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"What do you want, anon? I don't have time to chat."
"If you want to hang out get on the boat."
"Otherwise you should go back."

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Ah, ok.

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This seems like a major turning point in a visual novel.

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[X] Get on the boat

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[X] Get under the boat

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[x] Genuflect

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[X] Get on the boat while genuflecting and screaming YUKARI

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[X] Bad Ending

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True end

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Can we make this an actual cyoa thread?
[X] Get on the boat

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Never get off the boat

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i buy the boat from komache and then throw her off the boat because its my boat now

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[X] Get on the boat

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[X] Marry Komachichi's breasts

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[X] Stop the boat

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Well played, my dude

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omae wa mou shinderu

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Oh, that's typical! Shit! Fucking Gensokyo mission! I'm short, and we gotta go up there so you can kill one of our own guys? That's fucking great! That's just fucking great! Shit! That's fucking crazy! I thought you were going in there to blow up the Myouren Temple, or some cherry tree or something!

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[X] Get off on the boat

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I want to nap with Komachi

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Do you pay the Ferrywoman before she gets you to the other side?

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[X] Jump in the lake

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i cant wait until i die so i can ride a boat with komachi, and also be dead

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No, you pay to get in the boat.
You get money equivalent to your connections in life when you die.
You have to hand over every single cent, though. Komachi throws the greedy into the river.

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That's so out of character. More likely she'd use the opportunity to have a chat so she won't have to work. She is a light-hearted easy to talk to sort of person you know?

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[x] Pull down the front of her top

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You seem to have a fanon tinge of Komachi's character.
She doesn't avoid work or dislike her job. When she's doing her job, she does it effectively.
She just goes at her own pace, which includes breaks and relaxation for optimal performance. You can still, however, manage to not meet her pace, which means she'll tell you to hurry it up.

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[X] Paizuri

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What's Komachi paizuri like?

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She's already got someone ELSE on the boat.

It only can carry so many people. Fucking get back in the queue. Or you're gonna get dunked.


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Divine-class, unspeakably soft

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Whoa, her tit pussy is so voluminous she can't even tell when you fill it up with a hot, thick load of cum. It must be heaven!

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Komachi threads always end up in boobs.
Good. Paizuri is best.

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Free motorboats!

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I'll take two!

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Isn't she a little too curvy?

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I love it when Komachi is proud of her curves.

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Or comfortable enough with the attention they get.

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to die for

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Another type of Komachi pic I really like is one showing her big sister side

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>komachi paizuri
My dick

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why does she have tits

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Luscious body

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Because Komachi is a woman!

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>I don't have time to chat."
You lying bitch, you do nothing but waste time

If you didn't want to chat you could've just said so you two-faced whore

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Press X to paizuri

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no bully
she just wants you to get on the boat so you can be alone on the river together

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"Look, i was a devout christian my whole life. This isn't what i signed up for. I demand to speak with your manager. I'm going to heaven, one way or another. "

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You do realize that getting in the boat is what constitutes "going to see her manager", right?

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"Fine. But i'm not paying for the trip. I need this money to do heaven things."

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>needing money in heaven
Now that is as anti-christian as it gets. You cannot worship both God and Mammon.

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cue Chris De Burgh with a slight re write of an old hit

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"Look, i'll decide what is and isn't christian. Just get me on the boat."

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why do you guys keep calling elly some different name?

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I think you are forgetting the part where you have fuck-all agency or leeway in this negotiation.

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Wrestling with Komachi!

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You forgot the boobs, dude

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B I G !

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This trip is taking entirely too long

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In Dante's Inferno, Charon has to smack the wailing and weeping spirits of the dead with his oar to get them onto the boat.

Komachi has no such issues