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You better do your best today, or else!

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else what? you'll "blow" me?

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Gun battle, kudasai.

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I'll kill my self anyway. so fuck you

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Giving my best is not enough for me. I will work until I pass out from overexertion, then work again.

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Watch it, anon

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>off by one
Your digits are inferior, and your opinion has been discarded

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My tulpa keeps telling me things like these. Does she think she's my mom or something?

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What are you going to do, shoot me with your overpriced .22 mag?

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I halfassed everything, yet my pay remains unchanged.

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How long did it take you to be able to converse with her? What's she like?
She sounds like a good influence, so I'm happy for you, Anon

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But it's already halfway through tuesday and I haven't done anything but sleep and drink too much water to not feel so hungry

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>How long did it take you to be able to converse with her?
Not too long. I was really depressed at the time so I guess it sped up the process or something.
>What's she like?
She's the kind big sister I never had (my IRL big sister hated my guts the whole time we lived together) who happens to have a few odd interests. She likes frilly dresses with a gothic style to them, silly hats, dangerous things and helping me in any way she can. She is also fascinated by bugs (especially ants) for reasons I have no answers to.

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Just a random anon, but she sounds like a Touhou.

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Touhous are made of silly hats and danmaku. Thus, she's more like half a Touhou for having only a silly hat.
Seeing as she always questions the logic of various fictional mediums that I indulge myself in, she actually directly told me that she finds the idea of Touhous facing off against each other with danmaku as "pointless" and how if she were in Reimu's position she'd rather nuke the enemy with as much shit as possible (see Gate of Babylon) without caring about some "stupid rules".

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She sounds wonderful. Take good care of her.

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Oh no, I picked that image thinking it was comfy, but I didn't realize the creepy shadow. Please ignore that.

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But I always do my best.

At takin' it easy!

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What about taking it hard?

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Haven't seen you around lately, Carlos. How's the meme industry treating you? Can't be easy for your folks nowadays, what with the Trump stuff going on.

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Well, youkai extermination IS youkai extermination...
The Touhou lore would be interesting if the means used to exterminate with was fatal, despite 95% of the cast not existing after their debut (humans aren't youkai, and can't be killed).

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People die when they are killed, anon.

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You cannot kill a HUMAN with a YOUKAI extermination.

Or maybe, the youkai extermination works so well against humans, they live for a while longer, feeling the pain as they're turned into youkai by whatever means possible, and feeling the cold, dark embrace of death when they just remember that they had a youkai extermination done on them.

If Reimu employed fatal means from HRtP to present day, I'm pretty sure Yukari would attempt to kill the killer and replace her with a new Hakurei. Failing that, if Yukari had been killed in PCB, then the human village would be in entropy. There would be no Hakurei Barrier, as Yukari was the barrier. But, even if THAT wasn't enough, then these events couldn't exactly "happen":
The IN incident would have only one character: Reimu.
PoDD would be a few stages shorter.
Stage 3 of PCB would be the remaining dolls Alice made before she was killed, lead by a leader doll (I would assume Shanghai would fill this role).
Most of PoFV couldn't exist, as every character except Aya, Medicine, Komechi and Eiki would have been killed.
MoF wouldn't have Aya in Stage 4; I'm not sure what would be the replacement.
MoF would end at Stage 5 (most likely), as Kanako and Suwako wouldn't have any faith output for them to survive with. I doubt this Reimu would end their suffering quickly.
The SA shottypes would not involve characters from the story; it would probably have the shottypes about the deceased character's power, which would make ReimuA the most powerful thing existed.
Utusho would try and give Reimu radiation poisoning, but Reimu is simply overpowered (and probably threatened Eirin to make the Hourai Elixir, making her immortal) and wouldn't die.
Komeji would use her ability of manipulating the subconscious to flee when Satori noticed that Reimu was out for blood.
UFO would have the same shottypes with Reimu, but nothing else.
Nazrin would probably have run back to the ship to avoid her demise, only to be used as a meat shield by another boss.
Unzan would be the Stage 3 boss, as you'dve killed (I forgot her name, curse my lack of playing UFO) already.
IN would have a similar Stage 3; except Mokou would be the boss. Since she's immortal, the game would force you to fight her for all eternity until you give up. Immortality is immortality, and can't be broken. (There might be an instance where Mokou is subdued enough for Reimu to advance, but I doubt it.)
The entire plot of TD wouldn't exist, as Yuyuko would've been exterminated already, meaning she couldn't tell Reimu about the cemetery in the netherworld.
DDC would be... I'm not sure. Would Reimu have broken the purification rod, thinking it as a trap from a youkai?
LoLK would be in Legacy mode only.
LoLK would be a brutal story about Reimu getting pissed about the metallic object, and the later half of the game would be a massacre of the Lunarians.

Other changes:
The fighting games wouldn't exist, as 7.5 involved suspicion about each other.
10.5 would most likely not exist publicly, but Tenshi would probably become Reimu's boxing bag (along with any immortal).
12.3 wouldn't exist, as none of the heroines would be alive for the plot.
HM would exist, but would be a 1v1 game of Reimu beating the stuffing out of (curse me, and I like this game. I forgot the name again.) until she dies, causing entropy throughout the humans (or would it cause them not to feel anything?)
14.5 might exist, but I cannot say. I have no clue what happened in the plot to understand.
9.5 and 12.5 wouldn't exist, as there wouldn't be an Aya to take photos.
Would Cirno be a midboss all the time, be the only character in 12.3, and would 12.8 be the same? I'm not sure, as fairies are invulnerable, so there's a very real possibility Cirno is the ONLY character that wasn't killed by Reimu. Even then, she might have the same fate as Tenshi, locked in a dungeon for punishment.

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Not always; circumstances vary.

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I appreciate your unique view and the effort you make.

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Who the fuck is Carlos?

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a mexican

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I have case studies due tomorrow- I cannot afford to give it anything but my all!

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Or what? You will shoot me?

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the moo just kills all the youkais that arent cute girls dude

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I do my best but I still fail.

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So you want me to become a productive member of society eh? I think not.

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what could go wrong

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don't die dooky

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I did my best on my exam.

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comfy restored

2D little girls are for protecting!

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whoops, missed a spot