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Would you comfort her and let her sleep in your bed after a nightmare /jp/?

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yes but i have some gas tonight shes gonna have to deal with it

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Don't you mean daymare?

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Remi has MULTIPLE threads!

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I miss him.

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I would comfort her with my dick iykwim ;)

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Sure but I like to sleep naked.

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Theres only room for me and my Reimu daki in my bed

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Remilia is not for lewds

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No problem, but be warned, I have mating press somnambulism.

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My bed is a twin size so we'll have to hug each other. I also happen to sleep naked.

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haha yeah, gonna give her the dutch ovens, hope she likes it with extra garlic!

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Who's ``him"?

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Then what is she good for?

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Bean cute.

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Please just stop mentioning that tripfag.

Not sure what's the deal with /jp/ and their love for tripfags, that should never be encouraged.

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oh no, grandma has gone senile

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I'd suspect an ulterior motive. After all, she's over 500 years old and should be over the phase of having to be sleep with someone after a nightmare, so she's pretty clearly exploiting her "little girl" appearance. But why? Is she trying to seduce me? Or is she trying to trick me and take something from me, perhaps even my blood? I don't know, but to answer your question: Yes, I would. I simply wouldn't be able to say no to her.

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Yeah, right. I'm not falling for it, you bed-wetting vampire

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I want to wring her sheets and bloomer into my mouth!!!

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No, she can gtfo i like my own bed.

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What kind of nightmares would she have?

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Stip it naked and throw it under the sun.
Then open the hose at full blast if it manages to find cover from the sun.

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Good. You would save thousands of lives that way. Altough, if you fuck up she would probally kill you.