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How would you find other people who like Touhou? What should one do to make others like Touhou? Could you ever show you play Touhou in public?
TL;DR: How can you make friends being a NEET/weeb/otaku? Real friends that you know in person, not someone online.

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You have to lower your standards. That means universities, conventions, gaming groups, and other hives of undesirables - but you knew that's what you were getting into when you decided you were going to step out of the door and into real life.

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abandon your dreams
you will never meet someone who likes touhou in real life

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Did a single line need a TL;DR?

Answer is chances are if you are a weeb otaku then the one or two friends you have are those two from high school/childhood you managed to never cut ties with.

The people I've met after high school are little more than acquaintances.

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I have the Yakumo family dangling from my phone. No stranger or acquaintance has ever commented on them. My mom thinks they're too girly, though.

Yep, I have one hardcore weeb friend, but they're only one of the two I've retained from highschool.

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>Did a single line need a TL;DR?
The TL;DR was also about as long as the original question.

Don't bother. For your goals, it's better to pick up a completely new hobby instead. I suggest sports.

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You ask them who their fave 2hu is. If its Sanae you know they're not worth the time.

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I have already accepted that nobody in my state enjoys Touhou but me. It is a burden that I must carry.

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Meet people online then meet them in real life. I have a couple friends who I know from High school, who know what Touhou is, but none of them are interested in it.

What would you even do with friends you get into Touhou with anyway?

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Play PoFV

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I've met one person that knew 2hu at a job randomly, it was pretty weird because we had about the same power level.

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Did you fug?

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Which favorite 2hus would be worth the time?

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You mispelled Flandre/Kokoro/Koishi

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whats wrong with koishi?

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is adonis this bad ?

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Latency is bad enough that you don't want to play with anyone more than a few hundred miles away from you. I had a friend in my state and we were able to play PoFV with 1 or 0 latency using Adonis 2. Haven't talked to them in months though.

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I have a friend in highschool that knows about touhou project but idk if he's interested because he is anime fan, what a maggot.

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Good taste my nigga.

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I started playing it because my best friend recommended it to me, started with the 7th game and still haven't gotten past the 4th boss

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She's green Flandre.

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I've met a few touhou fans in my city, and some even collect Fumos. It's a mixed bag. It'd be nice to have friends with similar interests, but they tend not to be the most appealing people.

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てめえ, what's wrong with Kokoro?

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>How would you find other people who like Touhou?

I have never met an otaku. Instead, I just introduce my friends to japanese garbage and hope it grows on them.

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Shit-hu from a shit game.

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Kusohu from Kusoge.

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already a thread >>15944959

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That thread is about /v/-poster finding another 2hufag, this thread is for people who can't find 2hufags in the first place.

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where did you purchase this
i want one

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They're straps by the circle Girotin (Guillotine) Ginza.

I bought Chen when I was in Japan and later imported Ran and Yukari from Surugaya. Almost every Touhou store in akiba had them when I went 2 years ago, but I still have the search bookmarked. You can use the term there to look on other sites like yahoo auctions too. If you've never imported something before, it's really expensive because all the middleman fees, so find a bunch of stuff if you really want some.


I hope this helps.

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thanks senpai

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also also, melonbooks and toranoana carry newer ones like the LoLK cast.

Also have another pic. I have the fall sisters too. That's all I have though.

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You're fine with Anon's mum thinking you're too girly too?

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Yes I do and I play it often among my best friends, they say it's too hard for them, but they don't mind it.

They key is to make a real true friends who will accept any and every non-hostile differences (except when you would be talking about Touhou all the time, being obnoxious)
So in other words, a person you can be yourself and feel comfortable around
- Without being irritating, because everyone hates it.
Playing and winning game requiring this much concentration is not something cringe worthy at all.Many people who haven't seen it will probably think that the character sketches quality is not the best (being polite) but then again ZUN starts everything around music first, doing a design along the line, maybe it's one of the reasons why countless people are re-arranging the brilliance of his original songs, into practically any genre you can think of.
Then again same goes for all the character designs too, as the main point is the story line and gameplay.
It's been proven that high dynamism in games increase your reflexes (not being a complete lard ass helps), and ability to make decisions faster. Some people like playing fast-paced FPS, others like platform game type of fast.

You can't make people like something forcefully, it's like I would shove broccoli in your mouth every day, even if you are big fan of it.
What you can do tho is (1). subtly just do what you do around them, and if they feel interested, they will probably ask you. Just try to be natural as if it's your hobby or one of these things to kill time. If they ask you why these characters look so ''cartooney'' just answer that the creator is from Japan and that's how animated characters in their culture are generally designed, just like the western cartoons are more smooth-lined caricature-like drawings for most part.

And for most part, think what you say, don't be stiff, unless you like when someone is hard as a sweat soaked dildo towards you.

And think about most important thing, find other hobbies than Touhou, because just as much you want others to share your favorite franchise, just as much they would like to speak about something that they are into with you, so they'd be participating in a dialogue, not listening to academics about Touhou by mr Autismo,
And since you are the one who wants to make friends, you should put effort into learning more about their hobbies.
(here we come back to ''(1)'' , when now they are Sprite and you are the thirst.

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Online friendships are comparable to IRL ones in many ways and preferable in many others. I've only ever had one IRL otakubro.

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If the choice is between strict moderation and teenaged blogging I'll take the moderation. Take this back to /r9k/ as it has nothing to do with /jp/ and is a sign that you don't belong here.

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That's pretty rude, you should apologize.

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as long as she gives me a spanking.

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I have to disagree with that. I've never had an online friendship that feels the same as an IRL friendship.

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at least you get it.

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All the /jp/'s want more friends but yet when presented with the opportunity to make some friends, even among themselves, they ignore it because they say ''it doesn't belong here''
Yes anon, he/she is one of us, I know your autism is showing here, but every last of us here is autistic to some degree, is it a bad thing? To me it's not because I'm having fun anytime I lurk on /jp/. The problem lies with people like yourself. Now what will you do?
a) Tell him to go back to anywhere else, or simply fuck off because you don't want to socialize? OR
b) Will you let him socialize among the group of his/her own, where nobody will straight out judge him/her and he won't feel alienated and shut himself in even more from the rest of the world. People like you here are imploding the community from the inside out.
If everyone would be like yourself, we would never have:
a) Unmeasurable amounts of music produced by people all over the world wanting to SHARE instead of keeping it in.
b) Unmeasurable amount of fan-art/doujinshi because everyone would be to shy to EXPRESS themselves
c) Last but not least, the fan games, of which there might be not a lot but then again, they are far more complex to do alone, but yet people like yourself are doing everything they can to stop people coming together and ORGANIZING something.

There is a saying ''The more the merrier'', let me add to it: with people sharing same interests.

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I've already shown myself playing Touhou in public. On a TV screen for a few nips to watch at a Touhou event in Japan. Too bad I'm a scrub but the pressure felt interesting.
Also, Nips are nice guys, no matter what they like. Been at Reitaisai, spoke with lots of them, complimented their works. Y'know, usual stuff to do when you're actually trying to blend in with the Japanese society.
But making friends is something different.

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I like Sanae.

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I guess it depends on the individual. I wouldn't say they're the same either... but there is room for comparison.

The saying "familiarity breeds contempt" comes to mind. I think this is less so with online friends, at least in my experience. Not that I have contempt for any of my friends, IRL or otherwise - although I've definitely felt it from some of them.

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As a "serious' hobby I write about manga I like. One of my theme weeks was Touhou, so I whipped up an intro to the series, detailing how to get into it without being poisoned by secondary material, and used the manga to court interest.

As for in public, I doubt I'd ever look for someone into Touhou in public.

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I have no desire in rolling out the welcome mat for teenagers to talk about themselves about their growing pains and real life escapades. If that's harsh or autistic, then so be it. I see the rise in facebook and smartphone images on /jp/ and I feel disgusted and alienated myself. Why should /jp/ share its crumb when these people already have the plate of cookies on the other 99.99%of the internet?
This is completely unrelated to doujin culture so I don't know why you brought any of that up. I do thank the scanners and uploaders in event threads, or used to when it was more prevalent.

>"The more the merrier"
Parallel universe /jp/?

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All the Touhous are to be loved, every single last one of them including the nameless fairies.

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>the other 99% of the internet
I mostly pretend the other 99.99% of the internet doesn't exist and it works out pretty well for me.

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I met my boyfriend because we're both into touhou. If someone had told me that would happen, I wouldn't have believed it.

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Details. Please blogpost more.

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depends on where you live, if the country you live in have otaku conventions, chances are there is a touhou community, from there if you'r not awkward af you can get a few friends and meet them outside of events.

I think the best way to introduce Touhou is through music, shooters and fighters will rarely raise interest and you've got no chance with doujin games.

>Could you ever show you play Touhou in public?
like hell yea I would if I wasn't so bad.

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I haven't met anyone personally who knows and likes Touhou.

I introduced it to my friends and one of them started playing one of the fighting games, his fave 2hu was Marisa, but easily forgot about playing it, but not Marisa though, since he was too busy with LoL, his studies (which rarely though) and his own love life (I don't have one at the moment and might never have one but idk) so I pretty much understand him.

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Fuck off.

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I just hope that the very few people (like, I only know 5 people, and I only talk to 2 of them, and there is a third one who I got distant) I know who likes weebo and nerd stuf such as the anime world knows Touhou... The closest I got is someone who likes KanColle.. and we don't event talk about the things we like!

I study music, we study music. I hope one day someone may be able to recognize the few melodies I may casually play...

yeah I'm lonely

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I know contempt and familiarity are two sides of the same coin, in my circles. If there wasn't contempt, it would be either apathy or just annoyance.

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>I have already accepted that nobody in my state enjoys Touhou but me.

Try a country, the otaku culture is new and young here, all "otakus" only see or like stuff like SAO, attack on titans and Naruto; older ones just know stuff like evangelion, Hellsing anf FMA, and is worse when it comes to videogames.

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>How would you find other people who like Touhou?

Depends. If you live in a place that has anime conventions or other weeb stuff you have a chance but you'll have to wade through garbage to find the people worth bothering with. You could try wearing a touhou shirt or something like that but that depends on if you can find something subtle or just if you have any dignity at all, I guess. It's not easy, that's for sure.

Also, if you live in low population places like cheese land or the Dakotas, give up now.

>What should one do to make others like Touhou?

Give it up. The music is great and the community is stellar but shmups have never been newbie friendly, and today's casual gaming market doesn't exactly help. Plus the only fighting game worth playing is IaMP but that game is dead, very different from most fighting games, and many claim that it is harder than most other fighting games as well(though I disagree). If a person would like Touhou then there is a very good chance they know about it already. Obviously there's no harm in casually mentioning it to a friend but I would keep my expectations low.

>Could you ever show you play Touhou in public?
Sure there's a whole bunch of little girls involved as the cast but there's no cringy voice acting or anything like that so while I wouldn't call it socially acceptable I don't think you'd have to worry about being ostracized for it, some people may even respect you if they saw you playing it and dodging patterns. I would play it in public if I was very bored and happened to have my laptop with me.

If I saw someone playing Touhou in public I would definitely want to become friends with them.

All in all getting "touhou friends" is something very hard to accomplish, and frankly not worth it unless you have nothing else you care about in life other than touhou. That said I can't deny it would be nice.

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I subtly peak behind people's shoulders if I ever see them playing any PC games, in case I could strike up a conversation with them. While I've never seen anyone playing touhou, I have seen people playing nice niche games like Cossacks or Dwarf Fortress
I want to talk to them but don't want to break their concentration or am too embarrassed.

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Indeed. Well stated.

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Please do.