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yo mokou is cool i think we should post pictures of her

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but there is fire?

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The fire rises.

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Mokou is a hobo!

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She isn't that cool. She's kind of plain, actually.

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Mokou will always be my favorite 2hu

I love her design, her general attitude, her cards and theme, her relationship with Eientei, and the entire phoenix aesthetic

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Edgy Mokou is the best Mokou

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Worst design
Worst boss theme
>Worst fanbase
Worst gimmick
Worst hair accessory
Worst hair color
Worst pants
Worst danmaku
Worst boss from the worst game
Worst Touhou

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Guya pls go to killyourself

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Kaguya go back to your own thread.

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you have TWO threads for yourself you dumb kuso princess

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gee i wonder what kind of smelly NEET could be behind this post

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>Worst pants
Now you're just trolling.

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I also thing Mokou is cool, but I don't have that many pictures of her. As a result, I am looking forward to this thread!

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Cute hu

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Moko eating fast food is cute

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Moko-tan eating burger!

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They have a Myst-Donald's in the bamboo forest?

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the mem thread is dead right?

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Mokou has been my second favourite for years, but you have my full support. Mokou is great. She's kind of like a female Sol Badguy, too, which is additionally awesome.

Now, the question I want to ask is, breasts or no-breasts Mokou?

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boobs are fine as long as its not balloons on the chest

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Mokou is chill

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>worst game

Well probably you are the worst form of life

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she's going to be in the next game right? or at least the next fighter

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I bet she won't. What a shame.

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Big or BUST.

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Almost anything is good, but I generally prefer smaller, perky breasts or flat. So she can be jealous of Kaguya's relatively larger breasts

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Can Hourai Immortals even get pregnant?

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>Can Hourai Immortals even get pregnant?
That is a very good question, but the answer is probably "no" just to avoid all sorts of annoying complications. For instance, is the child then immortal? If not, but the mother is killed while pregnant, is the child also reformed with the mother's body? If so, the child is immortal while a fetus, but not afterward? So on and so forth.

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Maybe if they still have eggs.

Terribly erotic!

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Finally a use for these pics.

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It's Mokou Monday, everyone!

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this is a nice Mokou

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This would make for a terrific mindbreak doujin plot

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please no

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I want to get close to Mokou but she keep her distance because of her immortality, how do I solve this problem?

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become immortal

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I don't think it's that easy without becoming a yokai.

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just get the hourai elixir

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But it was destroyed.

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get eirin to make you one

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Mokou a hot

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Small breasts. Otherwise they would get in the way of an energetic girl like Mokou

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Eat her phoenix foie gras.

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If you disable the Mokous hands, she cannot push you away.

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She's canonically a child, physically.

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That's not true, anon. She's all about leg power.

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That's why you gotta go for the deep strike, where she can't get good leverage against you.

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mokou would play pokemon sun

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She's very flexible, is the thing.

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All that just to say "Very green?". Chinese seems like a terribly inefficient language.

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Pants are for boys, Mokou is a girls so she would wear something more girly!

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I dunno...

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Mokou makes me happy.

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But Mokou's pants are cool and comfy! Perfect for a rad person.

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i dont like titty mokou, she needs to be either modest or flat or else she'll end up terrible

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Oh hell yes. Titty Mokou is a gem. I hate her overalls, though.

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why not the overalls?

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>I hate her overalls, though.
I'm coming for you

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What overalls? She's wearing pants with suspenders.

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I don't think so. They're immune to all physiological state changes, remember?

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Me neither, except when I want something to fap to... It's an inner conflict. My dick wants paizuri, but most Touhous are better suited as flat/modest.

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delinquent mokou is fine too

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Smoking is moe.

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Mokou being flat or small means one more way for Kaguya/Eirin to fuck with her, in this case breast expansion, so flat or small it is.

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Handsome lady

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that looks terrible

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"Hey kid, every see a pair of tits before?"

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