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Touhous are sexually objectified, raped and abused by males all the time, and you are telling me they don't need feminism?

I thought a 2hu-centered board would know better.

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shaddup ryonafag

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Tender, loving rape is ok.

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Stop projecting.

Here is touhou horribly abused by her significant other. The patriarchy harms youkai women as much as it harm human women.

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They don't need feminism, they need a big hug!

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Byakuren was probably hunted down and the mob tried to lynch her once, but I doubt her magic would allow her to get this much injured. Hence they had to seal her off to Makai.
There aren't many people that can harm a powerful youkai to this extent, and if you're talking about Yuuka, there's no way she'd be submissive like this.
Canonically impossible, you should have tried your luck with fairy abuse.

Also, shit thread faggot, kys.

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And who is going to give them that hug?
A creepy "nice guy" like you?

Everyone can be the victim of spousal abuse, but you are right that fairies are statistically the most likely to be abused.

The point is that since there is no feminism in Gensokyo, patriarchy and misogyny have free rein.

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As long as they don't expect it to get sexual then I'm willing to give a big hug to any 2hu!

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Fairies can take all the beatings, there's nothing too bad with beating them up.

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You are probably going to have an erection when trying to hug them, you creep.

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Abuse the baka fairy!


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I like female on male ryona. Rape makes me feel uncomfortable and sad. Feminism is a joke though.

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>its fine to hurt someone if they dont die from it

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I will never understand ryona.

I understand hate. But hate for me is solely to destroy something as soon as possible, not let it exist any longer.

These displays of violence seem so pointless to me.

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Ryona isn't hate. It's a form of love.

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"You're supposed to feel a combination of sympathy and almost parental desire to protect/avenge the injured innocent girl."

Or some shit like that.

Moe culture functions in a similar manner.

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Post more bullying.

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A useless dumb idiot that has no future in any form of higher level academic environment!

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If you make the girl you like cry, you're a bad person. I'm kinkshaming you. I'm doing it right now.

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Be sure to practice domestic violence and drive your 2hus to commit suicide!

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Serves her right for supporting filthy Drumpf.

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Kuso thread.

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Why hasnt meido taken down this thread yet?

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She's probably still getting scolded for allowing those two flan threads to stay up the other day

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Wut 2hu is this?

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Collateral damage.

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They will turn you into a blood spatter.

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Beating Sanae!

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You will do no such thing.

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Which 2hu is the most feminist?