dodge the bullets.

>> No.16168603

It's always funny when people give the "Touhou is easy. Just focus on the space between the bullets, not the bullets itself" advice.

>> No.16168731
File: 1.48 MB, 1500x2122, e3b6017b7b12c5ddb2e13cac8110fb6a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ughhh, that made me feel masochistic, but this is actually a way to make this game much more enjoyable. It is impossible to get the 1cc either way but at least it's not all about Kanako's last pattern. I'll be discarding the excessive allahu akbaring advice from now on because it makes the game meaningless.


This is actually now my best result on stage 4 without bombs (mostly). Basically, I get to Aya and die. This is amazing.

That's difficult.

>> No.16169581

I want to get back into Touhou! I could never beat Subterranean Animism, and I never played the games since...where can I go to download all of them?

>> No.16169588

Moriya Shrine. There is also a nyaa torrent than has them all if I recall correctly.
We should add such info in the OP

>> No.16169925

I can't get EoSD to work right for some reason...
Running Windowed makes my game go into Not Responding (with title music playing), and Full Screen makes my game run at 1000+ fps! and VPatch crashes as soon as I try to run it. Help!

>> No.16169947

Use ENB Converter dx8 to dx9 (or the other way around i forgot) works like charm in win 10

>> No.16170902

Worked great! Too bad I'm still awful...

>> No.16171683
File: 421 KB, 640x480, th382.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16171707

You have to go back.

>> No.16172354

Because cap rates are very relevant in scoring.

>> No.16172379

not him, but even without that, SakuyaA still is significantly stronger than the rest of the shots except maybe ReimuA (who is also a homing shot)

>> No.16172475
File: 16 KB, 348x342, 1452491568710.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do you cover up your high score? I'm sure it's higher than that of almost everyone in this thread.

>> No.16172565

Is masochism a bad thing?

>> No.16172650

He probably doesn't feel like dealing with all the jeers and smug anime girls from lunaticfags.

>> No.16172674

glitches or oversights are fair game as long as it's not straight up hacking

>> No.16172687
File: 520 KB, 640x480, th007.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16172716

Because you can tell exactly who someone is by seeing their score, if they ever show it anywhere else. Kind of defeats the purpose of anonymity.

The hell is a lunaticfag?

nice dude

>> No.16172796

Seems to be the only way to enjoy playing on Lunatic difficulty.

>> No.16173552

There is a patch for that as well, it's called practice
>The hell is a lunaticfag?
Moon bitches.

>> No.16174386

Are there really so few Lunatic-tier players in the Western community?

>> No.16174527

Not really, but from what I've most Lunatics play for survival at the moment and even among those who score it's rare to have many people working on the same category at once, so in some cases that alone could give off who's behind a post

>> No.16174532

Hundreds, but someone who has a few lunatic 1cc's has a ridiculously low amount of skill compared to the player in question.

>> No.16174665
File: 102 KB, 205x233, shit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How the hell do you deal with multidirectional shit coming at you?
I'm struggling real bad to capture Mystica's second spell on lunatic

>> No.16174819



>> No.16174829

Typos, I meant Mystia.

>> No.16175141

Unexpected 1cc with ReimuC on MoF has restored some faith on my danmaku dodging skills. Now I understand why people don't like the shot though, it barely even does damage. MoF (spell) was fun as fuck

>> No.16175242

It's just such a dumb term that I've never heard before. "Lunatic-tier" is almost meaningless.

>> No.16175778
File: 141 KB, 500x500, 1265250664646.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Install all the .ttf fonts located in the "nmlgc" and then "script_latin".
Tell me if it did anything, It worked for me at least.

>> No.16175851

>"Lunatic-tier" is almost meaningless
Maybe on other sites, but here we have had a lot of new people lately, and most of them don't even play on Lunatic yet including the one that makes these threads, so it is of no surprise such terms arise.

>> No.16175865
File: 579 KB, 639x479, MariBadLNB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this shot is both shitty and fun at the same time

>> No.16177840

I cannot do the second half of IN (4-6) with Reimu and Yukari. My troubles start at Marisa, where I have practiced against her first card and I have a history of 2/19 in practice, 0/1 in the actual game. (Normal modo, mock me later)

>> No.16177915

I have 31/100 in the first sign against Marisa now.
Should I go on to the next spell?

>> No.16178168

Why not use a team that fights Reimu?

>> No.16178425

Embodiment of Scarlet Devil:
Hard 1cc (MarisaB)
Extra clear (MarisaB)

Perfect Cherry Blossom:
Lunatic 1cc (MarisaB)
Extra clear (MarisaB)
Phantasm clear (MarisaB)

Imperishable Night:
Lunatic 1cc (Rm/Yk)
Extra clear (all teams)

Mountain of Faith:
Lunatic 1cc (MarisaB) (only incidental 3.xx bug)
Extra clear (MarisaB)

Am I good at Toehoe, /jaypee/?

>> No.16178441

Good is relative, but sure.

>> No.16179035

you have to be talented to capture that spell

>> No.16179350
File: 499 KB, 640x480, delicious bird.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...or get lucky

>> No.16179587

Finally a second 1cc on SA, but I can't not bomb the fuck out of Hell's Artificial Sun. Even if I'm dodging it right, I get a pain attack when the little fucks start coming faster and I'm being sucked it faster as well, I just shit out my bombs

>> No.16179863

A: I'll get to that later, but first I must beat up Marisa a bit.
B: Masochism.

>> No.16180065

I thought vsync fixed MarisaB on MoF, why am I raping the bosses then?

>> No.16180114

check the vsync.ini file

>> No.16180125

What should I be seeing?

>> No.16180166
File: 53 KB, 1299x695, vpatch_rev4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You need to edit the line in vpatch.ini that says "BugFixTh10Power3 = 0" to = 1.
If you downloaded the .zip batch of all the vsync patches on the Touhouwiki, then you need to use the vpatch.ini (and probably also the vpatch.exe and vpatch_th10.dll) from the "vpatch_rev4" folder, not the ones from the rev7 folder.

>> No.16180181

ah that explains, I had the one from rev7. That line wasn't even there.
I didn't know PCB had a problem as well

>> No.16180183

What's the Cherry bug?

>> No.16180217

I can't tell you which one(s) it fixes because I've never experienced any of these, vpatch or no vpatch.
All I know is that it was = 1 by default.

>> No.16180227

I was reading that as well, it must be the first one listed there.
I didn't know that stuff about the replays though

>> No.16180442

Fixing MarisaB works just fine with rev7. It wouldn't make sense for it not to anyways. Just add the line to the .ini manually.

>> No.16180616

That doesn't fix Touhou crap being a mistake.

>> No.16181009

How is it a mistake? It's a good community tool that's maintained and programmed well and can be used for just about any mod to the 2hu games without modifying the files. Static patches were a mistake.

>> No.16181275

That's just a shitposter. Don't reply to him.

>> No.16181290

t. thcrap dev

>> No.16181413

I have a strange audio bug with MoF. At random the music chooses to loop itself at a random point in the song like a 3 second broken record. Does anyone know how to fix this? Game used to play just fine and this glitch just dort of appeared out of no where

>> No.16181510


Wriggle's Unreasonable Butterfly Storm and Marisa's Asteroid belt both gave me PTSD.

>> No.16181524
File: 331 KB, 875x639, 1474594707009.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lel no, I'm the guy that gave that advice.
Static patches are miles better and more convenient to use as opposed to thshit. I went to hell and back to finally find a clue to fix this mess.
Nowhere was this solution ever metioned, and despite the problem being reported on the bugs page in the site multiple times, no one was assigned to fix it for MONTHS and still isn't.
I had to experiment with that shit, making my laptop crash each time I opened a shortcut to test something new.
Also if I want to use vpatch, while easy to set up after I figured out how everything works, thshit adds another unnecessary thing for me to do when with a static patch I would be done in seconds. I do like some things about it, like the extra translations and various other patches though.

tl;dr Fuck thcrap, make Static Patches great again.

>> No.16181569

yeah but aren't those last words?
At least you don't really need to git gud at them for the 1cc
Mystia is giving me hell.

>> No.16181573

Then have fun with your jelly donuts hard patch that comes out at best half year after release

>> No.16181575

How do you make thcrap work with vsync for th15?
I don't really wanna play it in nip, but it is giving some troubles.

>> No.16181596

The same way you use it with the other games?

>> No.16181602

What problem were you having?

>> No.16181667
File: 69 KB, 306x331, 1474123140156.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Haven't patched it myself yet, but I suppose it shouldn't too different from how you do it with the other games.

Assuming thcrap works for you and doesn't crash, patch the games with it first then go ahead and apply the vsync patch on to th15.
After you're done with that, go to the generated games.js, find and change the th15.exe to vpatch.exe . It should work now.

Basically, every time I tried to open a shortcut thcrap created, my laptop would freeze immediately, without any warning or error message whatsoever and I would have to force-restart it each time.
Turns out I had to install the fonts manually in order for it to work.
If you're from the site, please tell someone about the fucking fonts and what to do with them, it would solve tons of people problems.

>> No.16181708

oh I see, it wasn't working because when I downloaded LoLK it had its own thcrap for it. Just edited that singular games.js and everything is working now

>> No.16181797

No I'm not part of development, just genuinely curious as I haven't had any issues with thcrap and I've run all the games with it. Although I launch the original Jap binaries with it and not the pre-english patched ones.

>> No.16181832

Is there a vsync patch for th14 and th14.3?

>> No.16182572

Not him, but static patches had the benefit of just giving you a tranlated .dat and .exe file and that's that. Thcrap generates a lot of files with very specific paths, which means you can't neither those files nor the game folder.

And the "standalone" patches are a fucking lie, it's literally the regular patcher with the game specific files to patch the game on an as-needed basis, instead of giving you a proper translated .dat like gensokyo.org used to do (you know, what was asked for when they were requested)

>> No.16182655

You mean the thing which is focused more on making literal meme translations than making the thing stop leaking memory and running wild?

Also the static patches don't act as what amounts to always online DRM because THCRAP always checks online first and gets dumb if it can't go online.

Static patches work far better.

LISTEN TO THIS FAIRY as she is smart and has amazing taste in fairies.

>> No.16182739
File: 45 KB, 291x291, 1430975904.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>and gets dumb if it can't go online.
Shitposter and/or retard spotted.

>> No.16182754

is it just me or LoLK is way harder than previous games

>> No.16182843

That's the whole point, isn't it? The game throws some very wtf and(comparatively)dense challenging patterns at you in Pointdevice mode, but this is offset by the fact that you can retry as much as you like. It's kind of like a training game of sorts.

>> No.16182894

Gives you like 20 lives to play with in Legacy, it's not that bad.

>> No.16183068

i can understand that but really some of the spell cards gave me headache, it was fun up to certain point then it became pure frustration, i think i'm not going back to this one for a while.

>> No.16183078

It's just shittily designed.

Regular mode is an afterthought as Meme Mode is what Zun made it for. Of course Meme Mode is LOL BAD END FOR EVERYONE because they get depowered.

>> No.16183222

Yeah, it's a shit game desu, nothing interesting about it, except the final spell can be pretty fun dodging practice.

>> No.16183242

at least clownpiece is cute.

>> No.16183692

I feel like ZUN used pointdevice mode as an excuse to unecessarily increase the difficulty. There are so many spell cards that require pixel-precision dodging. I enjoyed it, overall. It just gets ridiculous at times.

>> No.16184189

LoLK is just Zun advancing towards you holding an anal probe while showing a "it's time"-type of distorted grin.
At least, people knew what they were in for before ISC.

>> No.16184219

>Implying ISC is difficult.

>> No.16184372


clownpiece is not cute

>> No.16184633

There is not. You can't rig the th13 or th15 versions to work with them either.

>> No.16184707

There's a th15 vpatch nowadays.

>> No.16184709

Sorry, I'm apparently illiterate

>> No.16184834

Which is bullshit to be honest. It made fucking UFO look fun and good. I mean I was was wanting the UFO gimmick over the shit we had in LOLK for a gimmick.

>> No.16184859

People who think gameplay is the only thing that matters are the worst.
It's not 198X anymore.

>> No.16184895

You think reading the dialogue or listening to the same track after a few hundred hours is a good experience? Sounds like you should be playing something else.

>> No.16184916

>it's the CURRENT YEAR

>> No.16184993

Anon, the music is really nice, I can listen to it for hours everyday, the girls are very cute and the dialog can be fun, but the main attractive of these games is the gameplay, and it is the deciding factor if thxx is better than thxx.
Personally, I enjoy lolk more than other main games though.

>> No.16185186

I can see what you mean, but take PCB for example. It has a "good" gameplay (it gives you way too many resources and basically free autobombs, but it doesn't have annoying gimmicks), but the first four stages barely have anything to do with the main story and atmosphere. Then you finally get to Stage 5 and the music for both the stage and the boss are the worst Stage5/Boss5 themes in the whole series. I just don't find it interesting. I might have some fun while playing the actual game from a purely gameplay perspective, but I certainly won't have fond memories of it after having played it. Not necessarily bad memories, but I just feel...apathic towards it. At this point, I'd rather play a game with personality like UFO, even if it means dealing with the shitty ufo mechanics.
One of the main appeals of Touhou, aside from its fun gameplay, is the atmosphere: the characters, their stories, the music, the worldbuilding of Gensokyo as a whole. There's a reason why there are so many fanworks (whether they are quality products or meme garbage is another thing).

...about UFO, a question for you, /jp/: which are worse? UFOs or TD spirits? I think the latter, even if we got those sweet Spirit World tracks.

>> No.16185201


TD Spirits are static in their position once you pop them and won't change color.

The fucking UFOs bounce into heavy fire and often color change so your Life fragment will at the last frame become a single Blue because fuck you.

>> No.16185209

No accounting for taste then as that's probably the second worst cast and soundtrack of the windows era.

I only beats DDC because DDC has the LITERALLY WHO sisters of Stage 4 which are pretty much a black hole of music and caring.

>> No.16185231

How can it be the "second worst cast" when it's so well-rounded? Sure, MoF has Kanako, UFO has Byakuren, but I really don't like the idea of having to see the generic Youkai Mountain characters and Luigi miko, nor the hypocrites of Myouren Temple who give their leader a bad reputation. At least LoLK doesn't have any bad apples and all the characters have something to do with the story.

SA cast still wins, especially the Chireiden crew.

>> No.16185434

UFOs were a pain in the ass. With TD, you could route really easily when to trance or not to get more bombs and lives, but UFO, even though it takes less pieces for a life, is really ridiculous. You have to memorize the entire stage to know when the boss/midboss will appear (Kogasa) so the UFO doesn't instantly leave the screen, wasting the time it took to get those (Kogasa).

>> No.16185499

You mean two generic rabbits, Meme Fairy, Hot Topic, CHANGE ARE YOU WATCHING me and Plot device.

>> No.16185553 [DELETED] 

You apply that logic on every Touhou instalment you know.

>> No.16185557

You can apply that logic on every Touhou instalment you know.

>> No.16185755

Reminder that the guy spamming about how bad LoLK is is just a shitposter and should not be replied to.

>> No.16185772

lolk is bad

>> No.16185779

Reminder that there's more than one person calling lolk shit, because it's a perfectly reasonable opinion.

>> No.16185961

>White lasers on white background
Seriously, i can't see that shit. The game is fun though.

>> No.16185994

They're static, atleast on lunatic.

>> No.16186107

I'm glad people are finally realising that LoLK was mediocre at best.

>> No.16186302

I like it.

>> No.16186309

I don't like you.

>> No.16186636

PCB is a bad example because it has everything alright, try again.

>> No.16186648

It's better than UFO at least, but no touhou game that isn't a phantasmagoria is bad.

>> No.16186801

>...about UFO, a question for you, /jp/: which are worse? UFOs or TD spirits?
TD spirits because I'm not a casual nerd like most of the people here. Damn things just standing is place is BORING and just makes an already easy game even easier.

>> No.16186808

fuck off MaZe

>> No.16186829

This doesn't work with EoSD right? It is pretty much the only one I would use this with

>> No.16186848

Have fun with the first four stages completely unrelated to the incident with characters who fight you for no reason, boring music (sans Yuyuko's themes, Phantasm Stage theme and Yukari's theme) and an abudance of resources which trivializes the difficulty then.

>> No.16186854

>boring music
nigger, most of the best tracks are from PCB, what are you on?
>characters who fight you for no reason
Pretty much every touhou game, it is not like it matter anyways

>> No.16186879

You can't seriously tell me Stage 3/Alice's themes, Stage 4's theme and Stage 5/Youmu's themes are good, come on. And Ran's theme is the worst extra boss theme. If you want a good soundtrack, go play EoSD or SA.

Also, pretty much every Touhou game? Did you stop playing at MoF or something?

>> No.16186884

Do not feed please.

>> No.16186889

fuck off maze.

>> No.16187018

>characters who fight you for no reason

The Prismrivers are directly working for the final boss. And most Touhou games have characters that fight you for no reason.

>> No.16187051

Unbelievably terrible taste

>> No.16187142

The only Stage/Boss 3/4 themes worse than the PCB ones are the ones from DDC.
And DDC is the worst Windows mainline game.

>> No.16187153
File: 91 KB, 800x600, 1450824575890.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16187157

No, it's reality. As I said, there are some good themes in PCB, but the majority of them are just boring and sleep inducing.

>> No.16187160

>You can't seriously tell me Stage 3/Alice's themes, Stage 4's theme and Stage 5/Youmu's themes are good, come on. And Ran's theme is the worst extra boss theme. If you want a good soundtrack, go play EoSD or SA.

Is this a new form of bait? Like i understood people hating LoLK because the game as a whole has flaws. I understanded people not liking UFO because of the UFO's, and people not liking TD because as whole is kind of a dull game.
I understood them all and in the end i still liked those games.
But this? i can't understand it.
Figures, my favorite game is EoSD.

>> No.16187162

Your shit opinion isn't reality

>> No.16187172

I could have said any other Windows game that isn't DDC, really. EoSD and SA are the first ones I thought of because they have really good soundtracks.

>> No.16187179

But DDC is the best mainline game.

>> No.16187181

SA is the true best.
DDC was completely disappointing.

>> No.16187186

t. MaZe

>> No.16187261

At least LoLK gives you resources relatively easily. It also has plenty of fun moments. UFO just dumps resources in the middle of a bullet spam and says "enjoy."

>> No.16187269

>LoLK gives you resources relatively easily
How is that a good thing?

>> No.16187335

The stage 1 fight is actually reasonable. Winter hasn't ended, so it's logical to suspe t someone who can manipulate the cold. Alice gives a clue to the incedent. The Prismriver sisters guard the gate to Yuyuko. You didn't read the dialogue with any care, did you?

>> No.16187396

You can focus on what the game is about(dodging), not on mastering a temporary gimmick.

>> No.16187406

But LoLK was made around a gimmick

>> No.16187426

Which you can completely ignore with legacy mode.

>> No.16187439

I can ignore the entire game with sanae and the resource system

>> No.16187445

We must have very different ideas on what the game is about then.

>> No.16187477

What I meant is that these characters don't have anything to do with the Netherworld and its folks who have started the incident. Take UFO for example: EVERYONE (bar Kogasa. Fuck Kogasa.) in that game was part of Myouren Temple and wanted to free Byakuren with the voyage of the Palanquinn, which was the incident.
And the Prismrivers don't guard anything: they were there because they had been invited to perform at Yuyuko's party. They don't have anything to do with the incident itself.

>> No.16187542
File: 96 KB, 531x471, 1427742902907.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>fuck Kogasa

>> No.16187692

I guess. What do you think Touhou is about?

>> No.16187748

fuck off maze.

>> No.16187776

Are you saying the resource system is too easy? Sanae exploits the system. With everyone else, you need some effort. I do agree that LoLK's resource system gives more resources than other games, but what I want to say is that it doesn't really distract from the point of the game. I think that it's fair that the game compensates for its unusual difficulty with more chances of getting resources. Although it might compensate too much.

ZUN should just stick with a points based system. There is nothing wrong with that at all.

>> No.16187827

Rumia and Cirno ain't related
No one before fucking Reisen is related
Everyone on PoFV is just fucking around actually, only people that matter are Komachi and Eiki
Only Sanae and Kanako matter on MoF
Only the Chireiden crew should be in SA
and so on, this is how retarded your logic sounds.
Also, I don't know why you try to keep pushing this, I mean, let's suppose you are right, what the fuck does it prove? Nothing, PCB is still better than say, UFO or TD because it is not fucking boring to play, it really doesn't matter how well the story is made in UFO or how good TD's atmosphere is. Gameplay is the deciding factor.

>> No.16187833

I don't think it's fair to complain that PCB has characters that are unrelated to the main incident when that's true for almost every character in the first three or four stages in every game.

And you are right about the Prismriver sisters.

>> No.16187863

>ZUN should just stick with a points based system. There is nothing wrong with that at all.
Yeah, I also would like another EoSD

>> No.16187895

You can't completely disregard atmosphere. UFO becomes slightly fun to play after stage 5 due to the change in atmosphere.

>> No.16187918

I don't, hell that's why I like TD at all.
But you can't put atmosphere first. Not even second since music is second

>> No.16187919

It ensured that LOLK was the most ugly touhou game as it's looking like a fucking CAVE game with how shitty it is. And it's not even Fun. LOL YOU BETTER BE AGGRESSIVELY GRAZING OR NO RESOURCES EVER! is a shit mechanic.

It's designed purely for scorefags and those people are cancer

I went 3 stages and got only fixed drops for life fragments. Pure shit game.

Enjoy 0 Life fragments.

>> No.16187922
File: 155 KB, 993x1459, 53394604_p4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well maybe we don't view the game entirely differently, but I think these "gimmicks" which you speak of generally give life to the game, especially where scoring is concerned. Imagine PCB without a border/cherry system, Fairy Wars without freeze, UFO without UFOs, or DDC without pocs. Boring!

Now there are some games whose systems I don't care for, like TD's or LoLK's. But there's no inherent distinction between those and the ones I do like (aside from being shit), so to just call it a gimmick and use that as a justification for why it's bad is wrong.

I guess I just get upset when people don't like the things I like.

UFO stage 5 when Nazrin and the trumpets come in is great atmosphere.

>> No.16187940

fuck off maze.

>> No.16188168

>me scrolling through the data board of SA
>"hey wait, I have spellcards I haven't seen yet how about going for them?"
>pick the character (Reimu C, barely ever played it)
>make it up to Satori to unlock the cards
>before I know I'm in stage 5
>make it out of it with 1 spare life
>"okay, it's not rare, let's go as far as possible but there's no way I'm gonna beat the game with this."
>make it up to Utsuho's second to last spellcard with 2 extra lives
>Artificial Sun with one extra life
>I lose no more lives
>mfw I just 1CC'ed the recent bane of my life without even believing in it

>> No.16188193

I pretty much did that with LoLK recently
Cheers, anon.

>> No.16188235

Correction: I had no spare lives after stage 5. I wonder if me laughing at Aya's funny banter before Utsuho fight played a part. Either way, cheers!

>> No.16188237
File: 79 KB, 1154x692, 1479410697847.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Replace ReimuC with MarisaB and the "barely ever played her" part with "played her all the time and don't know any other shottype" and that is my latest SA run. I was really surpised how much I improved at Hells Artificial Sun, going from losing 5-6 lives on average to none with no practice on it whatsoever.
I feel that fighting Flan sure did help me with 1ccing it again tbqh.

Congrats man.

>> No.16188254

And now, the replay shows me losing at thé beginning of Utsuho's fight, even before the first spellcard. Is that the famous bug?

>> No.16188315

Stage 3's boss in PCB is a bit of a weak point in the game, but Stage 3 itself was pretty good.

Stage 4... This theme is one of the longest in the whole series, if not the longest Windows theme. However, Stage 4 has too much of an 'up' time, meaning the instruments are too intense for being in the MIDDLE OF THE STAGE. Near the end, if it was a normal stage, it'd make sense, but while playing the stage, it really strengthens the song. Stage 4's boss is pretty nice, but it feels... A bit too strong when the trumpet picks up, like it STARTS SCREAMING FOR NO REASON. AND DOESN'T STOP. Then, the main melody of the theme is a cacophony of the sisters' instrument.

Stage 5 isn't a strong song, and isn't meant to be. After all, you're in the realm of death. (Though Stage 6 throws this out.) But it does feel rather heavy, which is quite thematic. The Stage 5 boss's theme is "the most bosslike in the series", as ZUN states. It feels really fast paced, which fits Youmu's character.

Ran is a good extra theme, she's just thrown to the side because gap hag. But the trumpet is REALLY strong at certain parts (near when the song loops), and it's a bit too strong for me. ZUN had no mercy with the music on this game.

EoSD's high points were the boss themes, and Shanghai Teahouse. And the Extra theme. Good lord, the Extra Stage theme. It's a fun song to listen to, dodging bullets or not.

SA's themes are good, but the Stage two theme is just... A bit too dark for an early stage. However, Stage 3 and the boss theme is so good to listen to. Then you have Stage 4. A pretty nice theme, if I say so. However, since I don't listen to places I haven't reached (Stage 5 and 6), I can't put input on them. Mock me later. However, the Extra Boss is pretty great, as it has both deep parts and light parts, which blend in nicely.
And DDC's stage 3 and 4 are REALLY weak compared to the rest of the game. Weaker than a tank.

>> No.16188330

UFO is not boring, its got some really nice music. It's mainly hard.
TD is really easy, so I can understand your point. But then you get the Overdrive mode spells, which say no to the game's easy difficulty.

>> No.16188564

SA's Stage 5 theme is my favorite song from all of Touhou.

>> No.16188566
File: 566 KB, 639x479, ss+(2016-11-30+at+09.11.56).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my first UFO Extra clear with SanaeA
yes it was NNN

>> No.16189476

Yes, you just don't fast forward after Orin's fight or just don't start the replay on stage 6. It's shit, and vsync doesn't fix it.

>> No.16190343

>DDC's stage 3
You can't be serious

>> No.16190469

PCB Stage 3 is...somewhat good, the problem is that every other Stage 3 does it better (except, as you said, DDC Stage 3 and perhaps UFO Stage 3).
Stage 4 is boring as a whole. A boring stage where you can't see any background (except in the very end) with a sleepy melody. I have the same problem with the trumpets in Phantom Ensemble: they clash too much with the piano and the violin.
I know PCB Stage 5 is supposed to be atmospheric, but the instruments are just too jarring. ZUN will do better (SA Stage 5, TD Stage 5) and had done better (EoSD Stage 4). Same thing with Youmu's theme, I actually find the main parts of the song really slow, which actually fits her gimmick, but it's grating altogether.

Ran's theme might be good, but it just pales in front of every other Windows EX boss theme and the beginning is quite repetitive. Ran in general is overshadowed by Yukari (and her being a literal software installed on a kitsune by her master doesn't help)
You didn't like EoSD Stage 1/4/5? I found them really good. EoSD soundfonts are really nostalgic, but I can see why people might not like them.
I find SA stage 2 in tone with the rest of the game. It's a gloomy underworld filled with despised folks. Not to mention, it syncs perfectly with midboss Parsee's nonspell and spellcard. The one that stands out is Yuugi's theme. I could accept SA Stage 3, which expresses the life that can be nonetheless found in the Underground, but Yuugi's theme is just...too upbeat. It's the only SA track I can't bring myself to like. And SA Staff Roll, but whatever.
Nothing wrong with that: I listened to LoLK EX boss theme only after reaching her. Try practicing the earlier stages, so you can beat Satori with enough resources. Stage 5 and 6 are going to be literally hell (pun intended). Same with the EX Stage. But it will be so worth it. Especially the EX Stage.
Also, really minor nitpick but: what's with DDC song titles? They're so uncreative and descriptive. "Mist Lake"? "Bamboo Forest of Full Moon"? Did ZUN think "Ahahah, geddit? Because it's the Bamboo Forest and it's full moon".

>> No.16190482

>Did ZUN think "Ahahah, geddit? Because it's the Bamboo Forest and it's full moon".
Learn Japanese shitposter newfag

>> No.16190508

Except that the original title literally translates to "Bamboo Forest of the Full Moon".

>> No.16190550

Does it need a deep meaning or something?
It's just a fucking song's name.

>> No.16190637

Which part of "really minor nitpick" don't you understand?
Besides, a good title always adds charm, especially in a series like Touhou known for its evocative titles. Imagine if Subterranean Animism was called "Reimu and Marisa's trip to the underground".

>> No.16190652

>Touhou known for its evocative titles
You gotta be shitting me

>> No.16190816

Does Fairy Wars have bad endings?

>> No.16191429

No bad endings in Fairy Wars. If I recall correctly, it will skip the ending if it's not a 1cc though.

>> No.16191581

Yeah, if you're not being called a superplayer, you need more training.

>> No.16191822

I don't have a problem with gimmicks in general, and they're arguably necesary to keep the series fresh. Most games implement them fine and end up acquiring a sort of personality, as you alluded to. The problem comes when the gimmick interferes with the core gameplay. In UFO, it hinders the game more than it complements it. This also applies somewhat to LoLK as the gimmick causes the game to be unreasonably difficult at times.

>> No.16191857

You really don't have aggressively graze most of the time. Most chapters give you plenty of chances to graze with lazers, streams of bullets, and high bullet density. It's probably one of the easier resource systems.

>> No.16191926

>Yuugi's theme is just...too upbeat
Shouldn't it be? It fits her free and lively personality perfectly. It makes her seem like the attraction of the party, like she's just having having fun at a festival, which fits her image.

>> No.16192041

It does fit her. It's Yuugi as a whole who stands out in SA. But it's more the fact that I didn't like the use of trumpets in the track.

>> No.16192088
File: 1.55 MB, 2679x2191, horikawa_raiko_by_fiberz98-d71pvga.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought Raiko would be easier than Mokou but that's just not the case. Damage dealing takes forever with Sakuya; over 30 seconds and she's not dead for some spell cards. Is she just programmed to resist damage? Should I try unlocking EX with Marisa or would nothing change?

>> No.16192203

Ah I see. ZUN does overuse trumpets.

>> No.16194824

>want to finish eosd
>still get fucked by stage 4-6

>> No.16195216

>Should I try unlocking EX with Marisa

And what would that do?
Sakuya is the most damaging shot type in DDC, Marisa on the other hand is abysmal.
If you can't do it with Sakuya, for whom most spellcards are easy modo, you won't be able to do it with Marisa either.

In Spell Practice some of the more difficult spellcards take me like 10-20 tries to capture with other shot types, whereas with Sakuya I can capture them 10 times in a row without even trying, that's how ridiculously overpowered Sakuya is.

>> No.16195243

Since you get a fuckton of lives by milking the nons with MarisaB, it doesn't matter if you capture or not.

But I still don't see how someone can say it takes long with Sakuya, unless you're playing B for some ungodly reason.

>> No.16196490

So I just 1CC'ed DDC and not a single fuck was given.
Like really, I restarted a few times and I was done with it. The only thing that took me offguard was Sukuna's spellcard where you grow big. Otherwise, shit game.

>> No.16196493

What shottype?

>> No.16199369

judging by the "took me offguard" part I'd guess SakuyaA, because that's impossible to fail as Reimu and why would you play Marisa?

>> No.16199421

Pin pon, anon-kun. Nicely guessed.

>> No.16200204

literally me

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