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Remember when Alice was a two faced cad with a hidden agenda, not just a whining, miserable girl without any backbone that everyone could toss around? Alice who could put up a decent fight against any foe that came near by her home, not just some desperately seeking attention whore who wanted to be loved by Marisa?
What the hell happened here?
Well, I'll tell you what happened. The IOSYS cancer has spread too far and the whole community has been infected by it. This plague turned the fearless dollmaker into some kind of a pathetic emo.
Hell, remember when Cirno used to be cool? All we're left with is a LOL CIRNO BAKA XDDDDD image of a fairy that we all loved. That's not Cirno anymore, she's a fucking jester now. A brainless clown created by IOSYS, doing a shameless, pitiful act only for your amusement.
What's next? Who'll be the next target of this circle? Only time will tell...
Better pray to ZUN it's not your favorite character that's going to be raped next.

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My favorite character was ravaged by those fiends already.


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Ker-no always was a (9)

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⑨ バカ

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Forgot my pic.

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Zun's fault for mentioning that in that manual(PoFV I think)

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Could be, although I've heard that's in direct reference to some of the IOSYS stuff, but whatever it is ZUN seems to go with it so eh.

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Didn't the whole "⑨" thing start with that manual?

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"Deal with it nerd."

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Sadly >>1606571 is right, it's a running Joke with ZUN.

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It doesn't matter, it's nice that's it's a joke, but IOSYS took it to the extreme turning Alice into an emo in ALL of the doujins because of that stupid flash. I can't even remember when she acted like her usual self, all of the doujins portray her as some lonely, insecure goth. It drives me nuts.
Same goes for Cirno. Ok, she can act childish, it has its charm, but I doubt that she's a retarded moron.

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IOSYS isn't the cause, it's a symptom.
The only thing IOSYS has done is bring in a lot of western fans to the Touhou fandom. I doubt it has any bearing on doujin circles.

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You can't deny that it was a big inspiration for all the later doujins to follow that concept since the flash was so popular.

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I was the one who spammed Cirno back in the days /a/ was getting bombed by Touhou.

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Actually if you read th9's game script she can be pretty reterded...

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We need that cancer Alice, Alice comparison pic in this thread.

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Cirno is often portrayed as a doofus because her spellcard is dumb.
Cry more please.

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>remember when Cirno used to be cool
She will always be cool

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You stand idle in a faceless crowd and watch the image of your character crumble before your eyes. Maybe you don't like her and that's fine, but what will YOU do once you see your favorite character plastered into some cheap flash animation, screaming an ear bleeding cry of 'MINAAAA'?

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/r/ some non-whiny tsundere moe Alice.

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If it's stupid, then I don't watch it.

Since we are complaining about communities being ruined at the moment though, let's talk about ourselves. Whatever happened to the common poster being slow to show emotion and ultimately aloof to things like this, never offering anything more extreme than snarky sideline commentary? Why do we "rage" over things all of a sudden? Since when was weeabooism such serious business?

Really, I just don't care dude. ┐('~`;)┌

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>You stand idle in a faceless crowd and watch the image of your character crumble before your eyes.

Let us see.
Sakuya - Canonically not that amazingly bright, good at what she does but totally uninformed about anything else, not quite a rocket scientist.
Mokou - Grumpy, Charisma: 0, not as good at controlling that fire as it seems, does not in fact run a yakitori stand.
Keine - Canonically rather boring. Doesn't actually CAVE. May or may not even have a tail.
Kaguya - Not actually anywhere as unhinged as doujins make her out to be. Very carefree and cheerful.
Yuugi - Drunk. Not much canon character development. Already marred by the whole NOT EVEN DROP thing.
Utsuho - Canonically has the brain of a medium-sized scavenger.

I don't know... think I'd actually like them better if some things were changed.

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Since always, you faggot! Guys like you are what's wrong with the internet. Everything should be blah blah blah...

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In all actuality I don't have any problems with character-centric memes but it's annoying that I can't get a thread about Komachi going due to apparent lasciviousness.

(Read: LEWD)

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Yeah, that's a trend I've never really liked since it's something I've always hated about myself. Never feeling strongly about something, always the sideline commentator.

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>Keine - Canonically rather boring. Doesn't actually CAVE. May or may not even have a tail.

She's boring in fanon too. I've yet to see a doujin actually take her ability seriously in any way.

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Sage for Laterson.

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A picture says more than a thousand words.

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Well up until about maybe two years ago 4chan was full of sideline commentators trying to be witty. Then everybody got angry and uptight for some reason. It's funny too, because we like to direct much of our ridicule at people who take the internet too seriously, but then 50% of this board is driven to genuine anger over an inaccurate depiction of a fictional ice fairy. This isn't the Anonymous I once loved.

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The whole thread isn't really meant to be taken seriously, but on the other hand, I can't stand watching my characters being stripped down of their dignity, like in one of those Xration doujins where the characters are taken prison and they're forced to watch their beloved ones being brutally raped by some disgusting, slimy pig men while you're desperately screaming "NO, PLEASE STOP!". Deep down you know it won't do you no good, it won't help anyone in this situation, you are helpless. You can feel sorry for 'her', but all you can do there is just sit down and watch while the one you care about is being violated in front of your eyes.
This is what's going on inside of me everytime I watch a new IOSYS flash.

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im gonna ban you

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Well I like Xration, so I'm afraid we just can't find common ground. ┐('~`;)┌

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>Mokou - Grumpy, Charisma: 0, not as good at controlling that fire as it seems, does not in fact run a yakitori stand.

I would like to see this used more.
Accidentally burning people with her phoenix rage and so on. Combine with
>Charisma: 0
= Emokou.

>Utsuho - Canonically has the brain of a medium-sized scavenger.

Ravens are pretty intelligent as far as birds go.
She's canonically scatterbrained and absurdly blunt.
Like how she was told by a god to receive power, so she went straight to "conquer the motherfucking world".

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I don't know. I could honestly care less about what half the fanbase thinks about a character I enjoy. I mean, it sort of sucks that you can't really get a serious topic going or anything, but it's not like it's really affecting my enjoyment of a certain character if a different person has a completely different interpretation or view of that character.

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fanon is always horrible

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Kinda sad. Incidentally, I liked Statler and Waldorf.

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Keine totally has a tail, I just checked her sprite 3 seconds ago.

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>She's canonically scatterbrained and absurdly blunt.

Thanks, that's a better way to word it. As a raven, she's pretty bright as long as you keep it on a small scale.
Numbers above 7 and world conquest are out of the question.

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The problem with that line of thinking is that most of our material comes from such fans - doujin artists and circles.
Unless if you're a guy who prefers just to play the games and disregard everything else. More power to you then. Personally I suck too much at them to spend too much time on them.

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you mean Side-ways checkmark?
or how about two O's on top of each other?
I couldn't get past triangle on a stick to be honest..

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strangely enough I can play on Normal and Extra NP, Hard stage4+ and Lunatic stage3+ seem to be beyond me.

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If there was ever a boss that fought with small-necked jars wit a little water on the bottom, Okuu would be all over that shit.

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This just in, memes suck! Get use to it.

Of course, ZUN's characters are all amazingly flat, so your favorite character is probably dependent on fanwork to even exist. Just ignore what you don't like.

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Huh? I like fan material, and think it's relatively interesting seeing different interpretations of characters as long as it's presented tastefully (towards my own tastes, obviously) and well.

Perfect example would be GERANIUM. Hell, my own ideas about Marisa and Rinnosuke are NOTHING like the way they were depicted in there. I'm not even much of a fan for pairings in the Touhou universe. However, the doujin artist's ideas were presented well enough that I could still enjoy it.

On the other hand, you have stuff like Aki Eda's Escape. The characters are extremely different from my own ideas as well, but I didn't like the script or story enough to enjoy the doujin.

In my post, I was generally referring to /jp/ and memespouting in general. Sorry for not being clear.

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7, 8, and 4?

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Ah, okay. Yeah, /jp/'s "LOL MEMES HURR" attitude can be annoying. Sadly most of these kids don't realize that the humor comes from referencing stuff cleverly, not mundane repetition.

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Keine's sprite has a tail, her portrait does not.
Thus may or may not.

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Typical Alicefag

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I actually like the quiet and forlorn Alice. Makes for nicer ronery pictures.

Better than Cirno's outcome anyway.

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> Remember when Alice was a two faced cad with a hidden agenda

No, because she never was.

Alice is a generally friendly, laid-back, socially inept loner. It's canon. This "evil psychotic bitch" fad only started after hating IOSYS started to be cool.

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Her IaMP profile killed her

>> No.1609223

Hating IOSYS was never cool.

>> No.1609242

It's "cool".

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>Alice is a generally friendly, laid-back, socially inept loner

Stage three, PCB

Alice: Long time no see...

Reimu: Reimu

Alice: No, that's not what I meant.

Reimu: Am I supposed to remember?

Alice: Don't you remember me?
Well, either way is fine.

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The one you're talking about is the fanon cancer Alice.

>> No.1609305


I thought it was obvious that she was trying to sound cool in PCB?

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From IaMP manual:
Her house is crammed with a lot of dolls. The sight is so spooky that it scares rare visitors away. The house of dolls is strangest even in the forest of the bizarre. It's no wonder that they tend to run away from there.

Her personality is uncaring towards others, and tends to be obsessed with magic. She pretends that she has a strong attitude, but truthfully she is kind of a coward in her heart.

From IN manual:
You might imagine magicians as being indoor-type people; in Alice's case, you'd be right. She spends most of her time alone

Alice probably isn't the emofag you seem to hate, but she's not exactly "cool" either. Lonely Alice is the better Alice anyway. Gensokyo already has plenty of assholes.

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She seems to bear some kind of a grudge on Reimu anyway.

>> No.1609329

That's because Reimu killed her mom.

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This is plain sad, you have to talk nonsense to justify the shitty fanon Alice.
An even is she is trying to "sound cool" she is not as people like

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I like both

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Lies, play the fucking games.

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I'm not trying to justify fanon Alice. It's just that you're putting her on the extreme opposite end by making her out to be some kind of evil psychotic bitch.

>> No.1609363

No one ever said that she's an 'evil, psychotic bitch'

>> No.1609370

i didnt say that, but faggots like >>1609197
seems to believe that she is the incarnation of the moe stereotype or some shit.

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>Alice was a two faced cad with a hidden agenda

wait wat?

>fearless dollmaker
Guess her only weakness was knives.

>remember when Cirno used to be cool?

No. She was always an idiot. Still smarter than the likes of Mystia or Rumia, though.

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"Two faced cad" from the OP is pretty close to "evil psychotic bitch"...

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Who's that next to Shinki? There is no character in Touhou with either that hair or clothes.

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I am now obliged to post in this thread. Does cirno run a profitable business? I don't think so.

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At least Cirno's literate.

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None of those endings are cannon. All 4 of the heroes had to team up and kill Shinki. Read the epilogue. One of the few times ZUN outright said someone got killed for good too.

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This is what Touhou fans actually believe.

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no not really no

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Canon Alice = a less boyish version of Marisa ZUN agreed

>> No.1609432

Canon Alice= A less boyish version of Marisa
ZUN agreed

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I should screencap the whole dialog and see if somebody can find her name

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Plain nonsense, you say? Well, what about this, faggot?

Enjoy your IOSYS hating, I'll enjoy my canon.

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Marisa with different clothes and her hair losing the bleached color

>> No.1609457

Post her reaction when they ask about her book.

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Yet still a fool.

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I can't find it in voile.
What chapter is this again?

>> No.1609483

>some Touhou manga
laughing miko.jpg

>> No.1609486

Witches Tea Party

The most important fact about Alice:
>Alice is a special character in this series

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has to be 6, the one after 5

>> No.1609495

Strange and Bright Nature Deity is written by ZUN

>> No.1609500

She can be immature, but that doesn't mean she's retarded.

>> No.1609505

Strange and Bright Nature Deity is written by ZUN

>> No.1609517

That's why I used the word fool, I do not believe that she is stupid nor retarded. Gullible would be a better word.

>> No.1609527

Cirno's always been cool.

Actually, she's been colder than ice.

>> No.1609529

Oh, then just let say that ZUN doesnt know how to manage his canon and contradicts himself all the time.

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6. And it must be on voile, I got it from there.


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This answer is the only true answer.

>> No.1609534


Fair enough.

>> No.1609536


That's just Japanese ZUN retconning old and useless stuff.

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I prefer canon Alice, but I acknowledge that certain parts of the fanon idea of her ring true to her attitude throughout her appearances.

Alice is a loner, she purposefully went out of the way to live on her own away from people to pursue her research goals, further perfecting her way of magic making more dolls and hoping to discover a way of making a truly sentient doll. Shanghai, ignoring fanon interpretations is entirely controlled by Alice who controls all her dolls at once, they have no will or personality beyond that which Alice plays out for them, there is a reason the villages find her fucking creepy.

That said, she's oddly not very youkai like. She doesn't really attack humans (with exception of Reimu) and will even permit villagers trapped in the woods at night time to stay over at her place until the morning... not that many do, there is something about a house full of dolls labouring on their own while the owner more or less ignores you that is completely unsettlingly.

Alice does get invited to things through Marisa and Reimu though, like during IaMP where she hangs around the two. It's clear she sees them as friends of a sort and is closer to Marisa in terms of location and hobbies. There are hints but as always they can be misunderstood easily, Alice is taking a drug off Eirin to make her dreams good, she's been seen nailing voodoo like dolls around the forest and seemingly hiding her intent. But for the most part, Alice is a loner who keeps to herself putting on a façade of strength when in reality she's a bit of a arrogant coward.

I wouldn't have it any other way. Creepy loner Alice is more interesting then desperate stuttering Alice.

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Now that's the Alice I like, especially in the first 2 panels.

>> No.1609555

I liked Alice in that Medicine rape doujin.

>> No.1609570

straw effigies.

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There are also 2 Alices and 2 Yuukas.
What's your point?

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>> No.1609625

There are also 2 Alices.
What's your point?

>> No.1609626

PC-98 Reimu and Marisa

>> No.1609643


> A brainless clown created by IOSYS,

IOSYS isn't the root of every fanon fuck-up. They're just riding the wave ZUN started on accident (9 - Idiot). Hell, he even rectified it partially in BAiJR (She's still dumb, but not absolutely retarded), but fans still insisted on their version of her.

Honestly, I'm sick of super-bitch-Reimu, Pimperisa, Godo-Modo-Scarlets, etc.

>> No.1609648

everyone in Touhou is a bitch

>> No.1609654

You must like SSiB

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I'm tired of fanon Chen, but since I don't often interact with the playerbase I can just ignore it.

>> No.1609675

I don't really know what's the difference between fanon and canon Chen.

>> No.1609697

Neither do I, perhaps he should elaborate, hmm?

>> No.1609699

Fanon Chen is awesome.

Ran, on the other hand... Ran got pretty fucked up. I want more of my canon, emotionless Ran. Seriously.

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Yorihime is sex and you know it.

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Canon Chen is boring

Fanon Chen is a throwaway Moe-blob. Much like Rumia, only not as charming.

>> No.1609735

Why you no like Motherly Ran who masturbates to thoughts of Chen?

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Too bad she dies ;_;

>> No.1609771


...And then I woke up. Go away, Sun! Leave me to my dreams!

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Lolicon Ran is awesome, and so is Lolicon Sakuya

>> No.1609820

im pretty sure cirno still is an ice fairy and alice most definitely can hold her ground to most, she's in the last game íf you forgot that

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Can't you even die right?

>> No.1609861

Indeed, I can't understand how anybody would hate that.

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>Honestly, I'm sick of ... Pimperisa
There are far better pimps indeed.

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Even more moe~

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Like her master.

>> No.1609923

Like, Nitori is totally about Cucumbers and Pepsi.

That's why I hate IOSYS.

>> No.1609940

What? She isn't. She's more about mechanic arms, engineering and rape doujins.

>> No.1609941


I'd like Yorihime more if she wasn't such a smug Lunarian bitch.

Heck, I don't like the Lunarians very much in general because of their holier-than-thou snobbish attitudes.

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Would you marry a Mary Sue?

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>> No.1609961

Whoever made that is stupid and couldn't spell super tenko right.

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hohohoho LOL XD

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>> No.1610007

I prefer canon Renko over fanon version, I like my Touhous without squint.

>> No.1610009

I don't know whether to laugh at your stupidity or feel sorry for your lack of knowledge.

>> No.1610017


awesome, I didn't think anyone saved that rant.


Fanon Chen is basically a cute catgirl mothered by her master, Ran. She acts like a child, plays with other childish youkai and acts sweet and adorable as a wholesome moe blob.

Canon Chen is similar in the sense that Ran does seem to mother her compared to the relationship she has with Yukari. Chen isn't given many tasks because she's not actually very friendly to humans when you get down to it and it's unlikely she'd be able to patrol the border to make sure it's undamaged (how would she tell) so she's got alot of free time. Main difference is outside of the yakumo family, Chen acts more like a traditional youkai, she's been known to attack humans who venture too far from the village. It's not confirmed that she has friends outside the family besides other felines.

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>> No.1610072

Since you put it that way, fanon Chen is so much better.

>> No.1610077



Canonically, Reimu, Marisa, Mima, and Yuka all teamed up at once to fight Shinki, but they DID NOT KILL HER. She blew up the entire dimensions twice, completely recreating it each time, and she stopped at the third time because she didn't want to have to recreate the dimension again, but even then, the entire place had been reduced to a sea of flames at that point. She surrendered and sealed the dimension off. The end.

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This is sadly the closest image I got that represents Canon Chen.

>> No.1610096

Yes, most of the time she is at youkai mountain, but the cats are not really her friends.

>> No.1610106

Not really, she might as well be some random human child.

>> No.1610112

cool story, bro.
Where have you heard that fairytale?

>> No.1610124


She created the entirety of Makai, destroyed it twice during the ending, and revived it just as many times.


The ending, faggot.

>> No.1610133


Canonically, none of that ever happened because LOLRETCON.
Enjoy your non-sexistant Shinki.

>> No.1610138

What ending?

>> No.1610148

I quoted the wrong post, I was referring to Chen in >>1610106

>> No.1610153

There wasn't really a retcon, just no reason to bring all that stuff up again.

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>non-sexistant Shinki.
No!!!!!!!! Don't destroy her dreams!

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>> No.1610177

yuka? that's not canon at all

>> No.1610198

Where in canon is Yuka a psycho? In the PC98 games, she's ALL SMILES ALL THE TIME.
In PoFV she walked around to kick ass and make fun of people, but who wouldn't with that much power?

>> No.1610233
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Genocide is fun!

>> No.1610245


>Genocide is just another game.
>It doesn't matter if it's humans
>or Makai residents.

>> No.1610246
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I like Chen's canon personality (what little of it exists). She's very loyal to her masters and takes the few instructions she is given very seriously. That aside she's essentially the beast youkai she's meant to be with her beast's aspect clearly defined in how she attacks and what her weaknesses are. I think her mentality is also not supposed to be child like in the sense she acts like a child, but more in that she isn't used to human interactions beyond that of predator and prey. She's not been a youkai as long as her masters and she's relatively young.

>> No.1610279

I think it's hinted in one of the conversations in PoFV if I remember correctly.

>> No.1610294

>She's very loyal to her masters and takes the few instructions she is given very seriously.

So, umm... just like in every doujin?

The more people talk about Chen, the more I fail to see the difference between canon and fanon.

>> No.1610298
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Yuka attacks people for fun, doesn't seem to care about what others think about her and mostly acts on impulse. I don't know much about what she did in the PC98 games, but all her descriptions make her out to be a dangerous powerful youkai that does what she wants and has zero empathy for anyone else. If anything she just enjoys fucking with people as she did in PoFV, weak and strong alike.

Yuka is like the definition of youkai and their mentality towards other. Also, youkai moe.

>> No.1610315

Canon Chen isn't a cheerful moeblob who's all cute all the time.

>> No.1610320

And that's why fanon is the best.

>> No.1610355
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>> No.1610363


It was pointed out before. Elements of fanon ring true because it's not like they ignore ZUN completely. They just take what is there and fit it through their own views.

Yes, canon Chen is mothered just like she is in doujins, perhaps not as much or as blatantly, but Ran clearly treats her with more concern and love then Yukari treats Ran (not to say she doesn't care for Ran, but she's not above beating her ass when Ran doesn't pay attention).

In the same sense, Chen is Ran's shikigami and takes her role seriously in the same sense as fanon makes her out to be the lovably loyal child of the family. Again, difference is in exactly how far it's taken. She's still Ran's servant, but as it's been pointed out, she's not suitable for most the jobs available so she doesn't get given many responsibilities.

The main difference is in mentality and image. Chen in fanon isn't very threatening, she's the lovable child of her family, she plays with other child like youkai and acts innocent and sweet most the time. In canon it's not written that she has any friends outside the family, instead we hear about how she acts like any other average level youkai and preys on humans who venture from the safety of the village (mostly around the animal trails near the mountain). She acts like the beast youkai she is her tactics further reflecting her bestial nature, she also has the weaknesses of her feline origins and will loose her shikigami powers if made wet and she can be distracted by catnip.

Fanon she's sweet and lovable, in canon she's sweet and lovable if your name happens to be Ran or Yukari, after that she's another monster to watch out for. I prefer when the youkai characters are remembered for the monsters they are supposed to be. Reimu doesn't take them seriously because she treats everyone the same, strong or weak alike. Marisa doesn't take them too seriously because Marisa doesn't seem to take anything seriously.

>> No.1610374

>Not lovers, just friends.
Yeah, that's what they all say.

>> No.1610507

I thought it would be fun to see peoples responses when I said something as stupid as that.

>> No.1610529
File: 248 KB, 840x760, 1226702804592.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is what Touhou fans actually believe.

>> No.1610541
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>> No.1610549


>> No.1610553


>> No.1610556

>Whats Chen?

A blast-from-the-past reference if I've ever seen one.

>> No.1610560

What is it with humans in gensokyo? Are they trapped there? Did they choose to live there? Why would they force themselves to live right next to creatures that have no problem with killing them on sight?
And if they're forced to live there, for what purpose? Food stock? Can Youkai ONLY eat humans?
If so, how many friggin humans are there that they can sustain all those Youkai?

>> No.1610564

>>1610363 Marisa doesn't take them too seriously because Marisa doesn't seem to take anything seriously.
Except for her magic studies.

>> No.1610568

They all originate from demon hunting families.

>> No.1610569

The Touhou Wiki answers all these questions for you.

>> No.1610570

The ones who were born there are used to youkai.

>> No.1610577

Youkai don't need to eat humans to live, just like Ryuk from death note they eat because humans taste good.

>> No.1610588

idk i always liked cirno as a headstrong fairy who wasn't the brightest bulb
she was never cool and hardcore

>> No.1610602

Fanon: No men in Gensokyo except Rinnosuke.

Canon: There are plenty of men in the human villages. There are probably plenty of male youkai hunters as well. However, they are not the focus of the games, Reimu and Marisa and their adventures are.

>> No.1610625
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As far as fairies are concerned, she's probably one of the smartest.

Though these three may be debatedly more so.

>> No.1610626

...So do you think Nanaya Shiki could take Suika on?

>> No.1610642

>As far as fairies are concerned, she's probably one of the smartest.
Uh, no. Cirno is far from being the smartest fairy. There's a reason why ZUN labels her as ⑨ in PoFV. All Cirno has going for her is that she can read. That's it. Just because she can read doesn't mean she's smart.

>> No.1610653

Shiki can't kill Youkai...

>> No.1610675


They're known to choose to live there, but for what reason is unknown. When Yukari created Gensokyo, she put humans there, but their purpose hasn't been mentioned, though Yukari is known to be fond of them. Humans from the outside world are known to stumble into Gensokyo from time to time, in which case they either stumble upon the human village or are eaten by youkai first. If the former occurs, then they have the choice to either stay in the village, which doesn't occur often at all but is a very welcome treat for those curious about the outside world, or they're sent to Reimu who sends them to Yukari who sends them home.

There ARE humans besides Reimu in the human village capable of defending against and defeating youkai. Unless a youkai is threatening something particularly catastrophic (only Utsuho ever has, and nobody even knew about her), nothing usually happens for either race to interfere with the other. If you get eaten by a youkai, you get eaten. It's just part of the cycle of nature. You're not going to get avenged if you're caught in a tornado. Same thing with youkai.

Youkai are primarily carnivorous. They can and will eat just about anything that moves. They can eat “human” food, though.

>> No.1610679

...Battle Moon Wars says otherwise.

>> No.1610680

I wouldn't say smartest, but she's definitively strong for a fairy.

>> No.1610695


He could totally cut their lines, but in a one-on-one fight with Suika, he'd DEFINITELY, COMPLETELY AND ENTIRELY, lose.

Of course, Suika is a stupid drunkard and Shiki has the gland. He could get close under alternative circumstances and slice her lines. Perceiving, let along piercing her dots would be impossible due to brainburn, but cutting the lines should be enough.

>> No.1610696
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>>There's a reason why ZUN labels her as ⑨ in PoFV
Yeah, a simple joke that got blown out of proportion.

The fairy population is not very smart in the first place, and Cirno seems to be the only one who is "beyond" what normal fairies are about, both in power level and intelligence. Doesn't mean she's smart as a human genius, let along Patch/Eirin/etc., but she's certainly smarter than the rest, and even smarter than some lower level youkai.

Just the fact that she knows how to read (I'd really like to know how that came about) counts for something.

>> No.1610712


> Are they trapped there?

They just happened to be there when Gensokyo was created. It was an accident, really.

> Why would they force themselves to live right next to creatures that have no problem with killing them on sight?

Because said creature DON'T kill them on sight. It's been stated in official works that humans and Youkai in Gensokyo live in harmony with each other. Youkai even go to the Human village regularly, and if Rinnosuke's existence is any indicator, the two species don't have much of an issue doing the nasty with each other. Humans are almost never eaten, and Youkai only attack to keep the status quo going (Youkai attack humans, Humans exterminate Youkai).
Gensokyo is a peaceful place. ZUN agreed, don't bother him about it.

> Can Youkai ONLY eat humans?

No, they normally eat the same things humans eat. Really, Youkai actually avoid eating humans. If there were no humans in Gensokyo, the Youkai would be in big trouble (the lack of belief in their existence is what led to the creation of Gensokyo in the first place).

>> No.1610719

Only lesser youkai attack humans.

>> No.1610741


To put it simply: Lower level youkais like Rumia attack humans for the sake of eating, higher level youkais probably consider it beneath them and attack humans for the sake of attacking them.

>> No.1610761
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>>1610675 When Yukari created Gensokyo
>created Gensokyo
>Seemingly implying she did it alone
You made me spit out my tea.

>> No.1610764

>Yeah, a simple joke that got blown out of proportion.
ZUN is the one that started that and in every piece of official literature that he's put out he has stated that Cirno is a huge idiot.

>Just the fact that she knows how to read (I'd really like to know how that came about)
ZUN again stated that Cirno is the only fairy that knows how to read. But even the Three Mischievous Fairies are smarter than her.

>> No.1610777


Cirno makes a fuss about an article Aya wrote about her. Mystia doesn't because she doesn't know how to read, and because she doesn't care.

>> No.1610778


This. http://touhou.wikia.com/wiki/Perfect_Memento:_Monologue

>> No.1610785

Fairies are suppose to be pretty fucken smart.
I don't know where you got their stupidity.

>> No.1610790


She did it alone. ZUN has said so. Explicitely. Are you braindead or something?

>> No.1610796
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> Lower level youkais like Rumia attack humans for the sake of eating,

Actually, canon Rumia doesn't attack humans that often either, for a few reasons.

1. She can't see in her own darkness, which is almost always up, so she often doesn't notice when a human is around.
2. She's lazy. and doesn't want to take the effort of setting up a post to attack humans in.
3. She might, just might, be afraid of running into someone who will beat her up like Reimu did.

Also, most people are able to avoid her altogether, as it's rather difficult to not notice a large ball of darkness leisurely coming your way. Most people don't even know she looks like a little girl, and the one's who are lose most of the fear they might have had of her.

>> No.1610812

>Fairies are suppose to be pretty fucken smart.
Not in the Touhou series.

>I don't know where you got their stupidity.

>> No.1610813

Either you're trolling or you really are that stupid.

>> No.1610860


The same could be said of you, fellow Anon.

>> No.1610892
File: 17 KB, 256x352, legolas sniffs finger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1610942
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>> No.1610996

Oh man, those dolls pointing like that are adorable.

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