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What's your opinion on these things?

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Generally cute.

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If you like yukkuris you have no right to complain.

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What about this thing?

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Nice, I like them.

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And this thing?

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memes, the dna of the soul xdd

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memes are good you'll niggas stuck playing culture police don't even know

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What's the one on the right again?

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I don't like it when other boards use them.

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My fetish.

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Instant hide.

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instant thread watch

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Instant fap.

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Instant funposting

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What about this one? What do you think of it?

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Good, /jp/ protected heritage, a little annoying but still good

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thanks, now the aus govt is going to murder me

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Shrugflan Moonmokou?

I don't get it.

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I catflaned your phoenix.

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epic memes for whole family the honk honk girl is my little brother favourtite haha

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What are you implying, oh pee?

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They're ok

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I like them. It's the other extreme end of the spectrum I don't care for.

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As long as it isn't fucking walfas I can tolerate them and find them cute.

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i prefer the 2 on the left

the one on the right can be cute and funny sometimes i'll admit though

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The one on the right teaches you about Chinese net culture!

Turns out they got some weird chat things and puns.

Ruined by the election.

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Fuck marry kill, left to right in that order


Cover with lead apron, quarantine with Exclusion Zone

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cute, I like them, and it's obvious the artists who originally drew them generally like those characters

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These are all really good! Please keep up the good work /jp/!

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Does Flanfly ever appear outside of 2 AM threads? Because all that other stuff is spammed everywhere

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This desu

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simply epic

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I'm anticipating for the post election cool off. I kinda want momiji to go back into obscurity so she can be posted on /jp/ without relating her to politics

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That might take years she got hit hard by them and spammed with that stupid fucking hat everywhere. To Normies she's permanently stuck with that.

Damn shame.

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You need to let it go!
I'm glad they only used her and not ohayos in general.

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I just want to post cute wolf girl without worrying about what political ideology affiliates with her.

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Well that board ruins everything it touches. Thankfully it didn't push other Touhous to get the entire fandom tied with that shit.

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Normal/Alright. The best. Who cares.

Ohayou! (Gyate! Gyate!)

Ruined by the election.

Also, kinda sad that the artist doesn't know how to take down the emote from Steam...

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Literally lol

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I just hide them.

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I never see it anywhere else. That's probably the only reason I can stand it.

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Kind of funny
Only good for Flanfly
Funny but over exposed at the moment.

Fine as long as you aren't shitposting with them.


There are exactly two Walfas images I can think of that don't piss me off. This is one.

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Proud /jp/ heritage, except the Mokou one.... yet.

Tainted by crossboarders, burn it in Old Hell's flames.

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is there any triggers that could cause you to lose charisma?
like when you fuck up a roll on kicking a locked door you lose str

i just wanna know because i just lost 10+ charisma and i have no clue why
havent died from anything and ive only been grinding from seeds from harvest quests and i just noticed my charisma dropped from 98 to 88

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Instant ramen.

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post the real thing

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Shows off a lot of Chinese net culture via Mokou.

Educational Memeing.

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Cat lingerie is definitely the best meme. I can't fap to bkub's Chen.

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what about these?

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Yukkuris are better.

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Yukkuri repels heathens, unlike Chugoku Mokou.

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homuha is very important

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All good.

Cute, but "dinos" and some other weird variations are irritating.

fuck off

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Youkai, youkai, went on a 300 years killing spree
Exterminate (and not Reimu's pansy-ass-slap-on-the-wrist """"""""""""""""""extermination"""""""""""""""""". Dead, buried, scrubbed from the records), second verse same as the first, throw into the nearest black hole and make sure it stays there

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I don't know why some people started disliking mokou because of memes (and not only moko).
Memes are pretty fine. They are not forced, I don't see really much of them.

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>I don't see really much of them.
Consider yourself lucky. People end up disliking a good amount of these because they get overused and spammed to death.
RIP awoo.

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cant beat the awoo

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Seriously? Where do they see them? Are they spammed on other threads?

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i know that feeling since momiji is my fav (i have many favs but i like her the most)

I just dont understand it, if you dont like the meme then dont look at it but dont make people hate the whole character

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Chen, Flan, and Ohayou can stay. The rest can go back to >>>/n/ew

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Do you even https:// ?

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But dinos are the best form to them!

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Too bad she's known more for a shitty photoshop and being spammed by crossboarders to the point where I see Momiji threads being crossboarders looking for photoshop material because they're shitters.

Now Okuu threads are pure and innocent.

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Permanent member of 4chan's reaction image ecosystem. Her time in the spotlight has passed, but she'll always be floating around.

/jp/ native; will not leave the board.

Very steadily gaining ground in the ecosystem, but isn't quite prominent yet.

my wife
has legacy status as the original "ohayou" but has not been truly tainted thanks to the myriad of edits

completely and utterly mangled beyond recognition by crossboarders and disrespectful secondaries
is now literally "the awoo one" instead of it just being a pet name

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where the heck are these things even from?

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>has not been truly tainted
Except like 90% of the Kyouko ohayous are bully edits.

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shut up dog

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Futaba, they have regular threads.They are called ジュラシック スレ.

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Flan is the only one of those three images I can deal with because it's safely and comfortably locked inside it's own 2am threads. It's easily the most /jp/ culture out of the three images and is one of the few things we can fully still call our own. I'm legitimatly glad Flanfly is still soaring.
Gotten sick of seeing ChenKub everywhere years ago and Chinese Mokou is really starting to gett up there.

This is cute.
I don't mind it as long as it stays Touhou though some parodies are nice.

Awful. People post this now without even knowing who she is.

This got creepy/stupid REALLY quick and I'm glad it died out

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/g/ and ex-/pol/ here. What is the first one called? "ChenKub" turned up nothing. I see her all the time on /g/ and elsewhere, such as /fa/, in the "This guy is a fucking idiot" image; throwing up the nice hand symbol; and of course as the mascot for cock.li. Just curious as to her name.

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It's Bkub's Chen.

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>/g/ and ex-/pol/ here... /fa/
Get out of /jp/ and never return.

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wow these things are creepy and cute

anyone have a compilation saved theyd want to share?

i found one off the archives but the link doesnt work anymore

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Is this memes?

>> No.16121345

Ohayous get used as reaction faces a lot though

I don't understand why these haven't fused with yukkuris yet though

Nor these. You'd think there's be a full subset of yukkuri dinosaurs.

I like the Marisa-face monsters though, the ones made out of overuse of the smudge tool. I winder if there are Marisa face yukkuris too. Maybe that fad is finally dying down.

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Tengu's in general are nice, momiji is my fav cause i like how is her, also the meaning of her name is nice too

>> No.16121545

left and right are alt-normie favorites

they should be banned

>> No.16121566

>if you dont like the meme then dont look at it
So it does not matter how cancerous and shitty the content in /jp/ is, because if you don't like it you can just ignore it?

>> No.16121702

you are missunderstanding, or maybe im didnt explained well.

I mean that a character dont need to be trash just cause memes. Actually, Momiji is a good one, but people just say that it is shit cause the "Awoo". Same thing happens to Moukou with those pics (and i bet that if it keeps being spammed will happen the same as Momi)

>> No.16121714

I like 'em all :^)

>> No.16121717

The only thing that should be banned are retards who use 'normie'.

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Well, if you ask, I prefer.

3. Mokou. Never did like it. They bore me so much.
2. Flandre. I got tired of that shit. It doesn't help the fact that Flandre herself became a "secondary" baby
1. Chen. Sometimes it amuses me. Honk honk!

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File: 1.78 MB, 1000x1414, __hecatia_lapislazuli_touhou_drawn_by_mimoto_aszxdfcv__faaf9ef39cfbb7d2604b83cf6968eea7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Flan and Chen are classic, I stopped liking this Mokou as soon as it became a symbol for shitposters, just like Momiji, ohayous will never stop being adorable the dinos are great too

I can't believe I forgot these, I remember making Hijiri, Kisume, Seiran and Seiga, thanks for sharing this again, anon

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So you're telling me that you're tired of Flandre as a whole being secondary bait while simultaneously enjoying honk honk?

You need to quickly reevaluate your everything.

>> No.16122923

I don't think people get into Touhou by Chen; no, they get because of the vampires. At least that's what they say. Flandre is to blame for many secondaries

There are the retard 2 AM threads too. There isn't 2 AM Honk Honk: do you know what that means? shits get tiresome.

Also, comprehend what I wrote: "sometimes it amuses me", while the other one just tires me because you see it everyday.
It's not that I enjoy it neither, it's just that I tolerate it more.

I'm being honest and trying to do a top 3.

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Maybe you wouldn't have to see 2 AM threads so much if you went to bed at a responsible time.

>> No.16123203

There isn't 2am honk honk because it's everywhere at any given time and is much more annoying because of it

>> No.16123225

Except when I'm ocasionally browsing on daily time and a wild Flandre thread appears..

It is annoying because what it means. It means a whole thread dedicated to shitty memes without discussing everything every fucking night as if they were some kind of weebos
Cringe, that's what it is.

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wow guys like who gives a shit geez

>> No.16123559

thanks anon

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It's beautiful.
I live for these things and LoLK Marisa edits.

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Flanfly is self contained and protected heritage

Bkub's chen is omnipresent, how are you tired of a 2AM thread but not tired of seeing Chen literally everywhere

>> No.16123887

Because of what it means, I said It.

Chen doesn't mean low secondaries. It doesn't mean a memetic video, it doesn't mean a false song, it doesn't mean edgy and crazy fanfictions. It's just a silly memetic character like awoo~.
Flan's are low, I pointed out already.

>> No.16124512

bkub isnt doing anymore of his chen is he?

>> No.16125369

You're being arbitrary in your decision. Things can be high-quality regardless of the usage of a few.

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