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>still no demo
>still no release date

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It's really too bad the entire game is about boobhus. I would have really enjoyed playing a SMRPG game with even standard Touhous. Now I'll just feel like I'm playing someone's fetish game.

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Well, I guess that size is petite for the artist, considering the huge melons the other girls have.

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So wicked!

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SMRPG is my fetish

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>It's really too bad the entire game is about boobhus
The lost and the damned, gentlemen.

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You ignored the rest of his post. Additionally, DFC > cow.

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You didn't get my point. When I first saw this game I was excited for a SMRPG doujin game with Touhou since I love SMRPG. I can't really get excited about the game if it's going to throw stuff like >>15940762 at me all the time. If I want to fap to boobhus I could just browse /jp/.

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I was pointing out that his only reason to not enjoy a game are boobs

Then I would say that you didn't see the video. Sure, it has boobs in spades, but it also has gameplay. If tits is the only thing keeping you from enjoying a game is kind of silly.

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booby kisume.

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I assume those numbers refer to the position on which square and which position of the square the character is.

I wonder what s, v and ve stands for? Speed and velocity (acceleration?)?

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/r/ artist name

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How the hell is Koishi bustier?

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I can't stop playing the original. I hope this one will satisfy my fetish for isometric turn-based rpgs.

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is it by any chance going to be translated?
my japanese is shitty

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Actually looks pretty neat. Just cant play it as I dont speak jap.

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i hope it gets translated, the game itself looks like fun, even it plays close to mario rpg

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I don't like Mario RPGs, really, since I'm not into the timed hit/minigame thing AND I don't really care for the atmosphere of most of them, but I dunno, for some reason I'm intrigued by this one.

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This man should be an example for everyone, Look at how much love for boobies he's putting into his game.

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What about those who aren't into boobies?

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Who cares about them?

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What about, you know, most women and gay men?

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Why the FUCK isn't this a HRPG? What's the point?

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>titty Satori

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you're asking for it.
that artist already does plenty of porn cg sets on dlsite already.

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Eat your heart out.

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Why do lolicon gaylords always shitpost in boob threads? You never see oppaibros shitpost in DFC threads.

Lolicons are always strung-out and nervous. Is it because they're scared of being jailed?

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I was looking up Okuu earlier
but holy shit that boobhu satori

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I like big fat tats used exclusively for paizuri, but Satori is for petite and slender!

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Because Pedophiles need to push their degeneracy on us normies.

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she's good in all flavours.

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You call it shitposting but you are quite literally posting on the wrong board.

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They can kill themselves or actually take time to explore the huge library of josei and yaoi shit made for them.