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Was it rape?

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o no!!!

are you okey? what a monster did this???

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Nah, just a good ol' game of danmaku.

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Spoilers are not post enhancers. Respect them while you post on /jp/.

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Not yet.

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That image genuinely makes me sad.

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Yes, I did indeed rape her.

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Not until you remove her hat.

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patchy's vagoo is on her head?

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No it was just another danmaku showdown.

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It was obviously just rape play since she didnt fight back!

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Sad shmad, this is to be expected. When you put literally all your points into magic, you're going to have a real bad time when magic runs out or doesn't work.

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Patchouli sucks.

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Patchy has a hard life.

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You suck.

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Her socks are still on, she hasn't been raped yet!

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Patchy has enough friends that any rapist will be hunted through every corner of Gensokyo.

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At least she was an extra midboss and a stage 4 boss, while you can't even be better than stage 3!

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Just get China.
She invested every point in Strength, so it won't be that bad! If she didn't die on the first turn, that is.

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Alice was a Stage 3 boss, full EX boss, and was on the Magic Team!

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>Part of the Magic team
I can counter that with MarisaB in SA.
She was a human in Makai who got beaten so bad, her mother made a realm for her. She also found a grimoire to make her stronger than the cast of TH05, but even that wasn't enough (Reimu defeated three gods if my numbers are right, Marisa beat the being that beat three gods if we say Marisa's ending in PoDD is canon, Mima trained Marisa to what we see today, and Yuuka is phantasmagoria, and those fuckers hit hard.) to beat any of them.
Patche might be "weaker" in the case of being a stage 4 boss and extra midboss, but her combat is more direct (that is, reciting spells is more direct than using dolls to do your bidding) than Alice's. Heck, Patche still has some resentment over the EoSD protagonists (Marisa, mainly/only Marisa), while Alice has never tried to defeat Marisa, Reimu, or even Yuuka when she had the chance.
There might be some mind spell used on defeated enemies, otherwise Alice would most likely be a bit more spiteful towards Marisa in IN for what she did in TH05.

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Patchy could just use fire magic on Alice and cause them all to burn up or detonate prematurely.

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Yes, it's rape when a jay pee says "no," but Patchy has sex with them anyway.

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China seems the type that would go down first to show how hopeless the situation is. Or the rapist would break her off-screen and bring her out part way through.

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It was just an earthquake. Her dress got stuck so she took it off. She's shivering because of the cold.

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I took Patchouli on a date today!

It was very cute and fun! We smiled and stared into each other's eyes for a lot time! She had a great time and I held hands with her and hugged her!

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Where did you take her, anon?

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I took her to a small cafe at the outdoor mall, because I wanted to support local business! After that, we walked all over town, while holding hands! I wanted to go on the beach with her, but she didn't want her shoes to get sandy, and she got really flustered at the idea of going barefoot!

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>still has her panties on
>no suggestive fluids
>no blood or bruises
>place is a mess but no real damage done to many of the books
I am going to go out on the limb here and say she was fucking around with a wind spell and fucked up or someone fucked her up.

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Yeah... a non-rapist would've let her put her books and papers away neatly 1st.

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on 2nd thought...
She found a long-lost copy of "The Joy of Sex" in the shelves and got carried away

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It's a post-danmaku shot. The books are protected so they're fine.
Alternatively it's just a regular defeat and imminent rape scenario and blood and bruises aren't sexy.

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Patchy's cute, pale, blushing, soft, ticklish, warm, moist, slightly-smelly bare feet!

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Patchouli seems like she'd be really ticklish all over, not just her feet. You probably shouldn't exploit that, though. She'd choke and die.

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Patchy is huge! That means she has huge guts!

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Huge tats.

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Huge? No, just big. You're overselling them.

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I want to pound that musky hiki pussy until it becomes raw.

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Getting to her is the hard part.
Do you have a plan for Meirin, Sakuya and Koa?

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I'll lure her with books.

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I'd like to be her tiny assistant, who sometimes gets to rub her cute feet.

Pic related, me on the left.

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Nothing wrong with some overselling.

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Big fat librarian tats.

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Patchy being a sex goddess under her robes is the best interpretation.

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I want to stink up those paizurers with my dick

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There's plenty wrong. Don't want people getting the wrong impression.

Sex goddess implies experience.

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Patche has thousands, if not millions of books. Surely some of them summon things for coitus?

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We don't talk about that.

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And she has been saving her sex for her husband, of course!