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IT'S HERE! Edition

Previous thread >>16094906

Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/2pg5zQcA

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What.CD is dead

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Who cares, copula is out.

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wtf is up with the copula score screens who are these alien bitches??? do I have to triple A to get regular looking girls?

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git gud scrub

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Where can I change my skin settings on arcana?

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bisco is literally my favorite bemani girl shes so cute

no webui right now

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Rest in peace. I made most of my ratio uploading doujin music from sows lol
No webui. Not yet.

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I think loli Grace in goth outfits might challenge that soon

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not for me senpai i have soft spots for both catgirls and huge tits

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Shit is is Tru that today's freeleech??? FUCK. TODAY, OUT OF ALL FUCKING DAYS, IM AWAY FROM HOME. AAAAAAAAAA

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>not having a seedbox

It's all weekend though anon

>> No.16119137

freeleech for the rest of the weekend too
just ssh into ya computer and download it
or buy a seedbox download it and ftp it to your computer when you get back

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>huge tits
faggot detected, i bet you also like vaginas

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fuck sows

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Hi bemanigirl

>> No.16119179


back to your autism corner

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im not actually

just a guy who was banned for no good reason

>> No.16119196

>banned for no good reason
if you kept arguing in the forums about something stupid or had a shit ratio then you deserved it.

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no i was accused of leaking data when i didnt even have permissions to download data in the first place. I wasnt a power user.

If thats not a shitty reason I dont know what is

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well in order to judge you have to explain what happened first.
so go ahead, not like it matters

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One day I try to login and it says that my account was blocked.

Go into irc and staff says that I have been leaking data to "bemanigirl"

No freakin clue who the hell this person is or how they could accuse me of leaking because again, I was not a power user

Who is bemanigirl anyway?

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sinobuz when

>> No.16119244

Some autistic user that has a personal vendetta against the community. She's like 30.

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Arcana is such a piece of shit.
Why did we wait so long for something half-baked?

>> No.16119251

what the hell did the community do to her?

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>Implying you could build a better e-amusement server from the ground up

>> No.16119290 [DELETED] 

'sup Luaduck?

>> No.16119296 [DELETED] 

its rushed to a functional state for copula release are you goddamn retarded

it'll be great soon

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I've seen a few people who couldn't manage their ratio/did stupid shit when they could access sows and after getting the boot they've turned to talking shit about it. So uh, maybe this is what happened to bxg?

Thanks to her + her friends' posts I had the impression that sows was just a sekret clvb where people had to suck epeen in order to get in, but I've seen that it's actually a chill community that does a sensible thing by restricting access to the data they've gotten and avoiding trouble with Konami & other companies lol

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Oh right I forgot about the part where it's been a work in progress for over a year and it still had to be "rushed" for Copula.

DJH was handling the release anyway. Why put out something that half-works when you're the one handling all the releases?

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Over 300GB of upload from Copula so far

Investing in a seedbox was a damn good idea

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>renting a seedbox for literally the easiest private tracker on the planet

>> No.16119400

speaking of which feel sorry for all of the seedbox epeen faggots on what who spent shitloads of money and time to be top uploader when it's all gone now

>> No.16119429

what is your account name

might as well tell me, after all you're not going to get any more banned.

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(18-11-2016 04:09:00) imp: I would pay huge sums of money to have her sing denpa while fucking her
(18-11-2016 04:09:09) imp: to listen to her voice slowly get more and more off pitch

her being Nanahira

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I live in a college dorm lmao

Could never download 50+ GB and get away with it otherwise

>> No.16119550

I've torrented literally 4TB on a university connection.
Noone gives a shit pal.

>> No.16119625 [DELETED] 

ya I would do that too are you some kind of faggot or something?

>> No.16119756

>literally the easiest private tracker on the planet
>what is JPop or AB

>> No.16119787

I'm in college right now and just seeding off my laptop.

No issues.

>> No.16119911

I need goth Grace to greet me every session, not just be a boss sprite. Fuck you too konmai

>> No.16119945 [DELETED] 

hnnngh fuck that's hot

>> No.16119974 [DELETED] 

I typed more than that.

(18-11-2016 04:09:52) imp: until she can't even remember the words to the song anymore

>> No.16119988 [DELETED] 

do you think camellia is already doing that erry night

>> No.16120010 [DELETED] 

if we combine our money we can make it happen

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why the fuck do we not have this chart in DDR A?


this'd be a fun 15 or 16

>> No.16120049

>that artist's recent uploads

>> No.16120050

is a seedbox worth it?

>> No.16120051

>198 BPM 8th jumpsteps
That'd definitely be at least 16.

>> No.16120060

So can anyone tell me what's going on? I've been out of the loop.
>Once the [redacted] goes live then all [redacted]s on [redacted] will be deleted and you will need to make your own.
What did he mean by this? Also something about recent activity?

Also don't tell me people actually download the whole 50GB every time.


>> No.16120065

the new service will enable you to generate them

>> No.16120068

Without a seedbox from my dorm I've made 20GB today.

>> No.16120077

oh wow ok thanks

>> No.16120100

Now that the gold rush of >10MB/s uploads is pretty much ded not really

I only spent a dollar for mine though, it's pretty garbage for a seedbox but it at least is better than my upload speed at home so whatever

>> No.16120109

>I only spent a dollar for mine though

>> No.16120123


evoseedbox, they have a leddit thread for a giveaway where their second code works for everybody

>> No.16120154

With a seedbox from my dorm I've gotten 350GB today...

>> No.16120182

REFLEC BEAT isn't that bad of a game if you turn off the p2 notes.

>> No.16120185

>REFLEC BEAT isn't that bad of a game if you turn off the screen

>> No.16120209

>REFLEC BEAT isn't that bad of a game if you set it on fire

>> No.16120234

Yeah, but he said something about seeding endorsements to people who have been active. So since I've been inactive a few months I assume it's too late to get in on that. My setup still connects and makes it to the title, but I get the flashing warning at the title now and can't punch in like I used to, even on the new data. I have an op account, but it doesn't sound like those will carry over.

>> No.16120442

>BT-B and BT-D starts firing on their own

So the microswitches are almost kill?

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>New composer
>His debut song is a boss song

We have 96, DJ TOTTO and now SYUNN.

>> No.16120580

Might be. What microcontrollers?

>> No.16120582

Switches* fuck

>> No.16120663

SDVX CS when?

>> No.16120774



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>stop playing reflec beat

way ahead of you

i stopped before i even started

>> No.16120853

>tfw play 10 that has a 3% clear rate
>tfw clear it and the rate jumps up to 7%

That means that I am the only other motherfucker to clear that song out of the 25ish plays so far.

>> No.16121468

It's one of the cabs so I think they're omrons.

>> No.16121471

Hirofumi Sasaki's first original song (Least 100sec) was a boss

>> No.16121514

Oh yeah, forgot about him.

>> No.16121540

Does your dan ranking reset every game or did I just mess something up

>> No.16121546

Yes, it resets with each new style, because the songs are different.

>> No.16121573

Why didn't Konami did a PSVR game yet?

>> No.16121608

Can't wait for PES VR

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3D lasers!

>> No.16121638

IIDX crossover when


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>Can't download Copula until tonight

>> No.16121956

thanks for the ez ratio iidx players

>> No.16121967

>horo seeding copula

>> No.16121975

>tfw don't even need to worry about my ratio

>> No.16121994

Quick, someone ban him.

>> No.16122046

>some jap fuck with a 2 month old account getting 800GB of upload entirely off copula

>> No.16122170

It would be crazy if you use two moves, one for each laser AND to tap the notes. (FX are activated by your feet)

>> No.16122539

Possession sph is rly fun

>> No.16122745


I with this guy. Fuck these stupid fucking Trannies. Just always there laughing about how you'll never get a AAA.

If I can't turn these off then I'm going back to Pendual. Copula fucking blows. Sinobuz data when?

>> No.16122904


I hope a fucking tsunami gets that little nip shit.

Fucking piece of shit.

>> No.16123003

I'm trying

6500 more dellar to go

>> No.16123149

I've finally gotten enough upload credit for power user in time for Copula during freeleech. Uploading all those Ujico* and Snail's House albums really paid off. How long does it take for them to update your status?

>> No.16123338

A few hours

>> No.16123354

Dude yeah

I can only play the normal but it's like my favorite chart atm

>> No.16123514

Sweet, I just got it.

>> No.16123611

you didn't need to be power user to download copula during this freeleech

source: me lmao

>> No.16123623

All of my torrents just got deleted but I still have power user so it's okay.

>> No.16123732

Wut no way

>> No.16123993 [DELETED] 

If the person you're both replying to is luaduck, then... he already did, lol. Flower is better than anything DJH could squeeze out of their buttcheeks.

Lua can be a fucking prick, and I can't exactly say I "like" him after shit he's done to me personally, but the guy has traveled 100 miles on a coach on an random weekday on his own time and money TWICE in the past two weeks, just to maintain and upgrade machines that he neither owns, nor is available to him locally, and whatever you disagree with him on or demand that he does for you, that shit at least deserves to be recognized and he deserves WAY more respect than how the community is currently treating him.

>> No.16124122

I just cleared my first 12 and it was Special Summer Campaign

Please belittle me.

>> No.16124198 [DELETED] 

>i dont like djhackers so i'm going to disparage their accomplishments

>> No.16124211 [DELETED] 

That's the thing, though, I'm not disparaging their accomplishments.

DJH are the ones throwing a hissy fit all over the place because other people are creating a better product than they are.

>> No.16124218

Wait what

>> No.16124230 [DELETED] 


What is this Flower of which you speak?

Is it that south american sekrit club shit I've heard about last thread or is it some european shit?

>> No.16124261 [DELETED] 

>south american secret club

Where do I sign up?

>> No.16124271 [DELETED] 

it's not for home setups

>> No.16124459 [DELETED] 

european shit for european arcades

like pworld, but n-1 and only supports legit hdds

>> No.16124564

I love Beatmania IIDX

>> No.16124587

Wow gay

>> No.16124608

cool dude me too

>> No.16124618

I love Dance Dance Revolution

>> No.16124670

>tfw u will never be a humble salaryman who goes to the arcade after a long day of work filled with suicidal thoughts only to absolutely demolish the kaiden course and impress all the delinquent 14 year olds there

>> No.16124699

can anyone confirm that bemanichan has sinobuz?
it's kinda fucked up how some secret club based in japan doesn't follow n-1 like sows does

>> No.16124758

Different secret club different rules I'd guess
Probably different data sources too
I wonder if any of the people who post as if they are part of it are actually part of it

>> No.16124798

maybe cause sows is quite well-known and under more scrutiny

>> No.16124806

Fuck dude, I heard they even have 25th style already

>> No.16124827

beatmania IIDX 25: Brexit

>> No.16124832

How do I learn to read note density

I can easily play charts with a lot of scratches or chord spams or whatever, but as soon as there's a shitton of 16th notes in a row my brain just shuts down and refuses to read it at all

>> No.16124837

can you give an example of a chart you're having trouble with? like what level of play are we talking here?

can you play songs like Abyss SPH or .59 SPA?

>> No.16124854

When the fuck is 2dicks gonna start using the new song ratings? I need to know what 12 are 20s.

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File: 14 KB, 435x721, abyss.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was literally going to name Abyss as an example in my post but decided not to. Just looking at this, measures 22-25 are completely incomprehensible to me, but 26-29 are easy.

I can basically clear 3rd dan (except for the last few measures of CaptivAte) but I can't clear 2nd dan at all because of Abyss.

So yeah I'd say that song is a good example of one that's killing my soul.

>> No.16124883

try reading at a high speed to space out the notes more

>> No.16124891

I can try, but usually when I try to read any faster than I'm used to my eyes just can't follow the notes really. I've been steadily lowering my green number since I started playing, but any dramatic adjustment makes it too hard to read.

>> No.16124910

I've looking for Nice trance/saifam albums from the Old Bemani Skool now that I can download bulks of shit and nobody's seeding them. You'd think you'd find stuff like that in The Bemani Tracker but instead everyone is seeding fucking 2hu albums that are samey as hell and can be found literally anywhere. Fuck this

>> No.16124913

Is 390 GN a casual green number or an acceptable ine?

>> No.16124921

I used 400 when I was starting out and switched to 350 around 7s/early 8s. I haven't really felt a need to reduce it any lower. (i use 281 wn, in case thats relevant)

>> No.16124928

my white/green is 095/365 and im pretty casul (7dan) so maybe

>> No.16124933

I'm playing 7s and 8s and I'm using 470...

>> No.16124939

that's kinda slow, maybe try out 425 or something?

>> No.16124998 [DELETED] 

DJH fell way behind and needed to pick people off from Flower in order to stay relevant.
They, along with everyone else, are all still in denial that anyone could possibly do anything. Better get used to it.

>> No.16125034 [DELETED] 

>We tried working with DJH when we first got our head around the more complex stuff - and indeed, some members of our team started working with us because they were rejected, straight up ignored, or told they were not "cool enough" to join - it was only after they found out that we had made breakthroughs, or were threatening to do stuff before they got around to it (like the Prop release) that they changed their tune and started jumping on everyone and trying to make them their own.

source: http://blog.duck.me.uk/lets-talk-about-rhythm-games/

They sound like complete fuckheads and anyone with their lips wrapped tightly around DJH's epeen after all this needs to take a step back and properly assess the situation before making more of a dick out of themselves than they already have.

>> No.16125045 [DELETED] 

Sounds like life trying to give a nice lesson of humility

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>really wanted to listen to Koko Soko
>had to send someone a PM to reseed a smile.dk album

>> No.16125139

use clickagain until then

>> No.16125146

250-400 is the standard range, with more typical values around 270-330.

>> No.16125171

Just played at 425 for a while and that's definitely doable

It's not that I can't react to the notes fast enough at higher speeds, it's just that when they're scrolling really fast the motion blur does weird things to my eyes.

>> No.16125173

You shouldn't be getting motion blur on a decent monitor running 60Hz.

However, if it's really blurry, increase your white number.

>> No.16125244


I don't think anyone should be playing at anything above 350, you're just making it harder for yourself

>> No.16125253

350 is impossible for me to read at the moment

>> No.16125266
File: 162 KB, 640x480, 東方RC紅 2016-11-18 21-18-53-455.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can I ask something about Touhou Rhythm Carnival here?

How the fuck I'm supposed to beat Flan's speed up in this one? I doesn't seem to follow a rhythm or a timing.

>> No.16125342

It follows the offbeat, unless you mean the x3 parts. Those are just fast.
Watching a video should help with the timing.

>> No.16125400

lol @ you

It's not fucked up at all, Sows put that restriction on themselves, nobody else is under any obligation to follow it.

>> No.16125402 [DELETED] 

that's not luaduck

>> No.16125439

has anyone ever gotten dmca notices/isp letters/legal attention for downloading from sows?

>> No.16125442

nope and i have nanny state comcast
i got an email from my seedbox once when i still had one about a tv show i downloaded to it but never anything about the tbs of arcade data and music

>> No.16125466
File: 117 KB, 750x537, 14192778_10206283990972734_214111622951682681_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

good to hear i have comcast as well

i'm neet garbage and live at home, my parents bug me a lot about torrenting since they've received comcast emails when i was like 13 and downloading aaa pc games from piratebay, i tried explaining the concept of a private tracker but my dad still thinks that the us government/konami/etc. care enough to sue us or something

>> No.16125470

>tfw my brother tried to blame me for downloading lesbian porn after comcast sent us a copyright notice about it
thats how my mom found out i was gay

>> No.16125494
File: 219 KB, 560x577, smugasuka.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Saturday 19th November 2016 - Beatmania iidx 23 copula (LDJ:J:A:A:2016083100) being uploaded, omnimix to follow after that.

>> No.16125514
File: 73 KB, 256x256, hmm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

rlly makes you think

>> No.16125517

i'd rather not think about leeches

>> No.16125522 [DELETED] 
File: 18 KB, 220x236, 1478538396280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hey watch out buddy they'll screencap your post and laugh about it on their own little 8ch board in between jacking off to sonic the hedgehog porn and eating cheetos

>> No.16125603 [DELETED] 

>not sucking the cheese off your fingers between sets

>> No.16125832 [DELETED] 

why does the gaming community always have the tastiest drama

>> No.16125833

i already hate copula

>> No.16125875 [DELETED] 

what now

>> No.16125925

Thanks. I think I get it now but I can't still get it right in game, I always miss the first one.

And yeah I meant the Speed up and not the x3 one.

>> No.16125971 [DELETED] 

DJH vs Flower

Ikr? I'd seen similar drama in the western 2hu fandom. Gamerz r crybabies lol

>> No.16126084


It is quite awful. Sinobuz when?

>> No.16126158 [DELETED] 


There's not really too much drama if you don't count stupid shit
it's not like fighting games where people talk shit and money match, whoever has the higher scores is just the better player
unless you wrist scratch

>> No.16126295 [DELETED] 

Each community has theirs own problems. In your case is being too niche.

>> No.16126404 [DELETED] 

Wait what? Josh stepped down from VEGA?

>> No.16126408

I feel the same way. It doesn't help that I haven't played in months and I'm so rusty but these new songs just aren't bringing me back in.

I guess it's back to SDVX for me, and waiting for Lapistoria support.

>> No.16126422 [DELETED] 

Apparently! I hope he gets replaced soon, because that place is fucking great, but needs some massive improvements.

I've heard the roadmen who usually go down there for the pool table have started hitting IIDX/DDR players with pool cues intentionally.

>> No.16126467 [DELETED] 


Is flower just for arcades as well or do they support home setups?

>> No.16126482 [DELETED] 

they support only legitimate cabs with legitimate data and hardware, for example if you have a sirius cab you have to run sirius on it you aren't allowed to upgrade it or anything like that. afaik

>> No.16126492 [DELETED] 

Nah, if you have a Sirius cab, you can upgrade it, but you need a legitimate HDD/copy of the data (i.e completely untouched from the drives in legit Japanese cabs, not cracked data you downloaded from sows).

I believe the cab in Helsinki is still on Sirius, because they don't have the current motherboard, so can't run anything newer than that.

>> No.16126520

My first 12 was one or eight [a]. I had no idea how I cleared it at that time.

>> No.16126526 [DELETED] 

oh, well the Helsinki cab's running currently Lincle, but I think it isn't on flower? (might be wrong), but at least the popn is. But I see, so it is possible to upgrade (and possibility for Helsinki cab upgrade!)

>> No.16126567 [DELETED] 

>oh, well the Helsinki cab's running currently Lincle, but I think it isn't on flower? (might be wrong),

If it has network support, then it's probably on flower.

>But I see, so it is possible to upgrade (and possibility for Helsinki cab upgrade!

Ask the staff about it.

>> No.16126761


Happy 19 november

>> No.16126777

Why the fuck dont we have half the universe 3 or hottest party 1 songs in AC yet? So much missed potential

>> No.16126794

yeah i dont get it, they have so much content available that would take minimal effort to implement, but like the song i listed is literally in DDR A, just without a challenge chart...


>> No.16126837 [DELETED] 

>Implying anyone else is willing to put that much effort in to managing this 24/7 fuckup of a community.

>> No.16126845

Plus when there's already a challenge chart for something like kind lady, they make a whole new chart instead. Who knows what they're thinking

Shit sucks that we'll never get something like kimochi or candy ufo mix when they had the chance now that naoki's defected

>> No.16126864 [DELETED] 

Couple of logistical and technical issues have prevented that cabinet from getting connected to any network. Nothing that can't be solved with a little bit of money and demand.

>> No.16126950 [DELETED] 

The thing is, it's not about managing a community, it's about managing an arcade.

You know, a space where people go to play games. The space itself is more important than any community.

VEGA's problem is that it only caters to one community, and 80% of that community do not live locally to the arcade and are only around one weekend every three months. They see it as a something primarily for those people, and any locals who want to drop in and get into rhythm games are just extras.

Right now, they should be seeing that as their biggest fuckup, because the people they primarily maintained the arcade for have now turned against them.

What the UK arcade scene needs is a space catering to all communities. That's what Heart of Gaming is/was and why people still blindly follow them, despite their management being incredibly shitty.

Look at what Las Vegas Arcade Soho does. I'm not personally interested in any of the games they have there, but it's successful because of the variety. They do regular events. Regular people outside of a tight knit community have a reason to go there, and that's what makes the money.

Right now, whoever the fuck is now in charge of Vega needs to take a step back, look at the situation from a business and financial perspective and begin to adapt or slowly die.

>> No.16126992

Thinking about buying an FPS. Is it really worth getting the Omrons separately? Assuming Dao gives you a set of 9, it doesn't really seem like it would save a huge amount going through Sanwa.

Also, does anyone know which springs come by default with the Honeywells and Omrons from Dao?

>> No.16127024 [DELETED] 

You base this on the idea that VEGA exists at all without this community. It is entirely run on the goodwill and partnerships Josh and Alan built up with EC over the years.

VEGA is not a business, it's a Bemani community existing in the otherwise forgotten basement of a gambling machine place. It doesn't have to cater to anybody, nor does it have the space, money or the freedom to.

Without Josh, I expect Q4 will be the last lock-in event.

>> No.16127065

Goth Grace PUR when

Right now we only have slutty Grace.

>> No.16127111 [DELETED] 


Hi Jack and whoever you're arguing with.

It appears that nobody here has a clue what's going on. Either shut the fuck up and go back to whining on Twitter or talk to team VEGA and team Flower directly. That goes for everyone else peddling this stupid drama too.

>> No.16127118 [DELETED] 

>You base this on the idea that VEGA exists at all without this community. It is entirely run on the goodwill and partnerships Josh and Alan built up with EC over the years.

I know, and that's the problem. I respect Josh and Alan just as much as lua for the amount of time and effort they've put into VEGA, but unfortunately, that's not enough.

(And I stress, that's not me saying Josh and Alan aren't doing enough. People have twisted my words before to act like I've said that. I'm saying that goodwill and time and effort being put in for free isn't enough. Something like this needs to be a full time thing)

>Without Josh, I expect Q4 will be the last lock-in event.

If people even decide to show up to Q4.

>> No.16127128 [DELETED] 

Who the fuck is Jack?

>> No.16127153 [DELETED] 

>It appears that nobody here has a clue what's going on.
Then make a response to lua's blog post, lol.

>> No.16127309 [DELETED] 

>Moved IIDX, DDR and pop'n in from Astro.
>Negotiated the prime London space with EC.
>Spent countless nights designing branding and posters.
>Wrote an entire eA server and webui from the ground up.
>Ran quarterly 24h meetups, cleaning up after everyone, etc.
>Negotiated card sales with upstairs.
>Deals with customer inquiries.
>Acquired two more UK exclusive Bemani games running versions not released on Sows (at the time) with full network support.
>Installed headphone amps on everything in response to customer feedback.
>Runs to the arcade ASAP to repair cabs at even the mention of a stuck button.
>Independently sourced copula data and wrote full network support.
>Literally is the reason we even had a DDR A loctest.
>All for free.

Tell me again how this wasn't enough effort from them. For something nobody got paid for, I think they did okay. Nobody had to buy these cabs, bring them over, get them working and maintain them in a public London location but they did.

>> No.16127336 [DELETED] 


>> No.16127344 [DELETED] 

>that's not me saying Josh and Alan aren't doing enough

>Tell me again how this wasn't enough effort from them

Either you genuinely don't even know how to fucking read, or you're intentionally pretending I'm saying the opposite of what I'm saying, to make it out like I hate VEGA/Flower and Josh/Alan/lua when I don't.

I've always supported them, and no matter what they're saying about me personally, I'm still going to support them.

I'm not the one having a "meltdown", as sows likes to put it, over a setting not being immediately available, to the point where I'm claiming that Josh/Alan/lua are corrupt and demanding they be forced out of the community.

>> No.16127349 [DELETED] 

bruv leave alan out of this he just wants to play on his chinese dance mat games

>> No.16127354 [DELETED] 

>mfw the recent UK drama has arrived in /jp/

i doubt any of you really know what you're talking about.

vega isn't gonna go anywhere while its a part of the casino in the upstairs section as that place is stable enough to keep the building open.

people are going Q4,

Lua, Alan and Josh have all done good things for the community but lua has fully stepped out of line with his recent actions and his attutide is just a disgrace - he refuses to own up to the community that he controls in one way or another then blames the community for it.

>> No.16127358

Why the fuck is SIRIUS HDD data so hard to get working? What a fucking nightmare these steps look like.

I JUST want to play GAMBOL.

>> No.16127364


old mixes are way more bitchy about hardware/timing than the LDJ mixes are.

>tfw you never experienced the pain of timebase

>> No.16127378

only old mix ive got to work was distorted when it was leaked on doujinstyle lol

>> No.16127380 [DELETED] 

Except you contradicted yourself in your own fucking post Jack.

>but unfortunately, that's not enough.

I couldn't give an arsewank how the person who threatened to take a baseball bat to IIDX after a year of drama over a T-shirt wants to claim they weren't having a meltdown.

>> No.16127383

get a ps2 and a crt if you really wanna play gambol (a) that bad

>> No.16127386 [DELETED] 


thats jess u transphobe..........

>> No.16127393

bemanichan has it because their site isn't full of degenerate children who will leak shit for epeen. only vip nips get invited.

>> No.16127428 [DELETED] 

>lua has fully stepped out of line with his recent actions and his attutide is just a disgrace

What are you even talking about? Unless there's more to it than "wahh, lua won't unlock all the songs for meee"

>I couldn't give an arsewank how the person who threatened to take a baseball bat to IIDX

No-one threatened to take a baseball bat to anything, dude lmao.

>after a year of drama over a T-shirt

What are you even talking about???

>> No.16127449

For the unaware and with accounts, freeleech for the weekend on sows.

>> No.16127462 [DELETED] 


>implying releasing a coin dll for people like leggendaria to snatch up is totally ok

stop posting

>> No.16127486 [DELETED] 



>> No.16127495 [DELETED] 

Right, because leggendaria are totally going to have things to do with a coin DLL.

They're a bunch of babbies in a discord, not brazillian bootleggers, jfc.

At the end of the day, it was to prove to people like you that they can actually do this shit and DJHACKERS are lying to people like you, but you don't care because you keep sucking their dicks for whatever reason.

>> No.16127510 [DELETED] 
File: 299 KB, 298x156, stop.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all these idiots having opinions about things they have no fucking clue about

Its like i'm really on /v/.

>> No.16127524 [DELETED] 

Why is the arcade rhythm game scene so shit?

>> No.16127536 [DELETED] 

>Coin DLL.
>The same coin DLLs that get handed around like candy to anybody who can pretend to own a cab for five seconds.
>Literally a couple of bytes difference.
>The same bytes as every other IIDX.
>Takes maybe half a hour to restore by hand.

>> No.16127538

We need a new team who is willing to release data before DJH.

>> No.16127550 [DELETED] 

None of those tweets prove anything lmao.

I barely even know who that "Hazza TeeTee" dude even is, although ChBangus is a dude who got mad at me for saying I was uncomfortable with sexist/homophobic comments he was making around/about me and eventually started refusing to hand over my t-shirt that I trusted him with after staying at his house for someone's birthday to multiple different mutual friends after I asked then to retrieve it for me and eventually destroyed it and claimed his mum did it.

But none of that has anything to do with rhythm games lmao.

>> No.16127559 [DELETED] 
File: 1.91 MB, 1294x1338, 1466642711553.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the city of jack

>> No.16127573 [DELETED] 
File: 386 KB, 1280x720, smug colourfulgrill.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We'vea all seen the tweets about you smashing the cabs just stop posting anytime.

>> No.16127574 [DELETED] 

Yo, you can't exactly insist on calling someone by their deadname and then piss and moan when you get called transphobic.

>> No.16127581 [DELETED] 

is this tumblr?

>> No.16127583 [DELETED] 

Nice samefag Jacky boi.

>> No.16127589

home setup masterrace desu

>> No.16127593 [DELETED] 

I wasn't being serious. It was a private account and I knew my tweets were being leaked by someone who had in their private account a pinned tweet telling people not to leak anything of theirs.

I posted a bunch of fake shit, knowing that people would leak it.

I said I was selling coke and that I was going to bomb a bus as well, for fucks sake.

>> No.16127601 [DELETED] 

Nope. I don't even know what "The City of Jack" even is. If that's something people have been saying on skype or whatever, I'm unaware of it.

Also, thank you for proving my point.

>> No.16127614 [DELETED] 
File: 170 KB, 512x449, get out of jp right now.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Do you know where the fuck you are? This isn't tumblr.

>> No.16127621 [DELETED] 

>Do you know where the fuck you are? This isn't tumblr.
"Haha, we're on 4chan, so I get to treat you like shit, haha"

>> No.16127625

this, or better, we need a club more secret than sows so we can make this possible. but that'll never happen.

>> No.16127632 [DELETED] 
File: 327 KB, 1000x1000, get out.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

stop posting
Jack kun

>> No.16127633

Just release shit on GazelleGames.

>> No.16127645 [DELETED] 

>Is mentally unstable.
>Gets temporarily removed from community for being a complete ass.
>Makes specific threats against private property.
>Gets called out on it.
>Police on notice.
>Hurr durr, I was just being retarded.

>Pulled up on it on 4chan.
>I posted a bunch of fake shit, knowing that people would leak it.

Grow up child, no wonder you lost all your friends, got thrown out of uni and banned from the arcade.

>> No.16127647 [DELETED] 

Are you sure you're not just mad that you can't just tape me to stop me saying things you don't like, like you can on sows?

>> No.16127651 [DELETED] 

>Police on notice.
>Police on notice.
>Police on notice.

oh wow, you actually believe this lmao

>> No.16127655 [DELETED] 

I hope both sides of whatever this shit dumb drama is get banned from /jp/ at the very least

>> No.16127689

What the fuck, the train cat song is hard as balls for a 10
Absolutely feels like an easy 11.

>> No.16127699

webui when

these long note trails are messing up my timing

>> No.16127703


>> No.16127716

why is the soundtrack version of Donkey Donk so different from the game version
they might as well be separate songs

>> No.16127717

that's why you don't get used to customizations

>> No.16127721

>please DO NOT DO THIS. I've seen some really weird things happen from this. I've run into HDD errors from trying to load incorrect graphics, due certain ifs files having extra or less files than the replaced file. If you're going to do this, and you break something, don't ask for help.

i think i'll wait, thanks

>> No.16127730

if you literally just back up less than 1mb of files nothing can go wrong

i'm even using the .dll mod method someone mentioned which replaces the calls for each graphic with the desired graphic and it works 100%

>> No.16127805

if you're too dumb to do this maybe its not your timing thats messed up

>> No.16127827

It's only the ending that is hard

>> No.16127912


What were the drugs used to make this song (and video)?

>> No.16127936


>> No.16127962

I'm killing myself.

I can't even clear TSP with an 88% start.

I'll never be good at this game.

>> No.16128087

What springs come with the default Dao buttons on the FPS/FP7?

>> No.16128109


>> No.16128112

Good news, there is a new team that does data releases (they did Prop).
Bad news, they don't care about home players and are only interested in helping cabinet owners.

>> No.16128126

Does DJ Dao do any special promotions for christmas, or is the US storehouse free shipping as good as it'll get?

>> No.16128197

They're part of Anthony's arcade cab owner gang and associated with the Flower team, what did you expect?

>> No.16128227
File: 14 KB, 558x210, errors.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Was about to ask you, what the fuck is up with all your torrents. My torrent fucking lit up like a christmas tree with errors from all your albums.

>> No.16128236

just do micro adjustments and consider using (or increasing) sudden/lift. A higher sudden spaces out the notes while slowing the notes down.

>> No.16128249


I frankly don't get why all the bitching and moaning about DJH is then. Sure they might be sour faggots but they serve fundamentally different purposes.

Shouldn't really even be compared to flower or vega. The individual home setup is the real important part of the community. Almost no arcades haves IIDX cabs and they are going to be nowhere near where you are.

>> No.16128269

It doesn't matter as long as you can read the note density.

If you can no longer read denser stuff but you tend to hit notes early mess around with increasing your GN. Otherwise don't touch it.

Personally I'm on the more extreme side of things of:
265 GN / 300 sud+ 165 lift

I can't actually read fast, I just have a fuck large sudden to accommodate because I am that bad at density.

>> No.16128279

My guess is that they uploaded them as zip files instead of a folder? I made that mistake a while ago too.

>> No.16128292

I love it personally. The ONLY thing I don't like about it are the result screens. They couldn't have possibly chosen a shittier AA result.

The A result is bad too but they're almost always bad.

It's the bullshit ending and it being a waltz

Just checked my ftp and they're not zip files. Most likely issue is maybe the metadata is not tagged. I haven't checked the files and I don't know of sows cares, but I care. It's a pain in the ass to fix in bulk.

>> No.16128293

Is holding down Start indefinitely between Dan course songs to regain your hand stamina/strength cheating?

>> No.16128296

Technically no, because you're allowed to do that in CS.

Emotionally yes, because you're taking the stamina portion out of a course.

Personally, I did it to complete 9th dan. I stood up and went to eat breakfast after cookie bouquet because I need to mentally prepare for TSP.

>> No.16128359

uploading ujico* torrents is now banned from sows at ujico's request

>> No.16128365

That makes sense, is there a list that shows artists you shouldn't upload?

>> No.16128370

Yeah, just go to the upload page

>> No.16128400 [DELETED] 

The bitching and moaning is because cab owners got neglected for the safety of home players post PW. Flower/etc wouldn't even exist had DJH not decided unilaterally that only certain people get certain things, usually those who had friends in DJH.

I get limiting access to home people, it's piracy and the last thing we need is Konami killing everyone, but if you own a cab you shouldn't be withheld data other cab owners get. Cab owners should be on the same page, not "oh you're not allowed to run online mixes *wink wink*". Cab owners should always come first, period.

>> No.16128402

fuck you for uploading ujico albums

>> No.16128404

Speaking of the "do not upload" list, why the heck can't people upload IIDX poster scans? The reason given is because that would "deface their value", but why do the owners of an illegal piracy site care about something like that?

I want to advertise the things I love (IIDX in this case) by putting posters up in my house, but even if I knew where to get the ones I wanted, I couldn't afford to pay $200 for a single poster. It's not like we'd even be taking money from Konami, since they literally don't sell the official game posters to individuals.

>> No.16128408

it was probably so aubs could make some heroin money

>> No.16128409

Cab owners should always come first, fuck Dao players.

>> No.16128415

>Cab owners should always come first

According to what logic? That being able to afford importing a $5,000 game from Japan makes you more important and more deserving of special treatment from secret internet piracy clubs?

I agree that they maybe shouldn't *ban* cab owners from using the data, but under no circumstances should they be prioritized over the thousands of regular people who don't have that kind of disposable income.

>> No.16128423

That dude left sows and now denounces piracy as evil and immoral on Facebook. Why would they care what he thinks anymore?

>> No.16128429


Ease of entry to the community should come first. If you want the game to live and thrive where it has no support then make it accessible first and foremost.

I guarantee you more people want to play but will never see a cab than people who see a cab and will then want to play.

>> No.16128432

According to the logic of actually owning the dongles and thus legit access to run the data? Fact of the matter is they banded together because DJH told them to fuck off when they asked for help getting stuff working.

It was a double slap that some people got to run certain "online" versions of data while others got chastised. It's mostly sorted out now but that's because it took other groups springing up and challenging the establishment to finally hash out a standard.

>> No.16128437

Ease of entry is fine and makes sense. They don't need the newest versions to get into it.

>> No.16128444

Surprisingly enough there's a difference between pirates and bootleggers and even with sows loose morals the last thing they want is to feed bootleggers

>> No.16128463

what is it about bemani that attracts so many people that are so fucked in the head

>> No.16128468

fringe interests attract the fringe members of society

it always has and always will be that way

>> No.16128475

That's fair I guess

I just want cute 2dx posters...

>> No.16128482


People don't play rhythm games because they are mentally ill, they are mentally ill because the play rhythm games.

>> No.16128603

By that logic more people don't have money to buy a DAO and would be better served with an arcade.

>> No.16128615

It really hurts playing at an arcade? I only play on a kb so I don't know.

>> No.16128647

Maybe if you have like really frail hands not if you are used to it imo

>> No.16128654

Most of it self inflicted really. People tense up when they're doing stuff they can barely read. It's not as bad on keyboard since you don't move your arm/hand much.

11-12 scratch songs is however legitimately draining. Completing RED feels like I'm trying to ejaculate for the 3rd time.

>> No.16128659

>It really hurts playing at an arcade?
If you have shit posture maybe. There's nothing painful about it to me just sort of tiring.

>> No.16128704

>just sort of tiring

That's what I want to understand why. Are you playing heavy scratching songs like >>16128654?

>> No.16128840

You expect bowling alleys and movie theatres across America to invest in a niche game like IIDX? Because the alternative for half of Americans is driving to the nearest population center which gets expensive quick if you want to play IIDX frequently enough to git gud.

>> No.16128864

>tfw spent over $1200 on Bemani over my last summer break

Can confirm.

>> No.16128953

Is it possible to need separate offsets for different mixes of IIDX?

Pendual felt great at 0.0 but on Copula I get too many fasts.

>> No.16128968

Yes, for some reason songs from every mix have a different timing window

>> No.16129062

Every LDJ game I've played has felt the same to me. I could see there being problems if you used HD on one and HD* on another.

>> No.16129282

fuck dynamite

>> No.16129341 [DELETED] 

>tfw horo was let back into sows
>tfw the ban horo button is still there

so basically we can just ban someone who was allowed back into sows for being a good boy?


>> No.16129363 [DELETED] 

>tfw horo was let back into sows
fucking why
i hate that colossal faggot so much

>> No.16129371 [DELETED] 

>I never wish to be a part of that community ever again
I'm not seeing the issue with the button

>> No.16129476


>> No.16129545

Do you have to have AC rips to get new people into IIDX? Whatever happened to CS releases, Infinitas, BMS?

>> No.16129636


It's not about attracting people who are oblivious, it's about allowing access to those who know but have other way.

And you don't need to latest and greatest mixes for cabs to do the same either. I'd be excited to play ANY mix on a cab. I wouldn't hesitate to drop 50 bucks into a DistorteD cab if I happened across one.

>> No.16129644 [DELETED] 

Thank you based mods.

Get a clue and keep the """community""" shit outta here. The general made it this long. If you keep fucking up, you can kiss it goodbye.

>> No.16129654 [DELETED] 

fuck off retard

>> No.16129779 [DELETED] 

What the fuck are you talking about

>> No.16129885

>Cleared 9dan with 92%

Guess my keyboard IIDX skills are still around.

>> No.16129984


One day...

>> No.16130067


>> No.16130145

No but if we're giving data out to the poors then the bourgeois cab owners should get it first, period.

When cab owners get held back you either end up with bootlegged pieces of shit or worse. What's more disrespectful to the playerbase then, having to wait 3-6 months for AC data, or wondering if the Pop'n cab they go play on is wired to a keyboard?

>> No.16130196

It's too late for most of the ddr community, most of them take perfectly good cabs and put minimaids/ipacs in them, there was a mint SN2 cab that sold over the summer that was immediately gutted to play stepmania on.

I feel sorry for ITG fucks, they have no cabs to play on so they bastardize everything they can get their hands on.

>> No.16130224


Those SN Benson cabs were pieces of garbage anyways. No real loss.

>> No.16130233

Are you serious right now, the most converted cab is 1st/2nd generation Jcabs, and Betson Supernova 2 cabs were incredible, are you sure you're not conflating with X series cabs that noone wants because of the Raw Thrills tech?

>> No.16130372

e x p l o s i o n

>> No.16130420

This question always pops up on this thread and nobody bothers to answer the poor soul lmao

Afaik no, djdao doesn't offer special holidays discounts.

>> No.16130458

I think this rule is p silly too. I know a good portion of the bemanis are collectors/have money but what about those of us who can't afford posters/just wanna print cool shit to decorate our rooms. I was looking forward to getting scans for my room desu ):

>> No.16130681

>tfw such a contrarian faggot that I enjoy the old removed charts from omnimix more than copulas new charts

>> No.16130707

what the fuck do you guys have against rb lmao
its like you guys think its osu or some shit

>> No.16130719

I asked dj dao a few weeks ago. They said they have no plans for christmas or new years.

>> No.16130775

Is taiko no tatsujin V worth it?

>> No.16130816

You get a rad New Years card.

>> No.16130947

worth downloading if you have a homebrewed vita
not worth buying imo, too many dlcs

>> No.16131019


This can not be right at all. None of the Betson cabs are anything like an original JP made one. Even a Korean cab is better than a Betson Supernova. Goddamn dude. Also have you ever played a X machine? They're nice as fuck.

>> No.16131027

Is Copula mirrored anywhere? I don't have a sows account. I'm still playing Tricoro Omnimix.

>> No.16131080

GGn is currently down thanks to the what.cd takedown.

>> No.16131095

No, it's not.

Get in.

>> No.16131100

sent ;)

>> No.16131104
File: 392 KB, 800x800, 1448929417302.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know where I can get some sheet music for piano for BEMANI songs? I'm particularly looking for MENDES and Mei

>> No.16131106

There's plenty of stuff over at http://ayato.sub.jp/

>> No.16131234

I'm trying to decide between SVSE5 and the Turbocharger 2.0, which is better? I'm a bit lazy so I was gonna choose the option to have the 100g omicrons installed already, not sure if I want sanwas though. Also the SVSE5 has the option of knob structure choice, how is the turbocharger's knobs in feeling and durability/wear?

>> No.16131318


>> No.16131409

you're off your rocker

Betson SN2 had Konami I/O and a really nice monitor. Sure it ran on a python but the I/O is actually new enough to take a modern bemaniPC or a chimera and run modern mixes. Sure, not HD, but the monitor is nice enough to where it doesn't matter.

Raw Thrills X cabs have terrible I/O, though the monitor isn't that bad. Also the unibody stage is terrible for feeling out where you are on the pad and is slippery as fuck. Are you talking about Japanese X cabs? Because then you might have a point, though I'd be surprised that you've played on one.

>> No.16131451

Who's that Aaron guy who posts in Music Game Hell all the time? Seems like some asshole know-it-all who always pretends to be relevant.

>> No.16131453

Yes I am talking about japanese X cabs. I have never played on a Raw Thrills cab. I played DDR 2014 on a white X cab at a Taito Station in Shinjuku. I'm sure the Raw Thrills cabs are total shit.

I actually don't have any problem with the python2, it was a good/cool system in my opinion, but the Betson cabs feel kinda hollow in comparison to an early JP cab. I have a JP cab of my own and felt the difference when I'd go to a USA tournament and be playing on a Supernova machine.

I'm rusty as fuck though cause my cab still only has a 573 in it

>> No.16131504

I'll write any sheet music you want if you're willing to pay me

I did this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nzkKpCiOGk (not super good but the only one I have on youtube)
and back in high school I was commissioned to write a lot of sheet music for private music teachers

>> No.16131510

afaik he literally works for Konami so he arguably is kind of relevant

>> No.16131554

I don't get what the problem was.

>> No.16131559

Never mind. Thanks.

>> No.16131617


how much for 1 max 300

>> No.16131619

wassup crunker

>> No.16131630
File: 49 KB, 311x227, 1476590312733.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got someone to help me so it all worked out in the end.

>> No.16131752

He's actually relevant, he's been on The Bemani Scene since the very beginning. And i think what >>16131510 says also counts lol

>> No.16131847
File: 3.14 MB, 5312x2988, 1120160559.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.16132050

he's pretty fucking relevant, he literally wrote a book on the origins of the bemani scene in japan, he's as OG as you can get

>> No.16132056


is that a mini marquee too? pretty neat

>> No.16132295

How the fuck is Fascination MAXX a 9 on Normal

>> No.16132383

it feels misrated to me, it's like 7.5 in terms of the actual notes. the hardest part is reading the bpm changes but if you know the song well/play DDR it's nothing new

it was the first 9 i cleared by a long shot

>> No.16132523

Actually, I'm not american and arcade here is cheaper, so it's not a problem.

>> No.16132533

>tfw spent my youth learning to bash plastic buttons instead of piano
feels bad men

>> No.16132567

Piano is actually more frustrating than any bemani since unless you have talent you lose pretty much all your progress and skill if you don't practice for like a week

Fuck music. It makes you her slave

>> No.16132571

Holy shit at least try doing a little searching

>> No.16132703

max 300

>> No.16133136

Happy 20, november

The naoki remix is the best version

>> No.16133143

Speed changes trigger iidxfags so any bpm change adds +2 to a songs rating

>> No.16133154

webui when?

>> No.16133224

>Song Name in Ticket Text
What does this mean?

>> No.16133252

I believe instead of it saying free play it says the song title.

>> No.16133413
File: 63 KB, 400x600, 5868945i.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw Chuuden

On Keyboard

>> No.16133458

Yeah it replaces the FREE PLAY text with whatever was meant to display on a cabinet's LED ticker, which is usually the song name.

Interestingly enough the LED ticker displays the romanized version of the song title if it has Japanese characters in the name.

>> No.16133472


Doesn't the arcade ticker do that too? I mean it'd have to right? Can't be having 2 stroke kanji on those things.

>> No.16133481


God fucking dammit. 20 stroke kanji*

>> No.16133491

Yes it does. It leads to some hilarious names too.


>> No.16133564

you are not rly chuuden then bcuz keyboard is cheating, sorry to burst your bubble

>> No.16133581

Whats the difference between HD and HD*?

>> No.16133584

I know. It makes scratch songs a nightmare though.

>> No.16133598

Offset to compensate for shitty LCDs

>> No.16133599

Don't use HD*, it's a bandaid fix for their new, laggier TVs
Just set the note delay to what suits you.

>> No.16133601

HD* is HD with -1.0 offset.

My monitor is pretty laggy so I use it, otherwise I have to set my offset to like -3.7.

>> No.16133607

Thanks, will disable HD* then and just play around with the offset.

>> No.16133855

holy shit
someone explain this shit to me
how do I get a pcbid?
what the fuck is even going on?

>> No.16133879

>ask nicely

>you're trying to play some button-slapping simulators

>> No.16133880

Alright I'll explain this.

In order to play 2dicks you need:

1. 2dicks data
2. A network service for 2dicks to connect to
3. The network service to recognize your machine as legit

In order for 3 to happen you need a pcbid, which is a unique numerical identifier for your particular installation of 2dicks. You'll have to ask the right people on sows.

If you can't do that, just use ealocalserver and save your scores in a spreadsheet.

>> No.16133910

So how do I turn image files into ifs files?

I want lewd pacemakers

>> No.16133923

Can I just say, fuck it, and play this locally without internet connection? I don't like dicking around with networks and jazz
I don't care about scores, just want to play some shit.

>> No.16133929

Go to the thread "Bemani hacking, extraction, and IFS related tools"

Fucking learn to read.

>If you can't do that, just use ealocalserver and save your scores in a spreadsheet.

If you don't have access to ealocalserver you shouldn't have data.

>> No.16133942

IIDX doesn't even require any external tools to run offline.

Also, /jp/ is not arcade data tech support. Ask IRC if you have to.

>> No.16133943

jesus at least beg to be spoonfed like retards on the sows forums, this is the rhythm games general, not piracy tech support

>> No.16133945

alright, thanks anyways.

>> No.16133987

I've got a question about dan for IIDX any LR2. I'd read somewhere that it's a difficulty system not pertaining to IIDX's normal numbers as indication of difficulty but I don't know if it's true or not. Could someone describe to me if dan is it's own unique, separate thing, and in general how the different(or same)difficulty systems are calculated? Ex. overall density/time, bursts, jacks, odd/difficult patterns, scratch density, etc. etc.

>> No.16134026

>lilieze and her fire dragon
>maud and her water dragon

>> No.16134107

Max 300 would sound like shit on piano

>> No.16134151

Uh I'm not 100% sure what you're asking, but no, dan rankings don't directly correspond to the numerical difficulty of songs. The songlist of 1st dan for instance has 2 6s and 2 7s, and 8th dan has 3 10s and a 12. Each course is just an assortment of 4 songs that usually get progressively more difficult throughout the course, and obviously each course has more difficult songs than the last. The higher courses are all 11s and 12s because there's such a huge range of difficulty even among those two levels.

The difficulty curve of IIDX is an exponential graph, and the dan courses reflect that I guess.

>> No.16134169

It's just a game mode you select from the main menu. There are difficulty levels from the easiest 7 kyuu to 1 kyuu, then 1st dan (shodan), 2nd dan... up to 10th dan, chuuden and kaiden. You play through four songs in a row with a lifebar that doesn't refill between each song. The highest dan ranks you clear are shown on your player card when logging in to eamuse and affect the song levels you can play for your first and second stages.

They're used as an indicator of your general skill level, though they're not really that important and more than anything they show your ability to bullshit your way through one hard final song.

7th, 8th and 9th dan are especially infamous because they've had the same final songs (THE SAFARI, gigadelic and The Sampling Paradise) for a long time. Then of course there's kaiden, which is the top level and has had Mei as its final song since its inception (and Himiko as the 3rd song since its first appearance).

They don't particularly focus on testing how well you do in certain skills, and some of them aren't even very consistent from game to game; I was able to clear Pendual's 10th dan because it was way easier than any one before it, while I can't even clear the second song of copula's 10th dan.

>> No.16134170

one guy said he will play max300 on a harmonica and stream it for us

>> No.16134178

Colorful cookie is infamous for a 10th dan song. That clusterfuck at the end and the middle are killers.

>> No.16134186

Oh yeah, I was only thinking about ending songs but Colorful Cookie is pretty much "the" 10th dan song and the lack of it is why Pendual's 10th was considered so much easier.

>> No.16134200
File: 425 KB, 593x649, 60032538_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Grace a cute!

>> No.16134205

Pendual's 10th Dan was great because it didn't have Reunion in it. Only 10th Dan in a while that I was able to get 100% clear rate on.

>> No.16134213

10th style's 8dan is exceptional (read: trauma inducing) on it's own thanks to a glitch.

You get 3 level 12s and a 11.

>> No.16134232

Okay, I get it. Thanks for the explanations. I haven't played IIDX yet because I haven't mustered up the determination to deal with and learn all the weird, obscure controls for gameplay options and such that goddamn Bemani games always seem to have. It's much easier to say fuck it and play LR2, where it's pretty easy to figure out what you're doing. Also it has mouse support and an interface designed to support computers.

>> No.16134245

What's the TGA file name I'm looking for for the pacemaker background?

>> No.16134255


>> No.16134278


Thanks. I thought I was going to catch some shit seeing the former hostility on this subject.

I'm not even that guy.

>> No.16134297

I was going to be hostile toward you, but someone already answered you, so it was too late.

>> No.16134400

>happy birthday

It's today?

>> No.16134420

How data works on a 4:3 monitor (LCD)?

>> No.16134464


>> No.16134480


>> No.16134526

SDVX 3 was released on 20/11/2014. It is Grace's 2nd birthday!

>> No.16134591

What's Rasis birthday then?

>> No.16134631

Jan 18. The day when the first SDVX was released.

>> No.16134660

Got through 2dan yesterday. Wasn't too bad. I think I should be able to get through 3dan soon. Also Sinobuz is fantastic.

>> No.16134731

Freeleech ends in about 1 hour and 40 minutes for the unaware.

Just started my omnimix download, hoping I can finish it in time

>> No.16134733

3rd dan isn't that bad, i'd make sure you were familiar with the ending of bridal festival though

>> No.16134768

3rd dan is almost easier than 2nd except for the last half of CaptivAte

But I might be biased because I hate Abyss so so much

>> No.16134868


Oh fuck it finally makes sense now why my offset went from -0.8 to +0.3, I must've been playing pendual on just HD

>> No.16134898

The end of Bridal Festival is the only hard part of that song for me. I can't remember if I've cleared it yet but I love it.

>> No.16134933

So, nobody knows then?

>> No.16134960

You can run windowed if you want the correct aspect ratio. Or you can change your graphics card and/or monitor settings to maintain aspect ratio.

This applies to anything.

>> No.16134977

the game literally boots by default in SD mode...

>> No.16134981

Can I run it in a borderless window?

>> No.16134984

Oh. Thank you then.

>> No.16134987

That's irrelevant. SD mode is still meant to be stretched to 16:9 aspect ratio.

>> No.16135025

Shouts out to my boy tuxdude. I haven't been on sows for years but dude is a pimp

>> No.16135036

tuxdude is a fuckin dumbass

>muh vita piracy
>gays and trans are "normal people who have lost their way" and should just "be less open about the whole thing"

iidx menus are honestly like lr2 but a little simpler/less janky because it's coded by well paid, professional nips instead of lazy hobbyist ones

if you ever play a cab or pick up a ps2 version or something you'll see what i mean

iidx option menus are actually so intuitive that they tried remaking them for ps2 releases and everyone uses the arcade-style menu anyway because it's so convenient

>> No.16135062

Hes Australian do you expect him to not be homophobic?

>> No.16135065

Just finished downloading omnimix with just 10 minutes to spare!

>> No.16135128


>tfw degenerate trannies will never stop playing rhythm games

>> No.16135153

Is it possible to run arcade data with a surround sound set-up? It seems like it obviously should but it's only coming out in stereo (I have my PC set-up for surround sound already). Do I have to change some setting in the test menu?

>> No.16135234

it probably is made to be just stereo

>> No.16135261
File: 11 KB, 480x348, 14484782_981680781940678_7700968338370608079_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why would konami program that into the game when arcade cabs have only stereo speakers

use your fucking brain

this is not the tech support thread, post in the forums (and read the thread before you even do that, since all these questions are probably answered 3 times)

>> No.16135316


I'm not sifting through dozens of pages for a single tidbit of information.

Plus, I ask something trivial here, it goes away. I do it there, I look like an idiot forever.

>> No.16135320

Go to IRC then.

>> No.16135354

You can search the threads, but I'm not really surprised that you lack the reading comprehension to find that button.

>> No.16135374


Any question you could possibly ask has been asked before
Just search the threads, the answers are already there

>> No.16135385

4:3 guy here. I don't have an account yet, I'm just asking these questions because I'm making a sketch for an idea I have.

>> No.16135404

Fuck off

>> No.16135412

>tfw “degenerate trannies” are now providing all your AC data.

>> No.16135416

No you fuck off

>> No.16135455

>isn't able to go on irc

>> No.16135469


I didn't know trannies at Konami made sinobuz

>> No.16135486 [DELETED] 

I'm dating a tranny and I kind of want to get "her" into bemani.

>> No.16135508

The arcade cabs claim to have 9.1 audio.

>> No.16135528

kill yourself

>> No.16135541

he's probably already into bemani

>> No.16135545

Hey man that's not very politically correct in current year.

>> No.16135621

No, you're the one who should fuck off. There are literally entire threads dedicated to spoonfeeding you illiterate mongoloids and yet you still choose to spam this board with your questions.

>> No.16135651

Fuck off back to /a/.

>> No.16135829


I hope you don't ever play EZ2AC or use localserver then.

>> No.16135861

footpedals are the bane of my existence so i'm out of that equation already, besides the songlist is somehow more generic than djmax/pump it up

never had to, i downloaded some game, realized it wasnt working, asked around, and two people sent me pcbids

>> No.16135883
File: 1.49 MB, 1600x900, Triple Counter-bg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Triple Counter Challenge chart when?
>tfw it's a 19

>> No.16135901

>Djmax went from quirky songs with colorful and unique videos to samey kpop songs with videos of idols dancing

Where did it go wrong?

>> No.16135960

it was always samey kpop

>> No.16136032

Angelic Jelly being available to US players when? (and with a challenge chart would be nice too, so it's not relegated to warmup/"i just played something too hard and i'm dying" status)

>> No.16136083

I don't understand people complaining about songs being too easy. Unless you have an MFC on it, then you still have work to do.

>> No.16136110

Sure but the shitty videos were better than generic cuties dancing. That low budget charm and all

>> No.16136137

the precision required to MFC anything (or PFC harder songs) with anything close to consistency is a talent. it's not a skill anybody can earn by just grinding.

>> No.16136149

>search thread

It's not surprising that you're too stupid to use this feature.

>> No.16136421

What are some good easier songs to practice chords for someone who's been playing for a couple weeks? I can clear most 6s but Lion Suki kills me on 2nd kyu.

>> No.16136436 [DELETED] 

don't date someone if you don't respect their gender identity

you obviously don't so fuck off and let her find a better person

that being said always get new people into bemani we need to keep the hobby alive

>> No.16136442

Try Mind Mapping

it's a 7 but a really easy 7 with pretty readable chords every other note

The only hard part of the song is the scratch pattern in the middle, so just ignore that for now and do the fun chord parts

>> No.16136459

Why is DanEvo CS missing like all of the recognizable Bemani songs from the arcade version? I would play the fuck out of that if it actually had the songs I know and love as part of the game.

>> No.16136525

because westerners don't give a shit about daisuke

you could play the ac rip, it's got kinect support (obviously)

>> No.16136545

too bad it's stinky chink data

>> No.16136580

I give a shit about daisuke.

>> No.16136587

and so do i, but most of the market for kinect-based dancing games don't.

>> No.16136743

Does it still only have like 12 songs?

>> No.16136744 [DELETED] 
File: 22 KB, 800x580, 1478693554998.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16136765 [DELETED] 

so, not trannies

>> No.16136901
File: 93 KB, 1024x768, hep.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>no Eclale
>no Lapistoria card support

>> No.16136974


Fuck off I know how to and use the search quite frequently.

However, not knowing what I was searching for, it would have been impossible for me to find what I need.

However, in retrospect, I searched that thread for "gr_score" and got 0 results, meaning the particular information I required was nowhere in that thread.

I could have asked in that thread but it might have been hours before I got a response, if ever.

So I maintain I did nothing wrong. And no one helpful is ever on IRC.

>> No.16137082

>And no one helpful is ever on IRC.
What channel were you asking in.

>> No.16137458


I don't know, anon. I don't even really know how IRC works and I've only ever used it twice. Leave me alone.

>> No.16137490

I didn't know how to use it too. Try googling the channel's name. There's a website that works ss a client and it will automatically connect to them

>> No.16137501 [DELETED] 

i want to be a little girl but i'm too lazy to start treatment and hit the gym and i like being a manly man too so nahhhh

>> No.16137719

Konami needs to really get creative with HCNs.

Imagine a song where both 1 and 7 were HCNs for the whole song leaving just 2-6 to actually map the rest of the keysounds.

>> No.16138087

Calm down Satan, jesus.

>> No.16138098

do you think konami could just abolish
cns and make them all hell charges just so that hcns don't have to have their own gross noteskin that's hard to read

or would hcns make some cn songs too easy? cause it's clear that hcns are their "one true vision" for the hold note mechanic, but they came up with them kinda late and now it's all fucked

>> No.16138099 [DELETED] 

This. Plus most of these guys are pieces of shit who see their gfs not as people but as fuckholes and they tell them they're dating them out of pity and that they're monsters who should be grateful they're getting their attention lmao

If I'm not just assuming wildly and it is the case, I hope >>16135486's gf realizes this soon b4 it's too late

I didn't know Konami made their games readily available on sows

Is an AC rip ever gon b available ):?

>> No.16138115

>Is an AC rip ever gon b available ):?
just the final chinese data at the moment, idk if there's enough interest for japanese version (look how long people have waited for RB groovin upper, and that game is like n-3 now)

>> No.16138159 [DELETED] 

Calm down lmao I do respect her gender identity. It just feels weird telling other people that even if I'm anonymous.
I'm not using her as a fucktoy I want to have an actual relationship with her.

>> No.16138273 [DELETED] 


Please don't encourage the mentally ill to be mentally ill. That thing needs psychiatric care, not acceptance.

Condoning this sort of degeneracy is putting the death of your nation on the fast track.

>> No.16138473

So does the Copula BMS files use hell charge notes, or are they just replaced with normal charge notes?

>> No.16138510

Anyone still doubting who's winning the next KAC?

>> No.16138716
File: 103 KB, 500x425, 56172431_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw got rekt by long train runnin

>> No.16138762
File: 67 KB, 1280x720, Get out before we rape your ass.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16138768

I wouldn't mind if they retroactively changed all CNs to HCNs

It's kind of weird having two types

>> No.16138784

holy shit jack - you have a twitter to vent this sort of bullshit on.

>> No.16138822

I actually agree

>> No.16138897 [DELETED] 

There's a difference between "wanting to be a little girl" like some kind of weird fetish, and actually having the medical condition of gender dysphoria, which is most reasonably treated through allowing those people to transition to their desired gender. Even if it is a "mental illness", it hurts literally no one to let someone present as the opposite gender if it relieves extreme psychological distress for them.

You don't respect her identity if you're calling her a tranny on the internet. Your actions when anonymous reflect how you really feel.

no fuck that

>> No.16138907

Anybody else getting their shit kicked in by this new Ride On The Light Another chart?

I cannot for the life of me get an A on this thing.

>inb4 "Nope, it's literally just you. Even 7th Kyu players can AA that song"

>> No.16138911

yeah like that's what i'm saying

because they have charge and hell charge notes, we've gotta have hell charge notes with this weird noteskin/coloring and (at least in copula) a silly little tutorial animation

should probably just replace them all to prevent this weird fragmenting

>> No.16138929 [DELETED] 

>You don't respect her identity if you're calling her a tranny on the internet.
But that's what she is? She knows she's a tranny and she knows I call her that and she doesn't mind at all?? Not only that but I showed her your post and even she thinks you're being a complete cuck???

>> No.16138949 [DELETED] 

if she's fine with being called that then that's whatever I guess

just don't expect most trans people to be ok with it

>> No.16138966 [DELETED] 

Nobody needs to be treated like a special snowflake. I refer to her with female pronouns and that's good enough for her.

Now shut up and play some rhythm games.

>> No.16139043

R-Random is underrated. Just as helpful and only 6 variations.

>> No.16139063 [DELETED] 

You called her "her" in scare quotes, which implies you believe she isn't really a "her".

You're into boypenis, but date "trannies" so you don't feel like a gay for it.

You are a fucking faggot, anon.

>> No.16139110

It has 14 variations.

>> No.16139111
File: 255 KB, 1200x900, CxargEmUUAAjGcl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh shit it finally happened

>> No.16139122


What? How?

It moves every lane over to the left or right by up to 6, but since moving everything to the left one lane would be the same as moving everything to the right 6 lanes, it really only has the 6. I don't think it can do 0 or 7, so landing on the nonran chart is not possible.

>> No.16139124

That shit is so hype

>> No.16139130 [DELETED] 

Underrated post.

>> No.16139132

how do you actually unlock this shit?

not like it matters since the hdd in our local iidx cab died and getting a new one from nipland will take weeks

>> No.16139146

It can also mirror it. If nonran/mirror aren't possible (I haven't used it enough to know), then it's 12 instead of 14.

Amusingly enough, I have gotten mirror once by playing random. 0.02% chance of happening.

>> No.16139170

I can't even pass it cuz of the fucking rolls
Everything else I'm fine at but I always fail with an a because of the fucking rolls

>> No.16139171

>pass every 10 in copula except for 5
>can't find a single 11 I can pass
now what

>> No.16139176

Easy clear till u can normal clear

>> No.16139191


There's one 11 that's basically a free gimme with how much easy recovery there is at the end. Forget which though.

>> No.16139277

play all those 10's on random

>> No.16139304

90% of those passes were on random

>> No.16139306

use clickagain and start with the easiest 11's then

>> No.16139352

im sorry I have no idea what that is

>> No.16139353


sort by the easiest 11's in your case

>> No.16139355
File: 67 KB, 286x286, 1395102764558.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whoever told me to use Sudden+, god bless you

All of a sudden I can *actually* read note density

This is fuckin amazing

>> No.16139360

thanks brother

>> No.16139371


I thought that shit was black magic when I first discovered that, too.

>> No.16139394

do I sort by the thing that says 難易度 (ノマゲ)
then 1 being the easiest right
sorry like I said I have no idea what this is

>> No.16139399

Yep, that's NC difficulty.

If you're hard clearing then you'd use the column that says "hard".

>> No.16139416

>tfw finally cleared 5PM ETERNAL by putting speakers on mute

I knew the music was holding me back.

>> No.16139494

Is there a scientific explanation of why sudden+/towelling works so well?
My guess would be that limiting the amount of notes makes it easier to focus and time them.

>> No.16139509

Limiting the amount of notes you see at once makes it easier to focus on each one. That's what GN does.

Unfortunately, limiting the amount of notes also increases the rate at which they scroll across the screen, which might get unreadable until you start towelling, or increasing your WN.

>> No.16139601

At the end of your set, choose to fight (assuming you have enough 力) and choose the one that will unlock your desired difficult (based on the color of the disc it shows as a reward).

>> No.16140522

Is the BGM song always part of the songlist in IIDX? Like Pendual Talisman and Diamond Crossing.

>> No.16140564

No unfortunately

>> No.16140582


How far back do they go? I realize Element of SPADA was SPADA's obviously, but I can't find Tricoro's.

Basically I just wanted to see if Distorted had one and what was it.

>> No.16140665

Weirdly enough, it's like the opposite with me. I can't sudden+ for the life of me, but when I turn hidden on I suddenly read much better. Weird shit, anybody have any idea why that is? Would hidden have a similar effect of sorts? It is still sort of reducing the visible field, in a different way.

>> No.16140676

Hidden is the same thing as sudden as it effectively reduces your field of vision, just going up instead of down.

I use it as well.

>> No.16140693


Distorted is just like the 40 second long title music, it would've been cool if there was a full song version
Custom Drive by DJ Yoshitaka

>> No.16140700

pretty sure element of spada is not spadas bgm

>> No.16140703

element of spada isn't the bgm though
the closest songs i can think of to what you want would be gold rush and time to air

>> No.16140721

At the same green number, having sudden on means the notes are visible for the same length of time but over a smaller area, meaning their scroll speed is slower so they're easier to read. I play with 400 white 300 green and with sudden off it's the equivalent of around 260 green, which is impossibly fast.

>> No.16141111

If I'm running a dual monitor setup, should I run choo choo on the 60hz monitor or the 144hz and figure out how to lock the fps?

If the last two digits of the framerate are constantly changing during the monitor check, does this mean the timing will drift throughout the play session?

Is it feasible for the average person to modify files in 2014 to fix the grey arrow issue with most GPUs?

>> No.16141120

this is not the tech support general. you can easily answer all of these questions with a quick search on sows

>> No.16141126

nice quads but this thread isn't for tech support

>> No.16141167

is this really the best place to ask

>> No.16141211


Similar vein. I'm horribly obese and can't wipe very well and after hours of play I notice I get shit stains on my IIDX chair.

Is there some form of playstyle, or fingering technique, or combination of modifiers to alleviate this problem?

>> No.16141217

you need assisted easy gauge, and by that i mean assisted living

>> No.16141317

I just run all ac data on 60 Hz because Japs can't into programming and the only part the matters on fps check are the first 4 numbers

>> No.16141503

Your wish might have come true

>> No.16141705

Very funny.

>> No.16141723

This starmine leggendaria chart in omnimix is fucking bs

>> No.16141858


He's right though

>> No.16141859

My sister died and I fell into a sort of depression and haven't played in a year or so.
I heard e-amusement was shut down? When I tried to play tricoro just now it was skipping past the part where you enter a pin. I got everything going a couple of years ago without sows, so its confusing

>> No.16141878






>> No.16141998

Gonna as the obligatory "how do I scratch?" Whenever I play a song that has even a moderate amount of scratches (at the 9-10 level), my forearm gets stressed the fuck out. I don't know if it's because my hands are on the small side or what, but I just can't do it.

I've cleared ~50 tens, but I still can't clear naughty girl (h). What songs easier than a 9 should I be using to practice?

>> No.16142024

The scratching motion comes from your arm, not your wrist.

>> No.16142123

Do you rotate your hips too?

>> No.16142184

I jiggle my fat rolls to gain momentum

>> No.16142450

play digitank SPH

>> No.16142467

Is it a bad idea to play SIF with a pop'n controller?

>> No.16142823


that sounds like a lot of fun

>> No.16142930

>scratch song stepping stones:
beach side bunny normal
watch out pt.2 normal
pt.2 long train running normal
checking you out normal
checking you out hyper
beach side bunny normal
199024club-re:bouncekiller- hyper

>> No.16142937

the second bsb normal should be bsb hyper if that wasnt obvious and thinking about it again, you may want to switch bouncekiller and bsb hypers

>> No.16143014
File: 31 KB, 270x480, 15170909_1247211212018676_4952597700632975390_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16143267

Normal long notes. I don't think there's any BMS editor which accommodates HCN, nor do I think there's any sim which would recognize them.

>> No.16143804


Oh god, I didn't mean it. I'm sorry nipbro, please be okay!

I was angry at Konami not you.

>> No.16143845

Beatmania IIDX 25: WAVE

>> No.16144177

God damn Central Station, only 10 I cannot clear.

That scratching at the end puts even Long Train Running another to shame.

>> No.16144198
File: 24 KB, 253x211, 0700e984-f288-4186-a08d-52d56cd0af81.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That scratching at the end puts even Long Train Running another to shame.

>> No.16144253

>That scratching at the end puts even Long Train Running another to shame.

>> No.16144259


because youre clearly able to gauge difficulty when youre failing 10s

>> No.16144287


Not even joking. In the span of 4 or 5 measures you get hit with 8ths, 12th, 16ths, and maybe 24ths, but not in any succession, just 24ths in order to make the scratching timing quite hard to time.

It may not be physically exhausting but the level of technique used in the reading and timing of scratches is absolutely end game tier.


I have special abilities. I wish they would help with actually playing, but they don't.

>> No.16144288

10s are hard desu

>> No.16144295


>> No.16144308

11s are hard desu senpai

>> No.16144315
File: 93 KB, 1010x1035, smug_baby.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It may not be physically exhausting but the level of technique used in the reading and timing of scratches is absolutely end game tier.

looks like you need more practice anon-kun

>> No.16144324


>> No.16144327
File: 107 KB, 120x120, 1467724407066.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not even joking. In the span of 4 or 5 measures you get hit with 8ths, 12th, 16ths, and maybe 24ths, but not in any succession, just 24ths in order to make the scratching timing quite hard to time.
>It may not be physically exhausting but the level of technique used in the reading and timing of scratches is absolutely end game tier.

>> No.16144330

Only 11s and forward are hard

>> No.16144393


Thanks for taking that away from me anon. I was getting a little arrogant. Now I see I'm not even decent at the game.

>> No.16144406


>> No.16144459


>looks like you need more practice anon-kun

Y'know what? I wish I could. I wish there were practice modes where you can playback just the measures you have trouble with. Maybe also be able to crank down the play rate to slow it down until you can play perfectly at regular speed.

But there isn't. I'm fucked. I have to play 1:50 worth of 10 just to get the that god damn scratch ending which I'll invariably fail.

>> No.16144571

>thinking iidx is hard at any level when osu exists

>> No.16144595


Hey, come on now. We don't like to talk about Osu! because it's in just such a higher dimension than IIDX. It really deals a heavy blow to our psyches knowing just how far there's still left to climb, even after achieving Kaiden.

>> No.16144648

And only certain 11s are hard

>> No.16144842

>mfw always forget to increase the speed when I play PIU


>> No.16144856

why don't you just use a usb?

>> No.16144933

I'll always forget to do this too.

>> No.16145001

Is it feasible to use a JKOC on data?

>> No.16145007


>> No.16145071

>Maybe also be able to crank down the play rate to slow it down until you can play perfectly at regular speed.

You can do this in LR2.

>> No.16145244


>> No.16145450

>end game tier

Good bait. I am impressed.

>> No.16145494


Fuck you DOLCE.

>> No.16145697

what did he mean by this?

>> No.16145713

I swear to god that my 6key feels different than the others on my new fp7.

>> No.16145754
File: 53 KB, 339x481, 1443540196841.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Code:1 [a] first try
>try it again with random
>derped out at the very end

>> No.16145856

I need to ravage Natsuhi

>> No.16145889


I wanna fuck them ningyou.

>> No.16145896
File: 208 KB, 339x481, 1470591972407.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


i don't know why i did this

>> No.16145906

Make one of angry anon smashing his controller

>> No.16145911


I am highly offended!

>> No.16145912

if you're feeling especially artistic replace the girl with one of the smooooch girls

>> No.16145913

I have no idea what they're talking about but I retweeted anyway. If I win some sort ofdiscount I'm finally getting a FP7

>> No.16145921


>cash back
>100% winning rate

I don't even know what the fuck he was even trying to say.

Discount of future orders? Money back from past orders?

I'd be happy with either cause I need a pop'n controller.

>> No.16145935

we all do

cuteg needs to draw more doujins

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