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Is there a bigger dork in all of Gensokyo than Youmu?

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One; me.

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Please condense your bland Touhou threads.

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Alice is kind of a dork.

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Youmu is certainly Gensokyo's cutest dork!

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Futo's a MAJOR dork.

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What an innocent picture! There is definitely no perverted focus on certain aspects of this girl! Absolutely none!

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It'd be hard to find a smaller one.

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i am going to sniff youmu's socks!

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This. Put all blandhus in the same thread.

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I've seen that picture dozens of times but this is the first time I noticed all the panties

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That artist is a dork for the dork!

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I'd say it's a close competition with Futo, no wonder Youmu took to her in her gag ending in TD.

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Futo is not a dork. Cease the slander right now.

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even poyo thinks she is a dork.

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These are some major dorks alright

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Can she get pregnant?

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Two Youmus!

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More like a dork for the dork's socks!

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Yumumu tan !!! ai shiteru !!!

Im gonna kill everybody that say that Yumumu is a dork !

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Youmu is a bad dork!

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>Im gonna kill everybody that say that Yumumu is a dork !
Youmu is a fucking DORK.
There, I said it, watcha gonna do about that?

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I want to cum on Youmu's feet together with all the other /jp/sies and then force her to wear her socks and shoes! Marinating Youmu's feet in our collective dirty cum! Making her go around in town while everyone can smell the musky scent coming from her feet while she is too embarrassed to even lift her gaze!

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Sazanami Mio makes some of the best art works of the dork.
And gotta love the eyes. Almost as though they're glowing.

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squelch squelch goes Youmu's feet!