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Why aren't they raping her?

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that guy looks like ganondorf.

>> No.1605702

Call it kingly respect.

>> No.1605706

Stop ;_;

>> No.1605710

Why do you think they're getting her drunk first?

>> No.1605716

Japan has beer bongs? I had no idea.

>> No.1605730

This has to end in hot 3 kings sex.

>> No.1605732

They three kings.

>> No.1605961

I suddenly feel like reading Fate/Zero

>> No.1606011

King of Heroes have you got enough beer in stock?

>> No.1606205

That beer bong and brush come straight from King Gilgamesh's treasury.

They are the strongest of their kind, passed down to humanity from the Gods.

>> No.1606212

Arrogant Bastard Ale?

>> No.1606217

Let go of my King!! ;_;

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Seriously, Saber. Release Gil from your womanly charms.

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>Gilgamesh piss

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70% Alcohol? I need me some of that.

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>> No.1606263

Why so serious?

Most common brand beer smells like piss anyway.

>> No.1606265

Made a typo at mouthing, anon.

>> No.1606269

It's an old pic that I picked up months ago.

>> No.1606276


gil-samas piss =DDD

i'd drink it

>> No.1606282

Fair enough.

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Might not be that funny if you think deeply into it, and leaves a bit of a bad aftertaste when you think of the implications, but... you know...

There's just something so hilarious about the thought of a drunken king Arthur being molested by Alexander the Great and Gilgamesh, I think anyone would have to be *really* easily affected to get offended by that.

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