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Because only /jp/ can do these threads right.

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I remember back in the day, when they were standard /a/ procedure.

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Sage for starting a sentence with because in the wrong context.

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But I'm too out of practice. And this will probably just invoke athens.

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Can't. Girlfriend won't let me.

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Posting in a thread unrelated to me.

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Don't be a fucking faggot.

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/jp/ is dead.

Ronery doesn't exist; the ones who take part in it don't need it and the ones who ignore it have given up on any some of relationship or contact, such as I.

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Sorry anon. I turned asexual after I realized that I could have bought a car with what I spent on my last girlfriend.

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I've given up on pretty much any form of human contact but I still take part.

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But who would drive it?

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Abandon hope, all ye who dare enter /jp/

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I live in my mother's basement and feed off of cup ramen. Human contact is the last thing on my list of things to do.

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I'd decided on a life of solitude long before the first ronery thread, and I still liked to take part in them. Back when they were good, anyway.

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I'm training my sheltie, but she can't get the hang of manual and fuck it if I'm giving her the new car with automatic.

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Given up indeed. Sad, but sage for a topic that doesn't need to be discussed anymore.

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A life of loneliness is the true path for anyone to take. After all if you ever manage to reach it's end, you'll be batshit insane.

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...seems like everyone is a in a bad mood from meta threads. I guess I'll just repost these pictures of ronery Christmas dinners.

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I don't want to die alone, I feel like the one guy at some suicide meet who doesn't really want to go through with it because I know I couldn't handle it.

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Is it just one guy who takes these pictures or are there actual guys who are that ronrey?

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Damn it /jp/, I used to enjoy you, but /a/ is just too sexy and exciting.

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Everybody dies alone, Anonymous.

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That's a lie and you know it.

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>/a/ is just too sexy and exciting.

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>Damn it /jp/, I used to enjoy you

With you so far.

>but /a/ is just too sexy and exciting.

Okay, no.

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Wow you guys are saaaad.

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I'm still waiting for someone to post a picture of Mei and crepe.

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I just recently hit a wall in my piano studies, and my dream of becoming a concert pianist is becoming increasingly distant. To ease my pain, I have turned on Mahler's Symphony of a Thousand at full blast and have sat down my favorite hug pillow on my lap, as if it were a real girl enjoying the music with me. Fuck the neighbors.

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Shutting out all motion...

Purging all desire...

Beginning a life of solitude, please stand by.

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Shutting out all emotion...

Purging all desire...

Beginning a life of solitude, please stand by.

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You know if you would have played the fucking electric guitar you probably would have got girls. Sad eh?

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One of my irc e-friends has been temporarily cured of his roneriness by moving to his uncle's house and is now sleeping on the floor with his 11-year-old (girl) cousin every night. They get along well too. I'm extremely envious.

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Your little anecdote arouses me, my envy, and my ire.

Why did my stupid uncle have to have boys?

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