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Lunarians are weak.

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Damn NASA can even break mystic barriers now.

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Please give more funding.

We need a moon base to get access to moon rabbit poonani.

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I wish the Lunarian holocaust was real.

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Lunarian genocide best day of my life

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The Lunar invasion was an inside job.
Watatsukis did WTC.
Chang'e shot JFK.

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ClownPiece, ClownPiece, can't you see? Lunarians and rabbits need to hang from trees

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And I just love your racist ways
I guess that's why chang'e's husband is dead and you're so great.

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so are going to fuck the moon or kill it?

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Why not both?

Now in which order, that's the question.

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I'm gonna take Ringo to a love hotel!

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Saving Lunarians was a mistake, should've let Hecatia and Junko purge the dream world.

Does anyone else have a feeling ZERO good things are going to come from helping them, and the odds of them doing bad shit again is near 100%?

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Dirty earthlings can't touch lunarian purity.

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I... i will never allow that !!!

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so some not-beach blanket bingo with Ringo then!

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I like this.

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Oh hell yes.

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I want to bang bang and eat a moonrabbit pie!

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Delicious lunarian pussy

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Then we'll throw Detroit at the moon!
Then well pump the air from the most polluted parts of China to the moon!

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Big Lunarian Banzai charge.

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cannon fodder to the left of me
cannon fodder to the right of me
here I am stuck to the middle OF you!*

Sorry Stealer's Wheel

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The Moon, Mars and the Stars belong to America

These moon nerds dont know who they're messing with.

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Earth too

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Lunarian scum
Your permission to exist has been denied

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Watatsukis are not for bullying.

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What do I do to/with them then?

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>there are space bunnies that legitimately believe they are the best

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>no Clownpiece running toward Neil Armstrong in the background

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Fill them with life essence until they are too impure to stay on the Moon, then rape them until they break the second they land on Earth for being disgusting Lunarians.

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The Watatsuki's must not break. Don't give them the relief of insanity.

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The 'Gu is the dreamiest Lunarian and the only good one.

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Sagume should really fly down to Gensokyo and teach her daughter some manners already.

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Phuck Ewe.

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Because we never learn. Shoulda nuked them SOBs in the 60s. Project A119 and the Soviet E-4 being canceled was a mistake.

A nuke strike would have done a damn good job of sullying that purity of theirs.

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Deli reminder that we were going to send a nuke satellite to Moons orbit to deal with the lunar scum but Kennedy was too short sighted and thought it was ''too extreme''

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Aren't space shuttles deprecated though

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NASA never found out about the Lunarians, the whole war was just Lunarian delusion.

NASA put a flag on the moon then left and Lunarians celebrated as if they'd driven off the human invaders. Later NASA shrugged off Lunarian war efforts as mere technical difficulties.

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deprecated is too nice a word. worthless yank garbage

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I will betray humans and help the lunarians and indulge in delicious moon poon.

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I will defeat the lunarians and get myself a whole truckload of enslaved moon poon.

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Allahu akbar, death to lunarians.

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wouldn't they be able to shoot back with energy weapons?

they were great almost 50 years ago. sadly, NASA hit a plateau and hasn't progressed since. now we need the Chinese and private corps to pick up the slack.

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>he says his waifu is a lunarian

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who are you quoting

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The Gu needs to survive though, so she can give birth to our half-mortal godlings.

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REMOVE LUNARIAN remove lunarian
you are worst lunarian. you are the lunarian idiot you are the lunarian smell. return to gensokyo. to our gensokyo cousins you may come our contry. you may live in the zoo….ahahahaha ,gu we will never forgeve you. rabbit rascal FUck but fuck asshole lunarian stink moon rabbit ribbit..lunarian genocide best day of my life. take a bath of dead lunarian..ahahahahahGU WE WILL GET YOU!! do not forget apollo 13 .moon we kill the king , gu return to your precious gensokyo….hahahahaha idiot lunarian and rabbit smell so bad..wow i can smell it. REMOVE LUNARIAN FROM THE PREMISES. you will get caught. russia+usa+gensokyo+china=kill moon…you will apollo 11/ neil armstrong alive in USA, armstrong making shuttle of USA . fast space travel USA. we are rich and have gold now hahahaha ha because of neil armstrong… you are ppoor stink lunarian… you live in a shack hahahaha, you live in a pagoda
neil armstrong alive numbr one #1 in USA….fuck gensokyo,..FUCKk ashol lunarians no good i spit in the mouth eye of ur flag and contry. armstrong aliv and real strong wizard kill all the lunar farm aminal with space magic now we the america rule .ape of the zoo presidant lord tsukuyomi fukc the great satan and lay egg this egg hatch and lunar civilization wa;s born. stupid baby form the eggn give bak our moon we will crush u lik a skull of pig. USA greattst countrey

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Crusade against the luniggers when?

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it's just a flesh wound

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>to our half-mortal godlings
so, more seijas?

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whoever says his waifu is a lunarian.

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By my faith, may the Moon's light shine for eternity
By my duty, the heavens shall belong to the pure
By my actions, the Moon Army will be honored and remembered in the holy Capital

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What are you gonna fuckin' do about it?

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wouldn't the astronaut go off flying in the opposite direction once he pulls the trigger?

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While NASA and the Lunarians are grinding each other down, the Moon Nazis will move in and wipe both of them out.

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The recoil isn't enough to do that in moon gravity.

Also, Lunaria appears to have air n shiet as Reimu doesn't die when she's there. Maybe normal gravity too.

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Why can't there be peace between our people? Why must we fight, only to waste each others lives in meaningless war? Does not the glory of sentience deserve greater than this? Mindless genocide is the act of a colony of ants with delusions of grandeur. The man who solves all his problems with violence is but a childish beast. His actions are petty, shallow, and meaningless, with no more significance than a dumb animal.

But, I fear my words fall on deaf ears, for those who sought power in killing, and found it, are blind to the greater ways of peace, cooperation, and understanding one another. For it is easy for a man to kill and overpower that which he hates, it is not easy for him to come to terms with it's existence and to understand it. A species such as this is doomed to die as a stupid animal, never having risen above petty war.

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You started it moonfag you brought a nuclear bomb (or so you said it was, didn't help against fairies) into our borders

You deserve death

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How do the guns work in space?

>> No.16069296

The same way they work in time.

>> No.16069313

H-how do they work in time?

>> No.16069362


On a serious note, modern cartridges contain a powder that has its own oxidizer, meaning it produces oxygen when it reacts. This oxygen is then used and consumed in the combustion of more of the powder, releasing more oxygen to continue the cycle. Because of having a self-contained oxidizer, guns can be fired in space, underwater, and almost any other place you can think of. The problem in space however is the recoil. Unless you are on the moon or some other body of significant gravity, you can literally rocket yourself into deep space, thanks to Newton's 3rd Law. Also, you will easily overheat your barrel in space, as there is no air for the heat to dissipate into like here on earth.

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They just do.

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Modern ammunition contains an oxidizer, it requires no external oxygen to fire

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nice meme

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Who is this "Nice Meme"?

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You are nothing more than a reactionary animal, biting that which bites instead of trying to prevent it from biting you in a way which will ensure both of you can live and work together peacefully for an even greater future. Death is the solution of the mindless, dumb beasts which can only see blood for blood.

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>you will never go to the moon and punt moon bunnies around.

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The lunarian genocide never happened but it should of.

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What is it with this obsession people have with slaughtering groups of people? I don't understand it. They act like they get some sort of high from the feeling of wiping something out, so much so that they feel self justified in their actions. It also seems to manifest itself most strongly in individuals with a fierce sense of loyalty, belonging, and affiliation to a group of their own. Can someone explain why people like killing indiscriminately? Is it just an edgy teenager thing or do all (other) humans have this genocidal urge?

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Lunarians are not people.

>> No.16070820

It was a serious question and all sentient lifeforms are people. I really want to know why people are that way. Or, maybe not why, but how.

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Immaturity and faux-hatred, just remember they exist as a contrast for your beliefs.

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Lunarian genocide best day of my life. Chang'e I will never forgive you. Moon rabbit stew and Tsukuyomi steak best served with rice.

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Oy vey, Never forget the 6 million, Earthlings.

>> No.16072332


If there is a swarm of hornets near one's home, and occasionally one flies over and stings that person, most would get the urge to eradicate the nest.

>> No.16072430

I wonder if nasa took bunnies to experimental rape dungeons and stuff.

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Make me

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I like this picture

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Marry me, Eirin. I'll let you cut me up for research

>> No.16078391

How do I beat Hell's Eclipse?

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No, they were charged for war crimes. They’re now being forced to perform sexual favors by husky butch lesbian inmates.

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